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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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kimberly: straight ahead, we are on storm watch as dangerous storms sweep south. we are bracing for heavy rounds of rain. , and i'm hoping that as we move forward it will always work. proves it is up to the chalice, marking the second bie
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and a police chase ends in a deadly crash. two people lose their lives and the person behind the wheel is behind bars. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly: it will be a wet start to the week. it was damp most of today, and now it is dark. i'm kimberly suiters. and gusty wind are on the way. molly cochran has the forecast. molly: some of us will get in inch or more of rain by the time this is said and done. looking at the map, it is really starting to fill in. it is off to the south where we are finding the steadier rain beginning overnight tonight. bringing it closer to home, the shades of green along 66 and 270. late-night travel plans, you will need the windshield wipers on, and it will be the case tomorrow morni
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gusty wind. a wind advisory in effect , some of p.m. tomorrow the wind gusts into the 40's by tomorrow. stay tuned for a look at the extended forecast and i will be timing out the rain. 7 continuesormwatch to track the outbreak of severe weather across the southeast. the death toll from tornadoes in georgia has climbed to 14. tonight, search teams are still looking for survivors and victims. people wereur killed by a tornado in mississippi. intoe weather is expect it tomorrow across the region. stay connected with abc seven storm watch whenever the weather gets bad. download the stormwatch app and follow us on facebook and twitter for instant forecasts. good morning" washington" in the morning for traffic and weather every 10
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back in the air after issues caused a ground stop on all domestic flights. the problem started at 8 p.m. the problem started at 8 p.m. tonight. a little after 9 p.m., the ground stoppage was lifted and they were working on getting flights underway. toric weekend that included the inauguration and the women's march on washington. hundreds of thousands of people filled the national mall this weekend. home, many made their way all wondering what's next for president trump and our nation. reverend jesse jackson spoken for washington today, saying people will keep fighting for what they believe in. power can be enhanced by grace and kindness. twitter, president trump said he watched the protests and asked, why didn't th
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he did not agree, he recognize the rights of people to express their views. his firsttrump begins full week in office tomorrow by signing another round of executive orders and meeting with congressional leaders of both parties. the first press briefing of the new administration is scheduled for 1 p.m. later he will meet with the british prime minister at the white house. today, the swearing in of senior reception for law enforcement, taking time to praise fbi director james comey. some democrats say that comey's actions during the election helped trump win. aboutconcerns have been our relations with russia, past relations. i'm very cautious about this, but i believe mr. tillerson understands the
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relationship. kimberly: senators john mccain and lindsey graham now say they support rex tillerson to be secretary of state. the senate foreign relations committee is expected to vote on his nomination tomorrow. a vote is also likely for congressman mike pompeo to lead the cia. spicer gave alternative facts. kimberly: that was the white house defense of press secretary sean spicer and his widely disputed claims about the crowd size at the inauguration. after kellyanne conway made the comments, the phrase "alternative facts" started trending on twitter. know thewill never actual size of the crowds in friday's inauguration, there was no disputing the size of the women's march on washington, roughly half a million people. both were a major test for metro and the agency passed with
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ede general manager prais the transit workers for their historic work this weekend. the-lysa gayle is covering story from the much quieter rosslyn station tonight. anna-lysa? the numbersimberly, released this afternoon confirmed what we already suspect it when we saw thousands of people filing into the metro station across the city. the women's march on washington was definitely one for the history books. as hundreds of thousands of pink d.c.,illed the streets of metro felt a challenge to keep up with demand. >> metro rose to the occasion. every train we could get out there was out there on the tracks. anna-lysa: it's a challenge workers have not seen since president barack obama's inauguration in 2009. >> every one of our stations had a crowds, people trying to get into the system. anna-lysa: general mag
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on washington was the second busiest day in metro history with more than one million entrants into the rail system. that came a day after donald trump said some media outlets misrepresented the turnout at friday's inauguration. since then, this side-by-side photo has gone viral, comparing president trump's inauguration with president obama's first. >> they showed a field where there was practically nobody standing. toi know the president try say there was a million people there. that is probably unlikely, but the pictures would show that. celebratesas metro the weekend accomplishments, they are preparing for more major events in the nation's capital. >> metro worked, and i'm hoping as we go forward metro will always work. efforts tometro's continue improving continues next month when safetrack
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gayle, abc 7 news. developments from the inauguration day protests. a lawyer for some of the 230 people arrested for the violent for breakingsted windows and lighting a limo on fire, all three were -- all of them were charged with felony rioting yesterday and face up to 10 years in prison and hefty fines. the lawyer representing 50 of them called the charges and overreach and said the police basically arrested everyone in the location where the trouble was. d.c. police identified and arrested a man for throwing a rock at riot police officers friday. the police say that 30-year-old dane powell of florida was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer while arm. after tossing the rock, he ran away, but they tracked him down yesterday. crews were still cleani
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national mall today. there was quite a mess left behind after donald trump's inauguration and the women's march on washington. it tooktwo full days to get it cleaned. developing now, details in a deadly jewelry store robbery at a san antonio mall. we first broke you this -- broke this as breaking news. the police shot and killed a man when a good samaritan intervened. person shot the suspect with a concealed handgun. >> this is senseless. this is the second time a good samaritan was killed trying to intervene to help the victim. it's absolutely sent muscles -- absolutely senseless. kimberly: three bystanders were injured in the exchange of gunfire. and a woman may have gone into labor. the police are looking for the second thief. still a lot of questions about the victims in a deadly crash in lo
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when a driver got pulled over by a sure stephanie and took awful -- you got conner pulled over by a sheriff's deputy and then took off. next torobin lives where the crash happened sunday morning. remnants of what was left of a car. it was pretty smashed up. cheryl: p's still hanging from branches. this went into the ground like a spear. two lives came to an end. the latter county sheriff's office tells us the car came off the road, hit the tree, and wound up in this ditch with parts scattered. a police spokesman said the deputy spotted a car speeding. the driver kept going and ran a red light when the deputy tried to make a stop. seconds
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the tree. >> it became part of the tree. deputy surrounded the car as it burst into flames. >> he hit that at a very high speed. cheryl: passengers who have not been identified died at the scene. >> what is he? going that fast for on a road like this rounded stars with reckless driving, but more charges are likely. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. teenage boy is in the hospital tonight after a shooting in alexandria. this happened about 1 a.m. in groveton. thestigators do not believe shooting was random, but there is no word of any arrests. coming up -- samsung comes clean. the official cause of the galaxy
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kimberly: the pictures are really incredible, at a stroke of luck save this man after a bus crashed into his minnesota home. >> it was one of the loudest noise is i've heard in a long time. >> i look at the guy and turn my head and there was a bus inside my house. kimberly: that's never a good thing. he was taking a nap on the couch near the front window friday night when the transit bus plowed in, pushing the couch out of the side of the house with the man on it, the house crumbling around him. he walked away with bruised shins and scratches. bus crasheday the into another vicle before hitting a gas line and running into the house.
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california, where the southern part of the state is experiencing widespread flooding. several powerful storms have moved through. up to six inches of rain fell in los angeles today, leading to several rescues last night. snow is falling in the higher elevations around big bear. the drought in no earth or in a seriesa ended with of storms earlier this month. super extreme weather out west and in the midwest and in the south. molly: all over the place and we weather astoive well. we will need raincoats tomorrow and the wind is picking up. we still have a tornado watch in effect until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. that includes miami. quickly want to point out the eye, this is the center of the low just to the north of
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, spiraling, a very strong low. that is bringing in heavy rain overnight tonight. it has been dark injury all weekend long. the green shading is filling in overnight. expecting the heavy rain to start at 1 a.m. on until the morning rush. notice the darker shades of green, orange, and yellow, an indicator of the heavy soaking rain. take it slow, give yourself extra time. through lunchtime the umbrella will be needed. i would not be surprised if southern maryland and northern virginia heard some thunder by the time this is said and done. not expecting severe weather, but we are anticipating heavy rain. in terms of how much, about an inch or more for many of us. locally, we could see two inches, so definitely a good soaking rain. the wind speed still running light right now.
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we have the wind advisory going into effect at 5 a.m. through 4 p.m., including d.c. metro north. anywhere that you see the tan shaded counties, that is where we are anticipating when gusts in excess of 40 miles per hour, even possibly 50 towards the eastern shore and annapolis. small branches could be breaking off come in addition to the soaking rain. be careful, downed trees possible and power outages cannot be ruled out. the extended forecast, low 50's tuesday with morning rain. then we are looking brighter wednesday. we could hit 60 degrees. pretty hard to believe this time of year, but that will be coming to an end as the temperatures return to about average this time of year, overnight lows more typical of january, in the upper 20's by friday and saturday nights. kimberly:
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like the mild weather. thanks. scott: can we do this whole time? kimberly: in san diego. we have not heard much about the redskins, but some news? scott: a coaching shuffle in ashburn today. big changes at redskins park. plus, a trip to the super bowl on the line in atlanta. sports is coming up.
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z290ez zi0z y290ey yi0y and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. for the busy sunday redskins. the coaching staff vacancies are filling up quickly. the redskins are turning
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quarterback coach matt cavanaugh into the defensive coordinator. he spent six seasons with the ravens, including their 2000 super bowl-winning team. and the redskins promoted the outside linebackers coach to defensive coordinator, in place of joe perry who was let go at the end of the season. he served as the defensive coordinator in san francisco in 2010, holding the same title in san diego and indianapolis. a big day for nfl fans. the football final four had the spotlight. foxborough, the afc championship game, a showdown between the patriots and steelers. their first meeting in the playoffs since 2004. second quarter, 10-6 pats. hogan, 34to chris yard touchdown. the patriots
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pittsburgh. it is the seven super bowl brady.nce for tom falcons-packers, nfc title. this was all falcons. third quarter, matt ryan. julio jones breaks a couple tackles, all the way, 73 yard touchdown. 21, advancing 44- to their second super bowl in franchise history. men's basketball, georgetown on the road, facing xavier. two minutes to go in the game, georgetown down eight. this does not help. hoyas fall to 1-6 in the big east. and don't forget, keep it right here for abc 7 "sports sunday." former redskins linebacker can harvey joins me in the studio to discuss the coaching changes and what to do with kirk cousins. kimberly: you mean kirk cousins
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his wife to go shopping at the mall? scott: i would get the pretzel and just chill.
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design and manufacturing of batteries caused them to overheat and burst into flames. they recalled 2.5 million phones back in september and blamed it on lithium batteries from a supplier. 7 with different batteries also started to catch fire, so samsung permanently dropped the phone in october. a beer recall. sierra nevada brewing company is recalling a different types of beer after detecting a packaging flaw that could cause glass to break into the bottles. the popular sierra nevada pale ale,sidecar orange pale and six others. the affected beers have a package date that falls between
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13, and an "m" brewer recode printed on the bottle. virginia and maryland are among the 36 states with the impacted beers.
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kimberly: what would you think if you saw this tweet from an indiana police spokesman? a truck driver lost his marbles, literally. disconnected,t spelling 38,000 pounds of marbles and creating a traffic headache. that is a big cleanup. scott: that's a lot of marbles. kimberly: you


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