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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. melanie: breaking news coming from northwest d.c., where a skyhigh protest is still taking place. a group of demonstrators has been up on a crane for about five hours, all to get a message out to president donald trump. whatgonzalez is live with the protesters are hoping to accomplish. what do we know? john: skyhigh is the way to put it. this protest has been going on since 6:00, 6:30 this morning.
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you can see seven activists have scaled this construction crane, and they have not moved since. they are dangling as they have now unfurled their sign, their big banner there. the activists are with the environmental group greenpeace. they scaled the crane just after 6:30 this morning, and unfurled "resist." which reads there is no sign they are coming down. we want to show you the view lipse on the other side. , andsay this is a protest they say they will have similar protests every day until their messages heard loud and clear. they say they are fighting for social and environmental justice. there is no point in his this is happening a day
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trump signed the executive orders and the mandates against the epa. the chairman of the board for greenpeace is among the seven activists. up,climbed about halfway change herself to the latter, not allowing anyone to -- chained herself to the ladde r, not allowing anyone to go through. y on the cranel site, but it was chillier in the oval office when donald trump signed the papers reinstating dakota pipeline and the keystone pipeline. and today he will sign a landmark immigration law that will limit people from the muslim faith of entering the country. we are out here with a message that says "resist."
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l, 15th street is back up and running, and l street is still close. people have been captivated by what is going on here all morning long. a number of d.c. police coffee serves -- a number of d.c. thece officers say that seven activists will be arrested whenever they come down. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. few minutesjust a we will delve more into just what sparked the protest. and what president trump has planned for today. we have more on his first week straight ahead. breaking news coming in from prince william county. an amtrak train carrying about 95 passengers collided with a tanker truck and dumfries around 10:00 this morning on cherry hill road. the train was headed from
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norfolk to new york city. service is temporarily suspended. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. also breaking this noon, this man who allegedly fired shots at a bus stop in prince george's county is now in police custody. officers tell us that roland sims turned himself in this morning. yesterday morning, a woman was shot at a school bus at oxon hill right in front of them children. the victim is being treated at the hospital, but there is no word on her condition. investigators believe the shooting was tied to a domestic situation. also, an accident involving several dump trucks and a tractor-trailer has left at least one person dead. this happened in frederick on i-70 near the 270 split. a number of emergency crews are still working on the scene, closing all fall westbound lanes and some northbound lanes
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-- closing off all westbound lanes and some northbound lanes. a person hitting and killed by a train in riverdale maryland, and officials have shut down part of the camden line heading into d.c. sam sweeney has the details. sam: investigators tell us that it at about 7:00 this morning, a man in his 50's or 60's was here,g along the track not too far from the riverdale train station when he was struck by this csx train. this is where the investigation is centered. see x x -- csx investigators along with the state medical examiner are on the scene, trying to figure out what happened, why this person may have been on the tracks. i talked to a couple of firefighters on the scene. they tell us that this is often used as a cut-through for people in the area. the camden line service from
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suspended. if you have a train ticket, they will honor it on the 10 line. all of these train passengers are being offloaded in greenbelt. reporting in riverdale, i am sam sweeney. melanie: that accident led to problems for train riders this morning, so let's head over to jamie sullivan and get a look. jamie: the biggest issue we have right now is going to be on the capital beltway. that is with an accident involving a truck that overturned. outer loop in montgomery county near the 270 spur, you can see two trucks here. our lane is blocked to the right side. everyone is staying to the west. take a look at the solid red line. we are backed up well into silver spring. right now getting from 95 in maryland to the 270 spur will
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one hour and 20 minutes of that time is getting into silver spring, closer to bradley boulevard. top side of the beltway on the outer loop, it is bumper-to-bumper right now. here is a live look at connecticut avenue. barely moving, is our traffic. we have other areas of red. inbound on the bw parkway. they are able to get by. no major backups like on the top side of the beltway. heads up in d.c.. we have police activity with protesters closing down 15th street between l street and m street. let's switch gears and get a look at the weather with doug hill. doug: we have nothing but good weather news. check this out. temperatures are already into the 50's. we will see the numbers continue to climb well above average.
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look at the numbers right now. as of midday, already across the 50 degree mark, to 54. 54 in college park. 58 in warrenton. we will see these numbers continue to climb into the upper 50's. our hourly forecast shows a steady progression of temperatures through the afternoon, increasingly cloudy skies tonight. temperatures will drop slowly. a cold front will bring scattered showers overnight to maybe the predawn hours of tomorrow. and then behind the front, breezy weather tomorrow, still mild weather in the 50's. then getting back on track for late january temperatures. we will share all that information in our 10-day outlook in a few minutes. melanie: thank you. stay connected to stormwatch 7, no matter where you are. head to, like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. download the stormwatch 7 weathe
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and hour-by-hour forecast so you can always be connected. covering metro -- new concerns about possible job cuts and service changes. employees made sure they were heard at a meeting last night. suzanne kennedy has more on how the changes may impact you. waysne: this is one of the metro is considering making some changes in order to close a budget gap. in the days leading up to a public hearing on the budget, employees and riders are voicing their concerns. at a forum last night in arlington, union members said the changes are dead wrong. one former bus operator said reducing service would lead to the worst gridlock in northern virginia. tightening that felt -- tightening the belt could mean increasing fares. riders are concerned about how any of
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them. job twot accepted the months ago, and i accepted the job that i -- because i live at the end of the silver line. think of all the people who will now have to get into cars. we depend on it every day. people do not always have cars. changes could go into effect in july. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. rising: the death toll after an attack at a hotel in somalia. the latest on the investigation, and the group who is now claiming responsibility. you cannot tell if you look outside here, but wicked weather is ripping through parts of the country. a look at the treacherous conditions next. plus, one thing you certainly do not want to do while taking your drivers test, and that is crash. we will show you one driver who did just that, straight ahead. we are staying on top of breaking news. a protest on a
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northwest d.c. people are still up on that crane, unfurling a banner that says
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melanie: and we want to show you the protest underway in northwest washington. seven protesters are up on a -- we will stay on top of this breaking story throughout the day. story out ofloping somalia, where at least 10 people are dead and 30 more are injured after two explosions in the capital
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by a car bomb planted outside of the gates of a hotel. a second explosion occurred as emergency crews were arriving. --a bob has claimed al-shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack. hour,ittle more than an president trump is expected to announce his plans for a border wall and actions on immigration. >> today president trump has visited the department of homeland security. he says, "we will build the wall." following his actions yesterday -- protesters today unfurl this banner, reading "resist." from the white house, as he plans to use his executive power on immigration and the border wall. there will be an investigation into voter fraud. >> i think he stated his concerns
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people voting illegally during the campaign. he continues to maintain that belief. >> but that believe that millions of immigrants -- illegal immigrants voted has no basis in fact. evidence suggests that the election was "not tainted by fraud or mistake." something that can clearly be proven to be false. >> if chicago does not fix the growing carnage going on, trump killings, up from 2016, "i will send in the feds." said, "we need a plan, not a threat." thatdent trump also said he will be announcing his
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thursday. a circuit service -- a secret service agent is under scrutiny today after saying she would not take a bullet for the president. according to cnn, she posted on facebook saying, "i would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what i believe to be disaster to this country." she told reporters she took down the posts after a few days, but they were just made public by "the washington examiner." beenews' david mirror has granted the first one-on-one interview with donald trump since he took office. you can see that interview tonight at 10:00 p.m. abc 7 is on storm watch. a beautiful day in our area, but other parts of the country are seeing strong wind or getting slammed with snow. ginger
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wicked weather. ginger: littering highways across the plains. up to a foot of snow in south dakota. 35 mile-per-hour wind is making in visit -- is making visibility almost impossible. a section in south dakota shut down. in the northeast, dangerous ice and up to nine inches of snow in pennsylvania have folks digging out this morning. in vermont, questioning clearing the runways. >> there is nothing you can do to keep up with it when it is really snowing heavy. york, two women were killed after losing control of the car. in massachusetts, wind toppled trees, one crashing onto this house. >> i jumped up. gnawingthe waves are away at the coast. melanie:
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summary parts of the country. should we feel guilty around here? doug: kind of in a way, maybe not. we have had our share. it is just a question of when we get bad weather, because we know it will. look at that, a live shot from national harbor. beautiful clear skies and temperatures well above average, average already, and climbing higher. warmer temperatures coming from the south, wind speed lower than in recent days. temperature wise, he have to go north for cloudiness. there will not be that much to see here at all. inin leesburg fredericksburg. 54 in baltimore. 55 in annapolis. 54 again at reagan national. 62 right now in charlottesville. ofay we will call for highs 58 degrees. close to that with plenty of sunshine.
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here, and temperatures will not fall all that much tonight. warm air ahead of a cold front. as the cold front approaches, the wind will stay out of the south. clouds will increase with temperatures pinned between 46 and 50 degrees overnight. we will see the progression on the abc 7 futurecast as the clouds come in and also scattered showers. this is one model rendering. it does not mean that this is the exact spot we will be at 1:30. it just gives you an idea that there will be a broken line of showers moving through the area. most of that threat will be through the east and southeast. we will get back to sunshine tomorrow, and it will be breezy and cooler. friday the colder air will arrive. friday we are going to partly cloudy, breezy weather at 45 degrees. 58 today, mid-50's tomorrow. on friday. degrees the weekend looks great. average temperatures for the weekend, a bit colder.
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the next 10, with highs of 39 degrees. the last day of the month, 52. wednesday, the first day of february. 46 degrees. -- thursday -- what with the little rat do? it is groundhog day. the city of punxsutawney will fill their annual budget in one day. scary crash at that dmv, and the person who crashed was taking a driver's test. details after the break. and back to that breaking news out of northwest washington. protesters are still up there on that train with a banner that says
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melanie: back now at 12:23, checking out the markets. to dow is up 133 points 20,046, crossing over the 20,000 threshold for the first time ever today. that historic milestone leaves pointw up a stunning 1667 since donald trump took office in november. wall street appears to be betting that trump's plans to slash taxes ramp up infrastructure spending and also cut regulations will make the economy girl faster -- will make the economy grow faster.
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is one way to lower your score on your driving test. check this out. a woman in california apparently hit a pickup truck that ran a yellow light. that truck then jump the curb, and it landed on other cars in the dmv parking lot. the pickup truck driver was not hurt. the crash is under investigation. police are not sure if the student failed to test. we neargeous weather as the end of january. doug hill is back to show us just how long the mild temperatures will be sticking around. and demonstrators are still up on the crane in northwest washington. the greenpeace protesters rolled out a banner that says "resist." they have been up on the crane for more than five hours.
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melanie: cannot wait to get outside, doug. doug: we will see the numbers climb into the upper 50's today with sunshine. a few showers could move in with a cold front. maybe early risers could see one. 35, colder. the weekend looks seasonal. plenty of sunshine and seasonably cold. melanie: thanks for joining us this midday. be sure to watch "abc 7 news at 4:00
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>> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, david muir. >> good day. coming to you from the white house where we have conducted the first interview with president trump at the white house. he made several breaking headlines including his visit this afternoon to the department of homeland security where he will sign an order to begin the wall. that promised wall during the campaign along the border with mexi mexico. i asked him who will pay at least at the start. here's where we begin. >> are you going to direct u.s. funds to pay for the wall? >> ultimately it will come out of what's happening with mexico. we'll be starting those


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