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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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>> a memorial grows for a 5-year-old boy that is a favorite face in the neighborhood. >> the boy learned to ride a bike in the driveway. >> the death is heartbreaking. >> it is. >> the fire started afternoon afternoon -- started after 5:00 in this home. the cause was inappropriate use of a lighter. by the 5-year-old boy. >> whatever was ignited by the lighter is routine debris that you would find in a typical garage. >> two firefighters in the neighborhood. one retired and one on the day off rushed to the burning home and tried to save the boy. >> due to conditions in the garage it was impossible to find the child in time. >> firefighters were able to save two dogs but two other dogs and three birds died in the fire.
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>> i can't imagine what the mother is going through now. >> diane saw the boy's mother standing outside the house. >> screaming all night. >> hearing her crying his name was tough. >> we have not spoken with her or heard from or seen any member of the family today. the home does appear to be a total loss. broken windows throughout the home in the front and the back. coming up at 6:00, we tell you about the efforts that the fairfax county fire officials are doing in this neighborhood to try to ensure something like this does not happen again. >> live in lorton, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: so sad. we pray for the families. anytime now the white house expected to roll back protection for transgender students put in place by the obama administration. it would allow them to use the bathroom and
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corresponding to the gender identity. >> the president made it clear he is a believer in the state rights and certain issues like this are not dealt with at the federal level. >> the gloucester county school board is defending the decision to prevent him using the bedroom of his choice. >> we are hours for people to leave the dakota access pipeline protest camp. some demonstrators set fire to parts of it as they left. amy aubert is following the story and she joins us with the latest today. amy? amy: well, today was the final day for the demonstrators. official sighting flooding concerns near the camp site saying that anyone remaining after that deadline could be arrested and fined. >> a final prayerful march as the deadline to leave the dakota access popeline protest camp approached -- pipeline prott
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>> do we have a trash bag? >> some remained before the deadline gathered the belongings and mingled about the area they call home for months. >> do they feel the fight was lost? >> i don't think so. >> the fist priority is the life, health and safety to everyone in the camp as it relates to the potential flooding. the second is preventing an environmental disaster getting the camp cleaned up as quickly as possible. >> still some are reluctant to follow the orders. >> the clean-up continuing.
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>> today a bus service was offered with travel assistance center. at the "live desk" amy aubert, abc7 news. alison: thank you. 7 on storm watch after thousands of people were forced to evacuate homes overnight after flooding in california. heavy rains in san jose closed a major commuter route. >> the west has had a soggy winter so far we have been dry. a brush fire broke out on sugar loaf mountain and we are in the moderate drought conditions. we look at what it means for our area. >> i am wearing light fleece, no hat or gloves. this is reflected on the roads. this looks like more like april than february. all of this is costing area businesses tens of thousands of dollars. it may save taxpayers
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millions. >> patience is wearing thin. >> we had a similar situation in the '70's where we had a nice warm winter. >> 1.4 inches of snow, the workers are hauling dirt and doing maintenance, prepping trucks. so far this season they have used ten tons total. the no snow winter causing loss of tens of thousands of dollars. >> it can cause a burden in winter. construction work slows down. so we look for snow to make a living. >> but there is a flip side. millions at least so far in road and the bridge maintenance. of the $38 million snow budget, $43 million is unspent. the $6
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remain. >> some can go toward paving or bridge maintenance. we can look for the spraying. sometimes we have the heavy storms that we need bridge repairs. >> get this. some area school districts no snow days so far this year. some are scheduling to fold in and cover for the snow days. now for the latest more on weather, back to doug. doug: rich, tomorrow afternoon and friday afternoon you will be comfortable in shirt sleeves. it will be that warm in the 70's. the temperatures are holding around the area in the 50s to low 60's. let's get started. we will drop through the 60's. clouds increase tonight. we may have fog overnight to early tomorrow morning.
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area of the warm air that expanding over the area tonight and tomorrow. the fog could continue. we will break out of that and head to the lower 70's. future cast. there is fog that will clear in the morning. the temperatures tomorrow afternoon to 72 or 73. even warmer weather here expected on friday. what about the weekend? there are changes with the strong cold front. we will highlight that in eight minutes. guidage, thank you. developing out of -- alison: doug, thank you. developing out of missouri, funds reyeser created by the muslim activists to repair a vantized jewish cemetery is growing and growing. the goal was shattered by mid-morning when $60,000 was raised. in the last two hours mike pence showed up. he started to help with the clean-up. investigators are reviewing
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capture people responsible for this. larry: emotional testimony today in annapolis from the children of mickey rooney and casey kasem. they are fighting for a bill to allow children to visit the elderly parents. brad: the sad battle over who should care for the legendary d.j. casey kasem in the final days played out in the public tabloid headlines in 2014. >> it was heart breaking. >> kasemmee daughter carrie who was denied access to her father by the new wife. she had to go to court. >> this is the most painful thing you could imagine. >> i can't describe it. >> the final years were more agonizing for family of actor mickey rooney. his daughter kelly says he was kept isolated by the eight children by abusive stells son. >> i fought for three weeks in court to get his body to bury him. >> they are bot
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a bill proposed in maryland to allow an isolated person's loved ones to petition for visitation rights even if shut off by a guardian. they say this is happening more and more and not just to wealthy celebrities. >> people die, you want to say goodbye. >> we didn't have the opportunity. >> natalie and her sister jennifer say their father's girlfriend shut them out. >> we had to have the d.c. police intervene to get the body out. >> there are people who are waiting for the bills to past to see the loved ones who are waiting to see them. >> a similar measure was introduced before the general assembly last year. i failed. that is the bill they are supporting this year. the language has been tweaked to satisfy critics. another change. all of that writing is the
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who signed on cosponsors. the supporter of the bill say this year they are optimistic it will get through. alison: we have development of permit battle. a councilman is posting a bill to put event venues in the county agricultural zone. doing this would help keep the wedding and the event venues open. it would give farmers another way to generate revenue. it was introduced after they were forced to shut down due to permit issues. larry: rex tillerson is heading to mexico city. he will be joined by secretary of homeland security john kelly who is in guatemala currently. high on the agenda in the meeting are the president trump's travel ban, proposed border war and the new immigration guidelines that subject more undocumented immigrants to deportation. the white house plans to
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submit president trump's first budget to congress next month. the blueprint is expected to be lighter on specifics than the previous budget proposals. that is due to the office of management and budget not having director until last week. alison: a phrase long used by the "washington post" employees and the owner jeff bezos is the paper official motto. "democracy dies in darkness" is now featured on the post home page. it comes less than a week after the president called the press the enemy of the american people. it's unclear if it will be included the print edition. >> if you are watching -- we will find you. >> coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the new clue that police helped crack the case of the two murdered teens. alison: plus we showed you this video earlier this week. officer's cruiser slamming into another car. the fall-out fr
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larry: new developments about an accident that involved a fairfax county officer. dash cam video from nearby car shows the officer crash into another car over the weekend in falls church. the officer has been placed on restricted duty inopoly and until a criminal investigation are complete. he was traveled above the speed limit without emergency lights. the other driver in the crash is in the hospital. alison: traffic is a headache for everyone. in maryland a push is on to punish drivers who block it. brianne carter has details. >> we know the rules. this is a line you are supposed to stop behind. many drivers end up here in the crosswalk. some continue in to the intersection where they stay
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so-called "blocking the box." now there is a bill in maryland that could have maryland drivers paying up if they do just that. the bill making its way through the general assembly calls for finding and ticketing the drivers who block a four-way intersection. disrupting traffic flow. a fine that could be up to $500. the delegate carr sponsored the bill and says the goal is not to ease congestion but to keep the roads safer for everyone. >> they are tempted to enter into an intersection they know they won't make it across. that gums up the works to make it harder for everyone to get home. it creates dangerous behavior behaviors. >> the bills were heard in annapolis. there are exceptions to the rule. we'll outline those at
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>> after 16 hours in the air, bao bao is on the ground in china. the plane carrying her arrived in chengdu. she will be in quarantine for 30 days before entering a breeding program. alison: everybody here is still sad. missing bao bao. weather wise nothing to be sad about. it was cooler yesterday. we stayed close to 60 in washington. that felt warmer. tomorrow is in the 70's. get you started to tell you what we expect for the several days. this is a time lapse from nationals park. view this morning at 62 degrees there. as we went through the day, the skies stayed partly to mostly cloudy. every now and then would pop up and blue would come out and we'll stay with this tonight. with the warmer temperatures moving in, the
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form across the area tonight and for tomorrow morning's rush hour. get you up to date with the drought situation. we are classified in a moderate area. the drought index tomorrow is updated so we see if it is the same or expands. we are deficient in rainfall. over eight inches below average for six months. we need a long soaking rain to make a dent in that. we may see showers saturday but not enough or the duration to make a big dent in the drought situation. 59 at reagan national airport. 64 in leesburg. notice 56 in quantico. we have rain to the south.
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we have showers overnight. this is it. they show overnight passing showers are possible. we have a chance of nothing overnight. this depicts possibility of the trough of low pressure developing eastern slopes of the mountains tomorrow afternoon. showers are possible west of town. by friday we are in the mid-70's with sunshine. tonight is around 50 with the areas of fog. in the weekend we have the best chance of thunderstorms with the cold front. on friday winds pick up overhead. this will boost us friday to
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still around 70 on saturday but in the day the cold front will get closer so we think showers and thunderstorms are likely. breezy and chilly air through saturday night. sunday feels cold. high of 49 on sunday. that is average for this time of february. we have been climatized to the warm weather. it's 70 on saturday. any sign of winter? sunday, oscar day. maybe. it will feel chillty with highs of 49. but then we will turn around to warm back up through next week. showers maybe monday with a warm front. we jump to 70 on wednesday. cooler but not colder for the end of the week. alison: amazing. thank you. larry: we'll take that. okay. well, change at the top still to come. look at the history being made at
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>> this was the white house in 1813. alison: you may know the history but you probably don't know the historian. meet the biker known as first ladies' man. larry: but first a look at what comes up tonight. alison: veronica johnson has a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington." >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- planning on having a baby? the seven most important fertility conversations you need to have with your partner first. >> plus, always look your best with this foolproof five-minute makeup routine. >> and stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 on "good morning washington." z29kuz zstz
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alison: the nation's capital is full of monument and memorials honoring the country's presidents but there is a biker who wants to make sure that first ladies get their due, too. kay ingram from the partners at circa take us on this part of a tour. reporter: andrew isn't the average historian who knows a lot about first ladies. that is why they call him the first ladies' man. >> the influence is so great in washington, d.c. they have had a huge impact on the city and the lives it's easy to see evidence everywhere. >> the washington monument is
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and snapping photos. >> this is one of the most iconic symbols of washington, d.c., the capital. it was finished when the first lady lucy hayes reinvigorated the project after the civil war. >> next up, the national gallery of art. >> not every first lady was married to a president. >> absolutely. there are nieces and daughters and all kind of women that have done hostessing duties. harriet lane is one of them. she is why we have the national gallery of art. >> what is a tour of d.c. without visiting the house? >> has every first lady lived in the white house? >> not every first lady spent every day in the white house. martha washington didn't have a white house to live in. melania trump is young and in good health so we think she should or would. if she does not it's not unprecedented but
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1814. the british burned the white house in the war of 1812. this is where dolly had hundreds of guests. would go in a relatively small house compared to the white house. >> i had a blast today. learning about our country's first ladies. amazing. i'm kay ingram. [laughter] alison: a different type of tour. larry: yeah. interesting. alison: we learned something from the biker. larry: i love my job. stl ahead at 5:00. opening the door that may have you see double, quadruple and infinity. alison: but first on the move. where the piece of history is heading before the 50th anniversary of man's first steps on the move. >> police say he killed his puppy and then killed his own kid. the story of unthinkable
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alison: we are back with breaking news from north dakota where the police have begun arresting the dakota access protesters. we told you 20 minutes ago today was the deadline for protesters to leave the camp. 150
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but it's unclear how many are left. protesters set fire to part of the camp earlier in the day. we will watch the situation and keep you posted. larry: montgomery county man facing charges in the death of his son is now also facing allegation that he killed a puppy as well. kevin lewis live with a story you will only see on 7. kevin: this is a challenging story to get your mind wrapped around. a man with so much alleged anger he killed two of the most precious things on earth. a puppy and his own newborn child. >> this is sad. it's really sad. >> rockville police came upon a horrible sight along the street lined with evidence homes. 10-week-old pitbulln
5:31 pm
spasming on the pavement. it was 23 degrees out. the puppy had a temp so slow the vets couldn't get a reading. he was put down. his owner roger miller jr. charged with animal abuse. >> that is crazy. >> barbara holmes stunned to learn this is the same roger miller facing fatal child abuse charges. in october paramedics found miller's infant boy at the silver spring apartment complex gasping for air, bleeding from the nose and vomiting. the child died two days later at children's hospital in d.c. homicide detectives believe miller who is 5'5", 175 pounds violently shook his son. for milo, they say he kicked and punched the puppy because he wouldn't respond to his name. >> it's cruel and shows the type of world we live
5:32 pm
>> we don't know why it took investigators 12 months to file charges against miller in that animal abuse case. either way it allows the 20-year-old to have unsupervised custody of the now deceased son. in rockville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: so police the voice you heard uttering three words will help them catch a killer. they were recorded on 14-year-old libby german's cell phone before she and 13-year-old abbey williams were found dead in indiana. the girls disappeared after going on a hike. >> who is next? i hate to ask you that question. i would give my life to not have to. i know you have asked yourself that question. we must recognize it. we are all the same. we are all human beings. we must keep
5:33 pm
libby and abbey. alison: police released this photo of a man seen in the same area around the time the girls were last seen. they are calling him the main suspect in this case. larry: prosecutors believe the man convicted of killing nine people in a church may have planned to shoot up another church. after leaving the church, dylann roof stopped off at the branch a.m.e. church before he was captured. >> with know that the u.s. is a big melting pot of cultures. according to findings, montgomery county ranks in the top ten of the most diversified areas in the entire country. a number two is georgetown. gaithersburg is number three. silver spring is fourth. number nine is rockville. the number one city as the most diverse in the country jersey city, new jersey. larry:
5:34 pm
gender barrier at scotland yard. today, the new commissioner named as the first woman in the force's 88-year history to get the job. >> it's one small step for man. >> that command module that carried them to moon is going on a road trip. today they announced the capsule is going to houston, st. louis, pittsburgh, seattle. this will be the first time the module left the smithsonian in more than 40 years. larry: well, question of whether we are alone in the universe is one that has helped fuel the space program over the years. today nasa is sharing new evidence we may not be.
5:35 pm
>> fast forward to an out of this world discovery that is announced today. finding seven earth-like planets orbiting a star. three are within the habitable zone where water and perhaps even other life could exist. >> he and the team have used the space telescope to determine that there are seven earth size planets orbiting the nearby star 40 light years away. >> the scientists are studying the atmosphere of the planets. they can't yet confirm whether or not there is water. but they are looking. >> you bet they are. thank you. alison: today's rendezvous was aborted when
5:36 pm
system detected an error. it turns out the capsule was farther from the station than planned. another docking attempt set for tomorrow. larry: coming up at 5:00, unchartered territory. what jay-z is doing none have done before him. >> today is george washington's actual birthday. to celebrate the home here hosted 51 people who became u.s. citizens. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, you will hear from an iraqi refugee. alison: at 6:00, a associate test taken for a loop. how it ended up for a woman trying
5:37 pm
steve: only two days to go until the weekend. but from now until then we talk daytime highs in the 70's. saturday is around
5:38 pm
will move through in the midday hours that will likely trigger showers and a few thunderstorms. it will turn breezy on sunday and cooler out there. highs just where they should be for this time of year. holding in the upper 40's to 50.
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alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. the machine that is supposed to make your soda could make an explosive instead. soda stream recalling 51,000 carbonating bottles. they are the 1-liter blue tint dishwasher safe carbonating bottles. if you bought them contact soda stream to get a refund. larry: this is power ball wednesday. jackpot is as big as it has been for three months. tonight's drawing is $403 million. the odds of winning are not that large. one in 292.2 million. good luck. alison: you had to remind us of that part. larry: sorry. alison: rapper jay-z has 99 problems but writing isn't one of them. he is heading to the songwriter's hall of fame. he will be the first rapper to receive the
5:41 pm
songwriters are eligible for induction after writing hit songs for 20 years. he has been writing since 1996. the class includes kenneth, baby face, max martin and jimmy jam and terry lewis. larry: good group. wow! >> they rolled out the red carpet in los angeles for the oscar ceremony. abc7 is the only place you can watch it live. kidd o'shea is heading to the west coast for the awards. he'll have live reports starting friday on "good morning washington." ends i'm erin hawksworth -- erin: i'm erin hawksworth at national spring training. i sat down with the longest tenured player on the roster and hear his reflection of last season's. >> i'm at the hirshhorn museum. check this out. a lot of me as far as the eye can see and the pumpkins. i will tell you what this is about in a moment. announcer:
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red carpet brought to you by --
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larry: 20 years after the death of princess diana, there is a new exhibit to give the public a chance to see many of the elaborate outfids that stun the world. it hopes this friday. alison: so elegant. a new exhibit at the hirshhorn museum tomorrow that could have you seeing double, triple or more. or this. this is the affect of looking into a mirror then you have another behind you. stephen tschida is live to explain how it works. >> ad will of me behind me. all the pumpkins. this is one of six of the infinite mirror rooms here at the hirshhorn museum. this promises to be a popular attraction. >> at the museum, rooms of infinity mirrors that go on and on and on.
5:46 pm
>> japanese artist yayaoi kusama is about to turn 88. her work has the pop art. and in the visitation room, a dose of protest. >> her contribution is a vision of polka dots that expanded to the given finite universe -- to the infinite universe. stephen: when in the "infinity mirrors" rooms the apparent thing to do is take selfies. >> this is the selfie, instagram trend. i won't necessarily post it but i will keep it. >> back in the obliteration
5:47 pm
room. >> you can see people put up a poke dots in an experiencial exhibit. this doesn't open until tomorrow. i'm participate. my piece of art there. this has claimed all the tickets through march 6. but you can try to be a walk-in. if you join the museum you will get a ticket to this very popular exhibit. >> how cool is that. >> you don't always touch the art. >> or contribute to it. >> time for a check of the roads. >> trenice bishop on traffic watch. trenice: we are finally clearing an accident on cambridge and canal road. it has been there for two hours. we have a tow truck on the scene. they are still blocking the right side of the roadway to make your way outbound to canal. that
5:48 pm
for a good portion of the afternoon. hopefully the congestion will clear up soon. >> thinger and the outer loop for folks making it to the legion bridge. this is a >> typical site. this is one at the douglas bridge shy of the camera shot. we had an earlier accident on 95 southbound to the right shoulder near woodbridge. volume delays across the occoquan. back to you. alison: thank you. coming up at 6:00, a call to 911 could soon get you advice to catch a cab. instead of waiting for an ambulance. new information about a crash with a police car and what we ar
5:49 pm
a chase that hit 130 miles per hour. that is coming up at 6:00. >> okay. the time to bring doug hill back and lunch box weather. doug: it's that time again. another fun group of kid. molly cochran went to apple grove elementary school in fort washington, maryland for the lunch box weather program. the kids love. she was there to show the kids special video. new this school year. it put together a lot of time that went into it. good behind the scenes look at how we do the weather and get ready for television. put graphics together. she took experiments and answered questions and then they headed outside for a good look at a storm track 7. they had a fun time. running the kid cam was tyler hilliard. we have a weather question from garbiella melendez. >> i'm gabriellla.
5:50 pm
what if a meteorologist predicts the weather but the weather turns out to be something else? doug: so if we get it wrong? oh, i see. alison: never, ever. doug: i change the question a little bit. larry: nice way to ask it. doug: if doug hill is wrong with the weather, i'll be the first to know and i will let you know. a good question. listen, for all of my career i learned early on if you get it wrong you just admit it. sometimes you get it really wrong and a huge storm you miss, mea culpa and you are sorry because you are. but if you miss something in the forecast, didn't see it coming. you admit it and move on. just be honest. we are not perfect >> just like in life. doug: right. make mistakes and move on. i'll say in defense of every broadcast meteorologist i know we get it right more often than wrong but if you are wrong you step up to the plate. some people, i won't mention names. some people in this city have at times when they blow the
5:51 pm
back and say as i told you last friday, they retell differently. i am not throwing stones in a glass house. you don't want to do that. fes up. if you get it wrong you get it wrong. alison: funny. yeah. all right. >> good deal. larry: good stuff. alison: let's talk about sports. we hope the nationals won't get it wrong. the longest tenured national hoping for a bounceback season for 2017. larry: robert burton has a look at sports. robert: i hope they don't get it wrong either. we all open that. no doubt when the fans make a trip to spring training they know one face they will always see. the face with no express whatsoever. a guy they count on at the corner every game. ryan zimmerman. it's like he has been here a lifetime. erin hawksworth sat down with the fan favorite today. >> last year was frustrating. the first bad year i have had.
5:52 pm
you learn and you move on. health wise i'm fine and ready to go. mentally i have three years or maybe four years. i plan to give them what they sign up for and producing. i look forward to make everyone forget about last year. erin: what were you able to learn from last year? >> you learn whether you have a good or a bad year you learn from it. that is the great thing about baseball. you could have m.v.p. or a down year last year and it doesn't do anything for you this year. you take positives and you learn from it and move on. erin: what do you think about bryce heading in the next season? >> bryce, you know, obviously has had really great years and injuries. but now he is five years in. we see the player he can be. it's about being healthy. i don't want to say staying on the field. he plays stuff as well bu
5:53 pm
what he wants to do. i think in the five years he has learned how to do that. it's hard to learn how to do that. i don't think anyone expects anything but a great year. robert: for more of the nats coverage go to much more. i won't say this is the year because we say it every year. it doesn't happen that way. larry: i'm excited. robert: there is excitement. alison: be positive. robert: always positive. larry: strasburg and ramos were healthy last year -- >> you know what? we always say that. larry: i know. hope springs eternal. mount vernon broke a record for visitors on presidents' day. alison: when we come back we show you how the first
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alison: tonight the national park service is still trying to figure out who hung a giant banner on the bails of the statue of -- on the base of the statue of liberty that read "refugees welcome." larry: that showed up as we await president trump to announce the revised travel ban. in the last 20 minute we learn the white house is putting off the announcement until next week. today in celebration of george washington's actual birthday more than 50 people took the oath of citizenship at his home in mount vernon. cheryl conner talked to the citizens that now feel at ease. cheryl: omar is holding the flag and hearing the national anthem as he is set to become a u.s. citizen. >> having my dream come true to be with my family. cheryl: the iraqi-born refugee has his 10-month-old son on his lap. now as the immigration policies are debated by the trump administration, he feels relieved after taking the oath of citizenship. >> i feel much at ease. >> the
5:58 pm
happened on george washington's 285 birthday. >> i wish you joy. cheryl: in front of his mansion at mount vernon. the first president spoke about the responsibility of citizenship. >> you are part of an unbroken and strong line of americans. >> as he is happy his wife joins him. he worked for the asarums in afghanistan and was granted citizenship. >> me and my wife can go to afghanistan without a difficulty. that sense of ease came up with the 51 narcistses regardless of the native country. >> you never know what can change. >> they are given forms and they are encouraged to register to vote today. green card holders waited five years to reach this day as they were handed a certificate of
5:59 pm
at mount vernon, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: right now at 6:00 -- >> hearing her crying her baby's name was tough. michelle: a community devastated after a child is killed in a fire. a fire we have learned the child accidentally started. jonathan: happening now pipeline pretypessers set the tents on fire as -- pipeline protesters set the tents on fire as the police moved in. >> don't do it. you will hit me and i will charge you with battery. michelle: oh, boy. caught on video. a woman's acrobatic response to a sobriety test that ended with her in handcuffs. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> how can it happen? how can it happen? >> shock and sorrow. the community trying to make sense of a fire that killed a 5-year-old boy. we are learning from the firefighters
6:00 pm
while playing with the cigarette lighter. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg live from the lorton neighborhood. jeff, you hear details of this and this is devastating. jeff: it is. it is awful. throughout the day we have seen a lot of people walk up to the home. take a look at this house. seemingly shaking their heads in shock. heart-broken by what happened here. throughout the day the memorials have only gotten bigger. >> right after the fire started, it spread fast. >> very frightening. >> two adults who live in the house made it out safely. but a 5-year-old boy was trapped in the garage. >> getting worse and worse. >> diane said she saw the boy's mother standing outside the house screaming his name. >> i thought about it all night. hearing her, crying her baby's name was tough. >> the fire ignited in the


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