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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather app alert. breaking overnight, devastation in the midwest, a rash of tornadoes. larry: the stormwatch 7 weather team is tracking the storm's every move. is at themmy olabanji live desk with the details breaking this morning as the storm beryl seized. -- barrels east. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] here. a lot to follow let's start out in missouri. at least two people there confirmed dead. a man was killed while driving on interstate as a tornado sent 20 vehicles from a junkyard right onto the roadway where he was driving. dozens of homes us the state of illinois, also destroyed this morning. even most of t
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area was highlighted as being under tornado risk. for more on the powerful system heading our way and what we will be seen here later this afternoon, let's head straight to chronic a johnson. -- veronica johnson. veronica: 3:00, 4:00 this it isoon, that is when supposed to hit our area. not so much the fog this morning, know it's there, but the afternoon hours, after 1:00 this afternoon, severe storms with high winds and an isolated tornado is possible. the severest thunderstorm 1 -- warning in garrett county is discontinued. cloud cover with temperatures in the upper 50's, even some high humidity this morning. temperature later today going up
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the afternoon and evening rush. storms not moving through, getting out of here, until 6 p.m. today. temperatures will be very warm. for 70 possible be the fuel for some of these storms. even once the system moves through, we're left with a lot of wind. it could get up to 45 miles per hour. areall have a look at rainfall, expecting right now anywhere from one quarter to one half and we will show you where the higher amounts will be setting up in a few. checking out northeast, lanes are now open, let's take a peek at the traffic lane cameras and eastern avenue towards the 11th street ridge -- bridge. the map,u back over to updating your right elsewhere, like traffic volume on 15 coming south, but northbound we have a crash before you re
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, shutia, wires are down down east of all the lame until further notice. slow traffic on 95 as you travel out of dale city, a 23 minute commute northbound i-95. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on 66. autria? trump: believe in yourselves, believe in your future, and america.nce more in thank you. got bless you. god bless the united states. -- god bless you. god bless the united states. trump, a dressing his first joint session of congress last night. larry: the issues he hammered the hardest? immigration and the building of the wall. for a: he also called repeal and replacement of obamacare and a push for national unity. larry:
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want to know, how would you rate the president's speech? log on and tell us, /wrote -- autria: christine is live from the capital here -- capitol hill bureau on the change in tone and the president. thister a big speech like we like to look and see how the major newspapers and websites have summed it up. "the new york times" says that trump softens tones in presenting his goals. in "the washington post" this morning, "gives hartline campaign, but vow's milder tone in speech to congress." i do solemnly swear -- >> from an outline of doom and gloom a month ago, tuesday was filled with hope
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bringing back jobs, fixing inner cities, rebuilding the american infrastructure. trump: i will be asking congress to produce legislation that brings a one dollar trillion infrastructure -- $1 trillion infrastructure to create millions of new jobs. >> the president highlighted campaign promises and vowed to take action on repealing and replace placing obamacare, destroying isis, and destroying the rule of law that caused illegal immigration. servenew office to victims of immigration crime. is called the office voice, victims of immigration crime engagement. providing a voice to those who have been ignored by the media and silenced by special interests. >> an ambitious agenda that critics say was short on specifics. namely, where the money will come from
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items. >> the problem with president trump is that his speeches and the realities are very far apart. now, the american people don't want a speech. they have heard a lot of those. want action. >> i should say that the official democratic response to president trump's speech last night came from the former kentucky governor, steven beshear, who zeroed in on something that is sure to be in the spotlight for a while looking ahead. that is health care in america. with congress back in full swing here on capitol hill, this has got to be on the mind of so many lawmakers on really both sides of the aisle. live from capitol hill this morning, i'm christine frizzell. "good morning washington." larry: new details this morning on the revised immigration orders that could come out as early as today. it will remove a rack from the list of countries facing a travel ban. yemen, willm iran, still be affected.
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autria: the shooting we are following right now, the details coming in will you were asleep. first, spring early? all eyes are on the title what
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autria: 6:10 now, happening today, a sign of spring this morning. we are going to get the first prediction on when the tidal basin will look like this, when the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms will be. the national park service will reveal the date in just a few hours from now. keep it here for that prediction. can't wait for it to finally look like that again, vj. veronica: i know. it is going to be gorgeous it is goingnk, but to be another phenomenally warm day today, going to spend some time talking about that, folks getting outsideit
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but the skies are going to be changing rapidly with the severe weather moving in. already had some this morning and i do think that six hours, seven hours down the line from now there could be some more thunderstorm warnings popping into areas of pennsylvania. happening now, there is already a little cluster coming in behind that. western portions of gareth county, they make it clipped again with areas coming through northern and central west virginia. here is what we are talking about it noon, lunchtime today, look at all the breaks in the cloud cover. mid 70's around fredericksburg and stafford. here comes fast-moving line of storms that is very pronounced. the d.c.right into metro area along areas of interstate 95 by 2:00 in the afternoon. by
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eastbound towards areas like annapolis, joint base andrews, and by 3:30 to 4:00 this afternoon, cooling down behind it. we are expecting moderate rain with this system in the possibility that along with severe thunderstorm warnings we could have some flash flood warnings. we will talk more about that later in the hour. to work your try way into downtown d.c., kenilworth avenue lanes are open, but in northeast there is a crash. police tell me that this accident involves a bicyclist and a bus. this is 1st street at massachusetts avenue east of north capitol street in the area of columbus circle. street for the crash, the left side of the roadway, block. virginia, eastin of ali lane. rayburn, shut down until further notice. wire
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: and right now we are following breaking news. a double stabbing in loudoun county. jummy olabanji is at the live desk with the details. this news is just coming in. it happened this morning at the sugarland plaza shopping center. two men were found suffering from stab wounds, they were rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. they are not sure what led to the stabbings but they hope to have more details after talking
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we are told of the suspect involved may have left a scene -- the scene in a car that is yet to be described. we will keep you updated with more as we learn more information from loudoun county police. back to you. a shooting investigation volume or asleep. john gonzalez is on the scene right now with the latest that is coming in from police. john, good morning. very, good morning. these shots fired literally feet from a school. that is simon elementary school here in southeast. d.c. have spent a lot of time this morning, take a look at this vehicle right here. a black chevy apollo with virginia tags and a donut. impala with -- virginia tags and a doughnut. we can tell you that the shots were fired from inside of a gated community.
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was when he heard the shots and immediately call police. the victim is an adult female. we are told she was shot in the head, rushed to the hospital, where she is now in grave condition. the suspect is still on the loose. we are watching as police interview the security guard and residents from the apartment complex -- again, i gated community here on wayne place -- as police tried to figure out exactly what happened. shots ringing out at 12:30 this morning. john gonzales, "good morning washington." larry: the principle of west potomac park school has resigned. last month, along with the assistant principal. officials say that his resignation has nothing to do with students, that it is a personal matter. autria: many no popstar rihanna --
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her song, work, but she was named the humanitarian of the year for opening a state-of-the-art cancer diagnosis treatment center. at 18 she started her believe foundation to help terminally children. >> i'm incredibly humbled by this, to be acknowledged at this magnitude for something that in truth i have never wanted credit for. autria: she says the mission of her organization is to impact as many lives around the world as possible. larry: the last call for one of the most famous hotels in america. new york's waldorf-astoria closing its doors for the next three years. it has hosted teams in queens, presidents, movie stars, since it opened in 1931. a chinese company has purchased the hotel and they will be converting hundreds of the hotel rooms into condos. check
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autria: sicily, tracking a huge ash cloud as mount aetna continued to a rapt during the night. the good news is that no one is in any danger but airports are having to change plans. the cloud of ash could ground international flights. larry: look at this, lightning tearing through the sky last night in missouri. getting pounded with a severe weather outbreak, a dozen vehicles and a semi truck were blown off interstate 55 after a tornado was spotted in the area. scary moments. veronica: it really is. autria: you have been saying that that is the same system that will bring us the storm? not that severe. it will be taking the edge off the system later today in our area, but 1:00, 2:00, we will start to see that line really coming together. is so warm
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sunshine. never too early to talk about this storm. if you are in your home, you have got your stormwatch 7 at -- , if you see it, stay inside. if it's a tornado warning, you don't want to leave. get to the safest place, your basement. in your car folks think you can stay under an underpass, but that's not a good area. the best thing to do is to drive to a sturdy building and seek shelter inside of that building. all things to keep in mind. stormwatch 7 will be keeping you updated throughout the day. here is the severe weather threat or today. ohio, west virginia, even up into pennsylvania. western maryland, hagerstown, winchester, this includes areas around leesburg, gaithersburg areas into frederick, maryland county. advancing east, northeast, and for us the biggest threat
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is that of scenes of damaging winds. it is low, but there is still a threat of isolated tornadoes, could have some hail, and maybe even a little bit of flash flooding. d.c.,ll totals north of hagerstown, frederick, leesburg area, baltimore, about one third, maybe 4/10 of an inch of area. high temperature today, 78 drop to by three :00 we the 60's. in the forecast coming up in about 10 minutes i will tell you when we could have a few wet snowflakes coming to the area. wow, bigs -- we change from one season to the next again. julie: you don't have to tell me about that. i don't want to know. [laughter] 270, fromthbound clarksburg to the main divide, a 21 minute commute. we had an incident southbound on the spur that was pulled to the shoulder, all lanes are open. that is what you
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divide. first street, an accident involving a bus and a bicyclist. you will find the activity here, first street and massachusetts avenue, follow police activity to get by. updating a ride on 395 in 10 minutes. larry? newy: a growing scandal, information after a jewelry chain is accused of sexually harassing its female employees for years. hang time.out what sparked a police chase the valiant taste times of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup... of course, ma'am. my apologies. c'mon, caesar. let's go. caesar on a caesar salad? surprising. excuse me, pardon me. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. could i get my parking validated? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry:
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louisiana, this is not from the set of a movie. a high-speed police chase ending with a truck going airborne and landing on top of another car. it all started when the deputy stopped the driver of the truck for speeding as the driver taunted the officer outside. the passenger hopped in the driver's seat and took off. hey, buddy, thanks a lot. the suspect was an escaped work release participant. miraculously, no one was hurt if you don't count the loss of the vehicle. crazy. allegations developing against sterling, they run kay jewelers and jerod, under fire for sexual harassment and discrimination claims. look.s your "gma" first >> this morning, allegations that sterling jewelers, the multibillion dollar company and theay jewelers jerod galleria of jewelry did
6:26 am
in a series of bombshell statements over claims of discrimination, hundreds of former and current female employees claim sexual harassment was widespread at the company. in sworn statements, female workers were told that they were -- they needed to perform sexual favors to get promoted or keep their job. sterling saying that they had for -- thoroughly investigated and concluded that they were not substantiated by the facts and did not reflect their culture. we will have the latest details, coming up at 7:00 with your -- 7:00. with your "gma" first look, kendis gibson.
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autria: 6:30 now, our team of stormwatch meteorologists are working hard, preparing you for severe storms. the same system that spawned deadly tornadoes in the midwest is just a few hours from hitting the dmz. good wednesday morning, washington. v.j.,
6:31 am
warning us that this is on the way. veronica: yes, nearly two dozen tornado reports yesterday from this system, most of which were throughout illinois. ongoing tornado watches are now ahead of that system. for us we have only had a storm warning in garrett county, not seeing anything now. it's during the afternoon hours, going from green at lunchtime from your commuter forecast in :00, 4:00 oro 5:00, first part of that afternoon rush where the conditions will be such that you really need to use caution and be aware of what's going on. severe thunderstorm wondering's -- warnings are not out of the question either. the wind, coming up in a hurry. guesting thunderstorms until the last of them had through southern maryland. out the door this morning, short sleeves, expecting a high of 80 degrees. midday sunshine, with a
6:32 am
tracking the storms hour-by-hour, coming up. this afternoon's commute to be quite messy trying to get home. keep that in mind. lanes are open each way at the wilson bridge, trouble areas downtown. her street at massachusetts avenue, we have a crash involving a bus and a icicle list. police are still on the scene near columbus circle. southbound baltimore-washington parkway, delays are forming below greenbelt road. the accident there, tying up the left side of the highway. stick with 50 as you travel in from new carrollton. train number 302, that is where you have got delays. coupling with 302 because of mechanical issues, which is, according to them, a 45 minute process, so allow extra time for that. update your rides on the roads and rails. larry, back to you. mr. trump:
6:33 am
my job is not to represent the world. it is to represent the united states of america. larry: president trump delivering his first speech to a joint session of congress. larry: the president -- autria: a marked change in tone, making a case for unity. larry: newspapers noticing the shift this morning. "the new york times" headline reads "trump softens tone in outlining goals." autria: tell us what you think by going to arry: one democrat, giving failing grade, steve bashir giving the rebuttal, zeroing in on health care. beshear: you in congress seem determined to rip a formal health insurance from millions of americans who most need it. this isn't a game. it's life-and-death for people. larry:
6:34 am
we are getting your reaction to president trump's speech tonight. jummy olabanji, following the reaction on twitter. the speech breaking records on social media. jummy: a lot of people tweeting about it last night. here are some of the ones from across the region. he said that trump sent the bar -- set the bar so low for himself. here's another tweet coming in -- what he showed last night was true to term presidential potential. here's another tweet -- one good speech does not a good president make. one more to show you here, his first speech to congress, purchase american, higher american. another one from jordan, proud to be an american. joy anderson, "powerful speech, anyone upset with it is evil, grow up and unite for the good of americans
6:35 am
." a lot of people continue to tweak their feelings. feel free to send us yours as well. tweet at us. back over to you. side, seven is on your asking the one question that could save your life. if your house caught on fire, do you know how quickly you could get out? any report is out from the firefighter safety research institute, showing that energy-efficient homes that haveclose have hidden hazards. meaning that fires spread faster, putting her family and firefighters at risk. this nearly 10-year-old loudoun textbookme was a example. >> you use to have 17 minutes to get out of your house. the homeowner. you could get your keys, your dog, your kids in many cases, and safely get out of your home. that is down to three. and if you are asleep, three minutes is not a lot of time to get out of your home. larry:
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veronica: a stormy one today. here's the very latest on our stormwatch 7 radar. look at this cluster of lightning, a new cluster of storms likely to clip gareth county, coming right ahead of this weather front. flash flood warnings, i think we will see these extending right down south as the line comes into western tennessee, western kentucky, all part of the same 1:00,itting our area by 2:00 today. cumberland, towards areas of woodstock i 1:00. the line comes into the metro area by 2 p.
6:40 am
going to be today? make sure the you have a storm ready plan set to go for 5:00 p.m., the line is eastbound towards leonardtown, st. mary's, fast-moving, only talking about four hours, as fast as it will be moving it will be putting down the drain over a short time, there may be isolated flash flooding for today and a whole lot of wind coming up with the storm. one reason why it is a 7 weather alert 78, near record warmth for today. 80 degrees. again, the bulk of your stormy conditions, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. today, but even after 5:00 there still could be some lingering rains and gusting storms. leaving you with this, the wind miles per up to 45 hour or greater. winchester, throughout the area, once it passes there will still be some impact. far-reaching storm in the northeast corridor. that's
6:41 am
plans for today. julie? plans,if you have travel be prepared for the storms that veronica is talking about. the possibility of the wind taking down power lines, meaning some of your signals could be dark on the way home, so treat them as a four-way stop. couple with 302, but this is a 45 minute process that you want to allow time for. southbound, the crash was reported in the left lane, big-time apps coming from powder mill headed south, trying to work your way towards riverdale. on the other side of town, virginia, the crashes been moved to virginia, but again, delays are forming as you continue to work your way eastbound. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to your ride on 395. autria? autria: grading donald trump. out withm sweeney is the "good morning wash
6:42 am
day number two or we are out with our whiteboard. do they approve or disapprove of the streets? breaking it down, next. a community rallies behind targeted jewish schools and community centers. i'm suzanne kennedy, in rock health. a live of art is coming up.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. at six: 45. breaking this morning, a wave of deadly tornadoes -- 6:45, a wave of breaking -- of deadly tornadoes breaking this morning. illinois, missouri, indiana, awa. one man was killed by falling tree. missouri, another man died when a tornado blew dozens of junkyard vehicles onto the road when he was driving. from arkansas to indiana, 70 reports of hail, some of them up to the size of baseballs. several severe weather warnings are in place near chicago, little
6:46 am
a reminder to stay connected with us wherever you go. this is a great day to grab the free stormwatch 7 weather app, you can get the latest updates straight on your android or iphone. and finally get the job done. delivering his first joint speech before congress, we have been covering this all morning. the president, hammering home's plans for immigration, obamacare, and uniting the country. one person -- one thing that many noticed was a softer tone from the man in charge of what we have seen so far in his first month in office. we want to know what you think of the president's speech. .et us know at sam sweeney is out, talking with folks, grading the performance from last night. sam? sam: the most of my -- surprising thing i have learned this morning is that most evil we spoke to didn't even watch
6:47 am
most people told us they did not watch. but for those that did, take a look, you can see, we have been asking people all morning, did he pass or fail? most people, the majority, i would say, say that he passed. but it has been split for must -- much of the morning. i've been out here since 5:00, you can hear my voice is failing , shouting at people to ask if yes or no. most people say that he was more presidential than he has ever been. they were surprised. a lot of people were optimistic at the plan he laid out. the people who say that he failed said that he didn't layout any specifics for how he was going to accomplish the goals that he laid out. we are going to remain out here asking people if he passed or failed and we will know the results, coming up. to see ifs yesterday people were going to watch and overwhelmingly the majority said that they would not watch. we will see what happens as more people come in later who stay up later at night
6:48 am
perhaps the early people were already in bed and that is why they chose not to watch. back to you guys in the studio. congressional democratic women making a statement last night, making -- wearing white during the speech. white was the color worn i suffer jets they fought for the then's right to vote in early 1900s. representative nancy pelosi posted this picture to her twitter, saying "democratic women wear white in support of women's rights in spite of a president who doesn't." also: the president addressed threats made towards the jewish community in recent weeks. suzanne kennedy has more on what is planned in the day ahead. suzanne? suzanne: this event is less than an hour from taking place here in front of the charles e smith jewish day school in rock hill. this is one of the jewish schools and community centers that were targ
6:49 am
received a bomb threat just before school started on monday. the students sheltered in classrooms until the all clear was given. in fairfax they evacuated their 140 students on monday when they received a bomb threat. the school was deemed safe and students were allowed to return. in annapolis, the fire department there swept the school after receiving a similar call. firefighters found nothing there and the day went on as scheduled. five dozen community centers and jewish schools have been since january 9. we know that this event is going to start at 7:30. it is called tales, not bombs, with people showing up with signs and solidarity -- it is called bagels not bombs, with people showing up holding signs or solidarity. found aomeone threatening note left at a moue
6:50 am
exactly what the note said, but we know that someone left it at the mailbox of the islamic education society. last night the wizards spoiled the homecoming of kevin durant. it was a scary moment to start the game for the prince george's county native. his own teammate fell into his knee. look at this. clearly in a lot of pain, he left the game, not to return. he is expected to get an mri today to see how bad the damage is. as for the game, it would go down to the wire, but the wizards pulled out a win, tying a career high with 19 assists. way to go, he's on fire. larry: that's huge. storm system, also huge in terms of being expansive. veronica: exactly, really far-reaching, extending all the way down from the northeast to the tennessee valley.
6:51 am
delays, even at the airport. storm, 2:00, the 3:00, right when the kids get out of school. so, know where the kids are, where the school buses are. where you are going to be, have a storm ready plan that is set to go. severe thunderstorm warnings, make sure that you get the kids inside. look at this system, this is what we're talking about here in philadelphia, right into the d.c. metro area, including areas down to the south, hugging interstate 95 this afternoon, extending write-down towards areas like charlottesville. eventually coming through raleigh, north carolina. fast-moving thunderstorms. the biggest impact, the driving rain and even the wind for d.c. to areas around roanoke, you can see the warnings continue, including the flash flood warning. maybe some ponding coming our way
6:52 am
at about 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon. 75, 78, down to 64, that is what the front will do when it comes through. big temperature change for us, that's our look at friday, when we could have a few wet snowflakes coming through the area. enjoying pretty much a column commute this morning. we don't have a heavy wind that we are likely to have this afternoon. 95 northbound, this is where we have the crash tying up the left side of the highway as you push north round towards quantico. back in maryland, the bw parkway that slow your roll from powder mill road into riverdale. 270, checking for a crash that has been ordered southbound between falls and montrose. vre checking in -- bre, checking in
6:53 am
metro as an alternate. right now we are checking in with eileen, downtown at the tidal basin, warm temperatures are bringing out the cherry blossoms. are they not? eileen: they are. nearing 80 degrees. the big question, how is this going to impact the cherry blossoms? when will they be in peak bloom? peak prediction coming up today. mike is here from the national parks service to tell us. what is this in your hand? asked the envelope that contains the projected peak bloom date. at an: press conference later today. can you maybe give me any insider information as to how this warm winter is going to affect peak bloom? >> coming off of a record warm february, almost no snowfall to speak of.
6:54 am
to peak bloom. the average is april 4. probably not spilling any state secrets that the date is likely to be earlier than that. how early? we will find out this morning. eileen: when was the earliest peak bloom? >> march 15, 1990. the latest was april 18. we don't have to worry about that one. how close to the early date that we get? we will find out shortly. eileen: you have got that pink envelope, sealed. what exactly defines peak bloom? >> when 70% of the year she know hitoshino variety trees bloom. they most famously ring the tidal basin. guys, bac
6:55 am
autria: exciting day. what's going on in the now, kidd. kidd: our producer pointed out, we hope it is the right envelope. [laughter] autria: what does the outside say? kidd: september 22. [laughter] kidd: blair is warren beatty? [laughter] -- kidd: where is warren beatty? [laughter], reporting this morning that katy perry and orlando bloom are taking a break. even though they were spotted together on sunday. both camps out with a statement saying that before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, they can confirm that they are taking a respectful, loving peace. larry: love not in bloom? kidd: sorry to see them split. jimmy kimmel announced trump free tuesday. >> tonight we are
6:56 am
free tuesday. [laughter] tonightresident spoke in front of a joint session of congress. and we are going to ignore it. for a very good reason. the reason is that i need a break from it, to be honest with you. tonight if anyone says the name of the orange colored man with the russian boyfriend, they will have to put $100 into that jar. ok? did theephen colbert exact opposite, a live show with a minute by minute of everything. they are all picking her lanes of where they want to go. pence he loved that mike and paul ryan had to buy one get one free blue suit deal. [laughter] kidd: exactly. time for a 60 second express. heart. for my >> the speech and the reality are very far apart.
6:57 am
in four states. a man was killed, sending up junk from a junkyard onto the roadway. >> that is when a line of very strong storms is due to move to the area, this afternoon. >> shots fired literally feet from a school in southeast. the victim is an adult female, shot in the head, in great condition. >> one dozen schools in jewish community centers were targeted on monday, outside the charles smith upper school in rockville. the event here, called bagels not bombs, starting this morning. the wizards
6:58 am
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good morning, america. president trump strikes a new tone overnight. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> delivering an optimistic message in his first address to congress. outlining an ambitious agenda suggesting a possible shift in immigration policy. >> i believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible. >> and the emotional moment when the wife of a fallen soldier brought to tears was introduced. live in washington, d.c. with the vice president and democratic leader this morning. severe weather alert. a deadly tornado outbreak overnight. 22 reported twisters from iowa to tennessee destroying homes, tossing cars off the road. with winds over 100 miles an hour, now the system is moving


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