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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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inauguration coverage. the celebrations will center on the step of the capitol with a swearing in tomorrow that began outside of trump tower. now everything centered square here in the capitol. kevin lewis is at the "live desk." this has been busy. >> today he has been mostly positive. he tweeted in part the courny begins. >> a caravan took trump from madison avenue to
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private plane for the u.s. military 757. the cakeoff smooth. clear blue skies. they i merged from the plane before many trump and his wife did the same. stop one a leadership official with the staff at the five-star hotel. >> he cracked jokes and his wife echoed the mantra. >> he will make america great again. >> by the mid-afternoon the trumps checked in for the one-night stay at the blair house. then a visit to arlington national cemetery.
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laying ceremony. >> in the last few minutes he rivered at the memorial. trump will end the day at v.i.p. reception. live in newsroom, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: you mentioned president-elect trump there for the concert. he is expected to speak shortly. the celebration underway at the lincoln memorial. we will bring you the speech. if you want to concert in the entirety do that at the sister station newschannel8. back to you. michelle: now that the president-elect is in the district there are massive security preparations throughout the
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brad: this is where the president will stand when he is sworn in tomorrow. that is a large perimeter. this is where we stand across the lawn. in the distance every road is closed. there are jersey walls trucked in to be set up. it is like this block after block. there will be more road closures as the evening wears on. 3,000 police officers were sworn in as the deputy u.s. marshals and they will have arrest powers.
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the police are emphasizing they want people to be able to exercise the first amendment rights. have fun as well. those who break the law will be arrested. the police say there might be minor charges. they don't want to arrest people. people should understand that and they need to follow the rules. at the capitol, brad bell. alison: we mentioned the security change bringing small umbrellas. that is ahead of the expected rain tomorrow.
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if that is a sure bet what do we know of the timing. doug: there is a three-hour window that rain is possible. it should be centered around noon. that is with the rain is most likely. the clouds increase tonight. they will hold steady. we are waiting for the big batch of the rain out west to move in. nashville is soaked. this is moving in our direction. in is in the t
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outlook. >> there are more major road closures that kicked in ahead of the inauguration. what are you seeing on the road? jamie: brake lights. we are turning from d street. we are here to make another turn shortly. those closures just went in place at 5:00. 5:00 is another round for us. we will see the bulk of the treat closures
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you are seeing the brake lights. that is what you will see in d.c. the street closures are going into place. lases it's not just the roads seaing the change. five metro stations will be closed tomorrow. other will be the entry only or the exit only. the trainings begin running early at 4:00 a.m. michelle: we have seen a steady flow at the airports and the roads. as they make their way to the capitol. supporting the man who will be president and those plan
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protest. there is a group that just wants it to run smoothly. >> timing is integral. it's interesting because the anticipation is the reality. scott: on the campaign trail. in the aftermath. and recently at the hearing for cabinet nominees. the protest have been a fixture in trump's quest to be the 45th president. but friday, the supports are rushing back.
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>> they are here without the bike due to the road closures. >> the mission is clear. i am here to support trump and have a peaceful transition. >> robert said this when asked about a clash with anti-trump groups. i >> it's only if somebody else starts something. they have trump's blessing. but some believe it's left to the professionals. >> there is emotion around inauguration day. the police officers are prepared to deal with it. scott: the bikers for trump have 5,000 people. the largest expected crowd is the women's march on saturday. social media indicate there could be 200,000.
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homeland security secretary says his department is prepared to make sure that the public is protect and taken care of in case any of the demonstrations get out of hand. back to you. >> thal thanks. the unmatched coverage continued with in-depth look at what to expect tomorrow. that is at 7:00 on news channel 8 and larry: they are improving but not ready to go home. that is the update for george h.w. bush and his wife barbara bush who are both hospitalized in houston. mrs. bush diagnosed with broncides after she was admitted last night and she feels 1,000% better today. the 41st president is in i.c.u. he will hope to be discharged in a few days.
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>> rolling up for final preparation to light up calls for change. >> a small band prepares to make history at the inauguration. >> wi are looking at the eight years of barack obama and how they are doing for the obama being president and the first lady next on abc7 news. alison: staying with that theme, president obama's final message to the american people as he prepares to leave the white house for the last time as commander-in-chief.
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larry: a live look outside.
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we'll see everything. there is the lincoln memorial as well counting down president obama's final hours. the final 24 hours as commander-in-chief. live pictures again. the concert at the lincoln memorial this evening. president obama, commander-in-chief, the final hours. among the final actions was commuting of 230 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes. that makes 1,700 commutations in the eight years in office. he penned a goodbye to the american people that included a thank you and reads in part, "i have seen you, the american people, in all of your decency, determination, good rumor and kindness and in your daily acts of citizenship. i have seen the future unfolding. all of us should throw ourselves in the work to enjoy the citizenship and i'll be there every step of the way." he signed it, "yes, we can." michelle: while he is saying thank you for eight years the businesses returning that
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sentiment. they are using the people thank you, obama. sam ford has more to explain this. sam: we are at the arena stage in southwest washington. the president and first lady are not going to be here. but so far, a couple of hundred people paid $10 each to come in and celebrate eight years of the obamas who are extremely popular in this arena. they were by no mean strangers confined to the white house. we moved around the city, people told us stories and showed us photographs and event in honor of them. >> i'm sad today. last day of the presidency of a man and first lady i respect. >> at kept's barbecue the president eshowed up for lunch one day. >> he said obama is coming.
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>> secret service was outside. >> many restaurants that tried to keep track of 50. there was a sign that said thanks for eight great years. and obamas were here several times to make sandwiches. >> visited each time. each time was better. got to see the children grow. saw his mom. >> brought fresh produce. >> they were in area churches. the reverend who is also from the south side of chicago said it was special. >> intellect. great deposition anity. polished cup from the white house is epitome of what we symbolize. >> and also today, lee put up abilitying and a poster for people to -- put up a painting and poster so people could pen goodbyes. >> the reaction has been powerful
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people love him. they thank me for doing this. i'm very happy. sam: people are writing goodbye on the stage. it reminds you of the end of the high school year when people sign annuals and things like that. people gathering to say thankssh obama. sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. i guess we have doug to thank for the mild temperatures. we are seeing rain but it could be rain or snow. >> it's in the teens. so thank you for the weather in the 50's in the weather center. >> this worked out nicely. rain, listen, we have talked about the seven-hour period of rain morning to afternoon. it won't rain every minute of the time. but there is enough midday
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to keep rain gear to stay dry. let's get started on thursday. the temperatures as you notice are mild indeed. we haven't sean much of a change. high pressure overhead. the temperatures are upper 40 to 50's now. on target. they will fall. only slowly fall in the evening. the only thing we are picking up are the few high thin clouds. there are rain in kentucky, tennessee, northwestern carolina. that is on the edge of the complex. the area of the uner level low pressure. it will spread east. as a warm front tomorrow. we think the rain will be possible 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. the first drops falling. there could be period of rain or bands of rain like that. not a steady downpour. up to a quarter of an inch.
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rain but it is an issue when you have hundreds of thousands of people outdoors in the city. getting in the future cast, let's pin down the timing. getting through the day tomorrow and the morning hours the rain will increase. this is 12:00 nan tomorrow. the heavier for the north. we come to push through the afternoon. most of it is east of the city. it will be cloudy and drizzle tomorrow night. then on sunday we have another weather system to deal with here. look at this. we reason you through sunday and the morning when there are showers here. the pain area of the rain remains south. the rain could get heavy at times. it's developing in the day on monday. there is a lot to keep an eye on. what we expect, there is a
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rain. gusty winds and a moderate chance of that. strong wind gust. you can't rule out localized flooding. the forecast tonight is nice. a few clouds around. slowly increasing. temperatures hold in the mid-40's. for the big day tomorrow, inauguration day. chances of rain, temperatures in the upper 40's to 50 degrees in the afternoon. periods of cloud. the warm front is coming through. upper 40's at night. saturday the best day of the next several coming our way. the rain begins on sunday by the midday or afternoon. check out the next seven days. ten days you will see rain chances increasing as we head to the weekend. but as we get through early next week the rain be l be behind us. then we will see the clearing skies. cooler temperatures.
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not cold but cooler. michelle: this is like the warmest january i can recall. doug: high on the list of the warmest januaries. absolutely. michelle: wow! larry: anytime this time of year we are above or north o freezing that is all good. michelle: no complaints. larry: still ahead. lighting one up in protest. timing of an inauguration protest. michelle: next, how a west virginia marching band is about to make history in the
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alison: we are listening live and looking live at the opening concert for the presidential inauguration. we hear the band 3 doors down performing. all of this underway now at the lincoln memorial. president elect trump is expected to speak shortly. we will bring that to you as soon as it happens. so even before that kickoff concert began, the music filled the air on the national mall. this is the scene at the j.f.k. hockey field where the voices of the people concert was being held next to the world war ii memorial. of course is the big day. the huge celebration at the capitol. that is taking place behind the beautiful studio. you can see the capitol behind us. we are situated at the h
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base at the embassy of canada. a beautiful spot to see everything happen. michelle: a great seat to watch the whole show. larry: so cool. that will include the inaugural parade including seven marching bands across the country. michelle: one of them is six miles south of cumberland. while it will be among the smallest0 bands, tom roussey found something else that sets them apart. >> view of america's 35,000 plus high schools ever march in an inauguration parade. >> to me this is an amazing expanse. >> but at frankfurt high in west virginia -- friday will be the second time in a row. >> to be selected the first time
5:27 pm
>> time in west virginia. not a big city or anything. >> most of these have the enrollment that is triple. >> high performing in 2013. >> i found they were playing in the inauguration. that would have been awesome to do. >> one was in eighth grade and now as a senior he will get to, with the 73 other brand members. they will beer if forming for a new president that was -- performing for a president that was popular as a whole but in mineral county. trump won four out of every five votes here. compared to four years ago when they played for president obama who won one out of every four votes here. but the band member say the political side isn't what happens. >> it's the president. no matter h
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>> tom roussey, abc7 news. >> well, just ahead, the closest republican governor to the new republican president. gee graphickicly -- geographically. there is a thin purple line to walk between annapolis and the white house. >> some trump supporters are getting ready to celebrate opponents. some of them anyway gearing up to disrupt. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment the lowdown on all the demonstrations tomorrow. michelle: next at 5:00, a protest of a different kind planned for tomorrow. the joint
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michelle: welcome back. alison: we are listening in as one of the military bands performs for the inaugural festivities, in a look at the make america great again celebration. the kickoff to the inauguration celebration. all of this taking place live there at the lincoln memorial. by the way, we do expect president-elect trump to speak to the crowd soon. as soon as that happens, we will bring it to
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larry: while the president elect is working on the mission to make america great again there is a group in the mission with a different mission. a promarijuana legalization group giving away 8,000 joints for free at dupont circle tomorrow. they plan to march to the national mall and light up at 4:20 in the president-elect speech. >> the smoking part is not legal. that is a personal choice. why we are doing this. we want trump to engage the marijuana reform community is to have a panel at the trump tower or at the white house when he is in there. larry: participants get two joints, one to cope and one to give away. keep in mind you can't smock on federal property. michelle: that is one of the many protests expected tomorrow. there wi
5:33 pm
protest last night outside of mike pence's home in the chevy chase neighborhood. i was peaceful. we spoke to those getting training. what does it entail? >> there are an away of organizations assembling. they tell me every move like we see here across the city. practically every one of them is a launch pad for a demonstration. they will start bright and early tomorrow. >> they packed a local church to get pointers on how to disrupt the presidential inauguration. >> in biggest disruption is
5:34 pm
>> the goal of this help to disrupt. >> i am going to protest with the black lives matter march. >> some are local but a lot o peep across the country to do what needs to be done to make sure the new president is aware of how many people are displeased with his victory. >> now we somebody coming in to town here. who is not what we want. >> the goal is the peaceful prote but the planners are aiming for a dozen blockades across the city. starting in the early morning. they will try to make it difficult for those trying to get to the national mall to see the inauguration. >> the peaceful by interlocking arms and be in solidarity with the brothers and the sisters. >> that is what they were telling demonstrators, lock arm.
5:35 pm
block individuals that are trying to get to the national mall. i did speak to a source who will be monitoring the situation. the biggest concern is for within the perimeter. on the national mall. where you will have the supporters of the new president and opponents in such close proximity. there are concerns about the potential for the disruption there. >> thank you. the inauguration really will be more than supporters and protesters we talk about. there are also a lot of peak who are really somewhere in between. among them is maryland governor larry hogan. maryland bureau chief brad bell and he has more how the republican governor has to walk a thin line in a blue state. brad: yeah. politics is interesting for sure. we are up here on the stage where the presid
5:36 pm
be sworn in. you can see that it is set up for the v.u.p. guests. governor hogan will be in a seat that wasn't a sure thing but he is going to be here. one of the stranger political dynamics at play. last spring, this is what hogan had to say about the man who becomes president of the united states at noon tomorrow. >> i couldn't really care less about trump. >> he made it clear he would not be voting for trump and gave marylanders a suggestion. >> vote their conscience and vote for whoever they feel is the best person. i will be voting for kasich probably. >> it's a complicated subject for hogan. in the general election he cast a write-in vote for his own father, one of the only few republican governor openly opposing the incoming president. the stance plays well in maryland. hogan is hugely popular. but now as trump prepares for the oath of office, many wonder how
5:37 pm
will treat maryland. listen to the house speaker. >> no one knows exactly what impact it will have on the state of maryland. >> trump came to maryland for the army-navy football game but did not meet with hogan. >> i have had a number of conversations with the administration but haven't spoke to the president-elect directly. >> hogan will attend the inauguration and hopes to have a good relationship with the incoming administration even though it still seals icy with the president-elect. >> i talked to the vice president about one of the top priorities into -- to invest more money in infrastructure. that would help us in maryland. >> one of the big question after the president is sworn in at the podium tomorrow what about the move of the f.b.i. headquarters to the state of maryland will this relationship have an impact on the decision-making?
5:38 pm
this is something we will cover and follow in the weeks and the years ahead. on the west front of the capitol, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we want to remind you that abc7 has unmatched coverage on the ground as trump becomes if 45th president of the united states. you coverage begins at "good morning washington" at 4:00 a.m. >> the republican national committee has enominated mcdonald. she is first heal r.n.c. leader in three decades. she had been the chairwoman of the michigan republican party. larry: next at 5:00, there is new recall involving takata air bags and the millions of cars affected ahead. >> next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- whether you are going to the inauguration or the
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march, area bars are ready for you.
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michelle: bars and restaurants are also getting ready for the inauguration. larry: people are hungry. they have to drink, too. tim barber show us how some are walking a fine line to put on a nonpartisan celebration. >> initially the bars and restaurants are preparing to be packed. many don't care about the politics. >> we are very nonpartisan. we have always been that way. >> there is the gets address on the -- gettysburg address and more pennys you can count. there is an all you can eat and drink deal. two hours for $45. for the 45th president. they want to celebration the tradition.
5:44 pm
>> the same rules apply across town at the nonpartisan and the politically theme bars. they are tipping the hat to the ale. with the spruce tips instead of hops. >> we don't know what to expect. a lot of people are happy about the inauguration and a lot of people aren't. >> the lincoln restaurant hosted obama and from the other side of the aisle the late justice antonin scalia. this week both sides are welcome. >> enjoy yourself. that is what we want you to do. >> reporting in northwest washington, tim barber, abc7 news. larry: well, next up at 5:00, a new round of takata air
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michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer report. 652,000 cars are being recalled in the u.s. because of dangerous takata air bags. 13 different auto makers are involved the recall to replace front passenger inflators
5:48 pm
including audi, daimler benz, tesla, b.p.w., mazda, mclaren. there is a long list. to sea if your maybe and model needs to be returned for repairs head to the federal investigators say a fatal crash involving a tesla vehicle was not due to defect in the car's auto pilot system. they don't plan to recall it. this is after completing an investigation in a crash last year in florida. the driver using auto pilot died after his car hit a tractor trailer which crossed into the car's path. the national traffic highway safety administration did criticize tesla for confusing customers calling the autonomous driving system autopilot. alison: speaking of driving. plenty of roads will be close around town for the
5:49 pm
that is causing traffic confusion downtown. jamie sullivan has been out there now. and she has been there for quite a while. how does it look? >> we are seeing the closures in place. we have been in d.c. we crossed from 14th street to independence avenue. definitely seeing the brake lights. not only d.c. with reseeing the issues. unfortunately in virginia while many closures have gone into place this evening, earlier they closed memorial and the roosevelt bridge. we are seeing a huge backup through arlington to get to alexandria. 50, bumper-to-bumper. 27 is the same thing. if you try to get to the g.w. parkway we are seeing big backup as well. 110, rough ride. the closures on the roosevelt bridge at 10:00 a.m. memorial bridge was at
5:50 pm
a.m. because of the bridge closures that went into place, that is why we are seeing a huge backup again. get ready for the delays there. live from mobiletrak7. back to you. michelle: thank you. larry: toby keith is out there now. live look at the memorial. the concert continues on. doug hill is in the stormwatch7. the weather is great tonight. doug: looking very, very nice. we have the temperatures right now just about the 50-degree mark around the area. no threat of rain. comfortable through the evening hours. tonight is a different story. rain and we narrow down the timing. for the moment, we have in good shape. nothing more than high clouds around the area. clouds increase late tonight. tomorrow when you get up
5:51 pm
then we go on the rain watch here. there is plenty coming our way. even with the rain approaching it's not continuous rain. 8:30 and 9:00, to 3:00 and 4:00, that is the time frame we will be affected by the system. we will have rain but not every minute. temperatures on the chilly side. 46 degrees for temperature. looking at the future cast, there could be a brief little showers. 7:30 or 8:00. but after that approaching the late morning and the midday when chances of rain increase. there are areas of rain. not continuous green blob overhead. we are in fine shape for saturday. but for sunday there
5:52 pm
heavy rain. this is the inaugural outlook. temperatures in the upper 40's. period of rain that looks like will come to an end after 3:00 in the afternoon. erin has sports. erin: we have a feature on a swimmer. he is only a freshman, he has proven to be inspiration to his team and that is what i he is this week's team player. >> what is life without a challenge? erin: when he committed to howard for swimming he never anticipated ewould need surgery the fall semester of the freshman season. >> in the summer, i realize i couldn't run anymore. i couldn't swim without pain anymore.
5:53 pm
>> i don't think i would be where i am today. >> he is an inspirationallist. >> now several months later, he is almost 100%. he even finished with 3.78 g.p.a. in biology. congratulations. you are this week's team player. erin: now he wants to break records. we will root for him. watch him along the way. larry: absolutely. michelle: swimming is a tough sport. looking good. erin: yes. larry: good stuff. thanks. next at 5:00, it's good to be prepared how the area hospitals planned for months
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larry: a live look at lincoln memorial as the concert is ongoing. president-elect trump is running a few minutes behind. when he does we will take a listen in on the mall. people, businesses and the law enforcement spent a week gearing up for tomorrow. as amy aubert explains at medstar washington hospital center the prep for inauguration day have been going for months. >> this is not something any hospital takes likely. amy: craig is with med star hospital washington center and says they have been preparing for inauguration weekend months. >> there are a greater number of tourists in the city. >> they are working to
5:58 pm
operation as possible. >> we are it not surging up our staff. normal business day. >> the committee has been meeting for months to go over staffing equipment, supplies and scheduling. they are in talk with other hospitals. >> this is not something that you take lightly. >> that is it for us at 5:00. >> trump is in washington. we are live with a launch of the preinauguration event. plus busy day t
5:59 pm
what president obama did at the final act. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, sick six. on your side. jonathan: first at 6:00, the team coverage of the inauguration. trump is in d.c. as the nation prepares to welcome a new president. maureen: we go live to the canadian embassy. the home base for the team in the inauguration. alison starling is there with a busy day for the inauguration set-up. >> this is the home base. the capitol behind us. we want to show you live images of what is
6:00 pm
now. this is a concert at the lincoln memorial. the personal everyone calls the headliner toby keith is performing. the president elect is expected to speak. we don't know when it will happen but we're watching closely and we will bring it to you live when it happened. we heard from three doors down earlier. lee greenwood singing. a host of military bands at the make america great again celebration. trump arrived in d.c. in the afternoon. the next 48 hours is full of ceremony and celebration. trump spoke at the hotel and said they have the highest i.q. of any cabinet ever.


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