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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the winds will be gusty tonight but not terribly windy. there is rain and snow well north of the metro. 99% of the rain is finished for the region. we will see the cloudy skies and drizzle overnight. we will check out the weekend and days in 15 minutes. maureen: thank you. the same weather system is blamed for the catastrophic damage to the south where two dozen people have been killed after a weekend that saw 30 tornadoes across the south. near albany, georgia, a resident said it looked like a nuclear bomb had been detonated. entire neighborhoods were born
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assistance in hardest hit areas. the weather team can warn about the severe weather headed our way. go to to sign up for alerts to be sent to your phone. >> now no the white house where president trump is making wavers on the first business day of the -- waves on the fist business day of the presidency. he issued three executive orders and multiple high level meetings he has had. q: trump kicked off the first full week at the white house with ambitious agenda. president donald trump began with the business leaders promising to cut business taxes and the
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>> we can cut regulations by 57%. q: he withdrew with the t.p.p. keeping the campaign partner. >> great thing for the worker what we did. >> the staff is doing challenge control. after the press secretary spicer said that friday's inauguration was the most watched in history. stated falsehood about the d.c. metro ridership that day. today, spicer defended himself. >> we have to be honest. there are things we may not understand. but the intention is never to lie to you. >> the president wasn't done. signing two
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ordering a hiring freeze for federal workers except for the military. what is next for president trump? he says he plans to deliver on all the pledges like a wall on the mexico border and the fans to remove foreign criminals from the u.s. after vowing to give america back to the people. maureen: there is also a pay freeze and that lowers morale. >> it makes everyone nervous if you hear about the hiring freezes. we buy homes and cars and spend mung at restaurants an stores. it's always going to have an impact. maureen: the white house press secretary said it's to make sure the tax money isn't wasted on duplicative jobs. 12,400 areas in the area are affected by the move. jonathan: the senate foreign
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relations committee approved rex tillerson nomination as secretary of state. senator marco rubio, a republican was critical of tillerson's nomination but ended the hold out today and joined the party line vote. he must still be confirmed by the full senate. maureen: tonight we are getting a look at former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara as they recover from health scares. a spokesperson for the 44th president tweeted this picture a short time ago in the first glimpse we have gotten of the former first couple since hospitalized. earlier today the doctors said he is leaving the intensive care unit. he had been there since wednesday battling new moania. mrs. bush is being discharged from the hospital. treated for exhaustion after battling bronchitis. jonathan: video from the newsroom. this is building collapse. it's grainy and dark and gi
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up against. floors inside a row house collapsed in the basement. this is near the corner of sixth and the p. street northwest. nobody was hurt. no other homes on the block were evacuated but the firefighters had to proceed cautiously given the fact that the situation was still unstable when they showed up. coming up us at 6:00, the clean-up after the chaos. how businesses are recovering after the protests turned near riot in the inauguration. alison: the turn-out is nothing less than historic. maureen: what is next for the movement that inspired the women's march on washington. jonathan: bullets ripped in a fairfax county police cruiser. what happened seconds before a gunman opened fire and the manhunt now underway tonight.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: scary situation this morning. look at that thick black smoke billowing from the highway. this was in ohio. this was the scene in columbus this morning after a tanker crashed. then burst into flames. drivers in the area heard explosions shortly after the excellent. the flames spread through the grass and put out. a person was killed in the crash. that was something else. take a look at this video from san bernardino, cavalier, outside of
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ford pickup truck. the rescuers sent out a raft to the truck pulling two people to safety one by one. that is just one of the dozens of the water rescues made amidst flooding going on across southern california right now. maureen: last night an officer trying to pull a car over. when a passenger in the vehicle got out and ran away. the driver made a u turn and sped toward the police car firek shots at the cruiser with the officer inside. the officer was not hurt. >> anybody that is willing to shoot at a marked police car knowing it's a police officer is a danger to a brave men and women of the fairfax county police department but each and every member of the community. maureen: investigators have a very general description of which to proceed but say the vehicle is a w
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sedan. jonathan: the man who did shoot and kill a prince george's county firefighter last april pleaded guilty to weapons charges. darrell lumpkin now faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced in march. police say he mistook the firefighters john ulmschneider and kevin swain for intruders when they tried to break in his home for medical emergency. they were just trying to figure out if somebody was inside and okay. ulmschneider killed and swain was seriously hurt but he did survive. maureen: up next at 6:00 -- business windows smashed. and the limousine set on fire. the clean up following friday's chaos at the inauguration. jonathan: nor'easter today but sunshine on the way. when we see the sunlight and temperatures in the 50's. doug hill has the stormwatch7 forecast coming up. maureen: first, jummy olabanji has a look at what to expect tomorrow on "good morning washington." jummy: thanks, maureen. tomorrow on good "good morning washington," the pressure and the impact and the fall-t.
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y290ey yi0y jonathan: chaos in the shadow of the inauguration. look at the scene. more than 200 people arrested charged with rioting and the protests. today the last of those charged went to court. while the cases make the way through the judicial system, the businesses continue to pick up the pieces of this. sam ford joining us with an update. sam? sam: well, we are outside businesses here in the 1200 block of i street northwest. the boards are still up. the passer by have been coming by to take pictures here. vandals did the damage on friday. the businesses were still closed today. around franklin square, scene of friday's inauguration day riot involving hundreds of protesters the aftermath today left many shaking their heads. >> i saw it live on television. ined
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really sad. >> people should have the right to protest and the right to show the government how they are feeling but this was unnecessary. >> two starbucks were hit. employees reporting to work not able to serve. bank of america, same situation. boarded up windows around them. workers a at small sandwich shop were grateful they had been spared. brad: were were 200 arrests, cars vandalized and a limo trashed and set on fire. >> it's not cool. i wish peak were more peaceful with the protesting. maureen: an
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exceeded the organizer's dreams. hundreds of men and women packed to the national mall for the women's march in washington last saturday. similar protestser with held around the globe. cofounder talked about the next step. >> the message will continue. we have to work for it. maureen: they compiled the first 100 days agenda. the goal is to keep trump administration ununcomfortable. jonathan: there is another march on washington planned for friday. this is the antiabortion march for life. metro will be adding additional trains to accommodate the crowds but all track work will be postponedded on friday. maureen: impressive images tonight from the no
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satellite. it was placed in orbit two months ago. the images are four time the resolution of the existing satellite. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says the sharper images will produce accurate weather forecasts and that is a boon to our own doug hill. doug: everybody who is forecasting. now that the resolution is superb, the images will be taken and transmitted rapidly, every five minutes. a lot more. this is the first of four new generations go up. i don't know if they have decided if it easers the east or the west of north america but whoever gets it, you will see almost in real time severe thunderstorms developing, lightning. maureen: tornadoes. doug: all kind of stuff. it's cool. maureen: great. doug: go back one year ago today. jonathan: no. maureen: no. doug: one year ago. blizzard of 2016. the fourth largest heaviest snowfall in recorded washington weather
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equaled the crazy snow of snowmageddon of 2010. maureen: i remember this. this is great. jonathan: is that bei bei? maureen: no. doug: kennaugh. everybody -- it's xien xien. you weren't here? jonathan: i was here. doug: memory in my old age. jonathan: the first thing to go. doug: what did you say? a nice memory for some and not for others. chilly but it's not bitterly cold. the temperatures should stay steady. by and large, most of the areas should stay above freezing in upper 30's to 40. the winds are not strong as they were bu
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breeze to dry up the pavement. that is good news. the latest wind gusts in the storm watch 7 center. 26-mile-per-hour gust at reagan national. 23 at b.w.i. 25 at joint base andrews. these are lighter than the high wind gusts. 45 to 47 miles per hour. doppler radar is quiet as it has been all day, too. with the no precipitation. there are snow in the northwest but our local weather is improving. the temperatures tomorrow are not that much different. in the morning
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cloudy. it will turn partly sunny. highs of 49. 58 on wednesday. then the strong cold front will come through. trend of the temperatures are falling. maureen: thanks for memories, by the way. jonathan: kirk cousins, now he is going to the pro bowl. fantastic. robert: all-star action! very deserving, too. the redskins player kirk cousins invited to the pro bowl. we will talk the super bowl. and the caps are red hot. see if they can dance around the hurricanes next in sports.
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robert: start with hockey. the capitals are still the best team in hockey winning 11-12. the latest blip was a loss to the defending stanley cup champs. tonight they host the hurricanes a team that lost three straight. caps bounced back,
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i say "bounced back" they were getting the bounce on. that is lars johansson. marcus' dad getting down in the annual dads trip. was marcus embarrassed after this? getting four points and knowing we are working in the right direction. a great confidence booster to get the win in dallas when we were down. and yeah, it's -- it's a perfect trip. robert: good answer, son. to football. kirk cousins named to the 2017 pro bowl. he will take aaron rodgers' spot. he threw for 29 touchdowns this season. and meanwhile, the super bowl is set. plenty to celebrate. check this out. you will sea it coming, soon. martellus bennett, the tight end for the patriot, sharing moment with the cheerleaders. big man dancing. i d
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this mood but everyone in the dancing mood. even the falcons owner in the act. he has moves. the falcons beating green bay to go to the super bowl. after tom brady, you would think he never played in a super bowl before. >> it's a good day. we are going to the super bowl, man. [bleep] you have to be happy now. >> i am happy for everybody in the organization. we have worked hard to get to this point. the challengek is still in front of us. what we set out to accomplish is still in front of us. we will enjoy it. hard to get to this point. i know that from experience. difficult to get to this point. robert: the australian open. nadal taking on the champ. and nadal turned back the clock. he wore down the sixth seeded frenchman. he said afterwards he couldn't return nadal's serve so nadal advances to the 30th career grand slam quarterfinal in four set. quick note. wizards play the
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tip off is 7:00. wizards are now fifth in the eastern conference. playing good basketball now. jonathan: do you read anything in the press conference? matt ryan looks all business and brady lacks lucy, goosesy. robert: i think tom will go there and tear it up. jonathan: we'll see. all right. maureen: what is the latest? doug: it's improving. most of the rain is out of here and gusts diminish tomorrow. clouds, and not pretty early on but it will turn partly sunny with high of 49. 58 on wednesday. that is the nicest day for a while. thursday is cooler with a cold front. 52. the next ten you can see the numbers. it will turn cooler friday, saturday, sunday and all so next week but dry. six dry days in a row. steve rudin is back at 11:00 to let you fe if i made that up. maureen: almost like spring. "world news tonight" with david muir next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00
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tonight, the first 100 days, promises kept on day one. what president trump signed today at the white house the message he is now sending. and the showdown over the crowd size at the inauguration. what the white house is saying tonight. >> our intention is never to lie to you. also suing the president. the first lawsuit filed against president trump, claiming money from foreign governments for rooms at the trump hotel violates the constitution. brian ross is standing by. the deadly northeastern. driving turning deadly. wind 60 miles an hour. at least 20 deaths after tornadoes rip through the south. the dramatic rescue tonight. the driver trapped in her burning car, and the one tool authorities say you should have. and


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