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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, immigration crackdown. president trump widening the net for deportation. the changes putting millions of undocumented immigrants on notice. we're live this washington. the severe weather threat on the west coast. hundreds of people had to be rescued overnight after a dam overflowed. also record-breaking warmth on the move. going viral this morning. how this photo of a shirt on a windshield is serving as a warning for many women. a snowboarder buried in the snow. the desperate rescue that saved his life. a good wednesday morning. we have new reaction over night as the trump administration follows through on a promise to
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immigration. >> undocumented immigrants, especially those charged or convicted of a crime. >> that move what long with changes to the immigration ban led to this, activists managed to out a refugees welcome sign at the base of the state tu of liberty. the national park service is trying to figure out who is responsible. kenneth moton is here with more. >> reporter: the white house says this is not about mass deportations but the new rules which increase the number of border and immigration agents by 15,000 have raised major concerns. this morning, president trump's new immigration rules applauded by supporters. >> it is about time. the new guidelines don't actually change any existing laws. >> reporter: feared by people in immigrant communities nationwide. >> breaking up families and deporting immigrants is not going to solve any problems. >> reporter: he made gooden a
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promise to get rid of some of the worst of the worth. president obama prioritized serious criminals but under trump they've been directed to deport anyone with any criminal offenses like driving without a license. those deemed a risk to public safety could also be targeted. the new rules do not include d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> these people in this country and pose a threat to our public safety or have committed a crime will be the first to go. >> reporter: the new homeland security orders came down during the president's tour of the national museum of african-american history and culture. it was here where trump facing mounting criticism for his silence denounced dozens of recent anti-semitic threats at jewish centers across the u.s. >> a reminder of the work that must be done to
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and prejudice and evil. >> reporter: the center for mutual respect called it too little too late. the fbi is investigating the recent incidents at those centers. diane and kendis >> that's kenneth moton for us live, thanks. the other big story, the nation's weather which is really a story of extremes this morning. we start first in waterlogged west. it is still raining and snowing in california. but you can see that storm system is moving a bit inland promising some relief from the heavy rain for some people there but the effects of all that water remain. overnight people had to be rescued from their homes in boats after an overflown dam sent it into their neighborhood. hundreds including children have been forced from their houses. many are now spending the night in shelters of the there is a concern about many getting sick from that contaminated floodwater. the other big weather story. when is the last time you saw these temperatures in late february? th
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country, 70s in chicago. 75 in kansas city. temperatures of course about 30 to 40 degrees higher than normal and those warm temperatures moving east. 67 in the nation's capital, 58 here in new york. also above average. we'll take it. we will happily take it. we have new details now about the deadly plane crash in australia that killed five people including four americans on a golf vacation. the pilot called mayday several times before crashesing into a shopping mall 20 seconds into the flight. the pilot had reportedly been investigated for near collision in 2015, all four of the americans killed in tuesday's crash were from texas. new overnight north korea demands the release of two women in the poisoning of president kim jong-un's half brother. dirments from the north are insisting malaysian authorities set the suspects free calling the pair innocent women. overnight malaysia said a senior north korean diplomat is now wanted for questioning and said the women
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but rubbing his face with a strong toxin before swashing their hands. milo ya none police has resigned. many are calling his endorsement of correction wall relations with boys. other fallout from those included a canceled book deal and the loss of a speaking engagement at a major conservative conference. he is apologizing but calls himself the victim of a cynical media witch-hunt. >> i don't believe that any journalist writing a story or any editor pressing the publish button believes that i sincerely advocate for or support pedophilia. they gleefully printed it anyway. >> earlier a speech by yiannopoulos was canceled when protests turned violent. he said other publishers have
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expressed interest in his book. still ahead. what's behind the looming price hike for olive oil. under arrest. the american the fbi says was inspired by isis. hear what investigators say this alleged would-be terrorist was planning. plus, buried alive. a snowboarder covered in snow for ten minutes, the effort to save him captured on camera.
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this new video showing a group of tankers trying to escape after falling through thin ice in a pond in central park. they were out there to take a selfie. seven fell in when the ice gave way and good samaritans came to
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safety. they were treated at hospitals. all but one have been released. all four senior managers at wells fargo have been fired in connection with the bake's sales scandal. the first public firings since they ago knocked in september employees opened millions of accounts without telling customers. the four lost bonuses and some stock options. looks like keurig green mountain will pay a fine for failing to report a product defect. the government says the company is agreeing to nearly $6 million in penalties. it says keurig failed to report after receiving about 2 ee complaints one of its coffeemaker was spraying users with hot liquid and cough fry grounds. they were recalled in 2014. get ready to pay more if you love italian olive oil. prices going up because of bad weather in italy and pests. those problems could result in price jumps of as much as 20% in the u.s. the vast majority of the olive oil consumed is either imported
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let's make sure we send help to europe for that. u.p.s. is testing a new truck launched drone delivery system. the company says it's designed to make drivers more efficient by allowing them to make a delivery while the drone flies another package to a different destination and then they rendezvous at a predetermined location. drone delivery is still however year as way from being approved. you may find your favorite baseball game on facebook soon. reports say the social media site is in talks with major league baseball to live stream one game per week this season. neither facebook nor mlb is commenting on the report. according to reuters the companies are in advanced talking. and a woman in michigan says advice from mom may have saved her being from kidnapped. ashley noticed a flannel shirt tangled around her windshield wiper but she also noticed two cars idling nearby and she thought of her mom who had warned ashley of criminals doing this as a trick to lure victims out of their cars. so ashley decided to play
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removing the shirt in a safe space. she then posted about the incident on facebook and the whole thing has been shared tens of thousands of types already. police in flint are now investigating the incident. what a smart young lady. >> mom knows best. when we come back the close call with harrison ford. the new video of the actor landing his plane on a saxtiway instead of the runway. the change coming to major league baseball with hopes of speeding up the game. [ sniffles, sneeze ] allergy symptoms distracting you? [ sneeze ] doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy ason for continuous relief. with claritin, you get powerful, non-drowsy relief, 24-hours a day. day after day. whoa! and with fewer symptoms to distract you, you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. for one week only, save up to $20 on claritin products.
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with abreva. just like that supplies are on their way to the international space station. an unmanned russian cargo ship took off from kazakhstan expected to arrive in two days. another load of supplies should arrive today carried by a spacex supply ship. >> by supplies you mean vodka, i hope. >> they hope. >> they hope. now for a look at morning road c
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ground, roads will be wet in the northwest with snow in the western mountains. drivers may also find puddles in the dakotas and northern minnesota and also the southeast. but watch out for flooding in south florida today. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in miami. well, missouri born army veteran is now accused of being an isis sympathizer. robert hester jr. was picked up as part of an fbi sting. >> prosecutors say he wanted to take part in an attack that was ten types worse than the boston marathon bombing. here's abc's pierre thomas. >> reporter: the fbi claims robert hester jr. is a would-be terrorist planning a bombing sca spree ten times bigger than the boston marathon attack. >> not robert. he is a loving father. >> reporter: the mission of a u.s. citizen with a brief stint in the army a presidents' day massacre. but it was all a sting.
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after he allegedly began posting isis propaganda and declarations of jihad on social media using a number of aliases including junaid muhammad. >> he opened himself up to being contacted. was anxious to be recognized and walked into the trap set by him for the fbi. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> pierre will have more on that on "good morning america." the charleston church shooter may have been planning a second attack. we're learning from newly released documents from the federal trial of dylann roof that they show i stopped at another black church that night after killing nine people. the data from his gps was not presented during the trial but wciv told the roof he was too tired after the first attack to continue shooting. and harrison ford probably wishes he wasn't the star of a newly released video. it shows a yellow plane passing
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taxiway. it was ford who was flying that small plane. luckily no one was hurt but the faa is now investigating. a california snowboarder has learned just how good one of his friends really is. this is mac jacobson as he was being rescued from a head first fall into deep snow in squaw valley. he was stuck for ten minutes and his friend rescued him and first three minutes were pure terror. >> i fell snowboarder this weekend and my friends kept going down the hill so. >> no one stopped to help. >> no one stopped. all right. well now some sports starting with magic johnson taking on a big-time role with his former team. the l.a. lakers in a major front office shake-up. the legendary star has been named as the lakers president of basketball operations. he will have a powerful voice at making trades and deciding on draft choices. he is also a part owner of the
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dodgers. four pitch intentional walks seem to be a thing of the part. the league has reportedly scrapped that type of walk. you see it there as part of its effort to speed up the game starting this season. batters will take first base after a simple signal from the managers. also, a new two-minute limit on instant replay reviews will begin this season as well. the first spring training games scheduled for friday. >> as for games that actually matter, let's get some highlights from espn. good morning, america. briscoe and the coach here with you. >> hi. >> the nba is off until thursday so the nhl and college hoops takes center stage. let's start with jonathan toews and the blackhawks taking on the minnesota wild. brian campbell throws one on net. and tavis is there for the rebound. his 13th of the year. fast forward to the third. behind the net feeds tavis and he scores again. blackhawks up 4-2 then tavis,
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he would complete the hat trick and blackhawks win 5-3 over the wild. john calipari, number 11 at missouri. so missouri is not supposed to beat kentucky, right? >> no, no. >> so just over 5:30 left in the first half and mizzou is up 2. jordan barnett hits the rocker. lays it in. now it's mizzou up four. things you can't tell. second half, john calipari frustrated going to pick up the "t." kentucky needs a spark. tie it up there. it didn't actually happen. kentucky did win, 72-62 and all is right with the choop's world. you've had a bit of us. have a wonderful day. >> just a little bit. >> thanks, guys. up next in "the pulse," 99-year-old man who still hits the ski slopes. his advice for staying
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a young girl's first fish and her reaction now going viral.
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time to check "the pulse" and take a second look at whether attractiveness really pays. a new study says it's not so if it comes to your paycheck. if looks are a factor being very unattractive may actually pay off better. >> so, this study found that they earned significantly more than those who are just unattractive and sometimes more than those who are average or even good looking. the study included more than 20,000 participants over 13 years. >> i don't know about this one. >> i don't know about this one either. i don't think they were guessing the waitresses at hooters restaurants. >> oh, maybe. okay. >> next up a skier who is proud to say he's 99 1/2 years old. he's george jedna, and he's been skiing in utah for the last 57 years. >> fur a counting that was back when george was in his early 40s. says he's gone every year since then and has no plans to stop.
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staying positive will make you happier and then there's this. >> a guy asked me what time. what do you think is my best treat and i said i never give up. he says, what do you think is your worst trait. i never give up. >> george says we should be grateful for what we have and don't complain about what we don't have. >> he's learned to love skiing no matter what the weather is and has pretty good moves here. >> maybe he can give you a few t tips. >> like how to go down the mountain without creating a yard sale. that would be great. about to get a look at what unbridled happiness looks like. >> okay, so take a look at liv. you see her back tlchl the little girl from arkansas was fishing with her dad when she caught the kind of big one that set off a celebration which made sense since it was the first fish she ever
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>> is that what you did the first time you went fishing. >> true story. so when i went fishing for the very first time i caught a fish. it was all attached to the pole at the time and i ran away from the fish, i was so freaked out. ran away but i was still carrying the pole. >> so the fish was chasing you. >> the fish was -- >> yeah, was it a big fish like the one she caught. >> it was smaller. >> was it amorning washington. it's february 22nd-- hump day! good morning washington.
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- spring-like through saturday (60s & 70s) - 2 season weekend - showers/t-storms saturday with cold front (70) - cooler & breezy sunday (49) today: mostly cloudy. milder. stray shower/sprinkle, especially south. highs: 63-67 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and mild. patchy fog. lows: 46-50 winds: s 5 mph to calm thursday: am fog. partly sunny. even warmer. highs: 72-76 winds: s 5-10 mph developing this morning. 4 people remain
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fast-moving fire destroys a house in lorton. police say the fire swept through the building tuesday evening killing a young boy, and two family pets. a firefighter and a retired
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house, and tried to rescue the child. crews say those two were among the 4 people hospitalized. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. an update now on the arrests following violent protests on inauguration day. a grand jury has indicted five more people on "felony rioting" charges. two-hundred-14 people have now been indicted for destroying property near 12th and k streets northwest. charges against some suspects have been dismissed. new fall-out for wells fargo-- amid investigations into a bogus account scandal. the banking giant fired four senior managers. they are the first managers publicly dismissed since the company admitted last year to using customers' money to open almost 2 million phony accounts. workers say they were under pressure to meet loft sales figures. wells fargo
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class action lawsuits. a big new addiition for the nationals, as they continue spring training. matt wieters has agreed to a 2 year 21 million dollar deal with the nats. 4-time all-star should be pretty familier to nationals fans. he has spent the last 8 seasons with the nearby orioles. nats players say they are just glad, he's switching sides. wieters is expected to take his physical in west palm beach today.. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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immigration crackdown. the white house rolls out new regulations-- targeting undocumented immigrants. we break down what this means for millions of people, ahead. good morning washington. - spring-like through saturday (60s & 70s) - 2 season weekend - showers/t-storms saturday with cold front (70) - cooler & breezy sunday (49) today: mostly cloudy. milder. stray shower/sprinkle, especially south. highs: 63-67 winds: s 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy and mild. patchy fog. lows: 46-50 winds: s 5 mph to calm thursday: am fog. partly sunny. even
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president trump's new immigration rules are putting


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