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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this mor this morning on "world news now" -- president trump is calling for a government shutdown. as congress expects to iron out a crucial deal today, could the president shake things up? plus we'll have the latest on amended health care bill that could affect coverage for millions. >> outrage in louisiana across the country as friends and family learn that two white police officers involved in his death will not face charges. incident caught on camera as the officers struggled with each other and the reaction of his family to the news. >> new this half-hour, rallying against racism. >> red sox fans giving an orioles player a standing ovation at fenway park. the night before, a different scene, racially attacks from the stand. the player calling the fans
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takes action. >> we saw the stars come out for the met gala. what happened inside the event? we'll recap all the selfies, the dancing, the twirling, and more, coming up in "the skinny" on this wednesday, may 3. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." what happens at the met gala stays at the met gala. unless in the elevator and you are beyonce, solange, jay-z. legendary. >> unless that or unless somebody decide to take start selfies in the bathroom. we'll tell you who. >> somebody who likes to sake selfies. we'll start in washington, d.c. where the president sort of made like a stunning statement online. calling for a future government
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shutdown. >> the house expected to vote on a massive spending bill to keep the government running. and the white house says the president will sign it. but it follows a day of conflicting messages about his thoughts on the deal. a bill to replace obama we get more from abc's mary bruce on the hill. >> reporter: with congress poised to vote on a spending bill without any money for his border wall, president trump fired off an angry tweet. saying, our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix mess. the president fuming as democrats declare victory. >> no money for the border wall. not one plug nickel. >> reporter: democrats held off cuts to domestic programs like medical research and the environment. though trump didn't get most of what he wanted, the president called it a win anyway. >> this is what winning looks like. the president pointing to increased funding for border security. we have more money now for the border than we have gotten in ten years. the democrats didn't tell you that.
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they forgot. in their notes, they forgot to tell you that. >> reporter: the democrats victory lap clearly not sitting well with the president. >> i think the president is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the democrats they went out to try to spike the football and make him look bad. >> calling for a shutdown? >> good for republicans. >> schumer in the cloakroom, e spending fight overshadowing an even bigger battle. >> mr. leader when are we going see a vet on health care. for weeks, constituents venting. at the center of the fight now, pre-existing conditions. house republicans pushing a bill that would allow states to opt out of the requirement preventing insurance companies from discriminating against people with those conditions. a key republican, the former chair of the committee that helped draft the legislation, says he cannot support the current bill without those protections for people with pre-existing conditions. >> this amendment torpedoes
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that. and i told the leadership i cannot support this bill with this provision in it. >> reporter: a big blow for republicans as they scramble to push health care reform over the finish line. and now, despite the president's personal pitches, house republicans are on the brink of losing too many votes to get this done. by our count, just two more no votes could sink this bill. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> new development in the case over night, influential moderate republican mary referred to who opposed the bill yesterday is looking for a we to hammer out a new amendment with republican leaders. now the congressman, fred upton said the proposal would provide $8 billion over five years to help people with pre-existing conditions. he said it is not a done deal, but it addresses many of his concerns. >> president trump and russian president vladamir putin agreed to work together to end the violence in syria. the white house describes their latest phone call as very good
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up safe zones in syria. the kremlin characterized the conversation as business like and constructive. the two leaders agreed to try to set up their first face to face meeting in july at the g-20 summit in germany. >> meanwhile, we are getting first look from inside a helicopter over syria showing at least four barrel bombs being dropped on to a rebel held town. another video shows the ground view of the explosion and destruction. a pro opposition report says these bombs killed at least six people from one family yesterday. four children are also said to be among the victims. both videos were shared, by a pro opposition activist. >> back in the u.s., manhunt is under way in chicago for a suspect who shot two police officers, from the vehicle. it happened on the city's south side. in back of the yard's neighborhood. witnesses report a rapid succession of gunfire. as many as 30 shots some say with some saying it sounded like an assault rifle. both officers rushed to the graded to stable.ons have been
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and in a suburb of dallas. team mates are mourning the loss of 15-year-old jordan edward. remember his name. he was shot and killed over the weekend when ape police officer opened fire in a car he was riding in. that officer, roy oliver, has been fired. originally, police said the vehicle edwards was in backed down a street aggressively towards officers. but their investigation found the car was actually driving away from the police officers. a criminal investigation into the incident is under way. >> two white baton rouge officers will not face charges in the fatal shooting of alton sterling. the justice department could announce it early as today. sterling's death was captured on video and led to protests nationwide. police say sterling was reaching for a gun during a struggle with officers when he was shot. sterling's family is speaking out about this new development. >> it just hurts so bad. it hurt, it hurt. it hurts so bad. i
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telling you the horrible pain is like going back to first day. >> people gathered outside the convenience store where sterling was killed. sterling's family says they have not heard from the justice department. >> a former south carolina police officer pleaded guilty to federal charges in the fatal shooting of walter scott. that happened during a traffic stop captured on video. michael slager claimed he was doing his job. he is facing life sentence in the 2015 shooting. the admission of guilt ends federal and state cases against him. >> now, the senate is getting ready to grill airline ceos tomorrow on the heels of a grij the house. five top executives appeared before a house committee to address recent customer service failures like the removal of dr. david dao from the united airlines flight. united boss, oscar munoz,
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that a mistake of epic proportions. a committee chairman had rough word for the companies. >> if we don't see meaningful results that improve customer service the next time the committee meets to address the issue i assure you you won't like the outcome. >> the outcome could be a one size fits all solution that may serve some carriers but not all. the hearing happened as a video surfaced. look at this two men brawling on board a flight from tokyo to los angeles. now the airline says a man in red was pulled off that plane and arrested. >> and there was more anger on display in the parking lot of a furniture store in alabama. here it is. a woman standing on the hood of a car, and stomping on the windshield. >> that -- no.
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>> is 24-year-old barbara lauery. she told one of our affiliates that she decided to take action when she found out a man she thought was her boyfriend was cheating on her. >> so, barbara was arrested. she also says that she spent a night of thoughtful prayer before this action. she says she knew it wasn't a good idea, but, she did anyway. >> she prayed. woke up that day. not today, satan. >> took her foot to the windshield. >> i know i won't be looking for a date with. >> oh, there you go. barbara, he is available. >> no. no, no thank you. >> swipe left. >> you didn't have a car, it's fine. >> true, are you single, barbara? i suspect you are. coming up, the fenway faithful apologizing overnight after orioles player adam jones was targeted with barrage of hateful attacks the night before. reaction from jones, red sox and their fans. next. >> she lived her life in the spotlight. paris jackson is now revealing what she is doing next. we have some details in "the skinny."
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looking at a video of a bicycle race in brooklyn from over the weekend. one cyclist falls. you can see that train react, that it triggers. >> oh, my god, no. >> did we have an incident in brooklyn last year, as well. where there was a race. that just. >> in brooklyn as well? i do remember the video. >> so, this one is in red hook, criterion race, happened near the start of the race as well. >> similar situation. >> need to see the finish. >> yeah. >> think it was the finish for a lot of people. hope they're all doing okay. >> yes, serious consequences possible following monday night's racial taunting at fenway park. adam jones of the baltimore orioles says he was targeted. >> early in last night's game, the red sox fans tried to do
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good. took a stand against racism. john atwater of our station in boston reports. >> adam jones. red sox fans cheering for the opponent, even standing up as orioles centerfielder, adam jones comes up to bat. >> what happened last night was uncalled for, disrespectful, and i don't care who the it is, if opposing team or not. >> the response at fenway after an ugly monday night game. jones says a bag of peanuts was thrown at him, and he says fans taunted him with racial slurs. >> i heard the n word. when you hear these kinds of eces nephews, 10, 11.aring it. how do i explain to them. >> rinse to the racial heckling swift with red sox management immediately apologizing. >> this is a great city. a great fan base. and to have one or two taint what the perception of our fans might be is, is, really unfortunate. >> got to acknowledge it.
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take responsibility. accountability. address it. and then hopefully move forward. >> fans hope their show of support can help heal wounds as red sox management considers punishment for the fans involved. >> i met with mr. henry today. he said they're in the process of things like this happen they will revoke the person's, who ever tickets they are. >> boston police are investigating what happened here at fenway park monday night. saw celebrities strut their stuff outside of the met gala. now they're giving us a peek inside. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you, honey. >> who are you wearing? >> "the skinny" is next.
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>> skinny. world news now continues after this from our abc stations. >> skinny. >> hump day skinny. we are starting off going back to the met gala. it was a night of the good, the bad and -- well you can decide. when it comes to fashion. we want to know what happened once everyone got inside. >> oh, this night at the museum. well the kardashians and jenners did what they do best. they take selfies. here they are giving ellen a run for her money with the star-studded bathroom selfie. how many celebrities can you count in here? >> does it count as a selfie if you take it in the mirror? >> yes. >> think tt
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game. >> here is the problem, selfies are a big no no. anna wintour banned them in 2015, nobody knows why. the other thing is, photos in the bathroom are also generally a no-no as well. >> yeah. >> you're absolutely right. and anna wintour banned them. there is bad lighting with selfies. >> oh. >> unacceptable. >> unacceptable lighting. of course, all held, metropolitan museum here in new york city. serena williams who is not taking selfies there, she was snap chatting. her fiance, the reddit co-founder, filming the mommy to be, twirling, and posing as a ses.topped and hugged the vitzm. bela jumped into the group shot with her sister and actress amy schumer as well.
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>> speaking of amy schumer out promoting "snatched" but took time to make her dad's dream come true. >> a huge fan of goldie hawn, co-starring with schumer in the upcoming film. she saw an opportunity to bring the two together. >> why are you crying? >> the weather. >> ha-ha. >> the snow in south dakota. >> who are you about to meet? >> schumer said the two had face timed a couple times. this was the first time he got to meet goldie hawn in person. everyone in the room was in tears. >> he was tearing up over meeting goldie hawn. this was the moment. right here. >> look at him. he cannot, he cannot hold back his tears. >> i'm okay. >> what a surprise. >> and this has been a very big week for paris jackson.
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she made her met gala debut monday night. now land herd first feature film deal. >> 19-year-old daughter of pop icon will portray an edgy 20-year-old in a dark comedy being produced for amazon. >> already this year, appeared on tv shows, magazine covers, landed modeling contract. attended the grammys. all that and only may. >> imagine what will happen in june. look as mazing. glad to see she is doing well. >> finally, friend to the show, frederick eklund, bff, million dollar listing, threw down $4.6 million for a penthouse in manhattan. >> the duplex, 1900 square feet, floor to ceiling windows, balconies, yes, balconies plural. >> mill work. four fixture master bath. >> the building features a pool. >> pretty awesome. >> among amenities.
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>> wonder if he will invite me to do dance moves with him. >> you think. >> his apartment looks like it has space. carlton all over that place. >> and that pool! ♪ place. >> and that pool!
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♪ ♪ you know ♪ i've been hurt so many times >> i tried to do it. >> it can do some screwy stuff with your face. awe thought that's what i am doing with my face. >> yeah, just a selfie isn't it? >> i don't know. what do you think? yeah, thank you. naturally do that. that song is awesome. called "superman" by d.j. black coffee, the singer actor best known for degrasse, drake, liked it. added his verse. now a hit opening up to many fans this whole new world of sound. >> could be a trend.
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now justin bieber is singing in spanish for the first time. here's abc's dan harris with more. justin bieber knows a hit when he hears one. after hearing despacito in a night club in colombia. despacito. the latin pop song was so irresistible, bieber had to jump on board. according to this remix, singing in spanish for the first time. ♪ despacito the reality is that the song, thank god is already a global hit. what justin bieber does now is take it to an anglo saxon market. he told yahoo!. he was the one who initiated it. original version pulled in over a billion views on you tube. and this remix just might be the hottest hit of the summer. it means slowly in spanish, but this
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charts. climbing billboard from 48 to number 4. it has been more than 20 years since a spanish language song reached the top ten on the top 100. last time was, los del rios, macarana in 1996. while this version doesn't have a music video yet, bieber and fonzie surprised fans last month during justin's purpose tour in puerto rico. ♪ ♪ dan harris, abc news, new york. >> makes you want to they're that a little bit more or the macarana. [ singing in spanish ] >> totally embarrassing. that's okay. go away. [ singing in spanish ]
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making news in america this wednesday morning, take two, the trump administration's plan to repeal and replace obamacare possibly in trouble this morning. the big sticking point turns away some republicans and how many more noes before the new plan is dead. we're live in washington. overnight president trump responds to hillary clinton after she blamed russia and fbi director james comey for her election loss. >> new video showing the moment a plane hits power lines before crashing onto a road. how the pilot saved lives and the people who cheated death in the cars below. an officer jumps into a pond and pulls a child to safety. we have some new video of that dramatic rescue.


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