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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  April 20, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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to do big reasons to wake up happy. a third one might be that it is friday eve. almost to the end of the week. bad you are with us. autria: we are so close to friday. let's get a check on the forecast. eileen: happy friday eve. waking up to upper 50's. the immediate dmv's drive for now. look at the rain i'm tracking. around cumberland, some pretty heavy rain. showers are expected to slide to the southeast. let me show you the futurecast. we are going to track the showers as they move from areas northwest into the metro. this will be around 8:30 this morning. do not be surprised if you need the wipers. will bethis wet weather out ofer
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at lunchtime, sunny, warm. have the sunglasses. later this afternoon as we get closer to the evening rush around 6:00, you can see these pop-up thunderstorms. there will be a risk of thunderstorms. nothing severe, but just be on alert. this morning, upper 50's. maybe a few isolated showers through about 10:00. have the sunglasses for midday. a few thunderstorms between 3:00 to 7:00. if you enjoy the 80's today, you will get one more day tomorrow. talking about this all week, temperatures expected to tumble into the weekend. the weekend looking unsettled with a lot of rain. we will time that out in about nine minutes from now. let's get a look at the morning rush. what do people need to know? julie: the inner loop of the beltway is where we have problems. traveling south of route 4, pennsylvania avenue, in the direction of the wilson bridge, standing room only with the crash
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only the left lane getting by. 495.bound 95 to slowing down on the use side of town. we had earlier problems on 210. the stalled car is gone, but delays are still with his inbound toward the beltway. branch avenue to suitland parkway, an accident. a new problem on the outer loop in montgomery county. crash just after georgia avenue before connecticut avenue. delays beginning to build through silver spring. back in 10 minutes. larry: we will talk to you soon. a man hit by car in northwest d.c. near howard university. autria: sam sweeney has the latest. sam: this has been going on for the last three hours or so. the road, 8th street, still shut down. all of this started
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about 10 minutes before 3:00 this morning, a man hit and rushed to the hospital. he is said to have been conscious and breathing when he left the scene. police are taking this serious. this is about a block away from howard university. the road is shut down. it is i'm clear how much longer police will keep this close -- it is unclear how much longer police will keep the street closed. reporting live in northwest washington, sam sweeney. larry: metro out with a new budget report and it says it $15.5 billion over the next 10 years to stay safe and reliable. metro says if funds stay the way they are, it could reverse the safetrack project safety achievements. we will be speaking with the general manager later this morning. don't miss that live interview coming up at
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toria: new measures in place give the president safe while at the white house. it comes after a number of security breaches at the executive mansion this year. the sidewalk next to the south remainblack fans will closed. visitors will have to stay behind a barrier similar to the ones on the north side. it is to stop future fence jumpers. larry: a memorial event for the army specialist who was killed in that black hawk helicopter crash. the service for jeremy tomlin of tennessee is set for tomorrow at a chapel. the military is trying to figure out why the chopper crashed onto a golf course in leonardtown. autria: developing, police are looking for two suspects who tried to rob an armored truck driver in northwest d.c. may suspects were armed with ak-47's, but the driver had not picked up any cash of. the driver was in the procs
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business, but was told when to come -- told to come back later. larry: a good day to be a washington sports fan. the washington wizards and cv avs celebrating wins. on game one. another one in game two. combining for 63 points. to none.up two games the cavs come back home. taking care business in a high-scoring affair last night. lots of offense. they tie the series at two. back home tomorrow against the maple leafs in game five. to any playoffgo games, we want to se
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you can upload them. lego let's not forget the nats. in october 4. bryce harper, two home runs, including a grand slam in the second. his third career grand slam. brian zimmerman said, that looks like fun, i want to join the party. eight inning, he hits a grand slam. w in atlanta. the court. a key day in what is coming up in a few hours for the captain of the costa concordia. new word about the powerful storms in the new tornado count from april 6. that is straight ahead
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i trico new developments, the national weather service now confirming seven tornadoes hit our area earlier this morning -- month, including this
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other tornadoes were confirmed elsewhere. fortunately for us, we're not dissipating any severe weather today or over the next several days, but we do have a lot of what weather expected. we will have rain chances not only today, but tomorrow, saturday, and our next best chance for widely scattered rain will be on sunday. today, maybe a few showers early this morning, possibly a few thunderstorms this afternoon. even if we get thunderstorms, not anticipating it to be severe. heading into the weekend, on track for pretty rainy sunday. today, 80 two. it will feel more like summertime, especially after a cloudy and cool day yesterday. a few showers this morning between 7:00 and 10:00, then between 3:00 to 7:00. 7:00,vening, very warm at 77. waking up tomorrow morning to low 60's. a mild morning followed by another warm afternoon with
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if you're heading out to the verizon center to cheer on the capitals as they take on the maple leafs at 7:00, it will be dry getting to and from the game and very mild. heading into the weekend, the temperatures tumble. we are tracking rain, not only sunday, the part of saturday as well. we will time that out in about 10 minutes. let's get over to julie wright. part of the beltway is closed? julie: this is southbound 95, 495 traveling south of injuries over toward the wilson bridge. toward theravel over wilson bridge. all lanes are blocked southbound 95/495 after route 4. no one can get past the scene at this time. the inner loop is starting to slow back at214 central avenue. north to south, cut through town. be aware, kenilworth avenue is jacked up between eastern avenue and
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bridge. that at least is moving. this is the inner loop of the beltway, not moving just south of route 4. sam sweeney is headed to the scene and we will bring you those live pictures shortly. on the other side of town, accident activity on the ramp to inbound 5. this has been a long-standing crash. beltwayop side of the out of college park, crash after georgia avenue tying up a couple of lanes. we have delays through silver spring westbound 495. working well as your workaround. back in 10 minutes. larry: we will talk to you soon. championship visit sideline. why one number of the super bowl winning patriots said he wanted nothing to do with president trump. caught on camera. frantic rescues among a
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mmm! [ keys clack ] [ slurps ] make it iced, then make it happen with flavors like butter pecan or new coconut creme pie. it's america's iced coffee, whenever, wherever. america runs on dunkin'. autria: breaking news this morning on the inner loop, it is closed just after pennsylvania avenue right now because of an overturned
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you are taking a look at one of our traffic cameras. you can see the intense backup this has caused. it is already stretching the act to route 214. this is the inner loop just after route 4. we're checking with julie wright who will hopefully have some workarounds coming up in a few minutes. larry: breaking overnight, new video after a devastating mudslide. we know at least 14 people are dead this morning and we do have the brand-new video coming in, rescue video. people stuck in mud and debris. you can see those rescue workers trying to pull them out. authorities have ordered people to evacuate their homes and also suspended schools in the area of colombia. the country's president said on twitter he has been trying to get to the city to help, but he cannot get there because of all of this bad weather. the situation comes after another devastating mudslide a couple of weeks ago that killed hundreds of people.
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desk. follow thisinue to information in south america and update you as we get details. autria: the highest court in italy is expected to rule in the captain of theex- coast to concordia. 32 people died when the ship crashed into rocks in january 2012. in 2015, he was found guilty of manslaughter and other charges related to the accident. he is challenging the 16 year prison sentence he received for the accident. larry: one man had to be airlifted after this fire on top of a boat in virginia beach. this began as two men were working on the boat. one of them received critical injuries and was airlifted to the hospital. investigators say are authorities have been called to the same boat earlier in the day for a ghastly. not -- for a gas they're not saying if that is
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autria: bill o'reilly is calling the situation tremendously disheartening. he will not be coming back to the network for stomach comes after reports that he and fox paid nearly $13 million in settlements over claims of sexual harassment. one woman said he leered and grunted at her and called her "hot chocolate." bill o'reilly says it is "unfounded." many advertisers have abandoned the show because of the allegations. opening upson brock on why he skipped his trip to the white house and it has nothing to do with politics. >> what president trump said on the bus struck a nerve with me. i'm a father of three daughters and i have a son as well. havingcannot see myself any type of interest to go meet this person that said such wearable things. larry: that is alan branch, referring to those audiotapes
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on a tour bus in early 2000, unfairly saying was ok for me to do with a like women. the comments were written off as locker room talk, but branch disagrees. nfl for abeen in the decade and i've never heard anyone talk like that. so disrespectfully like that about women at all. larry: bridge says in the end, he wishes trump a successful tenure because it is in the best interest of all americans for our president to do well. we will have more details on the former patriot aaron hernandez and his apparent suicide in prison, coming up in about seven minutes. he was serving a life sentence for murder. autria: a ribbon cutting ceremony is set for today to celebrate the first completed commercial clean energy project in maryland. the project includes the shady grove professional building and the adjacent comfort in shady grove. there located on frederick road
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ike leggett will take part of the ceremony the begins at 9:30 this morning. larry: early celebrations for earth day. nasa is adding space to your commute. they will be at union station at 9:00 this morning with a variety of demonstrations and negativities -- and activities. we still have that breaking news on the inner loop of the beltway. an overturned tractor-trailer creating major backups. julie wright checking on that and we will get to her in a minute. to be really going warm up. we are not dealing with any wet weather immediately. showers are headed our way. umbrella, grab the maybe even a jacket. temperatures are a little cool and breezy, upper 50's. as we get later in the morning hours, a few showers between 8:00 and 11:00. by lunchtime, sunglasses out
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72. afternoon highs will reach the lower 80's. there might be a thunderstorm this evening between 3:00 to 7:00. another isolated thunderstorm threat tomorrow is a cold front slides through. the next weather maker will be an area of low pressure moving in late saturday into sunday and will bring is a good it of wet weather. saturday looking the better of the weekend days. onhance of rain all day sunday. it will be moving in from west to east. waking up saturday at 8:00, cloudy, maybe an isolated shower. the bulk of the rain, by 3:00, still southwest of the area. you should be able to get some things done outside. the line of showers moving eastward saturday night into sunday. for those of you out and about on sunday, have the rain gear and dress warm, low 50's. probably not the best running weather for those participating in the gw parkway classic. it wilbe
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the wet weather is out of your by early next week. all next week looking relatively dry with increasingly warm temperatures each and every day. i know saturday, we could be in the low 80's. that's get over to julie wright -- let's get over to julie wright. julie: busy for those coming south right now from andrews leaving silver hill for the wilson bridge. this is where we have the crash with the overturned vehicle. the inner loop of the capital beltway making way pastoral 4 pennsylvania avenue, your see overturned vehicle. under police direction is able to get by using the left shoulder only. it is really jammed up. looking at a four mile backup. let me take you back to the cameras. the inner loop, this is the delay which is beginning to form yo r
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take walker mill over to silver hill road on five and. earlier i mentioned there was a crash right here along the suitland parkway. the ramp is in the process of reopening. that is your best alternate. the outer loop of the beltway after georgia avenue, a crash backing up the commute through silver spring. stick with randolph as your workaround. back in 10 minutes.
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take a look at this if your commute takes you along the inner loop this morning. the inner loop is closed just after pennsylvania avenue because of an overturned tractor-trailer. you can see cars are just able to squeeze by on that one side, down to one lane. this is causing serious backups, as long as four miles long. julie wright will have a check of how to get around this in about five minutes.
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this morning about the death of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez. question surrounding the death of former nfl superstar aaron hernandez. corrections officers finding the 27-year-old in his cell just after 3:00 wednesday morning hanging from a bed sheet tied to the window, the bible verse john glenn 316 written across his for head. the door was barricaded from the inside. prison officials:'s death a suicide but this morning, some of those close to him are not convinced. >> something is not right. >> last week he was acquitted for the 2012 murder of two men. he once had a $40 million contract. he was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of his friend odin lloyd. a verdict he was in the process of appealing. we will have the latest on the investigation coming up at 7:00.
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>> we begin with breaking news. larry:
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the inner loop of the beltway is shut down. a tractor-trailer overturned, blocking every lane of traffic. we have team coverage for you. clearly, this see is an overturned tractor-trailer completely on its side at this point. let's go back to our graphic camera. great picture of unfortunately what it is. the overturned tractor-trailer. state police are on the scene. is leaking, so that is good. we are not sure what the contents are, if any, inside is trailer. that could determine how long it will take to get it back up on its wheels and out of your way. some of that traffic is squeezing by to the left. according to authorities, they're trying to alleviate some of the traffic hilltop behind this tractor-trailer. -- built up the hunt is tractor-trailer. i want to show you the diversion point. when we first started showing you this traffic backed up coming in fr
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road, they're allowing traffic to exit at route 4. the better bet, because these are starting to build, looking at a 4.5 mile backup southbound on the beltway, bailout over to walker mill over to silver hill road and coming inbound on 5 to take you back to the beltway well past this scene. the beltway is closed off. all traffic is being diverted at route 4 pennsylvania avenue. we will update this ride in 10 minutes. let's get a check on the forecast. eileen: fortunately, that area is dry. i'm tracking a little wet .eather north and west of town these showers are going to be drifting to the south. i will time that out on futurecast. these are tracking for the south and east. i 8:00 this morning, showers entering into parts of montgomery county and loudoun
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this morning. have the umbrella handy. the sun is out and it is going to be very warm up. later this afternoon around 4:00 to 6:00, we will start to see thunderstorms rolling in from west teased. a cool start, but a warm finish. the changes for the weekend. more on that coming up. larry: overnight, u.s. forces in the year, american and south korean forces combining or conducting their annual max thunder drills. the second largest military flying exercise held on the korean peninsula. these exercises, amid heightened tensions with north korea. these drills are coming as president trump and a giant prime minister will hold at joint press conference today. the announcement being made on air force one. the italian prime minister will be at the white house today for
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new at the white house, security measures going into place. john gonzales is live with the new additions you will be staying at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. john: good morning. yet another layer of security and mixed reviews just hours under this change. let me show you. this is the concrete wall where folks will have to stand behind if you want to take a selfie, if you will. just yesterday -- you can stand about 80 feet closer to the main fence that lines the south lawn of the white house. all of that is different. it has been well-documented several people have been legally jumped the white house fence here over the past several years. while the u.s. secret service works on finalizing the design for a new fence, this morning the change on the south side, change that keeps the public further back, the sidewalk next to the fence on the site is off-limits, even though the majority of the
6:35 am
have been on the north side, including the guy who made it all the way into the white house back in 2014. visitors and tourists will have to stay behind the concrete barrier set up on that you --e street side. this is an ongoing conference of review of temporary and permanent measures. both sides will have the buffer zone. officials say it creates a way to keep everything in front of the secret service officers. , they say. it is i'm clear of it will be permanent. we do no more security measures will be added when the taller, stronger fence is installed sometime next year. gonzales, "good morning washington." suing baseballis after she was hit in the face with a bat. the attorney for patricia says she was hit by flying that while sitting in the stands a camden yards. the bat slipped out of the hands of chris davis. accord
6:36 am
she suffered skull fractures, brain swelling, and permanent damage. her loss -- she seeking an injection to require protective netting added to the outfield side of each dugout in addition to money. williams isna expecting. a spokesperson says she is due in the fall. the tennis star shook the web which you posted this photo of her baby bump to snapchat with the caption "20 weeks." that means she was pregnant when she won the australian open. it was her 23rd grand slam, giving her the most. rain on tapeat and for today. plus, a special delivery as the world. why this latest edition is the last of its
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larry: once again, there is a shotgun of the inner loop at pennsylvania avenue. let's it to julie wright for the latest and how it will affect the commute this morning. julie: there is a five mile backup now starting to slow the inner loop of the capital beltway as you try to make your way past route 4 pennsylvania avenue. let's go over to our camera.
6:40 am
tractor-trailer perpendicular across the highway. saw someents ago, we traffic using the left shoulder to get by. that was because police were trying to alleviate the congestion behind the scene. unfortunately, it looks like they may start to release traffic once again, but are still waiting for a tow truck to arrive at the scene. the inner loop of the beltway is indeed shut down at route 4 pennsylvania avenue. that is exit 11. that is where they're are taking all traffic off the beltway. use the richie will bero road over to walker mill. walker mill turns into silver .ill you can take branch avenue that will take you south of the accident scene. monro.mill from richie sam sweeney is in route and we will have live pictures from him coming up in the next 10 minutes. from maryland and virginia, another crash with all lanes block south of 66 and manassas. southbound
6:41 am
has suddenly manner drive. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes. first, check on today's forecast. i know you were talking about rain. prince, we are still drive. eileen: we probably won't see rain in prince george's for another couple of hours. today will be much warmer compared to yesterday. not only will we have the 80's today, but tomorrow as well. still anticipating the weekend cool down with rain likely. today tomorrow, lower 80's. keep the umbrella with the with a few showers this morning and thunderstorms this afternoon. midday sunshine, so have the sunglasses. 65 tonight. tomorrow, maybe a few isolated thunderstorms. nothing severe. tomorrow night, most of the wet weather ends. thising temperatures weekend. 63 on saturday. there will be a few showers on sunday, rainy all day long, breezy and cool, only in
6:42 am
upper 50's. saturday looking like the better of the weekend days. saturday is earth day. if you will be doing anything outside, temperatures will start out cool, mostly cloudy at 10:00, 58. rain starts to develop at 7:00. we will talk about how long is exit around coming up. larry: metro asking for a will costnd, and it big. suzanne kennedy is following this for us. suzanne: the big question this morning, will it be enough to solve metro's funding problems? a
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>> we begin with breaking news. julie: inner loop at the capital beltway, there has been a change south of andrews. the crash involved in overturned tractor-trailer and him. was able to literally get behind this thing and push it over to the side. we still have two right lanes blocked at the scene of the crash, but it looks like i might be able to get two left lanes by
6:46 am
and will be back in the next five minutes with a live update and more details of this crash. inner loop of the capital beltway south of route 4 pennsylvania avenue. thank you. we're covering metro this morning. the transit agency saying it needs billions of dollars to get back on track. larry: suzanne kennedy is live at the metro headquarters. that is a lot of cash, but a lot of people are saying it is worth the price. and maybe one of the only options, or at least that is what the general manager is saying. he says he hopes this can address the system's long-standing financial issues and deal with what he calls metro's unsustainable cost structure. the plan is to seek new dedicated funds from local governments, about $500 million for both equipment and maintenance. metro needs $15 billion over the next decade for investments in order to remain safe and reliable. ouou
6:47 am
companies is also on the table in order to help them run train or bus or rail stations or lines. the general manager would also like to rein in labor costs, making pension benefits less generous. he would also like to set up a $26 million rainy day fund to pay for snowstorms and other emergencies. last night, jack evans, the chairman of the metro board, weighed in on the gm's plans. >> it is our riders who are punished. officeould vote out of every politician that does that support this. suzanne: he says much rose business model must change its operating expenses, growing nearly twice the rate as revenue. coming up in about an hour and a half, we will talk to the general manager about his proposal and how he thinks it will solve these chronic funding problems. suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington."
6:48 am
lookout for the driver that caused this accident and columbia heights. police say around 6:50 last night, the person driving this and crash into multiple vehicles . the person got out of the vehicle and ran off was the anyone with information should call d.c. police. larry: increased security at southern high school today after threats online and school officials say they were posted on social media but do not appear to be credible. additional police will be at the school today as a precaution. the high school will open on time this morning. and two braveil kids are home safe with their families after an attempted abduction on easter. police say jemberu geda tried grabbing an eight-year-old and nine euro from playground. -- nine-year-old from playground. he is charged with attempted induction and indecent exposure. autria: a memorial event for the
6:49 am
in a black hawk helicopter crash on monday. the service for jeremy tomlin of tennessee is set for tomorrow at for bauer. the military is trying to figure out why the chopper crashed onto a golf course. spring cleaning for metro. the transit agency is taking another weight of its 1000 and 4000 series to a scrap yard. metro brought the first batch of in february of determining the course for the least reliable and most expensive of any in the fleet. once they get to brookville, they will be repurposed to outdoor kiosks, park benches, and industrial art pieces. larry: a good morning to be a washington sports fans. wizards and caps celebrating big wins last night. wizards in game two against the hawks, they rally for the second straight game to get a win. john wall, fastbreak jam. he and bradley beal combining for 63 points.
6:50 am
series two games to none. the players are feeling confident. >> it is all about mind over matter in the playoffs. everyone is tired and mentally and physically drained at this point of the year. it is the matter of who wants of the most and how bad you want to win. it is a mental challenge one than anything. >> we took home-court advantage. now we have to get wins down there. like a on the ice, the wizards -- larry: on the ice, the wizards take care business in a high-scoring affair last time. 5-4 win. the capitals are tied at two games apiece. game five on home ice tomorrow night. get back over to julie wright. julie: i have better news. look at this, the inner loop,
6:51 am
past the scene of the crash. this is an accident at pennsylvania avenue that overturned -- involved in overturned tractor-trailer. two people have been transported from the scene with nonlife threatening injuries. by left lanes are getting south in the direction of the wilson bridge. this is a change because we had the beltway completely shut down. mdot has pushed the tractor-trailer over to the right half of the road, so we can get traffic by. let me move you back over to the mass and the cameras to show you what else we have. the inner loop is still very slow making her way toward the scene. there are in a process of releasing traffic at route 4. until that happens, the two left lanes will get you by southbound over toward the wilson bridge. sam sweeney is on the way to the scene and will be with us shortly with another update. i want to show you what else we have, traffic is backed up south from
6:52 am
toward route 5. that is our traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes to update the ride on that used side of town. -- east side of town. let's get a check on the forecast. it looks like a roller coaster. eileen: 80's today and tomorrow, 50's and 60's this weekend. pavement in prince george's. weather approaching leesburg. the showers will continue moving. heads up for the morning drive. start, but warm this afternoon. 82 degrees. you will want the sunglasses. we could have a few isolated thunderstorms later today between 4:00 and 8:00. tomorrow, another chance for a few isolated thunderstorms. highs in the low 80'
6:53 am
weekend. 65 on saturday, 58 on sunday. a closer look at the week in outlook on news channel 8 at 7:00. autria: sea world san antonio is celebrating a historic brick. a killer whale gave birth to a calf. this will be the last to be born in captivity at any sea world park. they will be ending their orca breeding. their eco-we are giving way four tickets -- larry: we are giving way four tickets. the seventh caller wednesday tickets. caller wins these tickets. jummy: yesterday i was doing shopping at home depot. 7 orf the employees watch 8.
6:54 am
i said i would give them a shout out home depot springfield. best-dressed person at home depot ever. thank you for watching. >> what do give your birthday if you are mariah carey's manager? louis vuitton trunk. includedday bash mariah carey songs playing in the background and champagne. it sounded more like a party for mariah carey that the manager was invited to. tory: what she lip-synching the song? >> she is been going through the guys.
6:55 am
after she dumped the billionaire. what do you do with that trunk? autria: i would return it and get that $34,000 in cash. >> you could pay a lot of bills with that. larry: no offense, but, yeah. >> i know you thought after the oscars, no more talk about "la la land." guess what? jazz clubs across the country are transforming into the club owned by ryan gosling's character in the movie. we have one in the area participating. you know where i will be next tuesday. i can't wait. if you're
6:56 am
olympian of all time, do you have any regrets? michael phelps does. despite winning 23 gold medals, he told cnn he is just -- just winning a race is not always enough for him. >> i am always hard on myself. i saw the replay of the 200 im finish this morning. i'm like, oh, amazing. yeah. still did not break a world record. if i was thatred far ahead, i was going to break the world record. thing i wanted. i wanted to break one more world record. i wanted to go out with 40 world records. >> more from michael after 7:00. autria: let's get to sam sweeney. it is a mess out here near pennsylvania avenue and the inner and outer loop. this is what pennsylvania avenue looks like. the on ramps are blocked.
6:57 am
congested, pretty much at a standstill. whether you are talking about pennsylvania avenue, suitland parkway, forced phil wrote, allentown road, ritchie marlboro , everything is jammed because people are being detoured off of 495 onto the side roads. all of the on ramps are jammed come all of the off ramps are jammed. anywhere you are in this area is a problem. we will continue to give you live looks at the scene coming up when we make the switch over to news channel 8. that is the latest. back to you. larry: thank you. autria: we head over to news channel
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good morning, america. fired at fox. bill o'reilly out after 20 years. >> it is the end of an era here at the fox news channel. >> "the factor" aired but o'reilly's name removed from the title after the fallout from that scandal. what will losing its biggest star mean for the cable news giant fox. the new showdown. the judge he targeted on the campaign trail. >> i believe he happens to be spanish which is fine. >> now back in the spotlight. a sign to that headline making case by that young man deported. why the supreme court could be headed for another major shake-up. passenger versus pilot. the angry fight caught on camera. a man shoving this american airlines pilot just moments


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