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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning -- new fallout from president trump's claim accusing president obama of wiretapping. hear why the fbi director now wants the justice department to step in. plus, the new travel ban rolls out today we're live in washington with the details. breaking news, as north korea launches more missiles while the u.s. and south korea hold their meetings newel allegations that isis has used chemical weapons in the iraqi city of mosul. and caught on camera. close call on highway in texas. the quick reactions that kept everybody safe. and a
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all. president trump has a full day of meetings ahead with cabinet members as the fbi refutes his allegation that former president obama wiretapped him. >> in fact sources say fbi director james comey is now calling on the justice department to publicly reject the claims as the president calls on congress to investigate them. abc's lana zak has the latest from washington. >> reporter: today the senate is expecting to hear more from the attorney general jeff sessions from his meetings with russian ambassador. overshadowing that is the fallout from the president's twitter fallout. the president provided no evidence to back up these claims and senior justice department official told abc news the director of the fbi himself james comey has asked the justice department to publicly reject the president's five twitter statements as false. the former director of national
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intelligence james clapper is pushing back as well. >> as i oversaw at dni there was no wiretap mounted against the president-elect at the time or a candidate. >> reporter: even members of the president's own party are having difficulty defending the tweet storm. >> i have never heard that allegation made before by anybody. >> at this point i have seen no evidence of what he's allege zblrd senator susan collins a member of the senate intelligence committee told face the nation they would investigate the claim. >> it probably would be helpful if he gave more information or if he just didn't comment further and allowed us to do our work. >> a spokesperson for the former president never authorized any wiretaps on u.s. citizens. any suggestion otherwise is simply false.
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kendis and diane. the trump administration is expected to unveil its new travel ban today e revoking and replacing the original executive order that was blocked by a federal court. the new immigration order removes iraq from a list of countries that will face a 90-day travel ban. house respect are also expected to introduce legislation early this week to repeal and replace obamacare. they're hoping to push the bill through the house by the end of the month. still some disagreement over how to pay for it. we have been following some breaking news overseas this morning from the korean peninsula a defiant show of force. north korea firing four missiles toward the sea of japan.
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shinzo abe is calling a clear violation of u.n. supreme court council violations. american officials said today's missiles posed no threat to north america. expect a greater show of force from the u.s. as it tries to hold back isis in syria. 500 american special forces arrived in the northern city over the weekend. the pentagon is calling for more u.s. ground troops along with helicopters and weapons supply. a plan to get control of the city of raqqa. >> speaking of isis, some disturbing allegations out now about the reported use of chemical weapons in mosul. >> yeah, women and children are said to be among the victims. abc's alex marquardt joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. both the united nations and the red cross say they suspect a chemical
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by isis in the eastern part of the city of mosul which u.s. backed forces have taken back from isis. around a dozen of people have been treated for what could be expotion to chemical agents. among the wounded are several children who are showing the telltale signs of an attack. isis is known to use chemical weapons in the past. the chemical attack hasn't been yet to confirmed. if it's confirmed it will constitute a war crime. >> alex the bigger picture here, but if isis loses mosul they lose their last foothold in iraq, right, what's the progress there? >> this is a slow and tight fight. the battle is for the western half of the
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iraqi troops are being backed up by american advisers and air strikes. they managed to take back some of that territory. western mosul is this maze of old narrow streets making for very difficulty street to street fight. on top of that you have hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped inside. american military officials acknowledge this battle is going to take quite some time. kendis, diane. >> already so many concerns about those civilians and now chemical warfare making it even worse. alex, thanks. and it appears efforts by the chicago police department might actually be paying off. the city went six days without a homicide. sadly that hasn't happened in four years. so far the city has had fewer murders in 2017 than at this point last year. president trump has threatened to quote send in the feds if chicago can't control the violence. winter
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advisories in effect fors much of the western mountain areas. the snow is falling in the sierra where an additional foot or two could fall by the end of the day. that heavy snow will affect travel along highways in northern california and oregon. >> the danger is from wildfires with winds gusting up to 50, 60 miles per hour in some parts. several wildfires in oklahoma forcing some se vac wags. a big move in the fight against fake news going on right now on facebook. >> speaking of facebook, some u.s. marines are under investigation for what they allegedly posted in a secret facebook group. plus, what goes up must come down -- sometimes. some thrill seekers down under have trouble at an amusement park.
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say good-bye to the old georgia archives building. it was reduced to rubble yesterday imploded by 500 pounds of explosives as you can probably guess from the cheers this was done on purpose. 20 years ago it was discovered that the building was sinking. the ar chooifs had been moved to a new building. an alleged photo scandal. looking into veteran's claim that some marines distributed hundreds and possibly thousands of new photos of female colleagues on a secret facebook gro group.
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income tax audits are at their lowest point in a decade. budget cuts have reduced the number of cuts to conduct those audits. it doesn't mean you can get away with cheating. the tax agency still audited more a million returns last year. you might this see this disputed news tag on facebook. the social network began using the label over the weekend. the tags include explanations of the stories that are disputed but items will still be visible. there may be several days before those stories are all labeled by disputed news. nintendo, aimed at stopping the people tasting the equipment. >> apparently this started with one person putting the small cartridge in his mouth. he immediately regretted it and
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which means, of course, others had to try it for themselves. >> the cartridge coating was made to taste so bad that gamers and kids wouldn't put them in their mouths. apparently it's not working it sounds like it had the opposite effect. >> yeah, so much for eating the dust, they're eating the competition and then doing that. when we come back back -- an alleged assailant walking arou d around. and this scene on a highway in houston. hold on, everyone, we'll be right back. before we hit the beach, i've gotta hit the loo. we can't stay here! why? terrible toilet paper! i'll never get clean! way ahead of you, big daddy. aww charmin ultra strong. it's washcloth-like texture helps clean better. it's four times stronger... ...and you can use less.
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that trop50 could taste so good and still have 50% fewer calories. can i stop, jane? no. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% fewer calories. this raging brushfire about 80 miles north of miami brought traffic on interstate 95 to a stand still. visibility was near zero because of the thick smoke.
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fire's now under control and the highway reopened after six roads. wet roads from the central gulf coast to the great lakes and into the dakotas. west of there, heavy snow likely in the western mountains. >> mother nature could cause some problems at airports in kansas city, new orleans, memphis and chicago. the man arrested on sexual assault charges in omaha is now accused of other recent sexual assaults in three states. >> police said he couldn't have caught by a surveillance tape. abc's linsey davis with the story. >> reporter: scary moments caught on tape as this masked man creeps around the lobby of an omaha hospital. a female employee gets up from a back office. the alleged assailant springs into action. tries to force herself into a nearby bathroom but she fights back and manages to
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mask off his face. the man flees but comes for the mask. police say the suspect is 29-year-old zachary lee person, this morning investigators are crediting the brave hotel worker for their success in eye debit mying the person. the douglas county sheriff says he believes he would have struck again. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> linsey will have more on that story a little bit later on "good morning america." to down under we go. we look up at a roller coaster that came to an unexpected end in australia. this video is from a park on the gold coast. reports say six people were rescued from the high ride known as the buzzsaw. they're okay. officials say an auto stop -- i guess, they were supposed right back down. >> they got stuck up at the top.
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also caught on camera, this terrifying scene on a highway in houston. just as this white and red tractor-trailer tries to merge the driver loses control, the truck folds into itself. no reports of injuries here. it wasn't even any damage to any other cars. >> wow. very fortunate there. so, what organizers are calling the last race on earth officially gets under way today. >> the iditarod. held in anchorage, alaska, saturday. 72 teams and about 2,000 dogs will start that trek hoping to make it all the way to nome. for the first time in the race's history, mushers will be allowed to carry cameras for security reasons. it's supposed to be negative 40 in some parts
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let's get highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. two basketball games to talk about. >> call the i.t. guy. isaiah thomas and the celtics visiting the suns. frantic finish here. 11.9 seconds to go in the fourth quarter. after thomas makes a free throw, suns down by two. eric bledsoe pushes in up court, keeps it and lays it in. we're tied with 4 seconds left. celtics inbounds. thomas can't handle it. tyler throws it up and drops with no time left on the clock. the turnover by boston. ulis' first-ever game buzzer-beater. warriors,/knicks. knicks down by six. ron baker, up and under.
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spike's enjoying it. porzi in, gis for three. but the splash brothers respond. klay thompson with the one-point lead, nails the three. the lead is seven. there's the dagger from steph. steph back over carmelo. the warriors beat the knicks, 112-10 a. >> that's it for us. have a good morning, america and a better than average day. >> i agree. >> okay, up next in the pulse -- speed to burn at the nfl combine. the big prize one player missed out on because of the shoes he was wearing. >> if you love wine and coffee, well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a drink for you. stick around for the details coming up. another lost sock. er wonder why they leave? the abuse.
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♪ ♪ time to check the pulse. an nfl prospect has learned a very valuable business lesson to always read the fine print. >> so, it appeared as though john ross won himself an island $1 million. adidas offered up the island to anyone at the nfl combine broke the event's 40-yard dash record. >> he did that. part of the condition you had to be wearing adidas. he was wearing nikes. the former university of washington player took things in stride. he said he doesn't swim well or own an aboat. he would haven't an appreciation for his own island. take that adidas. the order of the day in england. >> where dozens of couples huffed and puffed their way through the wife
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competition. the men hauled their ladies through a 400-yard obstacle course. the wife had to weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. win the coveted barrel of ale. wine-infused coffee, it's a thing. it's the work of the molinari cafe in california. >> it starts as beans that relax in a beautiful wine absorbing the wine's nose and history. that's quote. i'm not sure what half of it means. >> tasters say it's rich and full body and apparently people like it because it's currently sold out but they say they're making more. and finally, a wild ride with a cyclist that's nothing like this.
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>> that. >> this one keeps pace right next to a new york city bus. >> of course it stays right next to the bus because it's drawn on the window of the bus. to make some tight squeezes between the bus and other vehicles. it's mesmerizing. >> it's an oddly fascinating video hitting it big online, nearly 5 million people have already morning washington. it's march 6th, and the work week is just starting. meteorologist eileen whelan will have your forecast in just a moment-- but first, some stories we have been following overnight. f-b-i director james comey is asking the justice department to publicly refute president trump's unsubstantiated claims that president obama wiretapped trump tower in new york. comey has reportedly said the allegations are false and imply the f-b-i broke the law. several former obama administration officials as
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and president trump has publicly offered no proof to back up the claim. some good news for president trump regarding alleged connections between his presidential campaign and the russian government. former natinal intelligence director james clapper, coming to his defense on nbc's "meet the press" over the weekend. clapper says during his tenure, his agency found no evidence of collusion between trump campaign officials and russia agents. good morning washington. toss to eileen - cold morning - milder the next few days (50s today, 60s tue & wed) - showers tomorrow - much colder next weekend - dst begins today: partly to mostly cloudy. milder. highs: 53-61 winds: s 5-8 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. stray shower. lows: 42-48 winds: s 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy, warmer, and breezy. showers, especially after 5pm. highs: 64-68 winds: s 10-15 g 25
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happening today-- president trump is expected to sign a
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at the department of homeland security. this follows weeks of controversy and postponements. the previous executive order was halted by the courts on constitutional grounds. immigration attorneys with legal aid' are now on standby at dulles international airport, waiting for the new executive order. the group trained more than 120 volunteers last week. we will have a live update on this story coming up at 5 am. the naval criminal investigative service is investigating hundreds of marines amid allegations they shared nude photos of female marines, veterans and others. some of the photos were allegedly taken wh
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knowledge and shared via a secret facebook page titled "marines united." the page was revealed by "the war horse" -- a nonprofit news organization run by a marine corps veteran. the photos have since been removed. an update out of flint, michigan. city officials say it could take another two years before the water crisis there-- is over. mayor karen weaver says a new water treatment plant isn't expected to built until august 20-19. you may remember-- flint's water supply contained dangerous levels of lead-- after the city switched its water source three years ago. residents are still not using tap water for cooking or drinking. the paper towel company, brawy, is replacing its iconic brawny man with a woman.. for women's history month. the move is part of the hash-tag "strength has no gender" initiative. brawny's parent company, georgia-pacific, started it. it's aimed at celebrating women in science, technology, engineering, and math. brawny woman rolls are available in eight-roll packages all throughout march..
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nationwide. it's xx and we're just getting started. next this morning - trump's weekend tweets. the director of the f-b-i weighs in on the presiden't claim his phones were tapped. also next, tsa changes. the new patdown the next time you go through security. good morning washington. - cold morning - milder the next few days (50s today, 60s tue & wed) - showers tomorrow - much colder next weekend - dst begins today: partly to mostly cloudy. milder. highs: 53-61 winds: s 5-8 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. stray shower. lows: 42-48 winds: s 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy, warmer, and breezy. showers, especially after 5pm. highs: 64-68 winds: s 10-15 g 25
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a tweet from president trump sparking a political


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