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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  January 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. this morning, the worst of the weather is gone, but a big cleanup the hind. where are you seen the worst of the storm's right now? larry: federal employees with a nervous eye on the white house. and a head of state health care. what are we learning after a governor collapses while giving a speech? scary video. what happened there? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and
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back together. we are.ere starting off with a look at the forecast and v.j., but chilly -- a chilly start, it's not march. veronica: it's not, but we will have one really nice day coming up this week. stick around for that, but today is going to be brisk and you believe the code. we are going to see the wind continued to come to the area. the wind today may be gusting 25, close to 30 in a location, but for the most part just a brisk feel as we try to get little bit of sunshine in here for the afternoon hours. reitman we have got a scattering of some clouds, 39 in d.c., frederick, maryland, 37, you're cooler pocket, mid-to-upper 30's. laurel, kensington, clinton, all coming in it already seven degrees here to very little way of showers.
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cumberland, down towards areas of romney and peers burg. later today i think we have got the green light with some sunshine coming our way and it will be breezy with the temperature rising today to 48 to 49 degrees. warmer days ahead and i will show you when, coming up. julie: the traffic, there's a crash on the 11th street bridge. according to police as you travel inbound across the bridge and travel of the freeway, look for a slow ride coming north before the exit for south capitol street up to the accident scene. outer loop, top side of the beltway leaving college park, look at the raindrops at colesville road. a 15 minute ride heading over towards 270. back in 10 minutes to update that ride in southeast. back over to you guys. larry: we dealt with the rough weather yesterday and it is
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autria: but you are still feeling the impact in most places. 50anne kennedy is on route with a look at things there. suzanne? suzanne: good morning to both of you. the good news is that we have checked out a couple of areas that had road closures due to high water and it has dissipated, those roads are back open. that is going to make the commute easier for a lot of people in the northern virginia area. 50 eastbound and allen street, we have got a little bit of water still on the roadways him some overnight showers, but they have ended. just perhaps some areas where the roadway is a little bit slick, but so far, so good, nothing too dangerous out here right now. back to you guys. larry: thanks so much. columbia, look at this, the winds sent tree crashing into the home of a neighbor. look at the damage. thankfully even after all of this, no one was
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autria: stay connected with the storm watch weather team, we are on your side whenever severe weather strikes. or we are always on social media. jummy: a man in the hospital after you a shot in northeast ec -- north east a d.c. the man drove himself to the six district headquarters to try to get help. we're told that his injuries are serious but he is expected to survive in right now police tell us they are looking for a silver silver chevy with virginia tags. that's the latest we have on the story for now but as soon as we have anything else have calls in to d.c. police for an update and we will pass that information along. the first 100 days, president trump will meet this morning with the chief executives of general motors, ford, and chrysler to try to sway them to keep production in the u.s..
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he froze federal hiring and pay raises, impacting hundreds of thousands of people here the area. the head of the largest union for federal employees criticized the freeze. >> what do you say to the critics that say we need to limit the size of government and this is how we do it? >> i would say to start with the contract workforce first. >> it does not affect national security employees or the military. federalo they said that employees are overpaid compared to the private sector in that the government has grown too quickly. >> coming up later this morning we will be talking with tim kaine about the federal freeze. don't miss that interview when we move over to news channel 8. terrifying moments on the floor of the minnesota state house. look at this. governor mark dayton, starting to slur his words and then collapsing during his state of the state address. he spent the night recuperating at home. his son released a message on twitter last night saying th
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governor is expected to present his 2017 budget as planned. larry: george h.w. bush, waking up out of the icu for the first time in more than a week. he was admitted to the hospital during a fight with pneumonia and he is healthy enough to be out on the floor. theara bush, out of hospital after being treated for bronchitis. gonzalez is live at the white house with more on the makeover in the war -- in the works. john: that's right. the white house fence is considered entirely scalable, which is why they are getting a new one. coming up we will show you just how high donald trump wan
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a milestone for japan, they launched their first munication
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were sleeping. upgrading the -- japanese self-defense network. they have some good weather there for that. from what i understand the first satellite was damaged in transport back in july. we had some high wind here with a little bit of damage. yesterday the wind was not nearly as strong. peaking after about 50 miles per hour and today, maybe 25, 35 mile per hour wind gusts during the afternoon hours, we will start to see it ramp up again today. temperatures, look at them. 35 degrees in ashburn, waldorf, wind chill readings are much lower. upper 20's's to just under freezing. that really is the big story for today, how it will feel. by afternoon, 1:00, 35 to 40 degrees and as we get into the late afternoon and evening it will feel like 32 to 38 degrees. not much left on the radar at all. today's
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degrees, but with the wind it will feel much cooler. best day out of the work week is definitely going to wednesday, just shy of 60 degrees. sunshine is expected but for friday and saturday temperatures really start to tumble. friday going into friday, it is going to be breezy. when i return in a couple of minutes i will show you the wind chill readings for friday morning. julie: lanes are open with no problems to report that the wilson bridge. the tight spot is going to be northbound on 295. the heavy-duty crane is on the scene and the should be gone momentarily. northbound 295 at the 11th street ridge, stay to the right in order to get i. for those traveling eastbound inside the beltway, trying to wake -- make your way through drive,on, a 20 minute all lanes are open and no problems have been reported on this stretch. leaving the beltway trying to get past duke street, the lanes are open
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towards the 14th street bridge. akin the next 10 minutes to update your ride on 270. larry? this: breaking news morning, new word after that devastating avalanche. jummy olabanji is at the live desk, next. water,hen life gives you go jet skiing.
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jummy: following breaking news from italy this morning. the death toll at the avalanche at the mountain resort net country has climbed to 15. we note that people are still missing and firefighters say that they found six more bodies after search crews were able to get into the center of that snow-covered hotel in the search continues in the hopes that the missing may still be alive. we know that many staff members and guests survived in the first funeral for victims was held this morning. prosecutors are investigating whether a series of miscommunications, under estimations of risk and delays in responding to snowfall
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of deaths. autria: one of the most popular sites in d.c., getting a -- a makeover. get ready for the white house fence to get higher. a new white house fence is in the works. that is where john gonzalez is, live this morning. john: president donald trump says that he wants a fence that is taller and stronger. we are not talking about the u.s. mexico border here. we are talking about the fence that surrounds the white house and its 18 acres. commission of the fine arts has approved the final design and we can tell you right off the bat that it is going to be this much taller. take a look with our tape measure, we can show you, four feet seven inches taller. we have some designs, some concept designs we want to show you here. the current fence around the white house is about seven feet tall.
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foot seven inches tall. this comes after a number of years of white house jumpers here, including omar gonzalez in 2014, he actually made it all the way through the north portico door and overpowered female circuit service officer. earlier this month, joseph caputo was sentenced to three years probation. will have new concrete footing and foundation and technology that can detect intruders. the idea is to enhance security, officials say, protect the president and respect the historical significance of the 18 acres where the president lives. the secret service hopes to break ground with the national parks service sometime next year. reporting live outside the white house, john gonzales, "good morning washington."
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larry: business is recovering from the riots during friday's inauguration. protesters smashed atms and broke store windows. they have since been boarded up, but only one starbucks has been able to open today. two bank of america branches damaged as well. they were able to open their doors and more than 200 people were arrested on friday and face penalty riled -- writing charges. women'sn behind the march said that this is just beginning. she said that her mission for the next four years is to make the trump administration uncomfortable. each state has an organizer to do continuing work and she is urging people to keep the spirit alive. autria: a package thief is on the loose in downtown d.c.. if you are not by her television, come check this out.
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this is from friday, january 6, 26th street in foggy bottom. if you know anything about this you are asked to call the police . this morning the police are also on the hunt for this guy, who stole a guitar by shoving it down his pants. hard to believe, but it really happened. he manages to hide a $1700 guitar in some baggy clothes in then just stroll out of that store in texas completely unnoticed. mary noticed that he had a limp. police have put it out on social media and they have gotten hundreds of comments and shares, but no leads. larry: i bet they have some comments. [laughter] ok. we have in tracking the wild weather across the country. one man in california is making the most of the storms in the state. a professional jet ski writer decided to catch some waves on his street. that is mark gomez, who has won multiple
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championships. he said that when he saw that storm drains were overflowing, he couldn't resist. autria: get it. veronica: i know, right? autria: except when you hit pavement. larry: i know. autria: at least he's wearing his helmet. veronica: as long as the kids don't see that in go -- hey, i have a jet ski. autria: pretty sure that's not street legal. larry: exactly. now you got to take it back home. autria: the rain has moved out of the area? see a chance,ould maybe what to take her smaller umbrella, but maybe not even that. this is a system from new england. clear and cold, 39 headed out, take a look at austin, new england, detroit, those locations.
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-- cold rain with snow left over. here's the system right now, a coastal system that will be fairly high today. from new jersey to the coast of maine. we are starting to see the last of the little sprinkles clear out with some snow that may continue into the higher elevations. so, getting out the door, cold, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's. possibly a sprinkle, but for the most part it's just cloud cover that we will be fighting on and off today. to about 48 degrees, most neighborhoods in d.c., 49, 58 tomorrow, sunglasses on, nice and happy with the forecast. ringing the temperatures down a bit for thursday and then by friday it will start to feel chilly, if not cold down here. showing you the highs
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country today, but what happens when we get to next monday that plunges towards the east? coming up, the ten-day forecast that takes us into the early part of february. julie? where we have the earlier crash on 295 working your way inbound towards the 11th street bridge. that accident is now gone. trying to get past glebe road we had reports of debris on the mainline, heads up pushing northbound towards the 14th street bridge. southbound on 270 towards germantown, the lanes are open, a 34 minute commute overall headed out towards the split. no accidents, just volume. to recap, the accident is now gone as you approach the inbound 11th street bridge. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the baltimore-washington parkway. back to you guys. autria: a genetic rescue, caught on camera. coming up next, the exac
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morning washington," on your side. larry: helping you solve consumer disputes, an exciting new way for us to get more results for you. we are combining our resources with an advocacy group called call for action. toreach our team, go online for action, or you can call 301-652-help. autria: dramatic video out of washington state. a woman being pulled from a burning car. morning in our "gma" first look, the policeman desperate to crack open a car window. a local woman, frantic to get out, her car engulfed in flames. alexei honestly believe that mina get out of there. panic was definitely setting in
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down after hitting a pile of/, catching fire. she was trapped inside. >> the flames were shooting up. it was happening that fast. , thertunately for her officer broke the window with his baton and with the help of a neighbor managed to drag her from the burning car. at 7 a.m., we will you how to escape your car with one simple tip.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: ball you were sleeping, the temperature started to drop. rain is slowly moving out but the nor'easter is doing a number on new york and new england. let's get right to veronica johnson. just seeing ane isolated shower here. the big thing for us is the road surfaces drying off, we are seeing temperatures above freezing, from the mid-to-upper 30's across the area. let me show you where the last of t
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snow showers in western maryland was bengals coming to the area, cumberland, towards woodstock, loudoun county, that is really it. for you,it forward this pocket here in the flintstone area, maybe a sprinkle or a light shower, and once this wave comes past at 1:00, 2:00, it will be right through the area so we could see another brief, light shower, but not a big deal. what you might notice, some late day sunshine with the wind starting to pick up. the next opportunity to see showers is not until thursday. when that system comes through we're left with colder air for friday and for the upcoming weekend. today really more on the dry or wet side, but also more on the cloud cover than the sunnyside. 46 degrees by 1:00, pushing it weekend 48 weary of the again, lower temperatures, but
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atwill have an extended look the numbers coming up again in a couple of minutes. julie? julie: taking a trip in maryland, we will show you what it looks like for those the wilsono and from bridge. making your way in the lanes here are open, but it is a nine minuteow, commute, no problems to report on the outer loop coming in from alexandria. we had earlier crash at the 11th street bridge, that's all gone. fromminute drive right now the 11th street bridge with a crash, you can definitely see the red on the map pushing northbound. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes and we will update the right out of fort washington. autria: a busy day ahead for the president, starting with reckless from -- breakfast with leaders from the u.s. auto industry. larry: we start out with that and what else o
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>> he looks forward to hearing their ideas and how we can work together to bring more jobs back to this industry. >> also on the agenda, he set to sign another executive order one day after pulling out of a major trade deal with asia. trump: great thing for the american worker, what we just did. >> plus a hiring freeze on all federal workers except the military and an order banning foreign aid to groups that promote or pay for abortion. at the first white house meeting with congressional leaders, trump back in campaign mode, complaining -- can -- complaining about losing the popular vote. sources say that he repeated the false claim that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million undocumented immigrants voted. theblican aide claims that president was joking but a democratic aide disagreed, saying the president
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election. while trump did win 314 electoral votes to clinton's 247, clinton won 300 million more popular votes. election officials have said that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. on the cabinet front there is progress. mikeenate confirmed can -- pompeo to run the cia. as for the secretary of state, rex tillerson, he is closer to being confirmed, clearing a major hurdle in the senate. far three of the 15 cabinet nominees have been confirmed. in northwest, stephanie ramos. jummy: we are also following new developments from one to my county in the minimum wage fight. ike leggett vetoed legislation that would have raised the minimum wage. he said that boosting the wage to that level would harm the county's economy and its ability to compete for jobs.
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george's county joined in the district with an unusual regional action to raise the wage this year. d.c. has since adopted a $15 freezing and by 2020. larry: two women were swept under by a massive wave. >> i got her, i got her. larry: they were pulled into the ocean walking on rocks in san diego. a good samaritan and lifeguard took about 40 minutes to get both women out, but one later died in the hospital. three of the rescuers were later hospitalized and are expected to be ok. autria: coming up next, a ski vacation with your name on it. when a trip for the whole family. plus, star wars fans, the big reveal.
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+ larry: lucas films announcing the latest titer -- title for the new sci-fi franchise. episode eight will be called last jedi. it will hit theaters on december 15. autria: right now
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lift tickets for bryce resort in mount jackson, virginia. we are looking for color number seven. the number to call, we would love to give these to you if you are lucky caller number seven but if you don't win today, don't worry, you have still got more chances and we are giving away for more tickets this week during the 6:00 hour. good luck. larry: we need to find a way to get some snow. veronica: if you're looking at the 10 day forecast, temperatures above freezing, still not cold enough to get snow, which is ironic considering that last year at this time we had the blizzard , 18 came to the area inches. here now today we just have some wet pavement. temperatures even this morning a running above freezing. 39 degrees in d.c., areas to the north, upper 30's right now. leesburg, reston, all at 3738 degrees.
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cloud cover to start the day, maybe a little bit of sunshine for the afternoon. 49 to fit the. that early day shower from noon to 1:00, but later, fairly why it right now. getting into the day, the closeature could push is to 50 degrees. lunchtime, wind will pick up and even then i think we are brisk. but wow, tomorrow is going to be fantastic. 58 degrees, temperatures are 13 degrees above the average. it isday for us tomorrow, going to be absolutely a plus weather to get out. change in thea weather. you can see now the cold air, a look at the highs today, sitting out west with cold air running eastward. i will show you when it arrives in about 10. julie: so are no accidents reported on the baltimore-washington parkway, but we do have slowdowns towards 450. on the inner loop leaving
6:41 am
, arting to see that red line 12 minute drive trying to get past 210 across the wilson bridge. for those on 295, the pace is improving. a long-standing crash finally cleared, all lanes are open. the crash has been reported on 210 northbound, definitely seeing a red line on the map continuing northbound back towards the beltway. minutes to update that ride. back over to you, larry. larry: a health scare on the floor. hot trailer: a governor collapsing, what is coming up for him in the day ahead? >> a federal hiring freeze is now in effect. what are the elected officials on capitol hill saying? next. kidd: counting down the oscar
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new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms. larry: this morning, the rough weather that we dealt with for most of yesterday is gone.
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of trouble spots in fairfax county. suzanne kennedy went check them out. good news this morning? great for people commuting from fairfax county. we went to check out the trouble spots that we saw over the water dissipated, that was great news. also good news to report this morning, full of it en route 50, damp, mildly significant, the rain seems to have tapered off. no trouble so far this morning. back to you in the studio. jummy: we want to show you some six: here now from -- at 45, covering the same storm system causing havoc in the northeast. window washers, scaffolding, thrown like paper, that equipment hitting the side of the building. fortunately no one was on it at the time. just
6:46 am
you can see, that was a wild scene over there. . big slowdown for commuters the path train track in hoboken, completely flooded. water there are nearly spilling over the platform, it will make for an interesting commute in the new york city area. this just in in the past few minutes, close to us, that's the ferris wheel at the boardwalk, turning on its own because of all the wind out there on the maryland-eastern shore. keeping a close eye on anymore video coming of this rough weather, but for now we will send it back over to you. autria: thank you, jummy. we are on your side whenever severe weather strikes. connect with us through our app. and we are always on social media. following a big developing story. larry: that's right, a massive federal hiring freeze. part of donald trump's first 100 days in office.
6:47 am
for hundreds of thousands of people right here in the area. sam: and also across the country. remember, 85% of federal employees live outside the beltway. here on capitol hill we are seeing bipartisan support, opposition against this federal hiring freeze. barbara comstock, northern virginia, and gerry connolly say that they do not support this overall freeze. resident trump has put this executive order in place for the next 90 days. he has instructed his office of personnel management to come up with a long-term solution for reducing the federal workforce. this morning unions for federal workers say that a freeze like this will cost taxpayers more money in the future. in 1982 edge he a gao study was done that found that hiring freezes during the carter and reagan administrations wound up costing more money and did not ultimately reduce federal employme
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contractors were brought in to circumvent the system but in this case trump said that there will be a freeze for contractors as well. coming up later this morning we are going to go one-on-one with the former vice presidential senator, tim kaine, to talk about the hiring freeze and implications of could have on our area. that's coming up at 7:45 this morning. reporting live, sam sweeney. hearings on seven trump cabinet nominees. the judiciary committee is expected to hold a vote on jeff sessions, but it will likely be delayed. committee votes on dr. ben carson, elaine chao, and wilbur , all expected to happen. also today, a second round of hearings for trumps choice to head the health and human services department, tom price.
6:49 am
not be a second hearing for betsy foss -- betsy devos. they said they didn't have enough time to scrutinize her in her first hearing and the committee is set to vote on january 31. iss morning president trump not backing down from his claim that millions of people voted illegally against him. that is according to sources familiar with his meeting yesterday. he reportedly repeated his unsubstantiated claim that there were up to 5 million illegal votes in the presidential election. larry: another march on washington planned for this friday, but this time it's the antiabortion march for life. they have drawn 250,000 people to the national mall in the past. metro will be adding additional trains to accommodate the expected crowds. the track work will be postponed during the weekend. autria: terrifying moments on the floor of the minnesota state -- state
6:50 am
governor mark dayton collapsing. he spent the night recuperating at home. his son released a message on twitter last night saying that his father was doing great and the governor is still expected to present the 2017 budget this morning as planned. larry: waiting to see what's coming up on "good morning america to cohen >> the latest on president trump , doubling down on the false claims that he lost the popular vote because of illegal ballots. after that rocky start on saturday, things went a little bit that are yesterday. we will have all the latest this autria: you got to see this. three adorable puppies, all pulled from the rubble. the hotel was buried by an avalanche last week. at three puppies were born th
6:51 am
found in the boiler room. the good news here, they are all expected to be ok. larry: wow. >> what breed is that? >> [indiscernible] larry: no snow? it's january. chronicle: i know, it's like -- another day, another day, we've made it. larry: every day we have got so far. them off.ving yesterday we had windswept rain. today we have windblown hare. it is still going to be breezy today and it's the kind of wind where you will notice by late in the day. looking at the guidance for wind increasing throughout the day, current wind gusts right now in d.c., leesburg, fredericksburg a bit less, but ocean city is still gusting. this is a snapshot of 7:00 today.
6:52 am
gusts in leesburg. higher winds off to the east. 27 miles for our coming our way for the afternoon. yesterday we were way up to her with the wind at 50 miles per hour, bringing down a few branches. he really felt it when you are out there with the rain. just enough so that the trees would be swaying. breezy, most of the wind coming late in the day. with lower temperatures at is going to have an impact on what it feels like. wind chill, rain, under freezing. turning chilly by late morning, early afternoon, we will stay with the chilly feel today, even as we get to temperatures topping out today at 48 to 49. it will feel more like we at 42, 43, stepping it down into a chilly evening with more of the clouds clearing across the area. as
6:53 am
not much in the way of rain falling. temperatures climbing again. a look at early tomorrow morning, 46 degrees by late morning. tomorrow, just a super day, warming up in a hurry. we will have a high temperature of 58, close to 60 degrees, putting us into the weekend. right now we are still looking dry. temperatures near average. julie? onie: keeping a close eye thursday. do you have a little emoji with -- not the hedgehog. the groundhog. yeah. as long as he doesn't see his shadow. that's six more weeks of winter. you will find that your lanes are open this morning. no problems to itself and on the way. slowing to about 39 miles per hour. towards the new york kenilworth avenue split, the good news is that all of the lanes are open. still a congested ride on the suitland parkway.
6:54 am
to get past alabama avenue, towards nailer in south capitol street, the is a crash reported in virginia near plantation parkway, so heads up inside the beltway, where you should find lanes open. next 10 minutes update your ride to the west on 66. now, back over to you guys. autria: kidd o'shea is here to get us in the now. kidd: oscar nominations will be out later this morning and we will have full coverage on news channel 8. big surprises.y "la la land," expected to be one of the most nominated films. but the record to break his 14, currently held by "titanic" and "all about eve." you remember that movie, with bette davis? mary poppins" is the most nominated musical. is it even possible?
6:55 am
nominated for the following. best picture, best actor, actress, screenplay, score, director, original song, cinematography, original musical, with a couple of technical awards in their, nominations, you could get to 14. i think they are more likely to be at 10 or 11. i think it will be a lot of nominations but i don't know if it will break a record. but it is definitely possible for them to do that. i will point out that i know you're sick of my love fest with this, but those nominations are due. autria: well-deserved. >> right, the music and everything. there are 10 slots in this category. la la land, moonlight, i'm really hoping that loving gets more attention than it did during the golden globes, this was a great film that took place right in our backyard here in virginia and if you haven't seen it yet, go see i
6:56 am
figures, fences, hell or high water, 20th century women and jackie should all be in there. >> who did you leave off? >> hidden fences. the, nation of "hidden figures" and fences." [laughter] we will have a complete recap of all of this with in just a few minutes here when we talk oscars all morning long. it's an exciting morning in time for movies. autria: big day in hollywood. all right, here is your 60 second express. >> democrats and republicans voicing opposition to this work for -- workforce hiring freeze. the president has put the order in for the next 90 days. >> trump wants offense that is taller and we are not talking let mexico, we are talking
6:57 am
the white house. >> terrifying moments on the floor of the statehouse. collapsingrk dayton, during his state of the state address. his son saying that his father is doing great. >> ike leggett vetoed legislation that would have raised the minimum wage. >> and oscar nominations, just a few hours away. the wizards on the road at charlotte, they got the win. now the focus is tonight. did of a stumble? >> that's the score with this one.
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good morning, america. overnight donald trump doubles down. repeating false claims he lost the popular vote because of illegal ballots at a congressional event he hosted as the president takes executive action on trade and abortion policy, his press secretary tries to repair his heated relationship with reporters. >> our intention is never to lie to you, jonathan. >> going back and forth with our jon karl. punishing storms. a powerful nor'easter pounding the coast with winds topping 65 miles an hour ripping roofs off homes. rain flooding this new jersey train station. snow and ice creating a dangerous commute. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. as a new winter storm takes aim at the center of the country. terrifying collapse. a governor falling at the


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