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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, preparing for round two. experts believe another massive wave of ransom where could roll out tomorrow. combating hate with kindness. i like the idea of engineering because it solving problems. kimberly: she wants to change the world and is getting a head start. this graduate shares the keys to her success. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. new victim in the largest online attack ever, hackers demanding money to free up computers and experts warn
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get hit tomorrow. law enforcement and intelligence agencies say the number of attacks being reported continues to grow. 150ver 200,000 victims in countries. ahead of the european law enforcement agency said the worst may be yet to come with went somewhere -- with the ransom where tomorrow. >> they may be waiting on computers. spread atthe attacks a speed never before seen and was only contained when a security programmer in indiana discovered there might be a kill switch. >> it would take for ransom all the fires on that computer and spread itself. kimberly: the information was used by a 22-year-old programmer in great britain, who talked by phone, fearful to show his face. >>
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stopped it. kimberly: the biggest target in the u.s. was fedex. factories, hospitals, railroads, and police departments were hit. the targets were told to pay $600 in ransomd to free their kidnapped computers or have files erased permanently. the fbi and law enforcement around the world are preparing to follow the money trail. hackers can modify the get tacked program and could unleash a second wave. killing hate with kindness, days after a news was found at a suspectsndtwo arrested, the community comes together to leave special messages. brad bell was there when they went to work at 6:00 30 tonight -- at 6:30 tonight. how does it look? brad: it looks pretty good. the idea is they w
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the walk. they came out here with chalk to put the right messages on the sidewalk for the students to see in the morning. look at this, "love wins," 'syou are awesome." from small hands, powerful messages written in chalk, the message loud and clear. >> we wanted to be sure that our school is united. was fore seventh grader a fired last week on the principle announced a noose was found hanging at the school. two 19-year-olds have been charged with the act. >> we were very shocked. we do not know what was going on. brad: she was confused, but she knew how to react. iris and dozens descended on the school this evening to make sure when students return to school monday, this is what they see on the sidewalk.
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she says to show with the community really stands for. >> hate will never be tolerated here. kindness and love always wins out. >> the community comes together to show this is not allowed. we are one community and everyone is excepted -- accept ed. only show you this one section of sidewalk, but this is more than 100 yards long, every bit of it looks like this, all the way to the front door of the school. when the school buses pull up tomorrow morning and the kids arrive, this is what they will see and this is the message the community wants the kids to remember. in crofton, brad bell, abc 7 news. kimberly: looks like a good monday morning. it was a beautiful night to get outside for a baseball game, paddleboat ride, bike ride, even to color the sidewalk.
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with a taste of summer this week. meteorologist molly cochran has the first look at the forecast. it is going to heat up. molly: good evening, kimberly. right now we are still in the upper 60's, definitely mild in the d.c. metro, 70's culpeper and fredericksburg. coupled with the warmth, gusty wind. r movingsaw brad's hai in the live shot, and that is because of the wind gusts, 26 manassas, 31 in the d.c. metro. northwesterly winds sticking around with us tonight and into the day tomorrow. overnight lows feeling better compared to last night, mid 40's, low 50's. mostly cloudy skies and quite breezy. withng off the work week highs around average this time of year and plenty of bright sunshine. coming up in my extended forecast, when we are expecting to hit 90 degrees.
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kimberly? firetrucka charred left behind at a fairfax county fire station. firefighters forced to handle an emergency in the roadhouse. this happened this morning when the firetruck caught fire inside the ansell road fire station in springfield. the flames quickly spread to the attic. this was at the edsel road fire station. go todon't ever like to someone's emergency, and we don't like to go to ours, but it happened. kimberly: because of the damage, firefighters cannot operate out of the firehouse, but the apparatus will be dispersed throughout the county. anne arundel county firefighters had to rescue that dog who fell into a single in woodland beach. 85 pound collie was stuck. it took about 90 minutes to free him. the dog was
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days after president trump suggested the possibility of recording devices in the white house, lawmakers from both parties said any conversation with the now fired fbi director need to be given to congress. aboutu cannot becute tapes. if they are tapes, they need to be turned over. i doubt if there are, but we need them if there are. >> he should turn them over to congress and the investigators. if there are no tapes, he should apologize to comey and the american people. heberly: mark warner said would love for comey to testify at a public hearing. comey was leading the fbi investigation into russia's interference in last year's election and possible collusion with the trump campaign before he was fired. new at 11:00, new york attorneys general investigating former trump
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weidenfeld. -- paul manafort. he was with the trump campaign for five months last summer. developing now in north korea, the country claims the missile that it tested yesterday is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. about 500 miles before crashing into the sea of japan russian coast. while the missile may be capable of carrying a warhead, it's not clear if north korea can make a weapon small enough to fit on the missile. new developments regarding a virginia protest. city leaders in charlottesville condemning last night's protest next to a controversial statue of robert e. lee. chanting phrases like "no more brother war" and "rush is our friend," protesters opposed the removal of the confederate monument. >>
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inspire fear and terror. a welcoming city when we still have individuals who feel it is ok to send clear messages of intimidation to minority communities. kimberly: the police broke up the crowd after a fight between demonstrators. coming up -- a max scherzer scare. fans hold their breath when the nats star pitcher is hit and hits the ground in pain. in update ahead and sports. up next, a war of words. a family kicked off their flight to vegas after arguing with a crew member over a birthday cake. only 18 years old, but this howard university graduate is anything but ordinary.
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s, and take control today. kimberly: you be
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this -- a confrontation on a jet lieu flight come family kicked off over a cake. >> i should move my bag? >> but we follow the directions. asksrly: flight attendants the family to move their cake from an overhead bin used for an emergency equipment and under a seat come and they did, but an argument erupted after they started recording. said he wasttendant being noncompliant. his reply, are you drinking. said they made false accusations about a fitness to fly. familycer escorted the off the plane and they were rebooked on a different flight. gift oneother's day mom will never forget, giving
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highway. her husband behind the wheel, and now in the hospital bed. she was in the backseat. christine said she tried to hold the baby in, but it did not want to wait. of the head,ack than the face, than i thought, all right, push the body out, caught him. kimberly: she did it all. oliver was born at 6:10 weighing, coincidentally, six pounds, 10 ounces. little sister was also born on a holiday, st. patrick's day. happy mother's day to all the moms. the first lady posted this tweet, a snapshot of her son b aron taking a photo of her. joy, this onewith with the next glimmer in her eye. her 18-year-old daughter graduated from college at the age of 18.
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anna-lysa: while the average student may start college at 18, this student is anything but your average teenager. for came to college chemical engineering because i wanted a broad field. i like the idea of engineering because it's solving problems. anna-lysa: she started at howard university at 14 years old. she studied for the sat in nigeria. >> every day, monday through sunday, every day. years later, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. >> i was elated, overwhelmed with the motions. just a very happy day. anna-lysa: it's something she said she could not have done without they love and support from her family and friends, especially from her mother, who expects nothing but excellence. >> for me, a
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b, i cannot deal with a child having a b. anna-lysa: now she is heading to california to get her phd at uc davis. what you think your keys to success were? >> my mom. >> you want your child to do well. anna-lysa: kimberly, she says she is also working on a book that will break down her experience as a teenager in college. she said this was her mother's day gift, her degree. kimberly: and her mother was clearly the engine behind this. anna-lysa: she was a moving force to getting her daughter in college early, making sure she was a success. she even had access to her email, making sure she was taking all the steps. all a's. mom was on top of it. kimberly: did you feel like you were talking to an 18-year-old? anna-lysa: no,
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mature, very smart, and the support from her mom. kimberly: thanks. great story. and a great story with the weather. molly: beautiful weather for mother's day and the early half of the week. right now it is quite windy. in the midd gusts 30's earlier today near hagerstown and frederick. if you are driving late tonight, just be careful due to the gusty wind. right now, reagan national still in the upper 60's. definitely very mild compared to this time yesterday. northwesterly wind still running about tonight, and also tomorrow. the 24 hour temperature change, you can see the warmer air already getting into the d.c. area. 23 degrees warmer and culpeper compared to this time yesterday. only more warm air to come. the high pressure to the south is going to be responsible for the warmth and the abundant sunshine throu t
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the d.c. area after a few days of dark and damp conditions. the family enjoying the sunshine. the bus stop tomorrow morning, sending the kids out with long sleeves because it will be a cool start. by recess, outside, lots of sunshine, great through dismissal. daytime highs in the low 70's. the average this time of year is about 75. we are not only tracking the warm up during the daytime but also at night. you may want to turn the ac on as we go through thursday and friday night because the overnight lows will be in the 70's. the average low this time of year is 56 degrees. the daytime highs, getting into the 80's tuesday. the low 90's into wednesday and thursday. these temperatures are about 10, 15 degrees above our average from what we would see -- 10, 15 degrees above our average, typically more like what would see in august.
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of the week, a possible spot a shower late thursday night into friday. for the most part, dry. next weekend, a chance of thunderstorms sunday and monday, but it is warm each day. kimberly: i see some 70's. i was thinking we only had one day. molly: it may come back a bit. kimberly: the nats did well tonight? robert: yes, but max scherzer -- kimberly: ouch. robert: max scherzer took a hard hit down low. we will it you kno
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: bryce harper with the new contract, the walkoff home run yesterday. day, amother's double-header with the phillies. a mother chance for mr. harper to smile for the fans. scary moment for max scherzer, left leg.ned off his he was down for several minutes in pain. the trainers come out. he is a warrior, stayed in the game. six innings, give up three runs, struck out eight. this game would go back and forth rest of the way. automate, 5-4 phillies, michael a. tayl
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nats win 6-5. one, all this mother/daughter combo want it was for bryce harper hit a home run. harper obliged. first-inning, deep right center, solo shot, number 12 on the season. 2-0 nats. fast-forward to the fifth. trea turner launches one deep to left. great catch by the young lady in the stands. that's why you bring your glove to the game. . she's fired upa two run shot. but the bullpen blew it. another lead gone. top of the ninth, tied at 3-3. base hit to write. the throw home not in time. that was the game-winner. nats drop game one, 4-3. you cannot have it all, but you have fun with us tonight. abc 7 "sports sunday,"
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and mark gray is here with his take on game seven between the wizards and celtics monday. 11:35, right here after the news. and maryland cruises to a victory in the first round of the ncaa lacrosse tournament. fingers crossed for max scherzer. that might leave a bruise. tough to watch. but he finished the game. kimberly: that's a good sign. we will be right back.
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kimberly: melissa mccarthy hosted "saturday night live" this weekend, and she resumed her portrayal of sean spicer. >> filling in for sean today. as you know sean is for filling his duty as an officer in the coast guard, and that's why i'm here. >> i'm pretty sure i can see him hiding in those bushes. kimberly: in this get, spicer travels to new york to talk to president trump, worried about his job security. this episode could be the highest rated of the season. york, a special might in the bronx, the yankees retired derek jeter's number 2 jersey.
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dedicated a plaque to mr. october that would be placed in my human part for stop he is the 22nd player to have his number retired by the bronx bombers. the last one to wear a single digit. he thanked the fans in the team for allowing him to play his entire 20 year career in new york. >> and i say this very humbly, there is not a person or player i would trade places with who is playing now or ever. kimberly: jeter retired in 2014 with five world series titles. he picked this mother's day game for the ceremony, joined by his pregnant wife, grandmother, parents, sister, and nephew.
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