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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: about 30 minutes ago, president-elect donald trump took off in air force one from laguardia airport in new york. in a matter of minutes he will arrive at joint base andrews, and 24 hours from right now he will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. good afternoon to you. we are coming to you live from the embassy of canada on pennsylvania avenue. this is where abc 7 will be for the next couple of days as we continue our extensive coverage of the presidential inauguration. a lot is happening
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and it is having a big impact on the district. we have team coverage this man, covering all angles of this story. suzanne kennedy is looking at the challenges drivers are facing. sam sweeney has a look at the welcome concert, and doug hill is tracking the weather. we go to john gonzales. john: well blend is a great way to describe it -- whirlwind is a great way to describe it. a high state of vigilance before the swearing in. in. take a look at what downtown d.c. looks like. this is the corner of seventh and d street, just about a block from pennsylvania avenue, and this tent was just erected in a matter of minutes. they brought the barriers and, an extra layer of security. this is going to be one pedestrian checkpoint when folks are trying to get to the
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where they can be on a riser for the parade. we understand some 28,000 members of the secret service will be working in tandem with 5000 military servicemembers, including the national guard. some of them just arrived and we also have some secret service arriving,ore police more security detail getting in position to this massive event. walk over here with me, you can see the barriers that have the road blocked off more than 100 square blocks up roads in d.c., we are talking a radius of nearly three miles. this her limiter is getting larger and larger. perimeter is getting larger and larger. the collection boxes for the u.s. postal service, absolutely locked. we have seen a number of them all over the area just like
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. there is no access to these boxes at this point. the secret service working with a number of layers of law enforcement, from state to local to federal. we understand there are hundreds of d.c. police officers, and we can see them from where we are standing. d.c. police officers at every block at this point. this is a no parking zone, and the entire area shut down, and the perimeter only getting larger. live from northwest d.c. right along the parade route, john gonzalez. jummy: thank you. those of you who tried to drive into the district today, you probably ran into roadblocks literally, just like we did. suzanne kennedy continues our team coverage looking at the road closures that have already gone up. suzanne: the street closure started overnight after parking restrictions went in place on wednesday.
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be partially closed at 10:00 this morning. jersey barriers were being brought into the area surrounding the mall, and they were put in place at the lincoln memorial where he concert will take place this afternoon. street closures around the capital went into effect at 11:00 this morning, with more .losures slated for 5:00 roads near union station be shut down from 2:00 to 11:00 or an event attended by the president-elect and vice president-elect. at 10:00,tarting roads around the convention center will be closed until around 11:00 friday night. if you plan to come down to washington, d.c., no exactly where you are going and which route you can take to get there safely. if not, avoid the area entirely.
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suzanne kennedy. jummy: today is a little chilly, but inauguration day is shaping up to be a wet one. now the national park service has revised there no umbrella policy, saying you can take small umbrellas. before we get over to the forecast, let's get a live look at donald trump. that plane is landing at joint base andrews right now, so donald trump had left laguardia a short time ago. he spent his last night in new york city, and will be spending tonight at his new home in washington, d.c. as he gets ready for the swearing in that will be happening in about 24 hours. you see that plane is landing live on your screen right now, bringing the president-elect to the nation's capital. we know there are several events scheduled today. he will be making some brief remarks a little later on, and
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vice president elect mike pence. you are seeing that video now from joint base andrews as the president-elect lands in our nation's capital about 24 hours before he is officially sworn in as the 45th president of the united dates. -- united states. he will be met with some rain tomorrow during that swearing in. doug: it is looking more and more likely that not only will we have the rain, but a pretty good chance at high noon that it will be raining in the washington area. yourutiful shot, and canadian embassy shot is gorgeous as we look at the capital from a different location. temperatures are ready at 50 degrees, light wind, the air is dry, and breaks of blue sky. high pressure is keeping us dry but that is moving out of the way and will allow this moisture to feed into the south and that ll
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it will probably start around 9:00 in the morning, not continuously, but at times until about 2:00. it is a fairly narrow band of rain we will be dealing with. temperatures will be all right. the top newscast will be fine for the inaugural concert. sunset at 5:15. tomorrow, it will be cloudy when you wake up. it will be chilly in the low 40's, and we think rain could begin sometime between 9:00 and 10:00, and we think by 2:00 the rain should be tapering off, eventually 50 degrees. we will talk more about the timing and the weekend when we join you in about 10 minutes. jummy: ahead of tomorrow's swearing in, the president-elect has several events across the region. around 2:30 this afternoon he will lay a wreath at arlington national
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the unknown. a bit later he will speak at a welcome celebration concert that is being held at 4:00 on the lincoln memorial. our sister station news channel 8 will air that concert live, and sam sweeney has more on that story. sam: good afternoon from the lincoln memorial where the festivities are already underway. they started at about 10:00 this morning with the voices of the an event that has high school marching bands and performers from around the country coming to celebrate and show off their stuff before the big celebration tonight. that is the making america great again celebration where president-elect donald trump will be surrounded by performers , including three doors down and toby keith, for a major concert tonight. up earlyarted lining this morning to get in line at the security check point. we caught up with some of them to see what their feelings were ahead of this event. >>
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i think everybody should be here once in their lifetime. >> everything i have heard so far, there is supposed to be surprises. looking for a good time. if you are interested in coming out to the making america great again celebration this afternoon, it is open to the public, you do not need tickets, and it is free of charge. make sure you are here early and in-line, and remember, most of the streets are closed down so it is your best bet to take metro. i am sam sweeney, back to you. jummy: the incoming white house press secretary sean spicer gave his first is on the new administration, about what we can expect to hear about the inauguration beach. -- speech. >> he will discuss what it is to the american. he will talk about infrastructure and
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our manufacturing base. i think it is going to be less of an agenda and more of a philosophical documents, a vision of where he sees the country. jummy: just a reminder to you that our entire team is on your side all through the inauguration and this weekend's upcoming protest on saturday as well, so stick with us on air at the v.j. -- the condition of george h w bush he his wife barbara, continues to recover in an intensive care unit at a houston hospital. he had surgery yesterday to open his airway after being taken to the hospital for breathing problems. former first lady barbara bush is also being treated for bronchitis in the hospital. we will update you if anything develops. coming up, following a developing story out of italy. dozens of people are's
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trapped after an avalanche at a ski resort. some heated morning chatter on capitol hill as confirmation hearings are held for another round of trump cabinet nominees. we continue our countdown to tomorrow's not -- inauguration. how president obama is spending his last full day as commander in chief. let's check in with angela foster for a look at the roadways. angela: everything is pretty calm for the most part around the capital beltway and our surrounding areas, but what we are dealing with his preparation for tonight for tomorrow. patience is going to be the key. i want to give you a live look heading into downtown, 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, we are ready have a few closures in effect, memorial bridge in one of those. we are also dealingí: with closures on some of our key routes into the downtown area.
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constitution avenue, you will see the closures there. be prepared, that is the key. in terms of the teddy roosevelt bridge, that is partially closed for all the activity that is going on downtown. if you are heading anywhere in the area of downtown you may want to opt for metro. just keep in mind if you plan to use metrorail tomorrow, it opens at 4:00 a.m. and five stations will be closed tomorrow. plan accordingly, pack your patience, and be prepared for the crowds. that is the latest on traffic watch. we will be
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.ews at noon an active search continues for survivors of an early morning avalanche in italy. it is believed to have been triggered by a series of earthquakes and essential part of the country. fallen snow fell on top of a ski resort, trapping nearly 30 people inside. toknow crews are working rescue them and one person has been confirmed dead, but officials fear that will rise. as final preparations are made for the inauguration, on capitol hill today lawmakers were grilling members of the cabinet. stephanie: it is another busy day of confirmation hearings on capitol hill, starting with a familiar face. perry texas governor rick and the spotlight trying to prove he is the best man to lead the energy department.
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department perry once wanted to eliminate and forgot during the presidential debate. >> it is three agencies and government that are gone -- commerce, education, and what is the third one? stephanie: he now regrets that moment. jummy: i want to interrupt the story to show you live pictures from joint base andrews where donald trump's family is stepping off of the plane right now, arriving in washington. we have not seen the president-elect just yet, but we see some of his children. we saw donald trump junior, eric trump, ivanka trump, tiffany trump, so we are awaiting the president-elect to step off the plane at any moment at joint base andrews. we know that he was here in the district last night for a dinner that went back to new york -- then went back to new york to spend his final night inew
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he is back in the washington area where at about 2:30 this afternoon he will head to arlington national -- arlington national cemetery for a wreath before continuing to the lincoln memorial where a welcome concert will be held later on this afternoon, featuring toby keith, three doors down, and other musical acts. thousands expected to line the national mall for that concert. tonight along with his wife, he will be at a dinner. as you see now the president-elect stepping off the brain just plain at joint -- plain in joint base angers -- andrews. we are taking a live look now at the first couple. you can see they got their coats on. tomorrow they might need the umbrella as well. doug: that is a good call. temperatures will not be terrible. time temperaturewi
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make it one of the warmest inauguration days since 1937. i think i heard correctly earlier that they will allow tote sized umbrellas, the little ones that collapse. there are a lot of ways to keep yourself ready for the rain. it is not going to rain all day, there will be a period of six or seven hours of rainfall across the area. today, no rain. 51 right now as we are looking live at belle haven country club. ,0 in leesburg, 40 in baltimore and 48 at joint base andrews. highe going to watch for pressure to hang in a little bit longer this afternoon. we may get some breaks of overcast. we will see some breaks of blue. the rain is way to the southeast, but it is on the way. this is what
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and the models have picked up the separate areas that exist. that was the main body of rain and a renegade area ahead. it is not out of the question tomorrow morning at 7:00 or 8:00 . the main body of rain will move in at about 9:00 in the morning. as you see on futurecast, it will, and it will go. go.t will come and it will shower activity, and then fairly quickly other bands will move through. shortly after 1:00 it is expected to move out of the area , cloudy skies, and temperatures near 50. when you wake up saturday it will be cloudy but i think you
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33 to 40 is the range. we think 33 will be out toward the mountains. he will more about what is coming our way, and if there is any sign of bitterly cold in our
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jummy: we are back and want to take you live to joint base andrews where the president-elect's suburban is making its way down the tarmac. it will soon be heading into the district. he has been crisscrossing between dci new york this week. at 2:30laying happening at arlington national
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and a welcome concert at the lincoln memorial. oldorses from the army's guard in arlington are in marching -- are marching in the parade. maggie rulli had a chance to meet them. the inauguration will start like any other day at caisson stables, a nice wash, a good brush, and more than 3000 pieces of brass chimed individually before sunrise. >> i call it controlled chaos. maggie: the old guard marches in funerals at arlington national cemetery. >> we are the only military unit that is full-time. forces willf these be called on for a presidential side duty. >> every four years we will be out there rain or shine. maggie: one of those iconic courses, klinger. it is not all horse play.
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personalities takes months of training. they also have to be gup -- poop proofed and around loud noises. >> i have to gradually get them used to accepting all the unnatural things. commotion ofthe inauguration day, there is one thing the inauguration can rely on. >> there is comfort and numbers for these forces. maggie: watch out for klinger and the old guard on inauguration day. after theing up break, doug will be back with a final check of the forecast and what is shaping up to be a wet inauguration day.
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call a medigap specialist now to learn more. and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. jummy: you may be wondering how president obama is spending his last full day as president. his publicent on calendar with his presidential daily briefing at his final weekly lunch with vice president joe biden. he will be packing up the rest of his belongings to get ready to move to his new home tomorrow . moving in the rain is not fun. doug: not so much. perfect weather for the concert on the wall. periods of rain
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>> welcome, everybody. it's a very special day here at the show because our contestants aren't just here to get rich; they're trying to win enough cash to send a special person in their life on an amazing vacation that they very much need and deserve. so stay right where you are. from bally's las vegas, it's getaway week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. it is getaway week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] today's returning contestant is a registered nurse and veteran of the u.s. air force who is here on getaway week to thank her best friend for always standing by her side. from glendale, arizona, please welcome back barb hudak. [cheers and applause] welcome back, barb. >> thank you. [dramatic music]


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