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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: lost in the line of duty, five officers in our area among those honored at an emotional vigil. d.c. police officers rushing to a call. rqo cruisers collide -- two cruisers collide. and finding the kill switch. stopoung men who helped the ransom ware attack that affected over 100 countries. >> now, abc 7 news come on your side. kimberly: good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. mother nature is dialing up a beautiful and cool mother's day. we get the first forecast with molly cochran. molly: starting tomorrow we are tracking a warm-up.
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highs in the upper 80's. we are still getting to a cold might come overnight lows in the 40's, 50's. mostly cloudy skies, but the rain is over. if you take mom out tomorrow, maybe breakfast, 56 degrees at 8 a.m., but 5:00 p.m. in the mid-70's. already feeling much better compared to today and yesterday. it will also be quite breezy for mother's day. midpeak winds beads in the 20's, even 30's back towards hagerstown and cumberland. that will keep some of the cool air in place. over the next five days, we are going up from here. hitting 90 degrees wednesday. little more about this warm-up in my extended forecast coming up. it's a forecast you don't want to miss. kimberly: thanks, molly. lights and with the sirens blaring, rushing a
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police cruisers colliding responding to the same call. as a anna-lysa gayle reports, they were greeted by gunfire when they arrived. >> they were just shooting. and ansa: shots fired impact from a crash at the neighbor's saturday evening at 6 p.m. in potomac gardens in southeast. the crash involved two police cruisers that collided while trying to get to the scene. the officers involved suffered minor injuries. >> they had my daughter locked up. anna-lysa: the police arrested several people for unlawful entry. they do not provide an exact number. we are told the charges could change. this is the same neighborhood were a 16-year-old was gunned down in november. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: the police say they are still investigating the gunshots and it's not clear at this hour who the shots were targeting.
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recovered the body of a clarksville police chief. in aed in the line of duty shooting friday morning. employees have a suspected gunman were also killed. he had only been a police chief for three weeks. an emotional night honoring the fallen men and women in blue at the national law-enforcement memorial and the all -- annual candlelight vigil. prince william county officer ashley guindon who was killed responding to a domestic violence call was honored. harford county deputies marked the loss of patrick daly, who shot and killed by suspect at a restaurant in february 2016. and colson died in a friendly fire incident during a
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at a prince george george's county police station in march 2016. in arlington county police corporal died in january 2016 while working the recovery efforts of the pentagon during 9/11. all had their names dedicated tonight. richard reeve is live with that. rich? richard: d.c. police are still blocking some of the streets for this huge event. what an amazing site, thousands of candles to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ richard: the dallas police acquire opened the solemn event, 30,000 people and thousands of candles to honor the fallen. the names of 394 officers who lost their lives are being formerly dedicated. -- formally dedicated. 143
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2016. the rest are historical cases whose names are being added now. the spouses of the followed were escorted income is carrying a single red rose. in this area, four officers lost their lives in the line of duty in 2016. another officer died because of his work during 9/11 at the pentagon. >> we mourn these fallen officers. we cannot avoid the stark truth we are here because these men and women gave their very lives for us. of course, the dallas police acquire is here to honor those -- the dallas police choir is here to honor the five officers were killed during the ambush last july. as each name was read out loud, a bill was sounded for each one. richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: new
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a swat team killed a jail inmate at ang two versus hostage chicago hospital. he held the nurses hostage for nearly three hours. he was being treated at the hospital when he grabbed the guard pass gun. the moved in after negotiations failed. afterwards, the police spoke about how one of the nurses is doing tonight. >> the employee is with her family, being checked at the hospital. her condition, she is extremely upset about this. kimberly: very scary, but neither nurse was hurt. the police have not disclosed why the man was being treated at the hospital in the first place. we know he was facing charges for stealing a police vehicle. county,and why, go maryland, has ruled that an inmate who escaped while undergoing
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not competent to stand trial. watson was recaptured six days after escaping while on his way to a mental hospital in howard county. watson is serving life in prison for the attempted murder of a police officer in delaware. he faces similar charges. north korea testfired what appears to be another ballistic missile. this one flew about 500 miles before crashing into the sea of japan. the twofarther than most recent tests that exploded seconds after liftoff and costs something of an embarrassment for the country. the launch comes days after the election of south korea's new president. new developments in the firing of fbi director james comey. formertisan group of 179 federal prosecutors are calling for an independent counsel to investigate russian interference in last year's election. that letter says that comey's firing has the appearance if not
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the probe into possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. the letter was sent to the deputy attorney general resisting and. " is new york times reporting comey will testify before congress but it has to be a public hearing. friday the senate intelligence committee said that comey was not able to testify in a next week. hearing at least five candidates to replace comey were interviewed at justice department headquarters today. fisher, ade alice veteran of the bush administration, a special agent in charge of the richmond field office, the acting fbi director, judge michael garcia of the new york court of appeals, and texas senator john cornyn. speaking on air force one, president trump said he could make a decision on who to nominate by the end of next week. he was traveling to lynchburg to deliver his first commencement ad
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university. >> you are not going to let other people tell you what you believe, especially when you know you are right. kimberly: after his speech, the president received an honorary law degree. wednesday the president will deliver another commencement address, this time at the coast guard academy graduation. that is in connecticut. tomorrow will be a big day in france, when the new president will be sworn in. he is only 39 years old. he will be the youngest president in french history. unlike here in the u.s., there is no formal oath of office. up, giving credit where credit is due, british officials identified one of the men responsible for identifying the kill switch on the ransom ware attack that hit nearly 100
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alexandria police hope that surveillance video will provide clues about the gun man after a triple shooting at a hotel. thehots weekend guests at extended stay america a little after 2 a.m. this morning. a 28-year-old man is in critical condition. two women were also shot and taken to the hospital. elizabeth said that she heard the shots and then a woman's cries for help. >> she was yelling in the hallway, help me, somebody help me, i've been shot. familyy: she is in the that she is in town with her family to honor her uncle, a border patrol agent, who was killed in 2010. the police say two of the shooting victims live in alexandria and it's not clear why they were targeted.
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in the ransom ware attack that crippled nearly 100 countries, shutting down networks at hospitals, banks, and government agencies, british cyber security officials are thinking a 22-year-old british researcher known as malware tech and a 20-something american security engineer for finding the kill switch to stop the attack. some experts call the attack the perfect storm that took advantage of a security hole in microsoft windows. users who do not apply the patch allow the malware to spread quickly. in d c,not an exhibit this is a couple feet of water at 19th street and constitution avenue. by the time first responders arrived, nobody was in the car. they don't know why it was left. a california
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cross-country trip and welled up 1500 miles -- and wound up 1500 miles away from home. >> she escape ther.v. near mis souri, and she belongs in sacramento. kimberly: elizabeth said that her grandchildren found the cat behind their house in oklahoma, just east of oklahoma city. she called the number on the tag and learned her name was penny. penny's family still has no idea how she escaped. they are working with a group kindred hearts to give penny her reunion with her family. penny does that seem to really mind. cats are amazing like that. molly: she certainly love to just be pet. kimberly, i'm adopting a weekend. kimberly: good for you. awesome weather on tap? molly: yes, beautiful weather.
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right on time. right now, 40's and 50's, still cool. need the jacket if you have saturday night plans or taking mom out early for brunch tomorrow morning. the wind speeds, not much right now, barely can make it out on the map, but these will be increasing tomorrow. some of the peak winds beads expected into the mid-20's, lower 30's. as we go through tonight, the cool weather sticks around a little longer. the rain is done, mostly cloudy skies overnight. we are clearing out quite nicely tomorrow. here is why, the high pressure to the south is basically hitting the reset button in the d.c. metro as the sunshine builds in. the northwesterly breezes, but the coastal low is moving up the coast, outcome and we are getting ready for some beautiful weather. mother's day forecast, brunch, outdoor plans, gardening, great for that, into the 70's by
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compared to today and yesterday, in the 50's, it will definitely be a noticeable change and it will feel quite comfortable with the sunshine on your face. the yearly half of the week, the high pressure sits around for a while. sunshine monday through wednesday. not only that, but it will be increasing our heat. monday pretty close to average this time of year, right on the money, 55 is the average i. and we are starting to get into the 80's tuesday, flirting with a 90 degrees wednesday. the latter half of the week looks like we are getting there. with the heat and humidity coming in, that increases the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. it will be a summertime feel friday into next weekend. just beware of pop-up thunderstorms. like now, does not look anything severe, but we will bring you up to date. daytime high staying in the 80's into next weekend. looks like the warm-up is here to stay. kimberly: we ar
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doubters about john wall? robert: there are critics. but he shut them up. kimberly: he did. robert: john wall talked about shot heard round the district. and bryce har
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your lo
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robert: ryan zimmerman is still on fire, the best batting average in the majors. but come back in the fifth. zimmerman into the gap. jayson werth scores, bryce harper scores, tied at 4-4. tied. of the ninth, still harper with a two-run walkoff. nats win 6-4. cue, good news for nats fans, bryce harper will be with the nationals at least one more season. harper agreed to a $21 million deal for 2018. he will become a free agent after 2018. 10 home runs, 11 after today, 29 rbis so far this season. that is second
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zimmerman. hoops, if we could, we would loop last night bus three-pointer -- last night's three-pointer for about four minutes. we can show what a couple times here. wall with the three, puts the wizards up one with no time remaining for stop the wizards fourth game seven monday night in boston. wall hushed a lot of critics last night. >> the last play was really for me to get to the corner. i did not want a five second theation, so i just kept ball, look the defender in the eye, and took the shot and it went in. for the love i have city, how much love i have for my teammates, the fight we have, never quit. redskins minicamp in ashburn today, the beginning of
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ryan anderson both could make an impact. for now, just run to take it day by day. >> getting back into football to be inhape, getting a stance every three downs, but it was good. >> it was different. it was a lot faster. got a long ways to go. it's the starting point to get the work in. robert: d.c. united hosting the philadelphia union. one-timer, thee union's fourth goal of the night for stop d.c. united struggled, shut out, 4-0. the washington valor in action, hosting the tampa bay storm. at intermission, the halftime singer was performing when her boyfriend showed up with some flo
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wers, drop to one knee, and pop the question. she said yes. congrats to the happy co uple. the valor lost, but that made it better. and that a sports. kimberly: i just noticed that the blue roses match the hair. robert: was that planned? kimberly: 100%. robert: there it is, the hair.
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kimberly: florida memorial university has awarded a posthumous bachelor's degree in tovh and -- in aviation trayvon martin. parents except that the degree for stop the university said martin had taken steps towards becoming a pilot before his death. wasman who shot him accorded. a special mother-daughter moment in time for mother's day. of everything hunter learned during college, the most impactful came from a fellow graduate, her mother. hunter dropped out of
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years ago to take care of her older daughter. she urged her mother to go back and finish what she started and fulfill her dream. it, picking up her degree in sociology this week. her daughter graduated this weekend.
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>> ♪ and i will always love you ♪ thank you! kimberly: that takes courage. will ferrell ended his commencement address at usc for the graduate. he was awarded an honorary doctorate degree. he graduated from usc with a degree in sports information, before becoming an actor. robert:


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