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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 26, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," immigration overhaul. the many new actions taken by president trump that leave millions hanging in the balance from building a border wall to the children of undocumented immigrants. our david muir questioning trump on it all. >> also from that interview, the president explains his unsubstantiated claim that millions of fraudulent votes costed him the election. hear why he is now doubling down, calling for an investigation. also this half hour, the passing of an entertainment legend. >> the woman behind the infamous hat toss that inspired a generation of women to chart their own course. we're looking back on the life and ground breaking career of mary tyler moore. and what recording legend stevie wonder did lately that has one young musician saying isn't he lovely. and he's completely overjoyed right now.
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and reaching higher ground. i think that was four stevie wonder puns in all of that 20-second video there. it's thursday, january 26th. from abc news, this is "world news now." the only ones i couldn't reach, ebony and ivory in there somehow. i was trying to figure it out. we'll get to that story a little bit later on. we'll start this half hour with the uproar over president donald trump's sweeping crack down on illegal immigration, including the executive order to jump start construction of his promised border wall. >> the mexican president enrique pena nieto announced last night mexico will not pay for any wall, but president trump insists the u.s. will save lives on both sides of the border and he brushed off mexico's continued resistance in an exclusive interview with abc's david muir. >> david, i think he has to say that. he has to say that. but i'm just telling you there
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it will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form and you have to understand what i'm doing is good for the united states. it's also going to be good for mexico. we want to have a very stable, very solid mexico. >> when does construction begin? >> as soon as we can. as soon as we can physically do it. >> within months? >> i would say in months, yeah, i would say in in months. certainly planning is starting immediately. >> nieto is scheduled to meet with president trump at the white house next week but sources say he's now considering calling off that trip. in addition to building the wall, the president took action to remove some of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living here now. abc's cecilia vega has details. >> reporter: president trump at the department of homeland security signing those executive orders on immigration. >> we've been talking about this right from the beginning. >> reporter: the move coming after that signature campaign promise. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> reporter: in addition to building that wall, the president also vowing to strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities that
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shield undocumented immigrants, triple the number of i.c.e. agents and add thousands more border patrol agents. >> beginning today, the united states of america gets back control of its borders, gets back its borders. >> reporter: no specifics on how to pay for that wall. but president trump putting on notice millions of undocumented immigrants, including those who have been charged with a crime, even if they have not been convicted. >> we're going to get the bad ones out, the criminals and the drug deals and gangs and gang members and cartel leaders. the day is over when they can stay in our country and wreak havoc. >> reporter: protests in new york and by the white house. and sanctuary cities firing back. >> this city will not be bullied by this administration into abandoning our core values. and we believe we have the rule of law and the courts on our side.
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>> cecilia vega, abc news, washington. despite the president's tough stance on immigration, one group may be allowed to remain in the country. >> the so-called dreamers, those brought here legally as children, may escape deportation. they're now protected under president obama's policy. while president trump isn't making any promises about their fate, he told david there is no need for concern. >> they shouldn't be very worried. they are here illegally. they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart. we're going to take care of everybody. we're going to have a very strong border, we're going to have a very solid border where you have great people here that are here that have done a good job, they should be far less worried. we'll be coming out with policy on that over four weeks. >> reporter: will they be allowed to stay? >> i'll tell you over the next four weeks. we're looking at this. the whole immigration situation. we're looking at it with great heart. now, we have criminals that are re. there are a number of protests in response to this is, too.
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where he is saying he wants to restrict certain refugees coming in and, you know, it's just one of those issues that got a lot of people talking. > in particular with the dreamers saying it might be a little bit of a difficult thing for him. he actually got 29% of the latino vote. so 2% more than mitt romney did. a lot of people said it's a controversial one, something that you promised that there would be some changes about, but it may end up hurting a big voting bloc for you, surprisingly big voting bloc for him. >> we're hearing him say i have a big heart. they don't have to be worried. there's still a lot of blurry lines how this law will be enforced and what he's do going forward. the president in the meantime is standing by his claim rampant voter fraud in november's election and he says he's launching an investigation. >> so the president is insisting that millions of dead people, illegals as he says and people registered in more than one state, cast votes. none of those, he says, for him.
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and despite that, he said he still could have won the popular vote if he had just changed his campaign strategy. >> i would have won the popular vote if i was campaigning for the popular vote. i would have gone california where i didn't go at all. i would have gone to new york where i didn't campaign at all. i would have gone to a couple places that i didn't go to and i would have won that much easier than winning the electoral college. as you know, the electoral college is all that matters. >> valid point. >> yes. >> but that said, hillary clinton also didn't necessarily campaign in california except to go fund raise near los angeles and san francisco most of the time you but she beat him in california. >> they went back and forth over this pew report because trump is claiming there's a lot of voter fraud and that's why. and so it gets a little bit confusing but just to give a little background, they're referring to a report in 2012 which found irregularities in voter registration so that people who were deceased or region
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two different states. there was no actual voter fraud. they didn't vote or vote twice. they're voter registration that the pew report blamed on an antiquated system. >> his chief strategist who was registered in florida, and in california and his daughter registered in both places. >> it happens a lot when people move. so clearly a problem there. but pew is saying no actual fraud. one last bit from the interview, the president campaigned on a pledge to repeal obamacare. he told david when it comes to health insurance, he wants to "take care of everybody." >> yeah, the president said he wants to make sure nobody's dying on the streets when he's president. he seemed to give republican lawmakers a green light for action. >> it's too expensive. it's horrible health care. it doesn't cover what you have to cover. it's a disaster. you know it. and i know it. i said to the republican folks, and they're terrific folks, mitch and paul ryan, i said, look, if you go fast and i'm okay
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the right thing to do, we want to get good coverage at much less cost. i said if you go fast, we then own obamacare. they're going to put it on us. obamacare is a disaster waiting to explode. if you sit back and let lit explode, it's going to be much easier. that's the thing to do, but the right thing to do is to get something done now. >> we'll see how soon they act. >> they might move quickly. on the other hand, they might wait? >> many of the experts say it would be impossible for them to move quickly. if anything is done, it will take the next four years. >> though trump says obama is rooting for him and the president said if your health care plan turns out to be better than mine, then i'll support it. >> yes, probably rooting for him in that mystery letter that we didn't get to see from the president. >> >> what's in the box and what's in the envelope. we want to know. >> what is it in the tiffany box. so a very common sight at trump campaign events was tom llamas. now some congrats i guess you could say to t g
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>> a sleazy guy with emphasis he said it. an annual list says that tom was actually the most used reporter of 2016 on three evening network newscasts, he logged 482 minutes of air. >> amazing. > that is more than 100 minutes over the reporter who came in second. >> and just for the record, that means that his kids, his two kids have seen him more on tv nage they saw him in all of 2016. >> at times relieved the campaign is over. >> i think so. coming up, remembering a television legend and that iconic hat toss. >> yes. >> mary tyler moore became so famous for, twirling her hearts into just generations of fans. we will show you how co-stars are remembering their friend. >> and speaking of women on television, how steph curry's little girl, riley, managed once again to steal the show. that's in "the skinny." first here's a look at today's forecast.
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hey, mary. >> hmm? >> could i ask you a personal question? >> yeah. >> who's that man sleeping on your couch? >> mr. grant. >> oh, mr. grant. who's mr. grant? >> my boss. >> what kind of work did you say you do? >> mr. grant, mr. grant? i can't wake him. >> here, let me try. mr. grant, mr. grant. mr. grant?
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>> that was a classic mary tyler moore moment from december of 1974 as we remember one of the most influential women in television. >> she really did help define an entire generation of women. i'm sure a lot of people are in this business because of mary tyler moore. she passed away at a hospital in connecticut overnight after contracting pneumonia. e was 80 years old and countless celebrities are now leading an outpouring of sympathy. >> moore's co-star ed asner tweeted "a great lady i loved and owe so much to has left us. i will miss her. il never be able to repay her for the blessings she gave me." >> and, of course, her co-star dick van dyke from her original tv show shared a link to a dance number they did on the dick van dyke show" saying simply, there are no words. she was the best. >> oprah winfrey shared this recent photo saying i want to cry. i still can't believe mary tyler moore touched my face. i will love her forever. >> touched her face four times.
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oprah was a big, big fan of mary. >> and even reenacted that hat toss scene. >> academy award nominee tweeted, thanks for the first real image of a woman being independent, funny and vulnerable. >> she did all three so well. that's what made her so great. and the man who wrote and performed that theme song we all know and love, he tells the "new york post" he's just crushed over this news. >> when it came to mary, you know, the words of the song, the words of that team song, she could turn the world on with a smile, many say that she did. here's abc's david muir. ♪ >> reporter: it's been named one of the greatest moments in television history. that last shot in the opening sequence of "the mary tyler moore show." >> you weren't worried people would expect to see turning the world on with her smile? >> well, you know, i don't mind turning the world on with her smile because at least the smile is the evidence of what's inside.
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knit cap was a gift from a member of her family, her aunt to prepare for the freezing minneapolis weather. that opening scene celebrated and parodied by so many programs over the years, the "simpsons," even oprah. but no one could do it like mary tyler moore who once said that one simple gesture said everything about her character's spontaneity and joy. what does mary tyler moore know now that she didn't know when she was in her 20s? >> that it's okay. whatever it is, it's okay because it's what it is. don't be looking for perfection. don't be short tempered with yourself and you'll be a whole lot nicer to be around with everyone else. >> you have a hat. this is our version. all the way over there. >> did i get it? >> not quite.
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♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny," starting with the surprise of a lifetime for a young musician in southern california. >> talking about grayson earhart who was performing stevie wonder's classic "superstition" in a hotel lobby when the 20-time grammy award winner just happened to walk by, and then this moment. ♪ very superstitious ♪ 13-month-old baby
3:50 am
♪ seven years of bad luck, good things in your past ♪ >> so after this rousing performance where stevie wonder completely surprised this guy, stevie wonder then declared, i think we're a good team. >> oh, my god. >> i don't think it gets more awesome than that. clearly earhart agreed. he later said, "life made." do you know, by the way -- >> can you imagine? >> as a former wedding singer >> -- as a former wedding singer how many times i sang stevie wonder songs? he never showed up to sing with me. >> once a wedding singer, always a wedding singer. don't cut yourself short. >> as a wedding singer, i sung stevie wonder hundreds of times. he never showed up. >> can you imagine if he did? >> stevie, call me. >> imagine if he shows up at your next wedding. >> i don't think i'd be able to sing. next to a pint-sized surprise, as wl.
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the past antics of steph curry's young daughter riley. who can forget the time she tries to psych out is the reporters during dad's news conference or the time she ended up singing drake lyrics. >> now she's at it again while her father was being honored at his high school in charlotte, north carolina retiring his jersey, she got into a daboff sparked by one of the students. it's hard to tell you about when they zoom in, you kind of see her. riley wasted no time getting into the action. just looks like she was the only one doing it. f.e ended up winning the dab >> as usual. >> and phenol in one of the most unusual match-ups, the terminator comes face to face with his holiness. >> weird things happen. arnold schwarzenegger greeted pope francis during this weekly audience at the vatican. the two had a brief exchange and
3:52 am
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only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. ♪ ♪ it takes every kind of people to make what life's about, yeah ♪ >> nice groove. we're in that groove today. they're two of the world's newest social media stars and they're only 9 months old. >> that's right. the little girls are turning heads because of a physical trait. a very rare one. they are biracial twins and have completely different complexions and their story is inspiring a growing number of fans. here's abc's paula ferris. >> 9 monlds kalani with light hair and blue eyes and just five minutes younger, her fraternal twin jerani with brown skin and brown eyes. >> i always have them dressed the same because if i don't, people don't believe they are twins. >> kalani looks more like mom and jerani more like dad.
3:56 am
>> never in a million years would i imagine having a lighter complected daughter with blue eyes. >> reporter: one mom, one dad and twin colors with different skin color who's shared the same womb all live in illinois with big half-brother tailen. >> this is a pretty rare occurrence to have two twins that look very different. but it certainly can happen with biracial couples and it's really just a matter of chance. >> reporter: the babies are now social media stars. their story shared thousands of times online. >> it's amazing feeling like it's one of those feelings you can't even describe. >> reporter: how are twins born with such different complexions? skin color is determined by multiple genes. fraternal twins like the dean girls come from two separate eggs fertilized by two different sperm and the outcome depends on the genes that are expressed. on the genes that are expressed. >> have i virtue o >> by virtue of chance, one twin can inherit more dna from a specific parent in c
3:57 am
its co-twin and than dna can code or translate for things like skin color and eye color and can then result in very different physical attributes. >> reporter: and kalani and jerani may not always look so different as they grow up. skin tone can change over time but for now, mom and dad say their two babies also have zing personalities. >> kalani, she has more of a personality like her mother. jay is more set back and kind of like me laid back. >> they are so different in their personalities >> reporter: paula ferris, abc news, new york. can you imagine like the dad's initial reaction? are we going to have to go on maury? >> i do love the idea of them being older and like watch this hey, that's my twin sister. >> see the reaction. >> mom says they're the same where it's important. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two deca
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making news in america this morning, an abc news exclusive. one-on-one with the president. donald trump's first network interview since taking office. and announcing the construction of that border wall. >> i want to build a wall. we have to build a wall. we have to stop drugs from poring in. >> overnight the president of mexico appearing on national television with a tough response. president trump is also talking about his plan to temporarily ban immigrants from certain countries, plus what he says about the moment he received the nuclear codes. and breaking overnight a massive apartment building fire. as it goes up in flames new video just coming in. venus and serena williams go face-to-face in a grand slam final.


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