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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: breaking news -- a large protest in northwest, right outside of the mall for trump supporters. demonstrators taking to the streets, some harassing people as they leave the ball.
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streets, the police using tear gas, all of this just hours away from the presidential inauguration. we have a lot to cover for you this evening. i'm alison starling, at the embassy of canada, our abc 7 headquarters for this inauguration. we have team coverage of the breaking news with tim barber in northwest d.c., outside of the national press club. you have been following this protest all evening. what's happening now? tom: well, right now, in the last 20 minutes, they opened up f street. these vehicles driven by mpd officers, if you fan out, you can see how much trash has litter the streets where the protesters are standing, things lit on fire, a couple of people got into fights. and this is a sign that was left trump/pantsp the regime before it starts. --
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teump/pence regime before it starts." they come all over the country. >> i think will be a lot of fun if we can get in. tim: it is a change these protesters despise. >> i'm so disgusted by this. it feels like a joke. tim: inside, trump supporters were at an unusual ball. deplore a ball. >> it was an insult against trump supporters that they took on as a badge of honor. were a majority $99, and sold out within hours. a grassroots
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put this brash new york businessman into office. protests or not, the self-proclaimed trumpists say they are a new force in town and are here to say. >> i think it is democracy at its best and worst. tim: this is being held at the national press building, which is a little ironic considering the contentious relationship between donald trump and the press. the party is expected to last until midnight. in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: also breaking now, a different protest started in chinatown. it ended up in the same place. let's get to anna-lysa gayle with more on that. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: alison, the protest wrapped up about 30 minutes ago in the 600 block of 13th street. the street has reopened and we are seeing people leave the ball. we spoke with both sides
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supporters mixed in. here is what they said. tape that he feels like he can grab any woman by the [beep]. >> we are here to celebrate donald trump. at some points during the protest, things got tense between protesters and the police. a few people say they were pepper sprayed. at one point, there was a small fire in the middle of the circle. they were also dancing and holding signs denouncing the president-elect, and some wore masks. at times there were loud sounds coming from firecrackers. tomorrow, this street will be line for the inauguration. here there is a sign next to this gtl
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section h. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. meanwhile, there was some star power at an anti-trump protest in new york city, big names like robert de niro, joined other celebrities at the protest just outside of the trump international hotel in new york city. also tonight, alec baldwin, known for his impressions of donald trump, on "saturday night live." whether you are protesting were celebrating, expect a lot of security. there are active checkpoints, barriers all through the city. 300 police officers were sworn in as deputy marshals. from as far away as oregon and minnesota, top of the thousands of national guard troops who will be here. we will have breaking news coverage of any protests going
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protests, it was a grandiose celebration at the lincoln memorial tonight. this kicks off the presidential inauguration of donald trump. tonight, the first family was sitting in the front row, trump taking to the microphone to address america before he becomes president in just hours. tom roussey is live on the national mall with more. tom? a differentison, feeling in this town tonight. a lot of activity for this time of night. we are about a block away from union station. at this hour, the police are still directing traffic. this is just a dry run because the big day is tomorrow. tonight, inauguration-related road closures backed traffic all the way across the river into the streets of arlington. >> it has been pretty bad, miserable. >>
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looks like about 40 minutes. tom: but those who made it downtown -- >> it's wonderful, like nothing i've ever seen. tom: discovered a buzz in the air. >> talking to people from south carolina, people from new york city. tom: one trump supporter from new york city says he has been looking forward to this for a long time. >> i just want to be here and hear what uncle donny has to say. ndors are making a killing. >> selling like hotcakes, very good. tom: the many visitors also noticed security, which is heavy even by d.c. standards. those in town for the inauguration say it will be worth any hassles. >> going to be crazy, lots of crowds, but looking forward to it. tom: you know when the first inauguration ever was?
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he walked to the capital, sworn in, read a quick speech, then walked back to his boardinghouse, and that was it. man, have times changed. live tonight in northwest, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: no concert, no fireworks back then. thank you so much, tom. donald trump took to the microphone this evening, saying he is a messenger who will bring real change. that i will you work so hard. we are going to get it turned around. we are going to bring our jobs back. we are not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. with a then he closed signature line, promising to make america great again. of course, he will make a larger address tomorrow. trump and vice, president elect mike pen
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cemetery. tonight, trump and pence attended a candlelight dinner at the main hall of union station, speaking to supporters and thanking them for all of their contributions. there are several inaugural balls planned for tomorrow night. will be there with live team coverage throughout the evening. cell service will be a big question heading into tomorrow. this inauguration will be the first one that can be live streamed on social media, so beenon says they have preparing for years, trying to install new cell sites among the national mall. sprint, at&t, and t-mobile have enhanced their networks as well. his present a unique challenge. >> we are expecting the worst. we think there will be a lot of tweeting, facebook live, a lot of other things customers will want to show.
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biggest we've ever done. alison: we will see how things go with all of that tomorrow. is going to be7 basically everywhere for the inauguration. we have crew spread out from the capital to the national mall and read along the parade route. 7 on your side for the most coverage both on air and online, as well at the president-elect tonight says it does not matter to him if it is raining or noat the event tomorrow. what can you expect if you are planning on going? stand will have to outside for hours, let's go back to the studio now with meteorologists steve rudin. at least we know it will not be freezing cold, right? steve: absolutely, it will be cool, damp, and wet. right now it is dry. further to the west, that is the rain that is on the way for the day tomorrow. the timing, m
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at about 9 a.m. 43 degrees, only middle to upper 40's daytime highs. the heaviest of the rain will be out of here as we move towards the end of the afternoon. then we look for a little clearing. once we get the clearing, warmer temperatures the first half of the weekend, and we are talking about heavy rain for the second half of the weekend. the timing of that, plus the 10-day outlook coming up. jonathan: steve, thanks. still ahead, inventory is drug lord and escape artist el chapo is now in the un4ited states. the timing of the extradition is no coincidence.
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jonathan: the head of mexico's chapo, isg cartel, el in the u.s. facing charges. cnn, mexico one of the transfer to happen before the inauguration. guzman had twice broken out of prison in mexico.
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prison if convicted. theer to home, a vigil for beloved grandmother in a wheelchair who was shot in southeast monday in the crossfire between two men shooting at each other. was 66 years old, her killer still out there. she was adored by her man universe -- she was adored by her neighbors. >> somebody, please, please. i don't have my mommy no more. havet ask, please, if you any kind of heart, if you love your mama, do what's right. do what's right. jonathan: police are circulating surveillance video in hopes of making an arrest. there is a $25,000 reward. president obama has cut short processes this is for hundreds of drug offenders.
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shorter jail sentences. commuted overa 1700 sentences, more than any other u.s. president in history. in d.c., a farewell celebration. the supporters are part of a movement called "thanks, obama." music, and art, applause for president obama's last day on the job. on the hill, another day of tough questions for trumps cabinet choices. treasury secretary nominee and the energy secretary nominee rick perry faced tough questioning. senate democrats grilling the treasury secretary on his record as a member of goldman sachs and a hedge fund manager. they asked about his failure of the handling of mortgage foreclosures. one independent audit firm said it violated the service members
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military families. that is what the firm said, yes or no? >> you have the document in front of you, i don't. i'm proud of -- >> well, i would not be proud of these findings. jonathan: perry said he regretted saying that he would abolish the department of energy he now wants to run. perry said he would shut down the energy department when he ran in 2011. earlier today, donald trump met with some of his cabinet members and said they have the highest iq of any cabinet ever. none of them wanted to be here for the inauguration under the circumstances, but none of them would want to miss it either -- gold star families who drove 15 hours from the midwest to honor their fall in love once. a group called taps -- the tragedy assistance program for survivors, invited them to march in the inaugural parade.
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to honor the fallen together. it's a group that you don't want to join, but it's a wonderful experience because we all have pretty much the same stories. we just want america not to forget our loved ones. jonathan: those families are traveling in a rented van that features the names of each of their fallen servicemembers. if you are going to the inauguration, share your photos and videos. just upload them to -- we will share them on air and online. the line to get outside stretches down the block, hundreds waited for hours to get inside a store in adams morgan selling merchandise for the women's march on the national mall saturday. >> i've been in line two hours now. down the block. jonathan: 100%f
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subsidize travel costs for participants of the march. we spoke with one of the store cofounders who said she is overwhelmed by the response. steve: the temperatures are in the 30's through the overnight. we don't have to worry about anything freezing through the early morning. it is dry right now, but wet weather is on the way, so be prepared early in the morning, especially if you are planning to go to the national mall. rain is set to arrive by about 8 a.m. it is located right now across western i, kentucky, destination d.c. and the mid atlantic. as it arrives in the morning is as quickly as it is out of here tomorrow afternoon. overnight, mostly cloudy skies. through the early morning hours, showers develop by 8 a.m., continuing until noon time. 46 degrees, so cool and damp. it
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will be chilly. most of the shower activity out of here by afternoon, clearing by about this time tomorrow night. models, 9:00recast a.m., the first batch of rain moves off to the north and east. the leading edge of the heavier rain just to the west. at noon time, exactly where it's located, gaithersburg, germantown, montgomery county, the district, arlington, alexandria, southern maryland, all expected to be wet at noon tomorrow when the oath is taken. then things began to clear out. a bit of sunshine just to the west in the mountains. don't expect a lot. a brighter day saturday for the women's march on washington. sunday, it will start out dry. been sunday night into monday, could be looking at heavy rain. 55 degrees the
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rain developing late. the bigger threat will be the heavy rain with gusty wind, 30 to 40 miles per hour. not looking at much flooding, but don't be surprised if you hear thunder. the 10 day outlook, 54 monday, 53 tuesday, staying in the 50's wednesday and thursday. cooler air arrives the following weekend with daytime highs in the 40's. jonathan: think about this -- a per minute parking spot in your favorite downtown area. what would you pay for that?
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jonathan: parking downtown is a complete nightmare, most of us can relate. charleston, south carolina, there is a property near the main drag, 100 square feet, zero bedrooms, zero bats come on the market for $75,000.
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definitely, though, there are some tempted drivers. 74 grand for a parking spot. i think in boston they paid a lot more than that. scott: it drives me nuts trying to find parking in d.c. jonathan: metro. scott: road wins are tough to come by and conference playful stop maryland had a big test tonight.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. feelingn the top 25 and good, the mission for the maryland men's basketball team, try to win the road games. two night in iowa, the terps with a 14-point second-half lead slipping away, having to rally. luckily they have melo trimble, knocking down the three, tying the game at 72-72. next possession come it work so well the first time, why not again -- another three. he finished with 20 points. maryland wins 84-76. the iowa head coach upset with non-calls down the stretch. the terps improved t
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big ten. the wizards in new york, taking on the next, washington one with 20 seconds to play. her mellow anthony shot off the mark, john wall, rebound, coast-to-coast. the wizards up three. one last chance for new york. wall to the rescue again. big-time defensive play. the wizards win on the road, 113-110. washington capitals on the road in st. louis. taking on the blues, the caps continue to roll. four goals in the second. oschie on the backhand. caps win 7-3. washington has scored 34 goals in their last six games, amazing. the maryland women's basketball team getting a home win over michigan, 83-70. the terps improved to 18-1 on the season. it was a winning t
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tonight. jonathan: and the caps scored a touchdown.
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tomorrow. steve: we have a lot going on. the showers and rain arrive in the early morning by about 8 a.m. 2ould be out of here by about p.m., 3 p.m., then we clear. saturday, the women's march on washington, 55 degrees. heavy rain late sunday night into monday. imagine if sunday night and monday the temperatures were below freezing. we would be looking at a huge snowstorm, but not the case, above average temperatures through next week. cooler the following weekend into the 40's. jonathan: the nice part of that is it will just be rain. thank you for joining us. ji
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, from "quantico," priyanka chopra -- megan mullally -- and music from maren morris. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate that. it has been -- i've been watching news.


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