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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 15, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- new questions about russia and the trump administration. >> we learn more about the dismissal of president trump's national security adviser, we have a late breaking report that aide for the trump campaign had repeatedly can tact with top russian officials well before election day. >> high intrigue in asia at this hour. the half brother of the leader of north korea, kim jung-unis murdered. what happened here? >> rescuers on a frozen over lake in maine attempt a rescue of a young woman trapped after getting thrown from a snowmobile in the water. whole thing caught on camera. see how they eventually got her out. >> and -- ♪ rumor has it >> yes she does. rumor wins best in show at the top dog show. taking home
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coming oh, so close last year. now she is enjoying the sweet scent of victory on wednesday, february 15th. >> go, rumor. >> congratulations to rumor. >> good-looking dog. >> boughtful dog. always beautiful dogs. >> some times the show dogs look funny. >> hush your mouth. >> big bouffant things going on. >> dog lover. beautiful to see the rumor taking home the big prize. >> okay. woop. anyways. >> speaking of rumors. who whole lot. >> developments and about the trump administration. >> but first, some serious questions about how the administration handled the dismissal of former national security adviser michael flynn. among the questions why was vice president mike pence kept in the dark for weeks about the fact thatly
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communication with russia. abc's jonathan carl has the the details on how the story has played out so far. >> reporter: surprising revelation from the white house. the president has known for nearly three weeks that national security adviser michael flynn deceived the vice president and the public about his conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. president fired him. >> the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. >> the story begins on december 29th. when president obama sanctioned russia for meddling in the election. that same day, less than two hours after sanctions were imposed, flynn spoke with the russian ambassador. but flynn insisted to pence and others he didn't discuss sanctions. a claim pence repeated on national tv. >> those conversation that happened to occur around the time that the united states to
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diplomats, had nothing whatsoever to do with those sanctions. >> on january 26th, justice department told white house council, john mcgann who told the president that flynn wasn't telling the truth. intelligence agents have been listening in on the ambassador's calls and discovered that sanctions were discussed just as officials believed russia could blackmail flynn by threatening to expose his lie. >> why would the president if notified 17 days ago, that flynn had misled the vice president, other officials here. he was a potential threat to blackmail by the russians, why would he be kept on for, for almost three weeks? >> that's not, that's, assumes a lot of things that are not true. the president was informed of this. he asked the white house counsel to review the situation. first part to understan the legal aspect of this. that was simply concluded there was no legal aspect. what happened the president evaluated the trust aspect. >> reporter: flynn was not
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two days after learning of his deception, the president had flynn by his side for a phone call with russian president vladamir putin. it wasn't until friday, after "the washington post" broke the story, that flynn discussed sanctions, that flynn changed his story. on "air force one" that night, the president was pressed by reporters. >> what do you make of reports that general flynn had a conversation with the russian as but sanctions -- >> i don't know. i haven't seen it. what report is that? >> reporter: as the story escalated little comment front white house until this. >> yes, general flynn does enjoy the full con fi duchfidence of president. conway said flynn resigned. press secretary sean spicer said he was fired. >> the evolving and eroding issue of trust in this situation and other instances led the president to ask for general flynn's resignation. >> reporter: flynn, retired three star
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trump's influential, fervent advisers, firing up the convention with blistering attacks on hillary clinton. >> look her up. that's right. >> criticize ford close ties to russia. this 2015 picture, showing him sitting alongside putin. still, president trump has explicitly denied anybody on his team was in touch with the russians during the campaign. can you still say definitively nobody on the trump campaign not each general flynn had any contact with the russians before the election. >> my understanding is that, what general flynn has expressed is that during the transition period, we were very clear that during the transition period, he did, did speak with the ambassador. >> talking during the campaign? >> i deon't, nothing would conclude me that anything is different from that time. >> reporter: the president raised eyebrows with ee to sieve praise of vladamir putin. >> putin is a
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>> a lot of killers. we get a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent. >> the irony of the situation is the president has been incredibly tough on russia. >> reporter: the president may have known for three weeks about general flynn's deception. but nobody at the white house, not the white house counsel, not the president himself bothered to tell the vice president. in fact, vice president pence didn't learn about it until "the washington post" broke the story late last week. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. heard sean spicer there telling john carl that he could not confirm that any member of the campaign team had contact with the russians. but abc news has now learned that that did happen. >> sources say u.s. authorities were concerned with chun chasings between trump assess yachts and suspected russian intelligence before the election. "the new york times" reporting this morning that both side had repeated contact. so far no evidence of cooperation between the campaign and russia to influence that election.
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congress to look into all of this. republican leaders now saying flynn may be called to testify before the senate intelligence committee. as part of its investigation into russia's suspected involvement in last year's election and relates matters. >> in the house, oversight committee chairman, says that he won't immediately investigate flynn's interactions with russia. but he says he may kids launching in the future. chavitz says he will focus on trump related controversies including kellyanne con way's comments promoting ivanka trump fashion. >> the government office of ethics looking into kellyanne conway. there is strong reason to believe he violated ethics rules when she promoted the line on television. now recommending the white house investigate and take disciplinary action against her. but, there is little the office can actually do if the white house does not take that advice. >> the new administration is under extreme pressure to answer several questions as you know. just midway through the fourth week. >> abc
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klein is offering analysis now. rick. >> reporter: the resignation of michael flynn brings two crises on the white house at once. the first, around national security. second around trust. on national security, clearly the most urgent concern. need to demonstrate they have a national security council that makes sense can make decisions provide advice to president trump if and when he need it as he need it. in a strange way, though the stakes are higher. that may be easier to accomplish than re-establishing trust and credibility. they right now have to explain how the vice president of the united states, was misled. how the president didn't act on information about his national security adviser for weeks. how lines of communication broke down. how conflicting signals how michael flynn was viewed in the white house could continue. how they handle the russians could have had dirt on the national security adviser.
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the white house. all they can do is workday by day, hope president trump himself can begin to answer questions. diane, kendis. >> adding additional questions as the reported in "the new york times," senior officials in the trump campaign had contact with rush intelligence officials during the elections. >> separate from allegations against michael flynn. >> yeah. >> only day 26 of the new administration. >> lot going on. >> absolutely. this morning's other headlines coming up including, trapped under the ice. the dramatic rescue of a teenager, stuck in the freezing water, after getting thrown into a lake. >> later -- getting to know rachel lindsay. sat down with michael strahan, how she feels having all the boys line up for her as the first black contestant of "the bachelorette." >> find us on facebook, and at twitter. you are watching "world news now."
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hold on tight! >> you are looking at three brave men outside of portland, maine, coming to the rescue of a 16-year-old girl thrown from a snowmobile into a frozen lake. the driver of the snowmobile took a dive into the frigid water twice to save her. couldn't reach her. and that's when the three good samaritans rushed in to help. with rope, and some really great team work, they did manage to get her out. >> overseas, reports this morning that the
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the current north korean dictator, kim jung-unassassinated at main airport in malaysia. the first born son of the supreme leader of north korea sprayed with poison by two unidentified women who fled the scene in a taxi. a fierce rivalry ran deep between the two brothers because of succession conflicts. the eldest son, widely expected to rise to power. >> here at home, a 2-year-old boy was shot to death in chicago adding a victim in the city's epidemic of gun violence. a 25-year-old man was killed in the drive-by shooting. a pregnant woman injured. the entire incident was live streamed on facebook. police say, the man involved was a known gang member. today the governor set to announce a plan to add 200 more state police cadets to patrol the chicago area. >> in california thousand of evacuees returning home now. that mandatory evacuation
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near oroville dam has been lifted. warning residents they may have to leave yet agiven the repairs to the dam spillway do not hold. more storms in the forecast for the area but aren't expected to pez a big threat. now, residents forced to evacuate with little notice have been frustrated. >> everybody just -- crushed into one room. it was, not fun. >> just been a roller coaster. just want to be home. >> well, many tried to make the best of a bad situation. members of the california highway patrol, helped a 3-year-old girl, celebrate her, boy, celebrate his birthday. an officer got him a birthday cake after the buy's father mentioned he and his wife had planned to bake one. police and other evacuees sang happy birthday to him. tuesday, a woman stopped by to hand out valentine's to the children as well. >> stound good. listen to that. >> great. >> nice version of happy birthday, fellows. german shepherd has taken the
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5-year-old rumor took best in show. at the westminster kennel club show. in new york. and -- that came after she won the group earlier this week. >> do prepare to hear a lot of the song today. >> she is named after the song, of course, room mr. has the it. by adele. this is likely her last competition. she was favored to win last year. but came in second. her owner had planned to retire her, but decided to give it one last shot. >> ooh. >> grateful for that one. >> german shepherds, the second most popular breed in the u.s., following labrador retriever, and rumor making an appearance on "gma" later on. >> the 39th time a female has won best in show. >> yes. >> in case you were wondering. 141st. >> why not? >> second. >> it would last this lock. started westminster. >> started with two guys hanging out in their yard. man, your dog looks great. look at agit
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footage. all the stuff that goes on. all right, good stuff. congratulations to rumor, her owner. and coming up next half-hour. close call for harrison ford. getting a little too close to a 737. so what is the faa have to say about the situation? >> first, meet the new bachelorette. we'll hear from the lady herself about, what the new season will have in store. and if she is feeling any pressure. you're watching "world news now." introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪
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attorney rachel lindsay, winning over batch lr nation with confidence and poise. >> i'm 31. i want a man in my life. i want a companion. i want a big family. i love kids. ready for that stage in my life. >> plaease welcome our next bachelorette, rachel lindsay. rachel. >> clearly ready for love. in this bombshell announcement monday night. rachel told jimmy kimmel she obviously didn't find it with nick. her relationship with the show on the other hand is just beginning. >> a spoiler alert. i thought she was going to be the one to get with nick. oh, she is the new bachelorette. michael spoke with her. >> but when you were first asked to be the bachelorette were there any hesitations on your part or say yes
3:20 am
>> i am a sceptical person. i was definitely -- excited. that they asked me to do it. but i was also equally nervous. when i started to weigh out the pros, cons, decided this is too good of an opportunity to turn away. >> you are making history. the first african-american bachelorette. how did that make you feel? >> that added pressure you think? >> i don't feel added pressure. i'm honored to have this opportunity. and to represent myself as an african-american woman. i hope that people rally behind me like they did in nick's season, or hope they will in my season. realize my journey, just trying to find love, though i am an african-american woman no different from any other bachelorette. >> just a woman frying to find a man. >> you get it. you understand me. you understand me. [ applause ] >> what is your favorite and least favorite part about the bachelor? because, a lot of people have misconception as but the show.
3:21 am
fancy indinners. least favorite part? >> livingen a house of women. sharing a room with that many women. i was in sorority. haven't done that in years. definitely least favorite part. my favorite part were the surprises. the friend that i made on the show. the relationship that i had with nick. i didn't think that we would click the way that we did. and i really enjoyed the process that we, that we had making our, our relationship grow. >> now we know the track record of the show. uh-huh. how were you going to avoid some of the past pitfalls? >> you know, i, i said this on the show all the time. i just look to keep it 100 and keep it real. i just feel if i stay true to my sef. th -- myself it will be a successful show. >> stay true to yourself. you will find the right man. how you do it. >> that's right. that's right. >> can't wait to watch the next season of the bachelorette.
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oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten we are going to start the mix today on a sat note. the passing of a young man, name, ben hull. his friend in the uk they even did a good-bye to him. they posted his photo there. candlelight. rest in peace. fallen soldier. his play station joy stick he used to play with. >> what happened to him? >> used to hang out with them all the type. smoke cigarettes. play with their games. they all gathered for him. then he got into a relationship. they haven't seen him since then. they held this mock funeral for him. >> because he got a girlfriend. >> maybe if they play fewer video games and smoke less cigarettes they can find girlfriend o
3:26 am
>> hush your mouth. no, no, no you. can do both. >> why do i have a feeling you did something like this in college? >> oh, my good. i would be the one that would be throwing the -- >> the funeral. >> absolutely. >> from funerals to weddings. a bride lost her 147-year-old wedding dress. the dress was made by her great grandmother. wore it to her wedding. like many took it to the cleaners to have it cleaned. the cleaner went out of business. complete liquidation. told her we have no idea where your dress is. she turns to facebook. writes about the situation. devastated. got shared 300,000 times. more than that. and ends up being seen by the landlord of the building. who decided on a whim to dea sweep of the property. and found this heaped up ball of white lace. boom. she gets the wedding dress back. how awesome is that. >> how amazing is facebook. her in it now?
3:27 am
>> beautiful. >> embroidery from 147 years ago. held up. >> it did. >> valentine's for people who look love and all that. yesterday. there are a couple cool stories. out of wisconsin, one kid. high school senior, zach peterson. he decided he would buy some 600-plus long stemmed roses and gave them out to every woman in the class there. every girl. every teacher. every fellow stuf dent. -- fellow student. spent $450 of his own money. yeah, zach is still single. >> oh. >> i don't know. kidding. then up in where i want to school, of course. world famous oswego, county. kid made 100 individual card. valentine's day card for all class mates. individual notes. be happy. life is good. >> you are from oswego, did you make me a card? >> not from
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breaking news this morning, on "world news now," reports that aides for president trump had direct repeated contact with senior level russian intelligence officials. this as lawmakers call for an investigation into the dismissed national security advisers communications with russia. details ahead. >> damaging tornados ripped across texas and southern states with reports of multiple injuries and damaged homes. students have been forced to take shelter, crouched in hall ways. pickup truck caught fire nt right in the drive-through driveway. check out how an officer ended up saving the day. >> does this mean we can't get the burger? >> speaking of heating things lebrities took to the internet to show their pretty and they're


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