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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 28, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, another round of severe storms affecting millions of americans. powerful wind, pounding hail and more on the way today. we're tracking it all. president trump in a twitter tirade overnight criticizing the clintons and calling the russia probe a hoax. this comes as pressure mount force the republicans looking into the election meddling to step aside. we're live in washington. breaking overnight a pickup truck carrying two wounded police officers speeding to a trauma center. the scene right there. new details on the ambush style attack. a powerful cyclone makes landfall this morning. the new video coming in as it smashes australia's coast.
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and we do say good morning. another round of severe weather racing across the south. >> powerful storms are moving through georgia, alabama and the carolinas. >> and here's what these storms are producing. damaging winds and hail. this video from northeast alabama, relentless pounding of hail on that deck. >> tennessee the storms are responsible for this damage as well. the strong winds flipped over a truck and even split trees in half. the system will also trigger more severe weather today. accuweather's paul williams is tracking it all for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. looking out for another round of severe storms to rumble its way throughout portions of texas and into oklahoma. we're expecting damaging winds up to 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds, hail, between an inch in diameter or even bigger, flash flooding likely along i-20 as well as i-10 and even along i-35 and watching out for the potential of
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during the day towards oklahoma city and tuesday dallas towards san antonio. kendis, diane. >> now to the major developments overnight including new presidential tweets and a top congressman under fire. >> the head of the house intelligence committee is looking into russian election meddling but is now facing growing calls to recuse himself an devin nunes confirmed he met with a secret source on white house grounds. democrat i say he's too close to president trump to run an objective investigation. >> and the president took to twitter looking to shift the attention to the clintons. but abc's janai norman has the latest right now from washington. good morning, janai. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. this all started as look when representative nunes briefed the press and president trump on new information he hadn't yet briefed his house intelligence committee on. he is the chairman of that committee and now there are calls for him to step down. there's a chorus of concerns about impartiality and what's supposed to be an independent
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>> chairman nunes is falling down on the job. and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. >> reporter: democrats are calling on house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes to recuse himself from leading the investigation into russia's election meddling. that involves investigating communication with president trump's transition team. >> given that the chair was a member of that transition team, i don't think it's appropriate that he oversee that kind of investigation. >> reporter: praum is deflecting on twitter asking why isn't the house intelligence committee looking into bill and hillary clinton adding the trump russia story is a hoax but that story isn't dying down. last week congressman nunes said his collection of classified information allegedly shows intelligence officials may have inadvertently picked up the communications of the president and his team. >> what i've read bothers me and i think it
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president himself and his team. >> reporter: nunes now admits a secret source gave him that information on the white house grounds which is where the republican congressman was the day before he briefed reporters and the president about his findings while leaving his own committee in the dark on cnn not saying who he met with or where the meaning was at the white house. >> i won't tell you where i was at on the grounds because those are all classified facilities. >> reporter: late last week a spokesman for the representative walked back some of his comments saying congressman nunes isn't exactly sure if president trump's soishs were directly surveilled adding that he hasn't provided any proof to his committee on those new claim, diane and kendis. >> all right, that's janai norman for us live in washington. janai, thanks. and the president's son-in-law has volunteered to go before the senate intelligence committee which is also investigating russia's interference and possible ties to the trump campaign.
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questions about his meeting with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and on march 17th in mosul rust dents say more than civilians killed. another 150 reportedly died in a strike on saturday. defense secretary james mattis says the u.s. is always concerned about civilian deaths. >> there is no military force in the world that has
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sensitive to civilian casualties. we are keenly aware that every battlefield where an enemy hides behind women and children is also a humanitarian field. >> amnesty international says the u.s. isn't taking adequate precautions to prevent civilian deaths. the pentagon is now examining all available strike videos. this morning we're hearing from the family of the man behind the deadly attack outside britain's parliament. in a statement overnight his wife expressed her condolences to the victims' families. there was also a statement from his mother. she says she does not condone her son's actions or support the beliefs that led to the tragedy. a powerful cyclone is battinger northeastern australia. cyclone debbie causing major damages with winds gusting to 160 miles per hour. tens of thousands of homes and businesses are without power. after that storm knocked over trees and power lines, slow-moving debbie is likely
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hover over queensland for hours. it's like a battering ram. nearly all businesses and schools are closed. the city of flint could finally get safe drinking water from its taps to settle a lawsuit over lead tainted water the state will pay $87 million to replace the lines but the deal allows the state to top delivering bottled water to flint residents later on this year. still ahead, a study on rising sea levels reveals how soon some of america's most popular beaches could disappear. breaking overnight, two police officers ambushed and shot. dramatic new video of a pickup truck racing them to the hospital. plus, a new look at breast-feeding and its long-term effect on the brain.
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that is two miami-dade county undercover police officers arriving at a hospital in the back of a pickup truck. look at this video carefully. you can see their colleagues racing to get them inside of the emergency department there and they were wounded in an ambush-style attack while conducting surveillance at an apartment complex last night. their colleagues brought them to the emergency room under an escort. that operation that wounded the officers that they were involved in was designed to crack down on gang activity. now, police say the shooting was unprovoked. they are beth listed in table condition this morning. it's believed that two gunmen opened fire. both remain on the loose. one of them is believed to be a teenager. the tsa says its agents did nothing wrong during the pat-down of a teenager at a dallas-ft. worth airport. jennifer williamson took video of it and posted it on facebook and says her son aaron was detained for over an hour. she al
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requested the boy not be patted down because he has a condition that can cause anxiety in children when they are touched. the tsa says all approved procedures were followed. police along florida's gulf coast want to find the pilot who flew a small plane a little too close to a tourist attraction. this happened at treasure island near st. petersburg. one witness said the plane also hit the top of a watercraft. a city ordinance prevents takeoffs and landings unless there is an emergency. thankfully in this instance no one was hurt. well, many of southern california's beaches may vanish in the coming decades. yeah. and along with it their shores and all those waves. a study using a new computer model found nearly 70% of the beaches could completely erode by the year 20100. the rising sea levels will adversely affect the tourism industry and destroy critical infrastructure, hopes and businesses. an increase in human intervention is needed to presaefshg the beac
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off their longest losing streak in almost six years. investors were apparently rattled by the failure of the republican health care plan but late yesterday experts say hopes that president trump will now concentrate on other economic issues like tax reform fueled some optimism. u.s. stocks started moving upward again and overnight most asian markets close higher. come what may, the fearless girl, she'll still be staring down wall street's charging bull. the statue was scheduled to be removed this sunday but now it will stay for the rest of the year. it was so popular with tourists. >> so many photos have been taken of that young lady. >> the mayor said we'll keep it. >> for at least another year. when we come back a student under arrest. accused of plotting to attack her high school. turned in by her own father. why this college student received a standing ovation when he walked into the classroom.
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traffic came to a stop during the morning rush hour in the bay area as police pursued a horse and a donkey who had broken through a fence. now, the pair started off okay and used the on-ramp like other travelers but then they headed the wrong way down the highway so they got pulled over by the cops. didn't get any tickets. >> the donkey started first and it was donkey do, donkey see, donkey do. drivers in the northwest should watch out for slippery roads, not donkeys today. roads may be flooded in the nation's midsection and also wet for much of the northeast. if you're flying expect delays in denver, dallas, new york, boston and philadelphia. a teenager in maryland will face significant prison time if she's convicted of plotting a deadly attack on her high school. >>
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happen a week from tomorrow. but her own parents stepped in. abc's pierre thomas reports. >> it was clear she planned to die during this event. >> reporter: the plot police say possibly inspired by the columbine massacre. potential school shooting involving these weapon, a shotgun. explosive, pipes for a pipe bomb. >> very clear she had the mean, the materials to cause significant damage to herself, to the student body. to the facility up there at catoctin high school. >> reporter: all allegedly planned by an 18-year-old honor roll student. nico nicole cavario who detailed it in a chilling diary. her parents discovered the diary and her father contacted authorities. you're a parent. can you put yourself in their shoes of having to make a decision like that about their own daughter. >> they most likely saved their daughter's live as well aother lives. >> reporter: pierre thomas, abc news, washington. the long-term impact of breast-feeding says babies who are breastfed show no
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benefits over those who were not. by the time they're all 5 years old, researchers caution it does have other ben if is including a lower risk of asthma and obesity. there will be more about that new study later on on "good morning america." and the move of the oakland raiders to las vegas has been approved. the nfl team's owners voting in favor of the raiders relocation but they'll play the next two or three seasons in california while a new stadium is being built in las vegas. this is the second time the raiders will have left oakland. they played in los angeles from 1982 to 1994. and being a big man on campus who hit a big shot can have some advantages. missing class apparently is not one of them. >> around 7:30 sunday night north carolina tar heels forward luke maye made that shot, the jumper that sent unc to the final four and then just over 12 hours later there he was getting a standing ovation from students
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>> his professor says maye hasn't missed that class all semester. the streak will probably end if unc reaches monday's final. >> i would hope that -- at least excused, yeah. let's see what's happening on the courts last night. >> nba hoops highlights now from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he's kenny, i'm neil. >> lebron james, lebron james, champions from last ason. kawhi leonard, uh-oh, does pretty good. throw it down, big man. spurs lead by a whole bunch of points like 18. now leonard, two defenders on him. still, 25 point, 6 assists, spurs led by a ton. lebron james took an elbow between the shoulder blades. department look like much there. he didn't return. cavaliers score a season low and get blown out.
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the seattle supersonics. >> that's right. >> 12 seconds to play, thunder is down one on a 12-0 run. westbrook who scored 12 of the thunder's 14 unanswered come out with the win. what a win it was. westbrook. leads the thunder over the mavericks. >> we might have leff out one big story by a vote of 31-1 the oakland raiders have received the permission from other nfl owners to move to the city of las vegas. >> how come we didn't have that on the show. >> we didn't have video to support it. >> but we did. up next in "the pulse," get used to tom brady being around. he reveals how many more years he expects to play. and how celebrities are helping bring back the fanny pack. coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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♪ time for "the pulse" and we start off with this guy. tom badie. if you're not used to seeing him on the feel get used to it. >> the super bowl winning quarterback of the new england patriots, of course, is apparently is not going anywhere any time soon. pats owner robert kraft says brady has told him he wants to play six or seven mor seasons. >> now, brady turns 40 in august. the upcoming season will be his 18th with the patriots. if he fulfills those six or seven seasons with new england, he would be the record holder for most nfl seasons with the same team. >> and then he'll be receiving a ring from aarp perhaps at that point. so, there's a new way to guarantee a good parking spot at the mall. a new app that lets you reserve one. >> the mypark system has just been installed in northern new jersey and at other malls in other states. download the app, reserve a spot. when you arr
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metal barrier at your assigned spot drops. and that allows you to pull in. price, 10 bucks for four hours. >> a bargain no matter what. >> a bargain in manhattan. >> not possible in manhattan. perhaps the best '80s trend ever is rearing its head again. it's lovely. >> the times we live in are fantastic. the fanny pack is making a comeback thanks to daring celebrities who have been rocking the old-school style. well, you know the rock, may be to blame for the resurgence of the latest craze. >> he may have started it when he posted this throwback photo of himself last year gripping his fanny pack looking ever so confident. you want to make sure no one tried to steal it. >> many other celebrities are done it. a simply stunning record. roll it. take a look. you'll see. >> he's actually smashing the
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a 16 fwrrld from bosnia setting a guinness world record for smashing concrete blocks as you can see with his head and just for some extra effect throws in a few front flips in the process too. >> that's called a showoff. but very, very impressive. 111 concrete blocks all smashed, get this, in 35 seconds. is this the part where we say don't try it at home. >> yeah, i thinkbreaking this morning -- an officer involved shooting ends with one man dead and an officer on leave! what police are saying about the deadly gunfire. but first - some of you are waking up to storms and that's just the begining. some areas could see severe weather later today. good morning washington. toss to eileen
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the umbrella - risk of a few strong storms this afternoon (2-7pm) - rainy day friday - as of now, dry for nationals opening day today: mostly cloudy. morning showers. pm thunderstorms. highs: 70-74 winds: sw 4-8 mph tonight: gradual clearing. lows: 49-54 winds: n 5-15 mph wednesday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. cooler, but seasonable. highs: 64-67 winds: n 5-10 mph developing now -- an 18-year-old is in
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an 18-year-old is in the hospital for an emergency evaluation after allegedly putting together a plan to kill people at her school. chiling details now coming to light... police claim nichole cevario was collecting a gun, ammunition, even bomb-making materials -- all to carryou
4:27 am
gh school.. but the plan was foiled last week by her own parents. nichole's friends did not want to show their faces. however, they tell us the real nichole was gentle, but battles mental illness. investigators say nichole's journal detailed the murders and a suicide. a disturbing case- gets a new chapter. the father of one of the teens accused of rape at rockville high school has been detained by "ice." we've learned that adolfo sanchez reyes was arrested on friday. he is the father of henry sanchez-milian. that teen is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom. both suspects in that case - are allegedly undocumented immigrants. "ice" says the father is a citizen of guatemala -- also here illegally. he's being held at a detention center. he will have to appear in immigration court. d.c. police need "your
4:28 am
interest in three burglaries and thefts. the crook was captured on surveillance video. in each case, the man forced his way inside an apartment building on "p" street northwest, near 17th street. he removed packages from the mail room, and took off with them. the thefts happened on march 9th, march 10th, and march 16th. if you have any information.. police want to hear from you. it's 4:xx and we're just getting started. breaking this morning -- a shooting ends with a man dead, and a police officer is the one who allegedly pulled the trigger. what led up to the deadly gunfire. a dog abandoned, left outside in a container. how a family rescued the pup just in the nick of time. and grab the umbrella -- there's a chance for some showers and strong storms today that may impact your commute to and from work. good morning washington.
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- another warm day; have the umbrella - risk of a few strong storms this afternoon (2-7pm) - rainy day friday - as of now, dry for nationals opening day today: mostly cloudy. morning showers. pm thunderstorms. highs: 70-74 winds: sw 4-8 mph tonight: gradual clearing. lows: 49-54 winds: n 5-15 mph wednesday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy. cooler, but seasonable. highs: 64-67 winds: n 5-10 mph
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breaking right now --


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