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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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lot of money. mike: -- richard: fastlers fixed and ceiling tiles repaired. >> it's difficult to run a system with the maintenance problems as this one does. richard: of all this with caps game on sunday, protests at the white house on saturday and auto show all weekend. >> i guess we have to take a bus. richard: jason and his family from louisville. >> it was nice to get on the metro. now we have to make other accommodations. richard: metro says it lot have free shuttles from to eastern market, enough to handle the out -- from foggy bottom to eastern market, enough to handle the increased clouds. >> it is a challenge for us. we'll ask for help. alison: that is richard reeve reporting. jonathan: six stations are closing. two partially closed. has tools to navigate around the closures. you will find it on the front page. wile you are on the site, remember you can always have
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anytime there is a problem on the metro. perhaps you want news headlines or metro. sign up for all of it. alison: did you see this? flames lit up the night in lorton after a fire broke out inside a trash and recycling center. tonight, the flames are under control. but the fire continues to smolder. sending smoke across the area including right on to i-95. q mccray joins us live near the scene with the response and how those nearby are dealing with this. q? q: that is the question. how will the people nearby deal with the smoke and the stench? the smoke is moving away from us but when it does move it moves like a fog and it smells like melting plastic. we have been on top of the story since late last night with skytrak7 over the scene. this was the scene around 10:00 last night. red hot flames glowing in t
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night sky. first responders doing their best to save the trash and recycling plant in lorton. the three-story fire is under control but the smoke isn't. it continues to billow in the air. the officials assure -- >> there is no immediate air quality or health issues related to the smoke that is still emitting from the building. q: the families that live in the smoke's had doe find it hard to -- shadow find it hard to believe. what are your concerns? >> the pollution in the air, honestly. it's a really strong smell. >> i saw a guy covering his nose walking down the road. q: depending how the wind blows the smoke covers the entire community. >> it smells like you are at a huge bonfire you can't control. it's horrible. q: during a news conference today, mount vernon district supervisor dan stork explained the county's best are on the job. >>
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community we have folks who are experts at what they do. not only to handle the air quality and the water quality issues that this can cause but also to make sure we continue to provide public services that are essential in our community. q: when you have young children, you leave nothing to chance. >> a recycling center on fire. there are chemicals, plastics, metals, rubbers. q: the state is also weighing in on this air quality issue. the virginia department of environmental quality indicates no concern to air quality as it is ordinary household trash that is burning. that being said, it stinks. it's going to be in the area for another three days at least. that is how long the fire department says it will take for the fire to be completely out. from lorton, i'm q mccray. back to you in the studio. larry: thanks. let's turn our attention to the weather. this is like riding a roller coaster around here. sometimes we are doing fine with the warm temperatures. brace yourse,
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another dip with the temperatures getting chilly. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill tracking it for us. it isn't boring. doug: it has been the pattern all season long. it will continue like that for the next ten days and maybe longer. right now winds are light around the area. cloudy skies, looking out past the national harbor and the capital wheel. still cloudy but the skies will clear later this everything. it's 37 in washington now. 34 reported in frederick. 37 in annapolis. 35 in reston. getting through the evening hours the temperatures will start to drop as the skies clear. the winds will pick up. not going to get windy. later tonight and in the morning 15 or 12-mile-per-hour winds from the west/northwest to push some of the smoke across the potomac river to southern maryland. we will keep an eye on that. radar wise not much. snowshowers ahead of a frontal system moving in. i don't think it will reach the metro area. instead we are heading the other way with the clearing skies. winds increase. wind chills in the 20's. we think by
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morning, wind chills will be in the teens. we look ahead to the next ten days in 15 minutes. alison: thank you. developing now the trump administration is tightening the financial screws on iran. new sanctions are now going into effect days after iran carried out the ballistic missile tests. the sanctions target 13 individuals and about a dozen companies. iranen cysts it -- iran insists it has a right to conduct the tests. in the war on terror today, paris is slowly returning to normal after what is being called a terror attack near the louvre. amy aubert monitoring this from the "live desk." what happened? amy: well, new information just coming in tonight about the man behind the attack. a.p. reporting he is believed to be a 29-year-old egyptian living the united arab emirates who traveled to paris on a tourist visa in late january. he has life-threatening injuries. video from the scene earlier today shows a heavy police presence near the
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louvre museum in paris. a french soldier opening fire on a man who police say had a machete and lunged at the soldiers near the museum. police say the attacker yelled "allahu akbar." this is being looked at as a terror investigation at the "live desk." amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: -- jonathan: thanks. scott thuman shows us why what we are seeing with brexit may only be the beginning. scott: friday's attack in paris may do more than incite fear. i may increase solidarity. >> this president's commitment to rooting out the radical islamic terrorism is at the forefront of the agenda. scott: well beyond just white house support. leaders overseas may also see a boost in the ballot box. 2017 is chocked full of pivotal elections,
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netherlands and germany. they are gaining momentum as the in-depth look by "full measure" exposed. >> people call you the dutch donald trump. what do you make of that? >> i'm no donald trump. there might be similarities between the movement and the people that have discontent. scott: the similarities between hilder running to be the netherland's next prime minister and president trump go beyond the notable hairdo, controversial tweets and almost identical slogans. his is make netherlands great again. he likes the idea of closed borders, moratorium on mosques and a possible defor ature -- departure from the european union much like brexit. >> what is the next step for you? >> it's a democratic, patriotic revolution. those are not too strong words. it's happening. scott: his possible success scares his critics. >> if you don't lik
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if you like civil rights, he is dangerous. scott: he isn't the only one pushing the populist movement and gaining in the polls. france and germanyhas those rising in the rank of tough politicians but they have tough battles ahead. especially in germany where angela merkel is considered one of the most powerful leaders in europe. scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: officials in new york had to partially shut down the brooklyn bridge to get the notorious mexican king penn joaquin guzman -- king pen joaquin guzman to court. his lawyers offered some of the precautions were excessive. he is charged with masterminding a drug operation that crossed into the united states. alison: 20 years is the sentence for a prince george's county man who beat to death his you girlfriend's 23-month-old son. maryland bureau chief brad bell was in
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brad: these are the last images of 23-month-old ahmed jalloh. taken in his riverdale apartment the night before the little boy was killed during a brutal beating at the hands of his mother's boyfriend osman sesay. today speaking through the prosecutor who handled the case, the child's mother saying the video is one of her few precious memories of her child. >> he had not turned 2, it was one birthday, one ramadan, one halloween, so all of that. she only will have one memory of everything. brad: 29-year-old osman sesay was sentenced today to 20 years behind bars for killing ahmed in august 2015. >> she is emotional, thankful that all of this is over. brad: sesay continue to claim the massive internal injuries were result of a fall by ahmed. >> he is adamant that he had nothinbu
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for the child. he only tried to save his child's life. brad: given the opportunity to speak and plea for mercy or many defendants do, apologize to the victim, osman sesay stood and shook his head and remained silent. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: a d.c. school plagued with bed bugs will be closed monday. the students will not be out of class. they will make other arrangements for them. savoy elementary school will undergo thorough cleaning starting tonight. soft materials will all be replaced. the school will undergo a safety and a health inspection and then on sunday school officials will tell parents where the children will go to class while the cleaning is
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jonathan: flyer after flyer showing missing teens. we are seeing more of them. we'll tell you why. alison: a first look at the ads everyone will talk about on super bowl sunday. jonathan: and you have seen the buzz. chip bags to tell you when you're drinking and the company making them is keeping it from you. we'll tell you why. alison: first, it spawned protest nationwide. the lawsuit in virginia over the president's travel ban that shows how many people are affected. that's next. isjust wanna see ifa again? my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night they said business casual. i love summer weddings! oh no. yeah, maybe it is time. maybe i should check my credit score. try credit karma. it's free.
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alison: a scene we saw for days. protests over the president's immigration order. now a judge is allowing virginia to join a lawsuit challenging this travel ban. the ruling greatly expands the scope of the lawsuit which initially focused on green cardholders. the judge may even consider cases involving anyone who had been issued a visa and had it revoked. >> thankfully the commonwealth of virginia now is in the case. when my client is returned as the government offered to do, then we will be out of the case but there is a continued interest to get juds
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order is constitutional. alison: during the hearing the justice department attorney said 100,000 visas were canceled as a result of the president's order. however a state department official said the total number of visas canceled was fewer than 60,000. meanwhile, in the last hour, president trump landed in west palm beach florida for weekend trip to rejoin melania trump who has been staying in the trump tower in new york with their son. they will stay at his luxury mar-a-largo estate. he is reportedly throwing a party on sunday for the super bowl. jonathan: a super bowl party will be a way of life this weekend. that is partly why tostitos with a new bag of chip to show how much you have been drinking but don't expect to find it for your party. >> a bag of chips but not just a bag of chips. if you had a drink and blow on it, it turns red to give you an uber
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>> tostty toes hit on a --est to -- tostitos has a marketing campaign. if you blow on the tap, it shows you had a drink. plus bag the phone against the bag and they will call uber for you. but does it deliver? so after seeing the ad you think you could go out and buy one in the store, right? >> yeah. yeah. >> will you be surprised to hear you can't find them? >> yeah. i'm disappointed now. >> the item learned only 1,000 of the limited edition bags were created and tostitos gave them only to the loyal customers so you and i can't go in a store this weekend and buy one for the big game. >> really? there are none left? >> they only made a thousand and didn't put them in stores. [laughter] >> the bag works. it does detect alcohol. but it isn't a breathalyzer. if you have one swig of beer or a 12-pack, the bag turns red. not everyone is buying i
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don't know how that would work. >> tostitos teamed up with uber and mothers against drunk driving an is offering 25,000 ordinary bags for sale this weekend that have a $10 uber discount coupon. m.a.d.d. tells me the alcohol detector was created to get the media to talk about the campaign and in place before they asked m.a.d.d. to partner. they created if party safe bag to get people talking about an important issue and reminder for the fans to plan ahead for a safe ride home. you have to love them for trying. it was a good idea. but having the bags with the alcohol detectors in stores so you and i could buy them would have been really cool. scott taylor, abc7 news. jonathan: we will talk more about the super bowl in a couple of minutes when we bring you the best of sunday's ads. i have seen a couple. have you seen some? alison: i haven't. jonathan: hilarious. the one with amy schumer is off the hook. alison: i look forward to the ads. i have to
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let's talk about the weather. the roller coaster we keep describing and pretty extreme. cold and really warm. it's crazy. doug: rarely, the average high today is 44. rarely do you go stretches where you hit the average high every day. it's days below, days above. you average it out for the month. but these have been crazy swings. but they are predictable. colder days, warmer days and the trends in the ten-day here. take a look at the weather cam. weather bug camera at st. andrews apostle spring. it's 32 there. that is cold. we have seen the clouds come and go all day long but it's still overcast conditions even though you see the cloud elements moving in the sky. we are a couple hours of clearing for silver spring. it will take a little longer for the metro. but the temperatures north and west will spread over later tonight and will wind up in the mid-20's. colder north and west. 39 in quantico now. 36 in leesburg. 30 degrees in
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everything hours the winds are out of the northwest at 5 to 10. they will increase tonight as we continue to drop with the clearing skies. i think around the area we will see nothing more than clouds. doppler radar is showing snowshower activity. the air is fairly dry. if you are west of warrenton, woodstock, you may see a flurry. don't freak out. just a quick feature. clearing skies are behind. early tomorrow it's 18 degrees on the thermometer in damascus. 22 in fairfax. 22 in alexandria and upper marlboro. cold day. but that is part of the story. winds will make it feel colder with the wind chills in the teens. air temperatures, 22 in woodbridge. 21 in manassas. 23 in prince frederick. 25 in lower st. mary's county. as far as the temperatures just in immediate washington area, and the areas to the west they are similar. there are the colder spots we want to highlight like luray, wo
5:20 pm
around 20 degrees. but early tomorrow, everybody will feel the chill in the air. but again with the cold snaps we have had, they are so brief and they move right now. that is the story tomorrow. cold air, core overhead through the day tomorrow. high pressure starts to move in. we get through the day and we will climb to the upper 30's with a full day of sunshine. as we get through saturday and sunday, look for the cloudiness to increase from a system on the coast approaching cold front. slightest chance there could be a sprinkle but just cloudy generally. a warmup sets in and accelerates through the week. 38 tomorrow. 48 on sunday. with a stray sprinkle. looking ahead to a warming trend on monday. 63. 26 on tuesday and wednesday. keep an eye on the storm system. rain is an issue for us. maybe gusty winds as well. then we will use the ten-day to show what will happen next. in
5:21 pm
colder, warmer. very warm, warm, much colder. staying cold. through saturday and sunday and monday, we turn warmer and then much warmer. the same darn pattern. don't see anything that is going to change this. not in the next ten days. maybe not in the next two or three weeks. alison: interesting. doug: by then we will be finish with february. jonathan: almost to spring. doug: it's crazy. weird. alison: okay. thank you. jonathan: well, a car that doors can actually come open if you roll down a window. think about that for a second. "7 on your side" consumer alert coming up. alison: not good. jonathan: no. alison: also ahead why we are seeing more fliers like these reporting missing teenage girls in the area. jonathan: first, the ads you will talk about on monday morning. we will show a couple to
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door.
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and with the billion point giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your share of a billion shop your way points during the big game, download the shop your way or kmart app today!!! excuse me, what's this? >> it's your shirt. >> where's the rest of it? >> soy sauce is gone. jonathan: gronkowski, athletes along award winning actors. a symbol of the big business that is super bowl ads. this year's big day has commercials betting millions to inspire you to go out there and buy the goods. alison: that is what it is all about. kenneth moton has a sneak peek of the ads and the evolution of the game day ad.
5:25 pm
kenneth: hilarious and attention-grabbing. celebrity cameos and iconic slogans. >> where's the beef? kenneth: super bowl commercials, almost bigger than the game. the pricy spot that is a 30-second or longer opportunity for companies to advertise during the biggest game of the year. this year, carolina panthers q.b. cam newton is selling buicks. >> if that's a buick, my kid is cam newton. kenneth: actress melissa mccarthy face the world in a kia. it's also return of the bud light 1980's icon spud mckenzie. now the ghost of spud. some companies are continuing the recent tradition already releasing full ads online days before super bowl sunday. the big talker the budweiser spot celebrating the immigrant founder. >> welcome to america. kenneth: as the country debates immigration, anheuser-busch calls the timing of the ad
5:26 pm
coincidence. the goal, of course, to profit. but some super bowl commercials change the game. apple's 1984 still called the greatest. but in 2017, companies will once again try to break the mold. to make money you have got to spend it. this year a 30-second super bowl commercial reportedly costs $5 million. kenneth moton, abc news, los angeles. alison: amazing. jonathan: $5 million for 30 seconds >> they have to hope it pays off. jonathan: a lot of people watching. alison: true. still ahead right here, the car that could have its doors come open if you roll down a window. jonathan: plus, what a deputy saw that made him realize two people were trapped inside a burning home. alison: in working woman -- >> they have been so traumatized they can't get the words out. alison: the woman dedicating her life to helping women and children scarred by a decade of
5:27 pm
jonathan: first, though, why we are seeing more posters like these telling us about the teenage gepm
5:28 pm
5:29 pm
announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: in recent weeks abc7 has noticed a surge of reports
5:30 pm
critical missing in the district. the number skyrocketed. we sent our d.c. bureau chief sam ford to find out why we are see something many of the wanted posters. sam: missing: lucas, 16. parker, 14. three girls put on the list of the critic missing persons just today. the commander listing them says the overall number of missing is not growing. she just took over weeks ago and is putting more of them out. >> because i care about every missing child. >> missing, layton, 12. sonogo, 14. carington, 16. christmas, 15. scott, 15. smith, 16. >> because i am an african-american female and i did grow up as a young girl, i'm concerned about the number of missing young african-american females in the dis
5:31 pm
i want to get to the root cause of it. sam: she said they examine the missing girls cases and see no link to sex trafficking. >> what is more alarming to me, what i saw with the number of miss young girls is the root cause of the run-aways. i just want the public assistance and maybe establishing a mentorship program to find out what is going on. sam: she wants professional women to help give girls a sense of worth. one of the recent on the list, a 16-year-old girl who disappeared in the 3500 block of minnesota avenue southeast. 16-year-old faith nelson was last seen here three weeks ago. leaving around 7:00 in the morning. reporting from southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: checking the top stories. metro riders should make the alternate plans for the weekend. six stations will be closed. all on the orange, silver and blue lines. the shutdown stretches from
5:32 pm
south. metro says it will have free shuttles between foggy bottom and eastern market. they are doing the work now because ridership is especially low this time of year. alison: police believe a man behind a terror attack in paris is a 29-year-old egyptian living in the united alab emirates. they believe he came to paris with a tourist visa. one thousand tourists were inside the museum at the time of the attack. the french prime minister is launching a terror investigation. jonathan: firefighters in fairfax county are still battling the big fire that is a landfill fire in lorton. the fire broke out at the landfill and the recycling center on furnace road. more than 60 firefighters contained the flames but they are expected to battle it throughout the night. officials say there is no threat to the community. nobody has been hurt by the fire. alison: two people are in critical condition after being pulled out of a home on fire in prince george's county. 6:30 this morning. a team of sheriff deputies driving around clint
5:33 pm
they spotted the fire. they rushed inside. they found a man and a woman passed out. >> did a 360 of the house. we noticed there were cars in the back. nobody was outside. my first thought was people were trapped inside. alison: once the victims were brought outside, the sheriff deputies performed c.p.r. on them. they don't know what started the fire. jonathan: new information today in the case against daron wint. a judge set the trial date for september 4, 2018. you will remember wint is accused of torturing and killing three members of the savopoulos family and their housekeeper in northwest d.c. home almost two years ago. he is also accused of setting fire to that house. a police officer now in clear after a deadly shooting at the baltimore campus. it was december that the officer shot and killed 18-year-old douglas after douglas started shooting at a moving
5:34 pm
the prosecutors say the officer fired because douglas was a clear danger. coming up here at 5:00, a ferrari with its own apartment? how the expensive antique ended one a room with a view for 35 years. alison: next in "working woman" -- >> it's worse than anyone here can imagine. alison: the refugees you haven't heard about. the working woman trying to help these women and children. some left mute by the horrors of war. first, though, jummy olabanji shows us what is in store for "good morning washington" on monday. jummy: thanks, alison. monday on "good morning washington," tired of unwanted robo calls on your cell? these top apps will help you fight back and stop the telemarketing barrage. >> plus, i'm one-on-one with katie couric on the gender revolution. >> stay with
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steve: all right. the weekend is finally here. finally sunshine tomorrow but on the chilly side. upper 30's for daytime highs. belove average for what we'd expect for early february. moving in the day on sunday you may see a stray sprinkle. it won't amount to a lot. temperatures will be in the upper 40 to 50 degrees. if you like warmer temperatures and you like sunshine, well, wait until nold. we have more sun in the forecast on monday. temperatures around 53 degrees but look at tuesday and wednesday. we will be in the lower 60's. better chance for showers. becomes windy in the day on wednesday. that is going to push a cold front our way. highs only in the upper 30's on thursday. near 40 on friday. and for the upcoming or the following weekend i should say, middle 40's on saturday. and back to the upper 50's to around 60 for the following week. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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alison: president trump's temporary travel bans includes seven countries including iraq. there -- it includes refu
5:39 pm
much about. tonight's working women we have a woman trying to help those traumatized by years of war. >> you have to begin somewhere and take the first step. alison: her home is alexandria, virginia, but bonnie miller's heart has been in war torn countries for decades as a social worker. she has tried to heal children at an orphanage. but she heard what was happening to a religious minority in iraq she couldn't believe it. >> there are horrible things going on in many parts of the world. i have seen a lot of them. this is something that touched me. alison: we hear about syrian refugees almost every day but in iraq isis is also committing atrocities against an ancient religious minority. they call the slaughter nothing short of a g
5:40 pm
women and children kidnapped, raped, tortured, forced from their homes, separated from loved ones and now living in refugee camps. >> all over iraq, all over syria, they have witnessed war. sometimes decades of war. decades of trauma. decades of persecution. it's worse than anyone here can imagine. alison: miller traveled with a group to a camp in irbil, iraq, to help create training programs for those helping the brutalized refugees in the field every day. >> they have so traumatizedded. some are absolutely mute. they don't talk at all. they have been so traumatized they can't get words out. but we help establish trust and we help to figure out what they need. alison: miller hopes her counseling, parenting and life skills training can be one small step in overcoming unthinkable horrors. >> you have to see the
5:41 pm
you have to see the positive side. alison: she will develop the programs at home and hope to return to iraq sometime this year and beginning to watch the programs be implemented with the workers who are dealing with the refugees. jonathan: i can't imagine. it has to be tough work. it's so widespread. she goes over there and surrounded by it. alison: amazing. jonathan: good for her. alison: a huge problem. jonathan: coming up next for us at 5:00, a bachelor pad for a classic ferrari? the creative way that the owner got the thing in. >> custom paint jobs and semi-autonomous vehicles. this is mike carter-conneen at the auto sh
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. jonathan: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. in addition is a is recalling 341,000 of those cars, those are atymas. the -- those are altimas. 2015-2017. the defect has to do with the rear window. apparently if you go to roll down the rear windows the doors of the cars may open. no kidding. nissan will notify owners about the recall in the next few months.
5:45 pm
jonathan: it is. alison: b.m.w. recalling 230,000 cars and s.u.v.'s in the u.s. this is to replace dangerous takata air bags. it covers three series cars from 2000 to 2002. five series cars from 2001 to 2002. x5 s.u.v.'s from 2001-2003. the auto maker says the vehicles may have had a driver's air bag replaced with a takata inflator after a crash or from a previous recall. get a check on the get-away friday traffic. paula young has details. paulc hi. we are seeing slowdown from 3 5th from the pentagon to the duke streak. take a look at the traffic cameras inbound on the 14th street bridge. heavy volume for friday as you are leaving boundary channel over the inbound 14th street bridge. remaining slow on the southeast, southwest freeway to the outbound
5:46 pm
bridge. taking a look at montgomery county over the american legion bridge on the inner loop, still heavy volume as you are leaving tysons at 123. on the brakes over the american legion bridge to the 270 spur. outer loop heavy from the 270 spur to georgetown pike. sluggish from the toll road to gallows road. clear out on 270 as well. heavy from shady grove road from an earlier incident making it to clarksburg on 121. that is a look at traffic watch. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the 2017 washington auto show wraps up this weekend. today mike carter-conneen explored the show to find the car that everybody is either talking about now or they will be. mike: for the first time it has a newton floor showcasing luxury cars. but most are just browsing, not buying. >> i do it first. i can never afford these. nice dream
5:47 pm
>> don't want to splurge too much. >> on the floor the art of motion features artists like sean perkins. >> a lot of people are coming up asking hey, can i get a custom paint job? >> like every year, it features the hands on contest. competitors have spent 70 hours with the hands or the other body parts attached to this hyundai. >> for the most part we have been hugging on wheels. >> to find a good comfortable spot and hold on. >> if more than one competitor is holding on at noon on sundays they will all draw car keys. whoever's key starts the engine wins but right now they're being gawked at like caged animals. >> i know what it's like to be at the zoo. >> they will also discover hybrid and electric models from several manufacturers. >> it looks like they are coming one something that might work. >> at this year's show the newest innovation is the self-driving technology with increasingly
5:48 pm
semi-autonomous models on display. >> to stop itself, correct steering is the start of autonomous driving. mike: fully self-driving cars are years away but auto makers hope they will hit the market in the next decade. at the washington conference center, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. jonathan: we are talking about cars a west hollywood apartment has been a secret car show all of its own for 35 years. look at the situation here. that is a 1959 ferrari gt250 coup. it has its own apartment. you see the owner bought the car in 1975, drove it a few years and then he decided you know what? i'll restore it. but he didn't get it garaged so he tore down the wall of an apartment complex he owned, put it in there and then put the wall back up. >> this is a lot of work. i don't know why he didn't just rent a garage? jonathan: exactly. because even if he wanted to restore it there is no room. the owner
5:49 pm
there until he sold it to an anonymous guy. ferraris like that can go for $375 -- $750 million once restored. alison: let's check in with doug. it is friday and we are heading to the weekend. how will it be? doug: just fine. we have more changes coming. a cold night and a day ahead tomorrow and a warmup on sunday. it's still cloudy across the area. we expect the clouds to clear out. probably midevening at 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. temperatures fall from the mid-30's to the lower 30's later tonight. the winds will pick up a bit. it will be a feature with the wind chills and the teens by tomorrow morning. show you indications of a little snow that could be flurries maybe. the skies are clearing th
5:50 pm
wind chills will be a feature. by tonight the wind chill is 17 in wind chester. -- 17 in winchester. it will be a cold night and by the time we get to tomorrow morning with clear skies check the wind chill. 15 in baltimore. 19 in the city. 15 in leesburg. 15 in luray. cold start to the day. temperature wise tomorrow will get to 38 degrees. we will have plenty of sunshine for the day. be a good weekend for city of fairfax, saturday and sunday for the chocolate lovers' festival. we will have mix of cloud and sun and maybe a sprinkle and 48 on sunday. we talked about the roller coaster we have been on. check this out. 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's. dropping to 30's on thursday. just the time we start to warm up, we jump to the upper 50's by next weekend. it's a crazy winter indeed. jonathan: thank you. coming up at 6:00, "7 on your side" consumer alert about a w2 scam all taxy
5:51 pm
plus, obamas are back in d.c. see how the new neighbors are welcoming them back from vacation. and how two deputies became heroes when they came upon a house on fire in prince george's county. wait until you hear what they did. that's all coming up at 6:00. alison: but first, talk about sports. erin is here. what do you have for us? erin: it's rising star time. we have the story of a mclean wrestleer who never gives up. he has achieved so much in the sport but there is one thing he wants to accomplish. scottscott abraham has more. scott: the mindset of a wrestler. >> you have to be confident in your yourself. ready to get after it. >> jump to the head an crank it. scott: mclean high school senior captain gavin legg is a force in the 170-pound weight class. >> there is nothing like winning a match. it's individual, just you versus the opponent. all you. >> he has won a lot of matches over the years but not when i
5:52 pm
matters most. falling in the state championship match the last two years. >> losing in the state final just sucks. plain and simple. it's not fun. you really just rethink how you wrestled all season. scott: heartbreak builds character. he experienced the lowest of the lows in wrestling and he understands this is his final opportunity to finally win the individual state championship. nobody is pushing him harder to reach that mountain top than the head coach and teammates. >> he might be the toughest kid i ever coached. >> why do you say that? >> the go-hard attitude. he is not the physical specimen but when the going gets tough he gets going. scott: a vision quest worth fighting for. >> i have been dreaming of it. i just want to get a ring. >> chasing a childhood dream in the twilight of his high school career. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. er
5:53 pm
third time is the charge hopefully. you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. he will be there again. jonathan: the fact he has been a two-time state finalists is a big deal. erin: that is huge. he should be proud on himself. hopefully he is not hard on himself. jonathan: you know he is. get the ring. good luck to you. erin: if you know someone overcoming challenges or adversity let us know. you can e-mail us at rising you could be featured in a future story. jonathan: toughest sport in high school. erin: you know a lot about it because of your son. alison: thank you. coming up next at 5:00 -- >> commutes in the d.c. area are bad enough. coming up we take you to a budding at dominion, we're putting our energy to work creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas.
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equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy.
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. jonathan: it looks like bad weather is blamed on vegetable short knowledge britain. supermarkets are running low on brookly and other vegetables and the stores started rationing the produce because of this. shoppers are sharing picturens on social
5:57 pm
the -- sharing pictures on social media. they have been hit hard with weather disasters, a drought followed by flooding and extreme cold weather. alison: back at home, metro g.m. paul wiedefeld continues to fighten whata's belt -- tighten wmata's belt. the move could save money but hinder an ongoing building boom. kevin lewis tracking the story from montgomery county. kevin: north bethesda has become a construction hot bed. white flint mall demolished. the mixed use development described as the next downtown bethesda. one of the catalyst for the development, the white flint metro station on the red line. >> this is important not only to us but to everybody who works here. >> mickey runs pike and rose and was upset to learn metro's considering cuts. the proposal would essentially cut service in half for all red line stati
5:58 pm
grosvenor. including white flint. the result one train every 15 minutes during offpeak hours. >> to make cuts that would only guarantee every 15 minutes is just not enough to make it as reliable as of a service for people to use. kevin: wmata says trimming service would save $1.2 million a year. fewer trains would also help with track congestion. >> it's a very important resource for them to have because otherwise it's going to, it just becomes another area that is not accessible other than by a vehicle. kevin: if you would like to weigh in on the proposed service cuts just go to wmata's website where you can issue your opinion. but you must do so by monday at 9:00 a.m. the board of directors will then review the opinions and make a final decision by july 1. in north bethesda, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. that is it
5:59 pm
right now at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- virginia leaders get a big push in the fight against the president's travel ban. and still smoking. how long the haze in lorton will last after the recycling and trash plant caught on fire. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: virginia gets permission to join other states in a fight against president trump's immigration order. jonathan: a federal judge made the ruling today and virginia's attorney general fought hard for it calling it important for all virginians. >> she recognized it was important for virginia's voice to be heard in this and has allowed virginia to intervene. jonathan: you will remember the ban does limit travel into u.s. for seven different countries. you can't come in. today's hearing an attorney said that 100,000 visas were revoked as part of the ban. the state department said it's around 60,000.
6:00 pm
in response to president's executive order. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live from dulles international airport where attorneys have been camped out to helm immigrants impacted by the ban. jeff: yeah, they have, michelle. we see the attorneys here right now with the sign saying, "did you see anyone held, questioned or detained?" they have been here all week. if you see someone detained tweet. @caircoalition. many groups working here and many attorneys are working pro bono here. dulles airport is pretty quiet right now but that court hearing getting a lot of applause during a rally today at a mosque in sterling for peace and harmony. at a rally for peace and harmony there is also anger toward the president's actions. >> i'm disgusted by it. jeff:


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