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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on your side. maureen: president donald trump's pen has been busy again today. as he signed another stack of executive orders. but there are concerns about what the president is writing and what he is saying. q mccray is tracking the president's first 100 days for us. q: it has been an eventful first five days with the meeting with the business leaders to keeping his campaign promises. president trump has been busy. but he is making waves with the controversial comments. president trump's day started with a meeting with the heads of the u.s. car makers. >> bringing manufacturing back, reducing unnecessary regulations. >> he later signed five executive orders. two reversing the regulations that stop the haily controversial keystone x.l. and the dakota access pipeline process moving forward but only under certain circumstances. >> subject to
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we'll see if we can get it built. q: meanwhile, his nominee for department of the -- department of human services. >> we are not going to have a plan from him. are we going to have a plan from the president? >> if i have the privilege to be confirm id look forward to work with the president and bring a plan to you. q: another news maker the president telling some members of congress 3-5 million of illegals voted for clinton costing him the popular vote in the election. a claim house speaker paul ryan couldn't back. >> i have seen no evidence to that effect. i made that clear. >> white house secretary sean spicer defended his boss. >> i think he
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about voter fraud and people voting illegally throughout the campaign and he keeps that based on the study and the evidence presented to him. >> he said a supreme court nominee coming soon, possibly next week. maureen: the president will have a chance to present his agenda to the american people next month. house speaker paul ryan invited mr. trump to address a joint session of congress february 28. abc7 news will have the first one-on-one interview with the president since he took office last friday. that airs in a one hour special tomorrow night on abc7. jonathan: james comey will stay in the role of the f.b.i. director despite his scrutiny over the handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation.
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serve for ten years. maureen: the owner of a limousine set on fire in the presidential inauguration says he may have to pay for the $70,000 in damage. the owner says his insurance likely won't pay out for the damages because policy covers vandalism but not damage from a riot. most of the 200 people arrested in inauguration day protests were charged with rioting. jonathan: they are offering a plea deal to a man accused of opening fire in d.c. pizza shot. they have not disclosed the terms of the offer. police arrested edgar welch after he walked inside with an ar-style rifle and opened fire in comet ping pong. no was one hurt but prosecutors say wells was motivated by something he read online about a nonexisting child sex ring going on in the business. maureen: update on a
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story from baltimore. the mother seriously unjuried in a house fire that kill -- injured in a house fire that killed six of her children is out of the hospital. katie malone had been homized since the fire. three of her children escaped. she wrote on facebook her family must plan a funeral impossible to fathom. the cause is under investigation. jonathan: maryland is upping the ante in the battle against a growing heroin and opioid epidemic. the new initiative is born from love and also sorrow. reporter: governor larry hogan says it's personal. >> i lost a first 'cuz on the the terrible disease with a heroin overdose myself. >> randle county states attorney revealing his own family tragedy. >> eight days ago i buried my brother-in-law. >> both are throwing the political weight behind what hogan calls the 2017 heroin and opioid initiative. >> we
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spotlight on this and find as many solutions as we could. >> at a press conference, hogan announced $4 million of the 2018 budget directed toward the treatment and the funding. increased last year for more treatment beds. he signed executive order creating heroin command center. >> those are all over the map from the prevention and treatment to law enforcement and interdiction. >> backing the support, adams says in his brother-in-law case and so many others there hasn't been enough treatment available. >> 99days clean. relapsed, overdosed and died on january 6. >> the governor is pushing legislative initiatives as well including a bill to limit the opioid painkillers the doctor could prescribe.
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is not doing enough but the governor says combating heroin is one of the top priorities. in oxon hill, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: developing now, prince george's county police are looking for this man. roland simmms is expected of shooting a woman in front of a group of children at a school bus stop this morning in oxon hill. none of the children were hurt. tonight there is no update on the woman's condition. counselors are made available for the students at forest heights elementary school. still ahead at 6:00, a big milestone in the effort to rebuild the white house fence. how soon construction could begin. jonathan: plus, why a local deli is getting deluged with angry phone calls about president trump. >> fallout from a derailment six months ago on metro. how many employees have been filed the aftermath. doug: a big storm continues to move off the
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we are getting ready for nice weather for a couple of days. we let you know
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: 21 metro employees have now been fired in the scandal that followed a derailment last july. maureen: that is according to metro union. a federal investigation
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derailment found track inspectors falsified the report on that section of the track. investigators say the derailment was caused by a section of track that was too far apart because of worn out cross ties. jonathan: metro ongoing safetrack repair work is prompting a change to the upcoming united airlines rock 'n' roll mir thon. it will now start at 7:00. followed by the half marathon at 8:30. the two events started at exactly the same times traditionally. shuttles are being offered independent of metro for the race participants. work is underway at the convention center for the auto show. the big focus is the autonomous vehicles and it kicks off on friday and runs through february 5. maureen: britain's exit from the european union cannot begin without permission from the parliament. that is the ruling from the highest court. while they
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it can change the terms of the departure. it's one of the topics when president trump meets with british prime minister theresa may on friday this week. new at 6:00 -- >> you want to talk to obama? maureen: why a local deli is getting inundated with the phone calls from the white house. jonathan: how long each will last? chief meteorologist doug hill's extended forecast is coming up. maureen: first, autria godfrey has a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." thanks, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington" skin care product, laundry deter jent and food storage. the surroundings may be damaging your health. the ways to detox the home and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. >> teach your child to save money. >> stay with us for weather every ten
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jonathan: a major milestone to improve security. you ar
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see how high the fence goes up? they signed off on a plan to build a new 11-foot tall fence with high-tech intruder detection technology. the current fence is seven-feet tall. the national capitol planning commission must approve the design. construction is expected next year. maureen: this week the trump administration made a big change inside the white house. now, instead of reaching an an rater, a call to the white house answered by automated system. burr many people who call and think they are leaving a message for the president are leaving a message at a deli. >> they pack them in for the lunch rush. but those in the kitch reason dealing with the annoyance. namely phone calls. >> you want to talk to obama? >> most of the callers are interested in the current president. you see, just
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separates the phone number for the white house. yesterday, someone tweeted their number to call to vent your anger with donald trump. >> it's like every ten seconds somebody is calling trying to talk to president trump. >> ever since it opened they got calls intended for the white house but now the calls accelerated dramatically in frequency and in anger. >> they were upset. a few that i talked to are upset about the affordable care act. being discontinued. >> what irritates them the most after they tell the caller they have the wrong number the shouting continues. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: well, former president george h.w. bush now is improving but he does remain hospitalized. spokesperson for the 41st president mr. bush sent his
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and the visitors and returning phone calls. he was released from the i.c.u. yesterday but spent ten days battling new moania. maureen: "7 on your side" has a new partner to resolve consumer despites. we combining resources with ad vo cassy group call for action. to reach our team with your consumer problems go to or call 301-652-help. jonathan: loved ones and the former colleagues said goodbye to astronaut gene cernan this afternoon. he died last week at the age of 82. he traveled to space three times. landed on the moon with apollo 17 in 197 72. he was bried with full military honors following the
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maureen: stormwatch7 is tracking a nor'easter as it moves through england. a lot of waters and a lot of waves. it spawned tornadoes in the southwest over last weekend. lack of cold air means that there is a lot of rain, along the massachusetts coast and a few inches of snow inland. in pennsylvania high winds uprooted trees and caused flooding along the jersey shore. >> we were getting away at the right time. it's mild tomorrow and thursday. but then it will turn colder. next week. but we are falling seasonably cold. this is what it is supposed to be like. get number at the skies. it's clear to partly cloudy
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high of 49 degrees. the average high is 44. we are way above average. the sun coming up earlier every day on a march to the summer solstice. number wise we are in the 40's. numbers drop a few degrees but not terribly cold. most areas that were wet overnight will start to dry up. it's 25 at manassas. 21-mile-per-hour gusts and the winds will stay up a little bit. 10 to 15-mile-per-hour gusts. but slow drop of temperature overnight. the storm center is offshore but the circulation continues to put moisture in and around at center. the coast
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there is a little snow inland but most of it is to ontario canada and maine. we expect to wake up to mid-to-upper 30s in the western zone. not sub freezing at all. locally in the metro zone. temperatures from the upper 30's to 41 in the city. comfortable day. winds are lighter tomorrow. a little breeze,510. something like that. but the big thing is the temperatures are rising as the winds will turn westerly and head to the upper 50's tomorrow afternoon. cold front approaches with the clouds overnight. tomorrow to thursday. there could be scattered showers but they will pass. it will be pleasant for thursday. it will be colder for friday to the end of the week. the extended outlook is 58 tomorrow. 55 on thursday. on friday, it will turn out partly sunny, breezy and chilly. the temperatures are
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saturday around sunday are typical. a lot of sunshine. 43 on saturday. 40 on sunday. next week a chilly stretch but seasonably so with a lot of sunshine monday through friday next week. that is the latest. back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. jonathan: thank you. the two teams are playing good basketball. ronal: the terps and -- robert: the terps and thepy saturdays. the terps came to the verizon center dressed in all black. i guess it means business. and sports is n isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night they said business casual. i love summer weddings! oh no. yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score. try credit karma. it's free.
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robert: we start with college hoops. the terps haven't lost in the big ten since falling to nebraska. after that, four solid wins over michigan, illinois, indiana, iowa. now they find themselves in the top 25, ranked 22nd in the nation. tonight they could keep it going against rutgers. the scarlet knights are 1-6 in the big ten but they are look past the record. >> they are a whole different team. last year we didn't play melo much and we tried to keep the score down. this year they are a basketball team. they won 12 games. that is a lot of games. >> we feel they will come in with a
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players involved. robert: the series with the celtics and wizards are tied at one. there have been several altercations between the clubs here. this is between crowder and wall in the past two seasons. it could get ugly. you never know. hockey, the caps are trying to keep the streak of the 13 consecutive points alive. they are in ottawa. the puck drops at 7:30. to soccer, d.c. united started training for the upcoming season. last season a bit of a letdown. they went do to elimination round to the montréal impact. the new season starts now in training. another journey to the playoffs. >> we will continue to try to be very competitive within our structure.
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a better run at the playoffs. how we do that is something to find out if we can do. robert: quick note. during a radio interview steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger did not commit to coming back for another season. and look, he is only 34 years old. but when you count the hits, when you count the hits he has taken -- jonathan: he is 112. robert: exactly. jonathan: beat up pretty good. robert: he is a big guy, though. doug: the weather story. ready? maureen: how about your hits? doug: i have taken a few in my day. 58 tomorrow. sunshine. 55 on thursday with a morning shower and colder for friday. 45. steve rudin will talk about the chilly start and the weekend, too. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us tonight.
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tonight, president trump doubles down. the white house says the president still believes billions of illegal voters is the reason he lost the popular vote to hillary clinton. our correspondent presses the white house today. what evidence do they have to support this? tonight, one key republican saying he is now, quote, begging the president to stop. also tonight, the president's new orders. pushing ahead with construction of the controversial keystone and dakota pipelines, and he'll name his pick for the supreme court. what we have learned about a contender. high winds and the winter blast tonight in the midwest. the health scare. the governor of minnesota collapsing during a state of the state address. there is news coming in tonight about his condition.


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