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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  February 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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suppression team in. around 10:40, they spotted 47-year-old timothy lionel williams on foot. when they tried to stop him a struggle ensued. followed by gunfire police said. a citizen's cell phone video appears to show the suspect shot on the ground. two officers were shot in the incident. and williams of no fixed address was killed. police say they recovered a semi automatic handgun from the scene. the chief said both officers body worn cameras were on. he has seen the video and is recommending that the mayor release the video if the u.s. attorney agrees. the chief said much evidence is being review and looking at just the cell phone video is not enough. >> one partial, a view of the incident after the incident had already began. we of course will locate the individual and get his version of events. and compile that with the other information that we have. we hv
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witnesses who have come forward. like i said, we also have the body worn camera that will be reviewed thoroughly. then we will make it more clear what happened. sam: newsham said one of the officers who was shot has been released from the hospital. the other one had surgery last night and he is still in the hospital. but he said his prognosis is excellent. last night was a violent light in the city. newsham said the suppression teams recovered seven weapons in addition to the one they took here. we will have more about the suppression teams coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting live from northeast washington, back to you. alison: see you at 6:00. thank you. meanwhile, in howard county a man is in critical condition after an officer shot him. this happened on fawn crossing in clarksville. the officer was getting dorsey's car towed before discovering there were
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dorsey jumped in the car, allegedly drove after the officer and -- drove at the officer and the officer fired. dorsey is still in the hospital. horace: in prince george's county police are investigating exactly what happened in the moments before a mother shot and killed her teenage son. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live now in clinton with the latest on this developing story. brad, tell me. is this really all over a video game? brad: as impossible it is to believe that yes, that's what touched it off. in this house and the community it is a sad night. friends and relatives gathers here, all trying to make sense of it. this afternoon, as the reality and the heartache began to sink in, neighbors gathered next to the house turned crime scene. >> i am sadded by it. to see a young man taken away. >> hi heart goesou
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it's strange when you know, mother and son go against each other. >> that is what nobody gets. nobody saw it coming. tonight, 48-year-old angelique chase is behind bars charged with murdering her own 17-year-old son christopher perry. >> there was some sort of dispute between the victim and the suspect that led to the suspect shooting the victim. >> our sources fill in the blanks. police and the prosecutors believe earlier in the evening chase told her son to stop playing a video game and quit cussing. there was an argument that turned physical. the mother left the teen and went to another part of the family home. got a handgun, a revolver. came back and shot her own son. sources say chase admits as much but claims she was actually lowering the gun when it went off. the 17-year-old perry attended nearby grace brethren school. a person who answered the phone there said simply it's a hard time for the school. a neighbor saw no warning si
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quiet kid. yeah. yeah. they are good people. brad: my sources telling me one of the reason this is being charged as first-degree murder instead of second-degree murder which you would often expect after a fight or a tussle of some sort is they believe the mother had ample time to change her mind. she actually had to leave her son, go get the gun. there was no immediate threat when she pointed it at him. and allegedly fired. in clinton, brad brad bell, abc7 news. >> 7 on storm watch as the stretch of the beautiful weather is coming to an end. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at the changes on the way. hey, doug. doug: another day well in the 70's. no records today but still way above average. numbers right now around the area range from 77 degrees in leesburg, 75 in frederick and fredericksburg. 68 in annapolis.
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we head through the evening it will stay mild. temperatures will slowly drop in the 50's. but the overnight lows will be in the mid-50's. that is about five or six degrees above what our normal high temperature is. we are still in the upside down pattern but it will change tomorrow. all due to a cold front headed in. severe thunderstorm watch is out to the west. there is going to be a chance we will get the thunderstorms along with rain as the system is closer and closer. we are thinking it will approach the metro at 2:00 in the afternoon. gusty winds. heavy downpours and cooler weather through tomorrow night and sunday. enjoying the nice weather day. abc7's richard reeve and a lot of people are smiling now. when you tell them about the bugs that are coming because of the warm weather the smiles will disappear, rich. richard: that is right. they are coming. but short sleeve weather in february. the guys here enjoying the barbecue. stink bugs,
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carpenter bees are out there and they are already here. >> this is a male carpenter bee. usually we don't see these guys for two or three weeks. richard: michael loves bugs. >> we have the carpenter bees flying around. this is crazy. richard: ralph is an entomologist at the university of maryland and calls himself a bug guy. the warm wave is bringing out the critters. >> when we have a mild winter they survive better so that means more bugs come out at the pipeline in spring. >> he showed us around derwood. it wasn't hard to find group of the flying insects. it felt like may or june. certainly not february. >> i noticed insects around yesterday. they erupted yesterday. richard: they are more than a nuance. they can cause property damage. female carpenter bees come to the structure and then they drill in
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>> the pests that are not killed off by the cold temperatures will wreak havoc. >> like all of us, he is wondering if the return of winter will change all this. >> where is the snow? where is the cold that kills off all the bugs and the germs and the viruss? we don't have that. >> he has no idea how serious the infestation will be. we have to see what will happen with all the changes coming. alison: thank you. now is a good time to download the app to track the cold front that doug is talking about as it moves in tomorrow. horace: president trump greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of reporters at the annual cpac meeting. we were at national harbor when the new leader of the republican party addressed the conservative action political conference. reporter: president trump was feeling at home rallying up his base of reporters.
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after new report that shows white house chief of staff reince priebus asked the f.b.i. to dismiss stories about members of the trump team having communication with the russian intelligence in the 2016 presidential campaign. trump took to twitter this morning blasting his own bureau for failing to stop the leaks, writing "classified information is being given to the media that could have a devastating effect on u.s." democrats agree the classified information should never be leaked but say the white house efforts to direct the f.b.i. is a scary thing. >> the key thing here, of course, is the fact that the president's people went to the f.b.i. and said we want you to do this. this is a profound violation of the way we do business. >> mr. trump is four weeks in the presidency and a series of leaks have been plaguing his administration. former national security adviser general michael flynn resigned last week after reports surfaced he discussed easing sanctions with the russian ambassador. the white house has called the
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and maintain that no one in the trump team has any ties to moscow. in national harbor, maryland. alison: so the president also took on the press again in the speech. [applause] president trump: a few days ago i told the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. [applause] because they have no sources. they just make them up. alison: all right. then hours later, the white house barred four prominent news organizations. abc7 chief political correspondent scott thuman is here. we want to talk about this. the first question i have they did this but can they do this? is this something that has been done before? scott: not in this particular example. there are instances in the obama admi
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might have had off the camera meetings, off-record meetings with the president and certain select members of the media. this was a pool situation. this is not the daily briefing. this is an opportunity where sean spicer said we will meet in my office. you can apply to be part of the pool today, expanded pool. not everyone will get in. the people left off were the typical targets of president trump mentioning for example the "new york times" and cnn. alison: a pool, of course, being typically one tv outlet, one radio, perhaps one print. then he expanded it to other people but kept others out. scott: yeah. the problem with that, when you have the certain members of the media who are not allowed in they will instantly look for the why? the why is easy when you can revert the tape three or four hours ago to see the comments you just played where he continues to attack the media and some of the favorite targets are those suddenly not allowed to be part of a gaggle in sean spicer's office. here is sean spicer trying to address this issue and defend his
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>> we have shown abundance of accessibility. we brought more reporters in the process. the idea that every time, every single person can get the question answered or we are excluding people, we have gone above and beyond making ourselves, our team and our briefing room more assessable than any prior administration. alison: if this were one incident alone of the issues with the media and the administration it would be not that big of a deal. scott: right. that excuse may fly better were it not part of a long battle going on between the media and the white house and frankly the question is how will it resolved? we don't know. we have to get used to the fact there is an ongoing dispute and resolution is not necessarily anywhere in sight. alison: okay. scott, thank you very much. we want to remind you. coming up this sunday on "full measure" we look at the war underway to control information. that sunday morning at 10:00 only right here on abc7.
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horace: today is the last day for the virginia general assembly. coming up at 5:00, a vote that could change the rules when it comes to towing in arlington. >> i doubt the founders and the creators of the apps had 7-year-old girls in mind when they were creating it. alison: then later, who is watching your kids when they are online? >> now is the time to make necessary reality for all of god's children. horace: honoring dr. king and his dream in the same place he made history in the historic famous speech. alison: but first, tracking the trail. where investigators are finding more of that graffiti that is showing up on monuments and
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horace: well, new developments now in the bill cosby sexual assault case. a judge ruled today that only one additional accuser can testify in cosby's june trial. prosecutors wanted to bring 12 accusers in. this summer's trial stems from 2005 complaint from a former temple university employee who claims the comedian drugged and sexual assaulted her. alison: it started in d.c. with the same phrases scrawled on several monuments and memorials. "jackie
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now police are investigating the same message also found on a trail in virginia and around parts of boston. cheryl conner has the latest on the investigation. >> it's not there for you to make it your personal canvas. cheryl: discovery at the mount vernon trail leaves a black mark on a sunny day. >> it is there for the public. cheryl: the sign that describes land marks on the 18-mile trail now has similar graffiti spotted at monuments and memorials on the national mall this week. >> i don't know what they are asking for. >> it seems like a conspiracy theory that mentions jackie and j.f.k.ed and certain cancers. >> we are in the capital of the united states and people are doing this. cheryl: take a close look at the handwriting on the sign at reagan national airport and compare it to the lincoln memorial, washington monument, the world war ii memorial and the d.c. war memorial. a spokesperson for u.s. park
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incident of similar graffiti spotted in the area. but the investigation is ongoing. they don't know yet if they are connected. all the graffiti has been removed except for what was left on marble at the lincoln memorial. a spokesman for the national park service says it will come off completely. there were similar markings spotted as far away as boston. >> have they caught him yet? cheryl: park police will not release surveillance video and a spokeswoman says it is too early to determine what the charges charges will be if a suspect is caught. >> there is a lot of lack of respect for what is the people's property. cheryl: along the mount vernon trail, cheryl conner, abc7 news. horace: 7 is on storm watch tonight. midwest gets punished by a snowstorm. this was the scene in minnesota this morning. they are expected to get between six and 12 inches. conditions are actually worse in iowa where blizzard warning is in effect
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get hit with more than a foot of snow. alison: wow! i mean, this weather today baffling. it's so confusing to everybody. you forget it's winter. doug: my oldest son lives in minnesota near saint paul. last week he and the grand kids were out sending pictures, in the short sleeves, bikes in the driveway. i told them to watch out. now they are under a winter storm. alison: could it happen -- doug: it could but i don't think it will happen. it's chilly but that is it. horace: it will turn. doug: sunday will feel chillier. right now it's gorgeous again with the temperatures in the 70's. the lower 70's. we have got a lot of sunshine. now the sunset tonight before 6:00. march 12 is when we go to daylight saving time. we get closer as the daylight hours are starting to extend. we pick up three, three and a half minutes of delaylight now. 69 at reagan national. southerly winds at 14. mild throughout the night. temperatures will only s
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here is where we stand at the moment. 76 in culpeper. 75 in hagerstown. 77 in leesburg. 69 at reagan national. not as warm across the area as yesterday. the temperatures, no records today. we got close. 76 was the high at dulles and reagan. 74 in baltimore. all three airports below the record high for the day. now cherry blossoms. the average peak of the tidal basin is april 4. last year the peak bloom was 25th march. the earliest recorded bloom was march 15 in 1990. next wednesday the park service comes out with a bloom prediction. the latest bloom was april 18 in 1958. it will be interesting to see how the weather affects it. i think it will probably be late march, early april from the casual observer over the ions around here. we will see what happens temperatures tonight are 50. the lows are higher than the average high as we ready for the final weekend of february. with that comes the snow in the m
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the cold front producing showers and thunderstorms. some severe. moving to detroit and ontario province in canada. the showers and the storms will move eastward. we will deal with the front tomorrow afternoon. the morning, i'm not so sure how much sunshine we get. maybe a little in places. the clouds increase through the day. we climb from the 60's to the 70. according to this model in the future cast. we get to 1:30 or 2:00 the line is moving eastward. downpours and gusty winds. i can't pip point which area along the front will see the storms but it is possible. it will get out of here tomorrow evening around sunset. we will turn breezy and we will start to see the temperatures drop. snow in the higher elevation of the mountains. as we get to sunday it will change. these are the wind chills. tomorrow night it feels like the mid-40's in local arizona. 30's to the west. combination, the gusty winds and colder air will make it feel cold here sunday morning. 25 in andrews. 26 in manassas. 25 in the nation's capital. so the weekend a big change. 70 tomorrow
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showers and the storms. breezy and colder for sunday. look at the next ten days here. we will come back out here on monday and tuesday and wednesday of next week. warming close to 70 again. staying mild through thursday and friday. couple of shower chances in the early next week. as we get into next weekend, the first weekend of march we will be in the low to mid-50's. a couple degrees above average. no it crazy above average but a few degrees warmer than early march normally is. >> stay home sunday. watch the oscars on channel 7. alison: we'll be here. thank you. horace: warm weather outside. means time outside. alison: but still to come, we will tell you about a popular backyard item recalled. this is to keep the kids safe. kidd: good evening. i'm kidd o'shea live on the red carpet at the oscars. a major celebrity walked down the red carpet. we have the video and we will show it to you in a live report from hollywood. horace: but first a look at what is coming up tonight on
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abc --
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announcer: countdown to the red carpet, brought to you by -- alison: well, the excitement is building. look at that. they are rolling out red carpet. already. right toward me.
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here. horace: and abc7 is the only place you can watch all the glitz and the glamour sunday night. kidd o'shea is in los angeles tonight. a little jealousy on set. how is it going out there? kidd: good evening to you. look, this morning when everyone was talking about the 70's well were here with gloves and hats on. it was 42 degrees in southern california. they still expect rain night to sunday morn something the red carpet is still covered here with the tent. most likely will stay covered through the red carpet. the red carpet itself is covered in a tarp. we can show you a little of it here. they have to vacuum before sunday. right over here, let me take you over here. this is where most of the main celebrities will go. they are doing a rehearsal for the abc red carpet. this woman here, you see the red card around her net? it says robin. she is playing the role of
5:26 pm
other people walk up with famous people's name on them running through the rehearsal. you can see the teleprompter there with robin's words that say "good evening, biggest celebrities in celebrity are --" probably here on the red carpet. we have seen a celebrity walk by. look at this video from moments ago. when jimmy kimmel, the host of the oscars on sunday walked past on the red carpet. he walked from the dolby theater. where we are standing now is hollywood boulevard. the place that jimmy does his show every night is across the street from the dolby theater. that is where he watched the oscars last year. this year he will walk across the street and host them inside. we have more with jimmy kimmel and preview of the oscars tonight at 11:00. back to you. horace: how exciting. alison: we were just saying kimmel is so naturally funny and a nice guy. he will
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kidd: super nice guy and talented as well. alison: thank you. we will see you soon. have fun. horace: talk to you later. all right. still ahead at 5:00 -- how does it make you feel? >> disgusted. horace: just who is watching your kids when they broadcast themselves online? alison: then later, the move in richmond that could make arlington's work on predatory towing obsolete. >> a move by president trump leaves a specific group of
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alison: president trump's decision to roll back protection for transgender students left some in fear and racked with uncertainty -- wracked with uncertainty. a federal directive prompted schools across the region to allow trans-students to use bathroom and locker rooms coinciding the the gender identity. as stephen tschida reports some of the schools are also uncertain about what to do now. stephen: transgender students are suddenly confused and worried. >> i fear for the transgender schools coming into high school next year and the years to come. stephen: he is accepted and coor
5:31 pm
male in arlington county. he is happy now but wonder what is the future will hold for him and other trandsgend students now that president trump rolled back direction for protection for schools receiving federal funds. >> if you identify as a female you use that restroom. if you identify as a male, you use that restroom. stephen: it instituted strong protections for transgender students rather than risk losing the money. no word on whether or not the protections remain in place. >> i think it's a problem. we need the neutral bathrooms so people have freedom and feel safe. i feel this is a huge problem they are calling a roll back. stephen: just the uncertainty already is a problem. president trump says he wants states to make the decisions. some fear the range of the transgender rights in the country could be all over the
5:32 pm
stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: "7 on your side" with consumer alert. little takes is recalling the snug and the secure pink toddler swings. the seat can break. a child can fall. 39 children were hurt actually including two with broken arms. the swings manufactured between 2009 and 2014. the company says stop using it. contact them for a credit toward another product. horace: we have another warning tonight for parents and sound advice from experts about the live streaming apps that are so popular with your kids. law enforcement across the country is concerned about who is watching your children when they broadcast live using the apps. they are the rage, the live streaming apps designed as a way for users to have fun, talk live with friends or sing along with the favorite songs. >> i like it. i love it. >> mainly kids or preteens do it. horace: even though the app
5:33 pm
opening an account, kids get on anyway. some of the things that happen on these apps might surprise you. >> i doubt the founders and the creators of the apps had 7-year-old girls in mind when they were creating it. horace: steve is head of the family online safety institute. he has a message to parents whose children might be innocently using the apps. >> wake up. >> sometimes there are older men on there. horace: this group of middle schoolers agree to talk to us. they are regular useers of the live streaming app. they say all their friends are on them. they know bad people are there, too. >> you know it's an older man because they will send them something nasty in the comments. >> how do you feel when you get that? >> disgusted. >> yeah, disgusted. not safe. horace: law enforcement agencies around the world say users of the apps, especially young children have reason to take cau
5:34 pm
homeland security says child sexual predators are lurking in the shadows. posing as kids. chicking young children to -- tricking young children to perform inappropriate apps. >> promise me you won't tell them i was twerking. horace: last year they arrested 2,600 child-relateddors trying to lure kids on -- child predators trying to lure kids. in many cases the parents have no idea what the children are doing on the phone or tablet. >> do you know about the app? >> no. horace: that is why the internet safety council warns parents to not just hand over the phone or the tablet to their kids an walk away. >> there is just so many things and so many apps for parents to get to know and get their heads around that the open line of the communication becomes your number one defense. horace: absolutely. the apps were not design for children a
5:35 pm
restrictions and there are also privacy settings to control the audience but the best advice is for parents to get involved. alison: best part of this story. you enlightening the parents who may not have an idea that they these things exist. horace: do you know how many parents i talk to who didn't know their kids were involved. alison: great information. still to come -- >> incoming. get down, get down. alison: 7 salutes the simulator. giving field medics a place to learn without the dangers of war. >> i'm mike carter-conneen at the lincoln memorial. coming up, watson elementary school students remember the legacy of dr. martin luther king and his dream. horace: new at 2:00, in the nick of time. the amazing rescue from the george washington bridge. all caught on video.
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steve: the weekend is almost here. big changes on the way. cold front tomorrow that will trigger thunderstorms. highs ahead of it will be around 70. sunday we have highs in the upper 40's. but the wind chill factors are eight to ten degrees colder than that. ab
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alison: they are lifesavers in battle but 200 field medics have been killed in afghanistan over the years. now the uniform services university of the health sciences is working to reduce the number to zero. our colleague jonathan elias was invited for a peak. jonathan: saving the life in field of battle is dangerous work. medics get shot at and get in explosions, not a place to make a mistake. >> don't let me die. jonathan: here at the uniform services university, the largest limb sator for med -- limb sator for medical -- largest simulator for medical personnel you can make mistakes and live to tell about it. they are getting ready for the environment that is huge. recreating iraqi village in great detail. there are sound effects. we can mude smell effects. smoke effects. ke have air
5:40 pm
projectiles. jonathan: eric is the program manager here. his job is to get the medical personnel ready for what they are about to experience. >> there are the animated figures on the screen shooting at the trainees. when is trainees can shoot back and the technology is such they can neutralize the threat on screen. >> now major bouzer is going in. he and his two comrades think they are meeting village leaders but it's an ambush. within seconds, rocket-propelled grenades are flying at them and gunmen are shooting at them. his comrade is hit. >> you will be all right. jonathan: applying a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. returning fire and getting her to a helicopter. >> we have one right arm, tourniquet applied and three minutes to go. jonathan: adrenaline is pumping.
5:41 pm
for major bouzer he is glad to get the training. >> this is as close to real-life scenario you can get without being in the combat zone. jonathan: since the wars started more than 200 medics have been killed in the field. this training they are hoping to save lives. we salute those at the emergency to put together amazingly vivid and realistic simulator with one goal in mind. to save lives. if you know somebody in a group working to make the service lives better, let me know about it so we can recognize them here. horace: that is absolutely amazing. alison: guys two who put it together makes the studio look small. jonathan: it is huge. everything is part of it. what you smell and what you see. they went to detail to design iraqi village for the troops that have come back. everything that happens, real life scenario. you talk to villagers and the leaders and the next thing you know is ambush.
5:42 pm
still to come here, harper says he wants to bring a championship to washington. but time may be running out on his chances to make it happen. >> state legislation set to change local towing rules in
5:43 pm
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alison: we are back with a look at last year's shamrock crawl in arlington. but organizers say the event will not be in clarendon this year. it is just one that led to new restrictions on the bar crawls and events in arlington. it was posted on the facebook page that it hopes to be back next year. horace: well, as many of you know, clarendon is an area where the drivers need to be sure to read the signs carefully before they park. a history of predatory towing led them to pass new restriction last year but now action could make the county regulations move. brianne carter is joining us live now in arlington to explain why. hi, brianne. brianne: in a parking lot like this, if you are parking where you
5:46 pm
towed. but they wanted another consumer protection in place. nothing likely now not to happen. a bill could override the towing regulations greenlighted in arlington county. in july new regulations were set to go in place to require tow companies to get authorization of what is a second signature from a business before they hook up to tow a car. but this overturns that. >> this is a prime test. >> it requires tow companies to put the contact information like website on the receipt. if an animal is in the car, they must immediately contact animal control. it poses $100 fee for the tow company if it is towing a car
5:47 pm
illegally. in a statement responding to the legislation the owner said it would protect the safety of my employees and the property owners we serve to retain a redundant second signature that may or may not occur. the general assembly session expected to wrap up tomorrow. this heads to the governor's desk to amend it, veto it or sign it. alison: thank you. time to check on the roads with erik smith on traffic watch. erik: another tough ride on friday. plenty of volume on 270 northbound out of gaithersburg past 124. there is a lot of volume coming together. worse out of clarksburg where the lanes narrow down near the truck scales beyond this point. also looking at the capital beltway, no improvement so far. the inner loop on
5:48 pm
side. huge delays past the george washington parkway and it is also not improving on the maryland side. both directions, this is a tough spot. at connecticut avenue the delays continue across the top side and down toward landover. this has been a tough ride through the maryland bridge. the inner loop was slow because of a crash here. it's now moved to the left shoulder. this was blocking two lanes and an improvement for the beltway. the damage has been done. 395 northbound is also not improving. that is all from the traffic center for now. back to you. horace: thank you. new tonight at 6:00, the surprising place a virginia lawmaker left his loaded gun. plus -- [screaming] >> stop resisting. horace: wow! a violent arrest n
5:49 pm
teen at the center of it all and explanation from a former police commissioner. see what happens when bees learn soccer? that's at 6:00. >> what? all right. here is another one to make you say "what?" this is in sweden. civiller is vents get paid for the -- civil servant gets paid for the lunch break. now one wants to put sex as something to do in the lunch hour. he is serious because he thinks it will improve morale aimed -- and increase population. >> you think? alison: acceptable activities are already going to the gym, getting a massage or just eating. horace: how do you confirm your activity? there is now a second egg in the eagles nest at the national arboretum. first lady laid the egg 24 hours ago. she and her mate mr. president have been watching another egg for a week.
5:50 pm
you can watch the blessed event live. alison: very exciting. we love that. let's get a check on the unbelievable weather and how long it will last. doug: terrific. another day in the 70's. close to 70 tomorrow. there is nothing bitterly cold. gorgeous sunset a while ago. there is still late in the sky in national harbor. talk about the numbers there. 72 in centreville. herndon, ashburn, manassas. cooler at reagan national because of the win coming across the river. east of town. 72 degrees. in largo now. through the evening is fine for any outdoor activities on the night of the 24th. the temperatures in the mid-60's for the next few hours with the light winds and clear skies. the temperatures will fall tonight. it will only fall in the mid-50s.
5:51 pm
cold front pushing through the midwest all day. some are alert for thunderstorm watch. the front will arrive tomorrow afternoon in our area. we will see a little bit of sunshine and increasing cloudiness. breezy weather near 70. anytime after 2:00 that is when it looks like the showers and the storms will roll in. this is showing up on the future cast at 1:00. the a line to the west. wind chills will be something to behold compared to now. it will feel like the upper 20's to near 30 by sunday morning. let's go to the weekend. near 70 with the gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon. now let's talk sports with erin hawksworth. erin: thank you. there are only two teams in major league baseball have never won the league pennant and played in a world series. mariners, the team i grew up watching and the nationals.
5:52 pm
against the clock. for nationals the time to bring a championship to washington is now. last season think the nats were poised for a run at the title but injuries and clayton kershaw got in their way. >> for us, you don't want to take for granted an opportunity. there is a small window. erin: the window may be getting smaller. 2015, n.l. m.v.p. bryce harper is under contract for two more seasons but may leave d.c. in favor of a brighter spotlight and a bigger paycheck. >> i can't chi in the future. try to look into that and see where this guy is going or that guy is going or what he is doing or he is doing. it's just part of the game and how it works. erin: his closest friend on the team jayson werth and his days could also be numbered. this is the last year of his contract. >> every year with j.w. is a special
5:53 pm
out of him. >> you want to win every year. that is the nature of the business. >> nobody wants to win now more than dusty baker. who turned 68 in june and has yet to win a world series as a skipper. >> everyone is saying this is the last chance. we can say it better. we'll come out on top. erin: maybe the beards. [laughter] alison: still to come, dr. martin luther king delivered his most famous speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. horace: when we come back, how local middle schoolers followed in
5:54 pm
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i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of the creed. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. horace: martin luther king's most famous speech celebrated today by d.c. students. as mike carter-conneen reports, this was rescheduled due to the inauguration. >> from every state, to every city -- >> on this beautiful february day. >> i have a dream -- mike: d.c. elementary school students reflected on hopeful dream of the civil rights era. as they have done for 12 years, one by one -- >> i have a dream. mike: fifth graders from watkins elementary school stepped up to the microphone standing in the very pl
5:58 pm
where dr. luther burbank stood. >> live out the true meaning -- mike: reciting, sometimes preaching his iconic speech. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. mike: the audience made up of proud parents and the watkins student body, many holding signs about civil rights and other causes. >> they study the civil rights movement and they make connection between those times and these times to make it relevant to them. mike: king might be surprised 50 years later the words still echo from the lincoln memorial or the tire lest work would result in his own monument nearby. his is a legacy the children know well. >> we wanted us to be together. he doesn't want arguing or anger. he didn't want violence. >> king's dream, freedom, justice, tranquility is just as important now as then. >> there is still racism. not nearly as bad as it was but there is s
5:59 pm
saying offensive things. there is still racial injustice. mike: on the national mall, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: right now at 6:00 -- [siren] a deadly police shooting caught on camera. new information on the dangerous mission for the officers involved. >> right now. jonathan: a violent arrest, a teenager pinned to the ground. and now we are learning why he may not have been able to control his action. michelle: the frightening place where an elected leader dropped his gun and left it by mistake. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: caught on camera. a deadly confrontation. moments after that fial
6:00 pm
gunshot, a police officer falls to the ground wounded. another also hurt. the suspected gunman dead. tonight we have learned that the officer involved were all part of what is called a crime suppression team. the police chief describes their work as very dangerous. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has more on the dangerous job and what led up to last night's shooting. sam? sam: yes. well, the chief said today that many of the police districts have the crime suppression teams whose job it is to go out, confront people who may have illegal weapons and take them away. except this time, he said a team came here to morse and holbrook. around 10:40 last night, a citizen cell phone video of a confrontation that left two officers shot and a suspect dead. the police chief was back at the scene


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