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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  February 20, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EST

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this edition of the right side. today we're -- up next on the rt >> hello, welcome to the show. bruce fine and larry are both attorneys. bruce is a scholar and larry is known for his founding of judicial watch and all those
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lawsuits that get international attention. >> let's start with the relatios with nato, russia and china. what does the future hold for this administration, bruce? if we look at the inaugural address it's almost like a pirouette. on the one hand he said that we need to have our influence abrod by setting a shining example for the world to follow, which would mean we influence abroad like we did at the founding, but making our own democratic as possible, but we don't go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. on the other hand, the following sentence is we're going to maintain all of our current a lines which commit us to defending 69 countries and we're going to forge new a alliances. what does that mean in regard to nate a, china or the south china sea. we've recently deployed troops o poland. and if russia deployed
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so we don't quite know exactly what the results of the election are going to be. it looks in both directions, i'm guard the optimistic that his instinct will tell him consistet with america first. america first isn't isolationis, it means that all countries understand their interests come before other countries. i mean, the president takes an oath as president of the united states of america. he doesn't take an oath as president of world, president of the free universe or anything like that. he's elected by the american people. he has to put their interests first. that is his moral and legal obligation. which means invincible self-defense, but why are we committed to defending countries that have no relevance to anything about our self-defense at staggering costs. >> this is an important ingredient too that needs to be recognized. the promises that the president made about building infrastructure, roads, bridges, new airport, making us
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class country that looks more like western europe than third world countries in many respect, we need to save the staggering sums that we're wasting on fighting nine presidential wars all around the world. since 9/11 it's estimated we've spent up to make $10 trillion when you look at the fully loadd costs we're going to be paying for veterans who come back and are needing treatment for the rest of their lives. these are not the people who coe back ptsd who tragically are committing suicide at the rate f 20 or 22 per week. eight per year. that's another cost of these wars. >> but you're going to have to shut down the staggering militay complexes to rebuild the infrastructure, to take our geniuses that are now being used to divise ways to kill. >> so they're not building an an atomic bomb. they're creating business. >>
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last week. his issues with comey and the justice department, how does he go about revamping the intelligence agencies without causing further damage to what has already existed throughout all these agencies. >> well, i think that's a false premise, armstrong. i don't think he's caused any damage at all. >> i'm not saying he did. >> i'm not saying you're saying -- >> i'm not saying he did. >> i know that people are making that allegation. now, he's not attack the rank ad file of the intelligence agencies, but the reality is the heads of these intelligence agencies have not been honest with the american people. in fact they've violated fourth amendment constitutional rights. number one, james clapper, director of national intelligence. outgoing lied to the american people under oath that we were not surveying hundreds of millions of americans our lephononic
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now the telephone companies keep the data unless there's probable cause to turn it over. >> have they obeyed? >> i doubt it. >> secondly you've got the formr director of the cia who frankly is a political hack. he's been tracking trump political the for the last several weeks. fortunately he's going to be gone. he is gone. and that has destroyed the confidence of the american peope and the intelligence agencies. the reality is that our cia and nsa according to judge richard leon who was the judge in the cases i brought, hasn't used ths massive surveillance to catch oe terrorist. the judge gave him an opportunity. come forward and show me that yu have done something. come in camera, i've got securiy clearance. they couldn't do it. the american people feel as if these intelligence agencies who are in reality more powerful thn the president because they can dig up confi
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on everybody and potential the blackmail them and coerce them, they've lost their confidence. so what president trump needs to do is to put in place leaders of these intelligence agencies. mike pompeo and others elsewhere such as dan coats. they have to be honest with the american people and focus on catching terrible tourists, not on surveying americans in terms of their telephonic metadata and enter comet communications. >> i think it's healthy that trump has foregone the daily intelligence briefs, because the idea that the president wakes u, his first concern is what's happening in manila, what's happening in seoul, what's happening in the south china satisfy? the first thing he needs to be concerned about is what's happening in the united states that's who he was elected to represent. if these other elements come ino
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play, if they're actually engagd in aggression against the united states, but the idea that his mind should be preoccupied with everything other than the american people, their need for jobs, their need for education, the need to make the justice system as fair as possible. it's ridiculous. the president is not looking at the presidential daily briefs, isn't that terrible? >> terrible? are you kidding. that's good. >> and we'll be right back after this short break. don't go away.
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>> i'm armstrong williams and this is the rightside forum. >> and welcome back to the foru. brought to you by that island, that territory, nassau, bahamas. it's always good to have sponsos that you really believe in. and i love the obama -- bahamas. okay? >> what about, bruce, nominatios to the united states supreme court. >> i think it's important that t be done sooner ra
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because many of the cases being heard on the docket could be tid 4-4. we saw that at the last months f the last term of the united states supreme court. and i would encourage the president, you know, too and the senate who should be top to top list. mike lee is the son of rex lee who was a former solicitor general under president reagan. he's outstanding, highly qualified. he's a senator from utah, and te other possibility is ted cruz wo argued numerous cases before the united states supreme court. they're both highly steep in constitutional law. being from the senate, the hearings could go rather quickl, but this is not a time to terry. important cases are up there and 4-4 ties don't really decide anything. it kicks the ball down the road. now, we do remember however when harry reid eliminated the filibuster rule, the democrats who have 48 seats, they could ty to filibuster that, but
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work on the high watermark of public approval. now is the time to nominee name them and get them to go through. >> obamacare -- >> let me add something here. it's not just supreme court justices. equally important are the lower court judges in the district court and the appellate courts. we've had clinton and obama rule for 16 to 24 years. we have judges in the courts who are highly potivcized far left. it's a grace that documents had to be released >> we don't exactly the democras say it's the russians. who knows? >> we do know somebody died. >> we do know somebody died. >> and why didn't the lower cout judges -- i had a number of freedom information act cases in front of lower court judges here in washington, so did any former group judicial watch, so did the associated press and others. very few documents were release, because these judges, primarily clinton and
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rolled them. >> we need judges who actually interpret the constitution and the law the way it's written, ad that's as important as the supreme court justice. as far as ted cruz i think there's a rumor that he was offered the post, but he declined. he wants to run for president ad he doesn't want to be a supreme court justice. >> there's been a supreme court justice who resigned to run for president, his name was charles evans hughes. it doesn't mean you still can't have presidential ambitions. >> talk about the replacement of obamacare. >> right now we don't really knw what it's supposed to be. there have been many statements that the repeal should come with replacement. but they're all over the lot as to what replacement could be. it could be expanded medicaid program with much more discretin to the states. could be a combination of tax incentives that lower the premim out of pocket premium
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the buyers of the insurance. it could be relaxing the interstate sale of insurance policies that would bolster competition, but all these are t the embryonic stage. >> if you dismantle it and there's nothing to fall into the -- into the gap there, it's going to be chaos within the healthcare industry which is a staggeringly large portion of te american economy. you're talking about trillion of dollars involved in healthcare. there needs to be some amount of stability to keep it going forward. >> what about immigration? it's a issue that you care about larry and the order for deferred action for childhood arrive always? >> i think that's a tough issue. i don't think that president-elect trump is going o be throwing the kids out of this country, but what we do have to focus on is he said he refocuse. we need to get the criminals out of this
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now, i brought a lawsuit where t started the ball rolling. 25 states then joined in. there was litigation in d.c. and then in texas that had his executive action on immigration which gave amnesty to 5 million people nullified. that's the focus that we need to do, you need to come into the country legally. you need to apply for citizenship. you need to play by the rules ad you need to not commit crimes, and it is indeed ironic that president obama on his way out the door got rid of wet foot/dry foot which is sending cubans bak who reach our land to castro's cuba where they're likely to be jailed, retaliated against and perhaps even imprisoned and killed and yet we had all these illegal aliens that had this amnesty. but the kids we have to have soe compassion on that and i believe the president will. >> i think, armstrong it's important that we have our immigrio
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both sides one of the problems has been during the obama years. it's all executive orders. okay. we're going to suspend deportation of x, y, z. >> deportation, immigration, those are legislature lay matters. they need to be subject to hearings where everyone can see the competing arguments and congress has to step up to the plate and decide something. it's another example where congress being craven kicks everything into the executive branches. if it goes bad, it's obama's fault. it's congress' fault. obama wouldn't have that discretion unless you ran away from your responsibility. we need to get back to truly representative government. and part of it, anyone in government knows you can talk to your representative, house and senate, walk into the offices, and get involved and understand and participate in the rules tht affect us vitally. it just doesn't come out of the white house where somebody
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and then it's reported in the newspaper. that's not how the system is supposed to work. >> hold on. we're going to come right back. don't
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>> welcome back. >> i think bruce made a very valid point. the problem
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has been innert. we have a republican establishment that even up to yesterday, the inauguration was trying to undercut president trump, namely paul ryan and thoe kinds of people. they're in it for themselves. this is the establishment. i'm the son of a meat packer. my family in philadelphia used o slaughter hogs. we made bacon, okay, used to dae to work in the pig pens when i was a young boy and i had a pig sticker to get them to move. that's what president trump needs, he needs a pig sticker to get congress to move. and in fact last night i was at one of the inaugural balls, he said and should i still use the twitter? he was asking everybody. i think the twitter is very helpful, because those tweets as i'm sure we all agree paint the congress into a corner. he's going to the people. he's talking to the people. that's what he did in his inaugural address. he's got to buy pass
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congress and lead, follow or get out of the away. that's what i love about trump. he's going to lead. one of the things the president said in his inaugural address is that the inner cities have just been left in the worst kind of condition. and he's he wanting to change it and he talked about that we all bleed the same blood. you know, it would be remarkable when you look at what goes on in chicago and these other places where people just die like it's a -- in some kind of battle zone or war zone. how does he -- what does he need to do right here on the home front. >> law enforcement. he needs to make it clear -- i represent an african-american police officer, a
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dallas. he's come forward and caught a lot of flack for doing it, but these police are on the side of the american people. they're on the side of african-americans. they're here to keep that carnae from happening. he need to make that clear because it's a question of life or death, and yesterday i saw a lot of african-americans in the treat supporting trump. it really made me feel good because people are starting to realize that this guy is going o produce results and that's what counts. he doesn't want to talk with words. the address was not eloquent in terms of flowery language like obama on his way out. it was down to basics and that's what the people want right now. they want results. we live in a different age. i love ronald reagan but i haven't felt this strongly about a president since ronald reagan. i think he'll wind up better. >> armstrong, i think we can't put too much responsibility on the police. i don't disagree with what larry said, but we have to get
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inner cities and go back to the educational system. we need to give everyone an opportunity with encouragement o succeed. we need our resources, our best teachers, we need to pay them properly rather than pay them a fraction of what people get paid to develop a video game, because that's our human -- that's our human capital. you need to say, everyone can succeed, you may stumble, but pt in your effort as well. kids have a hope and they feel someone is there to try to help them. not just beat them with a stick. you need both. obviously you can't have chaos that's why we need to put the resources that we can save from all the resources and money we'e devoting to killing people into educating them and giving them hope. >> but there also has to be a cost for what you do and if you violate the law, if you go aroud screaming pigs in blankets, fry them like bacon and then
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people, advocating that shortly before this dallas massacre. you can't allow that. >> and you can't allow people like dylann roof in this world either. and we'll be
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president do within the next three months? >> i would recommend the president tell the congress that he's inherited nine wars that were never declared by congress. we're wasting and
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the world in search of monsters to destroy. unless congress within 90 days end acts a declaration of war by both houses that says you beliee in is being facing these men and women out in the rocks of afghanistan, we're ending these and we're coming back home. >> what should he not do? >> not do nothing. here's what he should do, the flip side of that coin. he should take out iran. >> take them out, what do you mean? >> they're the -- >> drop a bomb on them. >> they're the head of a snake, whatever it takes. >> don't listen to him. okay? >> do not listen to him. i'm going to say that publicly. mr. trump, do not listen to larry. >> i think he will, though, armstrong. >> thank you for joining us, armstrong >> thank you. "captioning provided by u.s. captioning company."
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good morning to you. >> here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." the president clears up some confusion about his cryptic comments about sweden. he says he was referring to swedish crime in general. not my president's day. protests are taking place all across the nation. organizers expect thousands to hit the streets in chicago and new york and other cities. it's the latest round of demonstrations against the president's policies. and iraq' forces have resumed their fight to retake mosul. the u.n. warns that hundreds of thousands of


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