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tv   ABC7 News at 6  WJLA  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now. this is a concert at the lincoln memorial. the personal everyone calls the headliner toby keith is performing. the president elect is expected to speak. we don't know when it will happen but we're watching closely and we will bring it to you live when it happened. we heard from three doors down earlier. lee greenwood singing. a host of military bands at the make america great again celebration. trump arrived in d.c. in the afternoon. the next 48 hours is full of ceremony and celebration. trump spoke at the hotel and said they have the highest i.q. of any cabinet ever.
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we have more in the newscast but if you went more about the president-elect arrival plans tonight we go to chief political correspondent scott thuman live at the capitol hill bureau with more on that. scot: this a whirlwind in the afternoon. trump taking air force one arriving at joint base andrews. there was a breathe laying ceremony. everything comes to fruition for all the buildup to take place when you see that trump, mike pence at his side. at the arlington national. we are now hours away from the oval office. tonight he will be staying with the family
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house. catercorner to the white house. the reality that is setting in. perhaps making last-minute tweak to the speech everyone is watching tomorrow. a day of firsts. spicer space with the first briefing at the traffic six headquarters trying to lay out what we can expect as everyone keeps the close attention to what will take place behind me in 18 hours. alison: about the speech, i know that the president elect treated a picture of himself writing the speech. what can we expect to hear from the president-elect tomorrow? >> we got a little insight from spice space spice this morning where he -- sean spicer this morning where he said it's less agenda driven. there will be talk about the america infrastructure and how to build
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create jobs to get the economy moving in a progressive direction. it will be the philosophical discussions where america stands and how it can improve. unity is part of the theme. trying to bring together a divided electorate over the last year. the philosophical agenda is what spiceer touted. alison: thank you. we appreciate it. expect security. there are check points and barriers. 300 police officers from oregon and minnesota to help out. and they will be sworn in as the marshals.
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police emphasize this. you can express your first amendment right. but if you break the law you will be arrested. we have a traffic alert. a lot of major road closures that are in effect. the streets are closed from third to 18th street. memorial bridge in arlington is shut down through until saturday night. metro is probably a better option. there is more information on we want to send it back to jonathan elias. jonathan: i love the
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whether people are here to protest or celebrate, many are filling up the airports. looking behind you it's not pandemonium. >> everybody who has flown into town to be here has already arrived. this does look empty. but earlier today it's busy. everybody that threw into town got here different ways. busy day throughout the region. >> got the flag. >> mar lean had been on the ground for a few minutes before it began. >> i am so up in the sticks, so happy. >> watching the trump inauguration at home on tv in dallas wasn't going to cut it.
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>> that is the feeling of the hundreds of thousands making their way to d.c. in the air and on the ground from all over. >> charlotte, north carolina. >> lexington, south carolina. >> georgia. >> lilly and lou meyer made a final stop in i-959 in dale city on the way to d.c. >> i want trump. trump. >> this is an incredible expanse. >> some locals want no part of it and are leaving town. she will participate in women's march but i'm not sad to miss it. >> caesar was also here for obama in 2009. >> give
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let's see what is possible. we elected him. give him the benefit of the doubt. >> we heard that from more than a few trump supporters. this has everything you could need. coffee cup, make america great again half, t-shirts. all you could need. this place has been busy today and will be saturday and sunday. tomorrow all eyes on the national mall. >> we will be everywhere tomorrow. "7 on your side" for all the coverage on air, online and on the website maureen: president obama cut short prison sentences for hundreds of drug offenders in the last major event -- act
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president. 330 inmates will have shorter jail time. jonathan: there he is. president elect trump is talking. let's listen in. >> toby and lee greenwood and all of the great talent that was very special. i also have to thank our incredible military right here. thank you. you were great. thank you. this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it. but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. i am just the messenger. and we were tired. >> i love you! >> and i love you.
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we all got tired of seeing what was happening. we wanted change but we wanted real change. i look so forward tomorrow. we will see something that will be so amazing. this started out as a small concert. then we thought we'll do it in front of the lincoln memorial. i don't know if it has been done before. but it's seldom. then people came by the thousands. all the way back. all the way back. a movement that began and movement that started and a movement like we have never seen anywhere in
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there has never been a movement like this. this is very special. we'll unify the country. our phrase, "make america great again." but we are going to make america great for all the peak. everybody. throughout the country. that includes the inner cities and that includes everybody. we will do a special job. i can only tell you that 18 months ago, we never knew, a lot of people didn't know. but some had a feeling, a lot of people didn't give us a chance. we understood what was happening. the last month of the
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campaign, when i traveled around to every place that you can imagine, state after state after state, speech after speech. we had 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people. never an empty seat. we didn't know if anybody would come tonight. this hammet been done before -- this hasn't been done before. it it was same way. we knew the last month of the campaign. a lot of us knew the first week of the campaign. but the last month of the campaign we knew something special was happening. i can only tell you this. the polls started going up, up, up. but they didn't want to give us
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they forgot about a lot of us. on the campaign i called it the forgotten man and the gor gotten woman. well, you are not forgotten anymore. that i can tell you. not anymore. i want to thank my great family, my incredible wife melania. they have been so supportive. it wasn't easy but it's important. i want to thank you and i promise i will work so hard. get it turned around. bring the jobs back. we won't let other countries take our jobs any longer. we will build up the great military. build it
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strengthen our borders. do things that haven't been done for many decades. it is going to change. it promise you. it is going to change. so i will see you tomorrow. i don't care frankly if it's going to be beautiful or rain like crazy. it makes no difference to me. i have feeling it is going to be beautiful. i will see you tomorrow. i will be cheering you on. you're cheering me on but i will be cheering you on because what we have done is so special. all over the world they are talking about it. all over the world. i love you folks. we are going to
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we are going to make america great again. i will add greater than ever before! thank you very much. enjoy the fireworks. thank you, everybody. thank you! [applause] maureen: that is president-elect trump addressing the crowd in front of the lincoln memorial. you are watching him live. there is a concert this evening. for the folks in the crowd there. not a bad evening for outdoor concert or outdoor speeches. jonathan: it's january. we have seen inaugust races that were 7 or 10 degrees. 50 degrees out there. toby keith, three doors down the united states army pershing band which is fantastic. they are all out there. tomorrow at this time he will be the president. more after this.
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maureen: this is fireworks over the lincoln memorial. lovely. a few minutes ago trump addressed the crowds there. this evening they will be bands and musicians. but before that you see a beautiful aerial display. jonathan: toby keith has gone and three doors down has gone. some bands have gone. it is maybe another hour out maureen: the memorial bridge is closed. so are a lot of areas around lincoln memorial and the mall. you may have noticed the hustle and the bustle. jo
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to the capital to take part in the event. we caught up with a group that got behind the wheel to send a message service and honor. >> this is about honoring our sons for what they dedicated to the country to give us the freedom. >> she got the call and she was invited to march in the inaugural parade and she knew she couldn't go alone. >> it was exciting. but it was hard. >> she got in touch with serve other families. >> this is a wonderful
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experience. >> the family brought together for 15-hour journey. >> they plan to march friday in remembrance of the fallen. >> this is an honor to be here. it's an emotional day. >> you can't let it stop you. >> no matter what you think of the republicans the thoughts are here. >> the seven families will load back in the van early saturday morning.o 15-hour journey back to iowa.
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doug: hello there. ooking likely wethe weather will deal with the period of rain tomorrow. there is not much to show. high clouds. pleasant evening. here is what is coming. a warm front tomorrow. when is it going to start and stop? we think it will fall 7:00 hour period. we may have a brief shower around 8:00 a.m. but after 2:00 or 3:00 it will move out. the temperatures won't drop much
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they will hold steady. we will have drizzle and the patchy fog for the late night and in the day saturday as well. the future cast will give us an idea that there could be a band of the light showers. look how quickly it goes east. then drizzle and the fall through saturday. future cast. we have heavy rains ands gusty winds. for the weekend, weather for saturday. the temperatures will be mild mid-week. mid-50's but it is turning cooler but not much colder by the
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erin: every year the capitols take a dads trip where the fathers travel with the team for bonding time. this year they will have a team off friday and play in dallas saturday night. since their nine-game winning streak came to an e
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pittsburgh this is a perfect opportunity to get back to the winning ways and impress dad. >> now that i am a dad i want to impress my son as well. >> they're just like us but more grown-up. or not grown-up. >> this is becoming reality. oakland raiders filed paperwork to relocate to las vegas today. jonathan: it sounds wrong in every way. the vegas raiders? erin: a lot of change with the nfl teams. >> "world news tonight" with david muir. coming up, you will have more on the trump speech given at the lincoln memorial.
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. tonight, we're live from the nation's capital. the trump family arrives in washington. president elect donald trump. and america's next first lady. tonight, we have the trump family right here. and we'll take you to the ceremony under way at the lynn come memorial. and mr. trump's first stop today. his own hotel. our team with voters across the country, what they're saying tonight. the showdown on capitol hill. mr. trump's pick for treasury secretary on the hot set. grilled on the role he played in the foreclosure crisis. and mr. trump's pick for energy secretary rick perry set to the lead the department he once wanted to eliminate. how he explains that now. inside the transfer of power tonight. president obama and the president-elect will soon ride from the white house to the capitol together. and despite the boycott by many


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