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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 5, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," flooding disaster. worsening, residents evacuating as rivers expected to rise this weekend. this is a the storm that dumped rain on the regions, brings tornados to the east. the latest ahead. president trump's visit was brief but cheerful, celebrating the house passing the revised health care bill. what is in the bill? does it have enough support in the senate to make it to the president's desk? >> new this half-hour -- >> french politics and cuisine. election day in france this weekend. and marie lepen facing more than political attacks. actually hit with an egg. >> new record for the world's most famous abs. ronaldo surging to a whole new level on social media. why?
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we will explain this and examine it a little closer, shall we it? its friday, may 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> sure you don't want to start off with christiano ronaldo. best known for photos. we'll get to ronaldo, the world's third most popular soccer player in a moment. >> he is the best soccer player in the world. >> just ask him, he'll tell you that. we'll start the half-hour in the u.s. with severe storms on the move right now. >> today official will be in savannah, georgia, trying to confirm whether it was a tornado that left behind all this damage. more than a dozen buildings damaged in garden city. five injured in the storm. >> this amazing image right here from atlanta. do you see that, right there? in the distance. see a funnel cloud.
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this is over hartsfield jackson airport where minor damages were reported in the area. one passenger said his arrival flight pulled up because of strong turbulence. >> major rivers flow through the middle of country bursting their banks. some will see floodwaters crest over the weekend. >> other regions won't see the worst of the slow-moving flooding disaster for a long time to come. abc's alex perez in the flood zone. >> reporter: the arkansas national guard using blackhawk helicopters over randolph county to survey that devastating flooding. streaming live on face? book as another round of storms hit. >> the wind is so, so strong here, and it is raining, pouring down outside. >> here is what the black river looked like monday. here it is wednesday. just hours after a record breaking crest of nearly 29 feet. its levee breaching in nine places. some 50 homes with major damage or destroyed altogether. >> all while southwest louisiana, inundated with as much as eight inches of rain in hours.
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this school bus stuck on a flooded road. the students all safe. and in missouri where more than 200 roads are still closed, this washed out bridge giving a glimpse of the clean-up ahead. dan crawford's home inches away from being underwater. >> almost two full weeks in panic mode. trying to save the house. >> to give you an idea, the river is normally 1/4 mile behind me. you can see inundated part of the neighborhood. things are expected to dry out ssouri.z, abc news, arnold, >> and, the storm system that did damage in georgia moves to the north today. rain could cause flooding in parts of the midwest and strong winds expected from new york city to boston. heaviest rain expected in ohio and northern virginia 4 inches expected. >> president trump returned to his hometown. it was a quick trip for the president, but it still managed to draw some protesters.
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abc's emily rou joins us from "uss intrepid." good morning. >> reporter: president trump's official visit it to new york city as commander-in-chief came with protest thousands in tight security measures. his arrival was delayed because of the health care vote. so he came straight here, to the intrepid to meet with the prime minister of australia, and to speak at commemorative dinner honoring surviving american and australian veterans. >> i am honored that everybody in this room is with us to realize what a great, great relationship our two nations have. >> hundred of protesters were waiting to greet him outside. booing as his motorcade passed by. >> hey hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go! >> i'm outraged he is coming to disgrace the ship that i served on. >> reporter: the nypd brought in 1,000 extra officers to help patrol and keep everyone safe. the president's homecoming was a quick one.
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weekend at his golf club in new jersey about an hour away. back to you, diane, kendis. >> emily rau, the intrepid museum. before leaving washington, the president celebrated the first step towards dismantling obama care. he invited house republicans to the rose garden where he saluted them for passing new health care legislation. with only one vote to spare. now, democrats were united against the bill saying now millions of americans went be able to afford insurance. the president disagrees, tweeting that obamacare is dead. >> now it is obvious it is failing. essentially dead. if we don't pay lots of ransom money to the insurance companies it will die immediately the bill has the to go to the senate. key elements -- obamacare requires everyone to have health insurance or pay penalty. the republican bill eliminates that requirement. obamacare gives americans money to buy their own insurance. republican bill on the other
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credits. and obamacare expanded medicaid. the republican bill, would roll that back. >> two american f-22s were flying a mission when they spotted russian planes this week. the fifth incident in just three weeks. the russian aircraft was always an international airspace, but, a u.s. official says, it came as close as 50 miles from alaska's coastline before turning back. >> former president obama has stepped into another political battle. now endorsing emanuel macron, obama praised macron for appealing to hopes instead of fears. maureen le pen spent part of her day dodging flying egds. polls show le pen trailing macron by 20 percentage points. >> 16 children injured in what was a deadly bus crash in las vegas. kids described being tossed
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collided with the vehicle. they climbed to safety through the roof, the hatch, leaving backpacks behind. the driver of the car killed. child in the vehicle was critically injured. none of the students on the bus were seriously hurt. >> after an intense three day search, missing hiker in snow gee mountains of new hampshire rescued. search teams looking for randy willette since he made a 911 call tuesday. willette told that he was lost and the call dropped before he provided details about the whereabouts. willette was located last night and is recovering in the hospital. >> today, is may 5th, meaning yesterday was may 4th -- be with you. which is "star wars" day. of course. we celebrated the holiday on the show. others around the world also did as well. >> before we celebrate, cinco de mayo, stormtroopers seen using public
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moscow. one guy was in blue on him. >> hans solo flew the millennium falcon to miami international airport. photo shopped. >> thought it was real for a moment. >> this is funny. departure board in miami including a flight to the capital of galactic empire. it was delayed apparently by imperial entanglements as they would be. >> gets you every time. >> check out the socks on justin trudeau. one has c3 p0. there you go. the other r 2 d 2. >> do we tell him his socks don't match? >> might know. wearing them with pride. >> okay. >> he wore them to a serious meeting. >> the leader of -- >> irish prime minister. >> hope you like my socks.
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coming up the man known for his one-liners, delivers one about himself. what prince philip is saying about his retirement. >> plus, ryan gosling in "the skinny." >> today we are skipping "the skinny," no skinny. >> ryan gosling, there he is. hi, ryan. >> just go to the weather. what's the forecast? >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by -- my pillow. ♪
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♪ >> humble brag by the brits right there in the anthem. >> they're only playing because we are conducting them. british newspapers having a field day this morning with the big announcement from buckingham palace. prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband is retiring. >> my favorite headline, he's had his fill. another saying thank you, sir. here is abc's terry moran. >> on the balcony. >> for seven decades he has been at her side.
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ever present, ever loyal. and now, at 95, prince philip will step aside. come this fall, declining all but the most important public appearances. but this afternoon he hinted why in a typically blunt way. >> i'm sorry, to hear you're standing down. i can't stand up much longer. >> phillip has done his duty to a staggering degree, 22,000 public engagements on behalf of her majesty. young royals, a storybook couple, tough position for proud former officer in the royal navy, as the series the crown shows. >> are you my wife or queen? >> i'm both. >> i want to be married to my wife. >> and this unforgettable moment, phillip supporting prince charles and grandsons william and harry in the long awful walk the day princess diana was laid to rest. through it all, steadfast,
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defining the job succinctly. >> helping her supporting anything valuable to her. >> for the queen. >> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. >> prince philip remains in good health. but a time of transition here. queen elizabeth herself is slowing down a bit. and the next generation is taking up more of the royal responsibilities. terry moran, abc news, london. >> and, a lot of gratitude from the brit, people this morning. toward prince philip. one of the headlines is thank you, sir. much as we look to bask in all of the life of luxury they actually do have a lot of pressure. >> they do. tough to unveil a plaque and to, christen a ship. >> did you watch "the crown." >> long life of service. he has done it as one of the headlines said done it with a smile. >> i did appreciate his comment. so sorry to hear you standing down. i can barely stand up.
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>> such a quick wit there. man, all right. well, prince philip will be missed from the public service, because some of his gaffes and some of his quick wit incredible. coming up. we'll do "the skinny." the two television anchor whose are finally going public with their engagement, are we really going to do it? mention it? and the president who wants to marry them. "the skinny" is next. new herbal essences. let life in.
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♪ skinny so skinny >> time for "the skinny," starting with a big romantic announcement by two television ♪ skinny so skinny >> time for "the skinny," starting with a big romantic announcement by two television co-hosts. >> not since from our powerhouse boston affiliate were married and anchors at the same time have there been so much
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couple, innuendo. one of the worst kept secrets in media finally confirmed. of course, talking about morning joe, joe scarborough, and mika brazinski going public. >> scarborough got down on one knee, proposed in france. in celebration of her 50th birthday. >> there are no wedding plans as of yet. they politely declined an offer by president trump to officiate. >> made the suggestion in january when the couple visited the white house. but reported it was brazinski said i don't think so. >> i know, chet, natalie that was fine. awkward to be married to your co-anchor, wouldn't you think? >> you think so. >> good god. >> this, this, i agree too.
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>> that is the epitome of my nightmare right there. not because of you, but just. >> going to throw up? >> i think i feel like throwing up. >> i don't want to look forward to the honeymoon. >> we should move on. move on before you get yourself in trouble. >> next, the world's highest paid athlete and his abs. have now hit a milestone. >> 88 million dollar portuguese star. >> from the south of france? >> no, portuguese. >> has become the sports star and man for that matter, but first to reach 100 million followers on instagram. >> that what we call people from portland? >> what put him over the top? was it the stunning hat trick for real madrid? the 3-0 champion league win over the city rivals, athletico. his 593 all-time career goals? his 109, all time career assists? >> his
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and he gets a lot of attention for what he does on the soccer field? that's it. >> that's got to be it. that's got to be it. all, you know, clearly saw there in his instagram photos. >> all about soccer. >> really, really good. >> all right, next in the buzz surrounding ryan gosling. >> all about her mens. >> blade runner 2049 starring ryan and harrison ford. just out. one poster of gosling in a high collar coat causing a sensation. >> also triggering some hilarious memes. people think the collar is so high that now. they decided to up the ante. here's one of him -- in the cone of shame. as they say. >> maybe this one. >> so who wore it better? ryan or the pooch? >> i mean -- they're both really cute. i kind of want to cuddle with
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both of them. >> with the pooch and ryan. >> ha-ha. >> but i will definitely be seeing this movie. tell you that. r the movie.a lot of excitement finally -- a long awaited honor for hollywood power couple. >> goldy hahn and curt russell have finally been honored for their careers. each getting their own star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> so the 71-year-old hahn, 71, and 66-year-old russell have been together for 33 years. and in show business, that means, 90 years. russell stars alongside, chris pratt in guardian of the galaxy, volume two. hahn stars along side, amy schumer in snatched which opens on mother's day. i did love goldy's reaction, completely sprawl out next to the star. bask in all the glory of it all. >> the world is -- >> think good occasion for us to go back and watch "overboard." did you see that one? >> one of her better movies. >> great movie. >> what is the deal? looks ke
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♪ >> from the shootings, stabbings, tornados, closing out what was a busy week of headlines. >> we still found time to squeeze in bunny love and, some boho chic. here our weekly "friday rewind." >> breaking overnight. deadly shooting rampage. >> suspect is reloading his gun in a pool area. >> one woman was killed. six others injured. >> pronounced dead at the scene. >> this morning the organizers of the failed fyre festival are feeling the heat. >> no electricity. no showers, no bathroom. no running water nothing. >> this morning on "world news now," the deadly knife attack on a university campus. >> one student is dead three others injured after police say a student
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started stabbing at random. >> he walked up to a guy within arm's length of me, grabbed him by the shoulder and stabbed him in the back. >> tornados already reported from texas to illinois. 17 dead now. >> this new well-built venue nearly flattened by the tornado. 20 people inside, cramming into a small closet and bathroom. >> in a stunning reversal, former south carolina police officer pleading guilty to federal charges in the 2015 death of walter scott. >> the officer behind the gun. 35-year-old michael slager admits he wasn't defending himself when he shot 50-year-old walter scott in the back in 2015. >> now to the emotion on display. the late night abc host describing last week's ordeal that followed the birth of his son. >> he did a sonogram of the heart and found that billy was born with -- a heart disease.
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poor kid, this is what he looked like on monday. but this is what he looked like yesterday! [ cheers and applause ] >> i think he pooped. >> yeah, he did. pooped on the desk. david. david. >> solid little pellets. >> they're wearing some long. >> boho chic. >> it is very -- >> oh! yes! >> whoa, did you getten her ear? >> yes, yes, no. i guessed it. >> i love it. >> i think my veil is boho chic. >> this is not funny. >> what? >> this really disturbs you? >> imagining any one at the altar. >> feel like i'm starring in get out. >> sweating a little bit. >> my sunken place. >> boho chic, like ryan gosling's collar. >> kentucky derby tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. mint juleps.
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making news in america this morning, president trump celebrating overnight back in new york city after the house passed a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. so what's next? the moment democrats broke out in song on the house floor. >> severe weather slamming parts of the east coast after storms caused major damage to buildings in georgia overnight. the system is now heading into the northeast and we're tracking it all. new this morning a hiker missing for several days finally found. how quick thinking with his flashlight saved his life. and the fan favorite in the run for the roses. the one-eyed horse hoping to win big at the kentucky derby. imagine if you're


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