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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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damage at a chill in the air. coverage after a day that started sunny and warm hit ice storm that damage and a very big change. frightening moments on what is a festive and fun night. what we are learning about the crowd who plowed into a that had gathered for a mardi parade. and this may be one for the dumb files, a man wanted for arson may have led the police him thanks to social media. the news starts now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. tale of two seasons than 24 hours. iq for joining us tonight.
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-- thank you for joining us tonight. i'm kimberly suiters. now it is feeling like february again. we have team coverage starting with meteorologist josh knight. after days in the 70's, 75 degrees today, the cold front came through. this starts right around 3:00, line of storms pushing across the radar, ultimately into the atlantic. behind it is where we have the much colder temperatures. the skies have cleared out for most of us, we are done with the showers, and the clear skies and cool northwesterly breeze really cooling things off. when the storms moved through, really packing a punch. s holes in this roofing, and this is pictures of hail, about a quarter size. this nicer picture from laurel, with rainbow working its way across.
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left behind, very strong wind s per hour in d, 25 miles per hour martinsburg. just a wind that is left behind. the feels-like temperature's are in the 20's and 30's. tomorrow it will be tough to warm up. off close to freezing with the windchill, topping off around 43. the temperature change is happening now and the storms left quite a bit of damage. we will send it to mike carter-conneen in la plata. hi, mike. mike: the police have put up caution tape all around this lowe's hardware store in la plata. the building is temporarily condemned because of structural damage. the calendar says february, but residentsfew hours, seem to experience a years worth four seasons.l cars, whendamaged toppled trees, and the temperatures plummeted from the
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there are no reports of injuries come but what is being called a tornado traveled from plata to waldorf. it was very powerful and violent. mike: about a dozen trees fell this apartment complex. the tree barely missed the window. mike: families took shelter, parents reassuring children. we sang songs, parade, whatever it took until the storm blew over. it went from such a beautiful day to chaos and craziness. and suddenly it is winter again. mike: the storm moved from here to waldorf in about 15 minutes. it will take days for residents to clear the debris and clear damage. it is not clear when this lowe's store will reopen. mike carter-conneen, abc 7 news. kimberly:
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people took advantage of the great weather before the rain to restore america's front yard. americorps and national civilian corps use the day of service in memory of dr. martin luther king jr., picking up trash, cleaning dedication plaques, and grooming shrubbery. the stormwatch team is on your side when severe weather strikes. stay with us for instant forecasts and warnings by apploading the stormwatch 7 and follow us on facebook and twitter. new information about the d.c. public charter school teacher arrested and child with gas charged with child sex abuse. anna-lysa gayle dug into that. the charter school on y street is charged with counts of child sex abuse. manuel fernandez engaged in with boys andct girls. the abuse has been going on since
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6.february the latin american montessori bilingual school has two locations -- this one in northwest washington and the next one in northeast washington, which is where taight.z for the past six years, the list has equaled or exceeded its total enrollment. website also claims each classroom has two instructors, one teaching the half-day in other a half in english. fernandez, who was arrested friday, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing march 8. so far we have not received a response from school leaders. in northwest washington, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. two teenagers after the hunt for shot them who continues. somebody started shooting at a 15-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl as they would've for a bus at the naylor road metro station. bus riders were shocked to hear t this.
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people feel like they can do whatever they want. you have to protect yourself. the gun man walked away from the scene. investigators have surveillance help pinpoint a motive. followingtwo developing stories the south. in houston, the police are killer after an l who shot and killed while riding in the back seat of her mother's car. investigators say that two or speeding downe the road, one crashing into their car. moments later, a woman pulled shots.un and fired eight i thought she was coming to help. then she pulled his gun out the window and started shooting. and each one of those bullets car, rightk of my where my baby was. kimberly: i cannot even imagine.
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they say the mother was an innocent bystander. the police are hoping that cameras provide video evidence of the shooter. also developing, 20-some people are the hospital after a driver a crowd of people watching a gras parade in new orleans with a pickup truck. investigators do not suspect terrorism, but theyterrorism, bt driving. the police have arrested the driver and have him in custody tonight. a runner taking advantage of today's great weather was hit by truck along the national mall on constitution and 23rd. luckily, he was not badly and is recovering tonight with scrapes and bruises. the driver told us what happened. >> i was going through the light and he kind of just darted into street.le of the broke. as i saw him, i and and that was it.
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car, and fell on the ground. kimberly: he said he immediately jumped out to see if the jogger was ok. -- a florida clubhouse goes up in flames. how the police used social media arsonist.own the up next, the war of words or a warning? the president takes a shot in congratulating the new dnc chairman, kind of. and this afternoon's storms left their mark in some areas, from hail to down trees and damaged homes. viewers shared pictures. check them out at
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the virginia general assembly has wrapped up its 2017 session. sent governor terry
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mcauliffe a two-year budget this morning, which passed both chambers, only one dissenting vote, restoring pay increases for law enforcement, state employees, and teachers. governor mcauliffe said he is with the budget come which includes new investments in mental health services. the governor in d.c. is providing over the winter meeting of the national governors association. at least 40 governors and their attend the governor ball, the first social event the president and first lady will host at the white house. president trump will skip houses white correspondents dinner. the last president not to go was in 1972.ixon ronald reagan called into the event in 1981 after recovering bullet.assassin's trump recently called the media the enemy of the people.
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newonal committee has a later. they elected former obama they perez as they tom party's new chairman. e former head of the justice heartment's civil division, becomes the first latino to lead the party. he named keith ellison the runner-up in the race the deputy chairman. former president obama and bill y clintonr perez and ellison. president trump appear to mock tweetin a congratulatory "i cannot be happier for him or the republican party." perez responded, call me tom, and told the president not to get too happy. many expected here some political messages on the oscar stage tomorrow night. look for a strong message in the commercials as well. the truth is our nation is more divided than ever. "the new york times" will air a 30
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"the truth is hard" during the oscars. the times is among a group of organizations shot out of a sean spicer press briefing yesterday. the night before the oscars, hollywood hands out the razzies. "hillary is america" took home awards for worst director, worst director, and worst actors. "batman versus superman" won four worst awards, not to be outdone. mel gibson earned the redeemer comeback award. take a live look outside right now. have you stepped outside? it is not at all like it was for winter is back for a bit. that's right, a least one more day. this is kind of a transition summer this
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the winterpring, to he temperatures. had to get through the thunderstorms with hail. look like snow in parts of spotsylvania county, stafford county. this is from chancellorsville, west of fredericksburg. as you look closer on the picnic the hailstones. that is not all of the hail. there was some quarter sized and even bigger in a few places today. 46 degrees right now at reagan national, with the wind at about 38.feeling like just want to show you where we are this evening compared with last night. last night with a little fire the fire pit. tonight not the night to do that. d.c., 22s colder leesburg, and he colder around withsticking us tomorrow. o 35, windy,ws, 30 t and it will feel colder for stop wind gusts over 35 miles per hour at times tonight.
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not enough to do damage, but rnough that you will heal the wind whistling. 30 with the windchill in d.c., 25 frederick, 24 luray and winchester. we don't warm up too much. let's time feels like 41 d.c., fredericksburg 45, annapolis 38, and that is about where we top out. monday, we start off a little lower, starting off in the 30's with the windchill. by the afternoon, back into the mid-50's. it is really just this one day chilly, then ao little better monday and tuesday. y tomorrow, the around 49. right mostly sunny skies is kind of tomorrow. lining and here is the trend, today we at tomorrow is 49,
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70s tuesday, right near wednesday. the downside to the warmer temperatures this time around as they come with some rain. just a slim chance monday, most day drive. chance tuesday. the best chance of rain will be wednesday. keep the umbrella nearby. most of the rain will be associated with a front moving through, so the timing should be quick. the cooler weather takes over friday and saturday, looking better next weekend, sunday. did you enjoy the weather today? a little this morning, but e yesterday.advantag and you were busy all afternoon tracking the storms. a little college hoops? a lot of college hoops. and all some ceremony in college park tonight. e caps were in the south to make him a battling nashville.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. it's not how you start come it's how you finish. in this case, a great start for caps in nashville. jay beagle puts it right on tom wilson, who likes the lamp. caps take the 1-0 lead. but the predators take control the second. first bird -- forsberg gives the lead.ors a 2-1 they win 5-2. all some night at the xfinity center. 2002 championship maryland team was honored at halftime. dixon, chris wilcox, steve blake come and head coach gary williams were on hand. game itself, kevin herder with the steal and the flesh. one. up
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but they ran into a buzz saw. the terps lose 83-69. they have now lost five of their last seven. ncaa hopes are very bleak for the hoyas right now, dropping straight. today, battling st. john's. rodney prior rises in drains his fifth three pointer of the game. georgetown down. over a minute to go, st. john's four. ior with the steal, the lay-up, and the foul. one.oyas down prior finished with 22. ? wasn't enough 40 seconds left, prior trying for more magic. this time he cannot connect. the hoyas cannot catch a break 86-80.e,
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uva-n.c. state. kyle guy led the cavs with 19 points, including 5-7 from downtown. london parade is -- london parentes found his stroke him a double double with 16 points, 10 assists. 70-55.s v tech-boston college. first half, hokies off to a start. v tech off to the lead. justin bibb, the three is good, he is fouled. hokies win 91-75. navy-bucknle.ell. not many positives for the mids in this one. navy had their only lead of the 3-0, becausebucknell
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kimberly: that's how we do it. robert: navy gets blown out, 82-60. spring baseball, nats-mitts, grapefruit league action. in his first spring at-bat, deep torper crushes one right center field. that almost goes over the hill. nats up 1-0. top five, nats putting more on the board. soto to dead center, to-run shot. ts win 8-6. and linebacker junior galette a one-year deal with the worth $800,000, and bowie state
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witness save the video and sent it to police. rarely does a witness go to snapchat, but so many people are sites toial media record a bad behavior. kimberly: investigators say that he confessed to starting the fire, possibly because a girl he pursued romantically turned down his advances. not sure how those are connected, but they apparently did. your phone catching on fire, exploding, your down thed burning house, in each case a lithium-ion battery is to blame. 7 on your side digs deep into records andamage top to find out what is being done to protect consumers. do lithium batteries need to be taken off the market, changed? data tells us we need to be doing more to get a handle on the dangers of these batteries. :imberly
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consumer report tomorrow night after the oscars.
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phenomenon,her these ice shelves are back on lake winnebago. e expert who has been for 42 yearsce says it is the earliest they have ever formed. shoves happen when the weather wealenkens the ice, and than the wind blows them assure, like a frozen wave. it is wild. it looks like they are suspended. kimberly: beautiful, but sad to that it's the earliest ever. this weather has been crazy. josh


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