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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 25, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on world news now, president trump moving forward with the campaign promise. >> we will build a wall. and who is going to pay for that wall? >> we shall see. the president tweeting overnight that he will be tackling the issue of building that border wall with mexico when heap visits the department of homeland security later today. >> what we are also learning about plans to halt immigration from some primarily muslim countries. >> while the president moves ahead at full speed on key policies, the new white house spokesman confirms trump does believe millions of votes in the election were illegal. but offers no evidence. >> then, the commuter train slamming into a tractor-trailer at a rail crossing in utah. the crossing arms you see are up. and the lights and warning bells were off. what we are finding out about wh
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to blame. >> the simplest question -- but it can cause just so much stress on a relationship. what do you want for dinner? >> oh, my god. >> of the one woman who brought nothing to the table is getting just that. nothing. we will explain later in the mix on this wednesday, january 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." can't tell you how many times we have had this conversation. what do you want? nothing. chinese? i dent want that. ah. >> plenty of arguments started and relationships have ended with that question indeed. but we are, we are going to start on a different note. >> president trump is poised to make good on one of his biggest campaign promises taking his first step towards building a border wall. >> so the president is expected to head to homeland security department to roll out a series of executive actions on immigration including diverting federal fund for the construction of a mexican border wall. administration sou
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could also move to suspend immigration from muslim majority countries such as iraq, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen and could restrict refugees from countries with ties to terrorism as trump pledged during the campaign. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. we must also screen out any hostile attitude towards our country or principles. or who believe that the law should supplant america law. >> sources tell abc news today's actions will not impact president obama's dreamers program which protects the children of undocumented imgrnts who enter the country as minors. >> environmentalists and protesters are vowing to fight back after president trump seend off on advancing two controversial pipelines. >> well the president met with auto executives about keeping jobs in the u.s. and we are ar
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staying on. more now from abc's jonathan carl. >> reporter: for president trump a flurry of white house meetings. >> perhaps we could go around the table, introduce ourselves, say, hello. i will start. i am donald trump. there we go. >> reporter: first with auto executives who the president is threatening with higher taxes for cars they build in factories outside of the u.s. >> we're bringing manufacturing back to the united states, big league. >> reporter: signing several different directives. one starting the process of a approving the keystone oil pipeline which was shut down by the obama administration. >> keystone pipeline. >> another on the highly controversial dakota access pipeline halted after massive protests last year. within hours, new protests outside the white house. and for the construction of the pipelines he ordered the use of american made steel off to the maximum extent possible. >> okay. we will build o
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that's what it has to do with. like we used to in the old days. >> reporter: a big personnel decision, president trump is decided to keep james comey as the fbi director. >> and there is -- james. he's become more famous than me. trump met briefly over the weekend with comey, who many democrats blame for costing hillary clinton the election, with how he handled her e-mail investigation. we tried to ask trump about comey. >> would you -- you are not suppose to ask questions, you are not suppose to ask questions. >> it's about james comey. >> jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> the president is refusing to back away from those claims that millions of people voted illegally. the president reportedly repeated the allegations to congressional leaders this week, citing it as a cause for losing the popular vote to hillary clinton. white house press secretary,
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president still stands by that claim. >> the president does believe that. he stated that before. i think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign. he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him. >> the evidence spicer alluded to has been widely debunked. republican law makers look house speaker paul ryan and senator lindsay graham both disagreed there was widespread voter fraud. >> house speaker ryan was, has invited president trump to address a joint session of congress. the capitol hill visit set for february 28th a tradition for incoming presidents, ryan said it will be an opportunity for the new president to lay out his vision and the agenda he shares with republicans. >> former south carolina governor nikki haley the country's ambassador to the u.n. and received unanimous support in the senate with a vote of 96-4 during her confirmation hearings, haley said she supports the
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in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. hoping a senate vote on tom price will come soon. democrats yesterday asked the georgia congressman about gop plans to replace obama care. price said the goal as it fordable health care that is accessible to ever american. but didn't give any details. price was asked about the president's comment that a plan would come after his confirmation. >> is that true? >> it is true he said that, yes. >> not that he has ever done this before. but did the president lie? >> i have had conversations with the president about health care, yes. >> price did not directly answer whether the gop will push for turning medicaid into block grants something he supported. the block grant send money to the states. then they make coverage decisions. >> turn to the weather now. thousand in new england are waiting for the power dum back on right now. after strong storms hilt the region. wind gusting up to 60 miles an hour, bringing down power lines and heavy
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sleet and some parts. icy spots may still be a problem during the morning commute for many folks in new england. and weather may have played a role in this accident in rochester, new york which killed a mother and daughter. investigators say the driver of the suv lost control, crossed into the other lane, and was hit by that truck. the roads were slippery at the time. and some pretty stunning snow totals for the ski resorts of southern california. more than 20 feet in one month. that is a most they have had in nearly 20 years. but even with all of the snow and rain is recent weeks, state officials say they're not ready yet, the clear, the drought is over. but ski season is on. >> it is on. >> the state department is reviewing former secretary of state john kerry's decision to send a multimillion dollar payment to the palestinians. kerry told congress that the state department would be releasing $221 million to palestinians hours before donald trump's inauguration last friday. the money was intend ford
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and other projects. but the state department now says it is going to look into the payment to make sure it is in line with the trump administration priorities. israel announced plans to build settler homes on the west bank. analysts say the timing of the announcement in kates that israelis expect president trump to be more tolerant of settlement construction than obama was. and trump invited benjamin netanyahu to the white house next month. settlements and trump's vow to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem will likely be on the agenda. >> scientists will find out if mount everest has shrunk. a team heads to nepal in march to determine the world's highest peak at more than 29,000 feet lost as much as an inch in 2015's powerful deadly earthquake. the survey will not involve, a tape measure. that would be a little tough. the team will use two methods, fancy, folks, gps from eve
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the ground. >> could you imagine, as you try, just about to reach the top. tape measure buckles. some one lets it go. snaps and hits you in the hand. ow. >> that happened to sir edmund on his first climb. >> if they've need any help, measuring, we are available with our expertise. plenty of electronic music. fans get the tracks from soundcloud. one guy has made ate literal sound cloud. >> this is the work of ate guy named jamie campus. he glued chinese lanterns together and installed sensors. and the sensors allow him to change the colors when he claps. he also dressed the whole thing up to look like an actual cloud. and it also allow hem to control the color, brightness and sequence of the lights. >> he made a real life sound cloud. >> does look like a cloud. >> we rigged our lighting to try to make it. >> give it a shot. >> yeah, one,
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oh, wow. ♪ deon't let me down ♪ >> look at that. oh, my god, all the tinlts. that is beautiful. we keep it the se tone. but at least we have it. >> can we do the whole show like this. ♪ don't let me down >> wow, that is pretty. brilliant. >> i got one. ready? >> wow. look at that. that's great. let's see. wait. oh. >> uh-oh. >> what did you do? >> did we break it? >> break the whole thing? >> oh, boy. are we going to be purple for the rest of the show. >> wow. all right. coming up -- well we will try, what are they doing? are we just doing too much. >> that rail crossing caught on camera. what went wrong here? the video shows it did not happen in the moments before this commuter train slammed into the fed-ex tr
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louisiana. you can see a truck clipped the guardrail on the left. further down the road, that truck slammed straight into a police vehicle. the officer and the driver both suffered minor injuries in that crash. the guy in the truck was then arrested for allegedly driving while on heroin. >> wow. police in the meantime are investigating a dramatic collision. it was also caught on camera. this one ion tau. >> very different scenario. >> police camera captured the moment a commuter train plowed into the fed-ex tractor-trailer. it literally cut the truck in half. see what went wrong here. >> reporter: trucks crossing snowy railroad tracks. then the north salt lake police officer recording the video starts backing up. because right there, a commuter train baffles through the fed-ex truck. >> people on the train will need medical assistance. >> but look closer, before the collision, the crossing arms are up. lights and warning bells off. they don't turn on for another 30 secos.
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>> the utah transit authority believes severe ice and snow saturday sent the arms into default mode, automatically lowering them. but soon after railroad employees arrived to investigate, a minute before the crash, the armed raised back up. the agency says it never had an accident like this before. and the uta is investigating why and how it happened to ensure it doesn't occur again. the train carried 82 passengers. there were two fed-ex employeesen the truck. no serious injuries. railroad authorities tell us they haven't ruled out human error. and the employees who were working that day have been placed on leave during the investigation. all right, when we come back, we are going to meet the man behind the social media sensation, known as jujimufu. jujimufu. >> you have to see it. jujimufu. >> to believe it. jujimufu. >> the three easy tips that can turn anyone into a
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i don't get it. producer said, just music. it's not every day that a former tech manager can rack up nea
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and turn himself into a cult sensation. >> jujimufu is -- >> bless you. >> that's his name. jujimufu, don't know if i am saying that right. not an every day guy, looks like thor, graceful. the anabolic acrobat is sharing the secrets of his success. we are up all night line with gloria riviera. ♪ >> reporter: yes this man is lifting me over his head while doing a full split. here he is lifting almost 500 pounds, while rollerblading. >> yeah. >> doing splits in a pink tutu and pig tails. i don't know what this is. while it might look out of the ordinary, videos like these made him a social media sensation. by day, john call, a married, 31-year-old, former tech manager fr
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>> yeah! >> his fans know him as jujimufu, the long-haired, buff, bodybuilder whose mind bending acrobatic moves and quirky shenanigans have brought him nearly 1 million followers on social media. jujimufu, a made up name, now known around the world. it was all just a hobby until this video of john doing a split, holding a barbell, went viral. >> i went to bed with 3,000 followers, got up with 33,000. i thought i did something wrong. i thought i was in trouble. >> reporter: that feat got him noticed on america's got talent. and featured on a commercial for taco bell. >> where is he going next? >> oh. >> whoa. >> no way. >> yeah! >> that its bananas. >> okay, i am a convert. i totally get. it is fun to watch him have so
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and it is also insane. >> reporter: for all his showmanship, it isn't about the performance it is inspiring people to be themselves and have fun. >> when you see other people get excited about it. how do you feel? >> validates what i do. it has to. gosh, now i have more friends. because, if you are doing what i do, we both like it, and we are beth excite add but it. we are basically friend. life is better when you have more friends. >> what would you say to the kids out there, who haven't for whatever reason, kicked a ball, caught a ball, done anything. >> doesn't have to be a ball. it could be two chairs. there is something out there for them that is going to make them feel at home. i want people to feel welcomed. feel look they're okay. if me running in a tutu, being okay with myself, inspires them to be okay with themselves, hey, reaching the goal. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i'm good. how are you? >> i'm good.
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gloria riviera for "nightline." >> i got it. i go out. >> oh, god.
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only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. all right, time now for the mix. starting with the situation we all dealt with at some time. you or your sig nf can't other are frying to figure what to have for dinner. they say, whatever you want is fine with me. >> they pick apart everything. >> no matter what you order. >> chinese. >> well apparently, one guy decided he had had enough. he was trying to order food online. kept asking his girlfriend what she wanted. she could not decide. so she put an order in, online, reading, please send me an empty box that has whatever written on it. because that's what my girlfriend said she wants. i would love to have been the fly on the wall when hat delivery arrived. >> should point out in an unrelated note. he is single. right now. the movie, you have
3:26 am
the previous ones for "the ring" the creepy like. >> that come out of the tv. >> exactly. a new one. sequel coming out. and they just added an s to the end of it for the sequel. called rings, coming out next week. but as part of like the guerrilla mass marketing for it. they set this up in an appliance store. like a best buy. so that it is showing all of the scenes from the movie. the people don't realize the screen just went out. >> that's so scary. >> and catches the action. >> oh. >> listen to these people. off awe oh, wow. -- oh, wow, such a good prank. >> would have lost my breakfast, dinner, everything. >> at some point he starts grabbing people. oh. >> that is the worst part. >> oh, boy. who ever thought of the prank is just an absolute
3:27 am
>> joonogenius. >> oh. >> o., my goh, my gosh. he leaves his girlfriend. >> not ready to stop watching. we have other stories to got to. so good. all right, speaking of good. hostess is making our dreams come true. >> oh. >> we can now have -- twinkies and ice cream together in one. >> i bring you, twinkie flavored ice cream. ladies and gentlemen. and in case you prefer other hostess ache kas, snowballs, cupcakes, ding-dongs will be featured in the flavors. this is a joint effort, between the company that now owns twinkies, and pbr by the way in case you want to get in on the party. and they will have ice cream available until may. >> that would be amazing. >> we have a party. >> speaking of combining things. this guy, down under has done, has done pretty good job here. mobility scooter to help mow the front lawn. >> you
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this morning on "world news now" security in his sights. president trump setting the agenda for this morning on "world news now" security in his sights. president trump setting the agenda for the day and tossing his list of plans, building that wall and enacting controversial emigration policy. this is trump's false claim of illegal election votes puts his press secretary in a tough spot. >> the good samaritan, shot and killed a suspect and saved a trooper's life opens up about what happened and why he was able to pull the trigger so quickly. new this half-hour -- >> what we didn't know about erin andrews. >> opening up about her battle with cervical cancer and what she says she learned about herself that got her back on the field just days after her surgery. ♪ has taken over me and the war of the ryians, and how ryan reynolds reacted to his apparent oscar snub and how


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