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tv   Good Morning Washington 5am  ABC  January 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a nor'easter is pushing through bringing with it high wind and heavy rain! prepare now before you head out the door. this is the same system blamed for more than a dozens deaths down south. good morning washington i'm jummy olbanji in for larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. let's get right to stormwatch7 meteorologist veronica johnson as we prepare you for the day ahead.
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jamie toss to johnny
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we're following breaking news in fall church. a manhunt happening
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breaking news in fall church. a manhunt happening right now, after a driver shoots at a police cruiser, then takes off. this all happened on georgetown pike near rossmore court that's where our ryan hughes is live this morning.. ryan? president trump begins his first full week on the job
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new round of executive orders. expected first on the agenda - orders to reverse restrictons on carbon emmissions.. changes in immigration policy.. and taking action on nafta - the north american free trade agreement. a ceremonial signing is set for this morning. and also on trump's public schedule for today... separate meetings with corporate and union leaders.. an intelligence briefing... lunch with vice president mike pence.. and tonight, a meeting with bi-partisan congressional leaders at the white house. on the hill today - the senate is set to vote on two of the president's cabinet picks, including secretary of state nominee "rex tillerson". lawmakers on both sides of aisle have expressedc
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but senators john mccain and lindsey graham say they will now suppor the former exxon-mobil c-e-o. a vote is also expected today for congressman mike pompeo to lead the c-i-a. trump is starting his first week in office, with only two cabinet members confirmed so far. general james mattis for defense secretary, and general john kelly as secretary of homeland security. a stormwatch seven weather alert.. severe storms and tornadoes slamming the south - leaving more than a dozen dead. we're tracking the damage and clean up - still ahead.
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toss to eileen still ahead on good morning washington - a ground stop nationwide.
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putting united airlines on hold. the new information about the i-t issue we're learning overnight. plus - a feel good family film, facing serious backlash. the animal abuse allegations that
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the one and only type 2 diabetes treatment with heart. visit for a free consultation with a certified diabetes educator if you qualify. montgomery county remain on the scene of a major house fire. this is unfolding right now on haines road in hyattstown. the first 911 calls came in around 2:30 this morning. when firefighters arrived, walls in the house were
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just learned in the last few minutes, the fire is out, but one person is unacounted for. we have a crew on the scene... as soon s we have new details, well pass them along. now to a stormwatch seven alert.. a deadly weather weekend in the south. storms -- including tornadoes - tearing through multiple states. the severe weather left at least 18 people dead. the majority of those were in georgia, where a tornado leveled a mobile home park in the southern part of the state. some residents there are still missing this morning. georgia's governor has declared a state of emergency in multiple counties. meanwhile on the west coast.. mudslide concerns are growing in the southern california. flash-flood warnings are in effect across the area as a storm dumps rain at a rate of nearly three-quarters of an inch per hour. evacuations have been ordered near wildfire burn areas in santa barbara, los angeles and orange counties. officials say mudlsides could restrict accessf
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united airlines is flying again this morning - after a computer glitch temporarliy grounded all it's domestic flights sunday night. the nationwide ground stop lasted about an hour. the airline blamed the issue on an "i-t issue." sources say it was due to a problem with the communication system that airplanes use to send information to united operations. baseball fans are mourning the death of kansas city royals pitcher yordano ventura. ventura was killed in a car crash in the dominican republican over the weekend. fans put up this memorial in kansas city, leaving flowers and baseball memorabilia. ventura pitched in the 20-14 world series and helped the team clinch the championship the following year. he was 25 years old. a big controversy is surrounding the new movie, "a dog's purpose." in los angeles, the weekend premiere of the movie was canceled, after t-m-z released video.. and peta called for a boycott. the video appears to show a frightened dog
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churning water during filming. the producer and distributor have not disputed the authenticity of the footage. but they say the dog was not harmed during filming. the movie is scheduled to be released this friday. a warning now.. about a scam targeting homes and businesses in the coldest months of the year.. scammers posing as utility employees are calling people, and threatening to cut off electricity if they don't pay. one man who was targeted lost nearly two-thousand dollars. power companies nationwide are sending out warnings, saying these scams are spreading. the federal trade commission says if you receive a call that seems suspicious, hang up and contact your provider. and remember.. your electric company l
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a pre-paid card. time now for weather a high-tech fight against flames.
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note sevens to catch fire. abc's kendis gibson and erielle reshef have the details in this morning's techbytes.
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a stormwatch7 weather alert. a nor'easter is pushing through bringing with it high
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when you walk out the door. prepare now for the day ahead because its just going to get worse. this is part of the same system blamed for more than a dozens deaths down south. good morning washington i'm jummy olabanji in for larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. let's get right to stormwatch7 meteorologist veronica johnson. toss to vj jamie toss to john
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pete piringer @mcfrspio 9500blk seven locks rd btwn bradley blvd & democracy blvd, wires down/trees burning, some lanes blocked sending john g. and mike in stormtrak7 (rx34) abc seven is on your side when rain, snow
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trump has only been in office for 3 days - but already millions marching against him across the globe. this - as the adminsitration is fighting with the media over inauguration crowd size, and we haven't even started week one yet! abc's stephanie ramos is in northwest dc with more.
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you're waking up to a stormwatch seven weather alert day.
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and a wind advisory in effect for most of the region. another check on the forecast, next.
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and breaking right now..
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a house fire in montgomery county,
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unaccounted for. the new details just coming in.. still ahead.
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information on that serious housefire in hyattstown montgomery county. firefighters are using specialzied equipment to search for one person who is accounted for. this home is on haines road in hyattstown. the first 911 calls came in around 215 this morning. when firefighters arrived the house was fully engulfed and walls had already collapsed. our crews there on the ground are gathering new details as the search for the person gets undwerway... well of course pass new info along. also right now a crime alert in the district... dc police say a man carjacked a taxi at gunpoint this morning... this happened on the 1100 block of 4th st in ne. police give an interesting description of the man... a black man, wearing dark cloths, carry a large amouint of black trash bags. the suspect took off in the green ford crown victoria... the
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the side is elite taxi cab and its number 132. if you see this cab, youre asked to call police. happening today.. a u.s. legal watchdog plans to file a lawsuit against president-elect donald trump. the group alleges, trump is receiving payments from foreign governments via guests at his hotels and leases on his buildings. and it says that's violating a constitutional ban. trump's son, eric says the company has taken greater steps than required to avoid legal exposure. he says the company has agreed to donate any hotel profits to the u.s. treasury that come from foreign government guests. crowd estimates are still being tallied.. following women's marches protesting president-elect donald trump. protests took place yesterday in more than 600 locations around the world. officials say more than 400-thousand demonstrators rallied in new york city.. and there were even more protesters here in d.c. eleven-and-a-half million
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around the world. there was even a small protest in antarctica! metro's general manager is praising the transit system's employees for their efforts during this historic weekend. paul wiedefeld says saturday was the second busiest day in metro's history. there were more than a million entries into the rail system for the women's march. president obama's first inauguration in 2009 was the busiest day. the trump inauguration and the women's march were considered a major test for metro. and officials say the transit agency exceeded expectations. new developments, following a deadly shooting at a mall in san antonio, texas.. a second suspect is now in custody. police say two men tried to rob a jewelry store yesterday. a man who tried to stop the robbers was shot and killed. another man who had a licensed concealed gun returned fire, and shot and critically wounded one of the suspects. the second suspect ran through the mall, and shot and injured a man and a woman. that suspect was arrested last night after crashing a stolen vehicle.
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charges for a car chrash that killed two people. it happened early sunday morning in arcola. police say a sheriff's deputy was attempted to stop a speeding car-- but the driver kept going. eventually-- the vehicle ran a red light, slid off the road, and crashed into a tree-- sending debris everywhere. two passengers inside were dieda the scene. the driver, 25-year-old david brown, was pulled from the vehicle be a sheriff's deputy. he's been charged with reckless driving. coming up at six - a terrifying story out of ohio. a lawyer - accused of hypnotizing his clients - then molesting them. the secret video that helped put him away. plus - redskins quarterback kirk cousins, benched. but, not by the team. his post-season plans at the mall while the patriots and falcons are headed to the super bowl. and - win a chance to hit the slopes this weekend! we're giving away four lift tickets to bryce resort. don't miss our ski giveaway, coming up at six o'clock. the death toll in the southeast isri
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spawn several tornadoes. there have been at least 28 reported tornadoes since saturday. the powerful storms.... responsible for at least 19 deaths. abc's kendis gibson has the latest. 100-103 it's 5: and time for a check on weather.
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new this morning.. madonna is clarifying her controversial
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women's march in washington saturday. the singer told the huge crowd she thought a lot about "blowing up the white house." but the 58-year-old backpedaled in an instagram post on sunday, explaining... she's not a violent person and that her words were "taken wildly out of context." madonna says she "spoke in metaphor" and that she only wants to start "a revolution of love. country singer luke bryan will be performing the national anthem at this year's super bowl. bryan is the first man to sing the star spangled banner at the game in 10 years. while bryan will be opening the game, lady gaga will be on the super bowl stage peforming at half time. this morning - the super bowl 51 match up is set. a season that began with tom brady up is set. a season that began with tom brady serving a four-game suspension will end
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the new england patriots quarterback broke his franchise record.. passing for 384 yards and three touchdowns to power his team to a 36-17 win over the pittsburgh steelers in a-f-c championship. but before the pats stunned the steelers - it was the atlanta falcons, powering past the packers. falcons quarterback matt ryan threw for four touchdowns to beat green bay 44 to 21 in the n-f-c championship. the falcons have never won the super bowl, and this is only their second trip to the big game. this will be the patriots ninth super bowl. they've won four. super bowl fifty one is february fifth in houston. coming up at six - were following breaking news across montgomery county. in hyattstown... a fire, destorying a home and leaving one person unaccounted for.. a live report, still ahead. and in bethesda, wind overnight - knocking down power li
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corey stewart northern
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the fire ripping through a home. now search for a missing person. first, a powerful or easter wrecking havoc in the east. we are on full storm watch seven. good morning to you, washington. autria: there is some nasty weather on its way. let's get started with veronica johnson. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] veronica: this is one of those days where you will be gripping the steering wheel tighter than usual. the windshield wipers will be working overtime right now. we are seeing the wind picking up across the area, the rain and wind working through the area today. d.c., now over 35 miles


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