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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this monday morning, major storm threats on both coasts. spawning dozens of tornados in the southeast. the rescue operations overnight. plus, mudslide concerns on the west coast. watch and listen to these scenes out there. flash floods washing away cars, we're tracking it all. donald trump's first full week as president gets under way today. his administration falsely claiming his inauguration had the biggest crowd ever and going after the media. plus, his top aides saying the president's tax returns will never be released. caught on camera, a woman pulled from a burning car with seconds to spare. she's talking about the moment a police officer pulled her to safety. and super bowl li is officially set. the patriots versus the falcons. both pulling off big wins in conference champ
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coming up. we do say good morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm erielle reshef in for diane macedo. we begin with the rising death toll in the southeast as severe storms spawned several tornados. >> first a look at the radar right now. you can see the powerful storm system stretching from south florida to north carolina. overnight tornado warnings posted for miami-dade county as well as down to the florida keys. >> there have been 28 reported tornadoes since saturday. 19 people are dead in mississippi and in georgia. video of the damage here in cook county, georgia, it's not just the southeast getting hit with severe weather. concerns of flash flooding and mudslides in california. this video showing a car being swept away in santa clarita. dramatic images from both coasts. >> reporter: severe weather
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this morning the storms hitting florida, downing trees and knocking out power. in adele, georgia, debris strewn everywhere after a tornado strike. the remains of what were once family homes. at least seven people killed in this small town alone. abc's gio benitez arriving there overnight. >> this is one of the hard-hit areas in southern georgia. one of many places that we learned have been hard hit and just take a look at me. mind me giant trees toppled over. this is the only spot we were able to set up our camera because there's still a search and rescue effort under way in this area. >> reporter: this new video in louisiana near the texas border showing homes ripped apart. a tornado tore through here packing 135-mile-an-hour winds. >> this is our driveway right here. >> reporter: on the west coast, growing concerns about mudslides in southern california. this wall of water rushing down a hillside and filling the street. >> in all the years i've been here this is way worse than
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>> reporter: flash flood near the cajon pass trapping these people in a pickup truck. both pulled to safety with help from firefighters and a raft. massive waves more than 30 feet high in monterey bay breaking apart this historic ship. here's what the "ss palo alto" used to look like built into a pier, the powerful wave flipping it over and separating the stern from the rest of the ship. those storms are still on the move. much of the northeast is bracing for those powerful storms later today and there's more rain and snow for southern california. >> accuweather's paul williams is tracking all of it. he joins us now. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, kendis, erielle. as we're still tracking that dangerous storm now it's going to become a two-headed monster down towards florida widespread scattered showers that could cause localized flooding and potent rain in the mid-atlantic and jettisoning it well to the north. we are expecting on the other side of the country widespread snow showers that's g
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heavy showers continuing throughout los angeles down towards san diego and those snow showers reaching up towards helena, as well. erielle, kendis. >> all right, our thanks to paul. now, today marks the first full weekday of the trump administration. the president actually has a pretty full schedule which includes a meeting with leaders on capitol hill. >> his first chance to sit down with lawmakers as he looks to set his agenda. it comes after a weekend battle with the media. abc's stephanie ramos joins us now live from washington. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, today is supposed to be a business ski day at the white house. president trump is scheduled to meet with leaders from both parties and expected to try to reshape some policy through executive actions relating to trade, immigration and national security. president trump kicks off his first week on the job at the white house today. >> we have set up meetings with the prime minister of the united kingdom.
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speak with foreign leaders including israeli prime minister netanyahu but it was a rocky first weekend. on saturday, speaking at the cia on day one of his presidency in front of the memorial wall of fallen heroes trump battling it out with the media accusing the press of inventing his feud with the intelligence community. >> i just want to let you know the reason you're number one stop is exactly the opposite. >> reporter: then hours later in his first appearance at the podium white house press secretary sean spicer railed on the media's coverage of trump's inaugural address crowd. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> reporter: but the pictures don't lie. this is the crowd as obama gave his first inaugural compared to the crowd on friday as trump delivered his remarks. both photos taken from the washington monument. trump adviser kellyanne conway stood by spicer's account. >> you're saying it's a fausthood and they're giving sean spicer our press secretary gave alternative facts to that. >> look, alternative facts a
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they're falsehoods. >> reporter: and across the nation, millions marching in opposition to president trump and in solidarity for women's rights. >> once in a lifetime opportunity. to be able to speak up and be part of such a massive national movement. >> reporter: trump's team to getting to work. many of his cabinet posts are empty. today the senate is expected to confirm two of his nominees, congressman mike pompeo for cia director and rex tillerson for secretary of state. kendis, erielle. >> stephanie ramos live in washington, thank you. stephanie talking about the secretary of state possibility nominee. he has at least one supporter who is backing him right now. >> yeah, we're talking about rex tillerson, senator john mccain says he will vote in favor of the former exxonmobil ceo. the arizona republican does have concerns about his relationship with russian leader vladimir
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new president the benefit of the doubt with his selection. the white house saying you won't be seeing the new president's tax returns during the election. you may remember donald trump said that he would release those tax returns once an irs audit was completed. but on abc's "this week with george stephanopoulos" on sunday top aide kellyanne conway said trump will not be releasing his returns. she says it's because people don't care about them. a recent abc news "wall street journal" poll found 73% of americans want to see those returns. >> okay, we're going to switch gears and talk about something people care about. the super bowl match-up. it's already set. new england versus atlanta. the pats demolished the pittsburgh steelers, 36-17. patriots fans celebrating their ninth super bowl appearance. there they go. wow. nice dance moves. you can join the cheerleaders. this is their second visit to the super bowl in three years. >> quarterback matt ryan made sure his falcons are going to the big game. atlanta clobbered the green bay
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ouch. for the packers for the second appearance for the falcons ever. check out falcons owner arthur blank. the billionaire on the dance floor with the team and we will, of course, have the highlights for you later in sports. still ahead, a popular beer making -- beermaker pulling its brew off the shelves. the concerns about glass bottles. united airlines grounded. a computer glitch affecting all of its domestic flights. what we learn about the i.t. issue. caught on camera a woman rescued from a burning car. we're hearing from her about this terrifying ordeal.
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former president george h.w. bush's condition is improving. this according to a family spokesman. mr. bush is being treated for pneumonia at a hospital in houston. now, doctors say he may leave the intensive care unit in the next day or two. mean wile, former first lady barbara bush was given the option of going home on sunday but decided to stay for another night to be closer to her husband. >> united airlines is flying again all domestic flights were grounded for more than two hours last night because of a data system that wasn't working. that system usually sends text messages to the pilots in the cockpit before they leave the gates with weight and balance figures. calculations normally are done by computer and they had to be done manually which takes much longer. samsung is providing more details about what caused the galaxy note 7 smartphones to overheat and explode. the tech giant blames battery manufacturing and design flaws for the fiasco. samsung was forced to recall the popular phones and
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production over that problem. there may be new trouble far yahoo resulting from the two data breaches. "the wall street journal" reports the secures and exchange commission is looking into whether they should have told investors about its problem sooner than they did. they weren't disclosed until verizon decided to buy them and now it may scuttle that deal entirely. there is a recall affecting one of the united states' top brewers. sierra nevada brewing is pulling some of its 12-ounce bottles off the shelves due to a packaging issue. so the problem is it could cause glass to break and fall inside those bottles. the company says there haven't been any customer complaints or reports of injuries. the affected beers are sold in more than 30 states. full details at when we come back a deadly shooting at a texas mall. one person killed. several others injured overnight. a second person in custody. a lawyer pleads
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hypnotizing his female client to assault them. the secret video that helped put him away.
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southern california being hit by one of the pose powerful storms in recent years. this truck on the flooded roadways near los angeles. the rain is expected to taper off tomorrow. so many images from southern california there. unbelievable man, where aren't there going to be weather problems today if you're hitting the roads? holy cow. i've never seen the map like this. heavy rain in the northeast. snow in the mountains. heavy snow in the sierra and northern rockies. >> only places in the clear, my hometown oklahoma. delays in new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., boston and los angeles. >> all the big cities impact the. to texas and two suspects in a deadly mall shooting both in custody this morning. the suspect was arrested last night after initially fleeing the scene. this video is new to us. it shows
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the police station and police say another suspect was shot after allegedly killing a good samaritan who tried to stop him in the first place. >> this starting after a robbery at a jewelry store. several others were injured during a shoot-out that forced terrified shoppers to run for cover. the suspects are facing several charges including capital murder. now to a shocking crime an ohio lawyer convicted of hypnotizing female clients in order to have sex with them. >> one of then was caught on tape in a police sting. this morning we're getting a first look at the secret video that helped put him away. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: shocking footage showing a divorce lawyer hypnotizing a client. and then taking advantage of her. >> part of you, one, two, three. >> reporter: watch as 59-year-old michael fine puts the woman into a trance without her knowledge or consent saying it's just a breathing exercise. but fine using his hypnosis to make the woman walk over to
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sexual encounter. >> your entire body is a vessel of pleasure. >> reporter: before awakening her and acting like nothing ever happened. >> okay, so we have some papers to go over. >> reporter: that's when police bust in and nab him. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. a baseball tragedy. two major league players die in unrelated car crashes in the dominican republic. yordano ventura was killed this weekend when he was thrown from his jeep. ventura played a major role in the royals world series win in 2015. he was just 25 years old. also killed in a crash in the dominican republic this weekend former major league infielder andy marte. he played five of his seven seasons in the majors for the cleveland indians. a woman from spokane, washington, incredibly grateful to be alive thanks to a police officer. watch this. body cam video shows the officer breaking that woman's window
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caught fire. along with the neighbor who rushed to the scene they managed to pull the driver to safety. >> i honestly believe that i may not make it out of there. that i thought i was going to die there and so panic was definitely setting in and i was doing everything i had within my power. i mean i tried all the doors and tried to open them myself and then kicking as hard as i possibly could. >> wow, she came so close right there. it is still a mystery what caused kim novak's car to burst into flames and the officer not only saved her life but he brut her ice cream and wine the next day. he's a guy that keeps giving. >> very happy ending there thank goodness. as we mentioned earlier the patriots and falcons will play in super bowl li. >> hoping for a happy ending in two weeks. details from espn. >> good morning, america. it is the monday after championship sunday and because we love america, we should have tom brady start because he's the greatest living american. >> yes, he is. he's going back to the super bowl
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>> america's game. >> yeah, there he is, number 12. ben roethlisberger has a couple rings, as well. he's not going to get a chance for his third, brady to chris hogan. le'veon bell, maybe the best all around running back but had a groin flare-up. only lasted six carries. that would be a major problem for the steeler offense. a little trickeration. flea flicker, hogan, nine catches, 189 yards and patriots win easily and play in super bowl li in houston against -- >> the nfc representative. packers/falcons, two fine quarterbacks in this, matt ryan, aaron rodgers, although most of this belonged to matt ryan. 14-yard touchdown run, 17-0. and then julio jones, he had a beautiful touchdown catch at the end of the half. a little toe tapper and look, get off me. i would like to go to houston for the super bowl. falcons are going for the second time,
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which sent all of my family into a deep season ending depression so if you see one of them put your arm around them and tell them everything will be fine. >> if you see my mom, tell her happy birthday. she's 85 this morning. good morning, mary and america. >> happy birthday. up next in "the pulse," more on super bowl li. the $80,000 tickets and early favorite from vegas. one city's new approach to firefighting.
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♪ okay, so it's your monday "pulse." we'll talk about sunday. afc championship game and it was pretty cold outside of boston. 40 degrees. >> that's not ba bad. patriots quarterback tom brady apparently couldn't resist
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looking winter coat. >> it's a weird little onesie there. the twitterverse certainly took notice making reference to brady's apparently channeling seinfeld's george costanza with the big coat, of course. >> or maybe marge simpson, again, i'm sticking with spongebob. >> yeah. you know what, tom brady looks good doing anything. >> looks like he's smuggling someone in there. we have a super bowl mark to shoot for this year. the largest ticket transaction, one person actually bought six front row seats on the 30 yard line at more than $83,000. and in vegas, the patriots open as a three-point favorite. >> they do things in a big flashy way in dubai. tall skyscrapers, luxury jetliners and cutting-edge firefighting? >> this is the dolphin. it combines a jet ski with a jetpack for a quick response to fires on yachts and shoreline buildings and there's no
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for a hydrant, of course, you just lower the hose and voila. >> only good -- fourth of july. >> it's a prototype. so where does a 600-pound sea lion -- >> where is he? >> -- sleep? on the roof of this in puget sound. seems to enjoy the attention it's getting preening a bit before catching a more winks. >> the owner of the car didn't realize themorning washington. a wet and windy day ahead.. and that could have a big impact on your morning and evening commute. a full hour by hour weather forecast is coming up. but first here are some of the morning's other top stories. happening today-- president donald trump begins his first week in office pushing for congress to vote on a slew of cabinet nominees. only two of trump's picks have been confirmed so far. later today-- senators are expected to confirm kansas congressman mike pompeoa
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tillerson as secretary of state. meanwhile-- trump advisor kellyanne conway is under fire this morning for those comments she made while defending white house defense of press secretary sean spicer. in his first press conference saturday-- spicer made widely-disputed claims about crowd size at the inauguration. the phrase "alternative facts" is one of the top trending topics on twitter. good morning washington. toss to veronica
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stormwatch 7 continues to track the..
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severe weather across the southeast. at least 18 people are dead this morning-- 14 of those deaths coming in from georgia where fast moving storms tore across the state. right now -- search teams are still looking for survivors and victims. on saturday, four people were killed by another tornado in mississippi. downed trees and powerlines have made roads impassable-- and slowing down rescue workers and emergency supply shipments. developing now-- a lawyer for some of the people arrested for violent inauguration day protests-- is calling for some of the charges to be dropped police made arrests after crowds began breaking windows... and also lit garbage cans and a limo on fire. all 230 people were charged with felony rioting... and face up to 10 years in prison and a heft fine. but a lawyer representing 50 of those arrested... called the charges an over-reach and said police "basically arrested everyone" in the location. happening now. an ashurn man is facing criminal
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two people. it happened early sunday morning in arcola. police say a sheriff's deputy was attempted to stop a speeding car-- but the driver kept going. eventually-- the vehicle ran a red light, slid off the road, and crashed into a tree-- sending debris everywhere. two passengers inside were pronounced dead on the scene. the driver, 25-year-old david brown, was pulled from the vehicle be a sheriff's deputy. "it's truly amazing that he survived it. he hit that at a very high speed." "what were they going that fast for on a road like this. i don't understand it." brown is charged with reckless driving but the sheriff's office says more charges are likely. it's xx and we're just getting started. coming up-- a nor'eaaster moving in-- bringing strong winds and heavy rain. you are waking up to a big mess. good morning washington.
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