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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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turning violent. jonathan elias and alison lead our coverage tonight, overlooking the capitol building. >> hi, maureen. we want to begin with the breaking news. round of protests currently under way. >> we've seen a number of protests throughout the day. small, then got a lot bigger. the epicenter is 13th and k. that's where we join our reporter live. reporter: right now, things are relatively calm. but look right behind me. gonna see protesters sitting in the middle of the street. we moved actually to 14th and k. they are -- there are officers surrounding 13th and k streets, that the crowde does not get too riled up. earlier saw a limo set on fire. the fire is now out. thankfully. fire station near that area where the limo was set on fire. but, again, protesters are tt
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middle of the street, blocking the street, and office sure that things don't get out of hand here. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> and earlier today, you can see here, police were using smoke grenades and pretty aggressive tactics to quell the protests that got out of hand. we know is that three officers were hurt and a civilian was also hurt. we're being told that none of those injuries are considered life-threatening. at certain points, there were rocks and bricks being thrown at the officers. 95 arrests have been made since all of this started taking place. we're going to address those incidents in a news conference shortly. to check back in with our horace holmes, who has been in the thick of things for many -- many hours now.
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the live shots. everything finally quiet here in the k street area. way.he cleanup is under see these gentlemen boarding up windows smashed during the protest. very tense and sometimes violent day. was a confrontation no one seemed to want. >> not my president! not my president! [chanting] women by their faces. reporter: and police were ready for it. other!side or the >> a tense and violent standoff the erupt just blocks from inaugural parade group. it started when police arrested say weres that police smashing windows. >> i honestly don't think anybody was doing anything violent. took thoses police arrested off to jail, other large groups of protesters gathered at the scene, 12th and streets, northwest. eventually a tense standoff erupted and a
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violent confrontation that spilled onto k street. reporter: back here live, these of two of the pieces concrete that were thrown during the protests, the clashes with police. as you can see, this is no joke. unbelievable that only three hurt in these confrontations. three hurt. and as you said, 95 in jail tonight. reporting live in northwest, horace holmes, abc 7 news. right. horace, thank you so much. there were also protests of the trump inauguration around the country, as well as overseas. right now you're looking at protests taking place in san francisco, denver, colorado, even london and tokyo. we have heard about a dozen arrests in san francisco, although there are no reports of any widespread violence. >> you know, even without all the protests, it has been an
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washington, d.c. with the inauguration and the swear in of president donald trump. >> and it all began, of course, the that swearing in of 45th president. and brad was there with a firsthand view. reporter: this was donald trump's moment, as he emerged on stage.ugural he seemed to pause and take a breath, and then he raised his fist. and the crowd, spread blocks down the mall, cheered. once officially sworn in, trump struck a familiar and defiant tone. >> january 20, 2017. it will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. [cheering] reporter: with four former u.s. presidents, including barack obama looking on, trump blasted official washington. he described crime, closed
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jobs as american carnage. and he declared domestically and policy, it stops today. >> from this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. forward, it's going to be only america first! [cheering] reporter: now, joining you live, you can see that the stage where place isuration took mostly empty, just a few people souvenirt to take photos, once in a lifetime pictures. now, president trump did begin his inaugural speech with soothing words. he thanked president obama for a smooth transition, that peaceful transition of power that makes america great. but he did get into the fire right away and he concluded his speech with his trademark phrase. we're gonna make america great again. the west front of the capitol, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. now,
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within the past hour, there's been movement in president trump's cabinet. just confirmed james "mad dog" mattis as secretary of defense. a look at as we get president trump's first actions in office. the abc 7 capitol hill bureau with that. scott? jam-packedaureen, afternoon, not just because of the taking the oath of office, that, trying to get some business done, mixed in with all the pomp and circumstance. immediately afterwards, there was that luncheon that's become a tradition here on capitol hill, sworn in newly president meets with a lot of the higher-ranking members of well as supporters and family. they have their luncheon here, before beginning that parade. also, we saw donald trump putting his name to paper quite a bit. there are a large stack of signatures that were needed on officially make some of these nominations for cabinet members and secretaries put into that
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system where you can really start processing these. you saw, of course, as you mattis gettingal confirmed. this administration was already get moreisten, let's of these done today and if not, speaking of monday, that is when we really expect to see a accomplishments and some changes made by this administration. house press secretary has been saying that donald trump will very quickly put pen to paper on those issues as well, repealing some measures that president obama had put into place and starting some others. they also have more than 500 ready tobers that are be placed in offices at major departments throughout the city they can start making a very quick transition, even if they don't have, for example, a cabinet position filled for that particular department. >> scott, thank you very much. our coverage continues just ahead. we're gonna meet people who came 1,00
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to be part of history. >> we're also getting an up-close look at the inaugural parade. you're watching coverage of the presidential
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of the memorable sites from the inaugural parade, about two ago. president-elect -- no. president trump and the first family getting out of the and thenial limo walking the parade route. we gotta get out of that habit. going to take a little while. d.c. bureau chief joins us live along the parade route. hi, sam! reporter: hello. memorable moment. we are basically at a parade in point.s at this our vantage point, here at 13th avenue.sylvania earlier, we looked down to 12th and pennsylvania, and we saw the trump family get out and walk past their trump international the old post office. president trump continued a formeron, started by president jimmy carter, of walking part of the way. lots of excitement from the supporters as the motorcade reached this point and many left as soon as the
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there was lots of controversy groups and bands that would and would not participate in this parade. defying some critics was the marching band of the black college, talladega college in alabama, a massive band of more 200 members. participated. they've gotten over half a million in donations from supporters.p a number of college bands participated. an largely, i've never seen inauguration with as many military, police bands as this has. one thing i think is a result is that largely, the crowd here at freedom plaza has dissipated, because, you know, when you have regular high school and college bands, people come with a lot of excitement. and so a lot of the people are gone. not reallyrs are full anymore. but the parade goes on. reporting live from freedom
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>> coming up next, we're gonna talk to some of the people who to travelere willing 1,000 miles to witness the presidential inauguration in person. >> we have people here from alaska too. we are, of course, also keeping an eye on the protests, after got out of hand earlier today. you're watching continuing coverage of the presidential right here on abc 7.
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>> we intend to give you a brief the metropolitan police department's operations today, related to the
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inauguration in washington, d.c. start by thanking the men and women of the metropolitan police department thousands of officers who have joined us from around the country to assist in our public safety initiatives related to the inauguration. regional andlocal, federal partners who have been clock foround the weeks and months, to ensure that day and a safe weekend. every four years, we are in the district to host the peaceful transfer of power. and going into today, our mission was to ensure that to exercisehing peacefully their first amendment rights within d.c. would have a environment to do so. and throughout this city, we hundreds months upon of -- hundreds upon hundreds of protest
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protesters, who have respected our laws and made their voices heard through nonviolent acts of protest. unfortunately, a small group of people have engaged in vandalism well as violence against our law enforcement officers. this type of destruction and of violence against people in washington d.c. will tolerated. we welcome visitors to our city. but we will not tolerate the ourruction of neighborhoods, and we absolutely will not tolerate violence our police officers, and the thousands who have joined us peacefulith the inauguration. so right now, we are working with our local and state and partners, in monitoring city,tuations across the and responding to those situations. to violence related and destruction of property. let me say this again. the rights of people to gather and to protest peacefully
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in washington, d.c. but we will not tolerate violence and vandalism and the of ourtion neighborhoods. i'm gonna ask the chief of somee to give you specifics related to m.p.d.'s operations today. be available for questions. i'm joined by our deputy mayor safety, our city administrator and our fire chief and our director of the district's department of homeland security. chief? >> good evening. thanks for joining us. as i related earlier today, we've seen thousands of people the district, peaceably demonstrating. we want to thank those who came to d.c. and respected our city and our nation's capitol. a small group was determined to disrupt these ornts today, not by peaceful civil disobedience but by unlawful and dangerous behavior. this small group was involved in multiple instances of intentio
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and destruction of property. so far, i've been very pleased m.p.d.'s response to these events. our officers showed and continue excellent judgment. national and local news stations the smallmages of group of protesters throwing rocks and bricks at our officers. thankfully, they were equipped with state of the art protective gear, which prevented more serious injuries. the criminal actors involved in earlier incidents were arrested and charged with rioting. in all, we have arrested 217 people. currently, we are aware of six sustainedicers that injuries. three of those were injuries to of head area as a result being struck by flying objects. minor these injuries are non -life-threatening. we had prepared, as the mayor said, extensively for
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we are prepared for the events tonight. undoubtedly be a long day. we encourage those attending events tonight and throughout civil,kend to remain express themselves peaceably and dissentings with opinions to express themselves peaceably as well. lastly, i would also add the fact that we are very certain those persons involved in the earlier today came to our city with the intent -- and this was not a spontaneous event. occurred, that i'm talking about that resulted in 10:30 this, around morning. it was a group of about 400 or 500 persons, south on 13th street. they began to destroy property, andw objects at people through windows. a large percentage of this small with crowbarsd and hammers. vehicles and storefronts were da
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the activities of this small organized and intentional. when m.p.d. officers were targeted for assault, they pepper spray and other armments to protect themselves from small skirmishes took place as to avoidbers attempted arrest. as soon as we were able to coordinate resources, those that beingdentified as involved were detained and then arrested. the men and women of the metropolitan police department monitoring several groups. we intend to work through the evening to continue to ensure that the city is safe. >> thank you. welcome. >> i'll take a few questions. just please identify yourself. >> acting police chief newsome talking about what happened today, summing it up. 217 arrests were made. three officers we
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wounded. their injuries are not being described as life-threatening withhey were consistent rocks and bricks being thrown at police, sort of during the height of the protests that we saw around 13th and k this afternoon. >> let's go ahead and go back and checktudio now back in with maureen. >> thanks so much, alison. of course, in spite of the you saw, the violent protests, plenty of people flooded to the city to support the new president. most were out before dawn this morning. ryan talked to those who drove hundreds of miles to witness history. >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! [chanting] >> this is just fantastic. a day to remember. reporter: cheers and applause as supporters watched donald trump taking the oath. >> i, donald john trump, do swear... reporter: in becoming the 45th president of the united states. ♪[music] reporter: maryland traveling wearing herland, trump mask. >> i will be the greatest president that god ever
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her trump pen to support a man she believes will change the country. tells honestt he ideas. i might not like the way he says them, but i believe in what he's saying. reporter: people coming from near and far to be a part of history, including the 60 wharton high school in tamp tampa, florida. a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids to feel and experience the whole democratic process, in this major event we're having. reporter: the students are part of the high school band in the inauguration music festival thursday at george mason university. >> it's just a really exciting moment. this is probably going to be the only inauguration i ever get a go reporter: many in the crowd wearing trump's signature red hat. from chicago,e coming for the spectacle and theirg costumes to show pride for america. >> we all love america. i think that's why we came, is to support the united states. and i say we support trump not only because he's our president
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but because we respect the office. reporter: on a cloudy day, this crowd is hoping president trump an deliver on his promise for bright future. on the national mall, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. >> well, hello there. it's weather time. overnight, that will be patchy fog and areas of drizzle. to 45 for the overnight temperatures. now, we've seen the rain move out. but just give it time. back.oming with emay have drizzle and -- we may have drizzle and fog in the morning. south will way down develop. so by the time we get into late saturday night, early sunday batch of rain through and during the day sunday it will be cloudy. later in the afternoon and rain, heavy at times, as the storm winds up. we're going to get strong, gusty southeasterly winds. monday morning, still plenty of rain around but colder air may the mountains in and the higher elevations. so let's check out the weekend for you. fog early.rizzle and but then we'll become mostly cloudy. there's a chance we could
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breaking into sunshine. good deal. then we get on to sunday. and the rain will move in. be with us at times through sunday, sunday night into monday. but look at the temperatures all in the mid- to upper 50's. for folks that love winter snow, we don't have that. but at least by the end of next week, it looks as though temperatures will get to average levels as we get ready to close out the month of january. so it's been a long mild stretch. of it. but this weekend, take tomorrow outside and enjoy, because the rain is coming back. are gonna change. and now world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. leave you with the sights 58thounds from the presidential inauguration. have a good night and good weekend! [cheering] >> the high school band is proud to receive this invitation to represent their school, community and state at today's parade. russellville band! [cheering]
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tonight, we're live outside the white house. america has a new president. a day of history. the president-elect arriving at the white house this morning. president obama and the first lady waiting. both men then sharing the ride to the capitol. former presidents bush and clinton, and the president-elect's one-time rival, hillary clinton, all here. to mark the transfer of power. as the 45th president of the united states, donald trump, takes the oath of office. >> so help me god. >> president trump delivering his inaugural address, attacking the washington establishment, and offering a promise to americans who have felt left behind. but on this day of history, amid the pageantry, the protests. police in riot gear, clashing with demonstrators. protesters taking to the streets. and then, the parade down pennsylvia


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