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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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works as an i.t. engineer at the "washington post." for reasons unknown he picked suburban falls church as the stage for his fantasy game as an i.c.e. agent. >> in one sense osterman lived a normal life, residing in the gaithersburg home with a wife and young child? the charging documents allege the 35-year-old israeli native spent much of his spare time on the streets of falls church, wearing a bulletproof vest with i.c.e. insignia. police say he used the phony federal uniform to enforce criminal laws as he saw fit. >> last month, the f.b.i., montgomery county s.w.a.t. and falls church p.d. stormed his home and recovered seven handguns, assault rifles, shotgun, tactical vest, magazine, bu
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baltimore county police badge and a working police radio. multiple sources confirm he works as an i.t. engineer at the "washington post." the newspaper only telling us it is aware of the situation. [knocking] today, no answer at oster man's front door but moments later this man emerged entering a car in the back alley. >> you live in the home? >> do you know mr. osterman? >> what do you want? >> we are here because mr. mr. osterman -- well, he is currently out on bond facing criminal charges in montgomery county. it's very likely the feds will take over the case. larry: the following weeks of the court challenges today the trump administration unveiling revised travel ban. >> the focus is onp
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entry of the new foreign nationals from the six designated countries. accordingly, it is important to note that nothing in this executive order affects existing lawful permanent residents or the persons with the current thorrization to enter the homeland. jonathan: iraq is no longer included the 90 day travel ban from the six majority muslim countries. it was seven. to repeat the repeat after the first executive order was launched the new ban goes in effect march 17. people should know this now. there are no longer religious preferences attached. a four-month ban includes those from syria. backlash has been quick. the response is instantaneous. protest of hours for the details. >> jeff has reaction. >> we have another rally to get going against the
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ban. this is sponsored by casa an immigrant rights group that have been active in the past several months. they had opposition for a different perspective. >> new language does not change what they say is an old message from president trump. >> the policy is nothing more than the old muslim ban in sheep's clothing. >> it was signed by the president behind closed doors. it does not impact the dual citizens and those with the valid u.s. visas. >> no system can be made infallible, the american people can have high confidence we are identifying ways to improve vetting
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entering the country. >> dulles airport the scene of the days long protest and rallies after release of the first travel ban in january was quiet today. those volunteering services to those impacted by the travel ban are on site. >> i applaud trump for his decision. >> the roll out of the first travel ban did not go well but he believes this will improve national security. >> i hope it goes well. >> the rally was moved across the street from the white house and is set to get going in a couple of minutes. this is sponsored by casa. mark herring sued following the release of the first travel ban.
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oppose the executive order. he is monitoring the developments closely. outside the white house, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kimberly: new fall-out tonight after the sweet of president trump to accuse obama of wiretapping the phone. source tells cnn the facebook director james comey was, "incredulous" about the allegation. president obama's staff says it is false. still today, the white house spokesman stood by it saying the president believes something happened. jonathan: gavin grimm the transgender teen suing over access are not get the day before the supreme court. after learning the case was sent to the lower court he called it disappointing. >> i don't think it signifies a loss or incredibly detrimental outcome. we are focused to move toward. you can't predict everything in a case.
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jonathan: the court now has to determine if the title ix protection applies to gender identity. in a prior ruling they cited obama policy that allowed students to use whatever bathroom corresponds with the gender identity. last month the trump administration canceled that guidance. kimberly: a suspect charged in gang-related murder of girl wearing a court ordered g.p.s. at the time of the killing. damaris rivas found dead earlier in year. ten people are charged in the murder. one of them was wearing an ankle bracelet because she was on probation. the juvenile has not been identified. larry: caught on tape. you have to see the surveillance video. >> just to see that from a person that we are supposed to look up to in the community hurts. kimberly: an officer of
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offensive facebook post. that's ahead. steve: we are tracking showers. it won't amount to a lot but it's to the west of us. we talk temperatures monday evening in washington. looking at 52 degrees in leesburg. 54 at reagan national airport. milder day tomorrow and then we are tracking showers for tomorrow afternoon and everything. have you heard the news? winter could make a comeback for the upcoming weekend. more coming up.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: developing now, remains were found in fort washington. skytrak7 was flying over the scene of franklin square park. that is where skep tall remains were found outside a -- skeletal remains were found outside a shopping center. kimberly: listen to this. alexandria public schools will be closed wednesday. the closure comes after more than 300 staff members requested off. it is believe the call-out are tied to wednesday a day without a woman protest. >> this is safety for us. in terms of covering the classes and making sure we can deliver of the instruction in an adequate way as well. kimberly: the deal, wednesday will be considered a teacher work day
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the snow days this winter it is unlikely the students will have to make up the day later in the year. jonathan: a man is dead and a woman is critically hurt after a house fire last night. at first crews said the hazardous hoarding conditions made it hard to get inside to fight the fire. friends, however, say the couple had to close a store and they kept the inventory in their home. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. there were smoke alarms inside the house. they just weren't working. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- an alert for flyers. the t.s.a. says you can expect more patdowns as they try to protect travelers. the reasoning and the reaction just ahead. plus -- >> a charles county community is outraged. officer is now suspended following a horrific crash that killed two teenagers. i'm ryan hughes. i have details coming up.
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jonathan: check this out. the guy in the dark colored car gets out to rob a guy in the light colored car. that guy is not having any of it. fighting for the backpack. go
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tugging on his own backpack to save it from the guy stealing it. he goes after the would-be robber again and again. then it comes to an end after he gets -- the bad guy gets it. now the good guy comes around. he says i have had enough. he gets in the car and takes off. this was caught on tape and it happened at 14th street february 19. if you recognize this guy, especially the guy in the dark car the police want to hear from you. kimberly: this scene takes your breath away. look at the car right there. two teenagers were killed in a crash in waldorf. now the charles county sheriff officer is suspended because he posted about it on facebook. as the ryan hughes reports the words he wrote are what ignited the outrage. >> the past couple of days i haven't been getting sleep. i have been restless and crying every day and night. ryan: valerie still raw with emotion after her best friend 17-year-old desmond cooke was killed in a horrific crash in waldorf. she stopp
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remoral today. it's her way to be close to him. >> no parent should have to bury her child. >> colin bipat was also killed. he lost control and struck a utility pole at smallwood and st. nicholas drive. speed was a factor. only hours later charles county officer rob glove posted this on -- rob glover posted this. "expletive. shouldn't have been driving that fast." >> if that was your child would you post that on his facebook? you wouldn't. >> to see it from someone we look up to in the community hurts. >> it drew outrage from the community. today, rob glover, a to-year veteran was suspended pending further action. sheriff barry released a statement saying, "since i became sheriff a goal is to foster relationship with the community built on integrity, respect, service and compassion for others. one disgusting comments
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insensitive sentence and an officer's total lack of judgment has the potential to harm that relationship." the two teens were seniors at west lake high school set to graduate in june. in waldorf, ryan hughes, abc7 news. jonathan: nude photos of marines. new developments in a photo sharing scandal that is rocking the marine corps. the n.c.i.s. is investigating hundreds of marines accused of sharing nude photos of female marines, veterans and others. some of the pictures taken without the suspects knowing the pictures were being taken and some of this ending up on a secret facebook page. one person has been disciplined so far. the t.s.a., the transportation security administration implementing a new pat-down procedure. kimberly: calling it more comprehensive, it replaces five existing patdown styles. the new procedure comes after a study found that some t.s.a. agents were unable to find hidden
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row action to the change is mix -- reaction to the change is mixed. >> i will be safer if they pat me down or someone else. >> they won't have enough individuals to do the patdown. we will miss flights. they are not concerned if you miss a flight. kimberly: they are concerned about your safety. travelers are usually patted down if they set off the scanners or opt not going through the body scanner. you heard about the 3d printers making objects and even food. jonathan: this one takes the cake. it goes beyond anything you could have thought about. how about making an entire house? it happened. a russian company made the home using a 3d printer and it only took one day. tell that to your contractor. it's 1100 square feet. the maker wants to reinvent construction to help improve the living conditions right now. this is a cool place. kimberly: that blows my mind. jonathan: there is the plumbi
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kimberly: beautiful. did i hear you say "snow"? steve: i know! after a whopping 1.4 inches this season, this month we could look at wintry weather this upcoming weekend. so many days off and the exact track and how it will come together will be seen but we have a new blog at check it out. this is what we are thinking now. there are a couple of scenarios out there. the highs made it up to 504 near average for this time of the year. 52 at this hour in leesburg. it's a 4 at reagan national -- 54 at reagan national. upper 40s to hagerstown. middle 40's in cumberland. 50 in culpeper. if you like warmer temperatures, on the way. temperatures tomorrow are close to 60 and 7 o over the
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a few showers are out there and won't amount to a lot around the immediate metro area. around the beltway. sprinkles here and there. they will be looking for rain in the next few hours. upper 40's to 50's. the wakeup temperatures tomorrow morning and a light jacket early on. you won't need it all day. grab an umbrella later in the afternoon. dry for the noontime hour. it's great news for the kids. moving in for the rush hour commute. it's wet roadways and things could slow down. not looking for the heavy rain but enough to get the surface a little slickness to it. take it
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evening? we get the shower activity out of here by wednesday morning. highs tomorrow in the upper 60's. some may see close to 7 o. then the cold front will move through. this happens early, early wednesday morning. once that happens the winds will change direction. cooler air will overspread the midatlantic. you will feel it on thursday, friday and saturday. the ten-day outlook for stormwatch7. 68 tomorrow. it's cooler for the weekend. potential for the wintry weather on sunday. also beginning of the daylight saving time. spring ahead by one hour and the temperatures will hold cooler than average for next week. jonathan: thanks. first the quarterback. kimberly: now what? jonathan: now the coach. robert: the coach. jay knows what he is doing or it seems that way. the redskins make it official with jay gruden. details on his contract extension. why the caps say now is not
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robert: well, the caps are in action tonight at verizon hosting the dallas stars. the caps aren't too shabby at home. on a 15-game winning streak at verizon. by the way, the stars have one of the worst road records in the nhl. they only won eight times away from american
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advantage. they have the pedal to the metal. should they ease up to save energy? >> that is what a professional and champions do. they push themselves to get better. you want to be playing at your best. you are only doing it and the stretch run upon us. robert: in football jay gruden won't have to look over his shoulder. they are extending his contract for two more years. now he is here until 2020. this is the first contract extension for a head coach that dan snyder has given. tonight a special guest, lorenzo alexander will join me on sports talk. we talk free agency, redskins and more.
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fun stuff. jonathan: the gruden move a good move? >> good move. i assume. back to back winning seasons. kimberly: snowflakes headed our way? >> not until the upcoming weekend. worth talking about now to keep in the back of the minds to get the milk and the it to paper and the bread. 68 is warmer. middle 60's on wednesday. upper 50's by thursday. cooler friday. chance for a mix then. then daylight savings time. the sun sets after 7:00. kimberly: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: thank you for watching. see you tonight at 11:00.
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cated pnc wealth management® team. tonight, several developing stories. president trump says president obama wiretapped him. but offers no proof. and this evening, the white house now doubling down on the explosive claim. even as the director of the fbi reportedly pushes back. and we have the former director of national intelligence right here tonight. also breaking, the new travel ban tonight. president trump signs his new executive order to replace the one blocked by the courts. and breaking news tonight on obamacare. part of the plan to replace it now revealed. scandal inside the marines. current and former marines accused of posting nude photos of female colleagues. the man shot outside his home after being told to, quote, get out of hurt


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