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tv   Good Morning Washington 5am  ABC  January 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i am going to leave you with this which is the skycam, going into the upper 30s. julie? >> we are looking at the roads and trails, matter definitely having an impact on the commute going downtown. we have five stations are closed, including pentagon, archive, and mount vernon square. those are all closed. the yellow line only operating between huntington and gallery place. you will want to use the green bound trains as an alternate
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in with exit only entrance is for you this morning until about 10:30 for the festivities. of course, this is crowd control as well. the union center first entrance, 11 and g, 12 and f, lamont lassa, of course gallery place and that she streets also. westbound university boulevard before amherst, only one lane able to squeeze by at this time. in a quick reminder, wanted to show this to you, 395, those expressways north of the beltway are shut down. so if you come from stafford heading north, will be diverted back into the mainline at edsall road off northbound 395. that is our traffic watch, now we say good morning once again to breanna carter. how's it going out there? >> well, we just got here in the metro station and on the train within the last few minutes. also starting to violent and board the train this morning, the metro opening up at 4:00 a.m. , now, metro is starting to fill in with folks getting in downtown. no, a number
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to know, traffic is looking nice, but it is expected to be very crowded, especially if you get closer into the downtown stations. so be mindful of the entrances and exits that you will be going in and out of, because some will be one or the other, based on the time of day and exactly where it is that you are getting all. we have more folks coming in downtown for the inauguration, and we will continue to ride towards downtown, we will have much more throughout the morning, but for now, we will send it back you. it's all right, thanks so much. you know, a busy inauguration day is had for donald trump even before the swearing in ceremony. in about two hours, the president-elect will attend a prayer breakfast at the inaugural hotel. >> then, a special service at st. john's church, and from there, the obama's will welcome the trumps to the white house for coffee and tea reception, then all for will make their way together to capitol hill with the inauguration cere
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suzanne kennedy is picking up our coverage alive this morning.suzanne? >> well, we are here at second street in washington avenue southwest, where all of the orange ticketholders will be getting it at about 6:00 this morning, those who are at least one the arena. you can see there is a bond that is formed already here, maybe about 50 people in line, i'm surprised that there are more. if you walk over with me, these are the first two people got online, this is jonathan and edward, talking first with jonathan, you can all the way from knoxville tennessee? >> knoxville tennessee, yes. >> talked to me about why you wanted to be here today. >> well, just part of the pageantry, excitement, watching the peaceful transition of power between two governments. >> you are saying that you are not a trump supporter, but you wanted to attend? >> yes, after went over to north carolina and it's an canvassing type work for hillary clinton, but you know, this is still part of what it is to be in
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still the government does our government. >> what time did you get here last night? >> about midnight. >> and why was it so important for you to be one of the first of the gate? >> well, it's not so much the position of being first, but their scaffolding in front of the press, and sometimes you get where you can see well, so wanted to make sure the good straight line of sight this word in part. >> is first time that you've attended? >> no, this is actually my fourth grade i attended the nixon second inauguration, which back then dad said hey, you want to get the car? scott the inauguration, so we did and we just walked in. i also went to obama 's to inaugurations. >> all right, well, enjoy the day today. i can tell you that all through this area, it is fortified with 10 foot fences. you can get through them. there is very limited access to get in here to this area, this access point is
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at 6:00, then we will move to the position that we will be in all day long for coverage. reporting live in southwest washington, suzanne kennedy, good morning what to. >> art, suzanne, thank you. so you have only seen a sampling of the reporters that we have out and about, our entire team from abc 7 on your side all throughout the inauguration, more than two dozen crews posters across the city, so be you stay with us for continuing coverage right here on air as well as online at>> is right, we are positioned right here by the district, and cloudy skies for this inauguration morning, but the good news is it won't be a washout. >> we have seen worse inauguration days as far as the weather goes. >> yeah. >> coming up from the hours with you will want to keep th
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there are times when it's nice that things go up. and it's sometimes even better
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and 5:11 on this historic day, the inauguration, and as audrey was just mentioning, we have seen worse weather, for inaugurations. but a little bit of rain, nothing that you can't weather three. your storm watch 17 will be monitoring the rain, so you can see that there is a large blob of that, purity see so
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shenandoah valley. these showers are expected to move towards the east. head's up to you in medicine. he will get some light showers about 4:45, 5:50-ish in the middle spark area. we have the showers run for the swearing in ceremony and at least the start of the parade. temperatures all day in the 40s, drier for today and tomorrow, 45 for the women's march on washington, february expected, veronica and i have more on that. >> julie? >> right now, we just want to remind folks what's happening here on the roads, if you're traveling around town, trying to get downtown, metro will have five stations that are closed, and the pentagon, those stations are closed. the yellow lines only operating between huntington and gallery place, they are exit only, and you can find all of this information on my twitter feed at the julie right, but their exit only stations until 10:30 and union station, lamont plaz
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a water main break before georgia avenue at amherst, and i also want to make note that due to the inaugural festivities, the rfk entrance on the metro will be an entry only until 1:00 this afternoon. and just a reminder that the age of eight lanes on 395 are closed until after this evening's festivities. so again, if you're traveling northbound out of stafford these suv lines, you'll be forced into the mainline to continue northbound on 395. that is our traffic watch. i get 10:00, we will keep this update. we are talking inauguration now, just hours away, with hundreds of thousands of wom fios is not cable. we're wired differently. hundreds of thousands of wom that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet.
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♪ welcome back, 5:16 on your friday morning, taking a live look at the national mall where the skies are dry for now, but the team will bring these characters into the forecast for inauguration day. the good news is here, you can bring an umbrella. in just the last 24 hours, the policy was the smaller tote style umbrellas that can collapse will be allowed on the parade route and national mall, which we are taking a look at right now. the long, big, golf umbrellas will not be
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those at home. >> is right. well, a check of the forecast in just a moment, or in nature june coverage. breaking news right now, let's go to melanie hastings with more on this. >> hi, larry. we are breaking news coming in now from silver springs, a man is in the hospital after getting shot overnight. now, the shooting happened in the 82nd hundred block of first avenue. police say the man was shot once in the upper body, no suspect information has been made available yet, but we will update you just as soon as we learn more. one mashot in silver spring, and he is in the hospital. terry and adria, but you. we want to get back now to the inauguration coverage in the swearing in of the 45th president, both the celebration and the protest. >> that's right, both sides, coming to a head here in dc, a large group protesting outside of the national press club or trump supporters were attending the deplore a ball. >> the washington post said he was it in his head. one man
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least one was arrested. and all dozens of protests are being planned for today, many women are focused on tomorrow, when hundreds of thousands are expected to march on washington. >> and this movement was all started by a grandmother with a very simple idea.jimmy has more on this. jimmy, everybody wants to know what were the five words that sparked this idea. >> just wait for, i will have those five words for you in just a moment, adria. but we want you to know, teresa shook is her name. she lives in why but is in dc after a massive organizing effort. she was disappointed by president-elect 's donald trump's victory, so she took to facebook in hopes of being a small voice for women's rights. but, with her four granddaughters in mind, she posted, i think we should merge. those are the five words. in a few hours, 40 women had replied to the message an agreement, and by the next day, 10,000 women were in. >> woman: somebody dumpeme
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the fire started, but this movement would not have happened without thousands of people helping to fan the flames. >> well, more than 270 sister marches will be taking place in all 50 states, and in 33 countries around the globe. the women's march on washington begins at 10:00 tomorrow morning on the national mall, and we will of course have a crew of reporters out there as well. in the meantime, we want to show you this, a pop up shop called the outrages outfitting people in town with feminist apparel, and yet, people waited in hours to try to get in to do a little bit of shopping. that story is on 18th street, and the website said 100 percent of the profits will be used to subsidize travel cost for march participants.the store sells everything from nasty women united sweatshirts to the future is female teachers. so, pretty interesting there. a lot of people thought that this march was
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millennial's, but it was a grandmother from hawaii. back to you. >> a little surprise, all right, thank you. now, to accommodate the
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pennsylvania, too, there right around freezing. with the rain approaching the area, while we will be just fine, which i get to warrenton and even gainesville by around 5:40 125 153. coming eastward, the first batch of it in the leading edge. but, here in pennsylvania with the temperatures will be lower, new bedford to chambersburg, east windsor just of i 83 year, as where there's a freezing rain advisory. so you could see the rain freeze on contact. now, later today, our temperatures will get up to 45, 47 degrees or so by swearing in, then, at 248 by around 3:00. it is through the three and even 4:00 hour now for the parade where we are expecting some rain. the poncho you will need, the rain here come the small tote sized umbrella. as i mentioned, this could be the fourth mildest behind 1,953 where our temperature was 43. dwight d eisenhower was wearing it to be the president them.the next big event comes for a sunday, yes, the end of the weekend. we see sunday night into monday
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ahead for that. the other thing we are dealing with are the winds starting to pick up, monday, julie, the could get up to 50 miles per hour. we are back in a few minutes with a look at your 10 day forecast. >> we just can't have a break with a normal week around here, can we? all right, while around the capital beltway, a couple of things to watch out for by way of the potomac crossing, will have limited access and options here, but obviously, no access to constitution avenue. memorial bridge is open for pedestrian traffic only, but there's no access from the gw parkway for pedestrians or for cars. so, keep that in my coming off the job of you parkway, the rockway is now buns off of virginia avenue. a reminder for those on 395 and 295, the hov lanes are closed. so if you're coming out of stafford, you will be dumped back into the main road on 395. it remains open across the 14th street bridge we can continue on to the southeast, southwest freeway. you have no access to 45th street. the wires are down,
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avenue over at amherst. that's our traffic watch, back within the next
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we are back at 5:26. president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office just a few hours from now. the tech world has already changed dramatically since the last time the white house changed hands. we have the details of this morning's tech rights. and days tech bites, a look at how social media has changed, and really thrived during the obama years. >> twitter has grown from 18 million users to 370 million, and facebook is gone for 150 million users who nearly 2 billion. >> speaking of facebook, this
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obama that was posted on the official white house page overnight. >> the obama's, gazing out towards the washington monument. it could be the final fitting image of them posted on the page. >> yes, a fitting one in the. the trump facebook page was active overnight with lots of photos from the elegant pre-party of union station in washington. >> you can catch every moment of the historic inauguration on the live stream. >> live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m.eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific. don't miss a second of our coverage, they will continue through the afternoon hours. those are our take us. >> have a great day. ♪
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♪ all right, back at 5:30, the steps of the capital are all clear. much difference income hundreds of thousands set to swarm the nation's capital for the presidential inauguration. glad you're with this year this exciting morning, morning, >> and i'm audrey godfrey. thank you
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this. right at this minute, security teams are ready to open the gates to let the first people through. and sam sweeney is live in the mix of all of it. sam, how is it looking? >> audrey, we are getting everyone lined up into where they are going. the people closest to us are going into the st. johns prayer service in just a little bit. the people over there, some have been there since 2:00 this morning, are attending the inauguration parade. you know, i just talked a couple of people of the who drove in from jacksonville florida, some from massachusetts, another couple came from seattle, they drove for four days to get here. let's walk along the line, and kind of give you an idea of what it looks like, how many people are here. again, some these people have been here since 2:00 this morning, waiting to get through those gates that will open at 6:00 a.m. . further up, you can see where the roadblocks are. those are two dump trucks filled with sand blocking the road. you will see this all over downtown
5:32 am
the on that, have military vehicles from the national guard, they are directing traffic again around the red zone, which is the restricted area of downtown washington. you're trying to go to work, so you're not even trying to go to the inauguration. >> no. >> what are they telling you? [laughter] >> no, it. >> you guys want to talk, okay, that's fine. [laughter] >> you can see that the energy here is palpable. a lot of smiles on these people's faces were excited to be here, and driven across the country to be here for this moment. we will continue to follow this situation here at 12 and eight, but in the meantime, i want to send it to the white house where john gonzalez is standing by. >> same, good morning.we are live at lafayette park directly across the street from the white house this morning. take a look, it is still dark but you can actually barely see the white house because of a huge grandstand that was built for this inauguration parade. you can see that right there is the
5:33 am
the pavilion if you will, with the president's seal right at the have a lot of seating here, were soon to be president donald trump will watch the rest of the parade once he is done with it, once he goes through it, with his family, closest friends, and of course the new trump administration. and you can see down below pennsylvania avenue, all set up for the parade, a lot of the bunting and secret service walking around right now. we had to go through several layers of security to get to this point here. you have all of the bleachers for the ticketed guest that will be part of the historic parade, and we understand that the parade starts at 3:00, soon to be president trump will be here at the white house sometime between 4:00 and 5:00, and that he will take his seats with his family to watch the rest of it. eileen, we were told as we went through security this morning that the umbrella policy that change late yesterday has been changed again. no umbrellas at all,
5:34 am
so hopefully, the rain holds out. >> and johnny, it's actually not. we are really forecasting this rain, so a rain jacket is definitely the way to go, one with a hood, and you will want it just to keep warm because it will be chilly. it is cold out there right now, temperatures will be in the 40s. so, much cooler than it has been. as we look at it in perspective, this may go down as one of the fourth mildest inaugurations. for anybody commuting, right now the early morning drive will be okay, showers developing probably 10 or 11:00. we will have wet pavement through lunch and through the evening rush. by the evening rush, most of the rain is out of here, and we will just have wet pavement, kind of a yucky day, i hate to say. but live doppler right now here in the dmv, we are dry, watching a little band of sprinkles right now approaching northern virginia. so i will be watching that for you, but the bulk of the wet weather arriving as we had later into the morning. some of the late sprinkles
5:35 am
will have those coming in quickly. forecast highs today, cool in the 40s, and we will talk about the extended forecast in your hour by hour with veronica johnson in 10. julie? >> well, there's been a change already. again, we were telling you that this is a fluid situation with the road closures. the third street tunnel was scheduled to close at 6:00 a.m. , but it's already shut down. according to police, they have already closed the third straight stretch of the tunnel, so no access from the freeway. ninth and 12th street doubles are blocked off, and east street is shut down as well. now, you do have access from the 14th street bridge to the expressway to 295. if no access on the lower 14th street. keep in mind across the lower potomac it is, is close to virginia avenue. gw parkway heading towards the memorial bridge, those ramps are closed. the memorial bridge is only open for pedestrian traffic, and with the roosevelt bridge, you have limited access, none
5:36 am
keep in mind we are dealing with the age of the restrictions now, if you're traveling northbound, the hov roles orchard said the lanes are now closed between bethel road in dc. that's our traffic watch, back within the next 10 minutes, we will keep a close eye on your right through the beltway. thank you guys. >> thank you. all hundreds of thousands will flow the national mall today, at least 60 high-profile seeds will be empty. >> that's right, dozens of planning to skip the protest because the president-elect actions in the past. anthony brought a virginia representative terry connelly. the decision has caused outrage, but one professor said the boycott is not as unusual as you think. the difference though is the attention. >> man: this idea that it's a kumbaya moment is historically just not the case. from john kennedy on, i can't recall an incident in which it is been so public in kind of a critical mass of lawmakers. >> maryland congressman elijah cummings said he
5:37 am
today. the dc mayor bowser will also be in attendance. elder holmes norton, recovering from surgery is not expected to be in attendance. well, it's only 5:36, but already, inauguration pictures, videos, and other poster flooding social media. >> yes, checking in, she's in the newsroom with more. >> you think people are really tweeting and posting? come on, of course they are! let's show you was already trending antiviral on social media this morning.this picture taken by dc based photographer offered floors, not ready to see them go, ash i think obama, hashtag obama's. this is from somebody else, inauguration just hours away while some of they choose to protest in the streets, look into the future with great. hashtag make america great again. this one from donald trump junior, i couldn't resist breaking of the camera for this moment at the lincoln memorial obviously today, obviously picture of his father in the future first lady, melania over here. and here's a picture from ivanka, a perfect day with the
5:38 am
america great again, hashtag inauguration. this term from alex phillips, obama was the president made an impact in a drastic change made american lives easier and better. hashtag love is love. so, continue to share your
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a little w
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inauguration, and we are tracking some showers on store march 7 as it makes his way into her area, but i implored with is how high our temperatures will go today. it will be the fourth mildest inauguration for january. now, we will track the showers with a few pockets of ink, where there could be some freezing rain through areas of eastern western virginia and southern pennsylvania. a freezing rain advisory of there, but we don't have anything to worry about here locally, showers moving in, roads will turn white, and the first area his areas like perryville by 5:52, on towards chantilly by 6:04. nothing heavy, we keep the showers around today with a high up to 49 degrees. the rain will taper by three or 4:00, in the mid-50s. your best day to get out will be saturday. in fact, here's a look at the 10 day forecast, heavy rain in the forecast for sun
5:42 am
starting late, running right through monday morning. i think it will be very sunday monday, back to school and back toward the we will take a look at how much rain we can get from the nasty system moving in at the tail of the weekend, cut up in 10 minutes, we will have that, julie. [audio lost] well, we will check back in with julie in a moment, but first, our coverage continues here as we get ready for the big inauguration of donald trump. >> jeff goldberg, what are you working on?>> well, we are down to 12 and constitution, where we are really starting to see the apparatus of the inauguration come together here. law enforcement, members of the military coming down, also starting to see some patrons coming down. you can certainly feel it starting to come together in the next few hours, this place is going to get very crowded. a few blocks away, john gonzalez, by
5:43 am
john, tell us was going on over there. >> that's right, a lot of activity over here at lafayette park directly across from the presidents pavilion where he will be watching some of the parade once he is done with it, z231yz zi0z y231yy yi0y
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right now at 5:46, a presidential transition. donald trump, just hours away from becoming the 45th president of the united states. >> after months and months of planning and coronation, the stage and security gates are said the historic inauguration day. you could friday morning to you, washington. i'm audrey godfrey.>> joining you live at the canadian embassy right now, our abc 7 inauguration headquarters. we have you covered, and it's all happening here. >> that's right, and
5:47 am
right behind us, lit up in all of her glory, you can see the steps of the capital were president-elect donald trump will be sworn in just hours from now, in fact, just in the last 15 minutes, some days leading to the area have just opened. >> yes, this also crowds, at the top of the hour with team coverage of the national mall, white house, getting you into the city. thus began with jeff goldberg is live at 12 and constitution. jeff, what are you seeing in their? >> reporter: well, we were just talking about the planning, and it really is remarkable. . everywhere you look, you get a sense of how much planning went into or goes into this event, because of just a huge apparatus you see that comes together to make this happen. this is a security checkpoint over here come the corner of 12th and constitution, the people representing just about all federal agencies, members of the law enforcement, members from pennsylvania, new jersey, all over the place. this is constitution
5:48 am
barricades and tour buses as far as the eye can see, bringing in those members, running smooth, getting things together. it does feel like up a little bit of the calm before the storm, though things are starting to pick up here with every passing minute. we are here at the media check and stage share at 12 and constitution, and not only members of the media waiting to get in, but members of the public as well. i'm joined by lori, coming from boston, massachusetts. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you brought your children here? >> my three girls. >> why did you want to be here today, lori? >> a multitude of reasons, really, i wanted my children to witness the inauguration, democracy a pork, and we really wanted to support but happen. we knew it was a contentious campaign, but now it's time for all of us to come together and listen and see what the plans are. and i think if we as americans come together, and we support this event, i think the things can only get
5:49 am
>> oh very inspiring words, i appreciate it. have to ask you, weatherwise, are you ready for the wrinkly. >> we are, we are here rain or shine. >> thank you lori, so much. we hope you have a wonderful day here in dc. a lot of excited people, the pace is in up with every passing moment as we get closer to the big moment coming up here in just a few hours from now. that's the scene at 12 and constitution. now, we go to john gonzalez at lafayette park right by the white house. john, how are things looking over there? >> jeff, it's a lot have a very busy morning, a lot of activity with the secret service already, as you can imagine, we are live right across from the viewing stand, the presidential viewing stand. this massive structure built right in front of the white house. his dark back there, but you can see the white house just behind the grandstand here, where the obama's are waking up for the last time after eight years, waking up here for the last nine. down below, you can see all
5:50 am
here, and also limousines and suburbans have arrived here, parked on pennsylvania avenue, perhaps one of the more important and essential convoys of the day, as they are set up for what is going to be a very busy day of course for president elect donald trump. and you know, a lot of.well as is with all of the festivities and ceremonies going on today, here at the white house, there truly is a mad dash this morning, and it is already started. the transition, perhaps just as much a part of the tradition as any other historic moment to the. this will be injury's first presidential transition. it has been described in years past as five hours of controlled chaos as part of this transfer of families, the obama's last official event. president obama's last official event here at the white house will be coffee with president-elect donald trump. course, donald trump's tasers
5:51 am
the white house here, then the prayer service, and then coffee here. the obama's should be heading out of the white house for one last time at around 10, 10:33 the north portico, heading towards the u.s. capital. the new president and his family will arrive here at their new home between four and 5:00 after taking part in the parade, and then they of course will be sitting here in the pavilion watching the rest of the pray. it's always been fun to watch in years past what the president's word. sometimes they going to the white house, get cozy, if it's cold, put on extra layers. it's not terribly cold, but we will be watching. >> i can side, security around the district is tight. there active checkpoints and barriers throughout the city for both vehicles and pedestrians. yesterday, 300 police officers were sworn in as deputy marshals, coming in from as far away as oregon and minnesota, and that is on top of the thousands of national guard troops, dc police,
5:52 am
if you're heading to the inauguration, don't forget umbrellas, backpacks includes, any type of weapons are not allowed. a small told umbrellas are allowed, but no umbrellas. john gonzalez reporting earlier this hour allowed near the reviewing stand today. a full list of the prohibited items we have you on a website, we saw all of the people already standing around out there at may 1, 1952, trying to get in. the one thing that people can bring with them, their cell phones. here we are, just hours away, and sell service is a big question. this will be the first time that the ceremony can be live streamed on social media. they been preparing for years, installing new cell size of the national mall, sprint, at&t, and t-mobile have all enhanced their networks as well. so fingers crossed, you can facebook life and to in streamed and do everything that you want to do during today's festivities.
5:53 am
also. by the way, we mentioned a moment ago, the lights are now on at the capital, i don't know if you can see behind us, but the jumbotron screens are also on as they continue to do some testing. a few hours away from the actual swearing-in of donald trump, but as exciting as we get closer to daylight, and i think we here a band. >> i wish we could here them, sounds like they are rocking already on the capital steps, so just a little precursor of what's to come today when the sun comes up. >> yes. >> no, a step back inside to our brand-new weather forecast for a look at your forecast. >> is so fancy, and we are so excited to be debuting it. right now, tracking brain on storm watch, some light showers off to the west, but here's the bulk of the rain and southwestern virginia, and that is going to be arriving here in the district right around 10:00, 11:00. right now, head's up if you're heading out. chantilly will
5:54 am
sprinkles are very light showers, probably within the next 15 minutes or so, so just keep the umbrella handy with you today. here's a look at the inaugural events, of course for the swearing-in ceremony, does appear there will be some showers around. grab a wrinkle because as john gonzalez was mentioning earlier, the umbrella policy has changed. for now not permitted to bring an umbrella. showers for the start of the parade, going down to drizzle, patchy fog and drizzle for all of the give us tonight. ladies, have been up to because it will be very misty, not well suited for the here. let me walk you through our inauguration forecast as we take you through right to the capital, we are going to be drive through about 10:00, but by 11:00 when the swearing-in ceremony begins, or at least at noon, we will likely have light showers with more rain expected as we get into the parade. showers to start, then drying out. for all of the evening events tonight, temperatures are cool with heavy rain anticipated
5:55 am
we will have more that coming up the 6:00 hour with veronica johnson. julie? >> we will take a look at our traffic light cameras focusing on dc and a couple of closed points that we have. let's put those up for you. heading into the northwest will not be an easy task this morning. we have the traffic lane cameras, if we can. here we go, constitution avenue and 23rd street, we do have that blocked off right now. as my piercing coming across the roosevelt bridge, your options are limited. this is the freeway near the exit for main avenue. as you can see, is closed but you can travel between the 14th street bridge and 295, and to independence, closure points and barricades set up. back over to the maps, we can show you what else we have going on right now. the memorial bridge is closed all traffic except for pedestrian traffic. again, limited options of the roosevelt bridge, the third street tunnel was closed. ninth and 12th street panels are also closed at these times. 395 for those
5:56 am
the lanes are closed between edsall road and dc.that's our traffic watch, back within the next 10 minutes for another update on your right heading into the northwest. julie, thank you so much. >> while the nation welcomes donald trump to the nation, america is now saying goodbye to president obama with just hours left in office. >> this morning, the obama's will host a tea and coffee reception at the white house with president-elect and mrs. trumps. the four of them will then depart the white house and head to the capital area for the inauguration ceremony will take place. after the swearing-in, president obama and the first lady will had right to joint base andrews world they will leave very much warmer and well-deserved vacation in palm springs. >> there literally already packed. you can guarantee that. >> yes. >> the obama family is expected to leave the white house at about 10:45. then the week will get the manager ready for the family. six hours to do
5:57 am
repenting walls, changing carpets, to stocking the refrigerator. floors, carpenters, art curators, all will be involved. every second will count, leading up to the white house. the chief usher will meet mr. trump, welcome mr. president to your new home. >> that has to be a well oiled machine for all that be done in six hours. [laughter] >> they can come to my apartment. [laughter] >> the same! okay, we been shown it to you all morning long, because make their way towards the capital. >> that's right, in just minutes, new security gates are set to open. sam
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
liveis is abc 7 news coverage of the presidential inauguration. this and not duration morning. the gates are open. larry: people flocking to the international -- onto the national mall as we get ready to a not great donald trump the 45th president of the united states. i am larry smith. autria: i'm autria godfrey. an exciting day in the nation's capital. we are live on the porch of the embassy of canada overlooking the heart of all of the ceremony activities, the capitol steps. larry: we are hearing some of the audio tests before 6 a.m. autria: lee greenwood at 6:00 a.m. that's america. larry: we've the team of reporters


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