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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 20, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the inauguration of donald j. trump. >> i have a feeling it's going to be beautiful. >> the president-elect gearing up for the biggest day of his life. rain or shine. it will be beautiful. set to take the oath of office for the highest office in the land in front of nearly a million people in the nation's capital. we'll have a preview of the festivities and what's expected. and sharing it will be his family by his side. we'll hear from the trump children including daughter ivanka's response to rumors she'll be kicking her stepmother out of the first lady's office. >> i think it's an inappropriate observation. the'
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she'll do remarkable things. plus how trump's sons plan to keep the family business going despite critics calling the move unethical. >> there have been plenty of unscripted moments at past inaugurations. we'll take a look back at the more colorful moments including which presidents have been visited by a king and a queen. u.s. presidents visited by a king and queen after their inaugural. the start of a new era begins on this january 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we say good morning to you on this inauguration day. a quick sense of the newspaper headlines here in new york. i'll tell you they have it all in sync, both of them. the new york daily news and the new york post saying don of a new day. that it is. the guy from jamaica estates in queens, new york, the businessman plans to step into the most powerful job in the world.
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the office administered by the chief justice john roberts. last night he was clearly enjoying the music at a make america great again concert featuring toby keith and lee green wood. >> and mike pence choked up as he expressed appreciation at a preinaugural ball hosted by his home state of indiana, calling his transition from being governor bittersweet. and later trump posted about his win and mocked those who predicted he would lose. >> not only did we do great in the election. you remember we cannot get the 270. they were right. we got to 306. >> trump also praised his cabinet picks saying the country has never seen the likes of a team like his. it was a busy day for the president-elect and his family packed with entertainment. cecilia vega has more.
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salute to one of the most revered presidents in american history and then a fist pump to the crowd. the president-elect's trip to washington starting off with what else? a tweet. the journey begins and i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey for the american people. a ride and a flight. this time the united states of america emblazoned on the side. the trump family on board. theirs first stop his new hotel. congressional republicans gathered there to celebrate him. >> this is a gorgeous place. a total genius must have done this. >> reporter: it's trump's second visit to his washington hotel in just 24 hours. greeted by cheers. that new $200 million hotel just
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a few blocks from the white house already the subject of controversy with questions swirling about trump's deep ties to his brand and family business. melania trump there offering rare remarks. >> it's great to be here, and thank you all for your support, and tomorrow starts the work ahead. a lot to take care of, and we'll make america great again. >> reporter: and then it was off to the inauguration's first order of business. a solemn wreath laying ceremony at arlington cemetery. after that time for celebration. then thousands of trump supporters gathering for a welcome concert. on the eve of his swearing in, give one word that describes how you're feeling about donald trump's presidency. >> excited and hopeful. >> reporter: but this country is divided.
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boycotting the inauguration is 64. >> protesters are vowing to disrupt the inauguration. even if it means getting arrested. >> thousands of antitrump protesters got off to an early start in washington d.c. some of them harassed trump supporters as they left a ball and police used tear gas to control the crowd. there was a star studded protest in new york city with robert de niro and alec baldwin rallying in rallying for the protection of a variety of rights. this morning president obama and the first lady will welcome to trumps to the white house. after a reception, the two men will travel to the capital together. a two-mile strip. i wonder what they'll discuss? >> maybe their favorite tie. >> then obamas will leave for a vacation in california. that's when things get started for trump and new vice president mike pence as they lead a parade
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house. straight past trump's new hotel in pennsylvania avenue. tonight they'll attend three inaugural balls. >> nothing will rain on the trump's parade, but rain in the forecast for washington. they are allowing collapsible umbrellas along the parade rout. and on the national mall. last night trump joked if it rains his hair might be a mess but at least people will realize it's real hair. >> but is it his real color? let's get the weather forecast details from justin povick. good morning. thanks. good morning to you as well. weather conditions for the presidential inauguration going to be unfortunately going downhill as we're going to be tracking showers. the rain arriving throughout the mid-morning continuing into the afternoon. notice the temperatures here. mild. no concern for frozen precipitation at all. but again it's going to be
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metro, and there will be some backups on the roads. back to you. >> a lot of backups indeed. george w. bush says both of his parents are feeling better and he's thanking supporters for their love and prayers. >> the senior mr. bush is in stable condition. thairg considering re -- they're considering removing his breathing tube. mrs. bush saying she's feeling 1000% better. >> george w. bush is expected in d.c. today. and jimmy carter spotted heading to the inauguration. someone captured this photo of mr. carter walking up and down the aisles shaking hands. not sure if the former peanut farmer issues peanuts to the passengers. >> is that coach or first class? that's what i want to know. >> coach, we're told. >> stay tuned to abc throughout the morning. >> now to breaking news from australia.
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a man plowed his cars into pedestrians this morning. unlike similar attacks in germany and france this is not being linked to terrorism. at least three people are dead and 20 more in melbourne where the australian open is underway. a suspect was taken into custody. el chapo guzman now in the hands of u.s. authorities and will appear in federal court today. he arrived in new york city last night on their extremely tight security and take ton a new york city lockup. the convicted leader of one of the world's most powerful drug cartels faces multiple charges including trafficking, money laundering and murder. a suspect in the death of an orlando police officer made his first appearance. he walked into court handcuffed with gauze on his eye to face charges in the death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend.
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rant after declaring he'll remit himself. meanwhile authorities released video that appears to show officers kicking him as he surrenders. use of force is being investigat. lighter use or heavier news maybe. we started off in florida with a massive alligator. we're going to end with another one. >> we want to bookend the week. there he is. sunning himself on a bank right next to a tourist airboat. and then, chaos. oh, whoa. how did he get up there? >> i don't understand this at all. >> the gator jumping right into the boat. >> this is why i avoid bodies of water. he cleared one railing but got stuck on his way out of the boat. tried to wiggle out. eventually slithered back into the water. >> a witness said, quote, somehow we held our beers. well, that is the important -- >> thank goodness for that. >> that's the important part. >> that's a detail we couldn't have missed. >> they didn't hold their breakfast but they held their beers.
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>> coming up, america's new first family. the trump kids who carried key roles to helping their father's way to victory weigh in. >> and looking back at some of president-elect trump's r predecessors. first a look back at this day. >> the first lady venture from the white house to attend a round of no less than five gala inaugural balls. i will never wash my hair again. i will never never wash my hair again now, i fuel it new pantene doesn't just wash your hair, it fuels it. with the first pro-v nutrient blend, making every... ...strand stronger don't just wash your hair fuel it fuel your hair. because strong is beautiful.
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e relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. today another chapter of american history will be written as donald trump takes the oath of office. >> by his side will be his children who played a vital role in his white house victory. here's elizabeth vargas. >> reporter: they're about to ascend to the heights of power in washington d.c. the president-elect bringing with him the power couple, ivanka trump and jared kushner. ivanka dispelled speculation that she would be occupying the east wing office traditionally reserved for the first lady.
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>> what about when people say she's going to be essentially the first lady. does it offend you? >> it's an inappropriate observation. there's one first lady. and she'll do remarkable things. >> reporter: we know donald trump's grown sons aren't making the move. they instead will be entrusted with running their father east vast business empire. guard against conflicts of interest. >> reporter: how does this work? you said you're in each other's office seven times a day. how are you going to pull the plug on that? >> my father has the biggest responsibility of any person in the planet. that's to run the united states of america. his focus is going to be running this country. >> reporter: and that reality along with the weight of its responsibility is something don junior believes may not yet have
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fully sunk in for his father. >> do you think it will happen when he takes the oath? >> i imagine it will. i don't think anyone could be that cynical that it doesn't affect them. going around the country and seeing the people who have been either disaffected from politics but have been through so much to be able to go through it and see them and talk to them, it was just a culmination of incredible and moving experiences. >> elizabeth vargas there. hundreds of thousands of americans will be on hand to witness history in the making. >> there's more to the inauguration than just the pomp and circumstance. presidential inauguration fun facts straight ahead. stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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the clock is ticking down to the zero hour when america swears in its 45th president of the united states. >> and for more than two centuries it's been a carefully planned event. no two inaugurations are ever alike. >> the eyes and ears of the entire world are directed to this impressive simple ceremony. true to the tradition of the democracy. >> it starts at the beginning. >> reporter: george washington's inaugural address was the shortest. almost twitter-esque. only 135 words.
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william henry harrison's was nearly two hours. the longest. he refused to wear an overcoat and died a month later of pneumonia. cleveland gave his without a script. probably better to write things down. >> and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> reporter: jefferson's was the first at the capitol. most presidents were then sworn in on the building's east side. reagan was on the west to get a better view of the mall. >> at the end of this open mall, are those shrines to the giants on whose shoulders we stand. >> reporter: james buchanan was the first captured in this fancy thing called a photograph. and in a photo four years later at lincoln's first inaugural, you can see the capitol dome still un
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william mckinley's was the first captured on motion picture cameras, and in 1925 coolidge, the first to be heard on the radio. it would be more than two decades later before truman is sworn in on television in 1949. and clinton's second inaugural, the first to be streamlined online. presidents are trend setters. john quincy adams and andrew jackson were the first to wear full length trousers instead of knee length ones. thankfully. kennedy was the last to wear a top hat. nancy reagan kept the hat thing in red and blue, but hillary clinton was the last first lady to dawn one. weather, major snow storms, the warmest was reagan's first, 55 degrees. the coldest was reagan's second, just 7 degrees. it's so cold it was held inside. it was also super bowl sunday, niners beat the dolphins. joe montana, mvp,
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george w. bush's was the first time a former president attended his son's inauguration. obama and johnson screwed up their oaths. obama got a do over. lincoln was the first to include african americans in his parade. dwight eisenhower was lassoed. the parties can get rowdy. andrew jackson's nearly destroyed the white house. he escaped out the back door. the clintons had an all time high of 14 inaugural balls including one featuring the king. but only the obamas had the queen. ♪ ♪ at last >> oh, yes, they did. what a beautiful moment that was. >> what a moment it was, indeed. you know what stock was from that package? president obama screwed up his own oath.
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that makes me feel human. >> michael jackson at an inauguration? ?
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to clear your head, medicine. not a bad day to be in washington d.c. this live picture of the capitol. about 38 degrees. temperatures will rise about 10 degrees by the time the swearing in takes place at midday. we'll wrap up this half hour with a look back at the week's top headlines. >> this morning as you can imagine, it's dominated by just one big story. here is our weekly friday rewind. >> what i think mr. trump has to understand is this is more than being about him. >> the world is watching now what mr. trump says. >> spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests. the implications town profound. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> to use terms like this is not a legitimate president, that's just deeply disappointing in.
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warming is a hoax? >> i do not, senator. >> donald trump is wrong? >> i don't believe climate change is a hoax. >> you can't say today that guns shouldn't be in schools? >> my heart bleeds and is broken for those families that have lost any individual due to gun violence. >> i look forward to working with you but also to you coming to connecticut and talking about the role of guns in schools. >> i'm talking about the debate between proficiency in growth. it surprises me you don't know this issue. >> can you assure this committee you will not cut one dollar from either medicare or medicaid? >> i believe the metric ought to be the care the patients are receiving? >> i take that as a no. >> i want to be there visible in the audience. i want to be there at every turn. i want him to see that i'm going
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>> i will not be going. i cannot pretend that this is a normal transition of power. >> anywhere in the world, they say, there's never been a movement like this. we're going to make america great for all of our people. >> wherever this journey takes us, until we come back home again. know that our hearts will always be where the moon shines bright upon the wabash, and the fields -- >> and you can see the excitement is building there in washington d.c. we've been looking over all the world headlines this morning. >> it's fascinating? >> i want to show you this one here. you can see it really close. the european. it shows their version of mount rush mother with lincoln and washington covering their eyes and mouths as we go into this inauguration day. >> a little ominous tone here. you see donald trump.
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>> the day is finally here. we are less than eight hours away from the swearing in of donald trump. >> date inauguration bringing celebration, protests and unprecedented security. >> this is a special edition of good morning washington. i am larry smith. >> our abc7 news team


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