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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  May 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] now, good morning washington, on your side. autria: first words from james comey. larry: metro in the red. the transit agency is trying to figure out how to make up the cash. autria: get ready for the rain. a veronica johnson is tracking days of wet weather. cannot say we did not warn you. i am autria godfrey. larry: the
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game seven loss, we will talk about that. stormwatch 7 over the next three days. a weather front meanders back to areas of the midwest. slow-moving. waves of low pressure will run along the front. will get rain coming through, moderate and heavy. the last time we had three days of rain was last thursday. again. go showers come into our area. you can see where the wet weather is. manassas, reston, leesburg, you are still dry. it is going to start filling in for the morning hours with the best chance of steady rain 2:00 p.m. 0 a.m. and
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will keep the wet weather around for the early part of the night, tomorrow morning this time it will be mainly dry. right now, 58 degrees in d.c. temperatures topping out at 58 or 59. the next three days, under 60 degrees. we will talk about the rain intensity, when it will rain the hardest in 10 minutes. up our weathered map for you. northbound i need -- northbound i-95, fredericksburg, some light rain. on thextra time out here road. a 22 minute commute up north towards a quiet. -- towards aquia. bridge, it isson an easy commute. a six minute drive
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hill towards alexandria. larry: we will see you in a few minutes. global -- growing fallout after trump fired james comey without warning. autria: we got a look at the letter comey sent to his employees after he was let go. has the developing sides of this story. suzanne: good morning. former fbi director james comey canceled his appearance is in los angeles, hopped on a jet, came back to washington, d.c., and penned a letter to the men and women of the fbi. the presidente can fire the fbi director for any reason. he said he was not going to focus on the decision or how it was executed.
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mission deeply. he says what makes leaving the fbi heart is the nature and quality of its people. former he hopes his staff will continue to uphold the constitution. will be sadat, you when you leave and the american people will be safer. comey was seen at his home in virginia working on his yard. coming up, the imitation he has received and whether he will accept it. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, good morning washington. much tohere is so follow. we are your goto source for information. stay with us on air and online at a symbol of the confederacy coming down under the cover of
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sam sweeney has new information. are new orleans crews removing a statue of jefferson davis. he was the president of the confederate states. council voted to remove four controversial statues. protesters showed up, violence broke out, and some brought assault rifles. around 2:30 this morning, police cleared protesters out, blocked off the site, and the removal began. breaking this morning, we have learned about a pair of robberies overnight in the district. the 600 blockin of missouri avenue in northwest. authorities are telling the public to look out for men wearing dark clothing. thesecond robbery was in 4400 block of benning road in northeast.
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wearing dark clothing. one was wearing a mask. they are armed. a newly released a vital science report shows the transit agency could use cpr. rail ridership was down 9% from the same time last year. revenue down 11%. board discussing the report when they meet later this morning. autria: cap's fans are feeling loss against the penguins. first quarter, daniel wins the race for the puck, but his shot was wide. the caps turned over the puck -- the capsss turned over the pot. -- the puck.
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caps fans wondering if they will get over the hump. is the caps, the nationals, or the wizards, you almost get the taste of sweetness and it goes away, every time. autria: the caps fail to get beyond the second round for the second time since alex ovechkin arrived. the last time getting to the finals, 1998. one gamee wizards are away from being run off. av -- avery bradley was the star for the celtics. leave 3-2. , 3-2.y now lead autria: the good news, the nats won.
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larry: good morning washington wants you -- wants to get you into cirque du soleil's newest show, ovo. it is coming to eagle bank arena and we are giving away tickets every morning this week. today, we willn do it again tomorrow. today would be a great day to go inside for entertainment. veronica: it will be on the cool side and wet weather wille
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rain moving through. there might be localized aroundg in areas fauquier county and west through the shenandoah valley. moderate rain in the forecast through midday. take a look at friday. the possibility of ponding on roads. saturday morning, let's take it up higher. it could be some flooding in spots with more rain by the time all is said and done. the system could see more than two inches. we are dry most in -- most areas. this is a snapshot of 10:00 a.m. we will take it through 2:00, when most of the rain most through. we will talk about the weekend forecast in a few minutes. julie: in montgomery county, reports of an accident
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university boulevard near piney branch road. an accident reported south of the capital beltway. backups are forming through the silver spring interchanges. open leaving fair oaks. a 28 minute ride along 66 leaving manassas. ers areffic watch 7 waz checking in. coming inbound out of chevrolet a long 50 and 202, the lanes are open. we have a delay southbound kenilworth avenue. that is our traffic watch. we will update your ride on 270. autria: the battle over health care boiling over. >> that is immoral, completely. you have no legs to stand on. autria: heated words for one congressman.
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announcer: you are watching good morning washingt
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over health care in america reaching a fever pitch. a gop congressman grilled by his constituents. take a listen. >> health insurance is a for-profit -- health insurance as a for-profit business is immoral. when i am drowning and you insist i pay before you will save me, that is immoral, sir. for fiveis went on hours. mcarthur was instrumental in bringing the health care bill back to life. at himstituent screaming that if anything happened to her, her blood would be on his hands. gettingbetsy devos thousands of cold shoulders. sam: it has a lot of people talking this morning and questioning why secretary devos
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position. to give her commencement speech at university, an historically black university. it did not go well. dr. jackson, board of trustees, thank you for this great honor and privilege. honored to become a wildcat. sam: the crowd continues to boo and turn their backs. the president had to threaten students if they did not stop, they would have to wait to receive their diplomas in the mail. headlines when she said historically black colleges and universities were pioneers of school choices.
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a recent discovery of -- schools calling for the president to meet their demand, including a response to hate crimes on campus. autria: take a look at this. a rescue. everyone here is ok. a motorcycle rider in china crashing into a dump truck. catchke and his close fire. the truck driver was able to jump out and smother the fire on the motorcyclist. no one was seriously hurt. unreal. a gun on the size of a smart phone is on its way to the retail market. something out of a james bond movie.
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it has already been approved by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. it has gone push back from gun owners who say it is a bad idea. autria: we are getting you back money you may not know is yours. ofare talking thousands dollars. call into the experts in our phone bank. they are here to help you find out if there is unclaimed cash with your name on it. they can tell you where to look for that money. watch abc 7 news at 4:00 to find out about it. one, file it under more than 10 great white sharks spotted no more than 50 yards off a popular beach in california. they are not acting aggressively and the long beach peninsula will stay open. risk a swim at your own
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situation. some of the sharks are up to six feet long. just sit on the beach. watch from afar. when something happens, i don't want to hear you complaining. veronica: we need the rain. still in a bit of a drought. little bit ofd a the timing of our heaviest rain. look at the amounts. this is what is going to be coming towards our area, ending late saturday. it includes areas of d.c. culpeper, maybe an inch. over an, la plata area, inch. quite a bit coming our way. showers continue to move through our area. by the time we get to 10:00 a.m., it will start to fill in. chances go up on
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saturday during the morning hours. for today, we stay under 60 degrees. side. cool it should move out by saturday midday. temperature on sunday, 71 degrees. we could see warnings issued. let's go to eileen whelan. are live on the mall with storm trak 7, trying to keep you and your family ahead of the wet weather. it is dry on our stormwatch 7 weather app app. a look at the washington monument. we are dry now. clouds starting to look more dark. app, you can see the live doppler. you select the map and you can see the line veronica: was talking about. the wet weather will be moving eastward. enjoy the dry
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want to have the raincoat and the umbrella today. julie: storms are moving in across 95. a crash was reported along piney branch road and university boulevard. here is where we have the rain moving across the area. definitely below speed. definitely have road spray kicking up in your face. up. for that to jump 395, no problems to report now. 15 minute commute. by 7:30, look for that to double in time. that is our traffic watch.
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morning washington, on your side. >> a remarkable air rescue. a hiker finally found after disappearing for almost a week. >> i cannot believe we were able to get out. >> at madeleine connolly was visiting relatives when she headed out on a hike near glacier national park. the experienced hiker took a wrong turn. realized it night i was not in the right place. come homee did not after two days, officials launched a massive operation. rescuers airlifted her out after almost a week in the wild. we will have more of her survival story coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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announcer: now, good morning washington, on your side. 7 is trackingtch rain. when the rain will arrive in how much you can expect. we want to get started with veronica johnson. she has what you need to know before you head out. western maryland to southern maryland, it is fairly wide and will overspread the area, filling in. temperature stay on the cool side. your friday, saturday,nd
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get some good rain over the next couple of days. rightland getting rain now. pockets of moderate rain and a few thunderstorms circle this area here. around the remington, just about ready to head into fauquier county. nothing severe the way it is looking. a good soaking through saturday morning. the next change for us will be a pattern change that is sunday. next week, our temperatures are in the 70's and 80's. the dayds cool through today. the rain will start to ease a bit. we will talk about how much we are going to get through the area. in some areas, we have the rain coming down. so far, so good.
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rain making for a slow ride. will change. it looks like a 30 minute ride by the time 7:00 rolls around. will take you to the east side of town. the inner loop heading authorities are checking for a crash. stopped inanything the highway. something to watch out for. tracking your commute through southeast, 295, so far, so good. 49 miles per hour is your speed. we are seeing the red. south of 50 heading into southeast. larry:
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we will see you in a few minutes. police are looking for the guys behind several armed robberies. their weapon of choice, baseball bats. john gonzalez is live with the latest. john: at least three men involved with this robbery spree threatening victims in the county with not only a gun, but with baseball bats. one of the victims telling us he was concerned about this weapon of choice. we are live in one of the neighborhoods where one of these attacks occurred. there is a neighborhood watch sign, but it did not deter these criminals. a home security system captured they approached a 73-year-old man with what looked like an assault rifle and baseball bat. the car makes a u-turn and takes off. the
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in woodbridge about an hour later. the men rob a 41-year-old man in woodbridge. at about an hour later, a 60-year-old man. the suspects were also wearing masks and dark clothing. no good description. these appear to be random between 11:00ing tuesday night and 12:30 wednesday morning. reporting live, john gonzalez. it looks like a military operation in training, new jersey. a standoff with police continues. one bystander has been killed. this started yesterday when u.s. marshals tried to serve a warrant for an arrest around 7:00 wednesday mor
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fired at them and barricaded himself inside. it is a 35-year-old man. every few minutes, negotiators shout on able mourn, but no luck ending this situation. autria: people and fairfax tampingetting vocal on down the noise from reagan national airport. >> they are upset. this is a superhighway of air traffic that is annoying. they came up with solutions, to go higher, further down the river, disburse at the end of the river. autria: they will try to work with officials to reduce the noise. we celebrate moms, we want to make s
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shopping is easy here for you. we have a $100 safeway gift card. call in now to win today. .all a number 7 wins autria: metro looking to make up cash. that isine in ridership leaving the agency in a pinch. what it could mean for you. coming up
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>> a big announcement about our family. doug hill is retiring in september. he is still with us until then, so share your gratitud
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about him. we have all been posting our on our facebook pages. you can easily see how much he again, #thved. anksdoug. rain moving through from 7:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. you will need the umbrella heading out the door. perhaps over an inch of rain by late today. get the big umbrella ready. no sunglasses for the next three days. we are tracking the rain and some lightning heading towards martinsburg. a few embedded thunderstorms in this. very heavy rain, at least we will not have much wind. for the commute, you will need
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roads. tomorrow's high, 59 degrees. the rain will be late after morning fog. we will be back with the forecast over the weekend. we are looking out wet weather out of fredericksburg. we are looking at a crash outer loop of the no way towards 202. at arena drive, blocking the left side of the highway. northbound 95, 495, in towards landover, all of your lanes are open. the rain is moving through the area out of fredericksburg. not an easy task for you this morning. about a 38 minute ride towards aquia. we are back in 10 minutes to update your ride. larry: new fallout this morning on capitol hill.
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a big question unanswered. suzanne kennedy is live. will he accept an invitation he has just received? details, coming up. the memo from steve harvey that has everyone talking. what does -- what did he say that has people shocked. you could be cruising down the potomac on the odyssey. we have
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announcer: you are watching good morning washington, on your side. >> why did you fire director comey? mr. trump: he was not doing a good job. larry: the white house working to explain a confusing timeline over the director's firing. new details coming out overnight. a look at the letter james comey sent to his employees after he was fired.
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time on the decision or the way it was executed. over theump decided weekend he would fire comey. monday he met with the attorney general and by tuesday, comey was out of a job. autria: sam sweeney is covering potential collateral damage within the dod. we are starting with suzanne kennedy. ?uzanne: will he or won't he receiving an invitation to testify before the senate intelligence committee. confirming he has received an invitation.
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details about the possibility -- russiared interfered with last november's election. concerned with the timing of his firing, saying it comes days after he requested resources to investigate campaign ties to russia. insists that has nothing to do with the decision. andrew mccain has been added to the list of possible people to testify on thursday. no word on whether comey will accept the imitation -- the invitation. threats of collateral damage inside the justice department. sam sweeney is live -- is at the live desk. it is an eye-opening report. the washington post a says rod rosenstein has reportedly threatened to resign after the
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firing on him, but the report says the president asked jeff deputy attorney general to make a case to fire comey the day before. they say they only followed the boss' orders. more than 30 sources say comey -- the president was upset that comey would not support his claims that barack obama wiretap 10 and at that comey was giving too much time to the russia investigation. torces say they want him investigate leaks to journalists from the federal government. larry: there is so much to follow. we are your goto source f information. stay with us on air and online at urgent searches to find
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the robberies were caught on camera. images of ther moments. police are hoping to track down the people. from grubbs pharmacy. three suspects barged in. men leaping over the counter and demanding and allergy medication because it contains codeine. two suspects barging into a drugstore and the manning the same type of allergy medication. to individuals are believed be linked to another drugstore robbery. no arrests have been made. developments from howard county. prosecutors have dropped charges against david watson. for sixas on the loose days before being captured. he is back behind bars on his conviction for attempted murder.
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signs. its vital writer share -- ridership is down. q: ridership is down on the metro and buses as well. that is every day of the week. to the report, the average real ridership is down about 9%. that is about 13 million trips in the first three months compared to last year. bus ridership is down, too. overall, it is a 7% decline in ridership. a $38 millions operating deficit. the drop in ridership and
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that is the latest. rocked the red, but this morning, cap's fans were feeling the low -- feeling the blues. they had their chance first quarter. daniel's wins the race for the puck, but the shot was wide. pittsburgh's bryant scores. the penguins go up and go on to win 2-0. -- was one out of the building in boston. avery bradley was the star for the celtic's. the celtic's win 123-101. game six tomorrow. it is a must win for the wizards. nationals save the day. theyal
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in the ninth to win 7-6. they will play again tonight. kidd: we are celebrating mom this week. away tons of great things. this is a three-hour dinner cruise for two on the odyssey. it is incredible. caller number 7 wins right now. good luck. if you don't win today, we have more prizes tomorrow. larry: that is a great prize. toria: if you were going take a crews, sunday would be the day to day -- the day to do it. veronica: perfect for moms. we will dry out on saturday night. to fridaye we get evening, we are going to be done with this rain.
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is throughout the entire day. there will be rain coming through. on friday,ing overnight through your saturday morning could get over an inch. maybe some love -- some to two.s up embedded thunderstorms around winchester, making its way eastward. frederick, mount airy, and leesburg, then you have another area with lightning showing up. eventually, montrose will see it, too. some flood warnings coming our way over the next couple of days. notice the temperatures stay flat. for tomorrow, under 60 degrees. look at your friday. saturday, cool. highs mainly in the 50's. a very chilly day. for mom, the 71
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for mom, 71 as the hive. a little cool in the lower to mid 50's. our pattern changes. we warm in the mid-to-upper 80's wednesday and thursday. it is looking humid for wednesday and thursday. very summer-like. we are looking at delays on the west side of town. in a 34 find yourself minute come you coming eastbound from the fairfax county parkway towards the beltway. the problem is the crash at gallows road. everyone pushed to the right to get by. towardshead south arlington boulevard. if you want to stay right, you can continue across the beltway, but it will be tricky. major tieups are forming. commute from
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arena drive, a crash blocks the far left lane. you will find yourself on the brakes continuing inbound on suitland parkway, 14 miles an hour heading in the direction of stanton road. all lanes here are open. the inner loop is below speed, trying to get across the wilson bridge. traffic watch. we will keep a close eye on your ride. kidd: variety with a story about a possible memo from eve harvey to his staff that has been leaked. list of rules for his staff, including do not come to my dressing room unless invited, do not open my dressing room door. do not approach me while i am in my makeup chair.
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he ends with everyone, do not take offense to this new way of doing business. it is for the good of my personal life and enjoyment. he moved his show from chicago to los angeles. this is a new staff. that ellen, the oprah show, there were these kinds of rules in place. i think people are outraged by it, like why would he say that, but when you are in that position and everything he is doing, he kind of has to set those roles. i am being told we have some video here we are going to show. i don't even know what this is.
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>> a great morning. >> thank you. >> i have a quick question. kidd: what are you doing in here? out! autria: our poor producer, kyle. you are awful. -- i had no no idea idea i was being recorded this morning. bunch of stuff happening about american idol. we know who will not be a judge. we will tell you about that after 7:00. stop looking at me. autria: we cannot make eye contact.
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good morning, america. breaking new details about why james comey was fired. sources tell abc news the president is the one that set it all in motion and the new report that the deputy attorney general threatened to resign plus the farewell letter from comey overnight. deadly standoff. officers facing off with a gunman firing shots from this home killing at least one person, injuring three more. the battle lasting more than 24 hours. an abc news investigation. bmws bursting into flames. reports that dozens of one of the most expensive cars on the road have been mysteriously igniting while parked and even turned off. what is sparking the blaze? brian ross here with the new report. ♪ i need some good news


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