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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 8, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. winter wallop. nine reported twisters ripping through the south. tearing roofs off buildings, sending these trucking slighting down roads. a nasa facility taking a direct hit. drone footage capturing the trail of destruction. the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency and now a major new storm heading for the northeast as much as a foot of snow expected. breaking overnight, an extraordinary moment in the fight over president trump's cabinet as republicans vote to violence senator elizabeth warren. >> mr. president -- >> majority leader. >> reprimanded for quoting coretta scott king's criticism. >> i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. >> the senator will take her seat.
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heads to court overnight. the new investigation after a college student dies found unconscious at the bottom of the stairs following a night of drinking. his family searching for answers, why did no one call for help until nearly 12 hours later? ♪ working from home, super bowl champ tom brady revealing his wife gisele wants had him to hang up his helmet. >> if it was up to my wife shoulder have me retire today. >> as he hits the parade route with his son dabbing and dancing for the ultimate party with the patriots. move over, dad, tom brady, good morning, america. he steals the show in boston. >> adorable. >> there you saw him. >> he's got the moves. do it again. don't hurt yo
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we'll have much more on that coming up but first we want to get to that severe weather alert. a big storm heading for the northeast and ginger will have that in just a moment. and overnight tornadoes ripping through the south, louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency and let's take a look at the devastating aftermath in new orleans and abc's steve osunsami is on the scene. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. this behind me is just one example of what families here are waking up to this morning. it's what's left of a bakery, you can see the walls are crumbled in. on top of the building here is what looks like to be an air-conditioning unit that came from another building. it was blown this way. the winds were strong enough to turn everyday items into projectiles. you can see something smashed out this car window here. the owner of the bakery spent the night inside this vehicle. the winds were also strong enough to knock down power lines. you see scenes like this all over the city with transformers and pieces of equipment on the ground.
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the big easy frightening families with multiple tornados that were wider than the buildings they damaged or destroyed. there were at least five of them reported here in louisiana. another three in mississippi. >> this thing comes up on you in a second and within literally seconds you lose everything that you have. >> reporter: this tornado made a beeline for a facility run by nasa. another came terribly close to oil refineries. schools were in a panic with teachers saying prayers for the students as they took shelter in school hallways. people watching interest their windows couldn't believe their eyes. this was for real. a live twister tearing through town. >> i tried to save everything i can. >> reporter: families are trying to sift through what they have left. this woman tells us she was in her home when the walls came crumbling down. >> it was fast. all you can see is, daness, something blowing in the sky and next thing i know i'm in the bathtub and the roof and the house collapsed. >> reporter: storm chasers with nerves of steel were just 100 yard as way
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the violent winds reached up to 130 miles an hour and ripped the roof off this building before smashing a pickup truck. people working at this plant are thankful this morning. they watched as a tornado came dangerously close before it tore apart the barn nearby. the governor is declaring a state of emergency. nearly 10,000 residents are still without power after power lines were torn by flying wood and metal. >> before we knew it it was just barreling down on us. >> reporter: the winds were strong enough to flip semis, knock down trees and tear apart this gas station. the view from the sky is heartbreaking. block after block of homes that are leveled. the national guard is here protecting property. roads are blocked mostly on the east side of town. michael. >> all right, thank you, steve. let's go over to ginger for that big snowstorm that's moving into the northeast and i was excited this morning. i saw it was going to be warm but then i saw tomorrow's forecast. >> yeah, we're going big-me
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wore a spring dress. we are almost 60 then the energy in the atmosphere coming together, two little pieces that will bring us a winter storm anywhere from parts of nebraska up through maine. winter storm warning, the pink area is what i want you to focus in on, philadelphia, hartford, connecticut, up through boston, that i-95 corridor is the area we're concerned about. it could become one of our biggest snowstorms if not the biggest of the season. here's where it starts 6:30 a.m. philadelphia snowing. washington, d.c., you have a wintry mix. new york city, just an awful drive tomorrow morning. then boston an awful afternoon drive. snow totals wise could be a wide swath of 5 to 10 inches of snow with this so you have to watch your local abc station, a lot of idiosyncrasies but we'll talk about this one and maybe not moving a lot tomorrow. >> yeah, it's the warm before the storm so it looks like you girls will get that snow day they wanted. >> still below 50%. we'll see. >> i'll come shovel you guys
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showdown over president trump's cabinet nominees. overnight democratic senators making another marathon push. this time protesting attorney general nominee jeff sessions, but republicans are firing back trying to silence senator elizabeth warren. let's go to our congressional correspondent mary bruce on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. these tense cabinet battles just got even more contentious. democrats here are still at it this morning trying to derail yet another cabinet nominee. now, elizabeth warren was about 45 minutes into her lengthy remarks when republicans told her to knock it off and zip it. overnight showdown on the senate floor. >> so can i continue? >> reporter: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren delivering a late night speech opposing attorney general nominee jeff sessions. quoting martin luther king's widow, coretta scott king. >> coretta scott king also wrote to the judiciary committee about
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mr. sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge. >> reporter: but in an extraordinarily rare move senate majority leader mitch mcconnell leading a party line rebuke. >> i call the north to order under rule 19. >> reporter: arcane rule preventing senators from maligning colleagues on the senate floor voting to silence warren. >> it's heard. the senator will take her seat. >> reporter: the #letlizspeak trending overnight. instead, warren reading her speech live on facebook. >> senator mitch mcconnell and the republicans came to the floor to shut me down for reading -- >> reporter: so far 6 of 21 cabinet nominees have been confirmed. the latest betsy devos for education secretary but it took
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the vice president called in to cast that tiebreaking vote. george. >> okay, mary, thanks very much. let's get more from our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. and any word from the white house on what happened to senator warren last night? we know the president is irtayed by how slow his nominees are getting confirmed. >> reporter: he certainly is irritated, george. no word on what happenedover night with elizabeth warren but take a look at what the president did tweet out about the cabinet. he said it is a disgrace that my full cabinet is still not in place. the longest such delay in the history of our country. here's the problem, though, george, that is not true. president obama's full cabinet was not in place at this point either. what is true is that president trump has more unconfirmed cabinet posts at this point than all other previous presidents combined. >> much more stark false claims from the president, this time about crime with the meeting with sheriffs. >> the murder rate is the
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right? did you know that? because the press doesn't tell it like it is. >> the press doesn't say it because it's not true. >> reporter: that's not true either, george. we pulled crime stats from the fbi. you can see right there the murder rate hit a high decades ago. it is nowhere near the highest at this point. kellyanne conway, the chief counselor to the president, was pressed on this yesterday. she said she would talk to him about these numbers, that she didn't know where and who gave him these numbers. but, george, as you know, this is not the first time the president has made this claim and talked about this murder rate he says is the highest on the campaign trail also. >> okay, cecilia vega, thanks very much. george, president trump also facing a legal showdown over his travel ban. lawyers for the justice department and opponents to the ban facing off last night in a federal court hearing. abc's chief white house correspondent jon karl has the latest on that for us. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a decision on whether to reinstate the president's travel ban immediately could come as soon as today. but the legal battle over whether or not the ban
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the constitution has just begun. the fate of president trump's travel ban is now up to the courts. a legal battle the president acknowledged could go all the way to the supreme court. >> we'll see. hopefully it doesn't have to. it's common sense. you know, some things are law and i'm all in favor of that. some things are common sense. this is common sense. >> reporter: overnight the trump legal team challenged the district judge who put the travel ban on hold. insisting there's no evidence the president's executive order violates the constitution. >> it is extraordinary for a court to enjoin the president's national security determination based on some newspaper articles and that's what has happened here. >> reporter: the lawyer for washington state which had challenged the ban argued the president's action was not only unconstitutional, but damaging. >> what's the irrepresent recall harm to the state? >> we had students and faculty at our state universities who were stranded overseas. >> reporter: the white house says the president will accept th
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>> there's no question the president expects the executive branch. >> reporter: days ago the president attacked the federal judge who put it on hold calling him a so-called judge and tweeting just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happen, blame him and the court system. on tuesday, homeland security secretary john kelly echoed the president's warning that pausing the ban puts american lives in danger. >> it's entirely possible that someone that's coming in, whether it's during this stage or in the court action or previous to this period, will do us harm. >> you don't have any proof at this point? >> not until the boom. >> not until what. >> not until they act and blow something up or go into a mall and kill people. so we won't know until then. >> reporter: at last night's hearing the judges appeared skeptical of the white house's argument. in fact, george, at one point the white house's lawyer
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quote, i'm not sure i'm convincing the court. he told that to the judges. >> yeah, that was something. jon karl, thanks so much. let's talk to dan abrams about that. you always have to be careful about reaching conclusions from the questions but that was a pretty stunning concession. >> it was and it's true that you can't tell what they're going to do because they were tough on both sides, right? they intentionally asked provocative questions on both sides but those of us who watch these things still read the tea leaves sometimes incorrectly an i think what we saw from this is i think it is unlikely that they are going to overturn the temporary restraining order, meaning -- >> only thing at issue. >> correct. as a practical matter most people believe that the current halt on it which is just temporary will continue to stay in existence. >> but then you get to the underlying question on the overall executive order and there were a lot of questions from the lawyers about and from the judges about whether or not there was discriminatory intent, whether the intent of the order was to discriminate against muslims.
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tougher on the washington solicitor general there, because there the judges seem much more skeptical of the argument that this was a muslim ban and they were asking some very hard questions about that. the problem for the administration is that's not the only argument against the law. so even if you say, let's write off the muslim ban argument, there's still a number of statutory arguments, constitutional arguments et cetera. >> i want to get to that. the president weighed in and said if the u.s. does not win this case we can never have the security and safety to which we are entitled. added, politics but as a matter of law he has wide berth in national security. >> very wide berth in immigration law in particular. when it comes to immigration and national security, the president does have wide latitude and in the end probably will be able to enact some sort of executive order very close to what he's got here. the question is just the details which is going to become criticalnd
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going to be also how much compromise are they willing to do. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. george, we move from politics to the mysterious death of a young american woman on vacation traveling alone in panama when she disappeared. her body found days later on a hiking trail. abc's gio benitez joins us with the latest on this. so, gio, what are officials saying this morning. >> good morning. we're learning investigators have been conducting raids in panama to figure out how this young woman lost her life. the fbi even offering to help local authorities. but right now that question how did a vacation end in death? this morning, a mystery on a tiny panamanian island. a globe-trotting 23-year-old from new york catherine johannet found dead in paradise. she was visiting an explorary dream, and it shows pristine beaches and posting on instagram from one a week ago. when she didn't return from a solo day trip to a nearby island thursday, she was reporte
7:15 am
missing. after three days of searching a police officer found her body along a hiking trail. her family seen here arriving from the u.s. monday to identify her body. >> i'm going to guess based on the reaction of the panamanians that this probably is -- there's some wrongdoing going on here someplace in this case and it may well be a murder. >> reporter: now investigators are racing to determine whether there was foul play. authorities awaiting autopsy results before declaring this a criminal investigation. the fbi now standing by to help with a possible investigation. >> is there anything at the scene where she was found that would help identify a potential suspect, and then obviously were there any witnesses in proximity? >> reporter: now johannet's sister writing on facebook, my family is thinking of all our beautiful memories with our laughing, adventurous, warm little girl. and this morning the state department has issued a statement saying it will continue to work closely
7:16 am
panamanian officials, no doubt we will keep following this developing story, michael. >> all right, thank you, gio. and turning now to the big super bowl celebration. take a look at the patriots in the streets of boston for the huge victory parade yesterday and this morning, there are those questions about whether tom brady will retire or not. a lot of teams are hoping he does. i'm sure. jesse palmer is here with more. hey, jesse. >> you know what it's like to be in a big super bowl parade celebrating but it's what the mvp revealed about his future that really has patriots fans cheering. he's got enough super bowl rings to fill an entire hand. >> i forgot this one. it's kind of new. >> reporter: this morning brady says his lady has told him it's time to call it quits. >> if it was up to my wife she would have me retire today. she told me that last night three times. >> reporter: relax, patriots nation. number 12 says he'll be back next year. >> i said, too bad, babe, i'm having too much fun right
7:17 am
die-hards braving the rain and snow to celebrate. >> that's number five. >> reporter: that come from behind super bowl win. >> no days off. no days off. >> reporter: at the victory parade, the players riding duck boats through the streets. rob gronkowski may have missed the playoffs but he stole the show. >> hey, boston. who's getting wild tonight? that's what i'm talking about, baby. >> reporter: catching a beer from the crowd and chugging it. whipping off his shirt and gronking it up with super bowl stars james white and legarrette blount. >> yeah. >> reporter: tom brady instagramming this video of his son benny dabbing on the boat with his papa. die-hard fans noticing his boat decorated with this subtle nod to roger goodell.
7:18 am
a t-shirt with a picture of five rings and the word, roger that. and while tom brady partied in boston, houston police putting up their top investigators on the search for that missing game jersey that nobody can seem to find, guys. >> a lot of people like -- i don't know where it is. that's all i'm saying. you know, something else that warmed my heart. check out this picture of my friend howie long's son, defensive end chris long who spent eight long seasons in st. louis. he's soaking it up and took a ride on top of one of the floats after -- he averaged four games a year and goes there for the first year and wins asob so he and his daddy have won a super bowl each. what a great hug after the game for those two. >> deserves to celebrate like that. how about out west there, ginger. >> the bay area has their own weather headline. you have to see this out of san rafael just north of the bay area. up to 5 inches of rain. people canoeing through their neighborhoods. more flood warnings in place today. your local weather in 30
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cities brought to you by carmax. winter storm watch tonight through thursday morning nw of d.c. - another warm day (records not likely) - rain to snow overnight - cold & blustery thursday (chills in the 20s) - warmer weekend today: partly becoming mostly cloudy. still unseasonably mild. nds: n 5-10 mph tonight: cloudyh precipitation developing after midnight. rain changes to snow. lows: 35-40 winds: n 5-15 mph thursday: snow tapers off by 8am. cold and very blustery. scattered afternoon snow showers. highs: 34-38 feels: 20s winds: nw 10-20 g 30+
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>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. new overnight, a man and woman are in the hospital after police say they were shot and stabbed late last night. this happened on audrey lane in oxon hill just before 11:00 p.m. both victims were listed nacrit ical but stable condition at last check. no word about what lead up to the attack. this investigation is focused around a single car. i think southeast dc. students at rad and bed bust invested elementary school are geth ready to go to skewing at farby hope elementary. shuttle buses will by provided, and should be pulling up any minute now.
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we'll check traffic and weather
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>> reporter: not quite the 70 yesterday but mid 60s for today. increasing collides, sun developing after midnight. winter storm watch for areas like frederick, jefferson, perk ily, washington, even frederick county in virginia for more than 3-inches off snow. maybe some more snow squalls for the afternoon. this weekend, back to mild. 60 on saturday. >> reporter: major congestion anderson the capital beltway for the mid week commute. we are looking at accident clean up in lan lanham, as well as silver spring. we're tin reffed on the outer loop from interstate 95, also a vehicle fire approaching 95 on call ver ton boulevard through that area. a live lookt
7:27 am
, 66 you're on the brakes toward at a capital beltway,
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blue apron. welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at the devastation in new orleans after nine tornadoes reported through the south and state of emergency declared in louisiana. >> thoughts and prayers are with them, george. also this morning, ginger is tracking a major snowstorm coming to the northeast. up to a foot of snow in the forecast. >> i tell you, i was so busy reaching out to family and friends in mississippi and louisiana and those were frightening moments. hope everyone is okay. also right now president trump's travel ban is in the hands of the court after a showdown overnight. judges putting both the justice department and its opponents on the spot. a decision about the president's executive order on immigration could come as early as today. an incredible game.
7:31 am
star scored 92 points scoring 41 in the last quarter alone. and, you know, high school games, only last 32 minutes. >> how is that possible? >> i don't know. >> lack of defense. 92 points in 32 minutes. >> hey. >> pass a little more next time. >> i would say so. coming up moving on to that legal win formen trump. she scored a victory against a blogger who falsely claimed she once worked as an escort filing a $150 million lawsuit against "the daily mail" for publishing similar allegations. tom llamas has the details. >> reporter: this is uncharted territory for the office of the first lady suing a medial organization but mrs. trump's lawyer argue those scandalous n unproven allegations hurt future endorsement deals. this morning, the first lady fighting hard to protect not only her reputation
7:32 am
brand. lawyers for melania trump refiling a lawsuit against "the daily mail online" seeking damages worth more than $150 million. she's suing the news website for publishing a now retracted report containing unsubstance yachted allegations that the modeling agency melania worked for doubled as an escort service. >> i didn't expect media would be so dishonest and so mean. i didn't expect that. also for me from the beginning i never had one correct story, one honest story. >> reporter: according to the suit, that false report damaged mrs. trump's licensing, marketing and endorsement opportunities. the suit also states the daily mail story couldn't have come at a worse time because mrs. trump had the unique once in a lifetime opportunity to launch a broad-based commercial brand in
7:33 am
multiple product categories, each of which could have garnered multimillion dollar business relationships for a multiyear term during which plaintiff is one of the most photographed women in the world. >> i'm honored to be your first lady. >> reporter: so, are melania trump's lawyers arguing that false report limited how much she could profit off the presidency? mrs. trump's spokeswoman insists she's not trying to cash in on her new life. telling abc news, she was not trying to make money from her role as first lady. >> it's just kind of fueling the flames of all this discussion about possible conflicts of interest in the new trump white house. >> reporter: now the first lady already has one legal victory. sued a maryland blogger webster tarpley who published similar allegations to the ones by "the daily mail" online and she settled on tuesday, tarpley publicly apologizing to the first lady, mrs. trump's at
7:34 am
pay her a substantial sum as a settlement. >> dan abrams, back to talk about this more. that settlement, a victory for the first lady but you think she and her lawyers made a mistake by pushing this. >> as a legal matter they did the right thing talking about the damages. you have to be able to say why there would be substantial damages. and yet when you're talking about the first lady, it's a very different story. you can't go and say, oh, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to make a lot of money and then they say, wait, we didn't mean with regard to the white house. well, then what did you mean? of course that's what they meant when they made this argument. so, it's a lawyer making a smart legal argument and not thinking about what would be the political and public relations fallout. >> it appears it wasn't even perhaps passed by white house counsel. >> i think this was just a mistake. meaning, again, legally sound, but politically in pr a disaster. this not
7:35 am
she's got this great opportunity, once in a lifetime to make all this money by creatingll these products. it has to mean as first lady. i don't understand how it could mean anything else. >> another potential conflict of interest cropping up. turns out the pentagon may be renting space at trump tower here in new york. >> and there's something that almost no one is talking about and this is another emoluments clause in the constitution. we talked about this before, this idea of foreign dignitary, princes, et cetera, come here and somehow stay at a trump hotel or something that could violate the constitution. what almost no one is talking about is there is also a domestic reference to emoluments when talking about the president's pay, it specifically says in another article in the constitution that that's all the president is supposed to get. the president should not get any other emolument of any other kind so i think there will be arguments suggesting the president is getting additional emoluments through tax breaks or this sort of rent or
7:36 am
>> that has just begun. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right there, george. coming up in just two minutes that frat party mystery. a 19-year-old dying after falling down the stairs. why did they wait 12 hours to call for help? the new concern for hearing loss. could it start sooner than you think. i know more about that. come on back. cious and powerful, and full of nutrients. food that makes us nourished and mighty, and connects us to the natural world. so there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market. daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique
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clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. we are back now with that mystery surround the death of a penn state student. the 19-year-old dying after falling down a flight of stairs at a frat party and it may have been close to 12 hours before anyone called for help. abc's eva pilgrim is there at penn state. has the latest on the investigation. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a lot of questions this morning about what happened inside this fraternity house and how a student ended up dead. this morning, police are investigating the death of a penn state student
7:39 am
bottom of the stairs in this campus fraternity house. just before 11:00 a.m. friday ems responding to a 911 call from beta theta pi. they find 19-year-old timothy piazza unconscious, injured but alive. rushing him to the hospital where he dies a day later. fraternity members tell police the sophomore fell down the basement steps around 11:00 p.m. during 12 hours earlier during a party. an autopsy revealing he had multiple traumatic injuries that the coroner believes were caused by the fall, noting he had alcohol in his system. while the coroner believes the death was accidental, what's not clear is why no one called for help until the following morning. >> fraternity members are cooperating and we're in the process of obtaining video from inside the fraternity and we are working closely with pennsylvania office of student affairs. >> reporter: this morning, piazza's family is remembering the engineering major and
7:40 am
his brother mike writing on facebook, his sole mission in life was to make other people smile. this latest death at penn state eerily similar to another in 2009, 18-year-old joe dotto, found dead at the bottom of a campus stairwell of a night of drinking. his death was ruled accidental. and the university temporarily suspending beta as they investigate. the fraternity says they're hopeful that security cameras inside the house will shed some light on exactly what happened. robin. >> oh, yes, eva, thank you. joining us now is sunny hostin. tough to talk about a story like this. your heart goes out to that family of the young man. under what circumstances could the fraternity members be held responsible in some way for the delay in contacting authorities? >> well, i think we don't know enough because perhaps it's been ruled an dent and perhaps they didn't see him at the bottom of the stairs for 12 hours and when they saw him they called.
7:41 am
case, robin is that this is not a one-off. we had this happen in 2009 at the same university and i did some research last night. and do you know that since 2005, on college campuses, 60 kids have died under similar circumstances. here's a graphic. it shows that, you know, you talk about hazing and you think these are hazing related deaths. that is a small percentage. 60 kids have died in this way and so is the fraternity liable? very, very possible. there was underage drinking going on and certainly if the fraternity gave this kid alcohol knowingly that he was a minor there's a problem there, as well but what was shocking to me is that this is not that unusual. >> because when you hear frat house you automatically think hazing which does not appear to be the case here. >> exactly. >> but when we're talking about all these various case, schools all across the country, where do college officials -- what role do they play. >> do
7:42 am
a duty to protect these kids and the courts have sort of been all over the place, but the bottom line is i think so. i think colleges are going to be held responsible. >> important conversation to have. we'll check you out on "the view" today. >> i'll be there. >> michael. >> thank you, robin. coming up on our big board, will these supersize crash test dummies make us safety? david kerley is here to let us know with a live demonstration. plus, could you already have hearing loss and not even know it? dr. besser is here. we'll talk about that when we come back in two minutes.
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7:45 am
how to put it. >> that's a nice way to put it. >> david kerley is here with us. he's at the test site actually right now and one of the test dummies is 100 pounds heavier than the previous design and i think we pretty much know why, david. >> reporter: yeah, you actually probably do, robin fshlth because we've been changing -- these are the dummies we've used for 50 years now. you see them in cars being crashed all the time. here's the workhorse. this is the 50 percentile dummy. 50% of men were like this about 50 years ago back in 1970 but we have put on some weight. look 59 these numbers. in the last 50 years the average man has put on 21 pounds. the average woman has added 20 pounds so this company is working on an obese dummy which russ go going to get set up for this test there working with the university of michigan on elderly dummies too because of the aging population and driving and that's a real problem so
7:46 am
russ, let's pull up the pendulum and test this. the idea is these dummies will be in the cars that you see crash by all the crash test folks including carmakers as well and let this -- go ahead and come on up to give you a sense of whether or not this dummy can withstand what we're about ready to throw at him. >> don't get in front of that. get away. also, david, i read where, you know, if you're a little larger because of the seat belts you slide under the seat belts because of the weight that people have added over the years. >> reporter: right. i'm going to show you that in just a second, michael. but as this pendulum gets up to the top here, what we want to talk about is whether or not this dummy is ready to go into a car. so what the company is doing is trying to certify this dummy, does he provide the kind of data and information you need to get by. here we go, three, two, one, go.
7:47 am
>> oh. >> so does the obese dummy have a name, russ? >> it does not? we don't have a name for him but he got pushed back significantly. let's show you in slow motion what that looks like, what an impact would be like in a vehicle. here's the slow motion version of what just happened to an obese dummy here. >> you can learn so much through that. >> now, right, michael mentioned submarining. a real problem because the weight has come down in obese and elderly folks, the pelvis area has more weight and now take a look at this vehicle. this is what happens when somebody in a crash and goes underneath the restraints, that's called submarining. they're hoping these dummies, the elderly and obese may help us fix that in the long run. >> thank your friend there. that was a very dramatic way of letting us know what could possibly happen. wow. thank you. i know you approve of that, dr. besser. >> yeah. >> these new guices. >> so
7:48 am
very few are so important to know for planes, buses, not just cars. >> just added the weight to the dummies now. i'm glad that they did. both are. and next up, you might think you have good or excellent hearing. but a troubling new report finds that one in four american adults who assume they're okay actually suffer from hearing loss and dr. besser, that's what you're here to talk about. you're the former head of the cdc. what does this tell us. >> it tells us noise-induced hearing loss is very common. 40 million adults under the age of 70 have problems with their hearing because of noise. and half of them don't have noisy jobs so they're getting it from everything they're doing throughout their life. >> i know you would think because you being in football stadiums and always around the noise, it's noise and i found through my chemotherapy -- through my treatment it led to
7:49 am
i'm surprised by that. >> 40 million doesn't even include people who have hearing loss from other reasons. >> you got a device here. >> so, this is a decibel meter and what this does is measures the loudness of sounds around us and what you need to worry about is any level that's above 85. the longer you're exposed to that the more there is as a risk so we took this out and about to see what kind of noises people are exposed to. this first one here, this is at a basketball game. and at this basketball game they're getting a level above 90. at that level two hours at that level can cause hearing damage. >> wow. >> you were in stadiums for hours and hours exposed to -- >> some stadiums you can't hear yourself think. >> this next one is a blender. people have that in their homes. this hit levels in the 100s. 14 minutes at that level, that can cause damage and our last one is our audience. take a look upstairs. when they go wild and excited about what's going on there, we hit 110. at 110 two minutes at that level
7:50 am
very dangerous. >> what i was disappointed about, not just losing my hearing but you can't get it back. you can -- there are things that can be done to slow it down but you can't recoup. >> once those cells are dead there's nothing you can do. you want to wear hearing protection but other things, never turn up your music to drown out noises around you. that is one way you can damage your hearing. >> if you're a parent, watch your kids. i can hear music coming out of the headphones. we don't want to deter our audience from being loud. >> short and sweet is there thanks so much. coming up take a look at this mudslide out west. splitting a home in two. now another storm is in the forecast. ginger will have the latest on that next. >> wow. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be
7:51 am
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7:54 am
back here on "gma," boulders into homes in the bay area. look at this video. >> that's going to go. it's going. >> a mudslide taking out the other side of that house. that's 5 inches of rain and more rain on the way with
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by secrets resorts & spas. experience adults only unlimited lucketry where everything is included.
7:56 am
shuttling buses left in the last five minutes. s the will attend still there until the school can be cleaned over the next few weeks. a live look at the senate floor. democrats are pulling a second straight all nighter to protest another one of donald trump's cabinet picks, this time over attorney general nominee, jeff sessions. the vote is scheduled for tonight. mild weather for your wednesday but big changes on the way tonight. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: not quite the 70 yesterday but mid 60s for today. increasing collides, sun developing after midnight. winter storm watch for areas
7:57 am
like frederick, jefferson, berkley, washington, even frederick county in virginia for more than 3-inches off snow. maybe some more snow squalls for the afternoon. this weekend, back to mild. 60 on saturday. >> reporter: traffic is tied up as you travel on the george washington parkway. suitland parkway as well as the bolt more washington parkway, trying to get toward downtown dc , through the map you can see the struggle, in the red. crash on on the southeast southwest freeway eastbound approaching the third street bridge. you'll loose a travel lane. that is your delay on 395 northbound headed to our carm cameras. on the brakes from edsell road to the 14th street bridge and capital beltway from the springfield mixing bowl, off and on slowing through the legion bridge. wack to you. >> anchor: good morning washington will have complete covera
7:58 am
starting early tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. we'll some you back here for another local update in about 30 minutes. have a great day
7:59 am
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8:00 am
. good morning, america. nine twisters reported tearing through the south. roofs ripped off buildings and trucks sliding all over roads. a state of emergency in louisiana at this hour. the skin you're in. it's a condition that affects more than 50% of women right after pregnancy and millions more on birth control. our own ginger dealing with melasma. how doctors treated it. she'll reveal live on air her healthier skin. you saw the picture making waves. now christie brinkley's daughters are speaking out. life with their supermodel mom. their own struggles with body image and what got them all to strike a pose ♪ the final countdown get ready. it's a "shark tank" takeover. they've scored $100 million worth of deals. now they're here
8:01 am
unforgettable face-off. and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good morning. you guys are up and at 'em this morning. >> right after we did that thing about hearing in the audience. thank you, thank you for that. how about the whole gang from "shark tank" here? it's a "shark tank" takeover. coming up. they're celebrating a major milestone that they'll share. >> that milestone, $100 million worth of deals right over there in that area. but you know what, you're not off the hook. you'll be in my "shark tank." we'll do a $100 million pyramid. >> there you go. see what they have. >> they're not scared. now this morning we know jake gyllenhaal can act, right? we know that he can do a lot of
8:02 am
wait until you see his hidden new talent. we'll have that coming up for you in "pop news." >> nice tease. >> yep. coming up. first the morning rundown. tom llamas with that. the path of destruction after a series of tornadoes hit the south. most of them slamming southeastern louisiana where hundreds of homes and buildings are destroyed. the mayor of new orleans says the storm looked like an elephant stomping on houses. among the hardest hit areas the city's ninth ward which was devastated you'll remember by hurricane katrina. despite widespread damage and take a look at that video, dozens of injuries, amazingly no fatalities. sticking with weather now in the west, heavy rain is causing more flooding in northern california. up to 5 inches of rain falling in 24 hours triggering mudslides in some areas. floodwaters near yosemite swept a tent from an rv park downstream crashing into a bridge. nobody got hurt there, as well. meanwhile, here in the northeast we're bracing for
8:03 am
snow of the season tomorrow. ginger says philadelphia to boston could see more than a half a foot of snow. an appeals court could rule as early as today whether to reinstate president trump's immigration order temporarily banning people from seven muslim majority countries. during oral arguments tuesday, the judge seemed skeptical of the administration's argument that the travel ban should be reinstated on national security grounds. the battle over whether the ban violates the constitution could reach the supreme court. and today the senate is expected to confirm president trump's attorney general nominee, jeff sessions. overnight during a marathon protest on the senate floor, republicans voted to formally silence senator elizabeth warren who was criticizing senator sessions' record on civil rights. mitch mcconnell cited a rarely invoked rule that bans senators from impugning the motives of a senate colleague. some sad news out of hollywood. richard hatch has died best
8:04 am
on the original "battlestar gallactica" tv series and began his career on "all my children." had pancreatic cancer and was 71 years old. a man got trapped beneath an excavator with his nose barely sticking out. that's a human head. you can see it out of the muddy water trapped for two hours until a neighbor heard him screaming and called police. finally we all have that one friend who has the hookup who can always find a way and apparently the same is true with donkeys. watch as this donkey tries but fails to clear the fence. the donkey seems discouraged like he just got turned away at the club but there's always hope when you have a friend with the hookup. that bigger, wiser donkey steps in and clears the way and now everyone gets in. time to go clubbing. check out the swagger. watch for it -- we can't see it. that last donkey when he walks in walks in with a swagger
8:05 am
>> how smart. thanks, tom. >> i love we're going donkey clubbing on "gma." >> i was a little worried when i heard hook cup and donkey, i didn't know -- >> george. >> george stephanopoulos, everybody. [ applause ] >> how about "pop news." >> i would love to. good morning, everybody. great to see you all. great crowd today. so you heard the jake gyllenhaal tease. who is a jake gyllenhaal fan? [ applause ] yes. very good actor. he's very talented. you know he's been nominated for an oscar and a couple of golden globes. did you know he can also sing up a storm? the guy is singing in like a broadway kind of way. jake, deep into rehearsals for stephen sondheim's musical "sunday in the park with george" that begins previews this week. george stephanopoulos will be on stage -- no, no, no. >>
8:06 am
>> no. gyllenhaal shared this video on his facebook page of himself rehearsing. you won't believe it. ♪ and when the you can say to yourself i give what i give ♪ >> look at robin's face. can we get a close-up of robin? robin. >> wow! >> big, big voice. >> wow. >> i wasn't expecting that. >> triple threat. >> the voice and that beard. >> yes, yes. >> are we really surprised. >> no, just the loveliest. please come see us on "gma." so lovely and so talented. that song called "finishing the hat" was originally sung by -- don't look at the prompter. >> mandy patinkin. >> did you look at the prompter. >> i'm a big mandy patinkin fan. >> he originated the role back in 1984. now though jake gyllenhaal's turn officially opens later this
8:07 am
month. good luck to you. >> fantastic. also in "pop news" this morning, morgan freeman doesn't want any shawshank redemption. he wants to go the other direction. the actor saying playing the devil is his major movie bucket list item. >> wow. >> after playing god in not one but two films, "bruce almighty" with jim carrey and "evan almighty" with steven carell he wants to play the bad guy in a big way and looks like he'll have plenty of opportunity. at 79 he says retirement not anywhere in the near or far future. thank god for that. [ applause ] >> wow. >> and you know his devil would be the most eloquent devil in the whole wide world. have you ever heard morgan freeman do waze? >> yes. >> check it out. >> it's good. for all of you lovebirds looking to chill on valentine's day, michael bolton is your man, the iconic singer, oh, wow,
8:08 am
just went whoo, michael bolton, with a hip thrust. michael bolton has teamed up with netflix for "michael bolton's big, sexy valentine's day special" and it certainly is. bolton has recruited a ton of comedian, fred arm ten, maya rudolph, sarah silverman, a bevy of celebrities for what's being billed as a musical comedy special and in it andy samberg will appear in the sketch as bolton's early '90s rival kenny g. sfle actually looks just like him. >> nothing says valentine's day like kenny g. played by andy samberg. and also in that kenny g. makes a surprise appearance on netflix right now streaming so check it out. that's "pop news." >> thank you. coming up how to treat the pregnancy mask, a condition affecting millions of women. ginger faced
8:09 am
helped her skin heal. it is our "shark tank" showdown. the team is here live and going head-to-head. find out who comes out on top. flexing those muscles over there. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful relief of robitussin, because it's never just a cough. ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. thins! our eyes on the amazingly then, feast your mouthhoy! on their rich chocolate-chipped-ness!
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wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. we're back now with a health alert about a skin condition that affects millions of women who have just had a baby or are on birth control. they call it pregnancy mask and, ginger, system wonderful that you are sharing the experience that you've had with it. >> yes, because there's hope and i think that's the whole part. i felt like alicia keys was going makeupless. i want to do that. you have to know that 5 million americans are dealing with this and it's basically just blotchy skin. after i had adrian i totally
8:14 am
to your old skin too. take a look. >> i want to show you something. >> this is how you see me every morning for "good morning america." spackled with makeup but underneath i'm hiding discolored skin. it's called melasma. melasma is a condition that can affect up to 70% of pregnant women. it's triggered by hormones causing blotchy dark patches particularly on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip. after i had my little guy i noticed my face became far from even. so i went to dermatologist whitney bowe. >> dark here and dark here. >> to get my prebaby complexion back. i thought i would come in and get laser. that is not rue? actually the heat and the light from lasers can make melasma worse. it's almost impossible to cure it. we can make this dramatically better. but it's going to take time. we're going to have you put your chin here. >> she scanned my face with this visia to look deep below. >> that will be pretty stubborn
8:15 am
gentle chemical peel. >> it's not terribly uncomfortable and there's no down time. there shouldn't be any real peeling. so a lot of people think -- >> a peel isn't a peel. >> yes. >> reporter: my daily routine included my new best friend, sunscreen. >> even though it's cloudy, got to use 60 plus. >> reporter: mixing it with an antioxidant serum and covering up every time i went out in the sun. >> so i mixed for you what i call a melasma emulsion. apply it only on the dark marks at night before you go to bed. >> reporter: after three months. there it goes. right on the spots. and a few more office visits, i was on my way to healthier looking skin. >> all i wanted was to be able to walk out and be makeup-free and now i feel like i can do that. yes, so i'm almost done taking the makeup off. i truly feel comfortable and it's a nice feeling. i think a lot of folks feel this way. it doesn't mean you had a baby. a lot of women, tons
8:16 am
six months ago you would not have -- >> no, i would have been big chunks and it made almost this part whiter and this part dark enand just felt uncomfortable. you feel uncomfortable after a baby a lot of times. >> let's bring in your doctor, board certified dermatologist dr. whitney bowe, ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] >> how are you? >> my goodness. you know, when people hear chemical peel, you said the same thing, uh -- >> the chemical peels i use for melasma take a few minutes and there's little to no down time. so basically what i do is a take a very, very mild acidic solution and, you know, the ingredients are in will vary over the course of the treatment and then i literally just coat or paint -- do you mind. >> no, go for it. >> i coat or paint a very light coat on -- >> any burning sensation? >> it's so minimal. i was so surprised. i thought it was going to be like a horror show skin falling off in chunks. it really feels like lotion going on then,
8:17 am
about five minutes but very minimal and then you feel fine. i put on makeup again and did "rachael ray" right after. >> she came and a couple hours later was on camera. >> i thought i was going to get lasers all over. it's very simple. >> a lot of myths out there so why don't you bust some. >> there are. if you google home remedies for melasma you will find pages that list lemon juice as a key ingredient and that is a myth. >> don't do it. >> citrus fruits can make it so much worse. another myth. people think the more powerful the laser, the deeper the chemical peel, the faster the results but actually the opposite is true. you know, that heat, that irritation, it can really set you back. >> and this took months. you have to have patience before you can get clear he skin. >> ginger will be the first to tell you she is very fortunate that she had you to help her get her through that. there's some people who don't have that. so what can they do at home to get results. >> you can fight
8:18 am
over-the-counter products, on almost any budget. you have to know what to look for. creams, lotions or serums that contain brightening ingredients like vitamin c, kojic acid, licorice or soy. you have to be patient when it comes to melasma, slow and steady wins the race. >> that's what everybody -- i posted this last week and i had so many people respond. please help me. you know, i can't have the expensive chemical peels but using these over time will help and the most important and this is what she's got me into, you hear it so much wearing a hat in the sun. >> sun protection. >> sun protection. >> and then wearing that 60 spf so i have become so -- that is such an important part. you gave me a powder with spf. there's so many ways to do it and everybody at home can do for a very, very minimal amount of money. >> it doesn't matter your skin complexion because there are african-american women -- >> the darker the skin
8:19 am
higher your risk of melasma. >> yes. >> so absolutely, sun protection for everyone. >> all right. >> look at the face. thank you. >> makeupless. i'm staying this way for the rest of the show. >> i'm so envious you don't have makeup. christie brinkley's daughters opening up about that photo shoot and what it was like growing up with her. come on back. i think we should take it slow. i thought you wanted to take it slow? i'm so glad you're back with christian. he was lost without you. so this is where your knot tying expertise comes from. ♪ until you come back home rated r. since i've started i've lost over 40 pounds. i've eaten everything i love. tacos, pasta...i've never felt deprived. in the first 2 months members have lost 15% more weight than on our prior program.
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8:23 am
welcome back to "gma" on a wednesday morning. i see my friends from ou. but we're talking about you're staying in new york city. today is very mild. very mild but i want to do a warning for you. look at this map. we go from close to 60 to tomorrow inches of snow. windchills w winter storm watch tonight through thursday morning nw of d.c. - another warm day (records not likely) - rain to snow overnight - cold & blustery thursday (chills in the 20s) - warmer weekend today: partly becoming mostly cloudy. still unseasonably mild. nds: n 5-10 mph tonight: cloudyh precipitation developing after midnight. rain changes to snow. lows: 35-40 winds: n 5-15 mph thursday: snow tapers off by 8am. cold and very blustery. scattered afternoon snow showers. highs: 34-38 feels: 20s winds: nw 10-20 g 30+
8:24 am
all right. we are back now. christie brinkley's photo shoot, we showed you the pictures of her tuesday posing with her two daughters. now they're revealing what is it was like growing up with a supermodel mom and mara schiavocampo has details. >> you know brinkley said the last time she thought she would pose in a bikini was in her 30s. boy, was she wrong. discovering your true confidence, her daughters talk about. christie brinkley's back. >> one last go. >> reporter: the legendary supermodel gracing the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition yet again posing in this teeny red bikini at 63. >> this is my people shoot. >> reporter: this time brinkley sharing the pages with her daughters, 31-year-old alexa ray joel and 18-year-old sailor brinkley cook soaking up the sun in turks and caicos in this behind-the-scenes footage from "sports illustrated" and this photo shoot with peopl
8:25 am
entertainment weekly network. >> she said it was meaningful for her to say that age doesn't really matter. >> reporter: but brinkley's daughters say this shoot wasn't just about fun. but also about overcoming some of the challenges of growing up in the shadow of a world famous cover girl. revealing the details in "people" magazine. >> both of them have actually been the victims of serious online bullying. >> reporter: alexa and sailor both taking to instagram sharing their struggle for confidence. sailor writing i've had issues with my body image since before i can even remember. alexa saying, i don't have a completely flat tummy or cellulite-free thighs nor am i a model's shape or height. neither are hundreds of other beautiful women out there. so what. the mother/daughter trio showing us that looking good starts with feeling good. okay, so just what are her secrets for looking so great? of course, we all want to know. she has a mostly vegan diet. she gets regular
8:26 am
this is a good one. she says she does leg lifts while brushing her teeth. >> that's why ginger looks so good. that's the secret. >> wow, well, whatever it is, christie, it's working. coming up our "shark tank" showdown. they're back. ♪ well i say oh what a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ yes what a wonderful day ♪ y'all look at that i've got a beautiful feeling ♪ ♪ i got everything i got everything ♪ ♪ whoo everything is going my way ♪ good morning, america. a lot of news to get to this morning.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. no injuries after a car slams into a house in capital heights on addison road earlier this morning. the driver apparently lost control, plowed through a fence and hit the corner of the house. the family who owns the home has been put up in a hotel while they figure out what to do next. in southeast dc, a student at rat and bed bug infested school are on their way to close at another school. shuttle buses to their temporary school are bringings the right now while their school gets cleaned. you may need a coat for later today. here is veronica johnson.
8:28 am
>> reporter: not quite the 70 yesterday but mid 60s for today. increasing collides, sun developing after midnight. winter storm watch for areas like frederick, jefferson, berkley, washington, even frederick county in virginia for more than 3-inches off snow. maybe some more snow squalls for the afternoon. this weekend, back to mild. 60 on saturday. >> reporter: on the roads. capital beltway suggest/the springfield mixing bowl. a big picture look, you can see the red on the george washington parkway southbound as you head toward memorial bridge, northbound 395, solid delays from edsel to the 14th street bridge. a live look outside at inter state 66, extra drive times eastbound toward the beltway and dc295, 3 accidents approving the 11th street bridge.
8:29 am
>> thank you. good morning washington will have complete winter
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome back. what a great audience. pumping up the volume a little more. what are you bringing, mike journal. >> i have -- valentine's day is not that far away. how many of you have a valentine's? how many -- okay, how many are single looking for a valentine? so valentine's day, what do you think of? you think of love, right? >> sure. >> you think of love. >> well, there is an app out there that can help you get a date if you're single for valentine's day. >> of course, there is. >> there's an app for that in this one is a little different. it's called hater. yeah. they -- pose people bond over their love of something. but you can also bond over your hate of things. >> i hate this
8:31 am
>> we're bonding right now. >> this is all researched. young guy a banker decided he would be a comedian but started this app. >> good luck. >> it's called hater but people truly have bonded over their hate of things and here are some of the things. over 2,000 things on the list to hate. here is one. zombie movies. love or hate. >> hate. >> hate. >> not a fan. >> okay. >> yeah. >> amy would love it. >> yes. >> beards. >> indifferent. >> be careful. >> be careful, young lady. >> depends on the beard. oh. >> okay. asking for directions. >> love it. love it. >> i don't mind that. >> i don't mind at all. >> i hate when someone refuses to ask for directions. [ applause ] >> we're going to get some dates out this. somebody is going to hook up. tipping less than 15%.
8:32 am
it. >> you are just running commentary. >> she hates the whole concept. sleeping with a lot of pillows. >> love. >> what's the matter with that? >> to each his own. >> this is very important, though. i read this and i said this tells a lot about a person. having nothing to do. do you hate that. >> do you hate when someone has nothing to do. >> who is that parnell that -- >> right. >> okay. biting ice cream. >> wow, you hate that? >> you hate that? >> is that a deal breaker? >> biting ice cream? >> all right. >> but the reason he lost his app as we said because people bond over things they hate just as much as they bond over things you love. >> i guess finding common ground, but wouldn't it be better to find it in a positive -- find the positive side of that, the flip side. >> i would think so. >> i would think so. >> but he launched it right before valentine's day. >> just going up now? i'd love to hear
8:33 am
>> he said because there's one thing all single people hate, it's valentine's day. hating on things together -- hating on things together -- >> we could spend a lot of time talking about it so cheers to the guy. [ applause ] >> 150,000 beta users already. >> wow. >> a lot of people out there hating. >> a lot of haters out there. >> yeah. >> that transitions well to what we're going to talk about. increasing vocabulary. merriam-webster has thousands of words and phrases they add so have some new ones. this one could apply to if what you were talking about does not work, do you know the meaning of this. >> oh, yes. ghost. >> to ghost. >> to ghost someone. >> disappear on them. >> absolutely. >> you know what it is, george. >> yes, i do. >> because he did that, i'm going to act out the second one,
8:34 am
what's this. >> side eye. >> side eye. could be shade. shade is a new one too and side eye. i didn't know which way to go. i could go here. i could go there. >> side side eye. to me just shady. >> let's see. i'll read the next one. you'll know this one. this one says -- >> these are all officially now in the dictionary. >> absolutely official. and i'm trying to read -- where is it? before i get to that we'll have a demonstration for the next one. a demonstration for the next new word. guys, you're on. >> right there. >> what is this? >> a selfie. >> photobomb. >> photobomb. >> there you go. >> photobomb is in the dictionary now. >> here's the last one. what is the definition to this next word. to watch many or all episodes of a tv series in rapid session. >> binge-watch. >> there you go. >> all of these have been added to the dictionary.
8:35 am
verb is the coolest. >> yeah, it's kind of mean but, you know -- just be up front and say hey, i don't like you. >> that sounded meaner. >> it may sound meaner but at least it gives them closure, george. >> be up front. >> all we want to closure, george. don't disappear. >> we're going to be back with the sharks.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
great crowd out here. a mild morning before the storm but already some freezing rain from the exiting storm did this in wakefield, massachusetts. at least 30 cars in that pileup. what a morning up there so be careful. we'll warm up quickly then this will happen. a winter storm warning in place. most comes into play wednesday night through thursday so tonight it starts. you can see the timing. 7:00 a.m. not good in new york city or philadelphia. boston by tomorrow afternoon and evening, that commute, bad. all right. that's the bigthursday morning of d.c. - another warm day (records not likely) - rain to snow overnight - cold & blustery thursday (chills in the 20s) - warmer weekend today: partly becoming mostly cloudy. still unseasonably mild. highs: 62-65 winds: n 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy with precipitation developing after midnight. rain changes to snow. lows: 35-40 winds: n 5-15 mph this weather brought to you by kay jewe
8:39 am
i don't have to toss uptears to the co-anchors but i am tossing upstairs to the sharks. >> what a great crowd. you guys ready to have a great morning? [ cheers and applause ] woo! it's going to be amazing because the sharks are taking over "good morning america." that's how we do it. >> well, you look to me like you're a smart crowd. let's take a vote. who wants to dump the old guys and put us in? raise your hands. come on. come on. >> guys, i really like this. this is fun. robin, i don't know why you make it seem so hard. >> oh, gosh. >> this is easy. >> yeah, you don't want to take the pay cut. i know that. come on, guys. you got this, right? >> we got this. >> it's easy. >> all right. >> what do we do now? >> i tell you what we do now, we've been so busy this morning i actually put george to work
8:40 am
go back and explore how we actually got that 100 million smacker roos through "shark tank." watch this amazing tape about this journey. ♪ >> four eight ferocious seasons, the gang have sparked business dreams by taking pitches from over 600 companies. >> our company is tom and chii. >> now closing in on a megamillion milestone. $100 million in deals. giving misdemeanor successful companies their start. >> $275,000 for 30%. >> $60,000 for 25%. >> i'll give you 100 grand for 25%. >> all sealed with a dose of drama. >> hey, kevin, let's talk about it. >> that's the truth. >> kevin, you're an idiot. >> plenty of laughs. >> time to explain the toilet in the room. >> and in just over two weeks
8:41 am
$100 million mark. >> it's a deal. >> got a deal. >> good. >> i love these. [ applause ] >> let me throw this out. when did you know you had something? >> probably the third season. >> a hit show? day one. >> when it started taking off. it's an amazing platform. >> no, he's always wrong. you know what it really was when parents would come up to us on the street and say i love watching it with my kids. it teaches them about business and shows them the american dream is live. >> kids brought the families in. >> we found the crew was into the show. that's when you know you have something. the crew came on the show and lori came on the show and we finally got it right. >> oh. >> ever since then, drama, drama, drama. >> is 2 more fun than your day jobs. >>
8:42 am
>> it is the day job sometimes. we got so many companies now. >> it's a lot of work now. >> i don't have a day job. >> true. >> well, you certainly -- >> we'll put
8:43 am
one pint-sized hero pwas on a mission.vor, looks like somebody's gotta save snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
8:44 am
we are back now with more of our "shark tank" takeover and in honor of their $100 million milestone, we're going to play $100 million pyramid. please welcome your host, michael strahan. >> thank you, robin. thank you, robin. okay, here's how the game works, kevin and mark, you're teaming up to take on barbara and robert. >> yes. >> but you two are up first. and the category is shark deals. these are all companies and products that you have a invested in. >> all right. >> so we'll see how well you know your own products. that's the test here. >> barbara, you'll give the clue, robert, you're going to guess. you're over there at the table.
8:45 am
>> go, barbara. >> barbara played the $100,000 pyramid. >> i lost. >> you lost but you did all right. 30 seconds on the clock. ready. set. go. >> okay. >> go. >> little dogs. biscuits. biscuits. >> pop box. >> pass. >> pass. >> christmastime. >> tipsy elves. >> you got it. -- >> faster. >> pigs. >> pork belly barbecue. >> you got it. >> dancing. >> "dancing with the stars." >> no. >> a deal. >> three, two, one. >> your deal. [ buzzer ] >> okay. you know that -- hey, barbara, the happy, happy feet.
8:46 am
it was happy feet. >> your deal. >> i tell you what -- >> that reminded me of when you played the $100,000 pyramid. that was pretty good. all right. -- >> was she that bad. >> i thought i was great. he's asleep at the wheel. >> you guys are not nice to each other. all right. kevin and mark, you're up. get on over there. [ cheers and applause ] >> kevin, you are going to give the clues. mark, you're going to guess the answers. 30 seconds on the clock. ready, set, go. >> go. >> sippy -- >> cup. lollacup. >> sponge, smiles. >> oh, sponge daddy. >> no. >> oh. >> wrong. >> scrub daddy. >> that was right. >> bottle opener made of bullets. >> bottle breacher.
8:47 am
>> he said -- >> book with a photo in it. >> he said book. >> groovebook. >> yes. okay. time is up. kevin, you're done. >> you did not -- don't get too excited. this is what happens. you said bottle for the bottle breacher you said book for groove book so you got two. you got two. we tied. >> oh! >> kevin. kevin. >> the sharks. come on back over here. that was a great job. >> i was killing it. >> you cheated. >> wait. >> robin, you had a chance to play the game, as well. >> kind of hard, isn't it? >> yeah. >> not so easy. you guys make it look easy. michael does. >> you came on. it's not an easy game to play. it's a lot of fun.
8:48 am
>> you figured that out by yourself. >> just like that. i tell you something, mark, we actually won. we're just trying to keep it even. that's all. >> a tie. no sudden death. >> you truly are sharks. i tell you that. >> uh-huh. and you can watch "shark tank" friday 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. thank you, guys. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can deliver equal uploads and downloads. lcome to 8 and a half maple reet. it'half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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8:51 am
what do the sharks and "gma" have in common? we all love a great deal. >> really great deal. >> and tomorrow these special "shark tank" "deals & steals" just for you are so crazy good. >> it's nutty. >> it's insane. >> here we go. >> we know you'll love them too tomorrow on "gma." loving the sharks and back with an exclusive first look at the lego movie called "the lego ninjago movie". that's what i'm hearing from the control room. it's in theaters september 22nd? september 22nd. this is a very early look with an all-star cast. take a look.
8:52 am
♪ ♪ >> you ready for me to conjure anyo ninjgo. >> i'll be waiting. >> dad. >> son, what was that last thing you said? >> what? >> that last part, i didn't catch it. >> i didn't say anything. what do you mean? i said i'll be waiting then i stopped talking. >> dad. >> that's right. your son and it's lloyd. >> no. lloyd. i named you. >> you ruined my life. >> that's not true. i haven't even been a part of your life. i how could i ruin it? i wasn't even there ♪ we got bad
8:53 am
used to be bad blood ♪ ♪ now we got problems >> formed the secret ninja force. >> are you ready to risk your life for ninjago? >> yes, i'm on it. >> maybe. >> aaagh! >> run. >> i'm stuck. >> i know you want me to save myself so i'll go now. i promise i'll never forget you. >> i didn't ask you to promise that. come back. ♪ now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them ♪ [ telephone ringing ] >> hello. >> who is this. >> lloyd garmentedon, your son sfwli must have butt dialed you. ♪ you know we got bad blood
8:54 am
>> it's okay, lloyd, nobody's parents are perfect. >> i mean my mom is weird and collects sea shells. your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. so, they've all got their quirks, you know. ♪ we got bad blood >> yeah. jackie chan by the way is in there. >> justin they are re. dave franco, olivia munn and the legendary jackie chan. you're right. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank, you thank you, we can't wait for "shark tank" "deals & steals" tomorrow. can't get enough of these guys.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington. i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. in the district right
8:57 am
elementary schools the students are back in school at a different school. it's being cleaned of bed bugs and rats. senate democrats are pulling a second straight all nighter to protest another cabinet pick. this time it's over attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions. the vote to confirm sessions is scheduled for tonight. we have mild temperatures for a few more hours. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: not quite the 70 yesterday but mid 60s for today. increasing clouds, snow developing after midnight. winter storm watch for areas like frederick, jefferson, berkley, washington, even frederick county in virginia for more than 3-inches of snow. maybe some more snow squalls for the afternoon. this weekend, back to mild. 60 on saturday. >>re
8:58 am
interstate 95 in virginia getting better. northbound delays from dale city a live look at the map, you can see the red ob the george washington parkway. northbound 395 as well as dc29a a live look at i295 from the beltway, contending with the results of earlier accident act ivity. a quick peek at the beltway on bradley boulevard outer loop slow toward the language. >> anchor: thank you. good morning washington is starting early tomorrow to make sure you know everything that's happening with the wild weather, tune it right here on abc 7, 4:00 a.m. for snow coverage with our team of meteorologists and traffic conditions with julie wright. news weather and traffic right now on good
8:59 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from "the real housewives of beverly hills," erika girardi. and ultimate fighting workout with the ultimate fighter, holly holm. and if you need a quieter night in the bedroom, check out our "snoring survival guide" ." plus, mark consuelos returns for another day of cohosting. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos! [cheers and applause] ♪


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