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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  April 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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autria: a state trooper shot and killed. explosions as a standup enters our 16. the latest while you were asleep. larry: united airlines taking moves overnight. what united is doing different to make sure this doesn't happen again. less than 48 hours until a government shutdown. the emergency procedure today on capitol hill to keep the lights on. morning to you, washington. you may have forgotten what this looks like because it has been so long since we have woken up to no rain. i am a trick free. larry: i am larry smith. a sign of things to come.
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veronica: we have a beautiful day set for us. 85 degree temperatures coming our way, upper 80's for the first part of the weekend. littlee toasty, even a sticky. we will be talking about humidity levels coming up. a beautiful sunrise. red and orange showing up refracting off the moisture still in the air, some patchy fog. right now we stand in the upper 50's, close to 60 degrees. reagan national, coming in very comfortable right now. today's forecast, close to 80 degrees. hopefully, you have short sleeves on because it is going to be very comfortable today. we are not going to have the humidity. that will hit us on friday during the afternoon hours, then again on that at a you will notice it. south wind will come around this area of high pressure. tracking a cold front that will
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to the area tonight, dropping down to the mid-60's. 85 and dry for friday. more rain for the weekend. we will talk about that in a few. julie: looking at an accident eastbound along 66 tying up your commute headed inbound toward washington boulevard. only the left lane is able to squeeze through. upper to bumper slow as you travel of from the capital beltway headed inbound toward the bridge. 40 minute drive eastbound on 66 with the accident ahead of you with only be left lane squeezing through. gw parkway is looking clear. or those traveling northbound i-95 out of stafford, slowing your role. 60 minute commute from 17 up toward quantico. from 17 upe commute toward quantico. 295 is closed at the 11th street bridge. all of the traffic southbound from pennsylvania avenue is forced inbound
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if you are northbound coming from south capitol street, you're lanes are open. that is our traffic watch. i will be back in the next 10 minutes to update your right inbound from the west. larry: thank you. breaking overnight, dramatic develop its in the standoff in delaware. autria: one man in his home accused of killing a state trooper, and now explosions are ringing out in the neighborhood. sam sweeney is following this for is at the live desk with the latest. sam: the barricade suspect's firing of police from the home in middletown, delaware. late last night, police blew off the front door but could not enter the home. the situation started yesterday about 15 miles from the barricade situation. police say the suspect killed a delaware state trooper in a wawa parking lot. the trooper was there to investigate a suspicious car with two people inside. the shooter exited the car and killed the officer. the trooper was
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at a hospital later. so far, no one on the barricade scene has been injured. this is an ongoing situation. according to the trooper's facebook page, he's originally from buoy, maryland. we are working to get updates for you. back to you. death: late last night, a sentence for the sniper who targeted pennsylvania state troopers in 2014. eric frein killed one trooper in the sniper attack and wounded another. the defense had asked for life in prison without parole, but a jury supported the death penalty. larry: lawmakers laying out a plan to avoid a friday night government shutdown. introducing a short-term spending bill late last night that would keep the government open through may 5. it would give them more time to discuss a longer-term bill that would extend funding. a vote on the emergency stopgap bill could come as early as today. autria: united rolling
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plan to protect your rights when you fly. this coming after the video of a passenger screaming as he was forcibly removed from a flight. suzanne kennedy is live at dulles with the details coming out overnight. suzanne: dulles is one of the hubs for united airlines. as you can see behind me, there are plenty of passengers coming to get in on the early morning flight. they're coming in the wake of changes being made by united airlines in an effort to improve consumer confidence in the air carrier. most notably, the incident that took place on april 9 is forcing these changes. that is what a 69-year-old kentucky doctor was pulled from the flight after he refused to leave on his own. overnight, the airlines announced 10 changes it is making after reviewing the incident and its procedures including raising the limit customers will be paid for giving up a seat from
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to $10,000. -- giving up a seat of the $10,000. they will stop using police to remove passengers from aircraft. customers already seated and would not have to give up their seat involuntarily unless safety or security are at risk. it will send pumped passengers to nearby airports, putting them on other airlines or arranging for car transportation to get them to their destinations. the airline ceos as people are upset and he suspects any cast under's are considered not flying united. coming up in about half an hour, we at a chance to talk to united customers about these changes. we will hear from them and how they feel about flying united today. reporting live at dulles, suzanne kennedy. larry: thank you. all clear in silver spring after commuterire on a marc train. one passenger reported seeing a large amount of smoke. luckily, no one wa
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the train has since moved on to its destination. there were no backups reported. the wizards are one game away from round two of the nba playoffs. and electric night last night as the wizards regained their lead against the hawks. falls to the wizards 103-99. washington is up three games to two. tomorrow night, tipoff set for 7:30. autria: the capitals are looking for revenge. round two is tonight. we are there live as they gear up to rock the red against the team that did the men last year. the eaglets and need of a helping hand. get your name suggestions ready.
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wright has been
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accident this morning. the pockets where we have slower traffic. but we also have some pockets of fog this morning that will be around until 10:00 a.m. this morning. areas here in the white is where fog is going to persist. this is up until 9:00 this morning. then it will start to clear out. it should be a very nice day coming your way with winds out of the west/northwest and temperatures going up. 58 right now in sterling. 70 is the average high. today, up to 85 degrees. this is areawide. a bit of a cooler wind for annapolis, mid-to-upper 70's today. upper 80's for saturday. notice the umbrella. we will be tracking a few showers after about 2:00. be sure to download the weather app. 78 to 74 as we take on the washington nationals. we will talk more about
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will have and what the forecast will be for that, in just a few minutes. julie: checking on a couple of issues around town. not much has changed. 66 still dealing with the multivehicle crash past washington boulevard. traffic is squeezing by single file to the left. it looks like we have lanes opened with the accident pushed to the shoulder. the damage is done. 37 minutes from the capital beltway trying to get past washington boulevard to continue eastbound toward the tr great. for those headed into southeast, delays early on kenilworth avenue. the problem is a three car crash near the 11 street bridge. all traffic is stopped and being diverted across the anacostia over to the southeast/southwest freeway. northbound from south capitol street, your lanes are open. northside, southbound 270 from 121 to the
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that is your traffic watch. i will be back in 10 minutes. are washington capitals have been waiting for your for a shot at revenge. starting tonight, they finally have it. john gonzales is live in chinatown. john: i am in a happy place. we are outside the varietals and -- verizon center. the red rockers are here. coming up, i will tell you all about the scavenger hu
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autria: the washington capitals gearing up for router the stanley cup playoffs
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live. people are rocking the red in chinatown. you're like a pied piper, my friend. the red are rocking here at the verizon center. you are right, larry, words like redemption, revenge is what we're hearing. the lights are on at the verizon center. we have the street hockey in playoff form at this point this morning. take a look who has joined us. shelby and alexis, two members of the red rockers. game one of round two. >> we are so excited to be playing the penquins. we are going to win. john: i would not want it any other way. take a look at this. shelby and alexis, tell me what is going on. pretty important scavenger hunt for tickets. a today we will be having scavenger hunt in which you can find pucks around the d.c., virginia maryland area.
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if you find a puck. john: i've a feeling you may know where some spots are. >> i personally don't. you'll get hints throughout the day. tune into social media to find out where they may be. john: our street hockey in playoff form. we are ready to go. up, the cup of joe will capitals mesko. come join us for street hockey as penquins we get ready for the capitals-tonight. -- as we get ready for the capitals-penquins tonight. larry: crews in new orleans working under the cover of darkness to take down confederate monuments. sam sweeney is at the like this was some troubling information. sam: new orleans used city firefighters to remove the controversial statues overnight. firefighters wore masks and bullet-proof
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it. firehouses are receiving threats. the union is upset that their firefighters are even put into this position. the city responded with a statement saying in part "as should be expect with any event involving security risks, the office of homeland security and emergency preparedness developed in incident action plan to address the security logistics and planning for the operation." at this hour, it is i'm clearwire firefighters were assigned this controversial job. not related to an emergency response. autria: patagonia says it may see the trump administration to stop an executive order signed by the president. the order calls on the interior department to review two dozen national monuments. it would cover those 100,000 acres or larger created since 1996. our -- all are in the western pacific
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it appears conservative pundit ann coulter will not be speaking at uc berkeley today. she is cancel today's scheduled appearance after the political groups that invited her rescinded their support following threats of violence. however, and colder synteny not to the associated press. she said she might still show across campus to greet supporters. just as it "stroll across the graveyard of the first amendment." simone biles is taking off her dancing shoes and visiting our area. she will take a break from "dancing with the stars" to visit students as part of our partnership with's ask them a listen, learn program encouraging kids to say yes to a healthy lifestyle. she will also represent the program during a briefing with lawmakers on capitol hill. autria: a little girl is
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back to school after getting transplant. who is five-year-old lila suffers from a rare autoimmune disorder. her options were starting to run out, but then doctors found a match. her teacher agreed to the transplant in a heartbeat. >> i am just looking forward to watching her grow in the next coming years and being part of her family and seeing her live the life that she deserves to have. autria: this is in madison, wisconsin, by the way. the teacher and her family now enjoy incredibly special bond. she will even be joining them on vacation this summer. larry: nice. we are saying thanks to the weather has finally turned. almost, dare i say it, too nice? sunday we had that bonus day, had some sunshine. things kind of turned a little bit. this afternoon, going to be the
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friday is when we get ready to kick off the weekend. i and giving you the green light. biking early, watch for the fog this morning. same thing if you are driving. fog hanging low. low on the horizon. it was beautiful. the scattering of the light through the atmosphere and some of the moisture in the air created that. later today, 9:00 to 10:00, sunshine. 71 noon. another 10 degrees, 81 by 2:00. mid-80's by 5:00. tracking a little rain, showers, maybe even a few storms will come our way after 9:00. nothing severe. should be over by the time the sun comes up tomorrow. tomorrow, a really nice day. a bigger change for the weekend. saturday to sunday, close to 90 with a few
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sunday. the cooler of the two days. a lot of humidity will step up the heat index temperatures. this front will allow some loweratures to be in the 70's. other doctors, maybe even mid-80's. it all depends on where you are -- other temperatures, maybe even mid-80's. it all depends on where you are. rain possible on sunday and storms on monday. we are not done with the up and down. julie: on the roads, we have a three car pileup. we also have problems on 66. better news to the west. this crash eastbound 66 continuing into washington boulevard was just cleared a few moments ago. about 39 minutes from the beltway continuing eastbound to with all lanes open. the trouble spot has been southbound to 95 at the 11th street bridge. ryan hughes just arriving at the scene. police telling
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able to get past the scene. it looks like mobile track is on the move, albeit slowly, as you work southbound along 295. only one been reported to be open at the scene as you're coming northbound from south capitol street, all of your lanes are open. mobile track seven push over to the right in order to get by headed southbound trying to get past the 11th street bridge. a new problem, 95 in maryland. continuing northbound up toward powder mill road, there's a fuel spill. stay to the left to get by. we will update the right i-95 in 10 minutes.
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>> my name is chris souls. >> the frantic 911 call made by former bachelor chris soules just moments after rear-ended by tractor off of a rural iowa road. >> you know how to do cpr? >> striking 66 wrote kenneth bowsher with his chevy truck. he was unconscious in a ditch. a grandfather of three, later died at the hospital from his injuries. int known as prince farming "the bachelor," he is facing a different reality. >> charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death. >> a felony charge as the victims family plans a funeral. coming up at 7:00 a.m., dan abrams weighs in on the case.
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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sisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> we begin with a breaking news
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a fight, a knife, and a takedown all caps on camera. committed in the past 60 minutes and what police are revealing to us now. autria: new video overnight of another passenger thrown off of a plane. what this delta passenger did that did not sit well with the flight crew. busymorning on this very tuesday. larry: glad you are with us. a lot to get to come including the scene of a three car crash on 295. let's go to julie wright. julie: this is what we are seeing. these are live pictures from mobile track 7. ryan hughes is in the vehicle. you can see how traffic is squeezing by at the scene of the crash. southbound 295 at the 11th street bridge. traffic is now getting by to the right.
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minutes, all lanes were blocked southbound on 295. we can see single file to the right is getting through. there is a lot of debris to clean up. a tow truck is on the scene. the damage is done. take a look at the maps. as you continue to make your way southbound on 295, for the longest time the traffic was diverted over to the freeway. that is the longer the case. we want to show you how slow it is. 295 fromuthbound onto kenilworth avenue toward the inbound 11th street bridge, a 35 minute ride to travel about seven miles where the average speed is about eight miles per hour. in down off the suitland parkway, slowing to about 14 miles per hour inbound toward 295. we want to show you northbound 95. this is where we have some problems for those leaving the beltway. there is a fuel spill before the 212 tying up
6:33 am
lanes. back over to you with the forecast. veronica: i think the headlights will be offer many folks for a while longer as we continue to look at pockets of fog. 63 is the temperature. mid-70's as we approach 11:00 a.m. the fog lifting by that time. a warm day will come our way. temperatures later will be topping out in the mid-80's across the area. no jacket needed today. meanwhile, you can see temperatures overnight will drop down to the mid 70's. a look at 10:00 this evening, clouds moving into the area. after about 9:00 when we could see a shower or thunderstorm across the area. a, your friday is gorgeous. the weekend, a couple of chances for rain. we will track those coming up.
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bad. thank you. an arrest on metro, pretty crazy video just coming into the newsroom. sam: police tell us a fight broke out on the red line train your cleveland park. passengers called 911 saying the woman was holding a knife and fighting with people. take a look at the video as police try to take down the woman. police say it took several hours to get her into custody. you can hear her screaming in the video. it is believed she was under the influence of drugs, possibly pcp. the good news in this case, there were no injuries to either the passenger or police. this morning she is facing several charges. larry: covering metro, the transit agency saying do not change your commute plans tomorrow because of a threat of a mass say got. some 500 workers have requested friday off. metro says operations will be normal and all of those requests have been denied. it may be
6:35 am
policy that require 72 hours advance notice for calling out sick. for a doctors appointment. workers can still call out of they do get sick. an about-face from the president on another big trade agreement. president trump informed leaders of mexico and canada he will not immediately pull out of the north american free trade agreement. officials say he was considering a draft executive order to do just that. the white house says it is working to renegotiate the deal. police arresting a man they say started to fires at the trump international hotel in las vegas. one of them started in the women's bathroom on a pool deck, the other in a hallway on the 17th floor. officials say the man started them using toasters stuffed with towels and other materials. he is facing first-degree arson and burglary charges. home, a huge to chunk of money is missing from maryland's largest school district, almost $40,000 gone
6:36 am
parent-teacher association. an audit found "irregularities" when it comes to money starting in july of last year and found the reason, a thief stealing from inside. police looking into it, including getting hold of records, interview pta members, even comparing signatures. drug concerns are expected to top the agenda during a public safety meeting in loudoun county. the sheriff's office is holding the second of october public meetings and could focus on the incident that happened friday -- four public meetings and could focus on the incident that happened friday. two nearby high school students consumed a drink possibly containing xanax. larry: up next, a video you have to see to believe. road crews just feet from death. with the woman who shot the video had to say about the close encounter coming up next
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larry: people running for their lives as mother nature let's loose. look at this. >> run! oh, my god! holy
6:40 am
oh, my god! californiad crews in just feet away from a massive rock slide. the woman recording saying if it was not for those workers, people would have died that night. >> i absolutely think they saved our lives. i mean, even if we had made it through, there were cars behind us. somebody would have been swept off that mountain in a huge, massive amount of rocks. larry: this is one of numerous rock slides in the area in the past two months. thankfully, no one was hurt. that's go over to veronica johnson. it is scary. veronica: for this area, we're a little bit of fog this morning. nothing too scary for us. take a look at our temperatures. they will be going up to summerlike standards for saturday. saturday, the first part of the weekend. the change we made in the forecast yesterday still holds. mid-70's on sunday as a cold
6:41 am
stays parked right near many of your neighborhoods. some locations could be in the lower 70's. some and the lower 80's. it all depends. more and that coming up. i will take a look at your main, do, in july forecasts. tracking this cold front that will make its way eastward out of areas like tennessee, kentucky, coming through tonight. it will bring a few showers and even some storms will stop take even some storms. take a look. fog until 10:00 this morning. 70 by 10:00 a.m.. 80 by lunchtime. the skies turn sunny and it will be very nice. late evening, you can see the chance falling a little of storms overnight. clearing up by tomorrow morning. julie: i have been getting the updates from police. 295,u're traveling on traffic is squeezing by to the right. we saw those live pictures
6:42 am
the right southbound off kenilworth avenue. almost a 35 minute commute to travel about seven miles. lanes are open. better news, northbound 95 where we had the fuel spill, all lanes powdern north past 212 mill road. troublesome spot, accident closing the gw parkway between morningside and tulane drive. all lanes are blocked it used direction. -- used direction. a medevac helicopter has been requested. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes to update your right out of virginia. standoff turning explosive. autria: the new developments in the last few hours after police try to nab the guy they say shot and killed a state trooper. united airlines making some major changein
6:43 am
at dulles international airport this morning. the details, coming up. john: we are outside the verizon center rocking the red. the red rockers are here. we have some old school street hockey going. in minutes, the showdown d.c. has been waiting for. slap shot versus cup of joe.
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larry: breaking in the last five minutes, d.c. police confirming a man shot in the chest this morning on bruce place southeast has died. homicide investigators have taped off the entire housing complex. we're working to get suspect information and will bring that to you as soon as it is available. also breaking this one, derived it to the elements -- dramatic developments. autria: a man holed up in his home accused of killing a state trooper. sam sweeney is following it all. update,just received an police say the suspect continues to fire on
6:47 am
barricade situation taking place in middletown, delaware. late last night, police lou off the front door but still could not enter the home. all night long, neighbors reported hearing explosions coming from the house. the situation started yesterday about 15 miles from the barricade situation in this wall are parking lot. police say a suspect killed a delaware state trooper in the parking lot. the trooper was there to investigate a suspicious car with two people inside. that is when the show up -- shooter killed the trooper. the nearbyho say the suspect -- they say they have been forced to sleep in their cars at a nearby fire station. police are trying to end this peacefully. so far, no one on the barricades in has been injured. we're learn the 32-year-old boeing -- bfrom
6:48 am
trigger a death sentence for the sniper who targeted pennsylvania state troopers. eric frein killed one trooper in the sniper attack in 2014. he wanted another. the defense had asked for life in prison without parole, but a jury supported the death penalty. larry: united rolling out a new planter protect your rights when you fly. this comes after the video of a passenger screening as was forcibly removed from a flight. suzanne kennedy is live at dulles with the details just coming out overnight. suzanne: a busy morning here at dulles international airport as you can see of the united ticket counter. united is trying to repair its image following several incidents involving passengers that has impacted confidence in the carrier. ae forcible removal of 69-year-old kentucky doctor is the most notable. cell phone
6:49 am
dragged from the flight after he refused to leave on his own. overnight, 10 changes will be made after reviewing the incident and its procedures. it includes raising the limit customers will be great for up to up a seat of -- $10,000. the airline will reduce but not eliminate overbooking. it will stop using police to remove passengers from the aircraft. customers already seated would not have to give up their seat involuntarily unless safety or security are at risk. passengersd bumped to nearby airports, putting them on other airlines come or arranging for car transportation to give them to their final destination. we had an opportunity to speak with some passengers about the changes. >> i think it is good. i think there tried to correct the issue they had, and you move forward. >> i don't think it is the root of the problem. the root of the album is a bottom level of "i've got to make money" and the best ways to take away the stuff
6:50 am
many people into the plane as i can. suzanne: united airlines ceo says he understands that people are upset and he suspects that people are not flying united right now. he hopes these changes will go a long way toward improving customer service. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. autria: knew this morning, not just united in hot water. delta facing backlash of its own. i purchased a to get. -- i purchased a ticket. i tried to hold it the first time. i absolutely couldn't. autria: he says he was removed from his delta flight after he used the restroom. he said the plane was delayed taking off and was just sitting on the runway and he could not hold it anymore. even though flight attendants told them if he got up, they would lose their spot in line for takeoff. he was not arrested.
6:51 am
accommodations home. larry: the wizards are one game away from round two. electric night last night as they regained their lead in the series against the hawks, winning 10. they could advance to the semi finals with a win in atlanta tomorrow night. it is time for a little revenge. autria: the washington capitals charging the round two of the playoffs, facing against the team that knocked them off of it last year. larry: john gonzales is rocking the red as we expected. no one pregrames -- pregames like us. but see the slap shot. a nice save.
6:52 am
right across the street from the verizon center, yet club monaco getting the banners up and ready to go. it is a big day. revenge, redemption. those are some of the words we are hearing. trip tot trip -- ninth the finals in 10 years. the penquins eliminating our beloved capitals last year. tonight, game one, just minutes here on "good morning washington." the ultimate showdown. our cup of joe taking on slap shot himself. when it comes gametime tonight, we're all rocking the red. it is going to be fantastic. the penquins and the capitals right here. even more going on before the big game. i'm holding two giant tickets. at 9:00 this morning, the washington capitals will be hiding pucks all over the d c area in five different locations, two pucks
6:53 am
for tonight's game. they will be tweeting. eeting theiretw clues. tonight, we will be back out here at the verizon center with cup of joe. hopefully, our strict hockey -- street hockey champion celebrating getting ready for tonight's huge game. larry: cup of joe -- the fist pump going on. larry: we have fog? veronica: it has dropped. let's get you updated first thing. just fine in d.c. manassas through fredericksburg, all under one mile visibility. it will take some time before that burns off. give it anot
6:54 am
hours. temperatures a while, too, before they hit 60 degrees is where we are right now. 70 by about lunchtime. 80 by 1:00 to 2:00. mid-80's is what we are forecasting with a lot of sunshine coming our way. some thunderstorms after 9:00. they will be isolated. not everyone will get the rain. this will be fairly fast. could get more on saturday. if you're going to six flags, after 2:00, light showers. may, june, july, i think above average temperatures. we will talk about how warm the could feel, coming up on news channel 8. with a few storms. it is a very busy commute. the gw parkway now blocked off in each direction. betweemo
6:55 am
two lane drop, blocked off until further notice. a medevac helicopter has been requested. we had major tieups headed into d.c. average speeds dropping down to about 14 miles for our. 19 minute commute to trouble honest four miles in down this morning. -- to travel almost four miles inbound this morning. 34 minute commute from the pepsi plant trying to work your way in for the 11th street bridge. open.nes are now back in 10 minutes to update your ride on the top side of the beltway. larry: today is your chance doubt named the little eaglets at manassas airport -- to help name the little eaglets at the manassas airport. good morning. we're
6:56 am
airport. i'm joined by stephanie and amber, eagle advocates. we got to see the eaglets feed this morning. we want to tell people how they can vote. they can go to let's talk about some of the names. , and have niya and omani that means breath and traveler. next we have -- endy and persey endurance and perseverance. molly: what is so neat about the nest? >> it has survived quite a bit of disturbance. molly: it is in a business park. it is hard to believe there is area.l vegetation in the the nest is right in between the trees. next up we have -- >> mika and takoda molly: and finally we have casper and jasper
6:57 am
go over to and place your vote. kidd: we want to say hello to some fans out with us yesterday. we were out before the wizards game. this is sam, i believe. can we find out who this name is? sam from bethesda. we want to say good morning do his mom who came out to see us. we will be out there tonight before the caps game. have a great day. newsmore coming up on channel 8 in just three minutes. join us.
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good morning, america. president trump promises a tax cut. >> it's a great plan. we're going to put people back to work. slashing taxes for businesses, even himself. breaking news, tense standoff, barricaded inside this house. accused of killing a state trooper hours before. >> cpr in progress. >> police using an explosive device to try and get in. residents told to stay in their homes, the city on high alert this morning. on board outrage. a whole flight forced to deplane


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