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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  April 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> it>> is amazing how fast that fire spready. >> tonight, scrabbling to survive after a fire ripped through a fort washington apartment building. plus, it is only a draw. responders.c. first test their skills for a fire and smoke incident in a tunnel to make sure it never happens again. nearing 100 days. new polls showing favor for president trump. we are breaking down those numbers. 6:30, onc 7 news at your side. through anips apartment in fort washington. we are hearing stories of survival and rescues. a mother lowering her baby from a balcony as others jump to escape the flames and smoke.
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with the top story. it sounds like not many people had much warning. too koff.that fire only two people were taken to the hospital. behind me you can see the restoration crews and boarding up the windows and doors. take a look at this damage. that roof completely gone on the third floor. tonight, 30 people are without a after thetay intense flames and smoke raced through the building. >> it's amazing how fast that fire spread. it hit the carpet and ignited like a bomb. ryan: cell phone video shows the frantic moment a wall of flames consuming this third corningartment on avenue. before firefighters arrived, thompson made a daring rescue to save his girlfriend and her two girls trapped in the balcony. >> i
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with one baby, climbed back up and grabbed the second and climbed back down. got her and helped her back down. ryan: thompson did not want to go on camera but says the fire started at 8:30. his girlfriend turned on the switch in the living room and minutes later smoke was filling the apartment. >> people were just saying jump. we have got to get out. ryan: neighbors heard cries for help before seeing others jumped to safety. firefighters made several rescues and two people were taken to the hospital with nine life-threatening injuries. -- non life-threatening injuries. >> we lost everything, as far as personal items. ryan: thompson says his conference apartment is destroyed but they tell us they have a lot to be thankful for. >> i've lost all of my family pictures, but to have my children with me is the number one thing that i can think about and just be thankful for. ryan: yeah.
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assisting everyone that is displaced tonight. the exact cause of that fire still under investigation. live in fort washington, ryan hughes abc 7 news. a day after drenching rains we finally saw the sun. rolled in.ouds rain is on the way. josh knight has the first look at the forecast. is going to make it tough to start our monday and tuesday but let me start off with -- a time lapse in loudoun county. the sunshine we had in the morning and clouds building in throughout the day, getting ready for rain to arrive overnight. let's look at the big picture. the reason we had some sunshine today was thanks to the high pressure still with us but now that is moving out into the atlantic. meanwhile, this is starting to head our way. this area of low pressure is a slow mover. it is going to start to come together very slowly work its way towards the coast and write up the atlantic coast line. what that
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in her tonight, even into wednesday morning. it is going to be a few days. still dry. a a few showers popping up in southern maryland but that is about it. temperatures with all of the cloud cover around a 60 degrees. but because we are cloudy, we do not cool off too much tonight. we will be in the low 50's, upper 40's for most of us but dry through the evening. by tomorrow morning, tracking rain and some of it pretty heavy. coming up in 10 minutes, i will time it out for you and let you know when we get a few dry breaks to start the work week. kimberly: you can't be lucky enough to have josh all the time but you can stay connected when the weather gets rough by downloading our stormwatch 7 app. keep an eye on the radar in the forecast available in the apple store and at google play. as president trump nears that 100 day mark, a new look at how americans view him. he ranksl showing how among past president and where he is going some point. president trump took to
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to share his thoughts. the big-budget showdown and his border wall, as congress gets back to work. david wright has a look at what is going to be a very big week. the first milestone of his administration, 100 days in office, president trump is pushing his agenda hard, but trump starts the week with the worst approval rating of any modern president at this point in his term. 42%. >> the really bad news, no president has ever finished his first term going into reelection with a higher approval rating than he had at his 100 days. good news -- the democrats have a popularity problem, too. a new poll finds that two out of three americans say the party is out of touch. trump's core group of voters stand by him, 96% of them say they would vote for him again. this week the president plans to unveil his long-awaited tax reform package, promising the biggest tax cut ever.
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advisers. the idea had been floated a few days earlier. they'd agreed they would not do it yet. then they heard him say it. a looming government shutdown. trump's border wall is a sticking point. >> i can't imagine the democrats will shut down the e-government over an objection to building a wall that can end the lawlessness. jeff sessions defended the president's request that taxpayers begin paying for the wall, despite promises that mexico would pick up the tab. the issue a nonstarter for democrats. president does not insert poison pills that democrats and republicans oppose, there will not be a shutdown. kimberly: internationally, developing right now, u.s. officials say north korea detained a u.s. citizen. his name is tony kim. trying to leave north korea.
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-- kim taught accounting therefor a month. he is the third american to be detained in north korea. this comes at a time of rising tensions between north korea and the u.s. president trump has ordered an aircraft carrier group to the this week. to arrive the carrier is supposed to conduct drills near the philippines but north korea is threatening to sink it with a missile. the u.s. remains concerned about their latest missile tests. a the minute north korea gets missile that can reach the united states and put a weapon on that whistle, nuclear weapon, the instant that happens, this country is at grave risk. kimberly: administration officials will brief 100 senators this week on north korea's provocations as well as a u.s. policy toward the north. a multivehicle accident slow traffic on i-66 eastbound.
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ley exit around 1:30. vdot had to close the center and right lanes to clear up the accident. virginia state police tell us no one was hurt. covering metro, a skills test today. firstt police and responders held a full-scale emergency drill to a smoke and fire incident. inside the tunnel between the navy yard and anacostia stations. crews simulated real-life conditions to test their coordination and their communication which has been a problem in the past. that drill ran from 8:30 in the morning until 2:00 this afternoon. coming up, a historic presidential election in france. the candidates moving ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure,
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two. early returns and french show radical nationalist marine le pen will face off with centrist newcomer emmanuel macron in a may runoff. this has been one of the most disruptive elections in french history. 11 candidates were on today's ballot, as voters went to the polls under a state of emergency and heightened security. days after that terror driven shooting of police officers on the champs elysees. clashes arrested between police and some protesters lashed out against le pen. attorney general jeff sessions ordered a different explanation for his comments about hawaii and the judge that issued the order blocking president trump's travel ban. nobody hasident, um, a sense of humor anymore. i really am amazed that a judge sitting on an island in the pacific and issue an order that stops the president of the united states from what appears to be clearly
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constitutional powers. ii's attorneya general did not have much of a sense of humor, was not pleased and accused him of not being respectful to all federal courts that are constitutionally co- equal partners with the president and congress. session said they plan to continue to fight for the travel ban, and he believes they will eventually win. grab and umbrella, give yourself after time in the mornin
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kimberly: five people, including two children died after a fire in queens. fitting golf the two-story home after 2:00 in the afternoon. witnesses repo
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the tennessee teacher accused of kidnapping one of his own students is due in court tomorrow. police say 50-year-old tad cummins kidnapped elizabeth thomas last month. they were followed a few days ago -- they were found a few days ago. thomas's family speaking about her ordeal. >> sometimes you will be happy and laffey and back to the same old gi -- and laughing, back to the same old girl. she will be sometimes in the fetal position crying. kimberly: they were found in remote cabin in northern california. the caretaker recognize their faces from an amber alert and call police. lblazing female astronaut hits a milestone tomorrow and will get a congratulatory phone call from the president for it. will set a new record for spending the most days in space. jeff williams holds the record with 534
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ehis is for third stint on th international space station, the only woman to service station commander twice. >today started out pretty chill. then the sun came out. josh: a beautiful middle part of the day and that everything turned back upside down for us. it's not all bad news. we are still behind as far as rain goes for the season. we should be able to bust through the moderate drought quickly. let's show you what is happening right now. temperatures around 60 degrees. that is about as warm as we got today thanks to the cloud cover and the other thing -- you see without wind, that east-southeasterly direction. anytime we get our breeze off the east, we get some extra moisture from the atlantic and that works to keep temperatures cooler and pump in cloud cover. here is the big picture. rain is just outside of our area.
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of it to get through. there's a wave of low pressure developing back here. you can see that counterclockwise flow. that is going to hang around for us at least through the first half of the week, keeping rain in the forecast. dry throughout the rest of this evening, though. 59 degrees by 9:00 thanks to the cloud cover. we really do not cool too quickly. let me show you the low pressure. it starts to build, come together as we get towards the coast sending rain our way as early as midnight tonight, sticking around for monday morning. there we are at 7 a.m. that chance of steady rain sticks around most of the day to market the best chance we get any breaks, monday evening. probably just after dinnertime. the driest weather is here overnight and by tuesday morning, another band of heavy showers pushes its way through the area. that same time, that easterly flow from across the atlantic keeps things cloudy and cool for us as well. temperature stuck in the 50's. tuesday not quite as rainy. i do think will get more breaks throughout the day. bu
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even into wednesday morning, still looking at those cloudy skies to start and maybe even a few showers wednesday morning as well. 45 to 52 for us tonight. rain moving in after midnight. the rest of the evening not a problem. by commute time tomorrow morning, it is coming down -- pretty heavy at times, just in the low 50's, staying cloudy and cool. you will have the wipers going. expect your commute to take a bit longer. high temperature up to 54 degrees with that steady rain. if you're going to get a break, it should be monday evening. by the time we get into tuesday morning, rain is back in here, 59. but look at these temperatures, 72 on wednesday, 86 degrees by, after a cold start, we are jumping right into a summer pattern. along with the warmth, also going to turn a little bit humid. what that means towards the end of the week and the weekend is spotty showers and a few thunderstorms are not out of the question. tois hard and this air mass pin down exactly when they are going to fire up, b
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point, friday and sunday bring us our best chance but not washers. not like the data we had yesterday -- not a washouts. as far as rain monday and tuesday, assure -- a sure bet. make sure the reindeer is ready and the kids are ready to splash in some puddles -- make sure you have the rain gear ready. kimberly: speaking of being ready, are the caps going to do it/ >. >> caps can put the maple leafs to sleep. tonight.
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>> now the toyota sports desk. >> what a series that has been for the caps. 4-5. games have been overtime games caps can close it out with a win. they lead 3-2. mr. game 7
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turned into mr. game 5. the 2-1 win. the camps can smell the second round. they would not be surprised if it went to seven games. justin williams think so. >> it's really close. you need to go into every series expect in seven games. that's what i expected. i hope you're able to finish it off. these are two great teams battle in only one gets the opportunity to move on. >> the wizards have a little bit of a slip up. they lost 116-98. next game is 8:00 tomorrow. things are getting personal after last night's game markie ff morris call paul millsap a crybaby. paul millsap was asked about the comment after the game. just said in the locker room you are a crybaby. >> my gosh, no. oh.
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no. it definitely got personal now, yes. i mean, i don't care. so what? take the loss and go back to the hotel. be ready for the next game. >> isn't he great? elsewhere in the east, the cavs had a chance to sweep the pacers, up 3-1. saw this coming. over one minute to go in the game, pacers up. lebron james fires up a three. clutch. lebron had 33 points. 10 seconds to go, pacers have a chance off the turnover here. paul george, he can tie with a three. but he's way off. cavs win and advance to the second round. in baseball, o's and red sox top of the first, red sox go on the board first. mookie betts drives wanted to left. 3-0 red sox. next batter,
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he watches want to left. back to back jacks putting boston up 4-0. the final 6-2. how about some golf? the final round of the valero texas open. par 5, knocks it stiff, right on the green a couple of feet away. a birdie to finish it 11 under. kevin chappell was one shot better. his first pga tour win. he sinks it. hugs his caddy. then gives the whole family a hug. congrats, kevin. tonight we are up late. abc 7 sport sunday. mark gray is here to talk wizards playoffs against the hawks after the news. kimberly: hopefully caps win.
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kimberly: the four minutes of sunshine is all we get. josh: starting tonight around midnight, the rain moves in. sticks around all day tomorrow, 54 degrees. grab the umbrella, you'll need it monday and tuesday. a very difference between the beginning and the end of the weekend we go from the 50's. then thursday and friday really feeling more like summertime. that does stick around into the weekend as well. high temperatures in the 80's, looking ahead to next weekend, but with that warmth we are looking for spotty showers on thunderstorms, but the rain for the beginning of the week is a guaranty. kimberly: days off thursday and friday look all right for us. thanks for
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