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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 31, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. making news in america this morning, president trump has issued his first firing as commander in chief removing the acting attorney general after she refused to defend his immigration order. we have news on the new protest overnight. plus, barack obama weighs in on president trump's decisions for the first time. we're live in washington. the big decision coming today. president trump will name his nomination for supreme court justice. who is on the short list? the boy scouts are making a significant shift. the new policy that will allow transgender children to enroll. choked up. tom brady gets emotional at the super bowl opening night. a question about family that nearly had him in tears.
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i'm diane macedo. >> i'm ryan smith in for kendis. firing the acting attorney general for defying his ban. sally yates has replaced hours after she refused to defend his executive order and questioned whether it was constitutional. >> he is facing growing opposition from protesters across the country like these demonstrators in ohio. pepper sprayed during a clash with police. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest from washington. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, diane and ryan, good morning to you. yes, just hours afzali yates directed the justice department attorneys not to defend that immigration ban, she was fired and now white house officials are calling her weak, weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration. for the first time as president, donald trump said you're fired to acting attorney general sally yates. in an extraordinary letter yates an obama administration holdover open
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saying she would not go to court to defend his executive order on refugees because she was not convinced it is lawful. along with a pink slip that got yates a scolding rebuke from the white house saying she betrayed the department of justice. the president quickly named dana boente for the eastern district of virginia to serve ago acting attorney general. this as street protests continue and lawsuits multiply against the new refugee policy. there's also word that dozens of career diplomats worldwide have drafted a rare formal letter of dissent saying president trump's rules on refugees and immigrants will not mean a drop in terror attacks in the united states but a drop in international good will towards americans. the white house is fighting back. >> i think that they should either get with the program or they can go. >> reporter: and president trump disputing claims of chaos, confusion and injustice.
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yesterday in terms of homeland security. someday we had to make the move and decided to make the move. >> barack obama is siding with protesters of the travel ban speaking out just a week and a half after leaving office saying through his spokesman that he fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. well, in the meantime, president trump's pick to lead the justice department, senator jeff sessions is still waiting to be confirmed and we are hearing that vote could happen later this week. diane and ryan. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you very much, live in washington. congressional democrats are voicing loud and clear opposition to the president's executive order. >> lawmakers held a rally last night on the steps of the supreme court calling the ban reckless, rash and un-american. senate minority leader chuck schumer invoked the statue of
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>> the lady in the harbor in the city in which i live holes a wonderful torch. that torch has stood for the greatness of america to all americans and to the citizens of the world. we will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch. >> meanwhile, supporters of the executive order have defended it on social media saying trump is doing what he was elected to do and that the move is not a muslim ban since it applies to everyone from those countries. the outrage over the travel ban extends to britain where the prime minister is defending the decision to give president trump a state visit. a million and a half people have signed a petition to stop that trip from happening but theresa may says the invitation stands. here at home what some syrians are now dealing with. this home is allentown, pennsylvania, was purchased by a couple for their syrian relatives. six of them all christians traveled from qatar to philadelphia where they arrived on saturday. they were denied entry so
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flew back to qatar. an emotional odyssey. >> they're exhausted. they're angry. they're frustrated. they're upset. they're afraid. they have mixed feelings. they don't know what they have done wrong that -- to be treated that way. and to be sent back like this. >> her family members had visas in hand after a 13-year effort to obtain them. the home that's waiting for them is surrounded by syrian neighbors. it's unclear when the people it was bought for might move in. >> we're just hours away from finding out who president trump will nominate for the supreme court. the president tweeted he will announce his pick to replace the late justice antonin scalia at 8:00 p.m. tonight. sources tell abc news trump has narrowed down his nominees to two court of appeals judges. judge neal gorsuch is a 49-year-old colorado native and a harvard law grad. judge thomas hardiman sits on the same court as the president's sister. this morning the six victims of the shooting at a mosque
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quebec are being mourned around the world, the eiffel tower in paris was one of several landmarks to go dark in their honor. tributes held a church just around the corner from the mosque. the suspect a 27-year-old known for his far right nationalist views charged with six counts of first degree murder. we are learning about the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in yemen. 36-year-old ryan owens from peoria, illinois, died during a raid on a suspected hideout. high school classmates said owens always wanted to be a s.e.a.l. big shift in follows for the boy scouts. they will allow those who identify as boys to enroll. now, enrollment will be based on the gender listed on the application, not on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate. snow is tracking towards the east coast this morning. not expected to be a significant event. but you can actually see the storms right there on this move on
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small amounts of snow likely along the east coast from southern new england to new york city. but the storm is leaving much higher amounts, check out this scene in cleveland where over a foot is expected when it's over this morning. still ahead, walmart's big announcement overnight. millions of items now have free shipping. >> i like that. bricks of cocaine worth nearly half a million dollar. how it was discovered inside an american airlines plane. black gold shooting from the ground. find out who is being blamed for this oil geyser.
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in northern california in an apartment complex teetering over a cliff above the pacific ocean has been knocked down. residents moved out a year ago because of the danger.
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are afraid their homes will be next to go because of the erosion. it was a mess near dallas as a geyser of oil shot into the air. it happened after a road crew accidentally cut a 30-inch high pressure oil line spraying crude oil all over the highway. it forced roads to close but thankfully no one hurt. in houston former president george h.w. bush is back home after being released from the hospital. he was treated for pneumonia. now the nfl has reportedly asked mr. bush to be the official coin flipper at sunday's super bowl which is also in houston. and a new lawsuit claims three drug companies conspired to drive up the cost of insulin. the price has gotten so high some diabetics can't afford that life-saving medication. the price of insulin nearly tripled from 2002 to 2013. the travel ban is being blamed for falling
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it dropped 122 on monday. it's worst loss this year. among the biggest losers energy companies and air lines. asian markets were mostly lower overnight. fitbit makes job cuts official. much less than indicated yesterday. 110 people are affected. fitbit's stock opened 16% lower today following the announcement. walmart is taking aim at amazon by reducing shipping fees and speeding up delivery. the retail giant is cutting shipping time on millions of basic items to two days and the minimum order for free shipping now drops to $50 or rather from $50 down to $35. >> not a bad deal. sliding down the hollywood hills, mud and debris heading towards homes knocking out power. and beware of the bobcat. we got another animal breaking free from an american zoo. we'll tell you who to look out for.
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interstate 83 was the scene of a fatal 50-vehicle crash in york county, pennsylvania. a tractor trailer driver was killed. at least nine others transported to the hospitals. the crash happened monday during a sudden snowfall. the road has been re-opened. still, be careful out there. in pennsylvania the roads will be slippery again today. same goes for most of the northeast and around the great lakes. also more mountain snow in the northern rockies. if you're flying airport delays are possible in new york, boston and detroit. authorities in los angeles have closed the book on a decades long murder case. in 1976 karen klaas, the ex-wife of bill medley was killed in her home. >> six years later a man named kenneth troyer was killed after escaping from prison. while investigating the case last year police used a controversial dna techniq
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linked troyer to klaas' murder. >> on behalf of my family, it's been a long road and we're just thrilled we can close the book. >> that controversial technique is known as familial dna. police say it can provide investigators with valuable leads but critics claim it casts too wide of a net. in oklahoma an unexpected find in the nose gear of an american airlines plane. mechanics discovered over $400,000 worth of cocaine during a routine maintenance. authorities showed off the seven bricks of drugs which weighed 31 pounds total. the boeing 757 originated in bogota, colombia. american airlines and the dea are investigating. a landslide damaged several homes in the hollywood hills and knocked out power to the neighborhood. the fire department estimates 20 tons of earth came crashing down that hill into two different
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it's not yet known what triggered the slide but they've seen heavy rain, 8 inches more than double seen in a typical january. a bobcat named ollie has made a run for it at the national zoo in washington. keepers noticed the cat was missing from her enclosure yesterday morning and believe she fled into rock creek park. an area popular with joggers. it's important. they say she is not a threat to humans but should also not be approached. sonny, the red panda, missing from a zoo in norfolk, virginia, also still missing. maybe they are hanging out together. >> they both look very cute and cuddly. >> same advice goes for sonny. if you see her do not try to wrangle her. >> looks like a house cat. >> you can try to wrangle the bobcat. let us know how it goes. and this was the final sprint in a bicycle race in california. one rider goes down causing a chain reaction and watch this last person flip there.
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of it up against the wall nearly going over the cliff. he wound up hanging for dear life and the bike took a drop into the dry creek bed. the rider made it through okay. just a bit of road rash. hard falls to the hardwood. >> hoops highlights now. >> good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. let's do some highlights. >> cavaliers having a mediocre january. 7-7 entering this game against the mavericks. kyrie irving to lebron james. james led the cavs in all three categories but cleveland couldn't handle the rock. turned it over 17 times and that led to 25 dallas points. wesley matthews there. and then seth curry, that form looks a lot like his brother. cleveland, 7-8 in january. 104-97. >> 76ers had a better january
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>> wow. who saw that coming? grayson allen and duke visiting notre dame. grayson allen, three. allen, two. he had 21. notre dame went on a 12-0 one to make it a one-point game and they never got any closer. jason tatum had a double-double. duke won by 10. >> i think the duke players are worried they might get kicked out of their dorm rooms if they lost again. >> can we have our gear back, please. up next in "the pulse," the weird and wacky super bowl week gets under way. plus, what had tom brady almost in tears. james cameron defends the ending of "titanic" so was there really enough room for jack on that door? >> yes. >> we'll be back.
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♪ time for "the pulse" and we'll start with the hype machine around the super bowl kicking into high gear. so, last night the nfl held what it calls super bowl opening night. >> now, this is basically the same event that used to be known as media day except it's held in prime time and glitzy so patriots quarterback tom brady forced plenty of questions including who was his hero. >> i think my dad is my hero because he's someone that i look up to every day and -- my dad. >> you know, whenever you hear brady get criticized one of the first to open up is his dad. it was asked by a 7-year-old named joseph who won the kid reporter contest. take a listen. >> go t
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>> i like to play the guitar. i'm not that good. >> you have pretty eyes. >> this thing is very soft. you got to shampoo and condition and put a little beard oil in there sometimes. >> bromance, i got a couple bromances. >> ben affleck. >> wicked. >> matt damon. >> wicked. >> mark wahlberg. >> karaoke song for me? "jessie's girls." >> i love cookies. chocolate chip cookies. little debbies get me. >> i can't tell you how much of a highlight it is for me. good. that's it? >> he loves doing that, bill belichick. someone in the crowd stole the spotlight because the person presumably a tom brady fan was wearing a tom brady mask. >> so creepy. >> by the way, when the pats quarterback saw the mask in the crowd his response was, whoa. lots of selfies as you can imagine going on there. >> it's almost like it's real. it's really creepy. >> it's a little too
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the mascot of the houston texan was the empress of austria, elizabeth i. his real name is julian. a reporter from austria covering the super bowl for the past six years. witnesses say he gave more interviews than he conducted. no surprise when you're doing whatever in the world he's doing. >> you didn't dress like that when you covered the super bowl? >> yeah, but not with the gloves. everything else is cool. come on. that's a little bit much. next up film director james cameron, sure seems like he's trying to end the long debate about the end of the "titanic." >> so that's when we see leonardo dicaprio's character jack slip away in the icy water, spoiler alert. it happens just after kate winslet's character rose tells jack she'll never let go. apparently she does. >> how it always works. >> ever since fans have had this huge debate whether there was enough room on that door or piece of wood for both of them. cameron says an episode of
4:24 am
but didn't prove anything. the "titanic" script is clear jack gives his place to kate and that is that. >> she's got so much room on that board. every time she tried to get up inching over. all messed up. super bowl li, learning tom brady has nothing on punxsutawney phil. >> people are willing to shell out big bucks to see the not so world famous groundhog see his shadows. hotel rates have jumped to $450 a night.the last day of january with us on good morning washington. we'll get an updated weather forecast in just a moment. but first.. lets take a look at some stories developing right now. breaking overnight. president trump appoints a new person to serve as acting attorney general. dana boente is vowing to defend the president's controversial travel ban. the issue lead president trump to fire acting attorney general sally yates last night. yesterday-- she directed the department of
4:25 am
defend the order. and later today-- president trump will announce his pick for a new supreme court justice. the court has been down a justice since antonin scalia's death almost a year ago. that announcement from president trump is expected around eight o-clock tonight. we'll bring you full coverage right here on abc-7. good morning washington. toss to eileen - few snow showers northern md (frederick, hagerstown, hancock) - accumulation: dusting - breezy to windy today; milder - colder weekend - wintry mix possible sunday (low impact system) today: mostly becoming partly cloudy. breezy to windy. highs: 49-55 winds: ssw 5-15 g 30 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 34-39 winds: w 5 mph wednesday: mostly
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highs: 48-52 winds: nw 5-10 mph developing now--
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a tense night in columbus, ohio as demonstrators protesting the president's new travel ban, clashed with police. witnesses say officers used pepper spray when the crowd refused to disperse. no arrests or serious injuries were reported. protesters say the ban is un-american. president trump denies that his executive order is a "muslim ban", saying "this is not about religion -- this is about terror and keeping our country safe." meanwhile, former president barack obama - criticizing trump's immigration order. a spokesman - saying the former president quote "fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion." end quote. he also expressed support for what he's calling community engagement with regards to the ban. this is the first time president obama has critiziced the current president, since leaving office. there is good news
4:28 am
president-- george h-w-bush. the 41st president is home from a houston hospital. he received treatment for pneumonia for more than two weeks. the 92-year-old says he is thankful for the prayers and kind messages he's received -- and for "world-class care" from doctors and nurses. turning to travel-- an accidental gunshot sparks a serious scare at reagan national airport. this happened at a checkpoint just after 3-30 monday afternoon. the airport says a police officer accidentally discharged his weapon. no one was hurt- but the incident is under investigation. a big rule change for the boy scouts of america. for the first time in it's history-- the oragnization will now accept transgender boys into its ranks in a statement last night-- boy scout officials say instead of relying on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate... cub scouts and boy scouts will now use the gender listed on a child's application. a ban on openly gay scounts was lifted in 20-13... with a ban on gay troop leaders ending two years later. it's xx and we're just getting str
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coming up-- staff shakeups and big protests-- amid coming up-- staff shakeups and big protests-- amid reaction to president trump's controversial immigration ban. this as the white prepares another historic announcement. the details..coming up. good morning washington. - few snow showers northern md (frederick, hagerstown, hancock) - accumulation: dusting - breezy to windy today; milder - colder weekend - wintry mix possible sunday (low impact system) today: mostly becoming partly cloudy. breezy to windy. highs: 49-55 winds: ssw 5-15 g 30 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. lows: 34-39 winds: w 5 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy. highs: 48-52 winds: nw 5-10 mph
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breaking overnight--


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