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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now. that includes mark trains on the penn line. metro is honoring marc trains from the penn line but it is causing descriptions in the afternoon commute. right now at 4:00, the manhunt for escaped conflict is ramping up and quickly. nancy: this follows sightings of j.j. watt. -- sightings of watson. alison: he faces charges in maryland and brad bell is in jessup. it's back where it started this past friday. brad: that is right. the spotting is where we are now. we are outside the clifton t. perkins hospital center. this is the prison essentially for those who have mental health issues. you are looking back into the woods now. just in the last 15 minutes or so, the police suddenly
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then started driving in to those woods. state police helicopter now hovering fairly low overhead. we are sensing that something here has changed in the posture. what we know is this. this morning somebody spotted a guy who looked an awful lot like the suspect david watson. a distinctive person with distincttive tattoos. that man ran and ran into the woods. so police have been forming up here all day today. among the things they found in those woods, a tunnel. a little bit of a drainage pipe. in there, they found essentially what they are driving as a nest. packing materials were put in there as though someone was sleeping. they also found shoe prints. footprints in that area. also the person spotted was wearing a hard hat and a safety vest. police now telling us those items were stolen from a facility nearby. we will be out here. if the s
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will bring you the latest. back to you. nancy: all right, brad. thank you. david watson vanished friday morning being transferred to the hospital. he was already sentenced to more than 100 years behind bars for convictions of out of delaware. he was scheduled to go in for a mental evaluation on friday. if you do see david watson, do not approach him. instead call police immediately. jonathan: be the first to know about any developments on this story or any breaking news story we follow. go to you request sign up for breaking news alerts. you will get notified to your phone or ipad or whatever pab let you are using from the newsroom. alison: also today, anne arundel county police officer has been arrested. 44-year-old detective brian houseman is accused of soliciting prostitutes while on duty. and harassing women he was assigned to help. he has been with the department for 13 years and he has been suspended as an
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officer. nancy: a young man killing up the car gunned down. >> it appears to be random. we are learning more about what happened on if common on silver hill road. kevin lewis? kevin: this is the gas station where the murder happened after midnight. if you walk with me here to the sidewalk, you can see the top of the census bureau sprawling campus where thousands of employees work. prince george's county police say 27-year-old wayne pope who went by his middle name of brandon fueling his car at a pump at some point overnight. the gunman approached him likely at random. pope fought back but was shot at least once in the upper body and died before the ambulance arrived. this
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cameras that record in color but so far they have not caught the gunman. he lived a mile away from here at the andrew ridge apartments in suitland. however, he passed a lot of time at his mother's home in forestville. on his mother's front door a decorative piece hangs reading, "look for the angels in life. they are everywhere." >> this looks like a nice gentleman to me as far as i know. sorry to hear it. things are happening around here. kevin: homicide detectives believe this was a random murder. the attorney for the gas station asked all employees not to speak with the media. live in suitland this afternoon. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. developing out of texas now, two people are dead in what police call a murder-suicide but it took place on the community col
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video. you can see at one point students were dreaming out of the building. getting out of north lake college. police were swarming and moving in. originally the police sent out a warning about an active shooter situation. this is under control. in the meantime, in massachusetts, a deadly crash. horrible scene. a jeep plowing through a crowd of people during an auto auction. some wondered if it was intentional initially. michelle marsh at the "live desk" monitoring the situation with the latest. michelle: police north of boston answering that question. they say it was not on purpose. three people were killed. nine more injured. some of them seriously. there were more than a thousand people inside the building. vehicle going 25 miles per hour when it happened. it had eight lanes of the vehicles rolling through for the auction. the driver was alert and talking to police. agai
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nancy: thank you. meantime a somewhat chilly day in the books at this point. sunny but pretty windy. we have perhaps some storms of our own on the horizon. we have the forecast. chief meteorologist doug hill? doug: it's gorgeous skies out there. look at the numbers. this is cool. the average high this time for early may is 72. only at 63 in leesburg. 67 in quantico. 65 in annapolis. 66 in washington. the nats head home against arizona. sunny and breezy. 65. the temperatures will drop in the 50's in the game. when you wake up in the morning the skies are clear. many suburban areas in the upper 40's. 52 downtown in a dale city. 49 in larg. clear skies now. clear skies tonight. but tomorrow we will pick up the effects of a developing storm system in
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south. through the day, 68. more clouds and sun. rain will arrive and heavy at times. a lot to explain with the timing of this, the impact and looking ahead to the weekend as well in a bit. alison: thank you. two people made it out of a home that was gutted by flames. this was in aspen hill. suzanne kennedy explains what made fighting the fire so difficult. >> take a look behind me. you can see debris everywhere here at the aspen hill home where the fire took place overnight. they found hoarding conditions after they arrived after midnight. some of it. a lot of it is in the front yard. they worked to extinguish the blaze in the 410 o block of southend road. debris in every room. in some c
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ceiling. windows were blocked which meant it was difficult if not impossible to get fire hoses in the home. a neighbor came here, took pictures and was shocked by the trash that covered the property. >> they have been here longer than i have been here. that is the only thing i can say about me. i wouldn't want to be in a situation like that. the stuff makes it attractive to fire. suzanne: there were working smoke detectors so the couple was able to get out safely. there was a firefighter injured. authorities say at this point the cause of the fire is believed to be accidental. it did $225,000 in damage. in aspen hill, suzanne kennedy, abc7
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>> this is terrible. it makes me nauseous to think we might have had an impact on the election. >> that is the head of the f.b.i. on the hill to talk about the clinton e-mail investigation. scott thuman in the newsroom. james comey taking tough questions but candid in the responses. >> he typically is. this is a take-away from what we saw. the first we heard an interim debate. the speak and conceal. but it could have been catastrophic because it might have led people to believe they had something to hide. so first a clip from the testimony. >> everybody who disagrees to me has to come back to october 28 with me to stare
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would you speak or conceal? we made a decision in hindsight, one of the world's most painful experiences i would make the same decision. scott: he had to repeat himself quite a bit because he was asked over and over to dissect how he went through the process. secondarily we heard if there was internal pressure from above. for example, "new york times" article cited multiple times by senators about whether or not loretta lynch then the attorney general was pressuring director comey in any way to make sure that the clinton investigation didn't go too far. to not use the word "investigation" when referring to it. to call it a matter instead. he declined to go deeply in the topic. he said he would but it would be something they have to do in a classified setting behind closed doors. the last thing that was a take-away was more investigating on what is taking place between trump then
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president trump. there is an investigation that is being done. jonathan: what is the next step for comey and the f.b.i.? this seems like it is dragging on and on. what is next? a final period at the end of the sentence? scott: no. they will keep looking into the matters but if there was cooperation between the russians neighborhood on the candidate trump's team, that is something that will probably have more come out tomorrow on. but unlikely it will come directly to the media. that will be in a house question-and-answer session that is a closed doormater. so whether or not we will get the tidbits from it,
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but no timeline when they want to wrap it up. jonathan: the police are giving an updated search for david watson. >> there are trains that run through the area. the train service is currently running. we confirm the trains are running at the speeds that are too high. and would not allow for anyone to board as they pass through. the road here in front of the hospital and surrounding dorsey run road is closed from the area in front of the hospital. the search will not only continue to include the woods around this area, but also include the industrial areas surrounding the hospital. that includes buildings, trailers, trucks, other vehicles in the
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jonathan: if you want to continue watching the news conference, we are going to put it on newschannel8 for you. you can watch it in the entirety. we are keeping close tabs on this. we anticipate there could be a capture soon because they have found evidence of the escaped inmate nearby. so now the search is intensified and it could happen any time. when it does happen rest assured we will get it to you right away. coming up next, miracle landing. plane falls falls from the sky. how all on board the plane walked away. that is coming up. nancy: also next from miracle landing to the heroic leap and all-out effort to save a 4-year-old from drowning. alison: it looks like if the eagles get your way you won't be able to check in the hotel california anytime you like anymore. why the band is taking the hotel to court. that's next.
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jonathan: tee polka, kansas, police officer hailed a hero and for good reason. alison: this officer is credited with saving a 4-year-old boy with autism's life after he almost drowned in a pond. nancy: incredible to see. sam sweeney shows us the body cam making headlines for the right reasons. >> the officer's cam
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suspect near topeka, kansas, park. he never found the suspect but he saw a small child dangerously close to a pond. within seconds, the 4-year-old boy who was with autism alone in the park went in the water and under. >> hey! sam: the officer sprints toward the water. you see the child's head bobbing. he jumps in and rescues him. >> a kid fell in the pond. >> the boy's parent had been searching for the 4-year-old after he disappeared. children with autism are often drawn to water. in this case, officer aaron bolmer in the right place at the right time. sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: so observant. he saw the little boy standing by the water and saw him go in. okay. look at the video out of washington state. run it for you. you see a small plane. check this out. first eclipse the lines and then it tears apart and explodes in the middle of th
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street. this is dash cam video and it happened in the middle of rush hour. >> i could feel the heat on my face. the fireball and the wing clipped the van. the closest i have come to thinking this is the end. jonathan: everybody is all smiles now because everybody is okay. the pilot lost power right before this crash. the plane clipped several cars. amazingly neither the pilot nor anyone on the ground was hurt in this crash but the video left behind holy cow. alison: that is incredible. we want to tell you about yet another hero in kansas city. a good samaritan credited with springing into action to help a group of elementary school students when this happened. the bus caught on fire. the man herald a loud -- heard a loud noise, saw the flames, and he ran there to the bus and he helped get all 33 kids out. no one was hurt. nancy: to wyoming where dozens
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confiscated from the owner. they were being kept in a large kennel with no food or water. this was at a home in the countryside. authorities now working to find shelter space for all of these animals. >> going to no-kill facilities that will have the manpower to help the dogs sort of figure out what life is all about. nancy: some of the dogs have medical issues like worms and malnutrition but once they recover they will be placed with permanent homes. alison: trial underway in france now. britain's prince william and his wife duchess of cambridge are suing the magazine "closer" that published topless photos of the duchess in 2012. the royal couple looking for $2 million in damages. "closer" was fined for printing the pictures and banned from using them altogether. verdict is expected in july. jonathan: the eagles, one of the top selling bands of all time suing hotel california. one of the hit songs. the hotel california in mexico. the band is claiming
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infringement. lawyer for the group says the hotel promotes itself as the inspiration for the bad's hit song. not so much. on the website the hotel notes while no band members have a stake in the hotel, there are coincidences between hotel california, the song and the hotel. nancy: coincidences? jonathan: if you listen to the band talk about the inspiration for the song, it with was in california. not mexico. no offense. the hotel was in the desert. alison: not hotel mexico. jonathan: that would have been a hit. i have seen them a few times. my all time favorite band. nancy: nice to hear on a warm summer day. not today. doug: but it's gorgeous. low humidity. breezy. good. we have the changes coming. tomorrow is subtle, the cloudiness increasing late tomorrow through friday a lot of rain. get to that weather story for you.
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beautiful sunshine. the breezes are kicking up. the gusty winds could ruin your coif. but i have a full can of spray. it isn't going to move. pollen count is a big story, too. with the high wind blowing high pollen count around. 7:00 still 65. 63 at 8:00. then we will drop. we are here on the right-hand side of the map. metro. you can see the clear skies and you can west of the mountain. you can see the rain and the missouri valley. thunderstorms. this is moving in our direction. they will bring storms east. the timeing will be late tomorrow night. by 9:00 we have sunshine and winds from the east. it will bring
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than today's winds from the west. rainfall. we are thinking tomorrow after the sunset. the showers. then the thunderstorms. this is 4:30 in the morning. so many of you may be awakened by the thunder friday morning. the rain will be heaviest enough for connection of the commute. everything is coming together to produce potential to the heavy rain. in the afternoon, more storms. heavy lines along the coast and heavy thunderstorms that are popping up in the metro area. as far as how much rain, one to two inches expected by friday afternoon. there could be downpours to keep an eye on. long stretch of sunshine with 70's and 80's. you won't find it here. showers on started. 63. sun and 63 on monday. we will start a slow warmup for the
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next week. nancy: i'm glad your coif is okay. next at 4:00, if your work place is like ours you are surrounded by people with bad, bad allergies. maybe you are one of them yourself. how you can get instant relief from the sneezing. >> great debate over lights.
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right.
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jonathan: d.c. could get brighter. alison: a district wide roll out of the l.e.d. lights is on hold. nancy: transportation reporter brianne carter is here to explain why. brianne: so everybody is in agreement they need to switch out the hold lights to the new lights. but after the ongoing issue since 2011, failed the contracts they are ready to move forward with swapping out the lights downtown. many are ready to see lights modernize but there are concerns raised over how bright they need to be. today, before a ddot committee we understand they were all talking about the different issues. folks that are testifying before d.c. council. raising concerns about swapping out 71 lights to the l.e.d. lights. ddot says lights will reduce visibility and increase maintenance costs but some residents are concerned the new bulbs that are
4:27 pm
too bright. some are losing street over it because the lights pour in their bedrooms. others cite the american medical association saying the new l.e.d. lights can disrupt sleep pattern and reduce melatonin. others say it has benefit with policing and the public safety. l.e.d.'s will improve nighttime visibility on the road to make it safer for the motorists, pedestrians and the cyclists. speaking before the d.c. committee today, the head of d.d.o.t. said the department is open to look at the less bright l.e.d. lights. other officials suggest the city come one a lighting master plan. not to have a one size fits all but different brightness of light in different part of the city. the project expected to be a public-private partnership. a new deal coming next year. nancy: interesting that they talk about the sleep patterns and how it might be affected. jonathan: if they are bright people complain. it's too bright. i can't get any sleep. thank you. nancy: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- intensifying the search for who left ra
4:28 pm
american university campus. the country's top crime fighting agency is getting involved. >> a vicious beating and a stabbing in front of the metro commuters. i'm stephen tschida. i will tell you all about in a moment. alison: new at 5:00, all the cranes around d.c. mean construction. right? but the new buildings are in the way of the old views. find out what people at a hot local neighborhood think about the changes.
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. nancy: the house has passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the government through september. the budget showdown heads to the senate. the president must sign the bill for saturday to avoid a government shutdown. outside the metro station a man was stab and beaten by children. scary to see. stephen tschida has the video and who who the police
4:32 pm
>> there is potomac avenue metro station. we have a cell phone video from a witness in the moments after he tells us that several juveniles attacked this man. pushed him to the ground. and kicked him repeatedly. one allegedly stabbed this man. the incident went down at a time when they used the metro station say students of a number of schools come together. they say it can become dangerous. this is what one had to say. >> it's sad. security is needed at all times here. it's not safe. >> back live now you can see the security is here. most of the people we spoke to say there is a strong police presence and it is not enough to protect those individuals who might fall victim to these juveniles who gahe
4:33 pm
man who was stab and beaten apparently is acquainted with the juvenile who is charged with that stabbing. reporting live, stephen tschida. abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. let's talk apt the weather situation. if you got out today, they were some of the bluest skies but it comes with a price. if you didn't have allergies before you might have them now. doug: high level of tree and grass pollen. but it is moving out tonight. changes. the pollen are on the ground. here is the story tonight. clear skieses sunshine for the nats game tonight. 65 degrees. 59 later tonight. 50 toward midnight. we have to see suburban areas hit upper 40's by morning. big area of high pressure overhead to give us a gorgeous weather.
4:34 pm
to the west, a lot of cloudiness and the storminess. ing as the high moves out this follows in the wake. we'll have cloudiness through the day. a developing storm system moving north. the storm complex will likely bring us rain tomorrow through friday. heavy at times. heavy thunderstorms. we could pick up a couple of inches of rain out of this. that is the story. we are look at 9:00 tomorrow night. the rain will be just west. as we go overnight to friday morning heavy areas of rain and the thunderstorms headed our way. gusty winds, too. we have thunderstorms in the day but not until saturday that it is far enough away to settle in cool and a damp pattern heading to the weekend. the weekend forecast the next ten days, steve rudin has it in
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michelle: this man behind bars as he tried to lure teenager girls to sex. richard reeve with the arrest in utah for trying to have sex with a girl in virginia. >> police call this is a cyber predator investigation. in this case, the victim is a 16-year-old girl. through instagram that derrick jones contacted an ashburn girl. his handle sadistic surgeon is part of a comic book culture as a way to befriend the girl. after first communicating by phone in january and february, jones came to visit the girl at her home. even met her parents. they then believe he arranged an override for her to baltimore where they had a sexual encounter. since marge he has been in orlando, flag
4:36 pm
angeles, and salt lake city. they wonder if there are other victims. >> it's unconscionable what he did. in the 30's. she is a youngster. to take advantage of a girl like that is deplorable. richard: jones is known to frequent comic book conventions in salt lake city. why they are concern about the wide travels. fairfax, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: update on the racist display on the american university campus with the bananas hung from the nooses. the f.b.i. is helping in the investigation and considered a hate crime. it seems to target the alpha kappa alpha and the first black female student president. >> we are bringing light to the fact it happened.
4:37 pm
jonathan: there is a person of interest in the case. $1,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. michelle: warriors player bemoan they won't get to face off with the clippers saying there is nothing to do in salt lake. after the jazz knocked out the clippers. so in response the tourism agency launched there is nothing to do in salt . that looks lively. it shows off the night life and even the mayor tweeted an offer to buy the first drink. when it shifts to utah. jonathan: my dad had a job interview in provo, utah and he wanted a beer. they didn't sell beer.
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just saying. michelle: still ahead, helping you overcome the harsh allergy season. the never ending waves of pollen and the strongest treatment you might not know about that are available. that is ahead. jonathan: if your baby -- >> if your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. jonathan: but not everybody agrees with the sentiment. the former congressman's sweet taking on jimmy kimel next. alison: a first look at what is on "good morning washington." >> tomorrow on "good morning washingtons" how to plan ahead to keep your family safe in the vent of a catastrophic emergency. >> join us for a zip lining adventure live. >> stay with us every ten minutes starting at 4:25 tomorrow on "good
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kimmel and the affordable care act which in part mandates the insurance company covers the preexisting conditions. nancy: but this is as lawmakers are reviewing new plan. some want preexisting to be covered and but others want state to have a story. joe walsh tweeting this sorry, jimmy kimmel. your sad story doesn't obligate me or somebody else to pay for somebody else's healthcare. he has been against affordable care act. jonathan: and today, president trump played host and negotiators to the republican lawmakers on the fence and pledged funding to help those with preexisting conditions get insurance and keep insurance. what is not clear is if it is a current version of the bill to pass the house, senate also in doubt at this you are. coming up next here at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- held at gunpoint. but not
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>> panic and he has a gun. warning shots. jonathan: the moments right before everyone hit the deck. that is up next. nancy: allergy season in full swing. pollen coming in waves. the best way to minimize the effects and the st
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jonathan: okay. they picked the wrong house to break into. home opener in southern california took matter in his own hands when he noticed a group of teens trying to break in his home. there is the picture. the first part of your screen, the front part. that is a gun. he snapped the photo showing himself pointing the gun at three teens while a neighbor called 911. >> i came home from the supermarket. i guess they know somebody jumped the fence and trying to pry in. he had a gun so a warning shot. jonathan: police respond moment later and the three teens got themselves arrested. he took pictures of that. he took a lot of pictures. very
4:47 pm
nancy: snapchatting. took an opportunity to show him holding a gun on three teens. >> hopefully they learned the lesson. they are now all over social media. today, vice president pence and the secretary of education betsy devos discussed school choice at the u.s. who. while hosting students, he had no idea that the president crashed her speech. the moment she found out. >> we have great witnesses to the power of parental choice here today. by shining -- >> if i may. >> i found it so interesting >> he just showed up behind her. president trump praised devos' efforts and pledged to fight for school choice. all right. check in now with larry smith for a look at what is coming up new at 5:00. larry: this has been called the antedote to heroin overdoses but concerns now that it may no longer do
4:48 pm
job. what may seem like a run of the mill car fire is anything but. we have a lot to talk at 5:00. see you in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. seasonal allergies affect each person differently. the subject of tonight's instapoll. you don't have to live with the suffering. working in partnership with the sinclair company, we are privileged to serve you. tonight we walk through how some treatments bring fast allergy relief. >> completely absurd. >> jess brown allergy misery was year round. spring was the worse. >> i had to have tissues next to me every minute.
4:49 pm
a little while. she had had enough. >> i found out i was allergic to my dogs which i sleep with every day and everything outside. >> each person has a peak season. the misery varies depending where you live. >> the patients that have the specific allergies to the grass pollen and the tree pollen and the mold spores will suffer in the springtime. in the fall the patients more prone to weed pollen suffer more. >> hey, how is it going? >> good. >> if you went to the allergist 20, 30 years ago they'd say you have to be on allergy shots 20, 30 years. now we have accelerated approaches. >> dr. shaw says the f.d.a. approved injection build person
4:50 pm
>> the patient bess gin with a low concentration. >> jess started the rush immunotherapy a year ago and within a few weeks she started to feel better. >> now i don't take any medications on the daily basis. i sleep with the dogs still and i'm completely fine. >> i'm tara morgan reporting. jonathan: abc7 on storm watch monitoring the situation in missouri. entire communities are under water. look how close the water is to the bridge. michelle: yes. they have been hammered there. they have seen if historic flooding. some spots had several inches and everyone a foot at rain. nancy: social media, and this is one of the ways they reach people. >> i'm from st. louis. i lived in the flood of 1993. i can tell you that the flooding
4:51 pm
some people are being rescued by boat. i want to show you what the flooding looks like from above. water is rising from the banks. from the ground it's coming up. these are the steps to get to the st. louis arch. look at this. this is video from the st. louis county. this used to be a road. it looks like a river. sandbags are holding back the water in front of a st. louis county police office. missouri national guard has been helping out. helping sand bag as well. some school districts are closed today including linberg where i went to school. in the rural part of the greater st. louis area not only did they cancel school, they are moving back prom. in some areas the water is receding but it is leaving behind a mess. this is i-44, major thoroughfare in missouri. the water is gone here but the road is closed. back to
4:52 pm
we have rotten weather on the way toward the end of the week. if your allergies are bothering you, tree, grass and mold. those are the culprit for right now. temperatures are cooler than yesterday. now we are in the middle 60's at reagan national airport. moving through overnight, mainly clear skies. 44 to a 2. winds out of -- 44 to 52. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. waking up tomorrow morning a chilly start to thursday. a light jacket and sunglasses. you will need that early on. clouds increase in midday. with the clouds, we will eventually see areas of rain develop later in the day. highs tomorrow are in the middle to the up earn 60's. dry for the evening commute. if you are out late tomorrow, the wet weather arrives from the south and west and will pick up in intensity moving to the friday morning rush hour
4:53 pm
the weekend outlook, 63. scattered showers on saturday. lower 60's on sunday. back to the lower 7 o's thursday and friday and the weekend. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the threat from north korea sizing up the military and the naval fleet. just what they are capable of coming up next. >> honored with six edward r. murrow awards for journalism, including the prestigious award for overall excellence. we're abc7 news and proud to
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larry: for the last few weeks north korea has been flexing the military muscle with repeated missile test and tough talk about the nuclear capabilities. as our national correspondent kristine frazao reports it's a show the whole world seems to be listening to an watching. kristine: it appears to many on the outside looking in, this is north korea's top priority. >> we have seen a lot of; you know, missile tests over the past few years. in terms of trying to demonstrate their delivery capabilities. it shows us that one, they are continuing to work on the systems.
4:57 pm
learning every time. >> but jenny, assistant director of the u.s. korea institute and science in washington, says south koreans have been used to the threat for years. over the past few weeks something significant changed. >> the u.s. dropping not so subtle hints ready to respond. despite this from the president. >> if it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, i would absolutely, i would be honored to do it. >> mixed messages from donald trump also causing concern. >> taking a much more aggressive tone. he is basically baiting north korea in the high risk game of chicken. >> a game some believe has escalated the tensions in a conflict where very little is known about the enemy. >> we don't know if they have the capability to make a warhead package small enough
4:58 pm
missile. kristine: but nuclear expert says some of their limits are evident. >> there has been a lot of hype about the north korea ability to send a nuclear missile to the u.s. they don't have the capability now. >> despite confident dictator, the u.s. leaders are focused to engage the other leaders to stop a global crisis before it starts. in washington, kristine frazao reporting. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: tonight the search is on after a possible sighting of an inmate who escaped friday. david watson was being transferred to a medical facility in howard county. maryland bureau chief has been in jessup all day. brad, police gave a briefing in the last hour. what did you learn? brad: yeah, well, we learned a lot. one thing w
4:59 pm
worker in the industrial area spotted someone wearing a hard hat and an orange or a yellow safety vest. that is not unusual around here. except this guy ran into the those woods. police went in after him. not long after that. they found what they believe to have been a place where someone was actually sleeping. number of the footprints. so this afternoon, i want to show the video of the search ramping up. right where we are here. near the place where david watson escaped last friday. police formed a line right down dorsey run road. then with police k9 and heavy weaponry they moved in the woods. nothing since has come of it. the police believe that the person spotted this morning was likely david watson.
5:00 pm
in delaware for attempted to kill police officers firing into their homes. facing similar charges in the state of maryland. there have been no sightings until today. >> right now we have reason to believe the person spotted by the 911 caller this morning very well may be david watson. >> so back with you live now. you can see dorsey run road for the most part closed. you can see another emergency vehicle heading up the road. lights and sirens in this direction. it has been like this all day long. there must be hundreds of police officers from a number of jurisdictions and agencies in the area. as we said, the police believe this was watson. they do not believe he has left the area. p


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