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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> the day is finally here. we are less than eight hours away from the swearing in of donald trump. >> date inauguration bringing celebration, protests and unprecedented security. >> this is a special edition of good morning washington. i am larry smith. >> our abc7 news team
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across the area. >> showers on our forecast, it will be moving and, unfortunately just as a lot of the people start getting downtown and the swearing in ceremony occurring between 1130. all is quiet, waking up to dry weather and temperatures cold in the 30s and lower 40s. timing the rain, we are dry for the next several hours, but it is going to be after about eight or 9:00 that we start to see the wet weather start to move in from the east. it won't be heavy rain but light showers. moving right into the district by about 11, noon, 1230. you can see the dc area inundated. we will continue to have rain showers with us.
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it will be misty as we go through our forecast, cold in the upper 30s. showers begin to develop after 9:00 and right there after noon, 47 degrees with showers. a few are heading downtown, make sure you have your storm watch seven weather output is probably best just to take the metro. let's get an update with julie right. >> metro would be the better way to go. a few come across the roosevelt bridge, you're going to be detoured. installed at the memorial bridge only open for austrian traffic. you can come across the 14th
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street bridge and continue on to the southeast freeway. what you cannot do is exit onto 14th street it also scheduled to happen today, northbound 95, those express lanes, the hov lanes will close onto 395. keep that in mind. coming northbound out of fredericksburg and stafford headed up on the 395. once you reach etsell rd, you will be dumped back into the mainline. >> larry: a busy inauguration day ahead for donald trump even before his swearing in ceremony. in about two hours, he will attend a prayer breakfast at the trumpeter national hotel and then a special service at st. john's church. >> autria: then
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house. then they will make their way to capitol hill. it was a chaotic night in the district. >> larry: police were called to guard and inaugural ball. >> i think it is good to be a lot of fun if we can get in with no issues. >> i am so disgusted by the spirit it feels like it is a joke. >> it is called the deplorable. which is a play on this campaign speech. >> half of trump supporters are in the basket of deplorable's. >> it is an insult that trump supporters took on as a badge of honor. >> the majoritof
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they sold out in two hours. the deploraball was hosted, the self proclaimed trumpists say they are a new force in this town and are here to stay. tim barber, abc news. >> it won't help that traffic is already dealing with several major road closures. >> autria: we will
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>> 4:07 a.m. as we are early on good morning washington. history today in the s-uppercase-letter we are live at the canadian embassy. >> larry: thousands of people will be witnessing donald trump make history as he takes the oath of office. will be dealing with rainy weather at some point today. >> getting out the door this morning, i will say it is quite cold. we are at the freezing mark. hagerstown 42 -- 32. 40 degrees downtown but clouds are on the increase. we are up to 40 degrees. by 7:00 here in the district, skies will be overcast. this
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us blue skies. we will not have that. at noon we will see light rain falling to her we will have those showers with us through about three or 4:00. about 5:00 p.m. down to 48. and then fog settling in later on this evening. a few are up early with us and getting ready to head downtown, here is what i suggest bringing with you. we will have that rain. of course it is going to make the lawns so soggy. i recommend wearing some rain boots. leave your golf umbrellas at home. a few do have tickets to be in any of those ticketed areas, you are still not permitted to have an umbrella.
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veronica johnson will be back to talk a little bit more about the radar and what we can expect for some of the events happening later. let's get back to julie for another update on the roadways. >> julie: a lot of closures already in place for that is how it is going to be for the next couple of days. keep this in mind. the memorial bridge is shut down and only open to pedestrian traffic. you can get across the roosevelt bridge, but your options are limited. there is no access to constitution avenue at this time you can use the 14th street bridge and come across to the southeast freeway. there is no access to lower 14th street. the third street tunnel is scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. already close are the ninth, 12th and e street tunnels. express lanes are available headed up toward the beltway. however, those hov lanes will be closed on 395 and therefore
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will be dumped into the main pu. so, it is going to be a complicated commute. a few have to be downtown, i suggest you stick with metro. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes. we will take a close eye on your ride. >> there has never been a covenant like this. the other side is going absolutely crazy
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>> autria: welcome back to today's coverage of today's 58 inauguration. we are at our inauguration headquarters all day long. today's events coming just a few hours after president-elect thanked his supporters. during his remarks, he made a big prediction about the next four years. let's take a listen. >> i said before and i was telling some people peered the next time, four years from now, we are going to win the old-fashioned way. we are going to win because we did so well, because it was so overwhelming, the thing that we did
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whom our cabinet has performed, we have a cabinet, we have a cabinet the likes of which has never been appointed. the other side is going absolutely crazy. but, we have a group of people that i just felt we had to have. several roads and metro stations now shut down and security is tight. >> you mention all of the road closures, do you remember those five metro stations shut down now all part of the security that is
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at some point, they may have to take an escalator on or off to control the crowds. for those of the folks who are going to be getting off to get down there. a few are going to be driving, there are so many road closures that are in and around the national mall that will be impacted. also be aware that there will be a lot of people out on the roads and that the hov restrictions have been lifted. but they are closed. meanwhile, the memorial bridge is open only two pedestrian traffic. we are out right now on the gw parkway. things are fine on the road so far. some folks are already getting on the metro system, headed to the metro station
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next hour. >> larry: with so many groups protesting around the district as well, not limited to the dmv. big names are there like robert de niro, michael moore and mark ruth hello joining other celebrities outside trump tower. bc mj, a pro- legal -- a pro- marijuana legalization group, they will hand out 8000 joints for free at dupont circle. exactly four minutes and 20 seconds into president-elect trumps speech. we want donald trump to engage the marijuana reform c
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let's move this issue forward. participants will not get just one but two joints. 1 to keep for a collectors item and the other to give away. remember, you cannot light up on federal property unless you want to listen to the inauguration speech from the back of a vehicle. >> it is a crisp cool morning. could we can see a little bit of fog across the area peered the ring that we are tracking this morning, for folks getting on the road, they may be trying to get to the big event today. you're going to be dealing with some rain showers.
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for some of the events that are taking place, it will be just fine for trouble. in just about 10 minutes, eileen will have a look at what to wear a few are lucky enough to go to any of these things. scattered showers, the best thread prior to 2:00, 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 today. not going to get a lot, only about a tenth of an inch. our rain is going to stay under a tenth of an inch per hour. fairly
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anywhere time where you see it,. the best chance will stay off to the west. foggy conditions today and possibly even tomorrow. the swearing-in by 3:00, that rain chances on the misty side. again a mild inauguration, what to wear this evening. on the road, purchased a couple of reminders for those who are trying to get to washington.
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ninth and 12th street tunnels. this is open for this event. they will provide rush-hour service to get you to where you want to be for the inauguration festivities. that is our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes and will update your ride elsewhere around virginia. >> autria: coming up right here, a rocking kickoff. supporters
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>> autria: rescuers are searching for survivo i
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, to others escape that devastation. after a series of earthquakes, rescuers say they have not given up hope if they can find more survivors. back to our inauguration coverage, hours until inauguration. trump supporters, that welcome concert. milani a trump pledged to make america great, they also say you are not forgotten anymore, that i can tell you. on the eve of his swearing-in, give me one word that describes how you are feeling about his presidency. >> excited, hopeful.
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we take a look at the history and background of america's new leader. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. and we are going to make our country great again. >> years before donald j trump took to the campaign trail, the real estate mogul served as the chairman and president of the trump organization starting in 1971 peered the businessman and the apprentice tv star promises to bring jobs back to the country. >> we're going to get to work and made it lay for the american people.
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job that, hopefully, you will be so proud of your president. >> trump, born in 1946 in queens , new york, graduate from the new york military academy and went on to study at fordham university and the wharton school at the university of pennsylvania. he has five children. donald trump, jr, ivanka and eric, all from his first wife. >> i love you and i think you and especially for putting up with all of those hours. this was tough. donald junior and eric will take control of his is this.
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>> autria: coming up, we will have more of our team coverage live from the fi
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>> now, good morning washington, on your side. >> larry: the day is finally here. we are less than eight h
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>> autria: the inauguration bringing with it celebration, protest and unprecedented security. our coverage kicks off right now . >> larry: let's start this half hour with suzanne kennedy who is live on capitol hill. >> we are waiting outside one of the security gates. you can see that the barriers are still up. a few look over here, you can see that there are plenty of people that have been lined up here for hours. these are just a few of the people who have been lined up. what time did you get here? >> it is my patriotic duty, my first time. >> i think it is interesting.
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i get into all of this stuff. i would like to come back and actually see it whenever the barricades are down. >> what resonates with you about donald trump. >> i don't think you want that on camera. >> i am all for helping out our union brothers and sisters and he has put a lot of work there. bradley got a lot of jobs coming . >> interestingly enough, you were saying that -- i


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