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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: less than four hours ago, donald trump landed at joint base andrews, 24 hours before he will sworn in as the next president of the united states. alison: right now the make america great again welcome celebration is kicking off down at the lincoln memorial. michelle: it's not the first official event connected to the inauguration. chief political correspondent scott thuman is live at the abc7 capitol hill bureau with a look at how it started earlier today. scott? scott: a pretty active afternoon for the president-elect as he arrives in washington, d.c. at joint base andrews around noon today. made his way downtown. he just wrapped up a solemn event at arlington national cemetery. laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier
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in attendance. then, of course, earlier in the day it was a lot of business. a business lunch if you will. down the street at his hotel. the trump hotel for a lunchen with congressional leaders on the republican side, plenty of analysis supporters. he was giving thanks. now less than 24 hours before taking the oath of office. for a visual prelude we saw that. for context as to what president trump may sound like tomorrow, well, his soon to be press secretary sean spicer gave us a preview as he outlined what we will hear from donald trump tomorrow at noon on the west capitol steps behind me. take a listen. >> in the speech, it will be a personal and a sincere statement about the vision for the
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to be an american. challenges we face as members of the middle class. he will talk about infrastructure, education. our manufacturing base. i think it will be less of an agenda and more of a philosophical document. vision of where he sees the country. the proper role of government. the role of citizens. scott: and the role of congress. sean spicer talked about the pressure when it comes to the cabinet picks. we will talk about throughout the newscast. in the meantime as we continue to watch everyone assembled behind us and the band going through rehearsal right now on the capitol grounds behind me. back to you. alison: that is right. we saw the crowds gathering as we made our way here to the embassy of canada as well. let you know this morning that the national park service made a change. they modified the policy when it comes to umbrellas on the national mall tomorrow. we are expecting rain. so you still can
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large umbrella. however, you can bring one of the small foldable ones like one you may put inside your purse. so keep that in mind if you are heading to the mall. today, the abc7 instapoll is asking what are your plans for the inauguration? let us know at now. we have a look at the last-minute security measures in place. kevin lewis? kevin: this is the umbrella to keep the secret service happy and you dry tomorrow. there are a number of roadblocks including around the m.p.d. headquarters. we have a news crew trying to drive closer to the capitol but they couldn't do it. was already shut down for traffic. just today alone 3,000 police officers
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they will have the arrest powers. but that iston of the 7,500 national guard troops brought in for the crowd control and traffic. police are emphasizing they want people to express the first amendment rights. say those who break the law will be oared. protesting without a permit wouldn't come as a surprise. the authorities say they are trying their best to avoid making arrests. for more on the planned protests let's head to stephen tschida who is live in northwest for us. hi. stephen: a lot of protests plans for tomorrow morning. in the park behind me at 10:00 a.m. the disrupt j. 20 group plans to assemble and launch a protest. then downtown, the
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at 7:00 a.m. a capacity crowd assembling outside the church. some are local. others are here for training and guidance on how to disrupt the inauguration. >> it welcomes people in the movement. stephen: they may aim for nonviolence but they are determined to make a point. the focus differs from the spontaneous protest that sprang up across the country and in d.c. in the days following trump's victory. these demonstrators will try to impose a dozen blockades en route to the presidential inauguration on the national mall. >> that they be assertive in their
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stephen: i spoke to a source monitoring this carefully. the concern at this time is inside the perimeter, in the inauguration. when you get the two groups with the strong feelings in such close confines. that is where they are afraid there might be disruptions. we'll keep an eye on it. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: yes, we will be there. stay with us at abc7 news. we'll have coverage of the presidential inauguration and crews spread out from the capitol across the national mall and along the parade route. our live coverage begins at 4:00 a.m.
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if you are going to the inauguration share your photos and videos with us at michelle: thank you. the big question is when will the rain start? we know it will rain but the timing is critical. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is in the brand new stormwatch7 weather center with a check of the forecast. nice digs, doug. doug: very nice! we'll show more of it. the first thing i am thinking look at the beautiful live shots around the capitol. wouldn't it be great to hang out on the weather pattern for one more day? not going to happen. rain on the way. let's get you started to talk about the numbers. they are delightful for the 19th of january. lower 50's. upper 40's across the region. sunshine in the capitol. as we go through the concert hours just getting underway now on the mall in front of the lincoln memorial. temperatures will be fine. they will drop to the upper 40's. plenty of sunshine.
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but later tonight the clouds are increasing. a good pull of moisture. this is going to pull northeast to the area. the question all week we have had is when would it arrive? now we are confident that the clouds will roll in continually overnight and the rain will start close to 9:00 a.m. in the morning. that is what we will deal with. area of rain at time. it look like we will clear out tomorrow afternoon. a lot of weather coverage that will come up shortly in seven more minutes. back to you. jonathan: look toward to it. thank you. new information about the health of barbara bush. a spokesperson says the former first lady is being treated for bronchitis but she is doing better after receiving antibiotics and a little bit of rest. for former president george h.w. bush he does remain in stable condition after being treated for pneumonia. we are told there is hope he will be discharged from the i.c.u. in the next few
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michelle: the last piece of the cabinet puzzle is in place for the president-elect. trump wants former organize governor sonny purdue to lead department of agriculture. he will need to face hearings on the hill to be confirmed. there were two other hearings on the hill. steven mnuchin is being vetted as the next secretary of treasury. rick perry poked fun of himself for forgetting the name of the energy department when he ran for president. but it wasn't his only funny moment at the hearing. >> senator franken? >> governor? >> start. >> thank you for coming in any office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you were as much fun on the dais as you were on your
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>> well. [laughter] >> may i rephrase that, sir? >> please! michelle: perry says he regrets calling for the department of energy to be apolished in 2011 -- abolished of 2011. jonathan: fans of the president are embracing the phrase "thanks, obama." michelle: we will explain and show you one of the new ways people can stay in touch in the most connected inauguration in history. jonathan: later for us, the new cars added to the growing list of recalls over the takata air bags. we will tell you which ones. >> the inaugurations might be more today on the national mall but the party is going on now. i'm q mccray
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. alison: welcome back. the presidential inauguration less than 24 hours away. we are standing by for the welcome concert to begin. president-elect trump is expected to be there. we are going to dip into that throughout the hour and show you who is performing. and speaking there and what is going on. meanwhile, did you know there was a concert before the concert? q mccray is live on the national mall with a look at that show. hi,
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q: hey! what is a party without a preparty? the main event beyond the trees there on the steps of the lincoln memorial where toby keith will be performing but two football fields away where we are is where those preprogram will play. we have video of the event. there are local bands from montgomery county and from florida. there was a dance troupe. and alana that is known for the powerful rendition of the national anthem. it's enough to get people in the spirit. it works. >> i think it is fabulous. i came here from california with no tickets. i got them heavy.
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>> i'm very patriotic. this is one of my top 12 shirts. i was on the bandwagon early.รท= q: some people are surprised for the low turnout. back to you. jonathan: there are roads closed ahead of the inauguration. that causes traffic confusion downtown. jamie sullivan has details and getting caught up in it. jamie? jamie: jonathan, we have seen the heavy traffic. closures are in place. we are traveling now. me just got off pennsylvania avenue near the white house. now we are heading to 17th street. approaching new york avenue. the flashing lights is where it is completely blocked off. we are encountering a
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right now in d.c. we still have a little bit of time before we are going to see a lot of the increase traffic. people leaving the city. a heads up. closures went into place already today. many of the closures at 5:00 will go into place around the capitol. we are going to bring it to you. heading there in the next few minutes. again, to let you know what will be closed. rite now what we are seeing, closures in lace. you are still about to get around. storm the rough one. i'm jamie sullivan. back to you. michelle: thank you. donald trump will be sworn in on the west lawn of the capitol. for the first time hundreds of thousands of onlookers will have the ability to live stream the inauguration from the national mall. thanks to smart phones. so, what are wireless providers doing to make sure the network don't get jammed with so many people concentrated in just one area?
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trump i'll inauguration is the first to be live streamed from a cell phone via popular media sites. four years ago snapchat was just getting started. >> in this inauguration, we are expecting the works. we think there is a lot of tweeting and facebook live and other things that customers want to show. this particular one is the biggest that he with ever done. >> verizon started to prepare for the big day two years ago. >> you will see the cables at the bottom. right? they come down to what we call remote radio head at the base of the tower. >> installing high density cell sites. >> they have four time capacity. >> we have people equipped with the laptops and phones doing the live feed of what is happening during inauguration.
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michelle: wireless providers are used to preparing for events like the super bowl but inauguration is different. it's like preparing for five super bowls at the same time. at&t giving us a behind the scenes look at their operation. what are we looking up here? >> this is up close and personal. what you see here is the two back of the 186 wheelers that have the radios and everything on them. >> super cal. cell on wheels. this temporary site is part of the investment. communication is critical. not just for spectators but for first responders as well. >> if you need urgently to get in touch with someone and you are not getting the connection through, texting is the least brand width thing on the network. >> you can see a lot of folks will be doing what you are doing. jonathan: trying to keep up with the events. michelle: stay in touch with the folks you
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they believe they have it in place so it won't be jammed. jonathan: i'm trying to follow the trump family. now they are laying at it wreath at arlington at the tomb of the unknown, joined by vice president elect pence. now they are heading to the lincoln memorial where the concert is going on. as soon as we get pictures of the trump family we will bring it to you. now i'm just hearing that the families there, we are waiting for trump and mike pence. michelle: a lot of moving parts. we have our eyes on all of it. we want to check in with doug hill and the look at the forecast. a lot of people are paying close attention to this. want to know when the rain starts. doug: we will get there. 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning is the best estimate. it looks nice. there is plenty of
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50 to 52. everyone has the sunshine and the high clouds. the temperatures are the same. i will be delightful for the rest of the afternoon. and early thursday evening around the entire area. we are watching for signs of clouds increasing tonight. our satellite and doppler radar, there is nothing increasing yet. high clouds. later tonight the clouds increase due to the developing area of the low pressure that is feeding moisture from the ohio and the tennessee valley. the challenge all week is the to say okay, when the rain going to begin? we have a seven hour period of the rain possibilities. monday and tuesday is the afternoon. but now we are more certain it will arrive in the morning hours tomorrow. most likely between 8:30 and 9:30. by noon the rain will move in. a good chance of rain
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noon and the early afternoon. at 3:00 we are on target and the rain will move out of the district. for the rest of the afternoon and the evening, cloudy. it may deal with drizzle through the evening hours tomorrow. look at the inauguration forecast hour by hour. cloudy skies. rain is possible after 8:00 a.m. through the night time there are areas of clouds and the temperatures in the 40's. take a look at the extended outlook. the weekend. saturday is a fise day. partly cloudy and 55. the rain will develop sunday. sunday afternoon,'s, heavy rain. possible for places on monday. clear things out on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next weekend it will turn cooler. not a lot colder.
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weekend in 20 minutes. jonathan: thanks. earthquake trigger an avalanche that buries a hotel. we will tell you how many people could still be trapped inside. cheryl: i'm cheryl conner inside walk -- washington lee
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michelle: welcome back. you are looking at the make america great again celebration at the lincoln memorial. right now they are singing the national anthem. there are big acts, three doors down, toby keith expected to perform. we are awaiting the president-elect to arrive. when he shows up we will bring it to you live. jonathan: she went to the ends of the earth to give her substitutes a lesson. cheryl conner watched skype lesson doing research at the south pole. cheryl: the students are a reason she traveled so far. today she was able to connect with her
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>> the temperature is up to negative 15. she is trained to wear protective gear to be outside and live with the basics. there is a doctor nearby but the closest hospital is eight hours by plane. we learned with a medical evacuation last year became tricky. >> the students got a chance to ask question and describe for the rest of us why is this is so interesting. >> they have so tony we normally can't identify them. >> down the hall, students put up the masks of -- maps of where she has been. >> she went on a similar mission seven years ago.
4:27 pm
scientific questions. >> students with a front row seat to witness science experiment at the bottom of the world. in arlington, cheryl conner. michelle: that is fantastic. that is what makes the students enthusiastic. >> after you talk to them 30 years after the fact and do you remember a teacher? they come up with her name. alison: still to come -- a celebration underway to thank obama. >> a peak where people are coming here to honor the outdoing president. that's next on abc7 news.
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>> people are coming in to welcome the incoming president to d.c. why so many people sitting at home and watching the big day on t wasn't going to cut it. that is when "abc7 news at 4:00" continues after the break. jonathan:ment to, extend an invitation. this is at 7:00 on newschannel8 on th why are you checking i want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... is great, right? when was the last time you checked? yeah, i better check my credit score. here, try credit karma. it's free. alright, no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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jonathan: on the eve of the presidential inauguration we are looking live at the memorial. 48-hour celebration. party is planned tonight with the speakers. 3 doors down. you have toby keith and the united states army's own band performing tonight. fantastic entertainer. actor jon voight is on stage. one of the speakers today. michelle: being here at the embassy of canada we can give you a beautiful birds eye view of everything happening at the inauguration. today we had a different view. this this is from the pool photographer following the president-elect motorcade from
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city. we are live at the airport where some are arriving and the people getting out of tongue before everything begins. right? jeff: we spoke to people coming out of town. there are people with the huge smiles on their faces. this has been busy today. the airport has been bustling with people coming in from the ain august ration. florida, texas, georgia. there were several people that told us this is the first ever
4:33 pm
inauguration. this is a historical moment to be part of. >> i want to witness it. part of history. >> i'm an optimist. i am here representing the hope. and the can-do attitude the country can represent. he had a specific message for people not supporting trump. that is coming up at 6:00 we will show you a place we found exciting trump supporters coming in to town. that is coming up. until then, jeff goldberg. >> there are a lot of people not coming to town for the inauguration but instead for the women's ma
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metro said it will open early. saturday at 5:00 a.m. stay with us for the women's madge saturday as well. michelle: thank you. as partner of the smooth transition of power, president obama will leave a message for trump waiting for him in the oval office. but today he released a letter to the american people as well that reads in part i wanted to say would be final thank you for the honor of is serving as your 44th. all i learned in my time in office i learned from you. you made me a better president and you made me a better man. he goes on to say i have seen you, the american people in all the decency, the determination, good humor and kindness. in the daily acts of citizenship i have seen our future
4:35 pm
jonathan: it started as a criticism from president obama's opponents. but by the end of it even he embraced the phrase "thanks obama." we have more to explain thanks, obama. sam? sam: we are at the arena stage. a number of folks are here. they are a group here that gather to say thanks obama. these are the people that are sad to see him go. there are barbecue joints where he popped up to lunch and the staff to the high-end restaurants and the area churches.
4:36 pm
one woman put up a picture and people flocked to say goodbye. >> the last day he is in office. i am sad and happy for whatever he has left us, the legend. sam: this is in honor of the obamas but they won't be here at the celebration. there are a number of people who support them are here to celebrate eight years that they have been here. we have more coming up at 5:00. i'm sam ford. abc7 news. michelle: this doesn't feel at all like january out there.
4:37 pm
doug hill is here with a check of the forecast. doug: we have sunshine and high clouds. but the cloudiness will increase tonight. get you started the the weather story on thursday afternoon. high clouds showing up on the satellite. nothing on radar at all. if you pull back for the southwest we can see clearly what is coming our way. disturbance and feet of the moisture from the south is pushing eastwardment if rain could begin at 8:00. from 9:00 to 1:00, there is a chance of sunshine. but it should wrap up. the good news is the weekend. that's coming up in 12 minutes from the storm watch 7 weather center. michelle: now a developing story out of central italy. this is the first look at the damage left behind by a massive avalanche.
4:38 pm
the rescue teams were able to save two survivors from the hotel after being toppled by snow. 30 people are still missing with several presumed dead. several hit the region including one a 5.7 magnitude. still ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- add more vehicles to the list for the takata recall. we tell you which ones in two and a half minutes. jonathan: but first, the new guidelines for the blood pressure. what you need
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michelle: "7 on your side" with health matters. new guideline for high blood pressure treatment in people over the age of 60. those with a history of stroke or heart attack should aim for a target blood pressure below 140. as that is tech anybodily the lower limit for what -- technically the lower limit for what is considered high blood pressure. adults 60 or old ver twice the rate of the hyper tension of other age group. jonathan: a new study says half of american men have the human papillomavirus or the h.p.v. only 10% of the men get the three-shot vaccine to protect themselves and others. it's driven up cancer in men, including head, throat, neck cancer. the vaccination is a source of controversy. some say it
4:42 pm
promiscuity among young people. michelle: cars are being recalled in the u.s. because of the dangerous takata air bag. audi, nissan, jaguar, land rover, subaru, tesla, mitsubishi, mazda, mclaren. there is a long list. to see if your make and the model need to be returned to the dealer to be repair head to alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a rabbi and a reverend wal into an inauguration. no, it's not the start of a joke. we will tell you how this all works out coming up next. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen in adams morgan where hundreds of women march protesters are standing in a long line. coming up, i will show you what they are buying.
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jonathan: live pictures. the stage is set. that is the step of the capitol. that is where president-elect and tomorrow president trump will deliver the inaugural address. we'll have it live. michelle: six clergy members are participating in the inauguration, including history making rabbi and a reverend both from california. anna-lysa gayle talks about what we can expect tomorrow. anna-lysa: president-elect trump isn't if only one making history. so are these religious
4:47 pm
>> the first rab believe -- rabbi sin 1985. >> the first to participate in swearing in. >> the rabbi travels from l.a. where he heads the center. he's facing backlash for the decision to participate. >> i'm not embased. some critics think i should be. i'm honored to receive the invitation. >> reverend rodriguez came from california where he was the pastor of the christian worship center and president of the national hispanic christian leadership conference. >> the world's largest political platform. they both consider them nonpartisan. >> the major teams are unity, love, reconciliation. truth moving forward.
4:48 pm
the platform. hillary, bill clinton, jimmy carter, barack obama and michelle. not pen pals of the new president-elect. why are they coming? it's the greatest thing that america has. the peaceful transition from one administration to the next. we have peace. we disagree but we have come to honor the presidency. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc7 news. michelle: in addition to them coming from california tens of thousands of visitors have been arriving here in town for the inauguration. today, mike carter-conneen reports many of them went shopping. they wanted to get the trump tchotchkes. >> it's a see of red. >> don't forget to br
4:49 pm
back. >> for any inauguration, the souvenir shops are packed. >> we have a lot of staff. working throughout the night and open extended hours. >> the businesses are cashing in. the pencil, playing cards, chocolate, gummy bears, more. >> i want a christmas ornament. >> the only thing hard to find are tickets to the inauguration ball. >> they don't sell it on the street. >> no. we haven't found them yet. >> this pop-up shop is attracting hundreds of protesters in line to get their hands on the women's march merchandise and souvenirs. >> t-shirts. >> much of the profit is toward the march or the women's rights groups with the staff frantically stocking and barely keeping up with the demand. >> we got here this
4:50 pm
people down the sidewalk. >> across d.c. they are selling the obama merchandise and even items for inauguration that is not happening. no matter what they are buying or why they are in washington the shoppers believe they are purchasing pieces of history with time transforms to the treasured artifacts. in northwest washington, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: no matter which side you are on it's good for the economy. jonathan: translating to profits for everybody. for folks out of town coming to d.c. they will put on a great show. watching the peaceful transfer of power is huge. the back draft couldn't get better. you have the washington monumented and the lincoln memorial. you have everything. alison: the weather is great. even though we have rain tomorrow it's so mild and warmer than compared to the other inaugurations. nothing to complain about. michelle: we can handle the rain since temperatures are in the 50's. we hav
4:51 pm
for the inauguration. we want you to be part of the coverage as well. share your pictures and video by uploading them to steve: spanning the skies with the stormwatch7. nothing to see. however this time tomorrow it will look a lot different. temperatures outside, we will show you what is going on 5. 2 degrees at leesburg. reagan national at 52. annapolis at 46. keep the temperatures on the cool side for the evening hours. nighttime lows are in the middle 40s. clouds on the increase. winds out of the southeast at 4 to 8 miles per hour. for the day tomorrow. it will start dry. at least early, early on. showers by 9:00. we will sea the widespread showers. through the parade. make sure you have an umbrella if you are allowed to bring in the area you are allowed to. otherwise have rain gear on. i guarantee you will need it if you plan to be outdoors. our future cast from stormwatch7.
4:52 pm
this is moving off toward the dinner time. we have heavier rain in afternoon. authorities are on the mild side through the middle of next week. cooler by the weekend. check on traffic to jamie sullivan. >> we are near the capitol. we came down mass avenue. there is the capital in front of us.
4:53 pm
we are on north capitol street. the closures are in place now. union station the closures at 1:00. it is best to avoid the capitol. jonathan: coming up at 4:00, what a local fire department is trying to do on the anniversary of the twins and the grand parents killed in a fire. michelle: a small west virginia high school marching band
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4:56 pm
michelle: take you live to the lincoln memorial. a live look at president-elect trump arriving for the concert, make america great again. waiting his arrival. he is family there. take seat. long everything of performances, fireworks tonight. we'll hear from 3 doors down and toby keith. we
4:57 pm
event. we a crew down there. >> a year ago today, the twins died and how they are working to prevent another tragedy like this one. >> family suffering unimaginable loss is banding together through song and prayer. loved ones gathering outside the place in chillum where the four lives were lost a year ago today. 2-year-old twins and grand parents carline and sampson died after the flames tore through the home. >> horrific. >> the firefighters did all they could
4:58 pm
even though time passed it's a scene that haunts many today. there were 11 fire related deaths in 2014. four in this hall. now a year later the cause is undetermined. there was no sign of a moke alarm in the home. on the anniversary -- >> we are the fire department. going through the neighborhood doing checks. >> firefighters are going door to door preaching fire safety. checking people smoke detectives. >> under the law every resident is required to have the working smoke detectors. >> the goal is saved lives to prevent another family enduring the pain. >> tonight, president elect trump comes to
4:59 pm
we will take you to the lincoln memorial when he takes the mic. and major road closures are in the way. and the final security measures fall in place. on obama's last full dale of president, the heart-felt thank you from the fellow residents. >> now "7 on your side." on your side. >> the official kickoff to the presidential inauguration. concert bringing together military bands, country and rock performers at the lincoln memorial. alison: even as the net closes on security in the district. we will start off with alison with a view overlooking the inauguration. alison: you can't beat the view.
5:00 pm
inauguration coverage. the celebrations will center on the step of the capitol with a swearing in tomorrow that began outside of trump tower. now everything centered square here in the capitol. kevin lewis is at the "live desk." this has been busy. >> today he has been mostly positive. he tweeted in part the courny begins. >> a caravan took trump from madison avenue to


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