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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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wasn't doing a good job. simply, he was not doing a good job. jonathan: the new backlash that the current state of the f.b.i. is right now. and the next step for our country's leading investigators. alison: on a different note, we have a sports trifecta. game seven of caps-penguins, wizards-celtics game five. and the battle of the beltway resumes in d.c. jonathan: the perfect storm. start with james comey's firing that seems to have come out of nowhere. alison: nobody at the f.b.i., not even comey saw it coming. nancy: we want to hear from you. go to do you agree with the president's decision to fire comey. as we report, the firing raises questions over the future of the bureau's investigation into the trump campaign's ties to russia just as that was heating up. >> the russia trump collusion story is a total hoax. when will the taxpayers funded
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trump tweeted that out and then a letter to answer. saying you are hereby terminated and le moved from office effective immediately. >> he wasn't doing a good job. he was not doing a good job. reporter: f.b.i. director james comey drawing the ire of the president. first shutting down the claim he was wiretapped from president obama and confirming an f.b.i. counterintelligence investigation. but despite that, trump writing as he announced comey's firing i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation. >> that is a tell. that shows we have a deeply insecure president who understands that the noose is tightening because of russia investigation. that is why i believe he has let jim comey go. reporter: trump tweeting comey lost the confidence of almost everyone in washington. republican and democrat alike. when things calm down they will thank me. >> democratting colleagues complaining of the remova
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themselves repeatedly and sharply criticized. >> now new information that director comey requested more money and manpower from the department of justice for the russia investigation just days before he was fired. democrats alleging a cover-up. >> the inescapable conclusion from the circumstantial evidence here is the president wanted to stop or stifle this investigation. >> there appear to be con stra dictions of the white house -- contradictions over who ordered the probe in comey. some saying it's the d.o.j. but now dianne feinstein the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee sides the president told her himself he requested the probe leading to fire the man investigating him. alison: so the decision to fire comey was trump's. but he got a letter from the former state attorney from maryland and we have more on
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brad? brad: he wrote the three-page letter essentially arguing that james comey talks too much. that he spilled the beans and he let go secrets. that is in character with the deputy attorney general's history as the u.s. attorney for maryland. he treasured secrecy and used secrecy as a weapon. rosenstein has been on the job for a couple of weeks but he should be a familiar face to viewers here. he just spent the last 12 years as the u.s. attorney for maryland making headlines locking up dishonest politicians. now it's his name on the three-page document justifying the firing of the f.b.i. director, among other things discussing ongoing investigations. >> no charges are appropriate in this case. >> while he is now coming under fire on many fronts ad herns to secrecy is how -- adherence to secrecy is how he ran the offi
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charge of the trump-russia investigation described the work in january. >> authorize a federal investigation to summary and we operate below the surface. we emerge only when necessary. brad: no matter the explanation comey's termination prompted hundreds to gather at the white house in protest today. >> president trump, that is not how democracies work. brad: they are calling for a special prosecutor and more. >> there is evidence that the president of the united states has colluded with russia. russia is not our friend. we need to call for the resignation of donald trump. immediately. [applause] brad: so again, federal investigation is a submerged submarine and only comes up when he has an indictment to announce. today returning to character, no comment at all about this from his ofic
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bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much for that. fanning the flames of controversy today, the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov visited the white house. before the meeting with president trump he sarcastically took a question from an american reporter over comey's firing. listen. >> does the comey fire cast a shadow over your talks? >> what is the question? >> you're kidding. you're kidding. jonathan: yep. sarcasm. after meeting with lavrov the white house says it encouraged the f.b.i. to complete the investigation into russia's interference with the election this past november. nancy: everyone is asking who andrew mccabe? he is now the acting f.b.i. director taking over for comey. comey named mccabe the deputy director of the f.b.i. in january last year. he has experience in counterterrorism but also had been a source of controversy. virginia governor mcauliffe who has close ties to
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state donated to the campaign of mccabe's wife. over the next two and a half hours, complete coverage of the comey firing. at 4:30, reaction from the hill. at 5:00, a former top f.b.i. agent weighing in on all of in. at 6:00, scott thuman takes us inside the white house press briefing room for explanation from the white house. jonathan: we should let you know we have everything you need to know online at there is a lot going on. there you can read about the comey firing, russia's investigation, looking into what russia's involvement was with the past election. you can see all of abc7 original reporting on the latest bombshell. it's all there for you at there is one other big story. actually, three. nancy: a busy night. caps take on arch rival the penguins in game seven. the winner advances. the loser goes fishing. alison: the wizards are in boston tonight. the playoff series resumes. then there is the battle of the beltway. is that enough? go to the
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larry smith is among the fans. i bet there is tension in the air. larry? larry: a little tension, excitement, apprehension. it has been 17 years, 1998 the last time that the caps advanced past the second round to reach the eastern conference finals. bill clinton was in the oval office. this was the m.c.i. center back then. here we are at game seven. penguins and the caps. the cup of joe is here to get ready. the band is playing. right now, can they get past the penguins? we have complete coverage for you. if you are getting to the arena or plan to watch we have you covered from here. players inside are getting ready. the caps were down 3 games to one to pull off back-to-back wins to put themselves in this position. go inside to erin hawksworth who continues the team coverage from inside. erin, how are the guys looking? erin: you mentioned it. this is special. this is unique. for many of us, this is one of the biggest, most important days in d.c. sports history. because we have two teams
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both trying to get to a conference final. if you are the capitals, you don't want to wor i rabbit -- don't want to worry about the history. if the caps play like they have in the last two games they have all the momentum. they have been on top of the game. playing loose the last four periods. they should be fine. they are also on the home ice. this crowd will be crazy tonight. earlier today the players seem loose. they said the history around here, they don't care about that. it doesn't matter. >> we haven't thought about what is going on in the past. of course, especially down-1. everybody was talking about the past. all that kind of stuff. i think the team is just interested in trying to rewrite a few things. we have to continue to play the way we have been playing. >> we got away from the game. trying to be, trying things. shooting more. when we shouldn't be shooting. things like that. go have
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like we have all season. knowing that, you know, it worked for us. we have to continue on that. erin: so while everyone is rocking the red as they watch the games tonight, it's all about unleashing the fury here inside the verizon center. these are the towels they are giving away to the fans. the crowd will be out of control. that is what they need tonight to get the game seven win. larry, could you imagine if this time next week we are talking about both teams in a conference final? it gets me so excited. larry: i'm so excited. we are due. there is another 40,000 getting to nats park as the beltway series continues with the o's and the nats. go to brianne carter for the best tip on how to get around on
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brianne: we are seeing folks rocking the red. look at that! kidd o'shea showing up here. we are starting to see the riders here that are rocking the red. they have the jerseys the towels and they are heading to the nearby eateries. if you do not want to come down here to this station, there are several other options for you. start with judiciary square a few blocks away. that is a good option. there is metro center. we have safetrack work along the green line. the green line will see busy action tonight. because as we know the battle of the beltway. folks are heading down there toive in i have yard station -- navy yard station. for everyone out and about to cheer on the team tonight, metro still closes at midnight. beware.
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overtime or extra innings, that metro station still going to close at midnight. we see how it gets out on the roads. we are on 395 north approaching the 14th street bridge. it's definitely backed up now. we can expect the traffic to get more congested as we get closer to game time. typically the 14th street bridge is crowded with a home nats game and we expect with both home games that it will get more tied up. as we head north on 395 and in the district. keep a close eye on traffic in the rush
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now a look at the big pictures on the road. julie wright, how does it look overall? >> we have a lot going on. d.c. route, backed up. 21 minute commute to travel five miles. inbound new york south to the third street tunnel. that is a better alternative. checking out southeast, southwest freeway dropping to 7 miles per hour. 11 minutes to travel two miles at this point to the 11 street bridge to the exit for the third real estate tunnel. this is not bad heading to the lower 14th street to chinatown or making the trip to the southeast southwest freeway to the ballpark. now is the time to go. it's nice and clear. only 13-minute commute. for those heading home from the j.o.b., heavy ride to the
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larry. larry: thank you. we have complete coverage. stay here until 6:30. we have complete coverage here. take a picture of you in the wizards gear. send it to us at go to my twitter page you can see this morning on "good morning washington" i wore the caps tie. don't be shy. jonathan: cup of joe is looking for a dance partner. don't leave him hanging like that. larry: i'm easing into it. we'll dance later on. it is worth staying tuned for it. >> i love cup of joe. jonathan: love down there.
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look. the armed robbers targeting the pharmacies. what they are after. how you can track them down. nancy: a brawl breaks out on a southwest airlines flight. the latest on another wild incident on camera. doug: enjoy the sunshine. rain and a lot of it is headed here over the next few days. i have the timing, the impacts.
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nancy: take a look at this. dump truck overturned. skytrak7 over the scene in prince george's county. inner loop traffic halted two hours ago. good news it is clear. but abc7 learned that the driver was rushed to the hospital. jonathan: this is terrifying video in the district. you can see in the video. the guys walk in a pharmacy. they have the guns drawn and they start ordering people away from the counter in the back. they were there to rip the pharmacy off. stephen tschida is live in north west with the need to catch the guys and quick. stephen: alert for pharmacies across the metro area. a rash of the robberies. let's get to the video. we have video to roll for you now. surveillance video of what went down last friday. the first incident on capitol hill, the grubs pharmacy, three suspects barge into the pharmacy. one of them armed. no
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medication. short while later this is 2:20. across town up to american university who suspects enter a pharmacy. they demand the promethozine as well and they make their way out of the pharmacy. we have learned that the police in prince george's county report a similar robbery about that time. as the one at american university. or near american university. they believe the incidents are related. right now a concern about the allergy medication because it contains codeine. they are searching for the suspects tonight. a lot of people are concerned in pharmacies across the metro area after seeing the video. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. today there is a new problem for united airlines. a kansas mom had to go to the bathroom on a flight. and the woman says she has an overactive bladder. she explained that to
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she wouldn't let her go to the bathroom because of turbulence. the flight attendant gave her a cup instead. >> humiliating situation. there were people all around. strangers. they just didn't understand that, you know, i really did not have any control over this situation. alison: so she gave her two cups and the woman filled both cups and went to empty them in the bathroom. united is looking into what happened. jonathan: really? united again. my goodness. now days it seems like buying a plane ticket will get you ring side seats to a fight. look at this. fists flying aboard a southwest airlines plane as it landed in california. they were going at it. another example of rage erupting on the flights across the united states. a flight attendant tried to break it up and got caught in the middle of it. pinned beneath the two men exchanging blows. >> you see the stewardess
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she was pummeled at the same time the other guy was being pummeled. jonathan: what is going on with airlines. southwest giving props to employees. alison: at this point it's time for a road trip. doug: we had sunshine all week. but now we have three days of rain coming our way. there was cloudiness today. we had mild temperatures. 74 at the park. it will be perfect baseball weather. as the o's
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the first pitch at 7:05. it's a slow but a steady drop to the upper 60's. it will be good. capitals and the penguins, same weather at the ballpark. dry from start to finish. we see what happens. exciting nights in the city for is sports. tomorrow this area of the rain across the midwest is brought in the region in the morning. we will get most of the rush hour through before the rain arrives. before the steady rain arrives. that is good. but the pattern is period of rain throughout the day. downpours at times. cooler by 12 degrees. the winds are not a factor. just the rain. later in the afternoon and the early everything it will take a break here but there will be period of rain. saturday, friday morning a few patches of the you shower or drizzle. in the day on friday, cloudy. we get to the afternoon and the rain will start again. thursday we expect half inch of rain. in many areas between the
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two inches could happen then. it's looking good for mother's day. for the moment increasing cloudiness tonight. 55. tomorrow period of rain. period of rain and continued very chilly for the day on friday. friday and saturday the chance of heavy rain. 100% probability for rain friday and saturday. chance it could rain for united taking on philadelphia saturday evening at r.f.k. mother's day looks good. next week, this looks sweet. look at the temperatures and the sky conditions. monday through thursday dry and sunny and warm. the warmth may be here to stay. nancy: 83. thanks, doug. next at :00, a metro crackdown. what the agency is doing now for those who try to take a trip without paying. alison: also next, prosthetic paws. meet the man helping pets get a ne
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near has a calling in life. alison: a man in virginia is helping animals in a unique way. nancy: great story. tom roussey introduces us to him and the prosthetic paws. tom: at a distance, kenna is a normal golden retriever that loves to run. take a closer look. >> she was born without a foot. that is what her leg looks like. tom: for almost e
4:26 pm
prosthetic leg. >> opens in front. >> kathy and bill manning got her a prosthetic at eight weeks old. >> that was the first one that he made for her. >> i was completely blown away. didn't take any time to adapt. took off. >> some never get used to it. others get used to it in 30 seconds. >> they were fortunate that the business was nearby. few others do this. >> worldwide there is less than 20. >> he started out making prosthetics for people. 13 years ago, was asked to make one for a dog. >> gratifying enough to mick me start a business. >> working from the shot from dulles airport. he runs animal ortho care. he can make a new prosthetic. >> now i have to fire up the oven. >> in three
4:27 pm
>> he has done dogs, cats, horses, goats. two separate occasions he made one for an elephant. >> it's really cool. >> the smallest are the hardest. >> they average around $1,000. >> it's amazing how well she can get around. >> the manning say kenna changed her life. >> like she knew okay, i'm good. i'm just like everybody else now. she has been that way ever since. in sterling tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: what a great story! alison: remarkable. jonathan: i went time at walter reed with the prosthetics over there. they do miracles for people. and this is for the animals. what a great thing. nancy: how she ran. alison: great story. jonathan: good stuff. coming up next for us at 4:00. >> that shows that we have a deeply insecure president who understands that the noose is tightening.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: our top story at 4:30, the firing of f.b.i. director james comey. michelle: reaction coming in all day including from congressional leaders. for that we turn to richard reeve. richard: surprise, shock, and questions about the timing of the comey firing. now we have learned that the senate intelligence committee is hoping to meet with comey sometime next tuesday. it will be a closed door session. now comey was supposed to testify before that panel. just tomorrow that was supposed to happen. the committee investigating connections between the trump campaign and the kre
4:32 pm
there are fears that the ousting could delay the probe. they are asking for the f.b.i. director to have the interview next tuesday. republicans and democrats are raising questions of the timing of this. if this was about the clinton e-mails why not do it in january or february? not now. some g.o.p. members say it was the president's decision to make but the democrats say they want answers. >> i was surprised. i was outraged that he did it and the reasons he laid forward, which don't pass anybody's smell test that the president and the us who is concerned with how comey treated the clinton e-mail case. >> i was surprised by it. i didn't feel like the director comey's performance rose to the level of dismissal. that is the president's decision to make.
4:33 pm
>> mitch machine connel scolded democrats saying you are not happy about the firing. a lot of you were not happy with comey on the job. louder and louder calls for a special prosecutor. but how would that work. you can see our original reporting on the bombshell on let's chat with doug. this is a beautiful day. but this is about to be the turning point that you worned us about earlier in the week. doug: we have a combination for one day of the warmth and the sunshine. that is going away. rain cool temperatures and a lot of rain. michelle: just in time for the weekend. doug: we'll get a good mother's day out of this. michelle: good. doug: tell you what is coming our way. the
4:34 pm
the numbers will tank. 75 in washington. it's 76 in warrenton. 7 a in frederick. looking through the evening forecast, it's perfect baseball weather. it will be 60's later on. we look to the changes coming with the clouds increasing overnight. 50 to 57 degrees. as we get through the day tomorrow we will wake up to clouds. am some point at 8:30 to 9:30 the rain will move in from the metro area. rain could be steady and heavy at times. taper off by the everything. through friday we have a light, fall of rain or drizzle for a while. the rain will get steadier or heavier late in the day and into saturday. so big changes are coming. a lot of rain by the time it ends. 57 at the bus stop. rain for recess and dismissal time. the temperatures are below average. only 60 degrees. wet commute for thursday and friday.
4:35 pm
ends. mother's day details coming up shortly. >> if you haven't heard you must be living under a rock. one of the biggest sports nights in d.c. jonathan: the perfect storm for enthusiasm. some say since super bowl xxvi the last time the skins were in, caps-penguins squared up at three games a week for gale seven. wizards-celtics game five. that is squared up. by the way, the battle for bragging right orioles-nats at the naver i have yard as well -- navy yard as well. michelle: it's winner take all for game seven. larry smith outside the verizon center. we have home ice. a lot of fans are rocking the red. larry: 1992 was the last time that washington was able to celebrate a major pro sports championship. look behind me. there are a lot of people walking a
4:36 pm
put them on later, and maybe cooler. they try to beat the pens for the first time in a game seven ever. this is a franchise that has had success but can't get over the hump. they were up against the rival and the hated penguins. game seven, they won the last two games with more about the anxiety that fans are feeling go to kevin lewis with more on that. kevin? >> dozens of the restaurants and the bars including ted tavern. ordering extra alcohol and the food. bracing for the crowds. we rolled in to chinatown around 12:00 noon today. the rush of the red has
4:37 pm
there is no doubt that they have historically struggled in the playoffs at times. in tragic fashion. is there anxiety and angst? surely. but there is also a distinct sense of confidence to report as well. >> i am a d.c. fan. we'll get a triple w. the nationals with win and the wizards will win. caps will win 4-2 in that range. i'll put my red on. fired up for sure. >> it has never happened in my lifetime. i have never been to an eastern conference final. i could be once in a lifetime thing. who knows if it happens again? why not? >> it will be tough being in boston. i think they have the momentum. let's bring home a victory. >> so tonight's trifecta is
4:38 pm
underway at 7:05. when the nats take on the orioles here at home. then at 7:30 it's the puck drop for caps and the penguins. at 8:00, the wizards take on the celtics in boston. have a really good cable plan, multiple computers to watch all the games at understand or head to the local sports bar. send it back to you. larry: absolutely! a lot of the work with the iphones. in a previous life i covered a lot of sporting events. the washington area has some of the best sports fans in the world. so we are all due for a win tonight. this is after 4:30. so whether you are on the roads or the rails it's getting dicey. more and more foot traffic and car traffic on the roads. metro as well. go to julie wright for an update as well. >> a lot of folks are carrying the jerseys in hand. it's still warm out there.
4:39 pm
watch which parking garage you park in. some close at 11:00. some close later. metro closing at midnight. the penn-caps happening tonight. puck drop at 7:30. move to the wazers. we show what is it looks like from gaithersburg downtown. pull up the traffic watch 7 waze map. show you the delays for those continuing from gaithersburg. headed to northwest washington. if you want an alternate from 270 to connecticut and travel through the northwest there. that will save you time. but an hour compute to travel at 26 miles. all right. put me in coach, we will play ball. northbound 95 from the lorton area. a 43 minute ride from the typical ride northbound 95 to southeast frewive. if you want to try an alternate route to hook up to
4:40 pm
commute driving 22 miles. we have given you alternates but leave now. you want to get there and you don't want to miss any of the pre-game festivities on the ice or at the ballpark. that is the traffic watch. jeff goldberg now joining us to check out 395. jeff: there is a lot of traffic but this is to be expected. the other side north from arlington it's backing up. this is mobile track. looking behind us right now. traffic will get worse for the home games, nats and the capitals. if you want to head out to d.c. for either game you will get on the road to
4:41 pm
virginia as soon as you can. >> the center field gate opens at 5:00. we will be with you through the 5:00 hour or to northwest. back to you. >> this is getting busy. we have complete coverage. we'll see you at 5:00. now back to the studio. jonathan: thank you. coming up next at 4:00, no more free rides. how metro is cracking down on those who don't want to pay for a trip. michelle: have you seen this? backyard standoff between the bear and the dog. the surprising winner next.
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4:44 pm
jonathan: there is a program to get those who jump the gates. michelle: we look inside the new report. >> you may have noticed them at a station. new signs warning metro riders if you don't pay the fare, you could have to pay the price. >> any little effort to make it stop will help. >> they kicked off a new pilot program to crack down on fair evasion. way they try to get in without paying is through the gate.
4:45 pm
they are checking configuration to secure the gates. >> they have worked with the customers that had a flash to go through the gate. instead, they too, have a smart trip card to stap in to use the system. >> those who try to get through will get through. >> so far they have handed out 3,800 citations for the riders failing to pay. it creates tension between the employees and the riders. >> i always pay. but how will the city make money if everyone is jumping? in northwest wash
4:46 pm
>> cutting up next at 4:00, murder mystery in d.c. a man killed at the home. police combing for shots 24 hours after shots rang out. that's next. steve: i'm steve rudin gearing up for the battle of the beltway. the gate is about to open
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michelle: prince george's county police arrested murell at a gas station at least week and now he is connected to a home invasion and murder in germantown last april. >> the search is on for a murder. 24 hours ago a young man was shot and killed near his home. it happened in the middle of the day. neighbors are cooperating. we were there while we looked for clues yesterday. samford is back there today. >> i watched this boy grow up. he wasn't a bad person. >> in southwest washington, an unusual
4:50 pm
spark for yesterday, thompson was gunned down in the street. some neighbors said after an argument. >> you have words with somebody. and they take your life. >> many friends, relatives, congregated at the spot as they avoid the television cameras with the hostility. they did not wash all the blood away yesterday so she started this to cover it up. >> we are showing our love for him. we don't wanted cars until they clean it up. >> they don't know a motive yet. there they have been coop ra tiff with the police. >> the police made no arrest for the case. the woman that put it here wants to leave this until the
4:51 pm
i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> there are serious fields for a nuclear waste leak. yesterday we showed you a site in a tunnel that gaved in seattle. this is a huge reservation. inside, plutonium extracted from weapons to fill the entire super dome. the site has been closed for 30 years. this is a delicate process. >> this is left be the process. >> there is no indication that anything spread but it's not clear how and why the tunnel collapsed. >> "7 on your side" consumer alert. the u.s. postal service wants to raise the price of a stamp by a penny or even more. this comes after reporting a quarterly loss of $562
4:52 pm
million. despite the bad news the postal service saw a boost in the package delivery business. >> it is not just playoff hockey and basketball that we have to look forward to tonight. >> the trifecta. it's the battle of the beltway that is shifting back to d.c. steve rudin at nats park. the weather could not be better for a baseball game! steve: it is awesome out here. there is low humidity, warm temperatures. the sun is out. we have big changes on the way. the gates are set to open in a few minutes. next to me is a long time twitter follower. you live in bowie and you are wearing orioles outfit. you have allegiances? >> yes. steve: who will win? >> orioles. steve: big or little win? >> big win. steve: even after the win the nats had over the mets last week? >> ahh. steve: short memory on that. who is going to win the nats or
4:53 pm
>> a mixed krout. -- crowd. let's talk about the forecast. it is lookingfantastic. first pitch in the lower 7 o's. the seventh sinning stretch around 66 degrees. heading home is the lower 60's. tomorrow, there are big changes on the. grab the umbrella. there is a big downward turn for temperatures. we will see rain tomorrow and in the day on friday. even in the day on saturday. the weekend outlook starting early on friday. the highs are around 60. saturday looking at the temperatures in the upper 50's. don't forget about mother's day. it's looking a lot brighter. although it will be a bit on the breezy side. temperatures will make it to the lower 7 o's. how much rain in the next couple of days? could be between an inch to two inches around the d.m.v.
4:54 pm
outlook. if you like the summer like temperatures and you like a boost in the humidity levels. wait until next week. we have daytime highs. by wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. back in lower 80's. absolutely gorgeous everything at the nats park. the gates are set to hope in five minutes. the crowds are building. back to the studio. michelle: nice. thank you. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tire prices soaring. what is driving the cost of the replacing a tire? the best time to buy. why all wheel drive complicates things next. jonathan: we are counting down to game seven. there it is. rocking the red. cap fans showing up to the phone booth. this is a big game. is this the year that the caps beat the penguins in a game seven and always righte time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate,
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stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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john: you would think lower gas prices meant lower tire prices but no such luck. they are blaming raw rubber prices and the higher labor costs. more of us drive big survivor's with the bigger, more expensive tires. so a set can now cost $1,000. how to save? consumer reports magazine says if you can waittal september, labor day brings tire rebate deals
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prices online at sites like tire rack. and from the doesn't that stink file, the surprise that awaits many people with all-wheel drive s.u.v.'s. with many all-wheel drive vehicles you have to replace all four tires at once. have a blow-out in one tire? you can't replace just that one. leaving you saying doesn't that stink? all wheel drive requires the spread to be the same on all four tires for the system to work. my advice is shop around. find lower price online show it to the local tire shop and askfy that can match it. if not ask if they will throw in a free alignment or free road hazard warranty to sweeten the deal. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: right now, the headline everyone is talking about gets bigger. late today another twist in the james comey firing. an invitation to speak freely. and we are tracking separate robbery investigations with plenty if common. both groups hunting for the same drug. plus team coverage of a perfect storm of
4:59 pm
biggest sports days in decades. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> former f.b.i. director james comey could testify before a closed senate session next week. about russia's involvement in the u.s. election. today they started to interview people to serve as interim director one day after comey was fired. the chief political correspondent scott thuman live at the capitol hill bureau. you were at the white house today when they got their explanation for the firing. scott: listen, they faced tough questions today about this one. as you might predict. for the most part gave the same answer over and over that president trump really never had despite earlier claims full confidence in director comey. in fact, he considered even getting rid of him day one. it was interesting though, because while he denied it had anything to do
5:00 pm
russian investigation, others reiterated the same thing they couldn't say much more other than they felt there was issue with the bureau, they needed a change in leadership. how is now an explanation from the president and then sanders. >> wasn't doing a good job. not doing a good job. >> the president over the last several months lost confidence in comey. the d.o.j. lost confidence in director comey. bipartisan members of congress made it clear they had lost confidence in director comey. most importantly the rank and the file of the f.b.i. had lost confidence in their director. >> i will tell you in some of our reporting to refute part of that comment we talked with a lot of members of the rank and file of the f.b.i. who actually are stating quite the opposite. that they are disappointed in this decision. so we are


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