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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 24, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. decision day. top white house aides issue an ultimatum from president trump. demanding a vote on the health care bill saying it's now or never. >> we'll see what happens. it'll be a very close vote. >> the house just hours from voting after a flurry of activity on capitol hill overnight. can trump close the first big deal of his presidency? breaking news, two more arrests in that london terror attack overnight and new details about the suspect. a 52-year-old british citizen would converted to islam, isis calling him their soldier. as the death toll climbs, what we're now learning about the american victim, who was celebrating his anniversary as thousands paid tribute overnight. high school hero. the incredible moment caught on camera in a cafeteria. a
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the boy speaking out this morning right here on "gma." ♪ shut up and dance with me and drama in the big dance. >> that's it. >> xavier stunning arizona with a sweet 16 upset overnight. >> xavier has upset -- >> taking their celebration to the floor and the heartbreaking final seconds. >> goodness. >> that cost west virginia a win. now, a new round of showdowns just hours away. ♪ and good morning, america. happy friday to everyone. big day for health care after a pretty big night for basketball. >> big night for basketball. especially if you're an xavier fan. they had their lucky charm with them. take a look who is in the stands. bill murray himself. his son is an assistant coach for xavier and you remember he cheered on the cubs in the
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series and i believe every team they want bill murray on their side. >> they need bill murray on their side. >> he is a lucky charm. a live look at the house rules committee on capitol hill up and working early this morning. that is the committee where they'll set the terms for the debate today. big day ahead on capitol hill after a long night last night. >> early morning but lawmakers did work through the night trying to rally support postponing the vote until today. president trump's team says it is now or never. our congressional correspondent mary bruce has all the latest from capitol hill. quite a day, mary. >> reporter: good morning, well, that vote is coming even though its outcome is still uncertain. republicans this morning are plowing ahead after top white house aides came to the hill last night with a clear message from the president, hold the vote and if it fails move on. ready or not this morning house republicans say their health plan is headed for a vote. what's your plan b. >> that's no plan b we're passing it. >> reporter: his top aides on a miss
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an ultimatum frto republicans fm trump himself. the president wants an up or down vote now and if it fails trump is prepared to leave obamacare in place and move on to other priorities. >> this is the only train leaving the station that's going to be repealing obamacare and giving us an alternative to replace . >> reporter: speaker paul ryan emerging with a declaration, the vote is on. >> promising the american people we will repeal, replace this broken law because it's collapsing and failing families and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> reporter: but republicans remain divided over their replacement plan. >> this is not a repeal. this is a patchwork fix. >> reporter: they'd planned to vote thursday on the seventh anniversary of obamacare being signed into law but as the hours ticked by, no deal. >> we don't want to get overly optimistic. >> reporter: the president and vice president working the phone hosting skeptical conservatives at the white house. trump first getting a standing ovation. but
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the closer in chief unable to make a deal. >> there are not enough votes as of 1:30. >> reporter: do you think you'll be able to get this done ultimately. >> we always try to get to yes but -- >> not today. >> i think it would be a mistake to move forward today. >> reporter: shortly hosting truckers to talk health care at the white house the president was confident the vote would happen. >> we'll see what happens. >> reporter: but just minutes later that vote was canceled. now, as for what republicans will be voting on, the new version of the bill in addition to rolling back the medicaid expansion and using tax credits to buy insurance also no longer requires insurance companies to cover basic health services like maternity care, mental health treatment and even ambulance, but this morning it is still not clear if republicans have the vote to pass it. george. >> okay, mary, thanks. the big question now to the president's point man on health care, he was up on capitol hill late io
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white house budget director mick mulvaney. do you have the votes? >> don't know. that's up to the house to count their own votes. the president made his final pitch last night. made it clear we're all on the same page. the republicans all want the same thing. they want to get rid of obamacare and give people the control and the options that they want, the quality that they
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the latest poll from quinnipiac shows 56% disapprove this bill, only 17% support it. >> george, that always changes. i think i have a higher approval rating now than when i was in congress because i'm not in congress anymore. people still know what it means back home. the folks who are on obamacare and iowa is one of them know it means you can afford have to health insurance but can't go to the doctor. today is the day to change it. >> you have that latest score from the cbo shows this is not going to add coverage or bring premiums down anymore but add $200 billion to the deficit. >> keep in mind that the cbo does not score the other things that are already going on, what tom price is doing at hhs, the other legislation that we're pushing and, by the way, the cbo score is just wrong adding to the deficit because if it does it could not reconcile in the senate so that last part is probably not correct. >> it would reduce the deficit by $200 billion less than the previous plan. one of the promises made to the
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this will do away with the requirement that policies cover essential health benefits like maternity care, pediatric care, treatment for mental health and addiction problems, yet, the full impact of this isn't even going to be shown to the house members before they vote today. is that right? >> keep in mind on that first piece, states still have the ability to do that. in fact, many states do. i talked to many of my republican friends on the hill last night, in fact, we talked a lot of my republican friends including in the white house and probably had more people through here in the last week than president obama had in eight years but one thing they kept pointing out if they're from states that offer those already the federal government is not changing that. states still have the ability to offer those essential health benefits. what we're doing is taking the federal mandates away. >> what's at stake today? how important is this win to the president? >> i think it's very important. the president wants to get rid of obamacare. he's looked at the republicans in the house and said, look, you've had seven year
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on this. now is the time. say what you will about donald trump. this is not an ordinary politician. he wants to do it and do it now and also wants to move on to things like tax reform, infrastructure, restructuring the government, putting people back to work and not willing to wait the seven months an ordinary president would. that's the message i delivered on his behalf and i hope the republicans were listening. i they were. >> reports in "the new york times" the president is having second thoughts and thinks he should have done that first. >> i can assure you that conversation never came up. we promised to do it first. we're going to do it first. today is the chance in if you fail is it going to be that much hard story get it done because you won't have that $900 billion in revenue that you are getting from this bill? >> george, i've heard that a couple of different types. tax reform will also have to be reconcilable and will have to lower the deficit on its own and it will trn on its own two feet and just as importantly the tax
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president's working on now. when you see tax reform the first time it will be the president's plan and will drive the debate on ha. >> you don't know if you have the votes right now. how comfortable accident are you president trump can close the deal? >> i have a lot of confidence in the president. i've seen him talk -- like i said, more members in the last couple of days of both parties by the way and had democrat, republicans, conservative, moderates and everybody through the white house. i think we had 100 members of congress to the white house yesterday. the president's a tremendous salesperson and tremendous closer. i would pts count him out. >> director mulvaney, thanks for your time. >> thanks. >> let's bring in matthew dowd and cecilia vega. guts to call for that vote not knowing if he has the votes. >> i was struggling by your interview. two different things. the first thing was that what he said at the end which is no longer is tax reform tied to this, which is basically an acknowledgement that they could lose this and still try to do tax reform is the first time they've said that and the second
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the beginning of this when he basically said it's not up to us, the house counts the vote, leadership counts the votes so sort of point the fingers if we lose again it's not our problem. the problem they have, this is a political game of jenga. if they pull this out and it doesn't work all the other pieces for them fall. >> cecilia, the white house pulling out all the stops today. but you're not completely convinced the vote will actually take place. >> reporter: no, george. in fact, what i'm hearing the president is negotiating feverishly behind the scenes. i'm told he was on the phone for 45 minutes with speaker paul ryan last night. we know he had a lot of phone calls and has been having meetings here at the white house. look, the white house is certainly trying to project this air of confidence going into this vote. from what i'm hearing, though, from people involved in these actual negotiations that little of confidence doesn't necessarily exist inside behind closed doors. this is a sense the vote might actually not happen today if they're not able to round up the numbers and what from i hear the numbers are really
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now. >> it is so close, could go either way so, matt, you talked about the states and political jenga game. how does he recover if he doesn't get the votes. >> it is a huge problem and probably ruins his entire first 100 days which is already been problematic in here. i think what it does, it makes tax reform almost impossible. it makes the budget very difficult. it makes infrastructure plan he has tried to say he wants to do soon, put it in danger. it basically is a domino effect and if he loses this all the other dominos of the things he wants to get done are almost impossible. >> cecilia, even if he wins a tough road ahead in the senate for this health care bill. >> reporter: this is not a done deal. even if it passes today they still have a huge hurdle ahead of them and everything is on the line for just the perception of this white house, he ran as negotiator in chief. his book is "the art of the deal" and pulled up a couple of chap
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to walk away from the deal. this is why he put the ultimatum down and laid it out the night before. everything is on the line. this is his first big piece of legislation, if this one doesn't pass everything going forward is tainted for this white house. >> big day ahead and we'll break do you know all the fallout sunday on "this week." thanks to you both. amy. >> turning to london and new arrests overnight in that deadly terror attack. authorities taking two more people into custody as isis calls the attacker their soldier. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is in london with all of those new details. good morning to you, terry. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the focus today on the investigation into the attacker identified as khalid masood, british authorities are digging into his lock history of islamist radicalization looking to see if they missed any signs and if family, friends and associates were in on the plot. new images today of the moments of terror in london. you see the chaos and confusion as prime minister theresa may is hustled to
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her gars with weapons drawn in this video from the "sun" newspaper. these pictures of the attacker moments after he was taken down by police. this morning we're learning more about him, the man responsible for this deadly terror attack in the heart of london. authorities say 52-year-old khalid masood was a british citizen born adrian russelajoa living in birmingham where investigators are seen collecting evidence. masood had been investigated for ties to violent islamic extremism a decade ago after his conversion. in 2003 they concluded he posed a low risk. isis now calling him a soldier. overnight thousands gathering in london's trafalgar square to pay tribute to the victims. and the death toll is rising. a 75-year-old man succumbing to his in
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so now four killed in the attack. over 40 injured from 11 different countries. among the deceased veteran police officer keith palmer who gave his life protecting parliament. this might be the last image of him taken with a u.s. tourist just moments before he was stabbed by the attacker. and an american, kurt cochran of utah, 54, a musician visiting london with his wife melissa celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. >> the only word i could really describe it as is surreal. he did live his dream and not a lot of people get to do that. >> reporter: the roads are open again, parliament is back in business. london is back defiantly. amy. >> terry, authorities have said masood acted as a lone wolf. but if that's the case why so many other arests in this? >> reporter: that's an excellent question, amy. there have been eight arests so far. two of them last night that authorities have said are significant. it does seem the more that they dig into his
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they are finding perhaps more involved in the plot. >> terry moran, thanks. back here at home we have severe storms on the move. ginger has the latest. >> that's right. more than 70bf severe storm reports including this large hail in iowa. but look at this video this morning. on the cold side of this system we have blizzard warnings in colorado. that is what it looks like, visibility incredibly reduced. especially along i-25, limon in the blizzard warning along the palmer ridge, 5 to 10 inches of snow. a ton of wind alerts that go to lafayette, louisiana. conway, arkansas, in there, the front side or warm side of the storm this afternoon will produce severe weather. damaging wind and hail, the main threat, but you could see an isolated tornado anywhere in that yellow region. much more to come, michael. >> thank you, ginger. now to the big dance overnight xavier taking home a huge sweet 16 upset and there were some other nail-biting close calls out there and paula fa
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highlights. hey, paula. >> my heart is still palpitating. this is what it's about. three of last night's games, they went down to the final shot. to the final seconds and this morning we're talking about that david versus goliath match-up. xavier versus arizona and xavier doing what few thought was possible. overnight the upset of the tournament, the 11 seed xavier musketeers stunning the number two seed, arizona. >> that's it. xavier. >> reporter: accepting the wildcats packing, a team more than 12 million brackets thought would advance to the elite eight. >> scores. >> reporter: xavier's defense keeping arizona from scoring for the last three minutes, earning their first trip to the elite eight since 2008. was this fan their good luck charm? bill murray in the crowd to cheer on his son who is an assistant coach for the musketeers. as the first four teams pped their tickets to the elite eight reminders that the road is paved with broken brackets and lined
7:17 am
>> ooh. >> reporter: it's game over for michigan. this year's cinderella team, the wolverines hoping for their eighth consecutive win since their plane ran off the runway dropping a heartbreaker to oregon at the buzzer. >> for the elite eight, no. >> i had a good look at the basket and just didn't drop for me. >> reporter: number one seed gonzaga advancing over west virginia. >> goodness! >> reporter: the game a nail-biter to the very end but with 40 seconds left, west virginia missing three three-pointers in a row. >> miles now. clock expires and the game is over. >> reporter: some on social media calling it the worst possession ever. and posting memes like these. so four more games tonight, winners advance to the elite eight. as for xavier, they will play gonzaga saturday night. if they win this will be their first trip to the final four. >> was that
7:18 am
bell air" meme? carlton. >> a shot only a mother could love. >> bill murray being a lucky charm. they have a real good luck charm. >> they do and actually have what amounts to be a glass urn of ashes. let me explain. i'm sure your coves did some weird things but chris mack the head coach had an awful february, okay, you guys, they were playing poorly so printed out copies of the february schedule with the team's record, handed them out to each player and said white on the back something you're willing to sacrifice from here on out and burned all of those calendars in the locker room in a metal trash can, those ashes now on display throughout the tournament. seems to be their good luck charm. >> i know. okay. let's head to ginger with more fires, unfortunately, in the south. >> the fire garfield fire 600 acres burned just west of jacksonville and say they have it under control but more in the
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highs: 62-66 winds: sw 5-15 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-54 winds: sw 5 mph saturday: partly sunny. unseasonably warm. highs: 74-77 winds: sse 5 mph after two unseasonably
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coming up what's behind an apparent spike in missing teen cases in washington, d.c.? and that high school hero who saved his friend's life in the cafeteria jumping right into action. he is speaking out with that very lucky friend right here on "gma." hi, i'm paul. i switched to sprint because all networks are great. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. with sprint's unlimited plan and my amazing iphone 7 i've got all the data i need to learn the things i want to do. fourth video today. good thing i don't have to worry about overages. (vo) get unlimited data, talk and text. plus, hd video and 10 gbs of mobile hot spot $22.50 per month for 4 lines. and now, the offer everyone's been waiting for... for people with hearing loss, get iphone 7 on us. visit
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>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. breaking this morning, people had to climb down from a roof to escape a fire in wood bridge, broke out at the 30:00, ram rod road. they lowered themselves off the roof. 5 people including 3 children were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. right now, dc police are looking for two more missing teens, 16 years old, spotted 34th road and another critical missing team in southeast. 17-year old was last seen on statin road tuesday. coming up at 8:15 on good morning washington on news
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live on set to discuss a
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bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> reporter: a warm front moving through the area going to increase the chance for morning showers, especially north of dc later this a.m. headed into this afternoon, some sunshine increasing and not only that, but temperatures going to be rising into the low 60s, about 5:00 later today, and for this weekend it's only getting warmer. 73 on saturday for a daytime high with a mixture of clouds and sun. looks like the rain holding off until sunday evening. enjoy your upcoming weekend. >> reporter: wrong we're still with crash in charles county, susdown off 301 on newberg road. we're down in woodbridge, u.s. 1, northbound lanes approaching interstate 95. you can seal the crash on 66
7:27 am
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all right, go around me. you won't make it. >> i can ride. >> you crashed eight minutes ago on flat pavement. >> welcome back to "gma." and that is the new movie "chips." it's hitting theaters today and one of their stars, kristen bell, she is here later on in the show and, you guys, what if you could watch a movie -- the movie just came out but you could watch it from your home right after it hit the movie theaters. i like that. >> i like that too. >> it may be reality sooner than you think. >> that would be great. also right now, decision day on capitol hill. votes set to get under way today. president trump's top aides have issued an ultimatum saying it's now or never and if it fails the president will leave obamacare in place. that's what he is saying right
7:31 am
eight carries on with four big match-ups. big night of march madness ahead. now to that desperate search for missing teens in washington, d.c. nearly a dozen black and latina girls reported missing in recent days and authorities are now trying to raise awareness. abc's linsey davis is in washington with the very latest on this story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this is a story line that primarily gained traction online and there are those in social media who say that tom brady's missing jersey got more coverage than these missing girls but d.c. police say it's not a matter more girs are missing but simply doing a better job of getting the word out when people do go missing. these are the alarming posts catching the attention of social media users. a series of tweets by washington, d.c. police asking to help find nearly a dozen black teenage girls reported missing over the course of just three days. >> all of a sudden we have a lot
7:32 am
>> reporter: they are among 38 people in total listed as missing. some of them described as citically missing on d.c.'s metropolitan police site. many of them young blacks or latino teenage girls. >> if we have a child missing it should be known there is a possibility that -- >> reporter: hundreds of concerned citizens packed an emotional town hall meeting wednesday night worried all these vanished teens represent a disturbing spike in crime and questioning if plaque and latino girls are being targeted. >> we can't go nowhere by ourselves. we can't do nothing because we have to worry about somebody trying to take us. >> reporter: but city officials explain there aren't more missing teen, there's just more awareness. part of a new effort by a police department often accused of overlooking cases of missing people of color. >> i just implemented a process to ensure that all critical missing persons receive the same level of police service and media attention. >> reporter: according to d.c.
7:33 am
police, all 38 people currently missing walked away voluntarily. and four of the eight in the initial tweet that garnered so much attention have since been located but the concern is that those are still missing may now be in real danger. >> when they go missing, guess what, you have a child out there and there are people in our community that will prey on those children. >> reporter: the concern is if authorities don't publicize their cases, they could end up like 8-year-old relisha rudd. until a few weeks ago she was the only missing person on the site after she vanished three years ago this month. her mother spoke to a local station at the time. >> come back home to your mother safely in her home and i love you. >> reporter: seen here just days before her disappearance, many felt her case didn't get enough coverage. she has never been found. >> that community had no idea that this was an issue that was going on in their own
7:34 am
and by the police being transparent and putting out all missing person cases, it brings about awareness. >> many of these cases don't end up rising to the level of an amber alert and that's something that some in the black community point to as a sign that when black children go missing they don't get the same attention and coverage as when white children go missing but the police chief here points out that under the current guidelines an amber alert can only be issued if it's believed that the child has been abducted or that they are in imminent danger of injury or death. amy. >> all right, linsey, thank you. joining us now is abc consultant brad garrett and sunny hostin. thank you both for being with us. brad, residents in d.c. understandably alarmed at this news. what stands out to you about this particular case or these cases? >> well, one of the keys, amy, is actually figuring out and the police chief alluded to it as to who is actually in deep
7:35 am
while they're missing. 2,000 kids go missing today. 800,000 a year, the vast majority within hours or days are found. so you've got to sort out where can these kids potentially be. and are they in harm's way. and that's going to be the real key and does take a lot of energy to get to that end point. >> we mentioned residents are alarmed but they're also understandably outraged at the lack of attention this story, these stories often get. why the discrepancy? >> well, there certainly is a disparity between when you have a missing person of color and a missing white person. missing white woman's syndrome, the term was coined when there is a missing person of color but i think it starts in the way that they are classified. if someone is classified as a runaway they certainly don't get media attention. they do not get police attention. they need to be classified very, very quickly as either missing or
7:36 am
get the media attention that is needed. >> so it starts with law enforcement. >> i do believe that it starts with law enforcement and this mislabeling between runaway and missing makes them more susceptible to human sex trafficking. 40% of people that are missing are in this human sex trade but because they aren't covered, these cases aren't covered it makes them more susceptible to being taken. >> so disturbing, brad, given what sunny said what can investigators do to find them given the amount of time that's transpired? >> the key with kids this age are social media and phones. that's how they communicate. i'm going to guess if they still have access to either one of those, they're going to communicate with people that are in their circle. the real key is going to be for the police to have a network amongst social media, amongst their relatives and every commonplace this child has a history, because let's face it a 13-year-old or 14-year-old doesn't have a ways and means of protecting
7:37 am
anything and so they're going to be connected to someone. >> all right. we certainly hope these families get their answer, brad garrett, sunny hostin, thank you both for joining us this morning and we'll send it over to michael now. >> amy, coming up in just two minutes that high school freshman who jumped into action to save his friend's life.
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we are back now with that incredible video of a high school freshman in wisconsin who jumped in to save his choking classmate. t.j. holmes you're here with this incredible story caught on camera. >> we all know he's been around for years. heimlich maneuver. we know that name and think we have an idea what we would do. this kid now a teenager who took a course in the heimlich maneuver is now giving us all a lesson in what you should do in an emergency. it seemed like just another day in the high school cafeteria for ian brown until this terrifying moment. take a
7:40 am
group of friends when his classmate across the lump table will olsen starts violently coughing and gesturing his arms signaling for help. he's choking. >> we couldn't tell if he was choking or just laughing and coughing at the same time and eventually what started to give it away was the redness in his face and then the hand motions to his neck. >> reporter: watch brown just a freshman calmly leap into action. he walks over to olsen and performs the heimlich maneuver just four times dislodging the food from his throat and in a matter of seconds saving his friend's life. >> i felt thankful i had ian, a friend that had the training to do what he did. >> reporter: brown says he learned to do the heimlich during first aid taping in a police department in wisconsin. >> i felt like i was doing what i was trained to do. i wanted to be a police officer and that's what they trained me to do. >> you see the student jump up. >> reporter: we stopped about i a local fire department breaking
7:41 am
>> the student jumps right in and starts a quick intervention with those abdominal thrusts in the heimlich maneuver and definitely saves this kid's life. >> reporter: choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional accidental death and the heimlich maneuver is credited with saving over 100,000 lives since the technique was created in 1974. and this morning, misdemeanor are crediting brown's quick action for saving a life. >> we can all say that he did an excellent job at taking that initiative. >> all right. and it's good to have reminders, been around since 1974. how about a fresher course. i have this training vest on, choking training vest. ginger is going to help me out and be my rescuer. >> i'll do my best. >> you see somebody choking. >> they make this gesture. first tell somebody to call 911. you want to help them out. i'll help ginger do it. you want to tilt them over and hit them in the back between the rib cage giving moo he a good pop. you need to do that to dislodge it. if that doesn't work
7:42 am
arms around the person with your fists there and cover that fist right above the belly button and give thrust, there goes the piece. >> a training vest. >> this is the first time ginger has saved my life. >> hopefully the last. >> but really it's -- we know it. it's been around a long time but always good to have a refresher course in what to do. that kid was cool as a cucumber. >> right above the belly button. >> you only have a few seconds to react. >> you didn't panic, t.j. >> well, catch me after the show. >> coming up on our big board, new crackdown on scam robocalls and how you may be able to watch huge blockbusters after they hit theaters. we're back in two minutes. never waver. ♪ because going around
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like your alarm clock -- right on time. your parking space. seriously? [ car alarm chirps ] girls' night -- always there. and avocados from mexico -- they're always there because they're fresh all year 'round. ♪ avocados from mexico or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. come on! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks for a full 30 days. good boy. go for the gold. we're back with our big board and rebecca jarvis at the table for our first story.
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these cons claim to be from the irs. well, one police officer in wisconsin has gone viral after he posted this video of him returning a call from one of the scam artists. let's take a look. >> is it the irs? >> that's correct. >> can you tell me your name and badge number, please. >> all right, this is james maxwell. >> can you go ahead with your badge number and your name and then i'll give you a call back in a little bit. >> this is james johnson. >> i thought you said it was maxwell last time. >> james maxwell johnson, sir. >> he thought pretty quickly. >> not good enough. that police officer obviously pretty smart right there. these scams happen all the time. >> 2.4 billion of these scam calls are going out every single month, george. and they're happening all the time. not just a nuisance but can be costly if you fall for the scam. sometimes it's an irs agent or someone pretending to be an irs agent. sometimes it's the
7:46 am
department and they're scamming asking for money and the problem is when people pay that money. >> what are they trying to do to stop the call. >> they want to stop them because of a nuisance and costly and working with the phone carriers. the phone carriers are trying to stop these calls before they ever hit your phone. t-mobile just today is introducing a new feature free to all of their users called scam i.d. and scam block and you see here on the phone, if you get a call and you're a t-mobile customer they will alert you now that a scam call is a likely scam call. they'll show that to you very clearly so you know that it's actually a scam. >> that would be great. you know it there but if you don't have that feature what are the things you should look for. >> what's important of the get a call from a number you don't know, just don't answer it. it's unnecessary to answer those calls. let them go to voice mail and use apps now. some of the carriers will offer these blockings but if they don't use an app like nomorobo or mr. number and always search a company number
7:47 am
to call them back look up that number first before calling them back because oftentimes you'll see when you google it it's a scam. >> makes sense. >> all right, great advice. make sure we pay attention to that and you know next up pretty soon something we all may like. you may not have to go to the theater to enjoy the hottest blockbu blockbuster. "variety" is reporting major studios are pushing for deals that let you watch the movies in your living room just a few weeks after they hit the big screen and nick watt is with us now and, nick, what are the studios looking to do? >> well, michael, as you say, right now it's about 90 days before you can watch an on demand movie at home. six of the big studios want to slash that to maybe 20 or 30 days. now it'll cost you around maybe 30 bucks which actually isn't a bad deal. think about it family of four going out to the movies, you're going to drop even more than that on ticket, popcorn, parking and watching a movie at home, you don't even have to put a pair of pants
7:48 am
blockbuster, bingo. >> aren't the studios worried about can nallizing their own openings. >> listen, they want to make money and dvd sales are sliding really fast. if you shrink this time between the theatrical release and home release you only have to promote that movie once which is going to save you a lot of money and, listen, i blame the kids. they have zero patience. kids these days, millennials, they want everything when and where they want it and the studios want to give it to them rather than having it cannibalized or online illegally. >> does this make the movie theaters nervous? it must. >> negotiations between the studios and distributors are ongoing and, listen, the distributors might get a cut of the streaming revenue to keep them sweet but these are not done deals and, listen, you know, theaters have survived radio, tv, vhs, streaming is not going to kill them. some movies are i think still just better on the big screen first time, you know, "laa
7:49 am
land," all the "star wars" and a lot of people like date night at the movies and some people like putting on a pair of pants and leave the house. >> the experience -- yeah, don't go without the pants to the theater. you could be arrested. i'm curious with our panel, rebecca, who would pay $30 to stay home and watch a new movie. >> i'm so in. i'm so in. invite the friends, charge them maybe. make a little money on the side. i love this idea. >> you turn your home into a theater itself. >> and a business. >> and, nick, how about you? >> well, i mean i love that rebecca has this business angle. fantastic. i would do it maybe, maybe one night a week, not every night and, yeah, invite the friends around. make it an evening. >> nice to have the option, sometimes it's fun to go to the theater too. >> i agree with you, george. thank you, guy. >> put on your pants. and coming up, do you need to pay up big to get the best popcorn at the movies? wait till you see the results of our taste test. get ready to laugh, kristen bell and anthony anderson here live.
7:50 am
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from all of us at delta, because the ones who truly change the world, are the ones who can't wait to get out in it. back here on "good morning america" how about we book a trip to go nowhere? that's right. except to see this. only window seats booked. can you do it too. south of new zealand. the southern light, not the northern lights. we don't hear about this as often. aurora australis instead of aurora borealis. i do want to see them someday in person. the other story we have to talk about radar coming in. you can see the winter weather advisories and see freezing rain in central pennsylvania up through parts of the poconos into southern vermont and western massachusetts. that's where all those advisories go and then the warmth moves in.
7:54 am
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. we are following breaking news in woodbridge, 2 adults and 3 children rushed to the hospital after an early morning house fire, in the 11,000 block of rand rod road. there is no fire hydrant. we're told the victim's injuries are not life threatening. two more teens reporting missing in dc. 16-year old angel burl seen wednesday on 34th road in northeast and 17-year old chareah hasn't been since seen tuesday. there has been an up take in cases but police say the numbers don't tell the full story. we'll be talking with the head of the youth and family services division about this coming up at 8:15 over on news
7:57 am
here is molly with your forecast. >> reporter: a warm front moving through the area going to increase chance for morning showers, especially north of dc later this a.m. headed into this afternoon, some sunshine increasing and not only that, but temperatures going to be rising into the low 60s, about 5:00 later today, and for this weekend it's only getting warmer. 73 on saturday for a daytime high with a mixture of clouds and sun. looks like the rain holding off until sunday evening. enjoy your upcoming weekend. >> reporter: on the roads this friday, we are dealing with quite a few incidences. 95 in virginia recovered from the earlier accident activity. on the big picture map we have the residual delays. traveling through silver spring on the outer loop of the beltway, let's head to our trafficland cameras getting into the district. live look at 395 and george washington parkway, 14th street bridge gridlocked.
7:58 am
southeast southwest freeway. melanie, over to you. >> anchor: all right, thanks very much. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we'll see you back here for another local update un30 minutes. now over to good z2b1yz zi0z y2b1yy yi0y trbreast cancer are helped byof woplanned parenthood.r,
7:59 am
on my right breast. so, i called planned parenthood and they got me in that day. within two and half weeks, i had a complete radical mastectomy. trump: one of the candidates, i won't mention names, said we're not gonna spend that kind of money on women's health issues. i am. jamie: had planned parenthood not have gotten me that appointment, i probably wouldn't be around. vo: president trump stand with survivors. protect planned parenthood.
8:00 am
good morning, america. 8 ament. decision day. hours away from the crucial vote on health care as the president's aides deliver an ultimatum from trump. can he close the first big deal of his presidency? also this morning, does the pill protect you from some type of the cancer? the latest study that tracks thousands of women, what it revealed about your cancer risk even after you stopped taking birth control. ♪ how you like me now we're popping into the weekend with a taste test of your favorite snack, what kind of popcorn from the super inexpensive to the gourmet bags are really worth the price? we've gone to the movies for the expert tasters and revealing the results right here. brand-new details on the biggest rogue in the galaxy. we just got the scoop about the new han solo film and
8:01 am
find out how han met chewy. anything could happen this hour when you have anthony anderson, kristen bell, both here live and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning. happy friday crowd here in times square. welcome to all of you. great to have anthony anderson, kristen bell and sara haines here. >> and popcorn. good morning. >> we're gearing up for our taste test. is gourmet popcorn worth the price? see what the experts say. i would confirm that movie theater popcorn is worth the price. >> i would confirm this is some good popcorn. we got very special guests here. they're in times square. take a look at this couple. we spotted them outside. they're holding a sign that says we got married on "gma." and we're happy that jennifer and jennifer, they came back to visit us and i'm like whyre
8:02 am
come on inside. >> 100 weddings if we got to bring them inside. >> that was when t.j. presided over all of those. a lot coming up. good morning. can you save me just a couple of kernels of popcorn too? >> maybe. maybe. >> maybe. all right, guys, good morning, everybody. the big story this morning, a new u.s. in the battle to replace obamacare. president trump is warning house republicans that if they fail to pass the health care bill today, then he's moving on and obamacare will be here to stay. abc's mary bruce is on capitol hill with the latest. mary. >> reporter: paula, the clock is ticking. that vote is coming but it's still unclear if republicans have the votes to get this done. republicans have been scrambling to make a deal. negotiations here going late into the night. the president's top aides coming here to the hill with that ultimatum. hold the vote and if it fails, move on. today they'll vote on a new version of the bill, now in addition to rolling back the
8:03 am
tax credits to buy insurance, the new version no longer requires insurance companies to cover basic health services. but can it pass? that question is still unknown. paula. >> yeah, that is the big question, mary, thank you. meantime, british authorities announced what they're calling two more significant arrests in connection with the attack in london this week. overnight hundreds gathered for a vigil in trafalgar square to remember the lives lost outside of parliament. a fourth vic has died and investigators say the attacker, 52-year-old khalid masood was a british born islamic radical with a number of aliases who had a long criminal record. back in this country, a school tragedy in east texas. a high school track coach was killed and 18 students injured when their bus collided with a tractor trailer near mt. pleasant. school officials say the truck driver who was also killed had swerved into oncoming traffic. it is unclear why. the frantic search is over for two toddlers abducted in a stolen car. an amber ale
8:04 am
2-year-old carlos cortez and his 1-year-old brother after police say their baby-sitter left her honda unattended near palm springs last night. now, police overnight found the car abandoned in a nearby town. those boys were safe. a sky high rescue playing out near miami when a construction worker was left dangling 12 stories in the air after his scaffold folding collapsed. he was resting one foot on a window ledge when a rescuers finally got to him. and lowered him down the side of that building. in new york city it's about to be thrown for a loop. literally plans are being drawn up for the world's first u-shaped skyscraper being called the big bend. designed to get around zoning rules on height it would be the world's longest building 3 1/2 times as long as the empire state building. i feel like i've seen something like that in st. louis similar to the arch but, hey, good for them. age finally, what would it take you to get you to put down your
8:05 am
everybody. a restaurant in pennsylvania is offering a deal for people who want to enjoy a meal and each other unplugged, so what they're doing, they're setting up so-called family recharging stations at tables where you drop your phone into the basket, now if your family can make it through the meal without looking at your phone, you get 10% off the bill. of course, this is assuming you guys you want to talk to your family and have a conversation with them during dinner. i got to say there's nothing more agitating than looking at a family having dinner and somebody else -- i know i'm guilty and we're all on our phones. we're not having a conversation. so i say let's put the phones down. >> and get a 10% bonus. >> how about that, george? >> doesn't it seem like torture when you see a teenager? they look like they're having shakes. >> it is torture. >> it is, right? they get really irritable. it's an addiction. we know firsthand. >> this was like going deep investigation. okay it is time for "pop news." new
8:06 am
movie from a very good source. disney's ceo bob iger revealing the film, a stand-alone movie on han solo will follow his life from 18 to 24. we'll learn how he got the millennium falconen how he met a certain wookie. [ making wookie soups ] >> that was pretty good. >> not bad. [ making wookie sounds ] [ applause ] and that was not a casting announcement just so you know. you'll remember this picture put out just a month ago. that's the new cast and the director. han solo played by alden ehrenreich -- that didn't sound right and one more thing, everyone has been secretive about "episode viii" but igor said sometimes he reviews the daily. it's what they shot that day. he does it in his bed on his laptop under the covers to keep
8:07 am
sons. >> that's hilarious. >> to sit with that mental image. the ceo goes under the blankets to view the dailies. >> he didn't have to share that with us. >> i really like that he did, though. >> pulled it out of him. >> something going on out here. a belated happy birthday to reese witherspoon and shared this photo of her two oldest kids who happen to look just like her. it's so crazy. the star captioned the photo. there's nothing better than celebrating my birthday with my wonderful kids. 17-year-old ava shared this photo of her mom taking in the birthday celebrations. it looks like the perfect way to bring in another year. her daughter looks just like her and is gorgeous. >> her son looks just like her too. >> there was a picture where they were standing and had to scroll back. d
8:08 am
>> in the same outfit, right? >> it was like a little creepy but i mean she's really not aging either. >> on top of that she is really a sweetheart. so happy birthday, reese. 41. >> and that show "big little lies." super addictive. and sometimes as a busy mom you have to multitank in order to get a second in. why not make your child your workout partner. that's what country singer carrie underwood did with her 2-year-old son. the 34-year-old posted an adorable video to instagram saying whatever works. and you know what -- >> it is. >> i have tried to sneak in like little legworkouts but my son happens to be at an age where i wants to be held and someone gave me the tip to do your lunges with your child. >> it is hard. >> especially when you're alec. >> he eats well and possibly eats his feelings. >> he's not hungry. >> so, it is a workout but i actually -- >> tell me about my twins are 12. i still got to work without
8:09 am
>> probably both of them at the same time. >> coming up next a lot to get to. that new study on birth control. can taking the pill reduce your wristing of certain types of cancer? dr. ashton here with that. putting this gourmet popcorn to the test. is it really worth the price tag? we'll find out when we come back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil p.m. when pain keeps you up get a healing night's sleep. think th. take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea. or take this haircut. i may look all business, but look out... . but there's a party going on back here. kinda misleading, isn't it? well, at carmax, you don't have to worry about being misled. the price online is the same price in the store, which is the same for everyone. even guinea pigs. it's only fair mr. biscuits. only fair. ♪ carmax music sting thithe beet one.ns. the reason you stop scrolling one.
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8:13 am
we are back with that report making hlgs were reducing women's cancer risk with birth control. the latest research shows it could help protect you from certain cancers for up to 0 years after you stop taking it. our chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here and dr. ashton, tell us about this study. it's something doctors have known but us women not necessarily. >> exactly and the word needs to be repeated. this has to get out. this is all about the n noncontraceptive benefits to the pill. th
8:14 am
what we have known for decades. but this study represented the longest follow-up and looked at,000 women followed them up to 44 years. massive study and found that the risks of certain types of cancers were dramatically reduced talking lower risk of owe ravarian cancer and endomet and colorectal cancer. flip side, taking the pill does slightly increase the risk of developing a blood clot and some studies though not this one have then a slight increase in the risk of cervical cancer and breast cancer but the breast cancer risk returns back to baseline after a woman stops taking the pill. >> can you explain why the pill has some of these medicinal benefits other than preventing pregnancy. >> we call it chemo prevention when you talk about the risk reducing. it has to do with blocking the hormonal stimulation temporarily that goes from the brain to the ovary a
8:15 am
month. in suppressing that stimulation you're also suppressing or preventing that monthly cycle of damage or destruction that occurs as we reese an egg and shed the uterine lineing. >> important to talk about the other ways you can reduce your cancer risk? >> 100%. there's always options for women who choose not to take the pill. pregnancy lowers the risk of t uterine and ovarian cancer. aspirin can lower the risk of colorectal cancer although it's not a recommendation for everyone to take aspirin for that reason and then new data removing the fallopian tubes can cut the risk of ovarian cancer so a lot of benefit to the pill. >> dr. ashton, always great to have you. our big taste test. how does gourmet popcorn compare to microwave? do you have to spend more to get the best?
8:16 am
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8:19 am
for healthy gums, and strong teeth. leave bleeding gums behind. new parodontax toothpaste. back here on "good morning america" who is excited point weekend? everybody, yeah. you know what, gideon in omaha, nebraska excited. this puppy every time they squeak the toy, his tongue comes out. listen. [ squeak
8:20 am
[ laughter ] [ squeak ] >> eventuallycloudy late. milde. highs: 62-66 winds: sw 5-15 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-54 winds: sw 5 mph saturday: partly sunny. unseasonably warm. highs: 74-77 winds: sse 5 mph after two unseasonably it is time now for our frugal foodie series and this morning it's all about the popul popular snack popcorn. yes, get excited for the popcorn. there are mo
8:21 am
but do you have to spend a lot to get a great bag and, mara, you got to the bottom of it. >> deep investigation. popcorn sales are skyrocketing with americans eating 3 billion gallons a year. new gourmet flavors ranging from the simple to exotic. impressive number. so as the variety goes up so does the price tag. some premade brands costing eight times what you would pay if you made it yourself at home so we wanted to find out is it really worth the cost? >> wow. popcorn, it's not just for the movies anymore. from cheesy to chocolaty healthy to indulgent popcorn is more popular than ever. >> ready to eat popcorn? very high quality brands coming out with new and exciting products that really are exactly what consumers are looking for. >> reporter: with the average bag of organic popcorn costing as much as $5 we wanted to know if these new products are worth the price. so we asked self-proclaimed popcor
8:22 am
"bon appetit" to device a taste test. >> i make it twice a week. >> reporter: a comparison between ready made, gour anyway at $5 a bag and microwave at $4 for an equivalent portion and kernel popcorn on the stove just 60 cents for the same amount. carla seasoned the popcorn with olive oil and saul. the same flavor profile as the $5 gourmet popcorn. our expert taste testers movie buffs, of course. >> popcorn is sort of the smell of the movies. >> film critics, writers and editors from indywire, slate, variety, "people" magazine and "the hollywood reporter." >> one of my favorites is popcorn with milk duds. >> grew up with jiffy pop and loved it before i was a movie buff. >> reporter: time to dig in. we asked them
8:23 am
favorite. a, b, or c. hole them up. "a." everybody liked "a" the best. >> it held the seasonings the best. >> i like the crunch and texture. >> salt is a magical thing and as soon as i tasted that it was game over. >> let's find out which one "a" was. >> tah-dah. >> reporter: "a" was the kernel corn our least expensive popcorn at just 60 cents and the one that carla cooked and seasoned herself. >> it was really interesting that you guys detected like different amounts of salt because it was the same in all of them. >> reporter: "b" was our $4 micro wave popcorn and "c" was the pricier bag popcorn. >> i'm amazed. >> it's like the movies. sometimes the most expensive produced film is not necessarily the best. [ cheers and applause ] now, there is another reason that some of the brands of popcorn are more expensive. those gour anyway kernels are harder t g
8:24 am
up bigger. the good news estimated that 70% of us eat popcorn at home so you can make it yourself. on the stove and sneak it into the movie theater. >> really. >> put it in a bag and sneak it into the theater. >> we're learning so much about you today, mara. >> very frugal of. >> you very frugal. >> you want to spice it up at home. talk about popcorn. adam rapoport from "bon appetit" and you're going to help us spice it up. most eat at home, what's the way they can spice up their popcorn. >> three ways. >> you probably thought there was only one way. we got salty, spicy and sweet. salty first. homemade herb salt. do your thing. there you go. come on. here we took -- one more time. come on. [ applause ] he's been waiting all morning to do that. >> yes, i have. >> rosemary and thyme, in a food processor, sa,
8:25 am
want, you need a little fat on your popcorn. whether it's butter, avocado oil, toasted coconut oil. you need something so the salt adheres to the popcorn. you need a little bit. buffalo, hot sauce and butter, mix it together and then just toss it up. cannot get any better than that. >> all right. oldest trick in the book, the movie theater book, take your popcorn and mix in your favorite candy. what's yours? >> sour patch. >> could not be easier. >> sour patch kids. what are you like 8 years old. whoo, whoo. whoo. got some kick. >> oh, boy. i'm a peanut m&ms guy. you got the peanuts already in there and sweet stuff. >> hey, man, you got to talk, i'm eating. >> all right. let's mix it up. easy, pop and treschl at home. olive oil, butter, something and season your popcorn. >> sara is sitting there at the desk. >> with my friends max
8:26 am
>> what you making over there. >> we are making -- well, what is your favorite candy to put in there, come on in there, amy. eat popcorn with us. jump in here. what do you want to put in there? >> the oreos. >> i'm a raisinet girl. [ applause ] and you're putting in everything. what did you put in there. >> i put milk dud, hot tamales, raisinets. >> we're going to keep eating it. >> "bon appetit"'s april issue on newsstands now, coming up, kristen, anthony anderson. they are here live.
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. checking top stories, it is [indiscernible] for lawmakers on capitol hill after calling on the bill to replace obamacare on thursday. house republicans will be back at it today t house reconvenes at 10:00 a.m., a vote is expected this afternoon. police day a deadly shooting in wall door was a domestic related incident. they won't confirm whether it was a murder suicide. a man and toddler were killed. a woman and teenage girl were critically injured. police say they recovered a gun next to the map's body. after a chilly start we are warming up today. here is molly. >>
8:28 am
>> reporter: a warm front moving through the area going to increase the chance for morning showers, especially north of dc later this a.m. headed into this afternoon, some sunshine increasing and not only that, but temperatures going to be rising into the low 60s, about 5:00 later today, and for this weekend it's only getting warmer. 73 on saturday for a daytime high with a mixture of clouds and sun. looks like the rain holding off until sunday evening. enjoy your upcoming weekend. >> reporter: a very busy friday morning ride as you travel in woodbridge and lorton, a closure after interstate 95. a truck into the guardrail. look at all the red toward the southeast southwest freeway. we have a crash in lannon, inbound 50. 704. 395, not bad through landmark. capital beltway delays in prince georges county. the crash is outer loop, allen town road confined to the shoulder. melanie. >> anchor: thanks. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news chael
8:29 am
hope you have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ great friday morning here in times square. one of our favorite guests here on "gma," anthony anderson from "black-ish." please welcome. come on out. [ applause ] >> mwah. >> good to see you, dear. ow are you? >> george, how are you, babiy. >> how are you? >> i'm all right. >> hello. >> mwah. >> nice to see you again, amy. >> what's up? >> welcome back. >> you guys are on a roll. >> yes, we are. >> just finished season three. >> that's news to me. season four is picked
8:31 am
season four is picked up? i had no idea. thank you, america. good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know the great thing, you guys are fun. i had a chance to do the show with you which is amazing. >> cousin june bug we had to do it because everybody thinks we look alike. anthony and michael never in the same room. now we are. >> i got tired of people saying y your gap look like michael. no, it don't. not no more. got rid of it. thank you, invisalign. >> your daughter graduated from high school. you've been with these kids all these years, had an early graduation party for her. what have you learned from the kids on the set? >> you know what, i learned to be mature. yara is the most mature young lady you will ever meet heading to harvard. studd
8:32 am
cambridge, you know. beautiful in and out and just a talented individual. all of the children are. >> you have two kids in real life. they call i a diva on the red carpet. what's up? >> i don't know why my daughter did that. just because i like to look pretty? it was the emmy, man. look at that debonair -- look at me and my son. look at me and my son. he is what i used to be. i was trying to refind my youth. >> do your kids listen to you? can you get them to do what you want them to do? >> not anymore. you know, our daughter is 21. our son is 17 and he is truly my son. but, no, they're pretty well mannered children. >> i ask because there's a new study out saying if you lose laughter you can get your kids to do what you want them to do. >> that's true. >> so i was wonder going that was something -- >> that is actually what i used to do when they were younger, yeah, i
8:33 am
>> i actually still -- i imitate them. [ applause ] >> i had my son laugh so hard that he was clipping my toenails one day. that is why i had you. watch out for that bunion, son. watch out for that bunion. clip. true story. >> wow. he said, dad, this is fun. yep, good. shiny buff. shiny buff. >> all his friends are going, your dad just paid you back -- >> long time never going to live that one down. let's look at a little "black-ish." sneak peek. >> just look at me. >> i think i felt feelings. >> i'm actually not embarrassed by you. >> i'm withholding praise. hurts, doesn't it? >> actually it does. >> oh, my god. i'm so sorry, dad. i don't know why i did that. i lovehe
8:34 am
you. we should have lunch together. just us, on me. >> yeah, thank you. >> i love their relationship. >> yes. >> thank you. >> can you tell us of any of the like special guests that are going to be appearing? give us something. >> special guests. hmm, oprah. >> ooh. >> i'm lying. she told us no. [ laughter ] let's see. no, in this particular episode we have chris brown on this particular episode that you just showed. he plays rich youngsta. my character andre all things black at his office because i am who they go to when they need to have the pulse of black america, i go out and we create this new campaign for this liquor company called uvo and i create this controversial commercial where we call it
8:35 am
pour alcohol over women. >> whoa! >> not my proudest moment but the commercial is great. >> now, you are a busy man. you got a lot going on including animal nation with anthony anderson. >> yes. yes. >> what about the work with live animals. >> oh, man, look -- you know, it's crazy. you know, it's kind of like "the tonight show" meets -- >> oh, my god. >> i asked for this. i asked for this. that is real fear. >> what are you feeling right there? >> i am feeling this dog bite my calf. >> they wear a helmet. >> he wasn't attacking my hand. >> you never know. you never know. but it's -- i like to think of it as "the tonight show" with me as your -- >> bait. >> your host. >> i feel like you should consider a little
8:36 am
>> it's crazy. these animals -- we were doing promos with these animals. i had a camel a llama and a baby goat. and they're all divas talk about divas, the camel went number one and went number one for four minutes. just kept going. and his hump got smaller and i was like, oh, so that's what is in the hump. not to be outdone the llama did number one and number two at the same time. now, i tried this when i went home. a man cannot do number one and number two at the same time. that is talent. i heard a woman can. y'all got different muscles than we do and the baby goat -- looked like why are we hear. let's roll, baby goat and i just walked off the set. >> this is a late night show. >> a late night show. >> anthony. >> anybody there? >> who is there? >> hello. is anybody there? >> kristen bell. >> guys, i've taken over the control room so we're going to try something different today. okay? >> kristen.
8:37 am
it's going to be a lot more animals because i'm in the hot seat. >> whatever. >> how dare you interrupt my interview. i am not your husband. you do this to your husband. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> ooh. not yet. >> whoa. >> she don't even know what she's doing. she got a phone and a headset. >> we'll go to break. "black-ish" wednesdays 9:30 eastern on abc. two become one.
8:38 am
think of all you'll share... like snoring. does your bed do that? the dual adjustability of a sleep number bed allows you each to choose the firmness and comfort you want. so every couple can get the best sleep ever. does your bed do that? only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $899. and right now save $400 on our most popular mattresses. go to for a store near you.
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just talking to my new friend from columbus and you are leaving today. >> we leave today. >> ah. my goodness missing out on the warmth coming this weekend. the warmth that's already in chicago. today chicago is going to get to a high of 77. look at that beautiful picture over michigan avenue. the warm air just circulating on up. we all deserve a little warmth,. highs: 62-66 winds: sw 5-15 mph tonight: partly to mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-54 winds: sw 5 mph saturday: partly sunny. unseasonably warm. this weather brought to you by mercedes-benz. you guys, good luck with kristen bell. i love that anthony anderson. >> i know. we'll have fun. trust me. we'll have fun right now. you know our next guest just from the sound of her voice she plays anna in
8:41 am
starring with her husband in the new movie "chips." give it up for kristen bell. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. >> how are you? >> hi. >> good to see you. >> mwah. >> good. all right. >> got it. >> all righty. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> you know we just had your husband here. he had us laughing. >> i know. >> not to make you jealous but that's my life. >> yeah, he said -- >> sorry, guys. >>s that sea exactly what he said of the he said at home you two laugh all the time. >> we do of the mostly me laughing at him but i'll slide a joke in every now and again. he's the best. >> and speak of your household you are in the middle of an epic la-z-boy battle. >> not so much as a battle as like the undercurrent of the home. you know, i've got in this la-z-boy -- i bought
8:42 am
la-z-boy for his office and it didn't fit and brought it home and put it in the middle of the living room because that's what i look like when i'm watching television behind him. because he says that it should be the greatest experience when you're watching -- we have like a projector screen so put it in the center of the living room which, well, it looks like a chair in the middle of the living room. it shouldn't face the other piece of furniture but he doesn't think so. >> was he funny or being serious. >> it's there. it is currently there. >> but he looks so happy in that chair. >> i know that's why i can't just move it. >> oh, you know what i mean, look how happy he is. >> for the rest of our wives, i'd be moving that thing. >> listen, i'm losing the battle and winning the war, okay. but -- currently he really does enjoy it and it's like a sick this zero gravity la-z-boy and so he does get really comfortable in it. it's hard for me to just like rip it out of his -- >> be that girl. >> you don't have to g
8:43 am
back. >> i have considered it but don't know much more what i could do. could put another la-z-boy next to it but there's way too much furniture and i can't really -- don't know what to do. i'll just spice it up with a floral throw pillow or something. >> i got something for you to do. >> tell me. >> it was on buzzfeed. you had this comedian justin couson. tried to get his roommate to clean up and he just refewed so he made it some passive aggressive art. he made it passive aggressive art gallery and post it. here, for example. that is -- you can have this for $3400, a sour cream covered spoon left in the sink before leaving town for four days. [ applause ] >> here's another one. see that. for $700, this forgotten milk left to actively go rancid in fridge far beyond sell by date. so, there you go.
8:44 am
>> that's genius. >> what would you do with the la-z-boy? >> i have no idea. first of all it's a great chair. i can't throw it out but it just doesn't belong in the center of the room. >> cow decorate it not with pillows but really embarrassing pictures. >> the problem is he doesn't -- he likes to embarrass himself. he does it all the time. that's like his calling card so i can't -- literally he's impenetrable but it's so silly in the center of the room. he's so cute. what do you do? you know. >> we tried. you're on your own. >> there's got to be compromise. maybe like six months of the year he can keep it there and six months i turn it to the side where people put furniture. >> you have two little girls at home. delta and lincoln. got some applause. how impress reasonable doubt they that mom is in "frozen." >> they could care less. it's in our dna to reject everything your parents do. it's part of how you assimilate with the larger tribe and how we get along
8:45 am
know but whenever i try to sing at home they go, no, mommy, stop. >> seriously. >> i'm glad i know it happens to you too in they're not happy. >> do their friends think it's cool? >> yeah, sometimes at school because they play it when they wake up from naps and stuff and come up -- but the problem is, kids don't really get it when they're old enough to get it 10 they're over it because they're over everything. when they're young they don't understand it so it's like when i meet parents with kids it's always the parents going, do you know who that is and the kid is like -- >> what, no. >> they're like. >> that's anna in "frozen" then you watch this beautiful bubble pop because they are like, no, no, she's a cartoon. she's not real. and then they're like, well, get a picture with her and the kids like, okay. it's this very strange -- i don't know. i have conflicted emotions about it. >> well, there's no conflicted emotions about the "chips" movie. it is so great. for those, it is so fun and we have a clip of you in action. let's take a look.
8:46 am
>> hey. >> what's up? i'm right in the middle of giving a swim lesson. >> oh, sorry. >> what are you wearing? >> oh, it's my uniform. from the chp. >> aren't you supposed to change out of it after you get off work. >> i mean you can. probably most guys -- you know, it's my first day so i thought you'd probably want to see what i look like. >> in all brown? it's great, john. >> so mean. so mean. >> what is it like working opposite your husband. >> i love working opposite -- listen, i married him because i like spending time with him and i trust him, so, duh, that's what i want at work. it was hard to be mean to him because my character is like his estranged trophy wife and she's over him because he's not winning trophies anymore and so i have to be really, really mean to him and it was -- it was difficult because i do really -- he's so endearing and i like him so much so i just -- like from an actor's perspective i was like i'll take the
8:47 am
really annoyed me in our last 10 years of marriage. >> la-z-boy. >> right. i'll put those all into like a coke bottle, pop a mentos in there, shake it up and that volcano will be karen. >> that's great. >> that was my -- >> 15 times. that's so impressive. >> well, he's really nice. >> he's a daredevil too. >> he's the biggest daredevil, yeah. he's addicted to adrenaline. >> are you okay with that. >> yes, because -- >> i'm so sorry. >> my mom just texted me from compton and said get her off the stage. so i can continue to watch my show. that's enough. you showed your boobs on tv. >> thank you. >> okay. all right. let's go. can we go, okay, let's roll. okay, let's go. "chips" is in theaters today. coming up, kristen and anthony are going to go head-to-head. i got it.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ it's the final countdown." >> back down with our game of running charades called act fast. michael and anthony on team anderson taking on team bell which is sara and kristen. each team will have 45 seconds to get as many correct as you can. team anderson, you are up first. things you love. ready? >> i thought ladies first. >> oh. >> ready. set. go. >> what do i do? how do i cheat. look, look. >> stirring. >> yeah. >> baking. >> come on. >> baking, cooking. >> okay. >> ooh. you're sweating. exercising. push-up, sit-up, yoga. no. >> yoga. >> pilates. >> oh, you're sweating. >> you said it yoga. >> yoga, smoga. hot. hot yoga. >> there you go. all right. >> oh, you're getting a haircut. shavin
8:51 am
your hair. >> i was in this movie ". >> barbershop." >> what was that? come on. michael strahan. all right. all right. oh, i was in this movie. [ buzzer] >> yeah. >> all stuff you love, right? >> we got it. team bell. hot yoga, really? >> they were talking. i'm just saying. all right. you guys ready. >> one was very suspect. >> the one where you said it and turned the card around. that was weird. >> we were connected. he looked at me. >> i forgot you could talk during charades. i don't know why i was a mute. >> "frozen." >> a mime. oh, my gosh, a mannequin a sloth. oh, my god, a sloth. a bunny. who are
8:52 am
"frozen." >> oh. >> your baby. >> your husband, dax shepard. >> you're throwing -- popcorn. soup. oh, pie gosh, you're crying. why are you crying. time. cereal. >> time. >> cereal. >> oh. come on. >> oh, oh. >> all: three, two -- >> "hamilton." >> all right. >> congratulations and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by new parodontax. the toothpaste that prevents bleeding gums. you got to say a big thanks to kristen. thank you so much. a lot of fun, anthony, as well and "chips" is in theaters today. make sure you go check it out and you can see "black-ish" wednesdays right here on abc. >> and we want to congratulate team bell. >> what? >> they were the official winner. >> no. >> you guys did great. have a great friday, everyone. >> congratulations. >> really good sport. >> that's not right.
8:56 am
good morning washington. i'm mike melanie hastings. a plea deal today for the m
8:57 am
accused of opening fire at a dc pizza job. the details will be made public in 30 minutes. he claimed to be investigating fake news reports of a sex traffic ring operating there. 2 adults, 3 children rushed to a hospital after an early morning house fire, the house is in an area with no hydrants. fire crews had to bring in water tankers. victims had to climb out windows, the smoke and stairwell was so thick. we're told the victim's injuries are not life threatening. let's check with your friday forecast. here is molly. >> reporter: a warm front moving through the area going to increase chance for morning showers. especially north of dc later this a.m. headed into this afternoon, some sunshine increasing and not only that, but temperatures going to be rising into the low 60s, about 5:00 later today, and for this weekend it's only getting warmer. 73 on saturday for a daytime high with a mixture of clouds
8:58 am
and sun. looks like the rain holding off until sunday evening. enjoy your upcoming weekend. >> reporter: molly, on the roads friday morning complications, interstate 95 in virginia. the ramp to u.s. 1 in wood ridge is blocked with accident cleanup. we continue to see the slow ride as you head across the southeast southwest freeway, and on the outer loop of the beltway, allen town road, we have crash clean up. a live look at eastern avenue and kenilworth avenue, southbound delays from eastern to pennsylvania avenue. melanie, back to you. >> anchor: thanks. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today, movie man michael keaton, and from "hidden figures," kevin costner. plus, puppy training tips with dog expert andrea arden. and scott wolf is our cohost, all next on "live." [upbeat music] ♪ [upbeat pop music] now, here are kelly ripa and scott wolf. [cheers and applause] >> scott: that's how i move. >> kelly: i like your-- you're a good dancer. i like it. i like it. i like it. [cheers and applause] hey, yeah. that's good. [cheers and applause] hi. hi. >> scott: whoo-hoo! guys, it's friday.


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