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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the president addressing the spike in threats against jewish americans. >> the alarming increase prompted reporters to ask president trump if any action would be taken to stop the threats. his answers then were deemed unsatisfying to critics expecting more. hear how his direct response yesterday to the threats is now being received. >> high water emergencies in california drenching rains, flooding neighborhood, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. and now concern about what is in that floodwater. we'll have the latest. >> then new video of dramatic rescue in central park. teens taking a selfie together and second later they plunge into an icy spond. see how they were pulled to safety. >> you may have a reason to
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could a new study prove that pretty people might not always get what they want in life? i mean, i would -- these are our staffers, really? these close-up, chris campbell, it is wednesday, february 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." you think they knew what story they were posing for when they agreed to take pictures? >> sure they were told it was about all the beautiful people that work here on "world news now." >> all right. we'll get more on why you should embrace the ugly coming up. our top story this half-hour, president trump denouncing anti-semitism. the statement came in the weak of the vandalism of jewish graves at a missouri cemetery and bomb threats at jewish community centers. >> the president's daughter. vanka tweeted a call for religious tolerance. some still
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we get more now from abc's jonathan carl. >> reporter: president trump used a visit to washington's new african-american history museum to finally denounce the spate of anti-semitic threats and attacks in the united states. >> this is a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance, and hatred in all of its very ugly forms. >> one of the moets jarring incidents this jewish cemetery near st. louis desecrated more than 100 tombstones overturned. the fbi launched an investigation into bomb threats that have sparked terrifying evacuations of children. some in cribs from jewer community centers. 68 incidents in all. 11 threats across the country. president trump said he denounces anti-semitism whenever he gets a chance. listen to what happened when he was directly asked about it. >> mr. president, sips your
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your victory, we have seen a sharp rise in anti-semitic incidents across the united states. >> instead of condemning anti-semitism he first talked about his election victory. >> well i just want to say that we are, you know, very honored by the victory that we had, 306 electoral college votes. then he, asked again at his solo press conference, instead of denouncing it anti-semitism, he denounced the person asking the question. >> there has been a report out that 48 bomb threats have been made against jewish sent ears cross the country in the last couple week. there are people who are committing anti-semitic acts or threatening. >> he said he was going to ask a simple easy question. and it's not. it's not. not a simple question. not a fair question. sit down, i understand the rest of your question. i am the least anti-semitic person that you have ever seen in your life. >> after the fbi
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trump. ivanka trump, tweeting america is a nation built on the prince pull of religious tolerance. we must protect our houses of worship and religious centers. #-jcc. jewish community center. on twitter, hillary clinton for the first time called on president trump to act. jcc threats, cemetery desecration, and online attacks are so troubling and they need to be stopped. everyone must speak out, starting with potus. and he did. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible. and are painful. and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer was asked but didn't directly answer why it has taken the
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long to condemn this recent series of anti-semitic attacks. what he said was the president has been forceful in denouncing anti-semitism and racism since the day he was elected. in fact going back to the very beginning of his campaign. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> deportation worries arising among many of the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants. the trump administration signing off on new immigration rules. the department of homeland security is now set to deport anyone charged or convicted of a criminal offense. deportation is also possible for anyone. immigration officer deems risk to public safety. children of undocumented immigrants say the new guidelines have their parents living in fear. >> they're scared to go out. and get pulled over by immigration. by ice. i don't think that's fair. they're not krim namz. >> and any one who entered the country illegally in the past two years may face depo
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as dreamers. those it grnlts who came to the u.s. illegally as children. >> changes ahead on the issue of restrooms and transgender students. the white house set toer to new guidance on the controversial topic. right now schools are required to allow transgender students to use restrooms of their chosen gender. enforcement is on hold pending court decision. a spokesperson says, president trump feels it is an issue for states to decide. >> planned parenthood scored two important victories on keeping funding. federal judge in texas seltz the state cannot kick out the charity from it medicaid program. at least not without a full trial. texas tried to defund planned parenthood amid allegations that the organization tried to illegally sell fetal organs. the judge expressed skepticism. and defunding the agency would deprive patients with needed health service, cancer screening. similar defunding efforts failed in other states as well. in virginia the governor vetoed a bill
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funding for clinics, performing abortions for women not covered by medicaid. vetoed the same bill last year. the bill spop sore is hoping the general assembly will override it this week. >> heaviest rain may be tapering off. northern californians are dealing with the effects. more than 250 residents of san jose had to be rescued when fast rising flood waters swamped their neighborhood. residents say it happened so quickly they had no time to prepare. the anderson dam is overflowing creating a hazard to those downstream. >> all of the water in the creek watershed right now is dangerous. it is swift moving. carrying debris with it from areas that haven't seen water in years. and on top of that it may be contaminated. >> many of the neighborhoods residents are spending the night in shelters. there its other flooding in northern california as the well, mudslide. washed away roads. downed trees as well as the power outages. >> quite a few amazing images out of there. speak of images. our first
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teenagers frantically frying to escape after falling through thin ice on a pond in new york central park. nine of them went out on the ice. to take a selfie. seven fell into the frigid walter when the ice gave way. good samaritans there, came to the rescue helping all to safety. they were treated at hospitals. all but one released. >> something of a home come offing in los angeles for magic johnson. the lakers star, now his former team's president of basketball operations. that means he has the power to make trades. and he apparent leap has already made at least one. johnson won five nba titles in the lakers in the 80s. and part owner of the l.a. dodgers and l.a. pride apparently. >> i guess doing well. couple weeks agoept told you about a 106-year-old psych mist in france. now, check out -- 99 1/2-year-old schemer, george genof. >> george started hitting the slopes in utah, 57 years ago.
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since then, says he has no plans to stop any time soon. >> he its also something of a floss ferrell, king of the slopes. george says to be a skier you have to love skiing no matter what kind of weather it is. i am having ptsd watching the video. he says, staying positive will make you a lot happier. >> amazing able to do that at 99 1/2 not injure himself. >> some people in their 20s. >> unlike. >> well. >> knock out their backs while on the slopes. in vermont. >> you want to tell the people, why you were out the past couple days. >> because i am a 20-year-old -- >> someup one is not as good ase 99 1/2-year-old. >> trying to shed some nar after not being on the slope is not a good thing. don't try it. the back. >> looking good. you are okay. >> coming up -- the dramatic rescue caught on camera. you will want to check this
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new video released by d.c. police of a fiery crash. not far from the u.s. capitol building. see what officers did. >> reliving the pain to jump-start a movement. what parents of trayvon martin are doing five years after their unarmed son was gunned down that they hope will help bridge america's racial divide. >> remember to find us on facebook. and on twitter. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. shis it dna or olay? us 20-something skin. new olay total effects fights seven signs of aging to help
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>> can you open the door? >> dramatic images washington, d.c. police officer rescues a man from his burning car. once the door was opened, they got his seatbelt off, dragged him to safety. other officers broke more windows to see if anyone else was inside the vehicle. you hear them calling out for anyone else. the driver was the only one, we should say, he was treated, released from the hospital. very fortunate there. >> yeah, reasons to be thankful this morning. >> one of the first events that helped fuel the black lives matter movement, shooting of trayvon martin. >> martin's parents put their word of anguish in action. we are up all "nightline" with byron pitts. >> reporter: five years ago this month when 17-year-old trayvon martin, unharm,
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of skittles bottle of iced tea was shot and killed by neighborhood watchman, george zimmerman. >> trayvon's parents, sabrina and tracy penned a powerful memoir called "rest in power" the enduring life of trayvon martin. a look back at the son they raised. and the trajvajic e tragic even change their lives. >> he loved doing things outdoors. so, just to have this life cut short and not to see him continue to do the things he liked it was very devastating. >> reporter: the bullet from george zimmerman's gun, pierced trayvon martin's heart and exposed and old wound in america's soul. fulton and martin paint a painful picture of confusion and frustration that followed. >> something else in the book i was struck by. this notion that there is this 17-year-old boy dead on the sidewalk. police don't canvas the neighborhood. don't knock on doo
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is this your son. why not? >> i couldn't tell you that. when i return to the residence that -- even that night, the crime scene tape had been taken down. and there was no soon of any altercations on the scene. and so -- it, it still isn't clear to me. >> they founded the trayvon martin foundation. here at florida memorial university. >> everything in here is trayvon. >> sabrina spoke at the democratic national convention last summer. >> i am here today for my son, trayvon martin in heaven. >> campaigned heavily for hillary clinton. each thinking of running for office herself. how does one go from beingbeing reluctant to being some one kidding running for office. >> i would not have imagined this. some times your life you are dealt card. you need to make sure that you are playing the hand right. >> i would imagine knowing that your son is the face of a
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movement, has to energize you in some way? >> but also imagine it can be a tremendous burden, yes? >> i would much rather prefer my life as the it was to. have both boys here. to just be going on vacation, going to work every day. and them going to school. but i know that it is not just about trayvon martin, it its about so many other trayvon martins, it is about our young lady being shot and killed, it is about, our teenagers being shot and killed. men being shot and killed. and so, it is so much bigger than trayvon that twee really didn't understand initially but i think we kind of get it now. that it is very important that we continue this fight. >> for "nightline," byron pitts in miami. >> the book just came out tuesday. his parents say they're kidding running for office. >> yes. we'll see how it all plays out. so much happened in five years. hard to believe five years. a lot has happened since then.
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>> all right, come offing up in the next half-hour. the new video of harrison ford's close call with a 737 as authorities say he mistook the taxi way for the run way. >> first, bao baoo goats bye-bye. one of the beloved giant pandas on the panda express and for a new life. you're watching "world news now." troducing flonase sensimis. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies. new flonase sensimist. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> oh. oh. >> never miss an opportunity to play panda. >> play panda. designer. >> the only reason we are doing the story. >> the only reason. bao bao would stay at the national zoo until the hit song. the national zoo, great opportunity to get panda in the news. grow up so quickly. remember early days when they were resembling a stick of butter, to first birthday, on a bamboo sandwich. >> resembled a stick of butter. >> they did. >> now bao bao, bid her farewell to an adoring nation. here is abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: bao bao born a star and grew up squeaking. under the g
3:21 am
smithsonian cameras watched by millions. but now she is 3. and it is time for the 200 pound bundle of cuteness, bao bao to take a bow from the american stage. the sole passenger aboard panda express to china. part of the deal. all pandas are technically on loan from the chinese. she left on the panda eared forklift to waves from fans. it is first-class travel for bao bao in her suite, 50 found of bamboo, apples, sweet potato, honey water and panda caviar. >> as a special treat. sugar cane. >> pandas in america get extraordinary care. met the twins at the zoo atlanta. where i learned they're not soft. criminally cute. and unfortunately threatened in the wild. which is why bao bao is going back to china to breed. the in flight movie might we suggest, kung fu
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angeles. >> oh, gosh. >> bao bao off to make babies. >> bye-bye. tear.
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okay, so it has been thought the pretty people get paid more and get better jobs all along. but apparently some scientists have put work into this. and that is not necessarily the case. university of massachusetts had nothing better to do over the last 13 years, study some 20,000 people, two researchers there to find whether very unattractive people got paid less. apparently they found that no. so, they found that very unattractive subjects always earned significantly more than those classified as simply unattractive. the reason behind this whole theory is because, the very unattractive, apparently, worked harder because they didn't rely as much on their looks. all of which i
3:26 am
personally. >> should we feel good or bad about the fact that we don't make a lot of money. >> depend on whether or not we consider ourselves unattractive or very unattractive. which level of unattractive. >> it could be either? >> do they factor in tom brady and giselle into this. this sound? >> little flawed. >> make a lot of money. and they're pretty. >> you have to be very unattractive to make a lot of money. you can't just be kind of unattractive. >> if you are just unattractive. you are not doing that well. >> ugly it up people. you can do better. >> the ugly tree. every branch. >> more pressing issues. >> uh-huh. >> at steak now. president of iceland reignited a pizza war. saying, while speaking to a group of children, if he had his way, he would ban pineapple from pizza. in the entire country. >> let's move to iceland. >> this sparked a massive debate
3:27 am
i would eat some pineapple peelt zbla. >> i think it is just a horrible, horrible, disgrace to put pineapple on top of pizza. >> i also want to put this in perspective. have you been to iceland? do you know what kind of food they eat there? people who eat fermented shark. worried about pineapple on pizza. >> something may be more appetizi appetizing, at least for your eyes. recent youtuber featured this creation. a giant mac and cheese and cheeto's donut. look at that. so huge. you need two to dig in. actually mac and cheese. not cheeto's. >> full of mac and cheese. >> yeah. >> as well as the butter, heavy cream. >> giant fried mac and cheese ball. >> cheese sauce. >> bring me one? >> no. >> we will work on that. hopefully brought me something else. >> yeah, go back and fogth on this one. it is national margarita day. >> i didn't
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this morning on "world news now," fears of deportation sweeping the country. president trump rolls out specifics of his immigration policy, delivering on many campaign promises. what does this mean for undocumented immigrants and their families? full story ahead. >> a missouri man stands accused of trying to help plot isis-style attacks in kansas city. hear how agents say they were able to nab the accused would-be terrorist. >> and this half-hour, the new video of harrison ford's close call with a 737. >> getting our first look at the actor barely missing a packed jetliner when he confused the run way with a taxi way. find out


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