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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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kimberly: straight ahead, massive flames kasich family out of their homes. crews are still dousing hotspots. the challenge firefighters faced and why neighbors are concerned. plus, a morning and call for help identifying the man impersonating a metro transit police officer. and, changing the rules. concerns and fears mount among undocumented immigrants in the u.s., new documents revealing the president's deportation plan. 7 newser: now, abc at 11:00. kimberly: thick, black smoke seen for miles away. just incredible video. thank you for joining us. home flames engulfing hoa this
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tonight. anna-lysa gayle is with the latest information on what caused this fire. ysa: the cause of the fire has not been released, but i can tell you firefighters have been here for more than 13 hours. i will step out of the way so you can see what is going on behind me. there are still flames we were seeing a few moments ago and a thin layer of smoke above. neighbors are thankful everybody made it out safe. >> really just spread throughout the house. anna-lysa: neighbors watched as a dark plum o smoke went across smoke went above this house on turkey run. the people manage to get out of the house unharmed. >> i did see them come out. obviously, they were pretty shaken.
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anna-lysa:anna-lysa: neighbors d concern about the challenges firefighters faced. >> the neighborhood shows complications. there were no fire hydrants nearby. anna-lysa: do you share that concern? >> knowing that, if it was closer, it would make people feel a lot better. anna-lysa: the cause of the fire has not been released, but the battalion chief told us there was some propane tanks in the back of the building. as far as firefighters, they will be here past midnight. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you. what an early taste of spring. temperatures soaring into the high 60's, even slipping past the 70's in some areas. a repeat day on tap for tomorrow. josh has the first look at your glorious forecast. josh: that is right. one little hiccup to deal with and that is already here.
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the area. i want to show you temperatures across the region. a lot of us looking at numbers that are still in the 60's. 61 in fredericksburg. d.c. at 59. those warm temperatures will stick around for tonight. that is thanks to the cloud cover in place. it is part of a wave of low pressure that will stay just south of our area. we can see the rain lifting to richmond now and ultimately towards us tonight. it is out of here pretty quickly tomorrow. futurecast showing a few of those light showers right around 2:00 in the morning and then continuing to push to the northeast. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, we get to cloud cover but we are starting off dry. more sunshine throughout the day allowing temperatures up into the upper 60's once again. mostly cloudy early on but do not let that deter you. lots of sunshine later in the day. i will show you who is likely to hit 70 and when we
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kimberly: it is february. thanks. a crime alert now. metro transit police want your help identifying this man. they say he has been impersonating a metro transit police officer. investigators say he is spotted on the blue and silver lines near the addison road metro station. if you recognize him or seen him before, call police. a nearly six-hour standoff in northeast d.c. and iended peaceably. dozens ofnortheast residents wed to stay away or staying inside their own. stephen tschida explains how it suspect waswhen the finally taken into custody. stephen: an army of police dissented on this block of small homes and apartment buildings. it started with a report of a fight between family
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members. it turned out to be two men sharing an apartment. one man apparently stabbed the other. when police arrived, they were able to get to the stabbing victim and take him to the hospital. the suspect retreated into his apartment and holed up and refused to come out. thus, began the long standoff. police along with armored vehicles surrounded the apartment building. negotiators tried for hours using a megaphone to communicate with the man and get him to exit. >> he eventually emerged after almost 5.5 hours, surrounded by police. stephen: after the suspect was taken into custody, he was removed from the scene. as far as the victim, he was still hospitalized but in stable condition. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. members. kimberly: new, the trump administration plans to
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that is approved by homeland security secretary john kelly but still awaiting final white house approval. it calls for the exit i did deportation of undocumented immigrants, not prioritized by other administrations. undocumented immigrants charged with crimes but not get convicted could also be prioritized for removal. it would replace president obama's 2012 executive order protecting people brought to the u.s. when they were just children. thousands of protesters rallied against the president's immigration policy. the grounds were in support of immigrants in downtown los angeles today. protesters called on local leaders to enshrine the protection of immigrants and the city's sanctuary status into law. the president flew down to florida again, looking for a boost after a turbulent week. his national security adviser resigned,
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question and new ties to russia. president trump spoke at a campaign style rally this afternoon. president trump: this was a truly great movement and i want to be here with you and i always will be with you. kimberly: tomorrow, the white house says the president will interview four candidates to replace michael flynn as national security adviser. it includes a retired general, two active generals and former united nations ambassador john bolton. because the florida rally was not an official presidential event, the trump campaign had more control over who was allowed inside the hangar for the speech. at the entrance, hundreds of protesters wanted to make sure their voices were heard. while the president may not have heard them, those attending the rally did. tonight, thents palm beach county sheriff's
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students are facing charges after the trump motorcade was hit by wood on friday. investigators say a type of a local middle school actually confessed to throwing the wood and implicated four other students. no word on what charges the students may face, but they will beconfessed to throwing the wood and implicated filed with the ph county states attorney's office. drenching, deadly rain. coming up, a monster storm slamming southern california, leaving them scrambling to clean round of bad next weather. >> pretty sad that he is leaving. kimberly: big crowds round of bd flocked to the national zoo to say bye-bye to bao bao. announcer: countdown to the red carp
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ctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today. deathly: the district's
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that allows mentally competent adult to ask the position for self-administered medication that would end their lives. dignity law is in effect. congress missed the deadline to overturn it. republicans in congress say they will continue to fight the law possibly through the budget process. a tragic accident in fairfax county. police say 29-year-old david sifuentes was repairing his car and asked an eight-year-old family member to start the car. standing outside the driver side door, the vehicle went into reverse. it kept going over a parking lot and hit a townhouse. david was thrown to the ground and died on the scene. on storm watch tonight, a deadly storm in southern california. torrential rain causing sinkholes that swallowed cars and even a party truck. marci has more. marci: san bernardino firefighters escaping just in time to watch this --
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when the freeway crumbles. the roadway eroded by intense flooding in one of the most powerful storms that hit southern california in years. the firefighters were here to check on the driver of that semi. you can see just how far both vehicles fell. incredibly, the firefighters and the driver of the semi are ok. another close call in this los angeles suburb. a massive single opening, swallowing this suv. rescuers finding the driver standing on her upside down car screaming for help. just minutes after pulling her to safety, this -- >> there it goes. i turned around for a second. marci: both drivers are ok, but at least four people were killed and another part of so california, including a person killed by down power lines and a driver whose
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submerged in water. >> we need somebody with rescue ropes. marci: more than eight inches of rain in some places. i turned around forownpours cra waterfall in this parking garage. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour, uprooting trees and terry the roof off this tractor-trailer and knocking out power in los angeles county. marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. kimberly: dramatic video. celebrations and sadness at the national zoo today. panda bao bao's days are numbered in the u.s. special facebook live training session and cake and treasure chest of treats. bao bao goes to china next week as part of an agreement with the country to join a breeding program. hundreds of people were at the
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>> we were glad we had a chance to see her before she goes back to china. overly this is one of the things that will bring our countries together. kimberly: bao bao also practiced getting used to the crate she will make the long journey back to china in. there.ks ok she goes back on tuesday. a little more time to get out to the zoo because tomorrow is gorgeous. josh: temperatures a lot like today, close to 70. we will stay pretty springlike through a lot of this week. not a lot to complain about. pretty wild temperatures for us this time of night. 59 degrees is not super warm, but compared it to where we were yesterday. friday night along 11:00, 20 degrees warmer. frederick, 27 degrees warmer. if you are letting out the dog one more time, temperature wise, it feels nice. it is important because it
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morning. a few of the showers made its way towards charlottesville in the shenandoah valley. fredericksburg will see the rain within the hour. d.c., closer to 2 a.m. once again, it is part of this bigger system, this upper level energy staying to the south. that creates extra lift in the atmosphere and we get these light showers but that is all this amounts to. 47 degrees to 52 for the low temperature overnight. well above which would be normal. a few showers moving out. by the time we get to sunrise, the rain is long gone. we will start off with morning cloud cover but lots of sunshine for the second half of the day. temperatures in the upper 60's, closed to 70 in some places. monday, things backtrack a little bit. it is still a nice day. if you were going towards old town for the george washington birthday there. she goes back on tuesday. parade, in the mid-50's along lunchtime.
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a little cooler, but still well above average. the average high temperature this time of year is around 48 degrees. even the cooler days are going to the above average. on monday, we get this cold front that moves in. the cooler air is coming from the opposite direction where we are used to. it is coming from the northeast and pushes in. farther to the southwest on monday, temperatures mild. that is where we find the cooler numbers. 55 in annapolis. 59 for d.c. the extended outlook -- 69 tomorrow. 50 not on monday. the coolest day is tuesday. a chance of rain late tuesday. most likely that is overnight. that is it, that is as chilly as we get this week. later into the week, warming up into the mid to upper 60's. closer to 70 degrees by the time we get to thursday. next weekend, we have a good chance of rain friday night
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that will bring us cooler weather, but not too bad. the temperatures will stay in the 50's through next weekend. kimberly: you really have to hope winter does not come roaring back in march. josh: absolutely. the kids were asking if we will get any snow days. you cannot say it is over until at least april. robert: we are about to see. has the skills, does not during all-star weekend. the dunk contest. uva with str
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk. robert: coming into tonight, uva lost their last three road games and lost two games to unranked opponents. thesports desk. basketball gods are having mercy, they are 14th in the country. maybe not after tonight. justin jackson was a beast for carolina. two of his first half 18 points. cavs fell at the break. tony bennett could only stand and watch. it was that bad. the three giving the tar heels a 20 point lead. basketballcavs cannot get anyt. the final, 65-41. v-tech and louisville. the steal, laying it in for the hoop and harm. pokies hanging around,
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louisville too much. johnson gets the lob pass and throws it down. that puts the cardinals up. hokies cannot get the upset, 94-90. rhode island and george mason. patriots down by as many as 18. they come back. a three hits. we are tied at 54. it would come down to the final shot. mason could tie it here. does not matter though. robinson gets the steal. game over. mason loses, 77-74. navy posting army in annapolis. the 25-point second lead by navy but army comes back. the three gives them the lead with 19 secondsnav left. navy
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loses in a heartbreaker, 71-68. loses in a heartbreaker, 71-68. women's hoop. gw and george mason. bautista at the end of the first quarter buzzer, it is good. nicely done. gw blows out the patriots, 80-49. in hockey, caps went further seven straight win against detroit. caps looked a little rusty after not being on the ice for a week. down 2-0, t.j. oshie on the move but the rebound inside. time for a shoot out. alex ovechkin needed this to stay alive. denied by petr mrazek. the final, 3-2. nba all-star weekend in new orleans this year. tonight, the skills challenge, three point competition and the dunk contest. john wall did the skills challenge and only lasted two minutes. he went up against gordon hayward. he misses the three.
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the next round. sorry, john. now for the main event. glenn robinson iii, his first round dunk, jumps over two people. robinson times the dunk, throws it down. impressive. final round, robinson attempting to jump over paul george, a mascot and a cheerleader. no problem. robinson jumps over all three. paul george is 6'8". his head almost touching the rim. congratulations to the maryland softball team. they upset number one florida 4-2. uconn women got a real scare tonight but beat tulane, 63-60. kimberly: wow. robert: after winning 100 straight games. kimberly:
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chimney: a fall down a leaves a colorado man and his friends in jail for trespassing. the man was making a video with friends when he fell 40 feet through a chimney cover. he got caught on a cable which kept him from plummeting to his death. it took rescue crews abo
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parkour. when he fell. a cat who spent the better part of a week is back on safer grounds tonight. utility workers climbed up the pole. the cat then fell, but was not hurt. as the saying goes, cats have nine lives. the cat then jumped on top of a nearby fence and ran off. coming up, josh
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[honking] kimberly: we have all probably our dogs haven't.og dimon getting tired of waiting on her owners, horning. her owners were only gone a couple of minutes. that is a smart


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