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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 22, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. new overnight. pink power. the women's marches on president trump's doorstep. [ crowd chanting ] >> welcome to your first day, we will not go away. >> across the country. and around the world. ♪ this girl is on fire >> mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, marching to be heard. coming together to send one massive message. blasting the media. president trump's new fight with the press. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> taking issue with reports on attendance numbers at his inauguration. the president's press secretary then giving reporters a tongue lashing as trump heads to the cia. his new attempt to mend fences with the intelligence
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morning. killer tornado. the twister that tore a deadly path. killing at least four people. roofs ripped to shreds. >> this is what's left of our -- our house. >> the severe weather outbreak right now with 40 million americans in the danger zone. and dramatic rescue. two women swept into the swirling sea. thick foam hampering efforts to save them. one man who jumped into the dangerous water with the life guards to help. speaking out right here this morning. and good sunday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. we have a full house here at "gma." speaking of houses, president donald trump wakes up in his house, the white house, for his second full day in office. he'll be confronting images, however, like this. hundreds of thousands of women, and men, hitting the streets. >> they were marching in washington and cities across the country and the world.
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more than 600 marches on seven continents. an image of a protest in iraq. and at the main march in washington, this image of three generations from the same family. going to the march together. >> the new president, meantime, made a visit to the cia head quarters. where he aimed to mend fences with the intelligence community. he spent much of his time at the podium, however, blasting the media for the coverage of the size of the crowds of the inauguration on friday. >> and then his press secretary doubled down in an extraordinary first appearance in the briefing room. lashing out at the media, setting a fiery tone for this new administration. >> we have team coverage this morning. we want to start with matt gutman. who was right out there, covering the marchers in washington. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, paula. you might call it the anti-inauguration. well over 1 million people spilled into cities nationwide to roar their protests of the election of pre
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his first full day on the job. while the protest here was permitted for about 00,000 people, so many more spilled into this city that it seemed like it was besieged by an army of people in pink beanies. by the hundreds of thousands, they streamed into the national mall. [ crowd chanting ] >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: a sea of protesters, bobbing in their pink beanies. waive waving plackards, condemning president donald trump in his first day in office. >> welcome to your first day. we will not go away. >> reporter: and speaking out in support of women's rights. [ crowd chanting ] >> my body, my choice. >> reporter: minute by minute, the crowd grew. boisterously spilling out into the city's side streets. the transit systems jam packed. the scale was global. on every continent, they turned out. from kenya, to australia, to antarctica. in the president's h
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>> free melania! >> reporter: so many that police had to open up additional streets. big turnouts in los angeles, seattle, chicago, miami. atlanta. all those protests anchored by the woman's march on washington. ♪ this girl is on fire >> reporter: headlined by the kind of a-list celebrities that snubbed the president's inaugural. madonna, a surprise speaker. didn't hold back. >> it took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: ashley judd, likely the most riled up. >> we are here to be respected. hell, yeah! >> reporter: the rally got hillary clinton's attention. she tweeted, thanks for standing, speaking, and marching for our values. ♪ >> reporter: and the creativity. the big bands. the giant globe. and so many pink crocheted hats.
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every which direction. everybody moving toward the white house. along the way, old and young. 7-year-old ellie from maryland was riding on her uncle steve's shoulders. have you ever seen this many people in your life? >> no. >> reporter: her uncle, getting misty-eyed. >> it's about the country that we're giving to her. >> reporter: it was chaotic. but it also seemed cathartic. while president trump was not around for much of time that those thousands of people surrounded the white house. it seemed they sent message that was impossible to hear. the question is, is this the start of national movement or just a one-off grand event? paula? dan? >> that's the big question that everyone is exploring. the image from antarctica, can't get that one out of your mind. global involvement, matt. thank you very much. >> several continents. while the marches across the country were blanketed with celebrities and activists. they were also filled with
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this morning with some of the reasons these americans marched. hi, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. inspired is right. what struck me was seeing so many generations marching together. some with canes. some in strollers. these are the science they carried. so many women telling me, when they were young, they knew the world was changing. they didn't have anyone in their lives encouraging them to march. those women wanted to make sure their daughters and granddaughters do. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> reporter: in los angeles, the women's march brought nostalgia. >> i hen't done this since the '70s. [ chanting ] >> we are united! >> reporter: in raleigh, north carolina, it was a reminder. >> it's important to fight for what is right. what you believe in. >> reporter: it was a seminal moment for this family. >> i'm so proud of her. she made her own sign. >> girls are people, too. >> reporter: this march marking 7-year-old max's introduction to activism.
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>> it's very exciting in some ways. in other ways, you kind of wish you didn't have to be here. >> reporter: max following in the footsteps of her mom and both grandmothers. >> it's three generations. and fortunately, i have been given the tools to teach her how to keep moving. >> reporter: setting out from new york at 1:00 a.m., joining so many others to take part in the demonstrations. the lesson passed down from one generation to the next. stand up and be heard. >> she has a little political bent herself already. >> reporter: i wonder where she gets that from? so many families echoing that same sentiment that there was a feeling of a national collective passing of the torch. bringing the yng ones into the fold. that was so important for them. on that day. and let me tell you, the matriarch generation, not going anywhere. still feisty and still fighting. dan, paula? >> gloria, thank you.
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used his first full day in office to visit the cia he headquarters. he stood in front of a wall of stars honoring agents killed in the line of duty. he praised the intelligence community and slammed the media for the coverage of the inauguration. a message then hammered home by his press secretary in a fiery appearance. mary bruce is at the white house covering the the rather volcanic beginnings of this new administration. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, well, donald trump promised to shake things up in washington. and that he did. in his first full day in his new office, he's back to familiar fights. now falsely accusing the press of creating his feud with u.s. intelligence agencies. in his first remarks since inauguration day, the new president picked a new fight with the press. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> reporter: speaking at cia headquarters in virginia, trump took issue with reports that the
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during his inauguration as it was for past ceremonies. >> we had 250,000 people literally around in the little ball that we constructed. the rest of the, you know, 20-block area all the way back to the washington monument was packed. so -- we caught them. and we caught them in a beauty. i think they're going to pay a big price. >> reporter: the white house is pointing to this photo. taken from behind the podium. but this view shot from the washington monument as trump delivered his remarks paints a didn't picture. there is no official crowd estimate. >> good evening. >> reporter: a short while later, a fuming press secretary sean spicer took to the podium for the first time. his top order of business giving reporters a tongue lashing. >> these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. >> reporter: no fresh start for their relationship with the press. trump is trying to mend fences with the intelligence community. >> there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the cia than
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>> reporter: trump debuting a new tone after attacking the intelligence community for weeks. including accusing them of leaking unsubstantiated reports that the russians were trying to blackmail him. >> that's something nazi germany would have done and did do. i think it's a disgrace. the information that was false, fake, never happened, got released to the public. >> reporter: the former cia director, john brennan, who has sparred with trump in the past, blasted his remarks. his spokesman tweeting that brennan is deeply saddened and angered at trump's display of self-aggrandizement. in front of the cia's memorial wall of agency heroes. and that trump should be ashamed of himself. while here at the white house, they have a lot to say about the crowds at the inauguration. they still have not responded to the messages being sent by those demonstrators across the country. and guys, i was here in the briefing room for spicer's fiery remarks last night. we tried.
8:11 am
questions. dan? paula? >> pretty unprecedented. we have privilege of welcoming jon karl to our den. great to have you this morning. >> great to be here. >> you have spent a lot of years in the white house briefing room. to not only call out the press the new pres secretary, sean spicer, but to refuse to take on any questions afterwards is unprecedented. have you ever seen anything like this before? >> i have been in the briefing room with ten different white house press secretaries over time. i have never seen anything remotely like that. the idea of the white house press secretary, also on his very first day behind that podium, to go in there, to issue the kind of tongue lashing he did. the lecturing, i have heard that before, personally, actually. but i have never heard of one ally question.fusing he's not the president of the united states. he's the press secretary. his job is to answer questions. >> given the vast issues facing
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the administration and the world, why are they taking this issue, the coverage of the crowd size, to focus on? >> it's a great question. and it's mystifying, except that i can tell you, it's not new. donald trump has always had something of an obsession with the size of his crowds. and let's face it. this is a guy that's attracted huge crowds since the first day he was a presidential candidate. it is completely unnecessary. that was an historic day on friday. an historic speech. there are big questions. what happens to obamacare? will he follow through on his promise of lowering health care costs? are millions of americans going to be deprived of their health insurance? what happens on the international stage now that he's saying a big break with past president china, russia. instead, we're talking about crowd size. i would say, dan, it's a challenge for us in the news media not to obsess over it either. this is not an important issue. he had a big crowd, whether or not it was bigger, who cares? let's talk about the issues.
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quote, i want to be the president to all americans. so, does he plan on being the president of those millions of americans we saw marching across the country? >> i think he does. i think if you looked at the last third of his speech, on friday, there was an effort to reach out to others. and i think that he knows that that's a challenge. the people at the white house know that's a challenge. this is not exactly the way to do it. >> jon karl, great to have you. you want to stick around? >> why not. i'm here. >> come back for "pop news." >> a reminder, george stephanopoulos has a big show on "this week." he'll speak with kellyanne conway. about the first days of the trump administration. and senate minority leader chuck schumer. senator john mccain will weigh in. on the week ahead. jon karl will weigh in. all coming up later this morning on "this week," right here on abc. >> we'll be watching.
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breaking weather news. more than 40 million americans in a threat zone right now. tornadoes ripping through the south. possibly more to come. we start with rob. >> yet another morning of sad news from the weather department. at least two more fatalities across southern georgia. this line of storms doing damage. several more long-track tornadoes this morning. maybe more to come. another batch of rain behind it. heading into mississippi. hattiesburg hit hard yesterday. we find adrienne bankert there this morning. adrienne? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, rob. you can see behind me, this church took a hit. the roof is gone. we saw parishioners taking out bibles and hymnals. they'll have to find some place else to worship this morning. nearby, southern miss' campus, completely untouched. another school nearby, took a direct hit in the storm's path. this morning, the city of hattiesburg, mississippi, devastated, after a tornado destroyed homes. winds of at least 136 miles per
8:15 am
hour ripping the roof off this church. uprooting trees and power poles. tossing trailers like toys. >> i -- for nothing. just to survive. >> reporter: firefighters were able to rescue a woman trapped under her house. four people have been killed. >> this is what's left of our -- our house. >> reporter: here in the center of the destruction zone, darryl mcmorris is thankful his daughter didn't sleep in her bed. her mattress thrown into a tree. >> everything tossed like a rag doll. and then slammed to the floor and everything on top of it. >> reporter: his neighbor heartbroken after seeing the damage for the first time. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: the national weather service is saying this twister was likely on the ground for 15 miles. it's the same area hit by a violent ef-4 tornado four years ago. a memory hattiesburg mayor, johnny dupree, knows first
8:16 am
you know what it's like for the people who have nothing left. >> i hate to say we know it too well. but the process is to make sure people are safe. >> reporter: and more destruction at william carey university. buildings are crushed. cars are overturned. the roof of this lecture hall collapsed. the school is now closed. until further notice. >> they need to know that help is on its way. >> reporter: and we want to be clear that mayor dupree lost his home four years ago with the strong ef-4 tornado. so he really knows how people feel right here. he says that folks that live in the affordable housing option of a trailer should not stay in those homes but should get out with tornado warnings. the red cross providing assistance. >> great advice. to the people across georgia and florida. and now the sbc set to issue a rare high risk for northern florida and south georgia today.
8:17 am
that heenes tmeans the possibil long-track tornadoes. the dangerous situation. the moisture from the gulf of mexico. here we go. by 7:00 tonight, orlando, you're in the mix. the carolinas. especially charleston. you might see some strong storms here. overnight into tomorrow morning. this becomes a coastal low. the mid-atlantic. the northeast. hit with heavy rain here. even some snow through interior sections. the wind will be the biggest player with this. from tomorrow morning through tuesday morning. especially along the coast. high wind warnings posted. gusts to near 70 miles an hour. along the i-95
8:18 am
>> all this talk of the east. a huge storm hitting california today. the last of three that's been really hitting the west coast very hard. more on that in ten minutes. we begin in news headlines. good morning, ron. you'll pick up where rob left off. >> yeah, that's rig. good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. we begin with the nasty weather in california. in san diego, a powerful wave knocked two women from a cliff into the water. rescuers searching for them in surf as high as ten feet. one bystander jumped in to help. he was able to pull one of the two women to safety. >> i don't know. i just -- i got her and threw her over my shoulder. and i tried to carry her in. we got washed out again a little bit. >> it took life guards about 40 minutes to find the other woman. she's said to be in critical
8:19 am
an air scare in florida. a bomb threat causes a jetblue flight from newark, new jersey, to the dominican republic, to make an emergency landing in ft. lauderdale. officials say someone discovered a suspicious note with a bomb threat in one of the plane's bathroom. the flight was diverted as a precaution. everyone having to get off the aircraft, go through security again while the aircraft was checked. the flight eventually flying on to its destination. an update on the health of george h.w. bush, the former president, and wife, barbara. word this morning that the former first lady could go home today. the 92-year-old former president meanwhile said to be improving. now breathing on his own after battling pneumonia. he's expected to remain in the hospital for a few more days. in brazil, almost two months since losing 19 players in a plane crash in colombia, the
8:20 am
chapecoense cocker -- soccer club is back on the field, playing its first match since the accident. three survivors playing in the game. before the game, the team joined by family members of those who died in the crash held a ceremony honoring their teammates lost in that mishap. finally, a truck driver in indianapolis, indiana, literally losing his marbles. check it out. 38,000 pounds of marbles spilling on to the side of i-465. when the truck carrying them crashed. luckily, it happened near a ditch. took crews about three hours to clean it up. the ditch catching all the marbles. >> nice. >> that is -- >> was there cartoon slippage that happened? >> bugs bunny. >> the banana peel got dropped. >> the scene in "animal house." rob knows. yes. >> it's his favorite movie. >> it's a good party trick. >> rob and i share a similar sensibility. >> about losing your marbles. >> yes, yes. and other things. >> thank you very much
8:21 am
coming up on "gma" this morning, new details in an alleged love triangle turned deadly. could the proof literally being in the pudding? and the man that wrote the book that inspired the new movie, "a dog's purpose." speaking out about the animal rights controversy that led to the cancellation of the hollywood premier. and prince william and duchess kate are moving back to london. so what is behind this royal return? >> diane macedo weighing in. we'll be back.
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>> good morning, just want to start off year with a similar morning to yesterday. hanging around. 48 degrees in d.c. 44 in hagerstown.
8:28 am
advisory in a few places. montgomery county, howard county, all the places farther off to the north and west. fauquier, loudoun, down to about luray. once the fog moves out, then we bring in showers. better chance for more moderate rainfall as "her two to 4:00, 5:00. the heaviest expected to come down tonight and early tomorrow morning. we are looking at temperatures to talk about in the mid-50's. to
8:29 am
8:30 am
and welcome back to "gma," on a sunday morning. happening right now, massive message. a huge turnout but not just in our nation's capital in d.c. all across the u.s. across the globe. men and women, young and old, marching for women's rights. making their voices heard. sending president trump a message that they're watching. what caused the fire? samsung is getting ready to reveal the results of it investigation. into what made its galaxy note 7 phones burst into flames. they recalled all the handsets after repeated reports of combustion. this announcement comes a day before sam jp sung releases its fourth quarter earnings tomorrow. and overnight, a stunning upset at the australian open.
8:31 am
andy murray knocked out by mischa zverev. of germany. in the fourth round. he's not lost before a quarter final in australia since 2009. >> it's a pretty incredible streak there. it also clears the way for roger federer and rafa nadal. who is coming back from an injury. novak djokovic ousted earlier. >> i'm sorry. i'm distracted. i realized we left a piece of bacon on the set. >> here, ron, you can have that. >> used bacon? >> i have something that will perk your ears. we'll talk about the patriots. the big showdown on the idiron. espn's tony reali joins us with his take on the games. >> the bacon is for tony. but first, the woman charged with plotting to kill her husband in an alleged love triangle. >> prosecutors say she wanted him dead to carry on an affair with a former firefighter who is now ready to testify against her. phillip mena joins us with more. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning.
8:32 am
newly released court documents revealing allegations, the victim's wife claiming divorcing her husband was not an option. the first idea to get him out of the picture? killing him by poisoning his favorite dessert. the morning, stunning new details in an alleged love triangle turn deadly. newly released court documents detailing how prosecutors say former firefighter jonathan hearn turned on his former lover as part of his plea deal. >> i think the primary driving force was his conscience. >> reporter: hearn, confessing to the murder of his then-girlfriend's husband, robert limon in 2014. now telling investigators what started as a joke turned dark and eroded. sabrina was arrested elier this month. she pleaded not guilty. according to the documents, he and sabrina initially agreed on a plan to
8:33 am
kill her husband by lacing his favorite dessert, banana pudding, with arsenic. after ruling out car accident and fire. they chose poisoning thinking it would be the most elusive route in not getting caught. >> she's going to say he has only pointed the finger at me because one, he's a scorned lover. and two, he's trying to save his own hide. >> reporter: according to the documents, the two abandoned the poison plan. and authorities say hearn later shot robert at his workplace. in this surveillance video, outside robert's work, moments before the killing, hearn can be seen pacing back and forth. >> sabrina is behind bars. jonathan, he told the truth. and prayers have been answered. >> reporter: sabrina limon now awaits her next court date. meanwhile, the former firefighter who was facing life in prison without parole, will now only get 25 years behind bars in exchange for his testimony, dan, paula? >> thank you for the report. we really appreciate it. as we have been saying throughout the show, a lot of weather news this
8:34 am
for that, let's get it back to rob. >> on both coasts. the rescue in california. a water rescue out of arizona. one or two inches of rain outside phoenix. the sheriff's department doing an aerial rescue. plucking that person out of a stranded vehicle. dramatic times there. and all is well. not all is well in the fact that there is another storm coming to this area this morning. san jose, california. you saw winds gusting. a damaging force there. and flooding across santa barbara and lots of southern california. this will be the strongest yet that we've seen so far coming in today. let's talk about. let's show you what is happening here. a lot of advisories and watches and warnings up and down california. and inland as well. the interior mountains will get wind and snow. but flooding and mudslides, especially across some of the burn areas. where the wildfires were. some mandatory evacuations across southern california in anticipation of the rain. it's powered by, at times, a 200-mile-per-hour jet stream. deep with moisture. and later on this
8:35 am
angel angeles, through zsan diego, through tonight. heavy, heavy rain. an atmospheric river. this deep moisture. getting into southern california. this will knock out the drought. but it will come all at once. ow they saw lastf the feet of >> this weather report brought to you by geico. and because you're wondering, cornell did beat -- >> i knew that was coming. >> we're rolling over our m&m wager to the football playoffs this afternoon. >> we got action. on both. >> wait, eminem's like the hip hop artist or m & ms, like the peanut candy.
8:36 am
>> that's our currency. >> sounds like a great currency. >> i asked tony about my picks. he said, good luck. >> all right, thank you, guys. coming up on "gma," a screenwriter speaks out. amidst controversy on the new film, "a dog's purpose." after video surfaced raising questions about the treatment of one animal. and excellent news. garth and wayne, they're back. straight ahead in "pop news." excellent. ♪ galileo ♪ galileo ♪ gal lay know tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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z231zz zi0z
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y231zy yi0y the director of the new movie, "a dog's purpose," has been promised a thorough investigation over leaked video, this video obtained by tmz, apparently made during the filming of the movie. >> the los angeles premier of the movie was canceled this weekend. after that video surfaced. diane is here with what one of the screen writers is saying this morning. >> so that leaked video appears to show a scared dog refusing to perform a stunt. now the writer of the movie says that video is not what it seems. still, the the premier was supposed to be this weekend. that's not happening. the studio says it's investigating. the film could face bo
8:41 am
>> for me, it all began with a boy. >> reporter: a feel-good family film. >> bailey, bailey, bailey, bailey. >> my name was bailey, bailey, bailey, bailey. >> reporter: -- is facing serious backlash. >> just got to throw him in. >> reporter: producers are pulling the plug on the premier over behind the scenes footage of alleged animal abuse. in this video obtained by tmz, a seemingly frightened german shepherd appears to be forced into rushing water. during filming. he then appears to get pulled under for nearly four seconds before trainers swim to his rescue. >> cut it, cut it, cut it! >> reporter: the video is spurring animal rights group, people for the ethical treatment of animals, to call for a boycott. >> if you were the kind of person who wanted to see a family film about dogs and now you see that dogs were possibly harmed during the making of this shoot, this could definitely change your mind.
8:42 am
insists is animal was not harmed, there is an investigation ongoing. >> they could release the video. >> reporter: the writer, who didn't witness the event but saw additional footage from the day is coming to the production's defense. posting on facebook, the dog was not terrified and not thrown in the water. he adds, there was a scuba diver and trainer in the pool to protect him. he loves the water, wasn't in danger, and wasn't upset. and cameron said the other footage shows the dog happily jumping into the pool earlier that day. it turns out, the dog wasn't afraid of the water. just didn't want to jump in from that side. once they let him go back to the other side of the pool, he performed the stunt happily. p.e.t.a., as you can imagine, is not accepting that. they say, if the footage exists, it should be made public. >> it's hard to watch. >> anyone who loves animals will have a hard time understanding what happened there. >> thank you, diane. coming up
8:43 am
espn's tony reali joining us with his take on the big games. but dan just says the patriots are going to win it. >> they always win. and hello, adele. setting the stage for a grammy return. we'll talk about that in "pop news" with diane. >> you were supposed to say -- ♪ hello >> they don't always win. >> hay should always win. reduce. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. these feet kicked off a lot of high school games...nerve pain, built a life for my family...
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♪ go big or go home we're soon going to know who is headed to the super bowl. there are two big games in the nfl today. the winners will be the final teams standing. joining us is tony reali. >> can you feel it? >> i can feel it. i can feel a lot of quarterbacks. gosh. a weekend of quarterbacks. packers, falcons, steelers, patriots. >> only quarterbacks, paula.
8:47 am
tom brady has four super bowl rings. he's going for his thumb. ben roethlisberger has two. matt ryan could be the mvp of the league this year. and it all starts with aaron rodgers. >> you're going to wear a super bowl ring on your thumb? >> he can do whatever he wants. aaron rodgers. you have seen aaron rodgers. >> he's been on a tear. >> he can score from anywhere on the field. this hail mary proves that. anytime you see somebody -- he throws with more frequency than anybody in football history. whoever is going to the super bowl in two weeks, they're going to do it on the right arm of one of their superstar quarterbacks. >> sounds like your picking him today? >> well, i have to -- atlanta in my brain. but i have aaron rodgers, in my mouth, i guess. >> i was going to say aaron rodgers in your heart? >> it will come out of my lips. you can't pick against aaron rodgers. atlanta, the number one offense in the nfl this season. rodgers can play the perfect game. the falcons could still score 40 points. and win it at the end. >> game two.
8:48 am
seems like it's either one of them in the super bowl every other year. >> it seems like. tom brady's season started with deflategate. he was suspended for four games. a lot of people in the newest part of england thought it was bogus. real and spectacular all year. >> could set up's awkward exchange with the commissioner at the super bowl. >> the commissioner won't be in new england today. stunning. >> fear of a woman scorned or a man scorned like tom brady. you are real and spectacular. great to have you in studio. all right. we'll be right back with "pop news."
8:49 am
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♪ "pop news." diane macedo. what's going on? >> i got big news for adele fans. the biggest night in music just got even better. the 2017 grammy awards are now naming adele as a performer. this is the fourth time she's hitting the grammy stage.
8:53 am
and you might remember last year, there were sound issues after she says the piano mikes fell on to the piano strings. this year, she'll get a do-over. but it could be a big night for her at the podium, as well. her third album, "25," finished 2015 and 2016 as the year's best-selling album in the u.s. she's up for five grammys, including the album of the year. the 59th grammy awards on february 12th. she gets major bragging rights. she's the only artist in history have two different albums be best selling albums for two years in a row. >> the only one? >> the only one. her album, "21" and "25" were both best selling two years in a row. >> good for her. speaking of artists. wayne and garth are coming back to the big screen. >> yes. ♪ will you do the fandango ♪ such a bolt of lightning
8:54 am
"wayne's world." starring mike meyers and dana carvey is celebrating the 25th anniversary. and 400 movie mouse houses across the country are marking the occasion by showing the movie on february 7th and 8th. if that's not enough for you, aurora, illinois, is having an air guitar competition. a look-alike contest and a doughnut tasting. >> i'll go for that part. >> i think i could win 2 out of the 3. >> the doughnut tasting. >> for extra credit, define scaramouche. >> we're running out of time. sorry. moving on in "pop news," from rock royalty to british royalty, prince william and family are london-bound. they're trading in country life for the city. the palace is confirming it will allow william and duchess kate to focus more time on their royal duties. william will end his time as a pilot and they'll call kensington palace, home. 3 1/2-year-old george will also be switching schools and 20-month-old princess charlotte will attend nursery
8:55 am
that reminded me, dan, she's close in age to your son. >> i would not want my barbarian to get close to royalty. >> he's not a barbarian. he's a 2-year-old boy. they're very active. >> and in case -- >> as are 42-year-old men. >> quooer just trying to make love happen here. here's someone i love. in case we needed another reason to love chris hemsworth, he has game. the actor is known for playing thor. but now he's showing off real-life superpowers. check this out. >> oh. >> oh! >> photo shop. >> no. >> that was him making that ridiculous basketball shot. he shared the video on instagram. calling it the greatest day of my life. he's now filming a war movie. it doesn't involve a lot of basketball. nice to know if it does, he's ready. >> incredible. >> all those scenes of him throwing the hammer. that must have helped. >> what is scaramouche? >> it's a made-up word. think. >> it's a thunder bolt of gh
8:56 am
>> by the way. coming up in a few seconds, we'll be streaming live with the "gma" weekend anchors talking about meditation. on the facebook page for "gma." >> thanks for joining us, everybody. >> good morning, washington. we have the cloudy start, foggy temperatures least are not too bad. 48 in daisy right now. luray at 45. winchester at 43. not going up too much from here. as the fog
8:57 am
in. 50 by 10:00. 51 at 11:00. still hanging onto that misty we ather. showers after 4:00. d.c., cloudyn skies, fog with us right now. severe weather in southern georgia, the panhandle of florida. tornadoes a possibility in that area. ultimately, a lot of this moisture heads our way for the afternoon tonight, and monday. i'm not expecting severe weather to come along with it, just going to see the rain. rain showers, cloudy skies. close to 4:00, that is when the rain will develop. as we go through the majority of the day, the green color takes over. 4:00, not really any accumulation going on. overnight into tomorrow, look at
8:58 am
real possibility. the bulk of the rain will come down closer to tonight and early monday morning. 48 overnight. no concerns of any freezing. it is going to get windy. windy weather tomorrow. the gusts up to 45 miles per hour. heaviest rain coming down when the kids are trying to get to the bus stop. 100% chance tomorrow. a few lingering showers on
8:59 am
9:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> i donald john trump. do solemnly swear. >> donald trump takes the oath. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> stark promises. >> from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. >> and gets to work. >> we're going to start winning again and you're going to be leading the charge. and -- >> not my president. >> after massive protests. can he unite a divided america? >> the -- is not america. we are america. >> tough questions ahead for counll


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