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tv   ABC7 News 630  ABC  January 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> to be able experience that first handed a part of it was exciting and very humbling. , vacating d.c.d after a busy and historic weekend. now some are wondering what's next. a record on the rails, metro rises to the challenge, moving more than one million people over town on inauguration and women's march weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> that breaking news from texas. one person died after a robbery and shooting at a mall in san antonio. let's take a live look outside the rolling oaks mall, a briefing that happened 15 minutes ago. people said one,
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men tried to rob a jewelry store. it appears a witness intervened and was fatally shot. six other people were wounded. police made one arrest but are looking for a second suspect. they say the mall is secure and this hour. dampen cloudy weather stuck around for a second day, mr. you rain lingering in some areas. heavier rain and gusty winds are on the way. molly cochran has a first look at your stormwatch forecast. i'm imagining temperatures would did a bit, molly. molly: that's right. we are going to be monitoring this all night long. wind advisory will be going into effect overnight tonight and that extends to any of the shaded counties you see behind me until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. some of those wind gusts getting into the mid-20's to lower 30's. we are tracking severe weather across the southeast. those red outline boxes are tornado watches in effect until 10:00 local time. this is important to our weather story because the wet weather is going to be dripping on north.
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afternoon. that is set to continue overnight tonight, with heavier rain moving in right around 1:00 a.m. around 1:00 a.m. into the morning commute tomorrow, it is going to come down quite heavy. you want to make sure you give yourself extra time and plan ahead. coming up, a look at your extended forecast and how much rain we are going to be getting. >> so unusual to have this warm weather in january. stormwatch 7 is tracking severe weather in the southeast were a tornado killed more than a dozen people in georgia. most of the deaths happened in the southwestern part of the state. on saturday 4 people were killed by a tornado in mississippi. severe storms are moving through florida, south carolina, and alabama. stay connected with the abc 7 stormwatch weather team whenever the weather gets bad. download our stormwatch app and follow us on facebook and twitter to get instant forecasts right at your fingertips. the latest on the rain as soon as you wake up b
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meteorologist to gloria johnson and eileen whelan have you covered for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. the massive cleanup on the national mall continues today. crews are back out there today to clean up the mess left behind after the inauguration and the women's march on washington. the president weighed in on yesterday's yegor breaking march. tweets via hiso personal count. this morning between comet watched contests yesterday but was under the impression we just had an election. why didn't these people vote? a lot of voices heard, opinions expressed on this historic and busy weekend at the nation's p rate on friday president trump took the oath of office, becoming the 45th president. saturday hundreds of thousands showed up for the women's march on washington, and now it's a mass exodus is everyone heads home. some wonder what is next.
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national airport with more. it's interesting because as people pass by, you can hear them discussing politics. been talking to people all weekend long, they have come from great lengths to watch the president or to attend that women's march. take a look behind me. a little bit more crowded than the last time we saw you at 5:00. people checking in. .o major delays at the airport after protests and marches this weekend, many people now asking, what are the next steps? i thought it was the most rectangular experience i've ever had, as far as government is concerned -- spectacular experience i've ever had, as far as government is concerned. reporter: watching donald trump become the leader of the free world. this afternoon he and his wife are boarding a plane back to chattanooga, tennessee. >> to be able to experience that
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exciting and very humbling. reporter: the lines have been steady and reagan national airport after hundreds of thousands of people came for trump's inauguration and the women's march on washington yesterday. now heading home to grand junction, colorado. >> i think the momentum is going, it is just continuing to have a voice and making sure our voices are heard. reverend jesse jackson speaking at the ebenezer amy church in fort washington today, also talking about what's next after women marched in protest around the world. >> [inaudible] reporter: jackson saying the nonviolent marches against caps quote, hateful rhetorical was just the first step and the president must understand they will keep fighting. >> i remind him that a man with his power, power is enhanced by grace and kindness. reporter:
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like we said, the president took to twitter this morning about those protests and about an hour after his first tweet, he tweeted again, saying that peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy. even if i don't always agree, i recognize the right to people to express their views. speaking with many people, they tell us they will be watching both the president and his administration very closely. like tonight at reagan national airport, ryan hughes, abc 7 news . an hour apart, two very different tones. the massive crowds put metro to the test this weekend, but the agency rose to the challenge and now celebrates a record-setting weekend. emily is life outside the foggy bottom metro station right now for a straight how is it looking? -- now for us. how is it looking tonight? reporter: that's right. the numbers released today indicate that the women's march on washington was historic.
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was the second busiest day yesterday for metro next to president obama's inauguration in 2009. metro's general manager says the rail system provided more than one million rides yesterday. statement to point out the statistic and also to thank metro employees for their hard work on inauguration day, and then on saturday with the women's march. success isote, this especially impressive given the monumental challenge of sustaining such an operation over back-to-back days, along with the logistical challenges that come from national special security events. the announcement comes a day after president donald trump expressed disappointment over the media's portrayal of the turnout at friday upon soon inauguration. metro board chairman jack evans says there were more people in attendance at the women's march
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he says he's also pleased with metro's work yesterday. >> i was at both events. it's not to be critical or of either event. the inauguration had less people, there's no doubt about that. the pictures would show that. as for my attendance, i could see who was there and who wasn't. yesterday clearly there were twicethe inauguration had less people, there's no doubt about that. the pictures would show that. to three times as many people as the inauguration, but it was a very different event. keep in mind at the inauguration, the security kept people away for the most part. yesterday everything was wide open. yesterday was metro's finest hour. metro rose to the occasion. everyone we could get out there was out there on the tracks. metro continues to prepare for major events. their safetrack program continues on february 11. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly:
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developing now, president trump appeared in the east room of the white house with vice resident pants -- pence --vice president pence. meet with thewill leaders of canada, the u.k., and mexico. he thanked president obama for a desk ofe left on the the oval office but would not reveal what it said. in the meantime, the white house is defending press secretary sean spicer and his now widely disputed claim about the crowd size at the inauguration. >> you are saying it's a falsehood and they are giving sean spicer -- gave alternative facts to that. kimberly: the #alternativefacts is now one of the top trending topics on twitter. users are mockingly tweeting alternative facts of their own. senior advisor kellyanne conway also said the president will never release his tax returns. in response, wiki leaks sent out this tweet urging people to send the returns to the organization so it can really slim.
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president said he was under an irs audit and he would release his tax returns when that audit was complete. end after a abrupt driver takes off from a police
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kimberly: the loudoun county shirts office is investigating after a crash killed two people. -- sheriff's office is investigating after a crash killed two people. near dulles west boulevard and sterling. during the chase the cops say they lost sight of the car but found it a short time later, crashed into that tree. >> it looked really bad. he had to have been going really fast. to do what he did -- they were out here with chainsaws, cut the tree down to get it away from
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from the car by a deputy as the vehicle caught fire. the two passengers both died. their names have not yet been released. a teenage boys in the hospital tonight after shooting in alexandria. cap and around 1:00 in the morning. -- it happened around 1:00 in the morning. investigators do not believe the shooting was random. grab an umbrella and give yourself a few extra minutes tomorrow. coming up at 6:30, molly times
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kimberly: an update on former president h.w. bush and his wife, barbara. a spokesperson says the former president is improving. doctors are hopeful he can be moved out of the icu in the next
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for breathing difficulties from pneumonia, and the former first lady will be kept one more night as she recovers from bronchitis. concerning they are in the hospital. there is something sweet about them being there at the same time grady wish them both a full recovery. it is warm for january. molly: it surely is grady will be staying warm for the next couple of days. we are focusing in. now, hereit is is what we are starting. severe weather continues across the southeast. box extendsine towards charleston, south carolina and off to the south in tampa, these are tornado watches through 10:00 tonight. we have been getting reports all day long of a few tornadoes across georgia this past weekend. they are really feeling the brunt of things here. this is important to our weather story. this moisture will be moving off to the north, giving us some heavy rain ove
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now, just some drizzle, jury conditions continue but overnight, writer on 1:00 a.m., that is when we will be picking up in intensity. watch the shading pretty dark green, yellow, and orange, all moving towards the d.c. area. this is moderate to heavy rain, maybe even a few claps of thunder by the time we head into lunchtime tomorrow. southern maryland and northern virginia, we are not worried about anything severe in our area, but just some soaking rain. this could cause trouble for your morning commute. keep that in mind and give yourself extra time and make sure you have the umbrella ready to go. by lunchtime tomorrow showers continue in the area. many of us expected to pick up over an inch of rain, locally higher amounts. anywhere between 1 to 2 inches across the area, localized flooding, and poor drainage areas also a concern rate in addition to the rain we have a wind advisory will go into effect overnight tonight through 4:00 monday afternoon, and that extends through any of these tan
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i want to get to our futurecast, right where we see -- that is a; 30 tomorrow morning. it is going to be picking up as we go throughout the day. not stopping there, 50's for the eastern shore. 60 milesn getting to per hour for some of those future wind gusts cutting up. in the d.c. metro much lower than that, around 30 to 45 miles per hour. still very windy. here's a look at your extended forecast, wet weather holds on into tuesday morning. expecting to hit 60 by wednesday, and then we will see weathre return. some sunshine and those highs back in the 40's. kimberly: 60's we don't expect in january. >> unbelievable. we are getting spoiled. i have a feeling we may have some snow in february. kimberly: a girl can dream. >> ready to talk basketball?
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today. they're on the road and xavier looking for a big east road win. the redskins search for a new offensive and defensive coordinator. we will tell you the changes to
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>> it's been a busy sunday for the washington redskins. you know those coaching staff vacancies? filling up pretty quickly. according to reports, the redskins will promote quarterbacks coach matt cavanaugh to office of coordinator. it is a familiar position for cavanaugh, who was the offense of coordinator for two years with the bears and another six seasons with the ravens, including their 2000 super bowl winning team. the redskins promoted outside linebackers coach greg manusky
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was let go at the end of the season. manusky served as defensive coordinator in san francisco from 2007 to 2010. he held the same title with san diego in 2011 and indianapolis in 2012 -- from 2012 to 2015. meanwhile, the redskins starting quarterback is apparently having quite the exciting start to the off-season. i say this sarcastically after kirk cousins sent out this tweet on saturday. it reads, not being in the playoffs means my january weekends involves sitting on mall benches outside perfume stores, waiting on my wife. #never again. well, kirk, remember, happy wife equals happy life. the nfc championship game was a juicy matchup on paper. both teams playing excellent football right now. five-games on a winnin
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have one make it straight games. this was also -- a straight games. aaron rodgers and matt ryan going toe to toe with a trip to the super bowl on the line. this was all falcon. third quarter, already 24-0 atlanta. matt ryan to julio jones, breaks a couple of tackles and he is gone. 73 yard touchdown, the falcons win. 44-21. this one wasn't even close. the falcons advanced to their second super bowl in franchise history. before the season starts, every college basketball team has the same goal, make it to the dance to have a chance. right now georgetown needs to do a lot of work just to get to the ncaa tournament bubble. la jolla still has plenty of chances to build their resume. a win today at number 22 xavier would certainly help the cause. just over two minutes ago, georgetown down 8. welcome bernard connects from 3. that was xavier up
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la jolla's fall to 1-6 in the big east. george mason looking for a road win enrichment today. double-double, 25 points and 13 rebounds. letting 23s almost point lead slip away. the hold onto win 82-77. ♪ you got a love it. the washington capitals won twitter last night with this tweet. who doesn't love dancing queen? that is lars johansson, the father of marcus johansson, cutting up a rug in the locker big after the team's comeback win in dallas. some of the players joined in on the fun. the caps return home tomorrow night to face carolina. some huge upsets today at the australian open. both number one seeds and a merry and angelique kerber -- andy murray
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sent home. a lot of good tennis down un
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kimberly: i can't get over how warm it is for january. >> i'm not complaining. >> i am. >> you want the snow. it is definitely helping the drought situation. we have a wind advisory in effect through tomorrow afternoon. some of those wind gusts getting into the 40's. definitely want to be paying attention out there, in addition to the wind, heavy rain. soaking downpours coming in through the early half
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monday. give yourself extra time if you are traveling to work, should hit 60 by wednesday. kimberly: tha
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here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. ♪ ah! keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going -- oh! ah! ah! [ cat screeches ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now, here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro! [ cheers and applause ] hey! hey, welcome, guys!


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