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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 24, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," severe storms are taking their toll across the country. overnight a deadly storm system is moving its way through the northeast as more rain and snow slam western states. we'll take a look at the forecast just ahead. and take two, the new white house spokesperson smoothing over his rough start with a marathon q & a session as our own jonathan karl there asked him for a pledge of honesty. this while president trump brings up an already debunked conspiracy theory. the latest headlines just ahead. >> and new this half hour, snore wars are drawing battle lines straight through america's bedroom. >> yes, they are. an estimate the 90 bhilon actually do it causing sleepless nights for spouses and partners. what snoring may be doing to your health and your relationship. and down on the farm,
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to his hometown in wisconsin. but what happened when his ex-girlfriend showed up and who got the boot? our senior "bachelor" analyst joins us in "the skinny" on this tuesday, january 24th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." controversial night on the "bachelor" which we'll all dig into later on. >> my ex-girlfriend just happens to be here. >> absolutely. what could go wrong? let's talk about the weather that is causing a lot of problems all across the country. the northeast is having some snow, torrential rain and powerful winds. >> live radar shows the storm moving into new england where ivers in boston are bracing for a difficult commute because of flooded roads. >> in the new york city area this scene, a piece of scaffolding dangling off the edge of a building, frightening indeed especially if you're down below looking at that. flooded roadways made the commute home
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abc's linzie janis is in the storm zone. >> reporter: ferocious winds and heavy rain bearing down on the northeast. the storm peeling the roof off this building in new jersey. >> i think it's miserable right now. you'd almost rather snow. the wind can really be brutal. >> reporter: gusts up to 60 miles per hour taking down traffic lights. here in belmar, new jersey, they're hoping that manmade dunes like this one will keep the storm surge out of the town. but as you can see these waves are already breaching this dune. farther inland trees crashing onto homes in pennsylvania. in philadelphia, one man killed by a falling sign, at this car lot. downed wires temporarily suspending service on part of amtrak's northeast corridor -- tracks in hoboken, new jersey underwater. hundreds of flights now delayed across the region. tens of thousands without power. and in new york, officials urging residents to stay off the roads. we are in the heart of this storm right now.
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blinding rain are making it a dangerous commute for millions of people. linzie janis, abc news, belmar, new jersey. >> wow. >> in the west, california's governor has already declared a state of emergency after some damaging rain storms there. >> and in some parts of the state, there's so much snow they're running out of places to put it. in tahoe city, 250 truckloads of snow were dumped for three straight days until there was just no more room. nearly three feet fell on ski resorts in the sierra nevada mountains. >> in the san francisco bay area a world war i era cement ship was broken into three pieces by how far surf. >> and we should point out, there's more snow on the way for the west. >> paul williams has a look at the day ahead. good morning. >> good morning. diane, kendis. we still have concern for scattered showers along the west coast. the california coast a bit breezy, as well. already been inundated with heavy showers.
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now we have anothlingering low pressure system will drag the west coast through one more day of scattered showers travel delays. in the east, a blast of cold air coming out of canada making for snowy conditions throughout wyoming into south dakota, nebraska into iowa as well as minneapolis. keep in mind, we're watching out for blizzard-like conditions there with gusty winds along with blowing snow. rain along the east coast, the possibility of flash flooding. a wintry mix throughout pra, new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine. >> kendis, diane? >> thanks to paul. the death toll has risen to 20 after powerful tornados struck the south over the weekend. most victims were killed when a twister touched down near a small town in rural georgia. a mobile home park was nearly destroyed by strong winds. many residents lost everything they had. you can see the devastation there. the governor is asking for help from washington, d.c. and the governor of minnesota is expected to be back at work later on this morning after collapsing while making a speech.
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it's kind of hard to watch this video. democrat mark dayton stumbled after entering the minnesota house chamber ahead of his annual address to lawmakers. and then been 40 minutes into his speech, he took a long drink of water, spoke a few slurred words and then collapsed. he didn't finish his speech but after being checked out, dayton was able to walk out of the building. his son tweeted his father is "doing great." and president trump may have won the white house but still complaining about losing the popular vote. during his first white house meeting with congressional leaders sources say the president repeated a false claim that he lost the popular vote only because 3 to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted. a republican aide claims he was only joking. a democratic aide disagrees saying the president spent ten minutes talking about the election. and the country has a new cia director. kansas congressman mike pompeo was sworn in last night by vice president mike pence about an hour after he was confirmed by the senate
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some democrats had objected to pompeo over what they described as inconsistent positions on torture and meddling by russia. but he has been confirmed. and president trump's pick for secretary state approved by the foreign relations committee. former exxon ceo rex tillerson is expected to easily win senate confirmation. marco rubio decided not to break with his earth after challenging tillerson over his views on russia. >> reporters experienced a kinder, gentler white house press secretary after he got off to a rocky start on the weekend. on sunday he accused the press of downplaying the inaugural crowd. yesterday he still insists it was the largest audience to witness an inauguration but he acknowledged getting some of the specs wrong and talk d about the importance of telling the truth. >> is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium and will you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual? >> it is. it's an honor to do this, and yes. i believe that we have to be honest with the
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disagree with the facts. there are certain things that we may not fully understand when we come out. our intention is never to lie to you. >> spicer refused to say whether the president ordered him into the battle about the crowd. >> and organizers hope today's second day of syria peace talks go better than the first. there were sharp records between representatives of the syrian government and rebels during yesterday's hour long session. just getting the two sides into the same room was an accomplishment. talks were organized by russia and turkey and held in kazakhstan. representatives of the u.s., u.n. and iran are also attended. and china's birth rate is at its highest point this century up 8% from last year. nearly half of the nearly 18 million children born last year had older brothers or sisters. the increase follows the relaxation of china's unpopular one-child policy a year ago. that program began in 1979 and
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abortions. but china now faces a rapidly aging workforce. >> 18 million people born in one year, almost like the population of canada in one year. incredible. last half hour, we dug deep and told you about a guy stuffing a guitar in his pants. now we have a story about more traditional unlawful stuffing. >> that's right. cash in a mattress or a boxspring to be exact. maybe a little more cash than traditional. a lot of people put cash under the mattress. in this case, it was inside and it was $20 million. it was seized in a boston area apartment in connection with a fraud case. >> interesting. interesting spot to put it. >> guess that's why they couldn't go to the bank. >> coming up, snore wars are forcing battle lines to be drawn in millions of homes across america. is yours one of them? what you need to know about the dangers of snoring both to your health than relationship. >> and the high drama down on the farm. bachelor nick took the girls to his hometown.
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it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. >> so may just look like a normal snow blower. no big deal. we see them on ski slopes all the time. however, believe it or not, that is not artificial snow. it's powdered milk being sprayed in a protest outside european headquarters in brussels because dairy farmers from several western european countries say a decision by the eu to sell its reserves of powdered milk will force them into bankruptcy. >> they do their protests better. >> they are showing what they
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think of that powdered milk. >> exactly. >> out of here. we all know there is nothing like a nice glass of hot milk to try to get to sleep. yes. but staying asleep for millions of americans is a completely different struggle. >> an estimated 90 million americans snore at night and their spouses and partners have to lose at least one hour of sleep if they're lucky. >> wow. >> because of it. here's abc's paula ferris. >> what's sleep. >> it's a challenge some nights. make sure i'm really good underneath the blankets. >> it's like an obnoxiously loud train that's constant and loud. >> reporter: three couples, three different cities, one common denominator. >> we've been married 47 years, and i've probably been snoring most of the time. >> reporter: actually make that four couples. >> unequivocally, you snore, right, honey? >> reporter: some studies suggest that snoring gets in the way m
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separate rooms. >> sometimes he got kicked from the bedroom to the couch. >> reporter: personally i haven't kicked my husband out yet, but i sure have kicked him. why? because you snore. admit it. will you please admit it? it's the first step to heeling. > i've never heard myself snore so i don't believe i snore. >> reporter: while easy to take lightly, snoring can actually affect relationships subtly and over time. >> some couples don't even realize that that sleep deprivation increased irritability, sometimes anger are being focused on this lack of quality sleep building up in the relationship. >> reporter: and in some instances that loud rumble may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. sleep apnea. >> i would wake up and all of a sudden, i knew that he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: so they turned to dr. ojile. >> it was clearly diagnosed. we put him on positive airway pressure and
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>> we're able to sleep in the same bed now. >> i got less bruises on my side from getting elbowed. >> reporter: i have used all those techniques before. a little elbow and kicking, pulling the blankets. >> between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. in the mornings, right? with me. >> here we are wondering what is sleep anyway? it's amazing these people are able to do this strange activity. >> do you snore? >> not at all. never. >> i think i'm the only member of my family that doesn't. when we get all together and crowd in one room and do the air mattress thing, it's like a symphony. >> the macedo symphony. when we come back, who got the boot last night on "the bachelor." >> we get our first peek at britney spears' new lifetime movie, as well. stay with us, "the skinny" is next. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night!
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♪ skinny, so skinny
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>> it's that time of the week again when we get caught up on what's going on with abc's "the bachelor." >> and that means we need our senior bachelor analyst jack sheehan to break it down for us. ja, what's happening? >> thanks for having me back. >> some alternative facts here this morning. good morning to bachelor nation. headline here, bachelor hits the road but claws come out in wisconsin. started off with 17 ladies, two got ousted. this was a hometown date. >> early. >> the ladies on the farm. yeah. anyway, some strange things went on just like this vo. >> who is that young lady? >> >> ex-girlfriend. >> that was the ex-girlfriend who showed up. that was amber. >> out of nowhere. >> yeah, conveniently enough. she was singing nick's praises.
3:49 am
one-on-one date. strange looking cookies in the sweet shop. >> she gets the rose. good for her. next to a group date on the farm, we had a little preview of it right there before. they were doing farm chores, there was manure involved. >> the girls don't seem to love this. >> corrine shockingly enough wasn't really into it. she basically sat the whole thing out. >> she has a million dollar company. >> yes. claiming a medical condition. there are obviously some alternative facts that can be discovered about that. anyway, on the group date, christina got the rose after the shoveling of much manure. >> she earned that one. >> there you go. one-on-one date with raven, they met up with nick's younger sister's soccer team. ironically enough, his patients were there, as well. >> they're very young looking, too. >> yeah. the meeting went well. raven got the rose. >> early for people to be meeting the parents?
3:50 am
the alternative fact there is we're close to the conclusion of this. >> oh. >> maybe. >> thank the lord. >> i think. alternative facts. alternative facts. >> sorry. i forgot her. >> cocktail party, everyone's just about had it up to here with corrine. so taylor is being the chief antagonist. she faces off with corrine. analyst prediction, a two-on-one date next week. one of these ladies going home. >> oh. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. >> kiss count. >> roll the graphic. >> ends at eight. >> eight. slow night. >> slowed down a little bit. alternative fact. this season on the "bachelor" is entertaining. analyst out. >> alternative fact kiss count was actually 14. >> i love how much jack loves doing "the bachelor" analysis and that we make him watch the show.
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britney spears. >> yes, indeed. lifetime released their first trailer for an upcoming movie about her and all of the drama she's dealt with. ♪ >> her marriage to kevin federline, her infamous umbrella issue on the paparazzi, the head shaving, all in there. actress natasha bassett says just doing the movie was traumatic. >> the movie does not have spears' stamp of an povl. her rep told "us weekly" she will not be contributing in any way, shape, or form, nor does it have her blessings. >> big day. >> oscar nominations are happening today and we will actually have them live on gma. ♪ city of stars >> is what you want? "la la land." >> i like la land." >> i think "moonlight" and the underdog vote "hell or high
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ and i know it's going to be a lovely day ♪ >> lovely day. an uplifting and inspiring project has kicked off on this lovely day nationwide involving some 12,000 schools from coast to coast. >> so it's called the great kindness challenge. some 10 million students are set to complete half a billion random acts of kindness before the week's end. abc's jesse palmer checks it out. >> reporter: with me i have a list simple acts of kindness. i'm about to go and perform a bunch of them. let's go spread the love. i missed a letter but it's the thought that counts. first up, just saying good morning. >> morning. how are you? >> morning, guys. >> thanking some folks who truly
3:56 am
>> i just wanted to say thank you for keeping us safe. >> i wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. decided i'm going to draw a picture and give it to somebody. hopefully it will bring a smile to their face. i just wanted to draw this and wanted to give this to you guys for the day. hopefully it puts a smile on your face. >> i knew what new yorkers really wanted. >> i'm giving away free pizza. >> dude, want some? >> my one final act of kindness is to tell somebody a joke. i'mingly going to tell you all at home a joke. hopefully you'll find it funny. it's about pizza. you know what? it's too cheesy. >> uh. ha, ha. >> not to be upstaged by jesse, kendis and i thought we would rise to the challenge ourselves. >> how did that work out? check it out. >> let's go make everyone happy. i made you guys some iced coffee and it's a very special brew. so i just wanted to do something nice for you guys. yeah, sure. it's all part of the acts of
3:57 am
kindness, make other people and then they'll pay it forward in a way. >> like starbucks. >> see, making everybody really happy. this is a great project. thanks, guys. there's ice in it and i put extra water in it because that's how people like their coffee. are you going to thank me for my act of kindness? >> thank you. >> free hugs in the newsroom. is that awkward? >> thank you. >> hi. how are you? i was sharing hugs. it was an act of kindness. >> there are now like three sexual harassment claims against me. >> they didn't seem as receptive to our acts of kindness as they were to jesse. >> we were being really, really nice. >> speaking of acts an of kindness, i bought hair and makeup some dinner today. chicken rolls because they like
3:58 am
didn't realize
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making news in america this tuesday morning, president donald trump apparently repeating another false claim overnight, plus his press secretary facing reporters. the first time taking questions since his disputed claim that the inauguration was the most watched ever. we're live in washington. a medical scare for minnesota's governor. he collapsed while addressing lawmakers. we now have an update on his condition. more weather threats bearing down on both coasts. a powerful nor'easter dumping several inches of rain and high winds knocking down trees. plus a state of emergency on the west coast as rain washes away roads. the new research that claims burnt toast can carry serious health risks.


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