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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 31, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the acting attorney general is being replaced after refusing to defend president trump's executive order on immigration. meanwhile, president obama is breaking protocol and speaking out on the ban. we have the details ahead. >> overnight an outpouring of support in quebec city for the victims of the deadly mosque attack there as we learn the identity of the suspect who gunned down six muslim worshipers. we'll have those new details. a cyclist is clinging for his life. >> the terrible crash that turned terrifying for a rider sent airborne during a pile-up, then hanging over the side of a bridge. the high drama on the bachelor last night. the two the women who hate each other ended up on a two-on-one date with nick. who
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boot? a complete wrap-up with our burglar analyst. jack's title is getting longer and longer in "the skinny" on then tuesday, january 31st. >> from abc news, this is sfwhoons ye"world news now." >> yes, what a title. >> chief senior bachelor analyst. >> that's a heck of a title. >> congratulations on the promotion, jack. >> good stuff. i've been waiting with bated breath to hear. >> we begin with the acting attorney general. she is out of a job after defy agpresident trump's immigration ban. >> the president fired sally yates hours after she refused to defend his executive order and publicly questioned whether was legal. yates was a holdover from the obama administration. the president asked her to stay on till a permanent replacement is confirmed. last night he accused her of betrayal. >> meanwhile protesters clashed with police in columbus, ohio and an officer used pepper spray to break up the crowd.
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appeared unfazed by the growing opposition. >> we actually had a very good day yesterday in terms of homeland security. some day we had to make the move, and we decided to make the move. >> aer president obama is chiming in on the controversy. his spokesman released a statement saying he fundamentally disagrees with faith discrimination and he added that he's heartened by the level of engagement taking place across the country. critics of the order are questioning why those particular seven countries were singled out. that's right. they say the terrorists who launched attacks inside the u.s. actually came from other nations that did not make the list. abc's brian ross takes a closer look. >> reporter: president trump's ban somehow misses the very countries that have produced the terrorists responsible for the deadliest u.s. attacks. none of those killers came from any of the seven countries on his list, libya, sudan, syria, iraq, iran, yemen, and somalia.
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the 9/11 hijackers came from saudi arabia, egypt, lebanon and the united arab emirates. none of them on the list. the wife in the san bernardino terror couple came from pakistan, not on the list. the husband american born. the boston bombing brothers came from the russian republic of dagestan, also not on the list. david muir asked the president about the missing countries last week. >> reporter: let me ask you about some of the countries that won't be on the list. afghanistan, pakistan, saudi arabia. >> you're going to see. you're going to see. we're going to have extreme vetting in all cases and i mean extreme. and we're not letting people in if we think there's even a little chance of some problem. >> reporter: the white house said other countries could be added if necessary. >> it's a 90-day review period, and if you've got other countries, please let us know. >> reporter: refugees from somalia, which is on the list, were involved in two terror attacks last year at a minnesota mall and at ohio state university, but in each case,
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the president's supporters also point to how the obama administration drastically curtailed the flow of refugees from iraq for six months in 2011. that came after the fbi discovered two iraqi refugees connected to al qaeda had made it into the u.s. and were plotting attacks from their new home in kentucky. >> u.s. military officials tell abc news that the seven countries on mr. trump's list are among the places the military believes isis fighters fleeing the battlefield may try to hide. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> questions are growing about the egalt of president trump's travel ban. legal experts divided whether the courts will find it constitution. on the one hand, federal law gives the president broad powers to control immigration. opponents argue the ban appears to violate the constitution's bar on religious discrimination. already washington and massachusetts are signaling they will challenge the ban in court.
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>> we're just hours away from finding out who trump will nominate for the supreme court. >> he willnounce his pick to be replace antonin scalia at 8:00. p.m. tonight. sources tell abc news he has narrowed down his choice, to judge neil gorsuch, a harvard law grad, judge thomas hardiman sits on the same court as the president's sister. the man suspected of opening fire at a mosque in quebec is charged with six counts of first degree murder in the attack and abc's lan nab zack has more. in a show of international solidarity with the victims of the quebec attack, the eiffel tower in paris went dark. canadian authorities now releasing the name of the suspect alexandre bissonnette, believed to have acted alone. >> we can't express our sadness. >> the quebec cultural center remembered their fellow members
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this man asked that the six dead be remembered as members of the community. they had wives, children, families. prime minister trudeau said the act of terror committed against the muslim community was an attack against all canadians. >> we will mourn this devastating attack and we will heel together heal together as one community, as one country, and as one family. >> reporter: investigators are piecing together the details of the fatal shooting attack that left six people dead, eight more injured. investigators are saying little about the motivation. >> we know that this horror has been based on intolerance and hot red towards one spec community. it's too early to say exactly what kind of message these people, horrible message they wanted to send. >> reporter: president trump spoke with canada's prime minister and offered up the support of the united states. one other thing, according to the white house spokesman, both men agreed on the need to let the investigation play out and not rush to any judgment. >> thank you, lana. a big shift in policy for the boy scouts.
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allow transgender children who identify as boys to be scouts. the organization says it made the decision to begin basing enrollments in its programs on gender listed on the application to become a scout. the boy scouts had previously held a policy that relied on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate. >> five homes in the hills above los angeles have been evacuated after a mudslide. it buried two power poles and took down power lines knocking out electricity to the neighborhood. at least three homes were damaged but officials think the area is stable now though they are keeping an eye out overnight. in northern california, crews have knocked down a 20-unit apartment complex which had been hanging on the edge of the ocean. residents have moved out about a year ago because of the danger. you can see it right there over the cliff. neighbors on the block now fear their houses could be next to go, given the continued erosion. pretty scary for anyone living in that neighborhood.
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they could have missed an opportunity. people stare at webcams looking at traffic intersection or even a puddle. imagine the kind of webcam traffic they could have gotten for people waiting to see what happened at the complex. they could have used the money from advertising on the cam to reimburse whoever owns that building. rget to say something i was like you could try to pretend you're pushing it over. forget it. anyway, your idea is much better. webcam. >> i think we should move on. coming up, count down to super bowl sunday. last night was super bowl media night's kickoff. we call it opening night. we found out fun little tidbits about the falcons and pats including favorite pickup lines, favorite karaoke songs and then austria. into women of "the >> mean highway, women of "the bachelor" are dialing up both the heat and the drama.
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of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home. this cold and flu season help keep your home happy and healthy and lysol that. >> you better hang on tight for this one. the final sprint in a bicycle race in california. one driver goes down. take a look. wow. and a chain reaction crash. look at that. keep watching. we'll show it again. the guy who nearly got the worst of it ended up hanging on for dear life to avoid a 30-foot drop off that bridge. his bike made the drop into a dry creek bed below. you saw the pictures.
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the rider unbelievably made it through okay. says he has a bit of road rash. he almost fell off that bridge. >> you could see him clinging to the side of the divider there. >> quick thinking. >> glad no one got seriously hurt in that one. both super bowl teams are already in houston ahead of sunday's big game. last night the falcons and patriots participated in what the nfl now calls super bowl opening night. >> this is the event that used to be known as media day. no matter what they call it, the players and the coaches just can't avoid some of the strangest questions you've ever heard. >> go to pickup line for a girl. >> i like to play the guitar. i'm not that good. >> you have pretty eyes? i don't know. >> this thing's very soft. you got to the shampoo and condition. put beard oil on there sometimes. >> bromance. i got a couple bromances. ben affleck, wicked, matt damon, wicked. >> mark wahlberg. >> >> karaoke song for me "jesse's
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rock. okies.e chocolate chip little debbie's get me. >> i can't even tell you how much of a highlight it is for me. good, that's it? >> bill belichick always looks so excited. >> always looks so uncomfortable. so uncomfortable. he is my favorite person there. >> what's your go-to karaoke song? >> god, you put me on the spot. i know yours. you told me once. >> do you? >> no, i don't. tell me. >> do you put conditioner or beard oil on that thing? >> you know what? i did this morning. >> it's very soft. >> i shampooed it this weekend. >> there was one moment in that whole thing where someone in the crowd actually stole the spotlight for a little while because the person presumably a tom brady fan was wearing -- did you catch that? it's a freaky tom brady mask. at one point tom brady noticed the mask in the crowd and his response was whoa. >> looks a little like him. >> so weird. >> it's kind of creepy. >> also on the scene having fun
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with the houston texans, mascot was the empress of austria, elizabeth u. his real name is julian kurtzwernhart. a reporter from austria covering the super bowl for the past six years. word is he gave more interviews last night than he conducted because that's what happens when you're going to dress up and go into media day looking like that. >> you've covered the super bowl before, right? >> i have, last year. >> did you go as queen elizabeth? >> no, i didn't. of course, not. >> when we come back, who got the boot and who got a rose last night on "the bachelor." >> i know you can't wait. what game of thrones heartthrob kit harington is saying about his own deflowering. > we're going there. "the skinny" is next. his own deflowering. > we're going there. "the skinny" is next. so i mowed the lawn, put up all the decorations. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster,
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> skinny time starting with the "bachelor." >> oh, yeah. the crowd of women is being seriously reduced. you guys, can you believe it? here with all the details is our chief senior bachelor analyst jack sheehan. jack, what's up? >> your favorite episode ever, right? >> it was, no. it wasn't. they're being seriously reduced thankfully. 15 women started last night. there was a rose ceremony, two of them were ousted, astrid, sarah, much like the old acting attorney general, you're fired. roll that beautiful bachelor footage. headline here, bachelor in the big easy. high drama in the french quarter and on the bayou. it was a one-on-one date. nick and rachel. they were shopping. they were eaten beignets at the cafe dumond. >> whoa, look at that. >> there was second lining going on.
3:49 am
nick says, "i'm super into you." rachel gets the rose. she's going to be around for a while. now to what i'll declare the lamest, stupidest, overall worst group date in bachelor history. >> tell us how you really feel. >> it was horrible. >> why? >> it was at a haunted mansion. it was ouji boards involved. just absolute stupidity. it doesn't get worse than this. >> the chandelier fell. >> unfortunately, it didn't hit anybody. the only redeeming quality in this whole mess was that our girl danielle m. got the group date rose. so she's sticking around for a while. good go, danielle m. two-on-one date, nick, corrine and taylor. corrine and taylor don't like each other. >> they hate each other. >> you predicted this would happen.
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>> that's right, that's right. so i did the analyst is right on it. predicted. these two had clashed earlier about emotional intelligence. >> oh. >> there was accusations of rudeness. >> oh. >> of not being there for the right reasons. >> what? >> no doubt. >> gosh. >> nick eventually gives the rose to corrine, unfortunately. >> wait, who's corrine? >> she's corrine. she's got the rose. taylor, you're gone. taylor though is not going quietly into that good night. she's out for revenge. she eventually butts into corrine and nick's dinner. we might see both of them on their way out the door next week. kiss count, kiss count, the kiss count stops at eight. >> whoa. >> he's going on a down slope. >> he is diving >> second week in a row. quick super bowl pr
3:51 am
last team with the ball wins. analyst out. >> nice. i like ending on the prediction. >> jack, analysis spans from the bachelor all the way to the super bowl. >> dropped a rose. coming up next, kit harrington is getting super personal about his love life. >> fans of "game of thrones" vividly recall his character jon snow losing his virginity in the steamy love scene but things have changed. >> he told "elle" magazine about his own deflowering. >> he says it was a typical sort of teenage thing at a party with a girl. how young was he? when the reporter asked how old he was she said maybe 13 years old, he said no, but you're not far off. >> he never did reveal the actual age but he said "i was probably too young." >> what? >> that feels like tmi. >> it wasn't in a cave with a
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wildling. fine. come up, a mother's challenge to herself. >> a virginia swim coach and her new year's resolution and boy was it a doozy. virginia swim coach and her new year's resolution and boy was it a doesy.
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♪ i don't want to live forever cause i know i'll be living in vain ♪ ♪ and i don't want to fit wherever, i just want to keep calling your name until you come back home ♪ >> you know you're one of the cool kids when you have no idea who anybody is on the -- >> who is bradley gilbert. >> last day of january which means for many of us, your new year's resolution totally go up in smoke if they haven't already. >> one woman in virginia is not only reaching an impossible resolution goal but now going well beyond that. you got to check this out. here's abc's linsey davis. [ cheers ] >> reporter: it is a moment one year in the making. coach betsy lavin gearing up for
3:56 am
her own milestone swim cheered on by her children and their teammates. for lavin, the notion of going the distance became a personal goal. eight years ago, the former college swimmer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, suffering occasional paralysis and numbness. her 12-year-old son assumed the worst. >> so i went to talk to liam, and he said, if i were going to die, would i be able to swim a million yards? >> reporter: last january, she pledged to swim 1 million yards. 568 miles by the end of the year. last month, with the community tracking her every lap, the williamsburg, virginia mother of three reached her goal. >> i didn't realize how important it was to me. both the goal and the team, until i completed it. >> reporter: her goal for this year is 1.1 million. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> what a feat. i mean, she swam an average of 48 miles a month. >> you used to swim, too.
3:57 am
>> how difficult is it to do something like that? >> it's extremely difficult. it's so hard, it's back and forth. it's really, really tough. kudos to her for doing all that work. >> just so you know, next year i'm going to top it. no big deal. >> do it. meantime it, outside of nor foreclosure virginia, one man gave his wife a very special gift for their 20th wedding anniversary. >> scott gave his wife cindy a kidney. she suffers from polycystic kidney disease and has been on dialysis for two years. >> the transplant surgery happened the day before their 20th anniversary. he tells local media that the light she got back into her eyes he doesn't have the words for it. >> their daughter kate so far is the only one of the five kids to have tested positive for the hereditary disease and they are now hoping to raise awareness by sharing their story. 20th anniversary traditionally is china. i was wondering if after all this she said thank you so much, sweetheart. where is my
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. making news in america this morning, president trump has issued his first firing as commander in chief removing the acting attorney general after she refused to defend his immigration order. we have news on the new protest overnight. plus, barack obama weighs in on president trump's decisions for the first time. we're live in washington. the big decision coming today. president trump will name his nomination for supreme court justice. who is on the short list? the boy scouts are making a significant shift. the new policy that will allow transgender children to enroll. choked up. tom brady gets emotional at the super bowl opening night. a question about family that nearly had him in tears.


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