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tv   Defense News  ABC  January 22, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> what moscow really thinks about trump and turkey's complicated relationship. welcome to "defense news." a lot of talk about trump's relationship with moscow. i spoke to a guest in moscow during his recent visit to washington to find out. was quite interested in foreign-policy issues. excited about president it's can thinking now be fixed. but, the majority of the x first on u.s. foreign-policy on international relations, they are very cautious.
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expect from the obama administration and what we can expect from hillary clinton administration but trump is a wildcard. nobody knows what he really thinks or would do. yes, he likes talking about russia, but he is not unlike obama, he is no gentleman. he will not be doing concessions to russia. he is here to be the president of the united states and not help russia and its problems. that is why the window of opportunity, there is a big risk that our relations well -- will keep deteriorating and kind of -- and a sudden deterioration. putin arew president looking for some kind of -- what obama and hillary
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wanted in 2009, 2010. whether trump and his people are interested in these new -- i do not know. think gave the indication to putin and moscow at the large that they might have a better relationship with a trump administration and offers place? -- nfl first place -- in the first place? and heton is a pragmatic is ready to talk to every president and -- putin is a pragmatist and he is ready to talk to every president. it is not like we used to embrace the previous residents. but
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is in power, russia is always for change. let's take syria. and clear, direct signs that russia wants good relations with but when theytes expelled 30 russian diplomats. was paranoid with reciprocity and everybody was sure that russia would retaliate with expulsion. despite intelligence people and minister of foreign affairs, to use according to the reciprocity , he said, no, i will not expel. he said it is all obama lame-duck trying to spoil our relationships and i will not be spoiling the new american diplomats in moscow.
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example of that russia is looking at thinking for peace and as new cold war. though? a go? -- argue the decision was more of a matter of seeking unity among others who are normally allies with the united states. in terms of the strategy from putin, it was not about trying to maintain a good relationship with the united states or was it to score some points internationally overall for russia? peaceaking about seeking and if the new cold war with the united states does not mean we wish to scrap of those terms of our surrender. interests are taken into account. if president-elect trump and his men are
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concerned into account, we are ready to make any deal. trump is a businessman. successful for nor. believes that some kind of deal or set of deals are possible, mainly over syria. >> what do you think the top priority will of the end the initial conversation with a trump administration? icing trump understands the importance of the challenge of the islamic state perhaps to the world and especially the united states. but since it is far wait from the borders of the united states -- far away from the borders of the united states, he can wait until his next term or next administration. for us, it is time to act. war already in the fight. trump can afford himself the luxury to compete with american troops from the run any got
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iran and afghanistan. we cannot leave syria like this. the room for maneuver for russia is much more smaller than the united states. probably a deal will not to be 50-50 in both interest and much more and the interest of the united states and should not be zero-sum game. we should all gain benefits. >> what do anticipate for any change or conversation about the ukraine? issue ukraine -- it is an of crucial importance for russia. i think everybody understands in the united states that for us, ukraine is a center of gravity. we cannot afford ourselves having a hostile ukraine by our borders. that is why we keep in for his on the u.s. including the militant -- on ukraine
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the military means. you have a nation which is similar to you, you know? but completely hostile to you. hostile andda was by your borders. would people in d.c. in us were tolerated? >> moscow view of nato. nato forgo and talk to our response.
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current economic functions cannot be military corporation defense. exchanges for weapons which took place occasionally, but regularly stopped in the 1990's. we can say the international space station is a peaceful object, but in fact, all space and nuclear programs by the definition we do use. i hope we will preserve the legacy of previous administrations no matter if it is obama or george bush or the clinton won what we have on track, you know? there are several ventures using civilian with a u.s. technology that will not be dismantled. we have started to create and build trust, you know? and i think if the united states or china relations will
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deteriorating now, probably a new chance for joint russian-american cooperation. we can compare it to our joint , president nazi roosevelt was not a big fan of communism. he came up with stalin not because of soviet russia was a perfect democracy but because what was the biggest threat? the threat of islamic state and islamic terrorism is not big enough to threaten us. i think china, rising china, unpredictable china, china claimingw land, china trying to impose its political will to neighbors, we are not distance from our neighbor with china then you.
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here in moscow and especially in china, we have visible relationships now. it can bring us together. whether it will happen or not, only time will show. i do not think it will be in the next eight years. probably post trump administration. an opportunity. >> it makes sense. in terms of enhancement of the relationship between the united states and russia, does that create risk between the relationships between russia and china? >> for sure. now, we are kind of realizing with the chinese that some people in moscow claiming we should be getting some type of chinese canada. butin terms of territory previously a junior partner of canada is a junior partner of the united states and all since,
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i do not think that is the destiny of russia. the majority of russian leaders and experts share this opinion. but i think we can use chinese currency to realign with the united states in the future even if we will not be crying that -- out loud that we are friends against china. we can do is basically quiet without putting slogans. china is a big concern of the united states. for many years, they try to put concerns under the tablecloth. trump put it on the table. chinese also is a challenge. why not tackle this challenge and jointly? >> interesting. it comes down to almost choosing sides area. >> for
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devastating to choose sides. we could try to work on two tables. you should understand which table is more ported for you. for 20 years after the collapse of soviet union, russia tried to team up with the west. probably not the czech republic or poland, but we were obviously not forced. we were partners. now, we're not a partner. we are drifting apart. the same with the china. we wish to have a stable relationship with china. but, we have our national interests and we should follow according to them but not to the chinese once. >> from the united states perspective, of course, there is nato. there is talk that the goal or hope is to some degree or some form break of nato. how do you respond to that? and how does nato -- nato crate a challenge?
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share that nato is not of the community of democracies. yes, we can blog, blog, blog to the end, it is equally important. but we all know that the nato is a group of the united states. the united states helping them militarily exercise is political will with them and they support politically by voting somewhere. of course, it is simplistic but in every picture, we can squeeze into black and white. when somebody says let's go and talk to nato, our response is let's go to washington. talk to moscow directly. why should we talk? that is why nato is problematic. it is -- the relationship with the united states is much more important that
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relations. we are more comfortable in a bilateral track. >> what is behind the recent cooperation between turkey, russia and iran. you are watching "defense news." iran inof that is
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>> a recent deal brokered among turkey, russia and iran seem to have a roadmap to end of the crisis in syria. i spoke to experts about the so-called moscow declaration. >> leading into the moscow declaration is russia would play a mediating role between turkey and iran. it seems more of an outcome than through a mediation. in terms of the cease-fire, it is not congealed that it yet well. it is yet to be seen
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hold up. a frees basically country that is willing to put boots on the ground. russia, turkey. if any set of meetings is to have an effect on the outcome of the war in syria, it would be this one. although, we need to realize the moscow declaration was quite vague and ambiguities reflect the built in tension to the trilateral meeting. so, yes, there is reason to believe that moscow declaration and the trilateral talks do actually matter on the ground in syria. but at the same time, you should be cautious about the potential among the partners and the longevity of the talks. >> sure, sure. more of an agenda that what is happening in the syria. >> also
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it is hard to get around. >> absent from the dealings at least with the united states, what kind of response do you think is happening in washington with this? >> i think there's a noticeable out -- absence from the united states in syria. part of it with iran and the ground troops and then russia providing airpower. i think it does have a political outcome of the syrian crisis and we need to have a military state. russia, turkey and iran have been absent are the three biggest absurd -- actors to date. even though we have news today, he invited the trump administration to the talks on january 23. iran seems to be kicking and screaming about it. do all of the partners have the same stance of the united states and wellpoint to bring in the u.s. is yet to
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the u.s. will be brought in at some point. >> do we have any indication from the trump administration about the region? >> i think those are big unknowns. sure, we feel that a u.s. wilderness to be part of that -- willingness to be part of the talks and will make things less awkward for turkey. we have to remember that turkey is not only a long-term bilateral partner for u.s., but also a long-term parter for nato. it will make things much less is one of thekey biggest nato allies. >> i want to get back to the relationship with nato and turkey. an example of an evolving relationship with russia and iran. where does it stand? >> i think they have a long-term, tactical relationship that started
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iran has increasingly used soviet weaponry for light arms, replacing u.s. systems it can no longer get access to do to the arms embargo. iran and russia have had much tension. russia, instrumentally, uses iran against u.s. interests and iran uses the larger route for rushers then -- for russians than the u.s. has. there was a convergence in syria and that will be limited to serious and we see it he roaming in some places -- eroding and regimece where the assad must be phased out. the second red line is that territory integrity much like is nonnegotiable. with the moscow declaration, an informal zone for me. >> it is almost a moment in time. you were not seet
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evolution that will extend very long into the future. linesre seem to be no connecting it as of yet. one thing that could connect is one of the arms embargo by the u.n. lapses by 2020. at that point, there may be a bigger strategic convergence for you right now it seems to be lots of tactical convergence. ,> in this week's money minutes personal finance expert jeanette mack on the brighter side of rising interest rates. >> with the federal reserve raising rates, there are advantages you can take advantage of especially for those in uniform. low and the amount you have accrued. any improvement in the rates which a rate hike could bring overtime is a win. the average one in five years certificates of deposit have paid less than 1% in interest
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if you are getting ready for retirement, now is the time to research additional resources. eye on the federal reserve especially as our economy grow stronger. think about vacation property. mortgage rates are still historical and will be. dish historically low and will be. lenders can offer rates typically half percent or 1% less than conventional rate. with a hike, lenders may lend more freely. you can get the loan you need to enjoy your life. it could be time to make changes in your portfolio that could boost your savings or help facilitate a smooth or retirement. >> turkey's evolving alliances. you are watching "defense news." >> it is difficult to comment on turkey long-term.
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russia has put in a challenging position. iran, theh russia and relationship with the nato could be more strained. i asked to express what we can expect. >> i think it is difficult to comment on turkey's long-term orientation because we're seeing 180 turns over the course of the last few years. there was the downing of the russian jet by turkish fighters which was a low point in relations. but two years before that and a year after that, turkey made an appeal to putin to allow the cooperation organization. we are seeing a lot of ups and downs for turkey for defense policies. see the talkst to and the preceding moscow declaration as it sets firmly and stone because
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president erdogran who gets to call all of the shots may change one day. fighting a proxy war in syria against russia and iran forces and now turkey is working with russia and iran in syria for a sustainable solution. whether it will continue to be the case only time will tell and much of turkey foreign policy orientation will be determined by domestic constraints. it is a function of survival skills back at home. i ran into ring the picture, is it more cause for nato in terms of relationship -- i ran into ring -- iran entering the picture, is it more cause for nato in
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relationship? >> it will make it more rocky. our colleagues like to describe as for enemies. neither friends or enemies. iran and turkey can collaborate. they have been trying to get really billion dollars in a trade revenue -- $30 billion in a trade. it is not something they have been able to reach. and something working in sanctions while having this civil war a different position on iraq for quite some time. to segmente able with each other for the foreseeable future. >> turkey has always said given their geography, there is a need to have a relationship with moscow and so forth and nato should the them as a bridge. how is nato responding to this? do you envision there being something of an ultimatum were turkey will have to choose a side? >> i think turkey is
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soul-searching in nato. not just russia in turkey's relationship going through hard times but nato itself. we are seeing increasingly the question of nato and potentially , not only is finances but future orientation. and i do agree that turkey is not your regular nato member. ultimately, some of the difficulty changes. but at the same time, not to legitimize their turkey is pivoting away from nato toward shanghai organizations. and that is also away from the transatlantic values. as more turkey is perceived a dysfunctional member of nato, i think relations will continue at the bilateral level prompting kind
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within nato. risktimately, what is the if turkey were to align itself more with russia and iran and other countries outside of nato alliance? >> we are talking about the second largest army in nato and the key southeastern country. a grave mistake both for turkey and tomato if turkey defects -- and nato if turkey defects. it would not only have defense consequences but an impact on the transatlantic worlds economy and transatlantic world's kind -- field, democrat of plainfield. i hope on both sides of the relationship, policymakers will come to their senses and reorient back. >> that is all this week on "defense news
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