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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 23, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. trump goes to work. the new president kicks off his first monday in the oval office signing new executive orders drawing battle lines with the media. >> they are among the most dishonest human beings on earth. >> a showdown in the press briefing room today after trump and his team make false claims about the size of his inauguration crowd. >> this is the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> plus i new lawsuit over trump's businesses. wild weather outbreak. at least 30 reported tornadoes tear through the southeast killing at least 19 people. leveling homes, wiping out entire neighborhoods in minutes. the dangerous storm now moving up the east coast. a nor'easter set to hammer major cities with high winds and heavy rain. as the west is slammed by
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in california. emergency crews jumping in for swift water rescues. 000s bracing for mudslides and flash flooding. and a super showdown is set. >> the afc champions are the new england patriots. >> the patriots breaking a record heading back to the super bowl for the ninth time led by tom brady and his three touchdowns as the high-flying falcons pummel aaron rodgers and the packers. >> the atlanta falcons. nfc champions. on to super bowl li. >> now aiming for their first title ever. tom brady and matt ryan set for the ultimate quarterback clash. the countdown to super bowl li starts now. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ we can take control now we do say good morning, america. ooh, i like this match-up. this coming from a saints
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and the patriots. what a match-up. >> tom brady obviously making a lot of headlines with his touchdown on the field but look at this jacket. take a look at this jacket that he was wearing on the sidelines. >> what is that? >> it keeps you nice and toasty and warm, george. you know, he looks like a marshmallow on the bench but once he takes it off he is superman. >> big victory for such a young man. >> in football terms he's an old man. >> i know that. we got a lot coming up. what a weekend in washington, d.c. take a look at the scene there saturday. hundreds of thousands coming out for those marches, those protest marches, at the same time the white house press briefing room, the site of some confrontation. the press secretary called out for going to the room and making false statements about the inauguration. did not take questions then. he will for the first time today likely to be a confrontation and the president has a packed day ahead as well and week. he'll sign executive orders in the oval this morning, meet with house speaker
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and head to philadelphia for a gop retreat on thursday and british prime minister theresa may will visit the white house on friday. abc's cecilia vega at the white house. no surprise, the president also taking to twitter this morning. >> reporter: what a way to start the week. why not start on twitter. that's what he just did. he just tweeted from his account busy week planned with the heavy focus on jobs and national security. now if he makes good on his campaign promises he will sign some executive orders that will begin to roll back some policies of president barack obama on everything from trade to immigration. this morning, president trump potentially headed for a new legal battle. a liberal watchdog group planning to sue the president alleging he is violating the constitution by allowing his businesses like his new hotel in washington, d.c. to accept payments from foreign governments. over the weekend the president swearing in his senior staff from omarosa to jared kushner but the
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a fight over facts. no questions allowed during press secretary sean spicer's first white house briefing. instead, he ripped into reporters for coverage of the inauguration crowd size. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: the problem is, that's not true. there's no official crowd count but there are photos. on the left, president obama 2009 inauguration, on the right, president trump's. the images taken at the exact same location two minutes apart. spicer also claimed there were more d.c. metro riders for president trump's inauguration than president obama's but transit officials say there were actually more than 200,000 fewer riders friday than the 2013 swearing in. when pressed counselor to the president kellyanne conway said spicer offered, quote, alternative facts. >> he had hundreds of thousands of people here. there's no question. i mean i was
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where the president was. we saw crowds as far as the eye can see. >> reporter: now some crowd experts telling "the new york times" there may have been as many as three types more people at the women's march in washington than at trump's inauguration. it was that speech by the president himself at the cia that launched the debate. >> it went all the way back to the washington monument and we caught them in a beauty. i think they'll pay a big price. >> reporter: "snl" pouncing. >> if you're going live don't make it so obvious. see you have friends with lebron, not that you are lebron james. >> reporter: that visit by president trump to the cia took -- it took place in front of the agency's memorial wall to fallen heroes and the president spent much of his time bashing the media and rehashing his election win. that did not sit well with the former cia director who through aides said it was a despicable display of self-aggrandizement. >> kellyanne conway told me she thought brennan acted
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partisan political hack. you'll see a real confrontation today around 1:30. >> reporter: after what many say was a bizarre display by press secretary sean spicer. he'll have his first on camera briefing starting today, monday, where this time he is expected to take questions, george, and you can imagine he'll get a lot of them. >> no question about it. one of them likely to come from jon karl in the white house briefing room right now and, jon, we've talked about this before. you covered ten presidents, ten white house press seconds. what we're dealing with in that briefing room is unlike anything we've ever seen before. >> reporter: yeah, never anything remotely like that especially on the first appearance in the briefing room of a new white house press secretary to come in and deliver a tongue lashing at the press and state some things that simply were not true and not take questions. i expect we'll see a reset here. sean spicer is somebody who is considered, you know, a pro, somebody who has long relationships, long-time relationships with
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to talk about. president trump has a packed schedule. he's meeting with business leaders, labor leaders, congressional leaders. he is signing executive orders. we're not even sure which ones today. there are a lot of unanswered questions, questions far beyond the size of the crowd at the inauguration. >> you're right. there is a lot happening. that's why we have martha raddatz here, as well. two key cabinet nominees are up for votes today. cia director and secretary of state, will they be confirmed and will that help settle things down if they are. >> i think you'll see a confirmation of rex tillerson for state and mike pompeo for cia and i do think that will calm things down especially at the cia. that appearance by donald trump didn't go over well with some people. it was fine with others. i think they know he has a learning curve. he's their number one customer. they want to please their number one customer and i think many were happy he appeared at the cia. it didn't go as planned. they thought it was a little
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they thought -- they didn't like him in front of the wall talking about the media and crowd size but i think having a cia director confirmed will calm things down. it has to and one former cia director told me, look, going forward, we'll have a reset. >> going forward. >> first full week in office, first major lawsuit filed against the president. dan abrams here to talk about that. this is being filed by these ethics experts this, mo. what are its chances. >> this particular lawsuit probably not great and the reason for that is what's called standing. they're suing under the emoluments clause. not conflicts of interest. it's important to separate out from the conflict of interest laws that a lot of people talk about that's not what this is about. this is about the u.s. constitution, basically saying in effect if trump is able to gain something from foreign leaders staying at his hotels or doing deals with his golf course, et cetera, that that's a violation of the constitution. what t
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returns. that's what they're hoping to get is part of this process. the problem is, that in order to file a lawsuit you have to be able to show i'm the right person to file it. well, it's calling standing. i suffered as a result of this. and this organization's argument there is a tough one but expect to see additional lawsuits throughout this administration. >> the reason once it goes to discovery they want to get the tax returns perhaps to find out if there are other sources of foreign funding into the president's businesses. >> exactly. to determine this question on the emoluments clause and so even if this lawsuit doesn't move forward, they're going to be other ones. this he'll be a hotel person who works next door to trump's hotel an something where tell say we do have standing and as a result we should be able to sue. >> kellyanne made it clear they do not -- >> they're not going do it. >> this may be a way to see those. back to saturday, jon karl, and getting the white house's reaction to what we saw not only
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world. the massive amount of people, men and women, who came out for the women's march. what has been the white house reaction? >> reporter: well, a tremendous event and as you mentioned a global event and also cities all across the united states. the white house reaction, you can really see two different sides of it in as you can imagine two tweets from donald trump. first, yesterday morning he said, watched protests yesterday but was under the impression that we just had an election. why didn't niece people vote? celebs hurt cause badly but then somewhat of an olive branch a couple of hours later from donald trump when he tweeted, peaceful protests are the hallmark of our democracy. even if i don't always agree i recognize the right of people to express their views. robin, i get the sense that the white house knows that they need to reach out to those that did not support donald trump but you're going to see a little bit of yin and yang. >> a real pattern with the president's tweets. two very distinct kinds of
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some that seem to be a little more personal and visceral, some to be more strategic. >> and a little time to think about it and come back with a second one. all right, thank you all. to michael. >> thank you, robin. now to dangerous storms stretching across the southeast, dozens of tornadoes, heavy rain and hail leaving a path of destruction and gio benitez is in hard hit albany, georgia, with the latest on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. truly devastating here. i want to show you this. this is a gas station and that's a gas pump completely ripped out of the ground mangled metal just hanging there. i want you to walk with me to what was the convenience store here in albany. we can tell you that at least four people were killed just in this area alone. crews are out there right now searching for survivors. take a look. you can see the twisted metal here. the destruction in this area simply surreal. >> dude, i think that's a tornado. >> reporter: overnight thousands taking cover as this deadly tornado
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georgia at 70 miles per hour. >> i got to move. >> yeah, get us out of here. >> reporter: the storm slicing everything in its path from trees to brick walls, take a look at this mobile home park in adel, georgia, flattened to the ground. residents say all this damage happened in a matter of minutes. >> we covered each other and we just laid there and we prayed. lord, please let it pass over, let it pass over. >> reporter: at least 16 people killed over the weekend. more than 40 injured. jenny bullard injured her arm but she says she's lucky to be alive. >> the whole fall fell in on me. i crawled out from under it and then our back door came by and hit me and knocked me down this. >> reporter: this morning search and rescue operations still under way. >> it looks like a nuclear bomb went off. >> reporter: georgia's governor declaring a state of emergency in seven counties. >> we do have crews out there clearing the roadways, but the neighborhoods are damaged so severely that it's going to take a while. >> reporter: the s
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the weekend. in this drone video of hattiesburg, you can see the path of destruction residents now have to clean up. and back out here live in albany, i want to show you our other camera. that is a live look at a massive tractor trailer just a block from here completely on its side. it just shows you how strong this was and i got to tell you i met with a resident yesterday who said his whole family survived but he opened up his door and looked outside and he saw his entire neighborhood just gone. robin. >> those images hurt your heart. we're thinking about everyone in the storm's path. a major storm moving into the northeast bringing wind, rain and snow and rob marciano is on the jersey shore with much more on that. good morning, rob. >> good morning, robin. this is the same storm that brought tornadoes to the south and east and ear the winds and waves are picking up. low tide now but when the tide comes in later and the front comes in there will be coastal
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man-made dwellings, see if they hold and some new jersey schools have been closed. hurricane storm force warnings or wind warnings are off shore to 60 miles an hour here on the beach and i-95, new york, long island, eastern new england tonight and tomorrow will feel the bankrupt of this storm. enough to bring down some trees and some power lines. densely populated areas and some without power. even those without it, it will be a nasty day. >> all right, rob. thank you. more from ginger about that in a moment. amy has the other top stories. >> a sear finding scene at a mall in san antonio as bullets starting flying and chaos started as two men were trying to flee after robbing a jewelry store and a good samaritan tried to stop them but was shot and killed. the second suspect starting shooting wounding other shoppers. both men are in custody this morning. breaking overnight a big step towards ending the bloody civil war in syria.
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groups are meeting right now, this is the first face-to-face talk since the start of this six-year-long war. the u.s. is also at those same talks. and former president george h.w. bush is improving this morning, could leave a houston intensive care unit today. he was clear barbara bush was cleared to leave but decided to stay another night to be closer to her husband. sometimes you have something to say but lack the words. it happened to a toddler but now winning raves for creating this sign for saturday's women's march the the family was making signs when she grabbed a marker and started scribbling. her mom said i don't always know what she's says but she always speaks her mind and the family friend who posted that picture, i love this, said it's exactly the sort of demonstration we need, fresh, original and artistic. >> she was holding it up proudly. >> strongly, bold colors, holding it up, all right if thanks for sharing that. what did you d
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>> watching football. >> it's now set, new england patriots, atlanta falcons in houston for the super bowl, jesse palmer has all the details for us, good morning, jesse. >> that's right, the patriots not only sealed the super bowl trip last night but broke a record doing so becoming the first organization to head there nine times but will face stiff competition from a falcons quarterback who wants his first super bowl win. tom brady and bill belichick have done it again heading to their seventh super bowl, a new record for a quarterback and a coach. >> back to 19. >> reporter: brady putting on a passing clinic throwing for 384 yards including three touchdowns. >> back to him again. the fleaflicker. brady to the end zone. >> reporter: after the game brady posted this of himself and his wife with the caption, that's some home field advantage, let's go.
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without controversy. in the hours leading up to their crushing defeat the steelers received an early 3:00 a.m. wake-up call when the fire alarm went off at their boston hotel and arrested pats fan behind the prank. in the days leading up to the game at least 15 pittsburgh players came down with the flu. illness also a factor in this game. several green bay packers including quarterback aaron rodgers suffering from virus. not a great time to face atlanta falcons quarterback matt ryan. >> touchdown, atlanta. >> reporter: who lived up to his matty ice nickname with four touchdown passes. >> touchdown, touchdown. touchdown. >> it is a touchdown. >> reporter: even running the ball in for a fifth. >> and a touchdown. >> reporter: for a 44-21 win. i cannot wait for this. all eyes on matty ice, matt ryan and tom brady when they face off february 5th in houston. brady is 4-0 in his career against the atlanta falcons but if the patriots bring hope the
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lombardi trophy this year it would be his fifth time doing it, the most ever for a quarterback. that's a lot. that is a lot. >> he might just be happy he's not facing off against the new york giants in the super bowl because we all know what would happen. just saying. >> i think i put you up to that. i have a lot of respect for tom brady and not only for his on the field stuff but take a look at this. he's not the only man with a big game this weekend. this is a picture of he and his wife cheering on their son benjamin who is at his hockey game. this was hours before he faced the pittsburgh steelers. >> wow. >> so, you know, the family first, go out there, make sure you cheer on your son then you come back and send the whole family and yourself to the super bowl. >> career day like you did. >> priorities. >> we got to go to ginger. >> yes, because the west coast also had that huge storm, 3 to 4 inches. look at los angeles, california, the flash flooding pictures. you saw the mudslide pictures over the weekend. that storm is still around for a couple more hours but it's going to be out at least by later this
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let's get to the select cities brought to you by sprint. rather and gusty winds move into the region tonight. there is a wind advisory in effect for howard, frederick, montgomery, fairfax, d.c., prince georges, calvert, charles, and st. mary's counties from 5 am to 4 pm monday. wind gusts are expected to reach 40 mph, with some locally higher gusts. rain will come down heavy late sunday night and into monday morning. the heaviest rain looks to fall between 1 am-1 pm monday. watch for localized flooding especially in poor drainage areas. as the ground is ver
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>> you know you put jesse up to thafrjts caught on camera, the divorce attorney hip nicing his clients. the big stink that put him behind bars. big weekend in washington for the trump family. we have an inside look at the new trump white house.
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>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. it is a wet morning out there. let's get to the forecast. here is brian van de graaf. >> reporter: good thing, temperatures are too cool. 47. when you factor in breezes it adds a chill. we have a wind advisory in effect until 5:00. gusts, 35, 45 miles an hour. 33 miles an hour downtown. stronger to north and east. this is a storm system churning down to the carolinas, gets rein tensified off the cost. periods of heavy rain and queues y winds. through mid-morning, early afternoon. look at the yellows and oranges. 10:00 to noon. later this afternoon things calm , still yet. how are the roads? >> reporter: well, on the roads right now, a lot of gridlock around the area.
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7 lox rode has reopened in the bethesda area.
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>> anchor: one person is un accounted for after a fire overnight in mongomery county. this happened in a home on haines road and hyatts town. when firefighters got, there the house was fully engulfed in flames. the area is rural, with no hydrants nearby. firefighters were able to put it out. right now, crews are using special equipment to search for that missing person. fairfax county police are looking for person who shot at a police cruiser in the reston area early this morning. police say an officer was trying to pull over a car when they started firing. a passenger ran out on foot t driver took off. police are looking for a whale toyota or massda from the late 90s to early 2000s, the car 's passenger side window may have been shattered. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we'l
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another update in 30 minutes. now back to "good morning
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♪ and so i face . welcome back to "gma" and take a look at the first couple dancing at the inaugural ball. of course, this was a big weekend in washington for the trumps. first lady melania stepping the spotlight for the first time as they settle into life at the white house even though she's come home. barron is in school. a first look at her first week. >> he certainly did it his way. appropriate first song. also right now president trump is starting his first full week in office as you know. has a lot ahead of him and his press secretary sean spicer will hold a briefing this afternoon. a nor'easter is moving in. a powerful storm barreling up the east coast after 30 reported tornadoes tore through the southeast this weekend wiping out neighborhoods. just the deinstruction we saw all weekend long. >> and as the trumps come off
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family, you have a closer look at how they're settling into the white house and how melania is taking on the role of first lady. >> that's right. in fact, we are hearing from melania trump for the first time as first lady of the united states. we know she's used to being in the public eye as a former model. but this is much different. every move she makes is under the microscope from her fashion choices to her twitter account as she now takes on the biggest role of her life. after a few rare appearances on the campaign trail, melania trump now stepping confidently into the spotlight. making her debut as first lady of the united states. she chose to wear american fashion designer ralph lauren. the outfit drawing comparisons to jacqueline kennedy's inaugural look in 1961. ♪ melania making her first remarks as first lady at a ball honoring the military. >> i'm honored to be your first lady. >> reporter: the new first lady opting to collaborate on her cultural white gown with french
7:32 am
>> everything she wears has a political statement. >> reporter: on saturday melania sent out her first tweet from her flotus account writing, i am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as first lady. but the question remains what kind of first lady will she be? >> she has set the stage for how she will live out the role and so now we just have to let that play out on her terms and her time. >> reporter: the inauguration weekend also opening a window into the new first family as they adjust to their new reality. young barron trump seen playing peekaboo with his nephew as his father signs executive orders. first daughter ivanka looking more casual watching with her children as her husband jared kushner is sworn in. and donald trump jr. posting this video of his family bowling in the white house and this photo of his son tristan enjoying a white house lunch in his pajamas.
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denominator for all first families and particularly for first ladies is to not let this pressure of being a young child in the white house change their lives too dramatically. >> now, melania and barron are believed to be back here in new york city this morning. they're expected to spend most of their time here while barron finishes this school year with melania heading back to washington occasionally for big events. >> wow. you know, barron, he'll be the first boy to be raised in the white house since the kennedy years and melania, she's very protective of him as any mother would be. >> yes, she is and she said recently barron is her number one priority right now. she wants to keep things as normal as possible for him. also weighing in over the weekend former first daughter chelsea clinton who may understand better than most the microscope barron will be under. she posted a tweet saying barron trump deserves the chance every child does to be a kid. standing up for every also means opposing potus polic
7:34 am
hurt kids so it seems like she's on barron's side but maybe not so much his father's. >> double message there. >> also concerning barron, there was just some out of bounds some tweets about him. he is a child. >> should be off limits. >> as all of the president's children -- >> leave him alone. >> leave him alone. >> i'm glad chelsea said that. she would understand better than most. thank you, amy. that was awesome. coming up inside the big stink that put a divorce lawyer behind bars. he's caught on tape hypnotizing his clients. we'll talk about that when we come back in two minutes.
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new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. we are back with newly released video that shows an ohio divorce lawyer hypnotizing and molesting a female client now behind bars. mara schiavocampo has the story. good morning. >> reporter: george, good morning. that secretly recorded video showing an unbelievable crime in action. that woman, one of six who have since stepped forward and now we're hearing from another one of this man's hypnosis victims.
7:37 am
of an ohio divorce attorney hypnotizing a female client. >> two, three, sleep. >> reporter: so he could take advantage of her. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: watch as 59-year-old michael fine puts the woman into a trance without her knowledge or consent. saying it's just a breathing exercise. >> let's take a deep breath. >> reporter: but fine uses his hypnosis to make the woman walk over to the douche where he initiates a sexual encounter. >> your entire body is a vessel of pleasure. >> reporter: before awakening her and acting like nothing ever happened. >> okay, so we have some papers to go over. >> reporter: that's when police bust in and nab him. >> police officers. step over here. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the video part of a 2014 sting operation. the woman alerting authorities after noticing her clothing would be dis
7:38 am
appointments. >> the basic law of hypnosis is that you cannot make people do what they don't want to do. however, we canffect the things that you want that you desire. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. >> he ruined a lot of people's lives. >> reporter: melissa who doesn't want to reveal her last name said she too was hypnotized and molested by fine. >> he liked to hold your hand. he's right there with you and will protect you and he was the one that was the predator. >> reporter: now fine is serving 12 years in prison for hypnotizing six female clients after pleading guilty to five counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping, all with a sexual motivation specification and now faces six civil lawsuits. >> she unfortunately met a very bad lawyer who took advantage of her. who was a predator. who breached her trust. >> reporter: now to add insult to injury fine was even billing these women for his services as a lawyer during
7:39 am
hypnotizing and taking advantage of them. he has since been disbarred. as for civil trials no date was set. we did reach out to fine for comment but we did not hear back. george. >> boy, the outrages pile up. thanks very much. let's bring back our legal team dan abrams along with sunny hostin. sunny, you know, when you first heard about this case it was horrifying. seeing the tape makes it so much worse. >> it's so much worse. heartbreaking because as an attorney we do know as attorneys our clients are people we protect. our clients are people that we are sworn to protect and when you see this sort of violation in the inner sanctum, dan and i were discussing this, it could be up to 25 women he did this to. only six he pled guilty to. >> he's behind bars. does he have any chance. >> no chance to win the civil suits. the question is damages. he's going to lose them but the
7:40 am
the number? is he going to defend them at all? i mean, because when you're talking about a civil lawsuit you're talking about money damages. and the questions are going to be does he come forward and use the kind of defense he might have used in a criminal case which is, well, you know, let's not blow this out of proportion as you just heard in the piece. >> can't make them do something they don't want to do. >> exactly. so, therefore, what should damages be? you know, my guess is that he's going to be able to somehow resolve these. file for bankruptcy. and pay, you know, these women a significant amount of money if he has it. >> if he has it. that's the thing. maybe these are just paper judgments. you have to enforce the judgment but the other thing that i'm thinking about is because he pled guilty what kind of defense does he have? i mean he already admitted to the behavior. >> he's going to be found responsible. the question is just going to be what is that payout. >> does he have any money. >> what are the damages. >> insurance companies don't have to pay the money?
7:41 am
malpractice angle to this because lawyers aren't supposed to do this kind of thing so if he was insured then perhaps, perhaps they'll get some sort of money. >> he has a family too and i only say that to point out he has a wife and kids and as a result he may try to fight to protect whatever assets that he has. >> that's true. >> can you bring in a new defense you didn't use before? >> sure, you can try. >> in a civil case. >> but it's going to be used against him that he's already admitted the conduct. he could then say, though, but with that said the damages should still be minimal because of x, y and z. >> these go way beyond what we saw in that -- on that tape in that room. we're talking about the intentional infliction of emotional distress. these women will have a lot of trouble trusting anyone especially someone that was supposed to be -- >> medical fees. psychologist, a lot of expenses. >> clearly you don't think it's going to be a close call. >> no. >> no, whether he's responsible, no. >> to michael.
7:42 am
coming up on our big board, a travel nightmare. the computer glitch that grounded united airlines flights for hours last night. plus the backlash that's growing over the movie "a dog's purpose," could this video change every movie with animals going forward? we'll talk about that when we come back in two minutes.
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we are back with our big board and larry hackett is here at the table with us. welcome, larry. love having you here. we always talk about hollywood and you have those hollywood good looks. we're going to talk about something that has hollywood and a lot of people are in an uproar. a lot of outrage growing over the movie "a dog's purpose." the film premiere was canceled after tmz released this video appearing to show its canine star in distress while filming a stunt for the movie. now, warning, you know, these are disturbing images. take a look. >> we saw those. >> we just saw these. that's -- we were talking before we came here and
7:45 am
would it be hard for us to watch this film and when you see those images. >> it's hard. >> it's really hard. now peta is calling for a boycott not only of this film but in any film featuring real animals. >> right. people for ethical treatment of animals say going forward. this is the last thing the producers need. their premiere canceled and this is not good for this film at all. >> it's not and not good for the industry. there's so many that are involved in the film and when you call for a boycott and you know you're affecting a lot of people's lives but it's hard. i'm a dog lover. it would be hard to sit there and not think about what could have gone through that dog that was there. so what does it say about the industry? what do you think the impact will be. >> for the industry, i mean in a world now where you have computer generated graphics
7:46 am
of pie," the tiger on the raft was already entirely generated and "the ref annapolis" no real bear was in the movie. do you need dogs in peril in scenes like this when you can probably generate it via computer. you certainly want the dog in the field hugging the boy with the sunshine on him. you'll always want that but whenever you have an animal in peril you won't want that. number two in a world with cell phones and all we know online, somebody on some set is going to make videos of this all the time. i have a feeling this is not the last time you'll see this kind of thing. >> i think this will change and this is produced by amblin entertainment with steven spielberg's company. you feel he could face blowback. >> it's a bank shot that he would but on the other hand he has spent his life making family movies. he does not want anything to be a drag on that. if something can be prevented and this can be prevented with computer graphics why not do it.
7:47 am
movies be what they're supposed to be. good family fare. >> let's learn from this moving forward. to that travel nightmare. united airlines grounding all domestic flights for more than two hours and they blame the mass disruption on, well, there was an i.t. issue. david kerley joins us now from reagan national airport. so, tell us a little bit more about what happened here, david. >> reporter: it was a mess, robin. i mean, think about it. united says all domestic flights stay on 9 ground. this was at the prime traveling time last night between 5:30 d and:00 and lasted for about 2 1/2 hours. six flights were canceled. 200 were delayed and it's a problem that we've seen before, robin. >> yeah. and, david, this is just the latest. like you said we've seen this bachelor. this is the latest in a string of these issues and how does this keep happening? how can they fix this? why can't they fix this? >> reporter: let's talk about how many types it happen
7:48 am
happened to in september and delta and southwest also had issues. this is actually united's third time this has happened where i.t. issues have been the problem and, michael, the real issue is especially with the domestic carriers, united, american and delta, they're all a result of mergers and so they brought two computer systemed together and then you have multiple systems within it, the reservation system, the operations system and sometimes these don't really work well together. in fact, last night with united, it was the information going to the pilots to tell them how much their load was, how much fuel they had. if they don't have that information they can't fly. >> it's not like they don't have money to fix this problem, david kerley because the u.s. airlines, $25 billion profit in 2015, so what -- how can they use that to fix this? >> reporter: they tell me they are. it's not a one size fits all. it's all these
7:49 am
systems and nobody builds just one so what they say they're doing is improving as they're going. it's not one time major overhaul. it's little additions and making the system more robust and better, but we continue to see these problems like we did. >> the best thing to pack is a lot of patience. pack a lot of patience. >> teenage kids could probably fix this thing. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> once again, larry. get right to it. thank you, larry. thank you, david. coming up ginger will be here and talk about a new storm in the west. already closing schools there and sparking avalanche warnings, up to three feet of snow piling up. is snoring ruining your relationship? all right, michael, how you can combat it. dr. richard besser is just ahead. is that you snoring? really?
7:50 am
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7:53 am
back here on "good morning america" talking about that new storm, the one moving through parts of the mountain west. look at this sign. don't park on highways, ramps to play in the snow. that's because they had almost two feet of snow in flagstaff, arizona. what they get in a season sometime or in a month in three days but looking at that video, lots of accidents and you'll see more of that snow and then eventually it will all move to the north and east so it will drop 6 to even 12 inches in some spots in the plains up through minneapolis about to get a considerable amount of snow. just one of the storms we're talking about. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts 4:00 p.m. just as everybody is starting to go home. this is why schools are closing in new jersey. this storm that created all this severe weather in the south is moving north and you can see those ice sobars becoming tightly packed. we had severe weather in miami
7:54 am
now, it will move north. rain at the coast. a lot of wind, eight to 12 feet and there's a quick look at what's happening to the north. all right, all of this has been brought to you by spe
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible.
7:56 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. reining compromises for your monday. let's get to that forecast. here is brian van de graaf. >> reporter: it's all about the rain and wind. winds could gust to 45 miles an hour. there is a wind advisory. heavier bands of rain, temperatures in the 40s. even early afternoon. evening rush it becomes lighter in nature. notice snow mixing in higher elevations in the mountains. eventually, unsettled day. those temperatures hanging tough in the 40s throughout the afternoon, just damp, not great. ponding of water on the roadways 40s today. 30s tonight. i think temperatures will drop back slightly. lingering
7:57 am
breezes into continue into morning a little bit of rain tomorrow, drying out, calm but cool. what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: well on the roads , wet and soggy, and windy conditions. we have volumeds mostly, a live look at interstate 66 showing you it's going to take a little bit of time to get to the capital beltway. we're contending with a crash approaching the capital beltway. eastbound on interstate 66. volume delays, though, going to be the big biggest problem once you get there. >> anchor: thank you. a breaking up date, now, 35:57. mongomery county fire crews say a person unaccounted for after an overnight fire has been found the missing resident was located nearby and be vaulted right now by ems. the fire happened at a home on haines road in hyatts town. crews are still working to determine the cause might have and right now, fairfax county police are looking for
7:58 am
person who shot at a please cruiser in the reston area earl ier this morning. an officer with trying to put over a car when the people in side started firing. a passenger ran out on foot, and the driver took off. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
7:59 am
z290ez zi0z y290ey yi0y
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. wild weather across the country. at least 30 reported tornadoes rip through the southeast. entire neighborhoods wiped out. a severe new storm barreling up the east coast right now, major cities about to be slammed by high winds and heavy rain. and big flood concerns in the west at this hour. the latest from across the nation. first lady of fashion. melania's weekend in style. this morning the designer behind this dress speaks out only to "gma." and is snoring ruining your relationship? the couple confessions. >> you snore. admit it. will you please admit it. it's the first step to healing. >> i don't -- i've never heard myself snore so i don't believe i snore. >> how can you combat it? dr. besser is here to weigh in. tgit
8:01 am
one-on-one with viola davis. what's she revealing about "how to get away with murder" and her mom's plea to go to the oscars. ♪ best day of my life >> get ready. the great kindness challenge starts this morning. kids coast to coast are joining in and we're kicking it off right here. >> and they're here to say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> now, that's the way to start your week right there. good morning, america. come on. let's give these kids a hand. you guys were great this morning. thanks for coming in. >> starting the week on a good note kicking off the great kindness challenge and we have a little help with that. 10 million kids in 12,000 schools signed up so far for the kindness challenge. it's easy as saying good morning owe good morning and good morning and good morning to
8:02 am
that's coming up. >> very, very simple to do. so important and also coming up, switching gear, we have the exclusive with the designer behind melania trump's inaugural ball gown. did you guys think she looked great? [ applause ] absolutely stunning. very fresh look and he's going to reveal what it was like working with her. she was very involved in every step of the design. >> a lot coming up. news but first amy with the morning rundown. good morning. the big story this morning, donald trump already tweeting this morning about his busy first monday in office. he is meeting with business leaders and members of congress today after a swearing in of staffers yesterday including omarosa and jared kushner. it marked the end of a volatile two days which saw the white house press secretary rip nothing reporters for coverage of the inauguration crowd size and speaking of crowd side, millions around the world took part in women's matches, protesting president obama. organizers say there is much more to come. well now to the severe weather plaguing millions across e
8:03 am
southern california bracing for more washout flooding and mud slides as one of the biggest storms in years winds down. in the south a tragic weekend, nearly 20 people are dead after 30 tornadoes tore across that region. these were the worst storms hitting georgia and mississippi and now a major coastal storm approaching the northeast and abc's rob marciano is on the jersey shore with the latest on that, good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning, amy. winds really starting to crank now as this storm begins to wind itself up. the waves still pounding the shoreline low tide and when high tide comes in there will be coastal flooding and here on the new jersey shore they are preparing for that. as they are in long island and there will be trees and power outages come this time tomorrow and in a highly populated area so many need to be prepared for the lights to go out. amy. >> thanks for keeping us updated. a new study showing one of the most preventable cancers,
8:04 am
cervical cancer is taking a deadlier toll and reanalyzed numbers and said it was much higher among women of color but found current screening recommendations are adequate as always check with your doctor. new video this morning, look at this. 19 buildings demolished in just ten seconds in central china. the crew used five tons of explosives. the massive implosion was covered from several camera angles. the demolition cleared 37 acres for business development. and finally where does a 600-pound sea lion sleep? anywhere it wants to. this one near seattle decided it was his civic duty to perch upon a honda. the owner floundered around for a bit but the sea lion looked around perhaps fishing for a seal of approval but went back to lion around. >> four in four sentences. way to go, amy. >> it's just monday. >> thanks, amy. how a
8:05 am
goes "pop," lara. >> all right. let's do it. yeah, we all know at the age of 39 tom brady is going to his seventh super bowl and that last night, yep, here he goes again, last night he tossed for 384 yards to lead the patriots to victory over the steelers. but the "pop news" investigative team has unearthed what may be the secret behind tom's winning ways. >> oh, boy. >> do tell. >> yes, listen up there, strahan. when seeking inspiration, tom turns to the little yellow ball, oh, yes, yes, he does. do not look at me like that. listen up. he posted this to instagram before sunday's game a quote from the 1972 classic "the inner game of tennis." a book by the way that my doubles partner and i read twice, great music and art are said to arise from the greatest depths. they come when the mind is as still as a
8:06 am
he's all about getting zen. that's called being in the zone. >> my mind is in a zone of i got to hit him. >> that's the zone. >> we're on a different lake. mine got waves. >> you and everybody else. yeah, no, but that is being called in the zone. now you get why he's got to be there, yeah. >> it's a classic if that book is a classic and you would agree too. it is about meditation. getting your mind quiet so the rest of you can do the work. you? >> you know how many people are like, i'm going to buy that book now. if he uses it -- >> it's a good one. my fave. the book is fantastic. also in "pop news," ready, the bellas, you know the bellas. robin, you do, of course, you're one of the co-stars. >> thank you very much. >> the bellas are back in business, rehearsal for "pitch perfect 3" has begun in atlanta but the barden bellas took a break to watch the falcons play the packers on sunday and
8:07 am
couldn't resist getting a picture with their favorite hall of famer. ah. [ applause ] >> you know, rebel, rebel, i saw rebel. she said, michael, he is a great dancer. i told her i'm available but i love the movies. the movies are so good. a lot of the packer players were in the last movie. >> remind of a great moment. took them to see "pitch perfect 2" and the minute robin pops up, they both pop out of their seats. it's very exciting. >> robin has a pivotal role. >> put it this way, don't blink. >> from their dance rehearsal they have been working hard, anna kendrick, hailee steinfeld, rebel wilson, the rest of the girls sharing pictures of themselves behind the scenes as they learn the new dance numbers. while we don't have much information on the story line we do know good things come in threes.
8:08 am
on december 22nd. >> we'll be there. and finally, this is neat. one of america's greatest authors mark twain who has been gone for over 100 years is set to release a brand-new book. yes, it started at the university of california-berkeley. a researcher combing through the official mark twain archives found handwritten pages by the author. it was a bedtime story he made up for his two daughters 104 years ago. the girls so loved this story he wrote down in his notes, unclear whether or not he planned on publishing the story. it's about a hapless prince that can talk with animals. his estate decided it needed to be shared and sold it to doubleday and phillip and erin stead finished the tale saying no pressure there. "the purloining of prince oleo margarine" out in september. sa
8:09 am
i dare you. it is exciting. >> thank you, lara. >> great start to the week. >> thank you, robin. a lot more coming up. we'll hear from the designer behind melania trump's white ball gown. so many couples are caught in snore wars even though they say they don't snore but 90 million americans do it and dr. besser is here with great advice to finally get a good night's sleep. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough.
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welcome back to "good morning america." a closer look now at first lady melania trump's inauguration style and how she's putting the president's america first declaration to work through her fashion. we spoke exclusively to one designer who got to dress her over the weekend. take a
8:14 am
melania trump's inaugural debut sending a clear message of style meets patriotism. fashion critics like vanessa friedman of "the new york times" praising mrs. trump's america first wardrobe for her to decision to only wear american designers like ralph lauren who created this pale blue ensemble to wear during friday's historic events. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> yeah. >> i love the blue ralph lauren. i know everyone is saying, oh, it's a copy of jackie kennedy. they both were wearing what was a modern take on a classic at the respective timing. >> reporter: the list of american designers tasked as diverse as talented. nora sulfurari designed this for her during the wreath laying ceremony. later a shimmery gold down from reem acra.
8:15 am
and for the big finale this chic white ball gown that had everyone talking. the designer responsible, french born herve pierre who moved to the u.s. in the early '90s serving as creative director of carolina herrera and worked with the first lady to create it. the first made under his own name. pierre telling abc news exclusively it was an honor to dress the first lady of my new country. and that collaborating with mrs. trump was organic and easy because she knows about construction. she was very specific about the lines of the dress. it was an extraordinary project. a lot loved that. who dressed the president? trump ties. coming up, what to do if your partner is a 12340rer. dr. besser is here with some answers and solutions. snorer. dr. bess
8:16 am
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
back here on "good morning america," you know we're about to tell you some advice on how you can get your partner to stop snoring. i don't know. do you guys have partners that snore? oh, you do. >> it's okay, guys. i snore too so we'll all want to hear that.
8:20 am
but first i want to give you a good look at that storm in the northeast. if you're sticking around it's getting windy and rainy at the coast, 50 to 70-mile-per-hour guffs. inland snow and coastal flooding. surf rising 8 to 12 feet and beach erosion could happen. we'll get those snoringrather a and gusty winds move into the region tonight. there is a wind advisory in effect for howard, frederick, montgomery, fairfax, d.c., prince georges, calvert, charles, and st. mary's counties from 5 am to 4 pm monday. wind gusts are expected to reach 40 mph, with some locally higher gusts. rain will come down heavy late sunday night and into monday morning. the heaviest rain looks to fall between 1 am-1 pm monday. watch for localized flooding especially in poor drainage areas. as the ground is very wet, and you know howuc
8:21 am
right now. they just have that image. >> it's probably cute. >> i'm sure it's adorable. now to our new series "snore wars" an estimated 90 million americans snore and their partners lose one hour of sleep every night on average because of it. abc's paula faris, she knows about this all too well. john, your hubby -- >> listen, i know i'm going to take some heat for throwing my husband under the bus. honey, you know i love you. doing the series has opened my eyes and ears to the serious effect it can have on the snorer and snoree. i think i realized why i have been so cranky all these years, secondhand snore syndrome. it is real and you may be suffering from it, as well. ♪ >> it's a challenge some nights. >> make sure i'm really good underneath the blankets. >> it's like an obnoxiously loud train that's constant and loud. >> three couples, three
8:22 am
denominator. >> we've been married 47 years and i've probably been snoring most of the time. >> actually make that four couples. unequivocally you snore. right, honey? in fact some studies suggest that snoring gets in the way of marriages so much so that one in six couples sleep in separate rooms. >> sometimes i got kicked from the bedroom to the couch. >> reporter: personally i haven't kicked my husband out yet but i sure have kicked him. >> why? because you snore. admit it. will you please admit it? the first step to healing. >> i don't -- i've never heard myself snore so i don't believe i snore. >> reporter: while easy to take lightly snoring can affect relationships subtly and over time. >> some couples don't even realize that that sleep deprivation increased irritability sometimes even anger are being focused on this lack of quality sleep that's building up in the relationship. [ snoring ]
8:23 am
that loud rumble may be a sign of a more serious medical condition, sleep apnea. >> i would wake up and all of a sudden i knew that he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: they so churn to dr. ojile. >> it was clearly diagnosed and put him on air pressure and he's done extremely well. >> we're able to sleep in the same bed now. >> i got less bruises on my side from getting elbowed. >> and paula is here along with our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser. you're a snorer. >> i am. >> you can spot it. >> i'm a snorer. >> a lot of people are responding because we're asking do you or somebody, your partner snore so you can see right now 66 say no. 66% says no. >> see, that's part of the problem. people don't admit it. >> ah. >> even when you catch your spouse snoring, i had those secret audio files, he didn't believe it. didn't believe it. he says i need video evidence. >>
8:24 am
>> snoring is the noise that your body makes when air moves through narrowed airway passages. look at this. when you're lying on your back and fall asleep the muscles relax and tissues come closer together and there's vibration, that causes the noise of snoring. >> and what have you done to help john with this? >> besides kick him. let me just say i don't want to mislead anybody. i can be disruptive with tug-of-war with the covers and getting up at ungodly hours but with john specifically he had a deviated septum so recently have a septoplasty. he's still snoring. i said i don't want to sleep in separate rooms. can you please explore whether or not you have sleep apnea and he agreed. >> there are different reason, not just ha. >> i think if someone is a big-time snorer they should be evaluated for a condition treatable. the big one is obstructive sleep apnea. air stops flowing. you're not getting
8:25 am
and a train on your heart and can lead to heart failure. if you're snoring and have any other symptoms. difficulty with daytime sle sleepness, problems concentrating or gasping or choking at night. they'll put a sleep study and see when you're snoring. does the air stop flowing. if it stops flowing there's treatment for you in if you think you have sleep apnea. do you want to check with your family doctor. >> start with your regular doctor and often go to a pulmonary doctor. there are things can you try if you're a smoker, if you stop smoking that will cut down on your forring. if you can lose weight, if you're overweight because that extra weight also puts increased tissue back there that narrows those airways and then limiting the amount of alcohol at night will help because alcohol relaxes those muscles and -- >> ding, ding. >> the last one, the last one is don't -- you want to sleep o
8:26 am
sleeping on your back and wednesday we'll give you a great tip for how to get somebody -- apart from my wife's elbow. >> we have to wait till wednesday. >> wednesday. >> that's what we call a tease. >> it's good of believe me. >> coming up a very special week as the great kindness challenge kicks off. jesse is searching for ways to spread joy. if you had just three words to tell us what gets you going to be your best every morning, what would those three words be? well, we want you to tell us. use your smartphone, shoot a video of yourself with your three-word inspirations and post it to instagram or twitter with the #my3wordsgma and you might see them on "good morning america." sponsored by tropicana.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. soggy start out there. hey, is it going to rain all day >> off and on. heavier pockets approaching the melter area. look at the rain drops on the lens toward 50 to the west. winds at 23. heavier showers across the city pushing east from the east to west t overall pattern will rotate through. 10, 11:00, heavier showers around lunchtime. gustier winds around 3. it lightens for the drive time, still damp. temperatures holding steady, windy, wet, mid 40s all afternoon. lets lie how the rush is looking with angela foster. >> reporter: you mentioned the gusty winds. we have wind warnings at the chesapeake bay bring
8:28 am
extra caution on the road. in addition to the wet pavement we have problems with a lot of accidents around the area. mostly on our secondary roads. we're looking live at interstate 95 in virginia at the prince william parkway. 270 southbound, cost about half an hour traveling from frederick to the spur. hellny. >> anchor: thanks. we have a brooking update this morning, a person beloved missing in a mongomery county fire has been found. the missing person was located nearby, being vaulted right now -- velleted by ems teams. the hire broke out on haines road in hyatts town. crews are working to determine how it started a teenage boy in the hospital after an shooting in alexandria. this happened around 1:00 sunday morning in the groveten neighborhood. investigators do not believe the shooting was random. still there is no word on any ar rests. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8.
8:29 am
ski see you back here in 30 minutes. now back to "good morning america." ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. oh, how waso good!en house? look. 800 square feet, 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, 15 minute ride to work. dude! dude! i know! your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? how do i check? credit karma. it's free. that's great! that's super easy. um hm. that's a credit score. just whip bam boom, it's done. check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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this apartment's hers. mine... thank you. ♪ welcome back here. what a wonderful audience we have to kick off this new week. thank you very much for being here. >> yes. >> and i'm going to kick off our topics today. i have a question. anybody go to any dinner parties this weekend? anything like that? no? have you ever been -- >> you did. >> have you ever -- has anyone been to a dinner party? there we go. now, when you go to a dinner party who's been asked to bring something or you volunteer to bring something. >> sure, wine or dessert. >> it's polite. what did you offer to bring. >> ali baked a cake. >> that's nice. >> very nice. so your wife brought something that represented the family. >> yes. >> there you go. >> you had
8:31 am
didn't you? we didn't do well enough. >> "the daily mail" did an article and in this they asked people some of the nightmares of a dinner party. there were some who had to provide plates when they went to a dinner party. >> they were asked to bring plates. >> they were asked to bring plates to a dinner party. >> so they could then wash the plates and remove them. >> there you go. that's the next thing. >> unbelievable. >> there were people would were asked to wash dishes. >> oh. >> yes, you had to clean up so not only did you have to clean up. >> come on. this does not happen. >> they were cleaning up while the host, husband, sat and ate the food and drank the champagne that they brought to the party. >> oh, wow. >> yes. and another one -- >> you're making this up. >> i'm not. and there's another one, another woman, she offered to bring bruschetta. i'll bring 40 pieces and the host said, well, that's not enough, you need at least 200. >> oh, my gosh. >> so -- >> you need
8:32 am
friends. >> what would you do if someone made a special request for you when you're doing something polite. would you go to the dinner party. >> you offered something and then they upped it? >> i don't know. >> probably say okay but it would just be weird. >> awkward. >> it would be walawkward. >> i'm going to have a dinner party and -- [ applause ] yes. we'll do a nice follow-up. i'll invite you guys and ali is making a cake, i'll need three cakes. >> it's a good cake too. good cake. >> what kind? >> it's chocolate and coffee and rich frosting. it's really good. >> oh, yeah, i'm throwing a dinner party. that's the moral of the story. be a good host. nice to invite people but also don't take advantage of people's generosity. >> right. >> as a host. there we go. >> moral of the story. >> moral of the story. we're going to stay on that theme. not taking advantage, kindness week right now, celebrating
8:33 am
been talking about and so i want to throw this out there. what is the best random act of kindness any of you have ever either seen, heard about or experienced, anybody? >> wow. just so many. you hear they're going to get coffee and you don't have to pay because the person before you paid and on and on. >> people are so kind to my mom just especially after my dad passed. the way the community around her took her under their wing, collectively, that was pretty amazing. >> my mom used to call them little angels that would do stuff like that. >> any time you give yourself to anyone, even as simple as picking -- >> you go to every single table in here, isn't michael the nicest guy? [ applause ] >> to go to every table and talk to everybody. that really matters. it takes a second and it matters. >> making me blush. you can't tell but i'm blushing. >> over to jesse. you're talking about this today. t
8:34 am
and millions of students across the country getting set to complete half a billion random acts of kindness this week. now, obviously this is something we just had to be a part of and i learned kindness, it's not just for kids. take a look. ♪ designed to be a simple as a smile, dance or just saying thank you. >> all: thank you. >> reporter: the great kindness challenge starts today. 10 million kids in 12,000 schools have signed up so far undertaking as many simple acts of kindness as they can. something anybody and i mean anybody can do. with me i have a list. simple acts of kindness. i'm about to perform a bunch of them. let's go spread the love. ♪ i missed a letter but it's the thought that counts. first up, just saying good morning. >> good morning. how are you? good morning, guys. >> i like your shoes. >> good morning, america. >> see what i did there.
8:35 am
truly deserve it. >> i just wanted to stop by and say thank you for always keeping us safe. >> i just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. >> you're welcome. >> after a quick sweep just doing my part. it was time to get creative. >> i decided i'm just going to draw a picture and just give it to somebody. hopefully it'll bring a smile to somebody's face. i wanted to draw this to you and give it to you for the day. hopefully it brings a smile to your face. i know what they really wanted. i'm giving away free pizza. >> want some free' za. tell somebody a joke at home. it's actually about pizza. you know what, it's too cheesy. the awesome thing about this challenge is as you just saw anybody can do it including these students that are with us here from rockland county, new york. are you guys ready for the big challenge? yes. >> this is going to be great. you can go to our website to find a list of 50 simple ways to spread kindness. you don't have to s
8:36 am
list but completely make up your own random acts of kindness and go online and show us them at #greatkindnesschallenge. >> how did it go? >> it wasn't a picasso necessarily so it kind of got the thank you. and just kind of quickly shuffled away. >> any suspicions on the pizza. >> it was good za. i gave it to an argentinean family and uruguayan family. i think they were just happy to get new york city pizza. i'm all in. i'm all in right away. >> you still call it za. >> i do. a die-hard. >> you are embarrassed about that. >> what? >> using za. >> no, i'm not embarrassed about it at all. >> i got a challenge for everybody too. i want to kick this off. so sim and easy to do. everybody at home, in the studio, say good morning to 15 different people each morning
8:37 am
it's easy, you're going to put on their smile. put a smile on your own face, it's free. it'll make you feel great. >> saying thank you to people who make our lives easier every day. great job, jesse. thank you, jesse. >> you really started it. >> great job, my man. >> because they rehearsed over and over again. can we have another big cheer from the kids one more time. [ cheers and applause ] fabulo fabulous. awesome. >> they did a great job. >> everybody at home, coming up, one-on-one with viola davis as we kick off tgit. >> yes! >> how to get away with murder. [ applause ]
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
back here on "good morning america," wonderful crowd. she's from florida. and she said it's cold. i said, oh, you wait until later when the wind starts going, poor thing has a flight she'll try to get to. anyway, we're about to hear more from "how to get away with murder's" viola davis in just a moment. fiand gusty winds move into the region tonight. there is a wind advisory in effect for howard, frederick, montgomery, fairfax, d.c., prince georges, calvert, charles, and st. mary's counties from 5 am to 4 pm monday. wind gusts are expected to reach 40 mph, with some locally higher gusts. rain will come down heavy late sunday night all right. let's head back in to michael. all that brought to you by merced
8:41 am
and it is tgit week, kids and three of the biggest shows on tv are back this thursday night and i had a chance to sit down with the star of "how to get away with murder," viola davis and she was opening up about the sizzling season that's ahead and her winning turn in "fences" and what her mom is saying about the oscars. >> no! no! >> a lot of things have happened to your character annalise. she got arrested. >> yeah. >> house exploded. >> uh-huh. >> wes died. >> yeah. >> so please tell me things are going to get better. >> i'm waiting for it to get better. i'm like when does it get better? i want her to just do better. maybe go to therapy. just get better. >> this is you and me talking, no cameras here. something you can tell me. a little spoiler alert? >> let me tell you something, it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. >> we're
8:42 am
as for you -- >> the relationship between annalise and wes was always central to the show and now he's gone. >> yeah, i have my fantasy that that's going to catapult her into kind of wanting the best for the rest of the keating five. >> violence davis. [ cheers and applause ] >> i also wanted to congratulate you. you just got a star on the walk of fame. >> that was pretty spectacular. to look at my family and the audience and my friends and to have meryl streep introduce me. >> she's possessed of a blazing incandescent talent. >> i just had a moment of seeing that little girl from central falls who just wanted a meal, who just wanted to have a house and a bed of her own and i thought to myself, oh, my god has blessed me. >> viola davis. >> and ano
8:43 am
congratulate you on is your golden globe win. you talked about your father in the speech and how this movie was his story as well. >> he had a story and it deserved to be told. >> i feel that that's what is missing in general with films about people of color is exalting that everyday man. >> have you even thought about a possible oscar speech? >> yeah, right now i'm trying to work on fitting into oscar dress but it would be a sweet moment because my mom called me today, she said, she wanted to go to the oscars. if you knew her you'd know how shocking that is. most of the time she just wants to go to the track to play the slot machines. >> i don't blame her for that either. you know, i appreciate you talking to me and i just -- i just love saying how to
8:44 am
with murder. i don't know how you do that. >> i don't know how i did it either. why did i do it like that. >> how to get away with murder. >> i got to say it one more time. how to get away with murder. it returns thursday at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. along with the rest of the tgit lineup. you don't want to miss that and, robin -- >> it's back. it's back, tgit. i'm just suting here hanging out with my dear friend kellyanne. the bone broth diet and now kellyann petrucci is back with her new book out called dr. kellyanne's bone broth diet. tasty and healthy recipes. always good to see you. i start my morning and have for some time this. health benefits. >> studies are showing bone broth is reducing
8:45 am
you get to look and feel a whole lot better and heals your gut and most people know we have a gut but you know that 80 to 90% of our immune system is in our gut. >> we want it to work for us. >> here's may favorite part. it helps you become what i call a natural fat burner. and that's because you are eating less carbs as you're sipping on this and start burning fat. >> very filling. >> in this kind of fat here, here, here, you know, those places we want gone, that's what it does. >> we're doing not one -- >> where do we not want it on. >> chica, you're trying it. what do you think. >> it's really good. it smells delicious. how does it work. >> the bone broth diet works like this. two nonconsecutive days a week you're going to be sipping on broth, you're going to have a light meal about 7:00 at night. it's all in the book with 125 recipes and the other five days of the week you're eating fat
8:46 am
delicious. you'll see what foods they are. >> all right. i'm glad you asked that. should we go over and see. as i shimmy on down because this is what it's chock-full of. i have to say this, i haven't tried some of the recipes yet. this is so easy but this is a way of incorporating it into your diet. >> this is great. pork chili. >> pork chili. >> some of the foods have you can. super easy. peppers in a pan. peppers and mushrooms and by the way i thought through all of these, these are all fat burning foods. >> you say fat burning. >> 2359 burning, baby. i don't mess around. so onions, all really opportunity tasty. everything is thought for to burn fat. a little bit of garlic, everything you need, peppers, everything that you need. you mix all that up. >> right. >> then you want to stick in the pork. yes, you can still have pork on this diet. i promise you, this is going to fill you up in a way that you've never been filled up before and then again thinking this
8:47 am
why do we want cumin. because cumin studies are showing us it reduces inflammation. you want to lose weight, you got to get that inflammation out of your body. get it out of your body. >> a different kind of chili. game day, anyone wants a good meal for game day. >> super bowl coming up. >> yes, we do. >> listen, 240 calories, it's $2.50 per serving. makes a whole lot. put this in a tupperware bowl and use it instead of one of the sugary meals you have. wait till you see the results. >> i want to move over here. we only have a little time left and karen pickus. >> get over here. >> come over here, karen. >> you have a recipe in the book. what is had. >> this is what i call green soup. and it's bok choy and garlic and leeks. >> so you want bok choy in your diet because bok choy will give you fiber.
8:48 am
it helps you feel fuller longer. not always on a food hunt and bok choy and leeks, vitamin c. why do we want vitamin c? it helps you build collagen in your skin. that smooth skin, that's what does it. >> you get her wound up and that's it. >> i'm telling you, she gets going. kellyanne. get these recipes on our website. we'll be right back. thank you.
8:49 am
bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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♪ i won't give up no i won't give in ♪ >> we are back now with a big milestone on "gma." ten years of partnering with burlington and k.i.d.s. fashion delivers for our warm coats, warm hearts coat drive. take a look back at what you've helped accomplish. ♪ >> donate. let's go. >> it's been ten years of coat collecting kindness giving away countless comfy snuggly jacks to those who need them most all
8:51 am
with the help of burlington we launched in 2007 and over the years an unforgettable roll call of celebrities have chipped in like will smith. >> there's my coat. >> ryan seacrest who has donated every year. and we couldn't have done it without you, our "gma" viewers. >> i just collected my 500th coat. >> reporter: donating at your local burlington stores, sharing your acts of generosity on social media. >> my inspiration was people giving back to other people. >> reporter: we kicked off our big year in times square with a new box designed by contest winner 12-year-old danielle biondi who along with the goodwill rescue mission held a coat giveaway in plainfield, new jersey. >> everything who came today is getting a coat. >> reporter: giving her community the gift of warmth. >> way to go, happy ten years. >> so, ten great years and now time for the big reveal. here to help us do that wendy siskind from
8:52 am
allan ellinger from k.i.d.s. fashion delivers and our volunteers who are all here in the studio on hand to help. wendy, so great partnering with you at burlington all these years. talk to me about what it means to you. >> when we started this ten years ago, in stores and "good morning america," i don't think we could have ever imagined collecting and distributing so many coats to those in need. >> it really is tremendous. and i want to share with everybody now the big number. we're going to get the latest number from our helpers, the total haul for this year after this week, are you ready? turn around, please. thank you. 147,911 coats, a tremendous haul and the numbers of coats collected over the last ten years, drum roll, please. there it is.
8:53 am
1,814,595 coats. an amazing achievement. we thank you, our viewers for being so wonderful with your acts of kindness. [ cheers and applause ] all about the kindness. we'll be right back, everybody.
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how is this for one big week. first oscar nominations revealed live. nobody does oscar like "gma."
8:56 am
and a side of zap outsiders never see. >> tgit is coming to "gma." >> it's going to be scandalous. >> oh. >> looking forward to that but right now we want to thank wendy and allan for helping with our coat drive. thank you, guys, also burlington, the disney volunteers and these great folks from what about the children in brooklyn and other charities you can find at our website. we thank you all. have a great day. >> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. a rainy, windy day. here is brian van de graaf. >> reporter: outside temperatures hoovering in the 40 s with t
8:57 am
coming. you can see the lens on the roof top, definitely like that all kay long. the rain rotating through, heavier stuff to the west. as we head through the mid portion of the day some of the heavier pockets will work through, less by evening rush but still windy and ponding of water on the roads. temperatures in the 40s, a rough go. give yourself extra time. >> reporter: well, it is a slower commute than usual for this monday morning. the road spray impacting the ride. we're looking live at southbound i270. we've got heavy drive times, costing you about 30 minutes to get from frederick to the i270 spur even at this hour. looking at 395 northbound permanenting with the 14th street bridge, no issues to report there. also looking good on the george washington parkway, just gridlock approaching memorial bridge. >> anchor: thank you. now top stories. fairfax county police are looking for the person who shot at a police cruise you are in the reston area early this
8:58 am
to pull over a car when the people inside started firing. a passenger ran out on foot. the driver took off. police looking for a white toyota or mazda from the late 90 s to early 200 oz. the car's passenger side window may have been shattered. and this morning, the fight for a $15 minimum wage continues in mongomery county. with a prayer breakfast. rabbis and clergy will join mongomery county counsel members and are expected to visit the county executive to huger him to sign into law the recently passed $15 minimum wage legislation. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have
8:59 am
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